The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWHPAPKR np THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHtA ST ARKANSAS AND BOu"lKAS! VOL XXIX-NO. 10L Blythcvillc Dally News. Blylhevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blythevlllc Courier. r TRUCK Victim of Sleeping Sickness Seriously 111 j MEMPHIS. Oct. "Sleeping Jot'" ON 1ST CIS! i!9. 1UP» — .„ iS, 9-year-old ! boy who lias lain lor a yeir in U'.'2|), today is .surferiug from double i pneumonia and lii.s recovery K ', doubtful. I i If he survives the week-end phy- i i sicians held some liap-j for ills :le- | PUBLIC mm NEEDED TO ILLS OP Preparations Under Way] f for Final Address at His : "^»« showed symptoms Palo Alto Home. | longest .sleep in mi-ditnl history.! | A fall is believed to have caused i PALO ALTO, Cal., O:t. 29. (UP) »>« condition, j E vcry c i Uzcll> as a . S i 0 ,klio!d:r in —President Hoaver has made no ! "e became ill wit!) pnotuimi? ' the corporation known as tin: 1'nb- deflnite preparation to visit his j "™ «ays ago. hie School System of America. , Stanford University home before yui]I J Citons Must Feel Stockholders Responsibility . Says Miss Lawson. FOOTBALL I'ilUll Pittsburgh 12. Nulrp Drum 0. Yule (i, o. Third l'«rlod 1'iinluc 28, N. Y. U. 7. Oliio Stale 7, Wisconsin HalC Kfintuckv 1. Alabama' fl. Minnesota 0, Northwestern Cii-oijjii! 7, Florida K. Chicago 7, IJtinols 0. Nebraska 0. Kansas Stale 0. Firsl reriixl Tiilano «. Soulli Carolina She'd Like to He a Good Girl ' the November election. Will H:n- ry, uncle of Mrs. Hosver, told ; tlv; United Press today. j SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2D (UP) 1 —The San Francisco News said to- | day it liad learnail that, ; .Hoover expects to make the final ', speech of his campaign from his j _ home on the campus of Stanford | La University at Palo Alto. [ Servants in (he Hoover home admitted that radio equipment to [ broadcast the speech would bo in- [ stalled in the home to:'ay, the News said. "As yet we have had no definite mpaign to Wioe Out De- linquencv Will Be derway Next Week. , to himself and to his children u i more active Interest, 1 in school af- ; fairs, Miss Willie Lawson, sin>erin- | tcndent of Mississippi county schools, told the county council of Parent-Teacher associations at the city hall Friday afternoon. As one whose own welfare is closely linked with tha: ol tr.c schools, each citizen, she said, be Interested: 85,000 .Bales Ginned Prior io October 18 MlvMppi county Klnn;il l)!i.- i •« nmmiiK liuliM of cotton froiu the iu;i^ cjop prior tu Oi-:obi-r IH, II w:i» announced today by Daneliowor of l.uxor.i. bureau rcpiT.sniUtitlvc In tills county, Tills compares will) 58.-1H2 RlniH'd prior lo lllc> .snnii!» last .v;nr. On tlii.i basis of private estl- thai illh-htly more than ' I i:.'r ccnc «f thi! county's crop bi'i'ii uliined prior to tlio iL' 35,000 bilk- ropuit would i! n lol:il Mississippi coim- crop of fully 150,000 bulcs. wltli the possibility thai It mny rim lo I'iO.flOO or liliih'.T. ]:„ ^y;'ii n ii ! I' 1 the results to be axp:cted from Jmquencv Will Be Un- | the public education institution; I In knowing that a budget Is made Jury Should Pass On Therri Is Prosecutor's Answer lo Appeals. OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 29.