The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on December 29, 1876 · Page 8
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 8

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Friday, December 29, 1876
Page 8
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THE CrSrCIKKATI DATLY EXQUIHEIl, FRIDAY -31011X1X0, HECEMBEH 29 1870. 8'. TAFT-si VLB 1ST. Brilliant Sa(tal of the Bom of Uc ' Atiorafr-fleBcnl. Vi. awn Km. WnxiAJf P. Hcwnrr ' Xsqoest the pleasnre of yonr Company M tbe Reception in Ronorol lbs Marriage of their daughter, Ahmib Matilda, to Prm w.awo?v Taft. Thursday evening. Dtrmihn 28th. from to 9 1 . o'clock. Cincinnati, 1870. The social event of ths season was modertly an-orwced yesterday In the above terms, limply n-' craved. In copy plate, on elegant white paper. Tbe tarda did not tell half tbe atory. and tbe family of Ins bride, forgetting that ahe will hereafter. In a Society sense, be before tbe public, not to aay tbe epoblic, endeaTored to keep details from tbe gen Ira ear tbe reportorial ear In particular. It wai la easy matter, however, for our representative to sassier tbe preliminaries. An Immense circle knew and could easily grow eloquent upon tbe loveliness of tbe bride. TH MIDI, Visa Annie Matilda Hulbert, scarcely tamed nineteen and in tbe first flush of American woman- stood, has been a perfect specimen of tbe delicate type ef beauty which makes American girlhood stmoos all tbe wide world over. Hiss "TUlle," as toe wu Affectionately known In the select circle entitled to familiarity, has reigned like a fairy . f ueen wherever she has moved. Seemingly ethe real, but in reality only petite, lithe and graceful St birth-mark of her nationality ahe has looked at of dark-blue eyes, from nnder a wealth of Kght-folden hair. In which one might really, with Owen Haridetb, catch . , AGllmpseof the dying- sun," upon many an abject slave. And to her rare per. sonal gifts she has added a character tender, strong and true e, gentle, unselfish, womanly devotion to brother, father and mother that made It natural tat there should be tears as well as blessings when the time came for all interested to realize that in this world tbe old home, alas I must away, and that Nature dictates provision for new household gods to succeed the filial pemata. THE GROOM. Mr. Teter Bawson Taft, the fortunate groom, is also well known to the community. The eldest ton of the Attorney-General of the United Elates, Eon. Alphonso Taft, he was, np to yesterday, bachelor; traveled gentleman, a linguist and scholar, Just such a man who would look long and earefully among the gardens of our society and be foctj enough at last to secure one of its loveliest rosebud. . Tin recrAATioKa. 1 , The festfral lights that gleamed from the case ments of the proud old family homestead. No. 609 Freeman street, last evening, and the parti colored ' lanterns among the veteran forest trees surround- teg it, told that one of tbe daughters of tbe Manor was being "given in marriage" to the man of her Choice. All theso things, as we have said, wire Blatters easily obtained, bat in the case of a family who evidently did not Indorse the maxim that - "Kings and Queens may not marry or even die In private" the further Interesting details were dim cult of obtainment - THX rTEMOJfY.- The ceremony was performed at half-past five 'clock precisely, in the spacious souttf-esrt parlor at tbe home, in the presence of about two hundred of the twelve hundred invited guests. The Eight Rev. Bishop Jagar, of the Southern Oblo Diocese of the Episcopal Church, in full canohl- aala, officiated according to the impressive ritual f that body. The bride and groom stood in front of TBI r A MILT ALTAB, Exqnlsltely prepared for the occasion. It was situ .atedinan alcove, covered with rich scarlet silk. . with an overdress of delicate lace, in its front wss koeellng-cusblon, upon which the youthful pair vera made one, tbe attendants, also in reverent attitude, surrounding them. A floral wedding-bell bung in front, and ceiling and floor and wall were dressed In keeping, with smllaz, flower and green awnirfeflra. Throughout the room, which, with all the others, was carpeted in virgin white, and all ' tbe approaches, sheeted soloists from the Cincln Bati Orchestra sent sensuous harmony. THS ATTKHDAXTa, . door. "I'm rift go In' ober da Rhine, jtm as ahuah as you're born. I'M go in' down tor da Six-street Market, an' 111 Stan da storm dera like de good Lord done 'fore me." The next thing seen of her was on Flam street, dowa which she was hobbling toward the market-house, at a six mil e-an hoar I lit, singing "Swing low, sweet charyot, I'll get to da cross-roads bymby." VEU. DE8EBTED. Presentation ts KberlfT Bprlnernseler. Sheriff Springrneier was last night presented with an elegant gold watch, chain and locket, worth fi00,-by the Deputies of his office, and with an elegant service of silver by his immediate friends outside tbe office. Mr. Thomas A. Logan, on behalf of tbe Deputies, presented the watch In very neat and appropriate speech, which i very happily responded to by the recipient of the gift Mr. T. Kllmper. in his speech pre senting the silver service, very cleverly al luded to the many noble qualities of heart and head possessed by Mr. 6pringmeier, and said the gifts showed that the Sheriff was capable of re taining the good will of his friends out of office as well as while in it The Sheriff, In responding, made a speech in very good taste, and then Invited his friends to adjourn to Rappold's, were they found an elegant spread awaiting them. After the cloth had been removed Mr. Springmeler's health was drank in many a foaming beaker of wine, and touts were made and responded to in a happy vein by the Sheriff, Tony McCaffery, Mr. Elliott and many others. The occasion