The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 13, 1983 · 17
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · 17

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1983
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0VDSOJD THE NEWS - SEPTEMBER 13, 1983 - PAGE 17 TUESDAY TV PROGRAMS-- Date Set For Doom Nov. 20 - the Sunday before Thanksgiving has been set by ABC network as the air date for its oft-deferred 2 H-hour drama on the aftermath of a nuclear strike on Kansas City, "The Day After." . " ' . - , ' ' - - " This time, the network insists the date is firm and the show will go on as scheduled. The drama, filmed in Lawrence, Kans., and the environs of Kansas City, is designed to show what happens when an American city takes a nuclear strike. It's not supposed to be for the v faint of heart or stomach. , The network has been keeping it under wraps for months while it protests loudly that it has no political stance. But even the mention, of the word "nuclear" is political these days. To dramatize how it might be is political. To cancel the show and pretend it doesn't exist would be political. ABC has a tiger by the tail. Brandon Stoddard, ABC's honcho in Charge of dramatic specials, said in announcing his air date, "We have lived nearly four decades with the threat of nuclear war. We hope this will help the leaders to find a way to avert that fateful date.'" '- ' , . . ' Stoddard first announced the $6 million project IS months ago and instantly drew fire from newspaper TV columnists who pointed out that . any show on a nuclear holocaust would automatically be political. To show it in its full horror 'would not only be revolting to see, but also a political statement. To tone down the depiction to make it viewable, also, would be a political statement. Fatal Fallout The original idea of writer Ed Hume's script, according to Stoddard and his vice president, Stu Samuels, would be to show the effects at the ' various Tings of distance around ground zero people vaporized in the strike area, clinkerized in the surrounding area, horribily burned in other areas, and maimed and without medical help at still further distances. As Stoddard and Samuels outlined the story, you'd first get to know families as they went ' about their lives at the various distances away from the strike. Then zap. And the aftermath. The big problem from the beginning was how to. make such a show that wouldn't repel viewers, yet would be a reasonable depiction. Last spring, ABC announced a May 22 air date for the show and even scheduled a pair of advance press screenings in New York. The screenings and the air date all were canceled. 1 1 1a- sday Show Richard K. SMI ' In June, at a Hollywood press gathering, Stoddard contended the show wasn't ready and estimated it wouldn't be completed, for viewing before July 15 At the time, he reckoned it might be aired next, jnonth. i v ' i The abrupt shelving of the show last spring drew a ton of innuendo about the network's motivei in delaying the telecast. r At the time, all three networks were pushing President Reagan's Federal Communications Commission to lift its 1970 rules that prohibit the networks from owning the shows they broadcast, and that prohibit the networks from engaging in the (800 million-a-year business of syndicating reruns of network shows. . . At the same time, the President was pushing Congress to approve his MX missile plan. - ABC strongly, denied it, but there was a suspicion the network didn't want to appear to be making an anti-nuclear statement or do anything to offend the administration while the President was trying to sell the MX and the FCC was deliberating rule changes that could mean millions for the networks. Since then, the FCC has decided to let the networks back into ownership of the shows they broadcast, but nixed their attempt to get into the lucrative syndication business. The President still is lobbying Congress for the MX, but by Nov. 20, the legislators may have decided the issue and in tony case they'll be splitting for their Thanksgiving break Last spring when ABC didn't broadcast the show, the, anti-nuclear movment was growing in this country and in Europe. But, the savage Russian downing of a Korean passenger plane earlier this month and world revulsion at Soviet