—Prosecuting Attorney Personal property on which taxes due last spring have not been paid will kt put up at public sale by each Individual county and lc-1 yesterday refused In the .. cat school organization and is car- j pressure brought to bear on his at- ncti 011t: . flee from all purls of the stale, to ed with the collection of depart- In preventing diversion of school funds to -other interest;:; Warned by cthor.s to "keep quiet," the story said, the slammed Ihe door in er's face. housekeeper the reoort- By tlnittd Press Republican hopes rcse in the mid- west today and Democratic hcp?s In the east as party leaders braced for their final drives for votes with the national election but nine days away. "AI and Frank" Again nolle prosa the Indictment agatns'. A. B. Banks, erstwhile financial ment |>ersonal property taxes the Blytheville school district. It is understood that a similar procedure will be followed by delinquent peisonal tax collectors in most of Ihe other school districts of the county. Mr. drive McHnney states that for the collection of the de- llnquent personal property taxes in the Blytheville school district is meeting with n Rood response. The ">,vority of those who fttited f> The cause of Republican buoy- P* v tneir taxes during the regular ancy- w»s another, "fighting speech" I Period are doing so now, or ar' byj^resldent Hcover at Indianapolis last night. Democratic exuber- I anoe resulted from a meeting be' tweeri Governor Franklin Roosevelt x . and Alfred E. Smith In the governor's mansion at- Albany,:N. Y., which indicated a definite renewal of'the "Frank and Al" friendship. President Hoover returns to Washington today, making back plntrorrn speeches . as his special train moves east,. Before an enthusiastic audience last night h» renewed his attack on statements of his Democratic opponent, charging evasion of issues and a "new shuffle" by Governor Roosevelt on the question or farm tariffs. Monday the chief executive will speak at New York. Former - Governor .Smith., on his return to. New, York state from Nevv.England, reported to'Governor Roosevelt that he was "pjrfcctly satisfied" that the slates he visited, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, would be in the Democratic column. Roasevelt will enter New England on a campaign tour. Norman Thomas, Socialist candidate for the presidency, at Newark. N. J.. last night, said bread, not beer, was the real issue before the people. Johnson Attacks Hoover In San Francisco Senatcr Fliram Johnson. Republican, called for defeat of President Hoover, labeling the administration "ineffective and uiiAmerican." Secretary of Treasury Mills spoke in New Haven, Ccnn., and Wor, cester. Mass. He charged lhat Gov- T, "nor Roosevelt had evaded a stand ?- N on the question of currency inflation. Qov. Albert C. Ritchie of Maryland matfe an appeal for Democrat Jo support in Indianapolis afler President Hoover had concluded hi; speech. Ritchie criticized the "cam- pa '8 n of fear" and the? Republican prohibition plank In upholding standards for teach-j power in this stale, which charges ers and superintendents; i h j m w i, h ncc jj,ti,, B deposits in Ihe In a slate and county program ' First Stale Bank of Osceola. when of supervision; i he knew it to be Insolvent, and In laws which would provide for ] court adjourned for the lerm yos- qualifled tax assessor who does] lerday afternoon with the case car- not have to nm for the office; |r!cd over until March. In repeal of laws whicn allow land to become delinquent and to be bought back at a complete loss of tax revenue to the district In which it is located. Function Is Soctnl Prosecutor Gladlsh said that but for the large number of prisoners j In the county Jail whose cases con- j siimed tlie court's time from early • morning until six o'clock and Ihru Slookholcvrs in the public school \ S ° V " al - n ' 8W MS!l01 ? dUr " lg that' ranging to do so. he says, but vigorous' methods will be Invoked to enforce" collection from thoro who hii've' neither, paid nor arranged to pay. The law gives the collector the authority to rcstra'n and advertise