will long be remem bered with pleasure by all its participant. TEK TIIE RHIVE known in West End society. Thoe who waited on - the bride were Miss Sallle Smith, escorted by Mr. George Hulbert, brother of the bride; Miss Hsttie Ivans, escorted by Mr. Will Taft, brother of the groom; Mia Belle Eckstein, escorted by Mr. Harry Tart, also a brother of the groom; Miss Kelile West, a Avondale, escorted by Mr. Henry, Payne, of Cleveland; atlas Nettie Ferguson, daughter of Hon. Alex. Ferguson, escorted by Mr, James Morrison, Jan., and Miss Emma UcAlpln, of Clifton, escorted by Mr. Harrie Hulbert, youngest brother of the bride. . rmt ton. The bridal dress, of heavy silk, waa a wonder of elaboration, bnt was also grace itself, and trimmed . with natural flowers. With the traditional veil and range-blossoms Miss Hulbert was the poet and painter's Ideal of a bride. - The dresses of the bridesmaids were, like that of the bride, of white silk, and vied with hers In trace and elegance. The lout ennemble, in short rivaled that of any wedding scene ever witnessed xa. Cincinnati. THE FRESEXTS Were not displayed, but our reporter learned of few deserving of especial mention, where all were costly and elegant. For instance, solitaire diamond ear-rings from the bride's parents of phenomenal sue ana omiiancy. a magnificent silver tea-set from tbe bride's brothers, George and Harrie, while exquisite flowers were mingled with the more substantial offerings in a thousand artistic shapes. The latter. Indeed, seemed superabundant offerings of love, for Crtlchell had already "out-Haroded Herod" in this respect In Bia ornamentation of the parlors, as if Endeavoring to outshine In the esthetic department, tne marvelous efforts of Keppler. who attended to "tbe suhstanlal entertainment of the early twelve hundred guests who subsequently attended the reception. fHl GUEST. These latter represented the wealth, the eul-watb, and the fashion, of our city but the Mawrvad among them all wera the Attorney-Beneral of tbe United States and his exqutrltely aoQetted wife, a distinguished looking couple, and worthy of the universal attention paid th'em. They tven divided attention with the "bonnie, bonnie bride, " who is, we believes to be their gnent at the Capital of the nation during her wedding tour, srpon which she did not leave, after the Insane fash-Ion of the generation, after the fatigue and excite-saentof her nuptials; on which, when she does leave, she will be followed with as many "God bless yous" as ever followed a new-made wife pon her first voyage upon the sea of matrimonial tie. A Happy Old ttal; "How is ye, old times?" was tho salutation given the officers of the Central Police Station, about 10 'dock last night, by a saddle-colored feminine With one leg shorter than the other, as she limped to the front of the desk. "We're pretty well, thank yon," was tha response of the Lien-tenant on duty. "Kin I suy here all night?" waa tbe neat query of the damsel. "Not by a JugfuL" replied the Lieutenant, "you will have to go to tha nammond or Bremen -street Station-houses, we have quit keeping lodgers." "You don't told me so!" ejaculated the applicant "I have told you so," responded the official, "See here, boss, dls yeah's a hard case." implored the woman, as ahe laid her "gripsack" on the floor: Isa bin a work in' fer a family np on Walnut Hills, an I work a hull wees, and dey won't give me no wage; an Til jist see em flyln' afore I'll be der slave fer nuffla." "Ton have a perfect right to salt your place," said the Lieutenant, "but Ws have no place hare to keep you, and you'll have to go either to the Bremon'itreet or Hammond-street house, as I told you before." "I doesn't know whar dey la," objected the lady, who by this time had seated heraalf on her plunder, and seined very adverse to moving on. "Well, go along Ninth street until you coma to Race, then torn op and go over tha Rhine, and the first police-Saan you meet will ahow you where Bremen street Is," directed the Lieutenant 8ba peered earnestly into the Lieutenants face for a moment and then In a slow, inquisitorial voice said. "Ober de Rhine? Eoney, what does yon take ma farT" "I take you lor a woman who wants to get a shelter to sleep in." waa tha answer. "But not ober da Rhine," was tha reply; "bean's whar I dona stop manysde Bfrht, an' beah'a -whar I want see stay." "But I tell yon you can't stay hare." responded tha Lieutenant, half huffed at tha woman's obstinacy. "All right dan," aha answered, rather surlily, as 1L took up her valise aa4 started for tha A Fin Horse. We had the pleasure yesterday, at tha Empire Stables, of examining Cue of the finest specimens of the equine race that we have seen for many a day the trotting horse Eric. This fine animal was foaled on the fax in of J. H. Bryan, near Lexington, Ky., in May, ISTi He was sired by Erricsson out of Dlllard, second dam by Black Denmark and third dam by Blackburn's Whip, and is the finest colt of his getting. In color he Is a dark-mahocauy bay, and ha stands sixteen hands high. His head is unusually small -for an Erricsson colt, his eye is very Intelligent, his barrel round as if turned in lathe, his chest wide.1 deep and full, and he h great propelling power. When two years old he broken by his owner, Mr. Bryan, and at once showed a turn of speed. The next year he waa worked sixty days as a three-year-old, and showed that there waa (tuff in him. Last 1st of Msy he was put In tha charge of MIL Bowennan. Mr. R. B. Etraders driver, and under his management his good points were speedily de veloped. In thirty days' time he made a mile in 2:47 thirty-three days lata he trotted a mile in 2 and repeated it in 2:36?; ninety days after Mr. Bowerman commenced to handle him he showed at the string In 2:33. Last fall at the Lexington meeting, he won