policy may change the thinking of many on the hazards of nuclear buildup. When Stoddard first announced "The Day After," he explained, "We had long discussions about putting nuclear imagery before the public. TV has never done the imagery of what happens in a nuclear attack. -.. . ... "In the 1950s, there was. film and literature about the atomic age. (Remember the government educational film advising you to hold a newspaper over your head to block the radiation?) r "In the 1960s, there was a British film, 'War Games,' but it was never released in this country . . : too scary," Stoddard said. Three months ago, Stoddard called "The Day After" "the most important film we've ever done." From Los Angeles, Josh Baran, who identifies himself as the national media coordinator for : "Target Kansas City Let Lawrence Live" announced plans for events in the two cities preceding the show to prepare the "victims" of. the TV fiction. r , "There will be candlelight vigils, town hall meetings, marches and other demonstrations of concern over the arms race," Baran wrote, "Well-known political and entertainment figures will be coming to Kansas City to participate.". In. his letter, Baran adds, "The film takes no position on how nations can achieve peace and security. However, the effects of nuclear weapons are a matter of physics, not politics." Baran concludes, "No one wants a nuclear war. The question is how best to prevent it." There'll be more, ever so much more, before "The Day After", has come and gone from conscious awareness. WENS Adds Two ' The local owners of WENS-FM (97.1) yesterday purchased radio stations in Los Angeles and St. Louis for $20 million. ', "' : If the Federal Communications Commission approves the purchase, the local group, incorpo-- rated as Emmis Broadcasting, will have a total of four stations. Last year Emmis purchased WLOL-FM, Minneapolis. "This is a major step for us," said Emmis president Jeff Smulyan of the acquisition of KMGG-FM, Los Angeles, and KSHE-FM, St, Louis. "Los Angeles is the nation's largest radio market, and KSHE in St. Louis is a pioneer FM station." He said Emmis will continue to operate its growing radio empire from Indianapolis. Emmis got started two years ago when Smulyan and his business associates purchased the license for WSVL-FM, Shelbyvilie. With increased power and a new tower, and redubbed WENS, the station began competing in the Indianapolis market successfully. Highlights SHULL'S MAILBAG TELEVISION TODAY 7.-00-WRTV O Happy Days: Repeat. Chachi is torn between his loves for Joanie and music "'" (Advertisement) ''. 7:00 PM, CH. 40 Watch Seven Days Ablaze All This Week On The 700 CLUB 70 WTHR (D The A Team: Repeat. While the team is busy bat- CCids under 6 eat f ree With a paying adult Special Child's Plate includes Skillet-Fried Chicken, 2 Vegetables, lello Cubes and .y , a Drink .,.... MON. TUES. WED. Noon or Evening , LAUGHNERS Indianapolis Plainfield Kokomo , Terre Haute tling a group of terrorists aboard a hijacked 747 jet, Murdock is temporarily blinded, leaving the 'team .minus their only piloL , - -,...' 8KW WRTV O Three's Company: Repeat. Jack, needs all the help he can get as he enters the boxing ring against a big fellow who boasts a record of 22 knockouts; , 8:00-WFYI QD Nova: "Ussa Fever." Repeat of docu-drama about a mysterious lethal disease that plagued a Nigerian village in 1969. W0-WRTV O Hart to Hart: Repeat The Harts find that a well-known recluse is being drugged and impersonated by his aides. RADIO TODAY 6:05-WFBM (1110) The Golden Age of Radio Theater "The Man Called X" and James Thurber's "You Could Look It Up." 8:00-WICR-FM (88.7) Second Programme: "Milwaukee Symphony." Lukas Foss conducts a Copland festival concert. 11:06-WGAQ-FM (95.9) The Larry King Show: William F. Buckley. . Sports Menu TONIGHT 10:00-WTTV O Boxing: Alex Ramos vs. Murray Sutherland, taped. lfcOO-WFYI Big Red Football: Indiana University highlights. 2TiLL . sum coins AND SmUNG CUSS IMQS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, ETC I DofefdM, Closed Sot. Son. p4 M1 rf. IN FM STEREO. XML tQSrT.1 Third Child A friend and I were discussing . whether Howard and Marion Cunningham had three children in the first episodes of "Happy Days." If so, what happened to the third child? J.W. In 1975, after the show had been on 1 W seasons, the oldest son, Chuck, was sent away to college. Apparently he's a slow learner or the college is a considerable distance away. He hasn't been back since. -. ' :. ,!