for snlc any personal property upon which taxes are unpaid. A large part -of the extensive personal property tax delinquency in this county is attributed to His fact that in. former years little effort was made to compel pay-' jnenl of the tax. A campaign against delinquents in th.? Blytheville school district, conducted last year by Mr. McHaney, produced such satisfactory results that this year a similarly vigoioug de- incment tax drive is planned throughout H'e county. Tadlock and Knight Are Craighead Deputier U. Tadlock wlli £-3"£U Prosecuting Attorney for th? Jonssboro District of Cral?hcaci County by Denver L. Dudley of Jonesboro when he takes of/ice as prosecuting attorney January 1st, Mr. Dudley stated that he would announce a compete list of his deputies after November 9th for 'he entire district. He stated how- "er that Mr. Tadlock would be "« Jorwsboro deputy and Attor- Ju?l d1be ^puty for the eastern district of Craighead. Mr. Knight University of Tennessee Instructor Kills SeL c KNOXVILLE. Tenn.. Oct. 29. (UP)—Homecoming revels at the University of Tennessee were silenced early toiloy by discovery of the bullet, pierced body of Earl Devon, brilliant ycung English in- Iruclor. in his residenlial hotel b^droom. Dsath was pronounced as suicide bin no message was found. Young Devon's home was at Chicago where he ha.; a xvidcw;d mother. He was described by faculty ;uperiors as one of the thr?e brightest yomig men ever graduated from Northwestern University. He took ins M.A. there and his B.A it University of Illinois, where he later taught vocal music for a •vhile. Devon had been in ill health for vears. fellow faculty members said moved Lake City. from Leachvllle to Attorney Tsdloetc has practiced * J °n . , i u c Jonesboro 0 " u1bw J °nesboro a number of is attorney for the Durcau and hns important cases' Republicans Report Campaign Expenditures WASHINGTON, O:t. 29. IUP) — Tlie Republican national committee reported today to Ihe clerk of the house that its campaign exp?ndl- 'ures from June 1 to Deleter 26 aggregated 51.45-5,179.38. The unexpected balance in the committee treasury en October 2i was S120.2C4.94. ^xp°rts Urge Tunj? Oil Industry Development NEW ORLEANS (UP)—Development ct the tun» oil Industry in r/Hilsltma, %rissi<s!ppi an-J Fio-id- was urged here recently by a group of tung oil production experts who surveyed the area. The group was headed by Dr. H. A Gardiner, director of scientific re search for the Nallonal Paint and Varnish Association. Dr. Gardiner proposed lhat soni» lands now being used to grow cot- ten be turned over to the production of tuug oil trees, thus givlncr southern farmers an additional source of revenue. Tun? oil, system, she raid, "must s?e expaiiiturcs are controlled a bit more wisely, that the, school systems are organized more sainly. economically and unselfishly, even it it dots mean .that the" school house is not exactly in front of his door." i. All of (his, she said, is n^ces- maln function, hlch is the development of indi- •Wnal potentialities to the -anil that child may find his most use- ul place in society. "Education," she said. "Li hu- nan development. It makes no clf- erence whether It takes plac-< In or out cf school. The only reason Imt schools are recommended is •hat they nre the nio=t erTiclent two week's term. Banks would havj been tried at this lerm of court and that since his case had to bo clacos for tho foundation of this development." Miss Uiwson o.uoted Dr. Ilinry Suzzalo, former presffienl of the University of Wasiington. who aid: "We can justify taxing all for hj education of all only when results are more sccial tl-an n"r- onal." To develop the best abilities of :he children, and to hender society !ie highest, service, s i:c said schools must have teachers "with sympathstic uiu'erstandlng plus academic training and technical SKin," and parents "v.