The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLyTHEVlLL|! t '(ARK.);. COURIER .NEWS* ; , Social Calcmiar ,. , «hib meeting •*l6» Mrs £ P Kirshner Mrs J T Phillips having Thursday Contract club' Yorbrd Missionary fdcle'lv meet ing r at th'e hbipe of Mrs Led §U!« Mrt> Loy welch having Thurs day, Bridge clul? , Tonfn, .and Countrv clyb meeting, ulth >M C P Tufjkcr Altir society, Church' of Immaculate Conception, having bingo Vegetable Casserole a Lenlen Delight Mrs L E Gaj and Mrs To)n Harris vflll entertain the Wonder Sunday §4ho6i class ot the Lake Street M'th^dlst church at the criurch, f pjn , FRIDAY'S EVENTS Executive bfard, Woman s club having luncheon meeting i p m, fit club hotise t Ijiterarj department Woman s cluo, having meeting at ellib house 2 30 p,m Executive board, Wc-nians Mis Eio^ary union, First Baptist church, mettlhg with Mrs' J 6 Barries 2 30 p.m Slated mee^lrik 6 B 3 at hall <&> tii\-t R«it»i Mrs Donald Wort? of Osceola, who has a piano studlo_hcre vvil presenter pupils in a njchal Frt day afternoon 4 o clock, at the horne,o'f Mr and Mrs W E HUnt at psccola Pupils' who will participate nil) bS s Sara Gf «(!e and Mary Lou Joy ner Marthit Frandes SfiVens Bet fy Jeafi Hill, June WorlimEfn Frances Sho&se, Betty Phillips; Jetlje Claire Huffman 1 Billy Jane" Rogers Miry Lynn BMn Roberti norm an, Ruth Paddlson > Mlldrtd WedtJito Marjone Stevens Hafts R*y Brooks an<J Miry #afth PucWtt ^itaine R*ltt •will also gl\<s a reattlrrg- * * ^ Girt;Sf»uts Me*t , Tlie Girl Scout troop formerly headed by Mrs H P Willlngiiain *»5 now iWder" thfc direction of Mrs 'jess Horner,' had ft meeting Friday night at the First Presbs terian chtirch The mating Wife il B ' Kotib ' partj> \ t ,,''•• ,* ggxi I ClUb Has the fotm of 1 Homo ire r4 club Demonstration/- c"hib\. entertained thtfr,hi^r5as\vU'li » chjcken dill- r4MQnda.V Jfilght af'tiie. Woman s ub'wSln -tNtM wre 1 65 present Tlje enlertainmSnt wds & special ftature-ofime affair* Partners mere match«d,fot"dlnh*f;an<5 old-fash- ionS4 gal%s jeref pl^ed A N Jarnfr. %as ; a*arddd the pnze for the 1 Jnosl popiilkr,Aart prifscht Mrs Henry io^ {he most Inter- Nca photo study by Barren Calleri: A zcstful one dlsli meal—tin nips squash nitl onlolii gilhercil togcthci in a ciwrolc under Uie friend!) leadership of seasoned bread criimlis a'ntl cgf. urns GA^N'OK MADTKK Vegetables lesixmd to friendship for th{! so for thi 6v!cn a An onion siems . ctetj of n squash anil _._ nip perks' up when IrivlM lo Join a Inked cnsswolo Casierolb of \cjrcliblb, (4 to 6 servings) Six me:lliiin onions, C small turnips 1 light summer {Florida) >qliasli 1 1-2 cups bread cubes 1 egg 1 tablesjxxm sugar,. 2 fable- •>poons butteK 1 tablespoon giatdd Itnljon cheese seasoning , ( Ciean, phi" sijuftsh removing nil seeds Pare turnips and peel ori ion Cut vegetables Into wedge shaped pieces Beat egg slightly, bread cubes and stir Iti easoning and melted butler Bui for baking dish pill with piepar "•d vegetables scnson with salt i«p P°i aiid dust \vith svigir Covw \\ith "lolstened . .with brea^li dressing liv ,-. ^5. ' 7 ^ 1 Vf .!.<_ mcfltlcss slock. DusL top pt bread dressing with gratsil cheese. Duke In, niortvnucly hoi oven. (375 dfe- grccs P,) for 1-2 hour. This mnkes nn ' ntlcqualc' iiinin course for n meatless dinner. The lioubl" with most veteli blc phlcs is not Iliclr Inck of \cge tables but their lack of cl'nrncter Don t icgnixl n \cgetablc plate is i substitute foi som"thlng eke Look at It ns n \ciy ilefiiilli. som"lhliin in itself Use frc^h cookctl spr! 0 ht ly \eget-\blci and keep -\ \\ci\th6r do o\il for ijch color and -Ulnr ing fln\oi Tiy this combimtlon and see how jou like It Blanch^o nhd stcnmcrt broc"«-ll heads with golden irollatif) aa sntice in op"ned nn^ buiteretl baked potito 3 ijrillert fresh mushiooms iichk bro\ n exciting