The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 7
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THURSDAY, _APIUL J,_1M1 _ tAKKJ COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two tciiis a word ior lirsi Insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. Ko Edvertlsement, ttJkcn for Jess than We. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 30(J ""S \ V U' BROOK HAN • y. ^ '- Author of :;/ L ' ss \&t/(JNGttYM\ 'OURBOAKDINGIIOUSK JPACE SEVEN By Ahern FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All var- ;e::ts. Custom lunching toiicu- cd. Marilyn Hatchery, UiyilU'viliu. aO-CK-TP FOR SALE—Good, dry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., phone 10". 11P-CN Comi.Mrc. our l'r:ccs nil!: .•ulvtrlis'.'mcnis. l&M Chevrolet 1-lJcur . }fi-nipliis 1'rire 1SJ2D Chevrolet 2-i)cor . > Memphis 1'ilce 1023 Foul Co-.iiie . .Merai.'hb iviit i 1930 Ksscx -l-Docr Mtimnhi* tVrii-c 1930 Chevrolet Jtemphib I'riti! $275 5323 $323 c.i' IIKIIK TODAY t;yi'.sY ju-jrnr-ohi I)|,K| In n N'l-rr YnfC ulllro, i>ii-i-l» JIM WAI.I.At 1 !-: nl I1u> tii'UK- ul i ,T \M-:itih> cmisiu. ANXI: TIIOVV- t'll-.iYL- fcbv lin» Irnrni-U At,i\N rltllKElY. li:u-li from n ji-nr und u In Puri* KUiiljInp nrt, n>i limtirr I'nu-A fur Utr. Wnllm'v tell* t;>[is> tl.nt In- |I:IH lirrn Jlllvrt I))* I,it iismc..... T« Millr tlir Kiel !«• rare 1 , for l,v n\Us t:;imy to miirr? lf.K inul ,l*[inrl for t'orem L'lfr, III* Iniiui' IOM n A i JEui'*. tiiitiK 1 tltry nrr erected l,j bl* r.uul, MESS i:i.l.i:\ \VA1.- I.Al i:. vi tut iLtitiifillnlvly lic-cymci IiuMilr to [la- Klrl. Alter n few il.ijs MKs Wiill.-u-c move* to n cut- liiKr Juun tht* fttrcel. sbr RT- Tlir.srs ii family illnntr finny, ^here (>>'|isy In unulilji'il lij other "ri.-iihr*. ThN rnrtiKr* .Jim mnl tlu-> k'nvp. -\i-xt tiny fiypsr rt- niicl iittfr sunn- linK-dsL-iii rL-turi,> It. .linl lHifl.*ruikvM tlir tlffm-ii? lit Ill-Mill; lirr 'i mi'il'arrr. DM. I(I\V- I Gyiisy stepped lor want ! put out her hnml. "How tlo yon tin. Mis-: i she said. "1 lin; e }"•.: '•'• our coinlns. I really I •• you because o! nil I've lit from Jim." Nina Ilolwrl* rtltl '•'•' don't inliitl," kin: >::'i'l slant she added. "Wmi : down?" •IhrouEhnat ttie rhlo homo UJTSJ i Mrs - 1 !-! 1 i.-:!r:l r.ver -Nina Hoborls' wills | ibu llvl::-i ,•• .-:'. I'.ct•-:,<•. It «r-.sp\.-ill!is f.ail In-; ID <!.-•'. ,l. ; ?-. iliil wa-.lttd ID tell l:or wil'tl- [ ll"v: ill:!' i -.t hi,:- l-.::nwlal;i!. 'flint m'.imi Ibe H..» !.'.!.• • -y liml :i w.iy lo make Ilic- 1 s.ilnly i!; . ;-..:. 'iy. •'!•:.: '• '. ;'. -...,•!.! .-. •! lnuv --V.- n,'.ll-l I'i'ili Mi • V. . :': i '&> ASK'. lilM, \ l.y "iir EVE ,1 '\t, W AU GO : urro A I T HEIIK was . .. ...: -.,. il jiiiil «ii;-n. X.-l IIIIIIIH r. v,-. v. :,H!I v, us S.ifuiday. ."sot Siiiuby • • 'i',ic---iby «aa Ibe ilsie at l!is trial. ,!j chjlr li.-.-hlii Ihc It umih! have to IJP en M:-.::i!Liy. bu-ar • 1 \.:-.. ik- ]iL) S45'J LEE MOTOR CO. FOP. SALB-^10 acre impiovccl :"arm ne.ii' Manila 0:1 concrete roi'.d. Price 02400. V/il! lake suou ssciu'- Ity lor first payment. J. C. Chapln. FOB SALE—Baby's Stroller, play pen, walker ami swing. Cheap. Phone 415. 