the 2:30 raoe in 2:83, 2:32 2:32,'. In the four-year-old race, he made his mile in2:2s;i though he only trotted the first Quarter of it in 42 or a 2:48 gilt This mile be finished. too. In a jog. Great thing are expected of him In tbe future, and it would not surprise old turfmen If he made a record below 2:20 next season. He is now on his way to his new owner, Robert Bonner, of the Ledger, who has purchased him for a greater sum than has been paid for any other horse in Ken tucky this year. Trie Board of Publle Work a. At the meeting of the Board of Public Works yesterday a communication was read and approved from the Clifton Lot Company, through their attorneys, Buchwalter and Campbell, asking permis sion of the Board to grade and improve Gay and Shiolds' streets, or such arts thereof aa have been dedicated by them as a public street through their premises. In accordance with the established grade, said Improvements to be made by private contract at theirown expense. It was resolved that the Board of Public Works recommend to the City Council the following resolution for adoption: "That the City Auditor be and ha Is hereby authorized to advertise Xor sale a strip of ground 7.82 feet on tha east side of McLean avenue, between Dayton street and Clear alley, tbe same being part of lot No. If., In Gibson's suMiviinn, purchased from C J. W. Society Meeting. At a regular meeting of Douglass Lodge, No. 21 K, oi p.. Held last evening, the following officers were elected: P. C, F. Horman C. C, Philip Hoffman; V. C, George Hargrove; M. of E., Howard Ponglaw; M. of F., Henry Grlbins; K. R. 9., Henry F. Kunse: Pre late, F. O. Johnson; Trustees, Rlch'd CM gem. Geo. McKay ana F. Seidenburg. Representative to Grand Lode, Howard Douglass and L. A. Queracr, M. D. . . At a regular meeting of Eclipse Lodge Ka Si. L O. o. r., tne following officers were elected for the ensuing term: X. O., C M- Burkhardt; V. O., II. y. Stephenson, Jun.; Permanent Secretary. Joab Foster; Recording Secretary, C C. Steiter; Trustees, R. Hlngson, C. Stanley, J. Gibncr. Tne Opening; Cinn. As we predicted, the Coronial war has begun. Yesterday Dr. Such fired the first ahot In tho following manner: "ClxnssATT, December 27. lSTfi. 'Pa. P. r. MALVV yr Utr- A mm I i n i- tn Imt1 advice I will perform the duties of Coroner from tne isi oi next monin. Aiost respectfully yours. "Fkku Sticii." Maley responded by buying a "Tranter" six- shooter with which to defend his rights, while Shott was seen last night in a shoemaker-shop getting the basement of his pantaloons bail-eoled with leather. Th following prisoners will go to the Peniten tiary this morning, escorted by Deputy Joe Moses: Burrcl Dudley, murder in the second degree, sentenced for life; John Howard, grand larceny, four years; George Sloder, receiving stolen goods, two years; F. W. Dcverc. obtaining money under false pretenses, one year; Charles Wilson, grand larceny, five years; John Campbell, grand larceny, five years; George Wright, receiving atolen goods, five years; Frank Smith, grand larceny, six years: John Daury. receiving stolen goods, five years; Thomas 11. Thomas, receiving stolen goods, five years. Tne following buMness was transacted in the Probate Court yesterday: The will of Catherine Lnurer was probated: Caroline nunsche wasAn- polnted administratrix of Frederick Hunscbe; estate, r.00 in personalty. Samuel Halteral was appointed administrator of Barbara Schloesinger; estate, 11, VO. Elizabeth Meyer waa appointed executrix of Frederick Meyer: jio estate. Henrr Balgenort waa appointed executor of Elizabeth Putter; estate, V0 in personalty. Jas. Repmokp, Jacob and Mosc Josephs were fined f.1 and costs In tho Police Court yesterday for violating tbe ordinance against boarding railroad trains while In motion. They had no money to pay their tinea, and, before being sent to the Work-bouse, were accused by A. J. Clark, tbe shirt man at tbe corner of Fourth and Walnut streets, of robbing his store some time ago. They will have an other hearing in the Police Court this morning. The Price Hill Skating Park was yesterday graced with the presence of Mr. John Minon, of Detroit, who is one of the best skaters In this, country. The crowd of ladles and gentlemen present were highly pleased with his exhibition on the ice, and greeted him with rounds of applause. He Is expected to be at the Fark again to-morrow, and all lovers of tne sport should not fail to see him perform. Tbe Ministerial Association of this city will meet at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the Young Men's Christian Association Hall. The General Commit tee will make their report as to obtaining Moody-4 and Bankey to labor in this community. This is an Important meeting, and any laymen interested m tne action of tha Association should by all means attend. Wa. Cobbt, a nephew of W. M. Corry the great Commoner, and for many years a clerk in the Auditor's office, died yesterday morning of dropsy, from which he had suffered for some time. Mr Corry was thirty-four years old at tha time of his deatn. Tug elocution class taught by Professor Town- send meets this evening at hall-past 7 o'clock, at tha Young Men's Christian Association Room Tha literary clsssra of the Association are free to members. - JxaaT faaurrTtxs was a prisons at Third-street Station last night, charged with petit larceny. He is accused of stealing a pair of boot and shoes from A. Kalbcroan, 177 Flam street Itensa Ostkered ay Ensjnlrer sTepei-tere In tbe fienaaa ainarter. CiKCnnrATt Hospital: Admitted, 11; died, 1; born, 1; discharged, 13; remaining, S4L Tag Stich Guards are to report for duty to-morrow night "Armed and equipped for war." There is no doubt but that they intend to bull-doze poor Dr. Maley. Trasxrr George Stxvxxs, of Bremen street, it is rumored, will