- .. ' Oldies I love to stay up late at night and watch good movies. But I always look at the listings and find old black and white! movies from the 1930s and 1940s which I'm not crazy about , Why can't they show some good movies from the 1960s or 1970s? I can't stand these stupid old movies. ' ' ' " ' ,p-.s-You have to view them at historical documents and not try to compare them with modern films. The reason they are on is they can ' be had cheap. Doctors . ' Can you tell me when the daytime serial, "The Doctors," made its Tonight's Movies v 7.1)0 WTTV O "Fantasy Island" (1976 TV movie) with Ricardo Montalban, Sandra Dee and Bill Bixby. Island paradise fantasy, pilot for the TV series. 7:09 WISH O "The Bunker" (1981 TV movie) with Anthony Hopkins, Cliff Gorman, Susan Blakely and ; Richard Jordan, Last three months of the Third Reich. Hopkins . won an' Emmy for his role. t : M0 a.m.-WTTV O "Caxambu" (1968) with John Ireland and Carol Ohmart. Plane carrying diamond thieves crashes in the Amazon. 30 a.m. WTTV O "The Big City" "(1948) with Margaret O'Brien, Danny Thomas and George Murphy. Adoption comedy. premiere broadcast? When did NBC drop it? . . L.S. "The Doctors" started on April 1, 1963, and was dumped last June by NBC. . . . 'Hf- Whither I read a couple of times in your column that "Voyagers was canceled. It's nice to see a few people were concerned about a fairly nonviolent and slightly educational children's show. I have done student . teaching and listened to 4-year-olds bang cars into block walls to "get the suckers" after viewing "The A Team." My question: When answer- ing that a show has been canceled, why not include an address where viewers can write to let the network know their opinion? : D.F. I periodically run the addresses - of all three networks for just that purpose. Once more, they are: NBC ; w 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York City, 10020' cbs. .,-:U- ,wv 51 W. 52nd St . New York City, 10019 ABC " 1 - '"' 1330 Sixth Ave. New York City, 10019. The fast Word Who really has control over the contents of TV shows, the producing companies or the networks? E.M.R. That's a good question, now that the FCC. wants to let the networks get back into the ownership of the shows. In the future, if the FCC has its way, the network fellows in the sincere Suits will have dictatorial control. The Hollywood Caucus of Producers, Writers and Directors recently pointed out how things have changed with ABC network. In 1966, the producers had full creative control. By 1974, the network demanded "prior approval" of all creative elements. Now, the network demands right to approval of every facet, including the right to remove the producer himself, j. How to get home delivery of lolisNews mi t i i ne incucmoc $1.00 per week by carrier $1.05 motor route delivery phone 633-9211 1 N . WTTV WTV-ASC WISH-CSS lwTH-NIC WrVi-MS I 4 6 8 I 13 0 i i 100 Tom and . Taxi Hour WKRP In Mlittr - 4' 19 Jsrry Magazine Clntlnnatl RegAi T32 Uovalt Thopli'i ;r. ; MA$H liable to Itovr Court - ' 1 ' Company iOO lovornoand Nowi Nowi Nowi , Soiamo K'" Shlrtoy ' Stroof (C) . V.J0 TrM' l8 Company ' ' , - i00 UttloHouM ABC Nowi (C) CBS Nowi NBC Nowi MocNoll 6'" ontho , tohror' 110 Prairie Infortalnmont Family Food Wheal of NewlHour Tonight Fortuno :00 WTTV Movloi Happy Dayi CBS Mevioi Tho A Toam Builnou 7:' "Fontoiy (C) "Bunkor" BopoVt '30 bland" Jeonlo lovoi Indlond ' Chachi (C) ' v Prima Brno i00 . Throo'i Boulah Land, Noyui (C) 8i 15 Company (C) concluiion "laiia i30 otoS (C) Fever"' :00 Nowi Hart to Llfolno: 9:15 r" Hart(C) Dr. Alex :30 Holler Jr. - , :45 -; ' :00 Soap Nowi Nowi Nowi Big Rod ' A:15 ' ' Football IU:30 All In Barney Magnum, Tonight Lote'nig'ht , ;S tho Family Millar P.I. Show Amorka ' iOO Boxlngt Alox Nlghtlino " X 4 j:IS Ramoi vi. 11)30 Murray - P.I.McCloud David . " M Suthorfend - loftorman W Thick f .; Mary . ., .. , rt fjOsIB tho Night Hartman 14:30 .' Intortammont NBC Nowi ' . M v- I Tonight I 1 Ovornlght v- ; Wedkesday tv programs;: WTTV I WITV-ABC WISH-CIS WTHS-NSC WFtl-'BS 4 I 6 8 13 2(r A.M. V J V J V J. J :00 700 Club Good CBS Morning Today , " Finance.' 