1C-K4 j JiH, It, t:i!<-.. tirr tu ht-e .\inrl UnlicrK. MJW tiu ti\ w IT ii Tiii: STOIIV CHAl'IRIt XXVI f Yl'SY'S band ticmblci! on Jim's ^" :nni. "I'm alt rlfilit." she salt], 'x-nly it ecc::i3 EO awful to be in a place like.this." "I told you you shouMu'i have tonip " Jim reinindetl her. "Mnt I don't mean for myself. 1 niL-an (or nriconerrf—rcoi>le accased n! ciiinmUllns crimes. Those t.ars &i tlie windows and hoavy chaltis — areti't they horrible?" "Yns. but they're necessary, you'd see some of Ihc. crov, r they j cot In Ihe cpll. Gyi^y 1.111!; l!.'chair anil Jim leaned a^iilii',1 Iho' ce^ii-n door. Nlua resumed her Beat on | tciccHtl thocot. | ftHli « A moment of awl-.wartl i«uso fallowed. Then Jim faltl: "Vou'vo had lunch I suppose? How's the food Ihcse dayB. Is it any U-ltcrV" . "It's all light." NUia told him. hou.=e. S:n:i canm tow,.nl tiie ;;!il She ejioke In n low volco with] dc-ftiiilr.ciily. scarcely any Inflc-clion. Her eyes'. "Thai's a ! : .:ie els;! :onlinued lo watch Gynsy. "Sleep well?" Jim iicrsisteil. ^ enlcstil ll-.-j y.'.ul •••- sue- of thni l, !•!•.::! ;i l::ir'ss Lor. Pal c;niif! ^^:!\^:^I | ! rush. lo:i|:?il asaliift her. ubout. on livo I"."''I iit: 1 !•;,! i:!n ik-ilKl'.l. : ; !-.i; iv:i- hirt lie.'.fl v.'-ati l^ain a\> I'.viv.inil Ihc Cf:!!n- of iVo he- unit Wonltl soil ..r.v.' lo !o-' v.itat "1 guess so." done to tho i'.:lir'-'. n:;'.';^'.r.-" Gypsy wondered why Jim did not j TI'-o tnlii's «-cic ibc- ui.-t 111 realize" such n«esllonlng was use-1 in Iho jir.viioii in M.uinl. ihel less. She leaned forward. "Miss j fiantiy hiilllant l.c.ds nr.aln' Hocrls." sho begun. "I want you to | Anvil winds. Sam lia.-l liiiunl know I believe you're innocent of i Uic first blossoms n wc-ck !.;'.i. ll:i!y tills terrible crime and 1 believe my I ihal inornii!^ G>i"y liail cciniloii 12. .'.M: husband la joins to prove It. I'm Euro he will! You mustn't lose, courage now. I only wish tlicro were I could do to niaVe these pass more quickly—" should 1 want Ibeni to ,,' pass?" Nina asked, bitterly. 'They're tolng fasl enough." 'Oh,, !;c tlltln't—" "Sco fur your?-:-lf, ina'f.r 1 . I've toh] you bc-lore Ihcie can't !.:• i:r:r!i lowed to di;, r and turaich '.-i:.rivir ho ta!;es the notion. 1 l;i"ivv wh:il ' IM tin \vit!i him if he :\i'f Hilnul I know that ali rhht c-non.-ii!" tiioi i:t :.-:.• >::-; ml: Il::lii:-.-.. ::i: c "I ::':;•! : : Levii-.? r.i.-l IMillii;-::." i'i- •' l>rlsi; li'-:-l v...- ""frifVl' t r ll! CCU UP "^ } CO.MW.E>C .' ~v .yo'/i,I'LL "(S-LL Vcu ]/ WHAT --'•'- 1-.VQM AM'OLD MQrfAUjK r. :}. \!.\V\.'\& C\\:"~ I LEARNED life SlC'-K'L.-f Or LGOKlAie BirjEC'ri-'-/ A'f A Vr!?.Sa^>Mo MA-TtfeR Hfll S-lUJJ^ AMP 'o'L'.fc'LV HIS fcATiC AIAV BC!'—---'rliVi-- I CAM ', SYARu AT AM OWL UMTfL if Bl-IMKS, EcSAp;^~lF I ' IA(PAR-|'""rn - .'. :3ECi-.'E- A-'iP rr Gi : :-rs Vcu V RAISE T V'JILU VoU PAV ( h& -fe.4 POLLARS ? ^-^-M >r*r^ - ( ..-_j. ...