celebrate New-Year's Day by tak ing unto himself a wife. Pastor Kipgen is to per form the Interesting ceremony. A horse, belonging to F. Grieny, ran off on Vine street last evening, and, after smashing up the wajron, was stopied by Officer Webber and the Mo hawk firemen at Hamilton road. Pete 8. Kakit, a poor, half-naked Idiot, was found in a vacant lot on the canal, near Plum, last evening, by Lieutenant Rldgway, and taken to Bre men-street Station to be thawed out Hekbt Ott, an old man living on Hopkins street, had an arm broken, about 3 o'clock yester day afternoon, by slipping down on the pavement on Elm street, near Washington Park. The funeral of George Hull, an excellent young citizen of tbe Eleventh Ward, took place yesterday afternoon at Asbury Chapel, on Webster street, and was largely attended by the friends of the deceased. Some workmen engaged in cutting ice got into a free fight on the canal, near Elder street, last evening, and were preparing several cases for the Coroner, when Officer Effing come up and stopped tbe fun. Li rrTT5 a nt RrocwAY bat done the work, the number of tramps as lodgers dropping from 1G0 night down to leas than NX The boys don't seem to relian the Gothic Castle out on tbe Cole- rain pike. Thi Ice on Pleasant street, between Flndlay and Henry, has covered the street to such an extent that tbe water of the gutters Is running Into tbe cellars of tbe houses. There will be a big bill of damages for somebody to pay. Brem ex-street Station was supplied yesterday with an elegant map of the United States around which the officers spent considerable time in trying to find tbe location of Judge Lindemann's "City of Utopia." The search was in vain. ) The people over the Rhine are well pleased that Deputy Sheriff Joe Moses will continue In charge of the criminal bnainess under Sheriff Wallace. With half a chance Joe can land more fellows in the Penitentiary in a year than any other man we know of. A sxEAK-nnir, about 6 o'clock last evening, stole a package from an Adams Express company wagon on the corner of Vine and Thirteenth streets. The package was addressed to 8. T. Harris, Esq., attorney at law, and is supposed to have been very valuable. Eenrt LAKGExsnocK. canal-boatman, while very drunk yesterday afternoon, fell down on Madison street near Plum, receiving some ugly gashes on tbe face, head and left band. Officer Hunnekes took Henry to Bremen-street Station In an unconscious condition. i Twelve-inch ice is now being cut from the canal. As Father Asbury, the iJoneer ice king, of the Cincinnati Ice Company, sits at his otflee-window and sees the brewers and pork men securing hundreds of tons of ice for next summer, he shrugs his shoulders and says: "Good-by divi dends for 1877." Lawrence Rost, Admiral Boettger, Joe Verlorcn and two other well-known citizens of McMickcn avenue got Into a discussion yesterday as to their pedestrian capacities, finally concluding to settle the point by a walk of ten miles over into Kentucky and back. The march over was in good order, but the return beat the straggling of Sherman's bummers all to pieces. Wai.xer Mills and John Bnrnsldcs, two of tbe biggest, blackest darkies we have seen for many days who claim to be regular bull-dozers from South Carolina, went from houe to bouse along Walnut street last evening betrelng, at which work they were caught by Officers Nordoff and Luckert, and morning Judgo Llndoniann will tell them how wicked it Is to beg on the streets, a bout noon yesterday a woman entered the millinery rtore of Miss Kate Gerring. No. 5S3 Main street nd asked to look at some bonnets, and, while the goods were w,lng shown, another sneak-thief slipped in, and. unaWx,Terejt mobed the money-drawer of about 40 in crency. Store keepers and others can not keep a toocartu watch over tne movement oi an strangers, as the city la filled with daring thieves who are ready for any thing offering. - Hon on a recommendation signed oy Jonn Connolly, the Fifth Ward Councilman, on the strength of which the request was granted. Testerday Mr. Connolly learnedTof the fact for the first time, ana pronounced the recommendation, a forgery. There upon Percival waa arrested, as above stated, and his license revoked. Death ef Jsbasy Martla, Ex-County Commissioner Johnny Martin died at the Soldiers' Home, near Dayton. Wednesday morning. Mr. Martin was born in New York City, but came to this city when but a boy. He served in the war, and lost a leg in battle. After the war he became active In politics In a small way, and obtained official recognition In the shape of an appointment as Station-house Keeper. He was then, on account of being a cripple, nominated and elected on tbe Democratic ticket a County Commissioner. Among the most notable of his acta as Commis sioner was his vote to have Ex-Governor Noyes prosecuted for indexing the marriage-license records in a manner that put tnouaands and thousands of tbe people's money in his pocket whfle he was Probate Judge. After his term of office expired he started a saloon on Cutter street near Betts, but the venture failed and he gave it up, and was again apjolnted a Station-house Keeper. When the present Board of Police Commissioners came into office he was removed. and gradually became poorer and poorer, until compelled to accept the shelter of the Soldiers' Home He leaves a wife and several children in destitute circumstances. Tbe Orphans" Basaar. The Catholic.Orpbani' Fair is going on in rplendld style. All the tablet are Industriously bent upon makinc large returns to the orphans. Among others we noticed that the Cathedral table Is doing great work. Joyous faces all around told that all was passing off well. The principal attractions of the table are the contests between Mess-a. John Carr, Charles 'MeDevitt Anthony Costello and