7:15 Morning V-. Nowi , Weather :30 Cowboy Bob America (C) ' , Businew, i45 ' . ' ;' " ' Report :00 janio MacNeil 0!,5 lehfer" NewiHour :45 ' : :00 Phil Jokor'i Wild Bob Newhart Diff'renf Sesame Sfroot 9:15 Donahue Stroke! (C) ' ;30 , Family Feud Mary Tyler Alice :45 Moore :00 Braun t Co.- Too Close Tho Price . Wheel of Mister lft'5 for Comfort Is Right Fortuno Rogeri . IV:30 ... loving Dream Howe Electric ' j :5 Company :00 Nowlywod All My Tho Young Facts of Liliai, Yoga 4 4:15 Game Children and tho Ufa and You 11:30 Tic Tac . . Restless Search for Growing. :45 Dough Tomorrow Yean, :00 Parry Mason News News , News Ovorrfisy(C) 19"s - . ' IV30 Ryan's Hopo As the World- Mora Real Indiana :5 f : Tumi People Prima Time :00 Jim Gerard One Life Another Great 4:15 to Live World Performances: 1:30 Your Show Capitol . "Brideshead :45 ' Revisited" :00 General Tho Guiding Day! of . ThePallisen 2:15 Hospital ; Light Our Lives ' :30 Caspar :4S ' - ' ': i :00 G.I. Joo light Is Indianapolis Rockford Motorweek 3:15 r Enough Afternoon Files ?" - :30 Tom and Antiques A :45 Jerry - Americono iCi denotes programs that are rtosrd-captioned for the hearing impaired. TUESDAY P.M. 4.-O0 Lifflo Rascals ' 4:30 Timmio A lossio 5-00-Robin Hood 5:30 Oizie A Horriot 600 Jim Bakkor 7.-00-700 Club B.-O0 Sumrall Teaches B:30-Family Life 9-OO-Today. with Lester Sumrall WHAAB 40 1040-N.W. Assembly 10:30 J. D. Redmon T 100 Praise the lord WEDNESDAY ; A.M. 7-00 Jim Bakker BOO Sumroll Teaches . 8:30 Jimmy Swaggart ' 9K)0 Today with Lester Sumrall 1000-700 Clufc ; 11:30 Another Life .m. I2r00-News,' 12:30 Sumrall Teaches IOO Todoy with Lester. Sumrall 2. -O0-Bullwinkte 2:30 Underdog . 3. -00 TennesM Tuiedo c 3:30 Flintstones Cable Television TONIGHTS SPORTS PM. 6:30-ESPN NFL'i Greatest Moments: 197B A 1979 In Raviaw. 6:35-WTBS (17) Major Loaguo Boseboll: Atlanta vi. Cincinnati. 7:30-ESPN Auto Racing: NASCAR Wrangler 400, repeat. 10:15-ESPN NCAA Football: Clomsan at Boston, repeat. Midnight USA NCAA football: ' Florida at USC, taped. TONIGHT'S MOVIES P.M. 700-USA "Bulldog Brood." 7O0-WGN (9) "The Tourist." llrOS-WTBS (17) "Caribbean." . 11:30-WGN (9) "Advise and Consent." TOMORROW'S SPORTS A.M. 1- 30-ESPN Awtralian Rulei Football: Match 26, repeat. 2- 30-USA Woterskiing: Senior Ail- American Championships, taped. 3.-00-ESPN AutO Racing: CART Escort Radar Warning 300, ropoat. Showtime TONIGHT PM. 3-00-"f ailing in lova Agaln"(PG) 7-00-Lono Star Bar 4 Grill 8:30 Bizarre ; ' 9O0-"Making Lovo"(R) 11 00 Loving Friends and Perfect Couples 11:30-"BladoRunnor"(R) TOMORROW 1:23-"JekyH and Hyde. . . . Together Again"(R) . 300 Bixarra .' 30-Lono Star Bar It Grill SOO-' Slnglng Princan"(NR) 6:30 Who Wanti to Be a Hare -7O0 Faerie Tola Theater: Jack and tho Boamtalk BOO-Aoroblclso -8 JO "The Four Horsemen of tho Apoalypio"(N) 1IOS-"Cannory Row"(PG) PM. ... IOO Aerobiciso 1:30 TheColor of Friendship 3:30-US A. Bicycle Racing: Biltmoto Classic, ropoat. 8O0-ESPN PKA Full Contact Karaite: Repeat ' ' ' 10:30 ESPN International Track and Field: Ivo Van Damma Moot," ropoat. r : x 11:35-WTBS (17) Major league Baseball: Atlanta vi. Cincinnati. P.M. - 100 ESPN Horse Racing: Alt-Arnorican Furturity, ropoat. 2O0 ESPN International Racquotball: Women's semifinal, repeat. 2:30-ESPN Celebrity Tennis: Aspen Festival. ' TOMORROW'S MOVIES ' '-: A.M. ' 105-WTBS(17)"Sho." 3O0-WGN (9) "Unconquorod." 4O0-USA "Bulldog Brood." 6O0-CBN "Tho Glass Alibi." 7:30-CBN "Tho Gilded Cage." BOS-WTBS (17) "Tho Country Girt." 9O0-WGN (9) "Tho Man in tho Gray Flannel Suit," Part I. 11O0-USA "Don't Ever Leave Mo." 11O0-CBN "That Lady From Peking.;' .'' Home Box Office TONIGHT P.M. 4O0 Dr. Souii on tho Loom 4:30 Douglas MocArthun Tho Dofiant Gonoral 5O0-"On Galdon Pond"(PG) 7O0-"Ticket to Heoven"(PG) 9O0-"Rodi"(PG) TOMORROW A.M. 12:23-"Flrst Monday in Octobor"(R) "j;- 3:10-Catch a Riling Star's - - 10th Anniversary , 35 lauronco Olivior aad Jack la - Gleoson as Mr. Halporn and Mr. Johnson ' , 500 "Treasure liland"(G) y . 6:30 Fraggla Rock r." ' 7O0-"Groon ko"(PG) 9O0-"Tho Prize Fightor"(PG) Z . 11O0-"Timoridor"(PG) ( ; PM. 12:30-Stopwatchi Thirty Minuter "'',' of Investigatlvo Ticking - ' lOO-'tittlo Mill Marker"(PG)' 300-Vidoo Jukobox .

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