~,. -^- : - 10 \ • i .;. ... li: i-Wi y a^l iB:-^ MAV vs. . i FCK KENT eyes of the two a'.rls met. In j Uyni-y bnrilrd aruniul l!:o ho.isp. yo-., ,v.,:.l ishing instant Niua Koberts j Sure ciiotj:-,!, t!:«o v.-cro l.or w-^t | alx'i; u v vounsJ fears rcau^Ld. A r.tue t.'.i; M^- ... • I..II.L. . ' ' °' a liusliel ba^Uol in the ccniur nf l!ic| '-v.liy. precious tulip bed aad iNT—Four room lio'.ise and .'; ijsrste. Nf.viy papered, on pavc-1 ^.-•.-.ri-!"?. *3ai'dtn planted. S12.50 por j S.-'-L. Fowl-:-:-, Phor.c -13C-J. .'-;•' 2BC-KTFJ K.'iNT—3 room lurnisUed Hat, •}"<*< and coal houst. Call --' •' IC-Ti'l either side of It n-.c-uail; ct soil. ".Ni:;.i doesn't EEC-HI lo be feeling ; MP 5'ou- very v.-cll" ^!r.•i. SI, an confided. "11 lco! " I i>1l! - ! - 11 doa't know what's Ihe n;allcr. She] Jim moved restlessly. They heard : Ii.0:-,oia5 won't eat I'.:r meals." [the sound of fo-Hslcps In the cnrrl-1 t->'!' ? y I OH .RENT:—Fcrly acres cf land r-er.r highway, or.o mile north of! Luxora Will fiirntsh. A. C. Little., First National Bank. c-k-6l FOR RENT—5 rouin bungalow on ' Dougan, rev.Iy decorated, hot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller, Phone £60. 1C-TP WANTED FOHLTRY WANTED — Market prices paid nt C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railro'ad St., west ot courthoiuc, J. K. FiiiiiL-r, Phone 04. 24C-TF POULTRY WANTED—UnrSct prl- ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF MALE HELP WAKTED j STEADY Kmn:r<y:r;cT.l. If honest, ambitiouo, willing to work iiarcl | for 535 10 S5'J v.'Eesly. Write lit! once. The J. E. Watfcins Company, 70-5! W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tjni. have ln« you wouldn'i be so synv ''"•l-bc'Vall K'Jaril' returned with ajlcoked very helpless, very lawVoma.i dressc-d In hl'i,. She C.ypsy w-enl lo her and slipped on was Introduced as Mrs. Sloan, the 1 arm about her shoulders. matron, and ,ed tbe.n up a , lrt t of j ^ ™." *• ^^"^lU earth. You must do your part.] Oll > -• im - ., ii : ..:c.- : ••;:. " " fiowr-r ^c«i« jr.i.i-.f'c:! | . : ,i, : •[-. - : - , fcljO^ed i:; I'-'' 1 ^v:•.-,!;:•; ', i |] :0 t;^...:,' rCKchcO duwii uiL-.l liii'il ic j .Mr^x-:^ I., i -Dees she 'complain of feeling j ilor. It vras Mrs. Sloan returning j raise to life one of the lialf w I ,, :01C ,. ; «::oy S [,.l".. ! wiUi her heavy ring of keys. Gypsy | rontcd plants. ^ I'at. unaware of ..10 , fo;i ,. H-.D '"I'.'o. Ji'.st dncsn't ral r.nd lied on i Etcod up, suddenly self-cousclons. I ' her i-oi u:o;t uf Ibc time. 1 don'i | U vvas while the miUrou vaa in- 1 thlnl: she sleeps nmeh." Her vniccl scniug the hey in the lock ^riad died anov as they approached a: Jim's back was turned, wa'.oi'.ins lk-r of cc-;is. This was Ihe woman's 1 her. Iliat Nina Roberts suddenly ward. (Jypsy caught glimpses no-1 cair.e close to the other girl. "Come IM-M! bars of several kit,,ono-clad: bnck." she v.-hisfcred. "alone." ti"i:vc-::>. Sloan walked ahead. I Gypsy hail barely time to cnn- ; i;a'i'.;il bL-fuie a coll and inserted a, imcr her surprise and in an- j bey"'n tbe lock. ' Fv.-r-r before she was outside ihcii uon i iii;i: ></•' ivhcn yi.u ;;•:-.