Frank Gallagher for tbe buggy harness; Messrs. William O'Ncil and 8. W. Hoffman for the gold watch, and Misses Foes and nail for the diamond ring. This latter contest is creating a most enthusiastic ex citement among tho friends of both- parties, and both have made up their minds not to be beat This evening all the friends of the contestants will be at the polls, and great times are anticipated. The fathers of both young ladies are well known to our citizens. Mr. Foss, from the firm of Foes, Schneider & Brenner, is known for his great generosity, and will bring out all his heavy men. Mr. Stall, the well-known grocer, has al ready been at the fair and has astonished the bystanders with all the treasure he brought with him. So go in, ladies and gentlemen, and fight the battle. and hurra for the victorious. "rial been filed" instead of "given." small hole to crawl out of. but this is a GROCERIES. Tne Bhss(hrsaa Mr. H. J. Sargent well known In this city, and nationally known as the efficient business manager of Mr. Dion Boucicault, is in the city. He comes here with glad tiding! to the lovers of the stage, for he announces the positive appearance of Mr. Boucicault himself in The Suntghraun, the crown ing triumph of the moat successful playwright of the age, on the 5th of March next, at the Grand opera-house. Although the time seems distant ktr. Sargent is here to instruct the stage artists, for Mr. Boucicault la what we, we believe. first termed him, 'The Shakespeare of-Scenic Effect," and even when his plays are perfect in themselves, ho allows no neglect of the slightest detail. Mr. Boucicault' s great comedy, Tht Forbidden Fruit, will follow latef in the season, under Mr. Sargent's management Sebeml Hnas-sl Freeetdlags. The Board of Education met last night in regular session, with President Hargitt in the chair, and transacted the following buMnem: The Committee en Claims reported the following bills, with a reccommendation for their payment which, on motion, was received and recommendation adopted : Frederick Egery, for printing . t6 00 Favorite School-desk Company, for seats 46 S6 W. R. Cochran, Assignee of Barton James, for stationery.. , 9 27 L M. Warrick, six Master a Examiner 10 00 L. B. Delacourt, " 10 00 A. Eilia. - - 10 00 Isaac Matthias. .. 94 90 It will be seen that the members of the iCity Board of Examiners have been paid their half year's salary, which, at a meeting of the Board some time sgo, was fixed at J20 per annum. Atone of tbe tneetinen when tbe Board was divusrina thi amount of the salary, the Superintendent A. Ki lls, arose and Informed the Hoard that be thought t;23 per annum was little enongh. and said he was not speaking for himself, as he did not intend tak ing one cent lor his aerrices. 1 nis point was raised, aud on motion the bills of the Examiners were laid over until tne next meeting. The fullowin renort from tbe Vifitine Commit tee was submitted, received, and ordered entered on the minutes: "To the Board of Education, fcc-: "Your Committee appointed to visit the schools submit the following report: ahe Chairman of the Committee has vUated recently all the schools of the city except the colored schools and reports them in a mtisfacuirv condition. The attendance has. for the last term, been fully np to the average. and satisfactory progress seems to have been made. Teachers are diligent in the discharge of their duties and generally good order and reasonable on the part of the pupils are apparent The various rooms in both the old and the new buildings are kept in good condition by the janitors. In fine the schools may be said to tie in a healthy and prosperous condition." The Board then took np the majorirv and minority reports of the Committee on Buildings and Repairs in relation to the dangerous condition of the becond Word School Building, which had been made the special order of business. Martin was in favor of the minority report, but desired an amendment which shojild provide for the replartertng of all the rooms in the building. Brown took the opposite view, and declared the rooms dangerous. He took tbe ground that tbe building was very dangerous in case of fire, as the facilities for the egress of the children in such a case was not sufficient. He was oppiwed to replavtering. and if the building was to be further used for school pur-pocs he would be in favor of ceiling it with boards, aa recommended by Bennlng-hofen in his minority report On motion, both reports were received and ordered placed on file, and the further discussion thereof postponed Indefinitely. In support of this motion Mr. Matthias said he was opposed to expending another cent on the building. That the Board didn't seem prepared to take any action just now in relation to the matter, and he knew that tbe time was not far distant wheu the Board would have to build a new house in the Second Ward; that there will sooner or later have to bo built or purchased a central High School; that thia postponement would give the Board and citizens time to talk over the matter and come to some agreement Mr. Hamann was not in favor of postponing the matter. He thought if the building was in the condition aa reported by The Committee some action should be taken immediately, and favored Mr. Martin's plan. On motion the Board agreed to visit the building to-day in a body. Hargut said that providing of additional school room was a question which would force itself upon the Board and citizens at an early day. The time was not far distant when such room would have to be provided by this Board, and the sooner the better, and property could be purchased cheaper this winter than at anv future time; that he behoved Hamilton should be provided with a central H?gh School similar to the Hughes High School of Cincinnati or those of other cities. The