-iio will accept i--c new methods nnJ who will pay ••o price io maintain desirable schools." did not feel like assuming the responsibility of determining individually the outcome of a cose affect- Ing the public so generally as the Banks cas= tl-'ei. He said he felt thai a Jury o! twelve should sll -jn tli3 charges p:e!er:. l :d by a Mississippi county grand jury agaln-t Banks two years ago, and he 'p;r- siiU-ntly refused lo accodo to requests tSat ricocleci his office,by tcl-. egraph. telephDiie and psrsonal appeal nil day yesterday, urging that !:e jiollc prCj ths case before the a-.ijournmeiit cf court yesterday »f- Ehc's one of movlcdom's best, bad ghls. but, she'd rather bo nootl So Wynne Gibson is dcinandliiB her studio B lve her a chnncc to prove slie can IK a nice girl, loo. she's been a menace to men as pictured here, In all but one of her nuns. And she's G ettlnn I10 . '0:-,oi| 3 . nm ruinous, she complains. Oladish lace of Sue Governor Roosevelt for Uupaid Taxi Kill LOS ANGELES, Cal., Oct. 39. | <UPi— Gov, Franklin D. Roosevelt ioday was a defendant in a law- ;uit charging the Democratic pres- .ocntial nominee, Mayor Curley of Bcs'on. and the Young Democratic '.I'M of California, with evading a 359-1 taxi bill. The suit, demanding In connection with rates. He scrv- In the manufacture of "pa flit's eVCr< " OCE « lons as city at-'varnish, is now " Slates from t ....... ' What r s (he Cost? In Arkansas, sh? pointed out, tlie property owner is taxttl $18 on each $1.000 of assessed' valuation for the support of the schools. "Is that enough." s!i c asked, "to Pay for the schooling of his children for one month if he had ;c Pay a teacher to teach just hi? family? is that enough to pay'for the schooling of ths man who wo-k< on his farm, or the clerk who wa~k" m Ills store, or the steno^raDh"- who writes his letters, If he°had tc Pay privately to get this p^r'or educated before he employed him?, What per cent of the valuation of his properly rto;s he assess? What ! per cent is he .supposed to assess?'-; Describes Modern School. ! Following the talk by Miss Law son, today's lessons were discusser! in erestlngly by Miss Winnie Vir- Bil Turner, county supervisor she old how classroom procedure of today has improved over class room procedure of former tinvs "Teachers of today center their work around laws of Interest and individual differences of children " Miss Turner said, "In primarv srades children are taken on trlrs and excursions from which laii- wage development grows anr 1 reading material is taken." The Changs of nwthod in discipline was described, showing that teachers no longer whip children but that they encourage student government and the children decide on the practices that are nermlssablc in today's classroom If difficulties arise the teachers handlo them in private conferences rathor than before the en- ilrc student body as teachers did in former days, Ihe grouu \vas told. Tile child was filed in municipal court by Ih2 Tanner Motor Livery. The com- oiatnl alleged tho money was owed for automobile rlre during Roosevelt's and Curlcy's recent visits to a> Angeles. A writ of attachment FILS TD All III December Futures Sell lor Less Than In Days ol Queen Elizabeth. CHICAGO, Oct. 29. (UP)—The price of wheat • futures plungci to the lowest price on world record today on the Chicago board of trade, falling fractionally below the record minimum price sot when Queou Elizabeth ruled England 300 years ago. At the low point December wheat The com-!' vas , scw al ' 13 