-.- t:;: j ir:.y . : -' A -:rl v.-as fitticg inside" with; cell, following Jim down the com- the Coweis. 1 ilin'l lite lo have ilu. - ia -.i-i; i her back toward them, and a', the-dor. garden spoiled!" I.'?"'"'"'' Ec:n:rt of tbe key In fie lock she! "What do you think of her?" he! She saw!; ::er head at '.!:? >'.-:::>T , II-.M;,-.,' sv • -s aVouKd a- 1 ; d when they reached the eysii lier 1:1 iiuz/lctl 11. ;• :-:n-i:. j ti. ,11 i!"li..^.^ siiEic, company for you. v:al'.-. .! '.''f' llc BM . , v i! 1 "° ri1 tl "V '''^ l •!.'" v \':\'". Nina." Mrs. Sloan said rijkly. "Go | Uypsy drew a lens breath. "I'm . i :' = ' 1 =• ein-,..4ii. -'--i ^> " -•- Ll > ^-^ | vidit ii-,;:i!e. .Mrs. Wallace." The! sorry for her," she said. ".!Un, ibej crossly. ! "'' '--- mr.iron waited while Clypsy and Jini I couldn't have done that hideous Gypsy rose. "f:o wI-.rM y,-.ii ir.n . <:••• •. n , ; c:iwrcd i!:e tiny place. Then shoi (hinp! Why, sho doesn't look any [ wllh Ibe ui!ip_ btil. she idti^tiic . ,...1.1 n. after them and older than 1 do. All Ibe lime I was j man. "I'll la.k !:> :.!r. \.imai"! • .=-,:v: tin iJOOTS AND HiilR BUDDIES By Martin WAS A HKASON i1r:r::r.gc he had wi-.,-.: 1 ;!'.'.. iBi-.ic cl eyeing the ^apia 1 .; h:;';e. lie v.;-.s >. dctitly pro'.id of it. f;yp?y tonk the dot's lit-ad twcon bc-r two hanil^. "ili-v: ;.: xoinu to teach you." she ^aid :- "ibat you nnu : l noi di? ir, i:: 1 .- - t:en? Vun'vn l:cca r. t:::d i!"".. i $m .i. COOY.O 'jHF. \\ c-.a AV-NY CiWi\\\ii.>- I, • : ^vlil§>: •$$£&$& V ••i, : i'.>r:-'./-\' ftr.V2t .',';',V|,f ?K- : f>/'i' '/^•$}M ••( .-^•^Vft^-ii^fM cioKii the tloor Ictkc-d it, v-'.'omisias lo te back In W minutof. "i;ood aftcvuo~a. Nina." Jira be- pan easily. "Tliis is .Mrs. \Yoll-ice. looking at her I felt as tlioussli it niisht liava been m-ysslf—" "Oil. 1 wouldn'i ray thai!"' "lint why couldn't il? 1 worked : toward il, about strc'.chliii up a piece ni I i..Jt olliev .,.,., rpIEY bad no! been insl.ic 19 - 1 i WARMXG OKDEfl j CHANCERY COURT. CHICK A-, SAWBA'DISTRICT. Mi.SbF.SSIP-j PI COUNTY, ARKASSAH. Cora Bell Pruitie, Piaintiif. [ No. 4927 vs. James Pruitte, Dofena'a!'.:. The eiefcndan'., Jan:ca Pi'uittc, i^ warned to appear v.-i'.hin thirty days in the courl named in the caption' hereof and ;'.i,s'.ver the complaint cf the plaint!!!,. Dora Bell Pruitte. Datet! April 2. 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. Ad Liiem 2-9-16-23 KOTicr: -V.';.-,-—1!0. 1 ""'.HI nnt. ! !:,,-• 1 iicva ^..':i lo *.:.:• :i ;:;• 09l:S 1 l/al.l. to U.'li I il'r. r.-'i::;: .Mr.::'.n.~i cr.l 1 ..: l...v,i: :LI.:!IV ir;K..- :i t: " 1 i"!.:-- 1 ::i my wife. She's be-in interested in j just as she did. There wero plenty j vhat I've'tokl her about vour ca^e'of chances for the same thing to, and wanted to come lo FCC you." happen—only it didn't. What I I - 1 ntc-s when the door b^l r:•.:•:-. j -: Kin:; Itoborls 5lood up. S!ie was; cr.n'l nmlersland is why she doo;:i't ; Matilda wr.s in the kKCHOU bal'.i:^. | ; taller than tlvpsy tint even in the [talk rno-c. Nina lioebo'l even Ivy Gypsy v.