following were appointed as a Visiting Committee: Brown, Hamann and Hargitt wm. aimss? & soars; SUGAR AND MOLASSES HNTiLaW - JV'ow in constant receipt and for sale at lowest rates. TOIXET SOAP POWDER! CALITOllKIA laATJNDRY SOAP BOOTS AND SHOES. MEN'S HAND-EMBROIDERED ST" T a a a . JLj JL aJtr Jr -LLl CHILDREN'S RED-TOP Y JOHN B. HART & 9G West IifYli Street. BR0., rm;.;urFtf BRONZES, CLOCKS. &C. FLORENTINE BRONZES! Xew and Elegant Designs in Clocks, Statuettes, Tases, txc, just receiveu ax 'L- OS 175 -VIVES 2f. B. Store open every del.V STREET. until Christinas. evening Ftn HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS. ' - I HAMS, &C. Month Car- AuorsTScHWEBKL, the Race-street music dealer arrested screral days since for smuggling a lot of meerschaum pipes, violin strings; iic, through the New York Custom-house without the payment of duty, yesterday waived examination before United States Commissioner Hooper, aud was hound orer to await the action of the Grand Jury. He gave bail and was released. Bob Rcssbxi. conducted himself in an uncouth manner on board a Third-street car yeStcixlay while struggling with the effects of "rose oil," .and he drew a anifc on the driver, after which Officers Mitchell and Kellcy drew him into Hammond-street Station. The Hamilton dolegation to the General Assembly of Ohio will, in acceptance of an ini-i i the Bnara m Trustees ot the Cincinnati Southern Railway, make a tour of inspection to-day at far as the Kentucky Elver and return Saturday evening. The Tas-Levylag Power In ollnn. Charleston News and Courier. The Republicans hoot at tbe idea that the Con STvatives will refuse to pay taxes to the Chamberlain Government. They ray that the Charleston meeting, and the exhortations and declarations of the prea are words, aud nothing more, how that tiie Senate and Mackey House have adjourned, tbe expenses of their Government, they say, will not be great. They will pay no interest on the public! debt, and couut on getting from the Conservative tax-payers enough to ke-p their bauditti in good humor. They confess that the- Conservatives can starve 'era out If they choose, but they profess to be confident that lack of unity and earnestness will cause that policy to break down before the timo when the taxes are payable. For once the Republicans mistake the temper of the Conservative cilixeus. These are resolute, and banded together aa never before. and they have the law at their back. One branch oi the uenerai Aswmniy can not make laws, nor can an usurping Governor approve them so as to Sve them authority and force. The Mackey body not the House of Representatives, and the tax and appropriation bills enacted by that body, in conjunction with the Senate, are fatallv defective. Any person who pavs taxes under the Charoberlnjn tax V111 wantonly bol i w timmStrbn ,.. it IS a purely voluntary act. A refusal to comply with an unlawful demand emails no pecuniary or other loss. Plain Tinware, Japanned Tinware, House Furnishing Goods. CL'TITLWDJ.4RLC0. 15S West Fourth St. NEW-YEAR'S ILUIS! Gardner Pblpps Co. 'a "Pineapple' Brand Sugar-Cured llama. Geo. P. Davis A Co. 'a ".Star" Brand Su-t sTnrCnrea llama. Ceo. F. Davis t Co.'s Sngar-Cnred Beeftf and Br. Bacon. ALSO James Morrison A Co.'s Fancy Leaffa I.ard In 5, lo and 20-pennd Sockets; also, In Ate Ka and tierces. JOSEPH R. PEEBLES' S(ttS, N. E. C6r. Fifth and Race Sts., Jfo. 64 East Fourth Street. . . W. W. Cor. Seventh and Mon'nd ktl CHINESE GOODS; City Personals. Cox MEGr.CE, sex., of Washington, is at the Gib son ITousc. Thr Rev. D. W. Ox, of Gallipolis, Ohio, is regis tered at the Arlington. Ma. J. J. ncNDERBOK, Superintendent of the American Express Company in this city, is danger ously ill with diphtheria. At the Arlington last evening among the arrivals were J. W. Darnielle, Belvidere, 111. ; A. L. Sand- ford and wife, Portsmouth, O. ; F. M. Weaver, St. Louis, Mo.; M. 8. Pager, W. P. Hess, Washington; w. 11. f owell. A. M. Thompson. Brookville. Ind IIOfiH Eei:er, Hamilton, Out; J. H. Pendle ton, Akron, Ohio; J. J. Watrouse, Montrose, Penn.; nagtTfewayne, Toledo; J. H. Email. Yolk. Penn. D. P. Felt, Cleveland; O. C Zellers, Tiffin, Ohio Aicx Mct.y arm wife, and C. M. Hite, Texis; M. C. Hinsdale, hew ork; A. P. Berthotd, New Jer sey ; JE. W. Du Bose, V. S. A. ; W. W. Thompson and M. J. Becker, Pittsburg; IL S. Wentworth and daughter. Portsmouth, N. IL, were registered at tho Grand Hotel yesterday. A mono the Gibson Honse arrivals last right were Arthur Farran and wife aad Thomas Cook and wife. Chicago; A. May Meld, Pan Francisco; IT. S. Fullerton, Hillsboro; C. G. Megrue, Washington, u. c; Win. M. Clarke. Pittaburg. Penn.: H. M. Schollar, Milwaukee. Wis.; A. A. Tripp and wife Mt. Vernon, Ind.; W. II. Wilson. Greenfield, O. ; O, i. Jiaj ies, j-omeroy, O.; E. M. Gcllespie, Detroit, Mich.; C. 8. Shephard, D. L. Bhaw. W. C Sheldon and wile and T. F. Roberts. New York. Henry Gknkk, a German fifty years old, who resides on the Baltimore pike, was thrown from his wagon Wednesday night in the Twenty-fourth Ward, and had his shoulder dislocated. Be was taken to the Hospital. TnE Jury in a second of tho Lambert-Aug pool cases in 'Squire Schwab's Court again disagreed yesterday and were discharged. The Kicker seems to have a hard time recovering his money after it was lost at betting. James J. Gtldea, a saloon-keeper, was bound over to the Grand Jury by Judgo Liuderaann yesterday in S1.500 bonds to appear and answer the charge of robbing one O' Flaherty in his saloon not long ago. A sneak-thief yesterday entered the houso of Mrs. Stratton, 52 Dudley street, and stole 115 and a promissory note. No clue has been found to the thief or his booty. The "Flyers" at the Kan Francisco Race I I.iut Week. 9n Francisco Coll. The entries were Dotv, Alice, Jupiter, Nellie