In fhuor T ,few llglHh cooked cnnols cut In strips llmt Is a lively dish diveitlng ir ling ^orpan ipresent Mr and iV", B Guntei'Jor Ihf jouiigest married colip^e piesent Miss Mary Lutes artd Ruglt Harbtrl receive^ ftrst, for ilhe Jjesl dancers and second^ honors *ent to Mr and Mrs Horace tecrape. of Memphis Durjng, dinner ,Mfs IV S Laiig- don read The Dutchman and His Dog'' t V « * G{iil£ Has Meet In jr The guild of St Stephens Episcopal cjiurch had a meet tag Sattu- day afternoop, at- the home of Mrs P ,L Engter when menlb'rs- told the HCV C 0 'Burke goodb\c' The Rev Mr Burke, of Marlanm •nho has'been rector o[ the church lor a number of years has resigned The eight members present also h?ard Mrs. A O Little read 'The White Ajjsel' Thejncxt meeting will be held at the home of Mrs Oscar Hardai\a> Ch}b- Metis — i- Members of the Young Matrons Bridge club ivere guests of Mrs Lloyd Stickmon Tuesday afternoon for the usual weekly game Mis Joe Trieschman wn a luncheon E6t t for the prize A salad plate was scned At In Dies decorated ^Ilh bouquets ol mixed spring ^floR ers. Smith Jr. • 1 t»A < the,cl\urcli before the cntiu gioup gaUie]"d for 'a general inciting At i that time Mrs W »f Wil Iiariis, reviewed n sfii^j book 'I*ol low 'Me ^ ns a prelude to the week of prtyef foi home missions which this group v.ill obseivc next wctik In i scrleg of sptclnl meetings Mis Wrtlter Bishop and Mrs lyshc iMoore" offered prnjcrs •= » * Dailehter Bom A. dm ghter was born to Mr and Mrs J C Crlner jesterdiy ifter roorl at the Memphis Methodist h.6spil«) The babv, uho weighs Ihree j oilnds l;os not bien naintd The^ondnion ot the babj Is \ers ' 'ood Crincr, who his b»cn C crlousl 5 111 for more than a week underwent an operation for the birth of (he blbi While she is EC riouslj 111 hoi condition todaj is fair at Club Mrs Carletpn j ...-.../ *saii\*i.iji.ii . ia[iiitii ji . • vvSl; guest of irfrs "W Leon Smith v,hcn Bhe had the Tuesdaj Bridge club this week ^ „ Joncunls and Saint Patrick place catdo decoAled the small lunch - «<)h_tables arranged in the luing loom Bits of News Mostly Peisonal phis tonight to he i the Molln coiKerl bjf Eucn Morlni to be Bit en it tlii, citMoium of TeUi High school. Mr. and Mrs. Carney Lnslle and daughter Mily Louise will Mr leave Friday for 'a mouth. I islle going to L°Miigton lor spring tntnmg it V flnd iMrs. .Lnslte mifl: daughter to visit relatives . at .Cartersville aiid BrunsulcK On Tliei will leturn here : April. 1 nnd'. remain until June 1 when they will again visit relatives in Alabama aivrl Georgia before going to Lexington to nmkc their home while Mr. tnsile Is a member of tlie coaching staff nl.-V.. M. I. Mr. arid Mrs. T. L. Mcltaney and baby, of Pnrngoiild, yisitrfd !icre Sunday. Mifc!' McHruicy arid biiliy remained, at Lusbra for a week's slay with Mr. and Jesse Brown, parents ot McHiiiicyV, Mrs. Mrs, Vanda Goss Dies Mrs Carle Smith vfoh high and Mrs Whfte, sedohd high * • « S g Council His A Snppiif Meeting The 65 mertiWs of (the council and asstnibly of the First Baptist Siiliday School, uho attended a meeting last night at the church, ijere sen ed> supper bi the junioi depart nient -, ^ v The fKemc of th» meellng nss ' Growing " In _^hich p v ans v,ere nvadc for" spring activities Talks •were glyen Vy Harry ftiuius sup erintendcnt, the Rev Alfied Car- •penter pastor, and Mrs Paul i, *>i/ ! ' T»,mve Bln^i Party. jMrs ^Jce KUeter, and Mrs c C Wood wBl be hoslcsscs to the bingo Ajt«*, Society of the jthe Itoiiiaiiifatc Conccp- " .*- 4 65 m'embers oY.the Worn an s "MjSikliaiy,Unic;n Ol'tlie First Bap * ttst ( church/ alUlided separate clr- , Cl* nwlinjs Monday ^tternoon, at J^gjgv^-V'/j. , Miss Doris Ray Dobyns, who ;as. severely cut about the face n,a motor accident ten days ago',' 5^'rioW convalescing.