7 - 8 ^ « ccnis auslicl. The Elizabethan lev,- recovery, Judge Will Render Dccis- in Roseland Bridge Accident Later. Municipal Judgo C. A. Cimnlng- ham announced today lhat decisions In the preliminary hearings for drivers'of two cars, charged with manslaughter, will be handed down next wo«k. i The court's announcement followed sessions yesterday umi today In which witnesses described an accident on Highway 18 Wednesday night which cost Ihc life of a. W. Burnetl, ngcd'cDtlon picker. . • Herschcl Johnson, Mt'hiln schosl boy, and John Petty, Rosetand farmer, arc defendants In the cases preferred following tlie death ol Burnett In n hospital here. Burnett, one of eight occupants or a one-seated cor driven by Pot'", was hurled to tlin'cencrf* rh»n E5 IFTEI OEM Woman Killed, Others Seriously Injured j n Collision Last Night. OSCEOLA, Ark. - (Special) Investigation of a Hishwav Gl uc-> iMclcnl near Evadale Crnssln?' last nlKlil which cost the lire or hh wife wan ncked loday by Arthur Aiwuoit, Osccola tenant farmer Pssldcs the fatal injury of Mrs. '^wooil. n. T. Moore, 49 of noonc- vllle, Miss,, WUB critically Injured nnd several others were hurt when n truck driven bv C. O. Gran, on | whose farm' Mn:. Arwood lived, Into a parked Imek about 10 o'clock Friday nlnlit. Among those Injured were: Charley Michael, a hitchhike- had caught a ride on one of tvucks. Qrcon who suslntnsd a en nose, broken rlba, and "host Injuries, Newt Curtis, farm "irtployc. who received minor bruises, and Mrs. Arwood's 12-ycar- i'<l daughter, Bcrenn, who sustained face cuts nnd bruises and in Injurv in her knee. Ll/rhts Arc Issue BesiiV's Moore.- -who- suffered a fractured hip and Internal. Inlur-- '«!;, arid members of .his family, L. C, Waltlr, a sbn-ln-lav,.: and hl.-> 'nmlly were also In • Ihe jiarkcd truck. Tho families, with their 'inuschbld 'goods loac°.;d in the 'nick, were onroute to Warden. Mo, AHhouth officers declined to •-veal persons n«mcd In warrants •worn nut at Arwoivl'c renvest it 's unrterstnoci that ehnrw.s center vmiiirt the ollf/nt'on'- t^at tl'.q "•Vorl t'-uoV wnn-:i.i>>H"ht(T\. -*»i'i thit -both f-nnt '«->'' rear •' "nhU of the pnrked'.truck WOT; . burning. r , , Llnborafe the two cars collided at tlie west "id of Unseland. bridge. He died °, f ft fracture at the base of tht , „ wr A . i Johnson pjid four com Wins Approval i">"l«s. were enroutc from Manilf. ' . of Drmilipc l!? al >'M'Wl»e to attend a dull of 01 UCDUI1CS. Company M, national B uar<;, o -- | which Johnson Is a member PARIS. Oct. 23 fUPl-An clab- • Ocoupanlj of Potty's car- said th- orate French nlan for nnns r->dnr- tllc Johnson car failed to get bad I nn. vitnllv effectlnu Ihc military °" the right sl:c of the road aft-" itron°th of all coimlrlcs and call- Passing /ground another car air' ng on the United Slater, to loin ran Into 'the well-loaded roadster n Riiarantocin't the securltv nf na- : Jolmson and bis companions do' vnl'fi ?".' altack ' W9S ' )Cforc '»c. clnre d that Pctty's mncliliii,,- boail V/nrI " '"*"" '"B only one light, .was (rnvjlln- v/orld (odny. The Fjcncl plnn. mmt dr-Mlrvl down tnc middle of the read : Mr. Green hh . tatlon was 44 1-8 cents and t^at Is th? ion-csl price recorded since any records have been kepi. also was served directing seizure The worl<1 "wheat war" was held of tanking Dsfets of the Yo:me ' ncco "ntablc. With Ihe United States Democratic clubs in a local bank. " nd . Cn » n <I" i" a raco to dispose of their vast surpluses abroad before !!ie Argentine and Australian crops 1 are harvested all tltarket support : was swept away. ' tlss bv Premier FflDiinnl Hcrrjoft lost night nnd accepted bv a vif of no to 2n h»fn rc adjomnmrn 1 early this morning. Unrtr-r