Patcbcn, Lady Cummings and Alameda Maid. Doty took thowe who attended the Marysville Fair I last fall br sunirise. winning auito handily when the "talent" pinned their faith on lhoe he de feated. Alice is the mare which was purchased for I a large sum lost winter, alter mic naa snown wonderful speed on the ice of Lake Chainnlsiu. She is adauchter of Abraham, the sire of Kitty Cook. who has a record of 2-M, and as Abraham is by Dauiel Lambert, Alice belongs to one of the most noted families of the New England States. Jupiter is in the hands of the colebraled driver, llickok, and is very well thought of by those who have a knowledge of the stable. Nellie Patclien was only beaten a half length in 2:3"! in the fourth heat of a race at Oakland lost Saturday. Lady Cummings is an honest, reliable trotter, ana Alameda Maid is reported to have been doing very well better than she has ever nown in ner eieicitei oeiore. iQe race can hardly fail to be a lively contest. FURNITURE. JACOB GRAFF & COX will close out the entire! stock of Fine Chinese and! Japanese Jacauered "CI onus. A; Ck -afB T'll 1 HO TIOTA X-r V VXAAlJt f I 411 Uti (ill Auction, Saturday After-p noon and Erenina:, at 21 . and 71 o'clock. All coodsv offered will be sold to the highest bidder. Come and get rare bargains. de2 I ! Oloristm as IPrcsents .1 81 73, 92 aud 83; and nandsome Knsy I'balrs and Korkers for toadies and tientleo " men from 83 upward. I 1 Also, Foot KeHts, Easels, SbaTins; Stands, Work. Stands. Writing Stands. i Breaie anTC locks. Ik Every thing Is marked at toe lowest prices. if MITCHELL fc RAMHELSBERG FURNITURE 107.109,111 and 113 WEST FOI RTII STREET, Cincinnati. O. CO. The Daily Union Trayer Meeting will be held at the First Presbyterian Church at 11 o'clock to-day, and be conducted by L. II. Sargent, Esq. Thomas Schmidt, of No, -to Findlay street, fell on the slippery paveinent yesterday and broke his CrRRlVT statistics on population and longevity disclose startling lacts in relation to lniant mortali ty. A largo proportion of the deaths occur in babyhood, ana the most constant watchfulness is Incumbent on parents. Tbe question of soaps used in washing is one of great moment. In B. T. Bab bitt's Toilet Soap mothers have a perfect compound. distinguished for delicacy and purity, and grown people nnu it no leas vaiuaoie lor toilet and bath. INSURANCE. 7w7"- US. O (3 aSX LL"2 Insurance Agent, 53 West Third Street. POROUS PLASTER. Elizabeth Schmalstio is suing Frank J. before 'Squire Schwab for bastardy. Coates Now pickle your ice for next summer.. Bankers In Conferenee. Aoout nity representatives of Ohio National nanks met In a secret conference at the Grand Ho tel, yesterday, to consider whst hey believed to be me unjui taws oi unequal taxation, which im poses on them more than on private bankers. Del- cmies were present from all National Banks oi . Cincinnati. Among those outside of the city were: T. P. Bandy, Cleveland: T. J. joncs, ueiaware; John Ludlow, Pprlngfleld: R. B. Hubbard. A. W. Moss, Sandusky: Wager Ewayne. Toledo: J. H. Pendleton, Akron; Dan. P. Ellis, vjcveiana; v. jc. Spencer, Cleveland; Frank O. Bpencer, Cleveland ; O. C. Zcller, Tiffin; Chas. F. uunckel, JtidJletown. A Fatal Fla-ht. Last week some time a free fight occurred in the vicinity of the Madison House, on Main street, between six or seven persons. One of the nartles. inarica refers, who lives at 47 Peeta street, it seems, was more seriously injured than at Brstsup- poscd. Uis head was gashed np pretty badly, and an examination yesterday disclosed the fact that his skull is fractured. Thereupon a warrant wss sworn out charging Frank Brnner, another of tbe fighters with assault with intent to kill. He was arrested and taken a prisoner to Hammond-street. Tbe charge may be changed against him in a few days from aaaanrt with intent to kiU to man- daughter, for Peters is in a bad way to recover. A mm a semen is. Hunpty Zhmjtty is drawing fine honsea at Wood's Theater. The Selgrtst children, of course, are the features of the show, and they are unquestionably tne nnest acrobats In the world. At the Grand opera-bouse stsggie Mitchell, by particular rcqnest, will appear this evening tha ever popular "Fanchon." the part In which she first won her greatest renown. This will be welcome news to Maggie's thousands of admirers. At Robinson's Opera-house. Emerson's minstrels. tha finest Ethiopian troupe in existence, are delighting large audiences nightly. For this evening tney announce an entire change of programme. avorsrtna- a Oood Haasa John Percival waa a prisoner at tha Uammond- swees etauon last night, chanted with toreerv. It appears that John appliad to Mayor Johnston not yont so lor a ptd.dlar's license to allow him to sell maps through tha streets. Co made tha appUca- OAIILT0.V. Ice is still be Inn cut and stacked in lanre Quan tities. V Rorxir.n & Bito. have been cutting ice near Angs- pcrgrr's mills over nine inches thick. Dritiso tho few weeks in which ico has been cut over one thousand men have been given employment. Yesterday, in the Probate Court, John I.ytle was appointed administrator, of the estate of James i-ytie, aeceaxeo. Chris FRiNZtx. one day last week, found a check on the Kim National Bank of this city for t3. which the owner can have by calling npou him. How would it do for some of the good citizens to give the firemen and police a benefit? The latter have often given some of the citizens a benefit 38 and coats. Thi Hamilton Light Infantry held an election at their armory last uielit. which resulted in the choosing of George II. Phillira as Captain and Li-wu Campbell, jun., aa r irat Lieutenant. J. K Wei livfr. formerly of this eitv and student under Drs. Camahan and WalLin, but now attending the Medical College at Cincinnati, has been chosen by his class to deliver the valedictory. To-morrow at 10 o'clock the Demoeraev of But ler County will meet at Beckett's Hall in Mii-ss-Convention to give expression to their indignation at the attempt to Inaugurate B. B. Hayes as President Ch army WnTTB. whom Sheriff Thomas rantnnul In Atlanta, Illinois, one week ago, pleaded guilty to the chance preferred arainst him that of hoi-. stealing and was sentenced to imprisonment in tne I'emtentutry lor one year. Widsespay night a vounir bov. named Chart. Kopp, aged about fourteen years, and living in Hanover Township, was smutted, brunch t ti mm and lodged in inll for stealing a shot gun from the residence oi .