-it' was ncc- issary to'take 11 studies to close the cuts oil her (ace and her leg iras, also - cut. Mi and Mrs J P Wilhelm incl anWy of St Louis were guests (.(.'Mr. arid Mrs. Jake Huffman Tor the vv'dek'e'rid. Rivers Wilhelm, formerly of here uid now of Ncvy Orleans, is scri- ;iis!y ill at a hospital there. James A Gvvaltn-v. jr ol Victoria Is a patient it the Memphis Baptist hospital Richard Jiedcl is \isittng relatives in Hclcm Miss Georgia Orcb ras returned roni i months sta> in Wis \vhcre she visited rchlivcs. Mr and Mrs pirfc HntcheU invc returned from Memphis where they attended the wedding of Miss Marian Belcher and Andrew J»«b. which vvas brUl'.ijrilly solemnized Saturday night at the First Btip-. tis't church. Mr. Halchett, who isl an uncle of the bride, gave her in-.marriage, Mrs. D, A. Harwell, ol Parkin. Ark is tte guest of her moth"r, Mrs John F Sanders and fim- lly. She vill be here this vvecfc. Mrs. J. A. Leech and Mrs. c. W. Affltck were in Memphis yesterday. Mrs. M. O. ilsrey and Mrs. H. ii. Houchins- were in Memphis yesterday with Dr. Usrey. who Is undergoing treatment; at the Msth- odlst hospital He is st-aaily improving and will pifobably be able to return home in a Tseek or ten days J R Stovall has gone 'o Mem- .Mrs. Varida Goss, mother of Mrs. Pearl ..Blanchard of near Dell, died Monday at Evansvlllc Intl. Mrs. Goss was 77 ' yen'vs old. Funeral arrangements 'arc incomplete .but burial will be miuii nt Paragould. Its mngc of ippcti/ing cobi -from thb while of the mealy potato through the goldcii tones of Hol- laiuhlse the onngc of ciriot the Vnn Dyke broivn of grilled imibh looms right up to the bright gieen of broccoli. Scalloped Tdinatoes With Teppcrs and Oiiiona (1 to G servings) On-- cm lomdto°b i green peS- Jcr i onion 114 c> p bread crumbs Buttei n round tanking llsh PHce half the but(efed rumLs 111 bottom Ml\ pepper on on drained tomato"! intl season n» Add extra tomnto liquid if needed Place in biking dish over rumbs Cover with remnhUn» b(il ercd crumbs Bake In moderate!} o!, oven (W degrees P) utitll rumbs aic browni A luncheon in I' If quit" a buddv to broiled •unb chops ? Steele-Cooter v Society — Peisohal names-Turner Miss Audrey Barnes oceanic the bride ol Morris Turner .in n cere inony • performed at ,thc Stcele Baptist Church Sunday morning bj Hie pistoi I?ev 'j W Cunning ham. in the presence of a few lri ; timatc friends, and relatives. The bride • wore.a grey suit ami her accessories were in wine. She had as her maid of honor her sistej', Miss Dorothy Btivncs, find the croom lincl as his best man brother,. Parker Turner. Immediately after the ceremony the wedding party went to the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs Ollle Barnes of near , this city s where an elaborate . dinner .vvii: served. • .'•'.. . The bride is a graduate of Steclc high school, class of 1033, nml since that time hns been employed at the local post ofiice. '. The groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Turner, also attended Stcc'ie high school. He is now employed supply sergeant at the Stccie , Armory. . I rn,n r.«ki' ^, , , i - They wm lnnfcc thcir lw ">e iii /Die Cobb Funeral Home is in stcele and the bride will continue charge of funeral arrangements. Somethitig Warm Around the Neck phis whcie he minor Mrs operation will undergo at a clinic. W R Salmon has recov- I'from several davs illness. ^The *icv and Mrs S tart H. Salmon Mrs Charles Bright Bonnie Jean Buchanan. Amy llutli Morris,;. Marjorie Stevens' and Marjorie binith \\lil go to Mem- 1 lo work at the post office. * o <: Mrs. Muschcll Hamra and Mrs. Hobert Wells were hostesses to a" • surprise party honoring Mrs. Clay by MARIE BLIZARD) '© 1937/NEA Service, Inc.. «M^ ' ^ft'^i,'' , ' CHAPTER I r PHE Juno sun struck lus shoul- A dcrs with pleasant warmth as he piited the brush, bridged