the n'an France otters to reduce its terms of compulsory military service from 12 to U months nnd the number of army divisions from 20 [o 12. five Wounded in Feud Due! in Kentucky Town PINEVILLE, Ky, Oct. 29. (UP) —Five were wounded, one seriously, in a pitched gun bait!? on the main street in front of the courthouse hero today In a ren Former Illinois Can? Leader Faces Prison WAYCROSS. Ga., Oct. 2D (UP) — Earl Shelton, once notorious southern Illinois pancster, was convicted on three cminis nf llnnov Memphis Murder Suspects Are Released ' ! aw ! vlnlFlltor > In federal court hero MARION, Ark.. Oct. 29. (UP) — Two suspects held here in cornice- "_VU1 XllVlUt, I1CIV. IUM.IJ 111 U 1 CIJC" |(_ ..-- k. ». ^v.-.t-v al of a b'.lter feud between two! ' ronT wlth th = mysterious daalh of groups of relatives. |°- . L - Clifton. West Memphis car- group; Two of the Injured were bystaucl- rs. The wounded are George Lee. Stephen Lee, his father. Llge Me- George. Ed Browning and a man named Brooks. Hie latter two .being bystanders. The shooting was said to havejp° rte d. resulted from a feud which orlg-1 — InaUd several months ago when! /\'f>i/- T lr ;3 McGeorge allegedly sr.ot and pentcr, were released tcday, "I am satisfied t'-ey had 'no connection with the case." sheriff Howard Curlln said. Crlttenden county authorities continued their investigation to determine whether Clifton was mur- •ed or hit by a ln:ck as lira r,i- Inst nl«ht nntl was sonlencerl to 18 months In Atinnln f,-"lcrnl penitentiary and fined fS.OOO. Lester Apgard. Shelton's alleged confederate In a coasplracv to smiig"lc expensive liquors from ths Bahamas and send it north from killed a brother of George Lee. 'l Lee nnd McGeorge families are cousins. NEW en 628 B34 G-i2 6S2 667 YORK. Oct. 29 (UP) - cctlon closed barclv steady, i Open Hich Low Dec . ' Mar ' May. Jul '. Oct . Spots closed at 620, off 15. quiet. G24 627 KtK C16 653 668 62-i 646 660 Republican Has Clear Field for County Judge ST. JOE, Ark., Oct. 29. (UP)— Buck Mays, Marshall merchant, had a clear field today in his campaign as the Republican nominee for county judge following tho with- „ ,. drawal of County Judg? J. C. Bik- ' Cotton closed barelv steadv. cr. Democratic nominee to succeM himself. ! Judge Baker said tre pre'-s cf; other business caused his withdraw- i al. Buck Mavs Is a brother of CIO B23 631 647 660 NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 29 (UP) — Mar ! May , Jul Oct first consideration In the mod- , Mays, well known 31. Louis bank-. Snots school, MUs Turner said. [er. Utendy. Open Hl<rh Low Clo<*> . 626 626 610 610 . 628 628 613 (in . 034 636 1125 CM . 644 645 CM 634 . 612 655 <y.5 645 . 667 667 667 C5Rh closed at 615, off 17, here for salt- metropolitan nreas. was similarly convicted and sentenced to a year and a day in the penltentlry and finrd $1. Tlie federal jury which heard evidence in tl^ case deliberated less than .30 minutes before returning Ihe verdict. First count agnlnst the defendants chamrl to violate the national Osceola Truck Victim's Body Taken to Lepantf OSCEOLA, Ark.. Oct 2fl— Tl) 'JOdy of Roy Robertson, killed o- the street here Friday mornin- when he jumped from a s?-' Iruck on which lie wns riding nnd was dragged along the pavemcn: with his heel caught between th' <l«nl v wl«els of the trailer, was taken by Swift <fc Company undertakers here last nl?ht lo Lcpinto where funeral services will be heH Hobortson's wife, Mrs. Lucile Roberlson, his mother, Mrs. To"i Robertson, and an uncle, J. w Carson, llvp at Lonanlo. Hobert son had been' picking cotton in •'flutheast Missouri, and was returning to Lcpanto when !