-rap Kanaiu, while the latter was at prayer-meeting- buu, people tnU go to prayer-meeting. YlSTEaDAT IT. H. Jones. Treasurer rf P1.. Couuty, tiled his petition In the Clerk's office against tne Hamilton and Krsvlllc llydraulicCom- pany lor a Judgment of Il.l'.J 23 for Imt.-s mil praying that Schiller &Beuninghofen and 11 the large machine and manufacturing establihnients on the Hydraulic, it, be made parties defendant A Til or Two Pirm At Ka ni County Democrat has recognized the Enqiirfr, and condescends to give it credit for one of the uauy wms iransierreu solid into its own columns: Irrora the Democrat. CORRECTTOM. There is no truth In tha Tervtrtenn. wined In the Cincinnati I ndi'tui. nn t L.m 26th. to the effect that b. J. Callen haa aei-rei f.. ww. on owinff IU HuLler munt, rtom. ocrat not to pay the Receiver. No notice haa been niea. lor it would be a contempt of Court U it had been. Those owlni the Democrat on anv upnnnt r. ,.v. ""'"i1- imuuuy dt paying tne .Receiver. N. h. V arwtck. I From the Tclerraph.1 NOncS. All persons Indebted for mmfnttnn. " -v,.cwmi ui ui Duuer county AJeinocrat. or wora, ars nounea mat all such amounts from tbe Mh dav of August, 1&76. to tha 25th day ot November are due the undersigned. Thera may bar beetaa error in saying a notice I IMPORTANT TO EVERY FAMILY. THERE are many remedies which claim lo cure dis eases which at bot they relieve for the moment, yet Benson's Cancine Porous Planters will positively cure diseases which the ordinary porous plasters oniy relieve, among wnicn may te mentioned Klictimalinn. bciatica. Neuralgia, External Nerve Disorders, Severe Local Pains. Aches and Stitches, Pleuriy, Lameness. Stiffness, Weakness of Buck, Hip. Spine. Side or Muscles. It is the most powerful remedy known. Price 25 cents. 2-3tK5aTu SOBTTI TtRITISIT. Cash Assets Htm K, or .New York, t'anh Assets II A KTI'IIRD, of Hartford, Cash Asset. ATIOAI.. ef Hartrord, Cask Assets HOME, of Colnmbns. I'asb Assets .. ..... TH AIII Hs. of hirao, ash Assets. PKESCOIT, of Boston, Casts Assets OCEAN AND RIVER IN'SCRAXCE, MEECAMILE MITTAL, of K ear York. ala Assets; focl3-20tK 93A.OOO.OOO . 000,000 . l.OOtMMH 0OO.OOO oOO.OOO 400,000 1,500,000 DRESSING ROBES, JfcC. HEALTH LIFT. DYSPEPSIA! WILL THE HEALTH LIFT CCRE IT? This question is often a.-led us. The answer is that for Dyspepsia, in all its hydra-headed forms, the Health Lift is a specific a safe, sure and permanent cure to this dreaded American scourge and all its relations. Health-Lift Parlors for l adies and Gentlemen, Rooms 10 and 10U Pike's Oiera-House, 2d Floor. Agents for thoalealth-Lift wanted in every city and town ill Ohio. Indiana and Kentucky. - it mmm GRAND CONCERT. & FANCY GROCERIES. j GRAND OPERA-HOUSE. NEW-YEAK'S EVE: fsesa-eodl yoSuSpl FINANCIAJa. ESAKD ESiainJiatSSI m CCN'CKT, COMMERCIAL BANK OTP OIIVCITVIV-A-TI. BY THE ASSISTED BY HISSES JESSIE KPB1SER And KATIE BPEISGER, Under the anrplces of the CATHOLIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. General admission, 60 cents; Parquet Chairs. 75 cents. dv2-St ESTABLISHHED .. -1SSL BUSINESS COLLEGE. $30 Stockholders Individually Liable. lOJfTTXE3 ITSELF TO A LEGITIMATE BANTC- VV l BLSLNE.S3. Buys and sells U. P. Government Bonds. Gold and Gold Checks on New York. Letters of Credit issued, available In all parts of Europe. DIRECTORS. Elliott H. Pendleton, Thoe. Sherlock. . 4. K. Kinney, Geo. EL Penuleton. Geo. H. Hill, ' ELLIOTT H. FENDLETOTf, President apl5 HUGH COLVXLLE, Cashier. Sew Goods for the Holidays! Ralsina, Fifjs, Citrons, Prunes, nil kinds of C an Fruits, Oranges, Lentous, C'oeoannts and every variety of Xuts, bold vt lioletsale, to aeaiers onij , at extreme low price. REIS BROS. & CO., 33 and 35 YIXFSTREET, dcl7-15t CINCINNATI, OHIO. M r. i VENISON. I have received a large consignment of rSVIILIu VENISON, For the Holiday trarle. A choice lot to he sold at market rates. MARTIN (il lTEHMAS, le-'t-6t Mo. 37 Walnut Street. OYSTERS AND CLAMS. Will pay for a I I LL COURSE of THREE MOTHS at XEROX'S ACTUAL BISI.XESSCOLLEGE, H. K. Cor. Fourth and Tine sts. Established 21 years. deiG-sot SOAP. SHELL OYSTERS USD CLUIS! RECEIVED DAILY BY EXPRESS, AT BUST'S HOTEL and SINISS-ROOMS Vine St, tot. Fourth and Fifth. Tmh22-lySpoSu IT WIFE EDUCATIONAL. FARM ENGINES-" , THE LANE & BODLEY CO.'S Ten-Horse Farm Engine Awarded Grand Premlnra of tlOO.OO la srold at the last Cincinnati Industrial Exposition over atx o . . , ptacucai test, bead tor circular glvlnf details of the famous trial. THE LA5E k BODEET CO- w . Insists on Ming only B.T.Babbf tt's Best Soap. fel-lyoSu TYPE. TYPE FOTJTEHtY, 13 Tlue Street, CiacAawaH, OA jo. "1T en which thlj tp.r is ariate 1 la from tha above Jrouaarr.iJbM. l . SG5.00 TftOR TOTJij t AND BOYS, PER QUARTER -- m wvm,b;.. uiuuuea rto extra cnargei Open vacations; 12 miles from Philadelphia. a a SilORriliXiJi (Harvard A. M.)f -mT27 ly Media. Penn. TRUNKS. M. A. McGUIKE, TRUNK, Y AXISE AND SATCHEL HANCFACTCSERu 2fO. 08 TltfJS STSJEST. j j 1 ft All kinds of Traveling Eauipage. inade to ordet 3c --'repaired. 6c7-lT 1 t e a tc W-r. c y c its I th Hr kr. itc .tat tel It 01 hi 4l n

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