a wide ditch easily and emerged on road! He squinted eyes a (rifle deeper but of the same.clear- blue as the iky above him And soumtmg his t inned face broke into little crinkles around his eyes and into \in- accustoriicd furi'ows' on a broad brov/ that \vas lighiei vvheie thi line ol his hair began. He tlirusl his hands into bieeches pockets squared his shoulders and swung into a brisk stride. Over his slioulder he addressed lus companion; "Getting ori to- wird lunch;'' He was agreed with', he gathered, by the enthusiastic l-nl wagging at the heels of his nding boots. ' Now, my good fellow," he continued, .having an appreciative audience, "it this were Ihe .New England of legend, we would ap- pio-ich the next dwelling with a pleasant smile arid a hungry look and .be invited to join the family it its noonday meal. As it is, •we've got lo find our way out of this maze of backwoods and push on to our host's." 1(6 glanced at liis watch, saw lint it was 20' minutes 'past noon. Then he saw tht spreading gabies of (lie gray house'through a frame of trees and i whistled softly to himself. ' ' • : It brought a light lo his eyes— this picture of ihajestic clu'mneys that rose to tlie tops of aged trees, the grace o£ dvyelling and grounds mellowing together, aiid growing into each/oilier,, tliel overtones of bright pinks, arid yellows, the blues obscured against the glowing fresh greens-of the-garderi colors'that were like bright ribbons' on a ladys gray gown.. .:''.. There was, as he" had expected, a wall of. field stone hip high. He swung himself onto ft. ' It s "hV past twelve. Miss Dnpfone,". a' strident voice from within : th'c house echoed." "What- cha want for lunch?" .Daphne Brett pushed back ,. slrarid of black curly hair, irorri a while arki perspiring brovv:and sat back on her heels. . ^..r, }. If you've brought' eggs', tfiere'ii be scrambled egg's, bread aiid butter and fruit. I didri't bring' anything else from town",", sh'e' called from th6 top of the stair .well Then, anxiously: • > • * f * "pRUNELLA, have a : lpok at hovy the garden's coining,' will 1 ou'' Yes", ma'am," f Prunella answered cheerfully. ! '''Jiist stop wor- ijm ibont this downstairs. I got thing's most ready. Sure you don't Want rrie to give you a hand up there?" .Daphne rubbed the spot in her back that was beginning to burn arid said, "No, thanks, I'll be finished here' by three. They won't b'b here until four." "My sakds, but it'll seem strange to have anybody,but Brelts livin' in this house," the conversational .voice continued from below. .. "You're telling me!" Daphne Brett muttered and gave her mop a vicious squeeze. " "We allus hoped you'd be coni- in' back to Plantsport when Jennifer was graduated from that fin- ishin' school," Prunella carried on. "We will some day soon'," :J ' Hdlo" lie sniW it'/c/e she coiiU, aslf Irim itshal lie ti ' , . J/ii's place?" "Id atoned by tlid Misses Bfetl," she said 'shortly. Illustration . by E. H. Gunder "WiU )>ou please kit me Ma owns • Daphne answered with a cheerful- ne'ss she didn't feel. Her disap- pbinlment filled her unhappily again. Stic, loo, had hoped that the two of them would be back here. Five years away from the home , she loved hadn't changed her, affection and longing lor it". Five crowded, busy years in Now Yorlc. Five years hoping for this ,yery inonlh until Jennifer's letter had tome saying that she was jgo- irig oh to Maine to spend the' siim- mcr; with a schoolmate and could Daphne send lief ah extra hundred? -.