•; wa« ^Iliod. He had caught n riclc from Holland. Mo., on an Edwards Oln Company seed truck going from that place to Memphis with a load of seed. As the truck slowed down going through town he jumpjd to the pavement and was killed. Hts body was pushed ten feet or more In rront of the heavy skiddln? whcejs of Ihi trailer In which hi' heel was causht. as the driver put on brakes nnd ground to a stop. tariff and prohibition laws and the oilier two a'lcged transporta lion and possession of liquors. i . d AII - Ul Closing Stock Price' A. T. and T ............ 104 Anaconda Copper ..... 9 Auburn ................ 42 1-8 Caterpillar Tractor ... 73-4 Chrvsler ............... 13 7-8 Cities Service ......... 31-2 Coca Cola ............. M 3-4 General Electric ...... is 5-8 General Mold's ....... IS 3-8 11 5-8 24 1-0 2 7-H 31 1-1) st UMMttr-s Montgomery Ward N">v York Central . Packard Evening Post Bought bv Daily New? CHICAGO. Ocl. 29. (UP)—Col. Frank Kncx, publisher of the Chicago Dally News, today announces nurcliaso of tho Chicago Evenlnf Post and Its merger with tne News, effective Monday. Ti:e Pcsl, established 41 vcirs a^o. loses Its identity In the merger, but K. L. Ames Jr.. tho nuliiislier. jDlus the Dally News organization R.S is- slslsnt to Colonel KUDX. c:;ordlng to the Joint announcement on thj flrst page of th? News to;ay. The '.onslderatlon involved was not announced. n<"vsna"v>r flo'.l •••'.Ml . n !'."vo nfte v /riE. l i''(i-i\i-f. n-truck 1 -' ' 'Old of green venetaMps In .Mejn- ... «- vnc(n-.] q -. . u-^fijj Ii 0 (l r OVC -in- 'o the '-ear end of tf-c narkert Trt. The Mlssl«iri)l (ruclt w'a's "if, of (t(i«illno nnrt wai pirked •> the side of the road headea •lortli. . Kll'rrl Almost Insiantlv ^h"- oirkfl'l «ITC'< was knocked 'ito ttic rondsMc. dlfch. the en- f nc and cM> nf >Tf. .ni-em'.s truck '••re tclcscnned and' Ihe bD-lv'of "'rs. A'nvoort. who wi^li her diuvh- '"r. wns 1 rWlncr !n tho" cub. wns ^aclly mangled. Her rhht hln and '".g were seared from her body ind she died almost In^to.ntlv. A Bu-'ff. ft Co'ii'iany onibnlance from Osceola look the M's'lislppl "inn to Iho Dnntlst HoMiltnl. at Memphis, nftflr li", had Hv>n olven i-'t aW t'catmen' "t Dr. Barka- .''ale's office In Wilson.- nnd returned the lnlt're'1 - persons 'to 'hrlr hon\"<? In Osceola. - The Inturort had been removed to negro cabins near th? rood after ambulances had been summoned and when Swift and coin- rnny ambulances from Osceola responded, difficulty, was cnconnt- <"pd in locating the injured persons. Mrs. Anvood's bodv Li nt Swift Undertaking Company here. She was about 45 jrnrs old nnd has lived with her family near Osceola for several years, where her grown sons and her husband nre enaaged In came here panto. fanning. Ths family originally from Lc- Florida Broken Police Declare JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Ot;l. 20. (UP)— Jacksonvllb police torlay a->- !crled tfce |>ower of a masked fbg- glng ring In this city had been broken with identification' cf nins men charged with a total of 24 as- sa" 1 ! 11 !. Ths alleged night riders, police said, anj excelled former members Pt the Kn Klux Kian'. The alleged leader of the band. I', wns said, is W. A. Jncfecn. a mac'rlnlsl of tix> c ^cosrd -Airline railway shops Jury. will r?c-3ss Satuidnv " until Monday ' when liidictments will be r»turn»d against the I:'en- 'ifted ir.»n. with WEATCER ARKANSAS— Pair, colder trrvt. in rmth and west tr-^^hf. Sunday fair, colder In east "onion. Arnntiln? to «*? nfft<-toi wpath- er ol^erver, Charles Phillips Jr., min'mvm tomvc-nt'Tn hpr» y«- of N. J. Texas Co .............. '-137-s eral clrciiht^n. t K -> n- 1 'U, S. SUel i ........... 35 3-8 and th« Evening Amerlian. cloudy, 70

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