•-•'••" "Hi!" Prunella siraiglitencd arid lier eyes followed the hailing voice to the ligure seated on the back garden wall. Another tramp, she thought, and took another look. She 'retreated hastily and called: "Miss Daphne, one; of 'em's come. He's out back." . The company stic was wailing for would hardly b'e "out back.'' Daphne thought, and stole a hurried glance out the south window, saw the dusty figure on her garden wall and.knew be not the rotund Mr. Snyctc'r she had already met. Without, removing the unflattering towel that bdiinci her hair, or the grimy eltecls.of her morning's, work, oblivious to (lie ,shapelcssness of her slender figure enveloped in 'oiie of Prunella's pink gingham models, she w'ent into'the garden.... ..-..: . "Hello," he" said before she coulc ask "him what he wanted". "Wil! you .tell me who owns this place?' Brett," she said shortly. [ He didn't look at he'r; plainly s-eye's were all for Brett Hall: Td like'to see; the interior," 'hd ' hospitably "There's nofliirig but scrambled eggs," Daphne said, her eyes onc6 inorp on her watch. much to be done in so She, had .no • time.- time. , change pleasantries stray. travelers of the road, but this one 1 looked strong. Perhaps he ... . •He let himself down 'from the wall before she said anything further .and, with his eyes still ori (he house,-.he said, "Thanks, and what might your name be, ray pretty maid?" PHEY call me. DafTy," she said ".crisply, arid picked up her broom.' "You might earn that lunch by tackling the weeds in the west garden. This place hns got to' look like a well-kept garden by 3 o'clock. Prunella will give you your lunch in the kitchen." "Fair enough." he said, and tucked his pipe into a pocket of the coat he discarded at once. : Daphne forgot him. There were many things (o be dons. There vyere the bowls to fill with flowers and Daphne herself to transform from a scullery maid iiilo^a cool, charming hostess in n smart frock to give tlie appearance of a gentlewoman reluctantly renting her family estate for the summer. "But we want to lease it for a year!" Mrs. Snyder said. Daphne, all too conscious 6( what that sum meant, couldn't rise .to acceptance while "her eyes . and ears were assaulted 1 by the ravages being wrought by Ihe .small Snyder brood. Determinedly^ she kept'her eyes from the'riiahogany '. table where she could ,hear"the rasp of a scratching •sp'oolir>iSlie' 1 ,i i rese'rileVj hearing'the kffifcfi slrjiicUve twins. .She 'd'l^p't'.'warit^" these peopJe Hying' in /fer''h'otise;^ but how else was she to meet'her ! nee'd? . ; •.,-:.' Feebly, she heard herself''say- irig, "I didn't wish to rent for mbre lliari the sumhier months. Also, there is ... someone else who lias asked me to give him a little time lo decide." Her voice trailed ofl weakly. " • There was a distinctly cold silence. And then a. firm'footfall sounded on. trie gravel path. A long'shadow'fell across the pbl- • ished floor. "Good afternoon," the voice she had last encountered in her:garden greeted them smoothly. ."I've' come back to tell you I've decided to accept your terms, Miss Brett. A hundred arid fifty a month is ' quite agreeable." Daphne's dark eyas : met two bright twinkling blue ones with a question in them. ... She started, recovered, an'd hesitated in that one brief second. "Oh, how do you do, Mr. . ... Mr. Van Dusen. I was just talking about you." She said it very '.It's owned . by : the Misses A year at a hundred a monlh! fast. (To Be Cbntiriued)' day at Marslon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Travis, going there to see Carlee Travis, who has pneumonia. They report his condition as better. Archie Richards Mv. - and Mrs. J. D. BilrncU, who spent the weekend in Memphis at the bedside of Miss Nina Brooks, have returned home. gathered at the home ol Mrs.) Kamrn in Steelo and drove to' Haytl together. The afternoon wnjs' spent in playing bunco and the 1 ! following received prizes: Mrs. E. When cold bicc?es mnV • Texans shiver, Gcrnltlini> Bob'- erlson, above, keeps warm with a-live rabbit, trained 10 smmclc on her neck. H ;i l| Mailed vyhcn Alfes.Koberlson, vchtavshiR for a Dallas, pagoanl, needed a live :. animal MO. be "sacrificed'' with 1 • her .to. the Inca rain'god. JSlie' I'tombincd Ini.-incts viitli loinfint' [ftnd_lraincd this with his brother and to be em- pioyed in McCann's. store. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Bnrkett nnd daughter Onisca. Mrs. Ora Harrison and Jack- McClure of nri7 prize M" ' -.Miss Alice erMrs r P r* n ' ' ' viA y H«Vr' s », r Ham™ If K^ r' Wclls ' A!?« ^ i n « ^° gC " C ',,oil \? T U V,\ McDll »-. mi rf P ur ^f' f ^ W V ^'^''l a d Mrs. E w McCann of Cootcr. a'nd Mr ,S ngnA0t n°"of H«ti" y "' i'i* ,^«t i , ' M 1 " c( . vcd ., !< lat e c as -; of useful gifts. There were nine members present at the regular moling of the Woman's Missionary society at the country home,of Mrs. Clco Gar-1 reU.Mondayiaftcrndon: Mrs. M ;A ! Masscy, vice • president, presided Games and 'contests \vcrc played, at which Mrs. Rbbt. Lawrence received Ihe prize. Mrs. J. H \Vorj; mim will entertain the society n=u Monday. Mi's. H. A. Spencc, who has "en confined to her home for ten da s <s with the ml. is considerably Improved. Mv. and Mrs, T. E. BrigSiiiicc Travis spent Sun- end in Cooler will relatives. Arthur Taylor am!.Miss Marjorie Paul spent Sunday in -Meriiphis Urooks at the Methodist hospital. Miss Paul remained there to spend this week with her friend. Miss Brooks, who has been seriously ill, is considerably Improved. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Miller have bought the Frazier property and will move into the . hoiisc as soon as Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Frazier move back to the Lake Farm. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bud Stowe have moved to Tell City,.Ind. Miss Eunice Little of Caruth- crsvillc is the guest of Mis. Jack Yancey of Cootcr this weck. CATCHING COLD? New Liberty Mrs. Curl Williams and children have returned from points; of Tennessee, where they spent! iv.'o \vecfo. . . • . Mis Marjoric Vnvner has returned from Cordova, Tenn., and ftas operi^'tl school after a "uvoi weeks vacation because of flood I conditions. ' \ Mr. and Mrs. Will Wheat and. family, of Blytbcville, were guest-s of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Siiiflc'ton Sunday. . • . Head Courier News Wont Ads Racliei Hill of Hayti Bvidc of Gideon Man HAYTI, Mo.—Announcement has been cf Ilie marriage of Mli-s Rachel Hill of this city to Mr. Ra'ymciid. Maiiloy of GWcori, which took place licre. The ccre- ti:oriy was perforined by Justice of the Peace D. A. Hedge. Mis. Manlcy is the . daughter of Jjjr. and Mrs. Sherman Hill. She Is a graduate of. Hayti high schcol, having finished in 1935. Mr! Manlcy Is flic' son of Mr. ami Mrs. T. Manlcy of Gideon, who arc engaged in farming there. For the present the young. : couple will make their honic her?/ Epnes of 2.COJJ hippopotami, killed by prehistoric.hunters, were' found In a single cave in Sicily. BlflCK'DRAUGHT *A Govcf Laxative Al the first warning sneeze — quick — n few drops up each nostril;- Its timely use KcipS prevent many colds. VJCKSVATROMOL your skin * When doinff housework, especially a(lcr hiving had your hands in vvnlcr, use Chamberlain's Lolipii. ihc lotion Hut saliiiiscs. If helps pnvcnt rotigli- ncss, irritation, helps 1; c c p your hands smooth. 11 d r i c s quickly too, is never Micky, greasy or j;lltu- iny. Ai nil loilct goods counters. Clianilxr- Jain l.aho- ralorics, ,g Inc.. DCS I I To 0ur'Customers We arc now moving om' stock of fiirhiturc to rtur nciv ioeatio'n at U2 \Vesf Main SI., 1"'°' doors \vcsl of the Roxy Theatre, where we will he Open For Business March 1st For (he convenience of those desiring to transact busin'css before that dale \ve arc maintaining our office al the corner of iMain and Lake streets. : .

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