-eiit in the do.!.-. T>-.-r?|i ii=iy prison apron her liiiure looked, to defend herself." were two iu.::-.c:i outsit:'.' on i!;o :: tfim and ei-aoetul. The feature of| "I've be-on trying tn make Iieri porch. I tho Biri's'facc that EDorcil itsc-lf trlk for three weeks," Jira said' "How t!o yo-i do. Mrs. \.al,.ivc. . in'.o niemoiy were her dark eyes, j s ri:nly. i lbt-y chorus-::!. I'ov an i;-Mi'-: They wtrt! large eves—sceralns: "Anyway, I'm s!;ul 1 wen! lo sec CM »y v:as si;r:!ed. 'laonv.:-- t'.-! t.n:^' i-.j : i ••• cveii Icrner r,!:ai:in her pallid skiu.l her." Gypsy .continued. "Would i!: :l:r:nhcrctl w!:i.r<; she had ^..":i i.:i:i i !^= ca..-.!•; i-.,, •Il-ev un-acii en llypsy wiih n fever- be all linht if I made up a bundle | purple co=:'.ir-.2. l,:o «,in::i.i .'li.i! ti.r-ro y.j, i, j.,u isli." [iizestlonins intensity. Nina's! of n-.asazincs and scut them toj!:ad iiitrnriucod r.t t'.ie bo'c,-..:,=.: v^rj,n:: c,c-. ^ hair was dark brown, pulled back', hvr?" iCiilienvorla! Tbe yt:-j!iser r:ie v:.:sj -••>•'•'-- : - '"'' ' f.-tv-:i her forehead anil fastened ia Jim Eald he tho:i£ht the matter jtbo ihnislu:-;-. | ".,'.'.!.'• "" " a knot at her neck. Her face was could he arranged. Two blocks | "ilo'.v <:,> you do?" (lr:>'r =r--j "> bnh^nt ^u. untouched by rouie or powder. | UOHR the s=lrcct Uypsy left him anil'sv.-en.-il. "It's .'-!:-- : . I,i:i;crv.-,,:tli,, i.».o> n...-. «... i- Gypsy, who liail nccii the slrl's plio-j causiit her street car. Jim's lifil | isii'l iLT A;:.l Miss UiiiU'rv.-: logra'ph in newspapers, OTS aliackcJ vronls were that he would profc-j Won't VOM come I:i'.' 1 vc j-jst Li iiad hor.'. OiUcreut she lootr.wJ. lubly be boaie late. WvlE LtT 60 I!: -•V.'.j;-V' • /^ ^."'/. B : > : \ >S^-v : Sr^li8 ^20)^. ^••iW&; r :- ; ;:^'S ; ^:^Si|l ;;::rkfli- : v-:ili I in from do-f.u C-.'"lliiKi'!) New York Cotton i FRECKLES AND HIS FKIKNDS lilnasct certiftcale for the operation of mo-j tor vchic'ps for tho canying 011 -^ pasFcr,[;£rs undsr the pro\ioi r jus cf Act Nuintcr S9 of 1927-an a:ncnrl- c<l by Act Number 62 cf 19/.0 over the following public lli^iiwayo cf this State: lutra.state over Highv.ay Na. 61 from the Stnte line hctv.crn the States of Arka::.-as ar.:l yiisso\:n to Wesl .Meniphis, thence over liijhv.ay j.'o. 70 from \\'c."--t Mcn^phis lo the This appiicat;o:i «:il be heard by tl:e Ari:ar.«ui Railror.i! Oci, D-.'C Jr-n Mai- Open Hisli Low Clcse 1055 105& 1C49 1019 IdB) 1032 1015 107S . 1110 1113 11 (IS 1105 . 1131 1134 1126 112I> . U42 1143 1135 1135 . 1153 llS4b Spots qu::i at 1050. oil 5. i t\cw Orleans Cotton i at 3:30 o'clock A. M.. c:: th.i 15th day of April, i031, in ;he Offir:s of tr.e Arka;i:. ; s Kaiiionu Conim;b- sicn, Ne'.v Stote Capilcl UnilcJing, LHt'.e Hcr-k, Aritans^E. Ca;o S3X biUTII MOTOR COACH COMPANY. NEW ORLEANS. April 2 <UP)- CoUan cic^jd barely steady. Gpen IliRh Lov.- Ciaso -:.\fr.v 1055 1C59 10-19 1049 "'iJul' 1C39 IPS'! 107.3 1074 Oct Jau S[:o'.£ stead 1113 11:11 1143 1115 1132 1105 1123 1105 1125 113411 llalb vu DO M h^Y LJ^ BE , IS /.U. T. i T,'A , , ^. WAV-— 1 VlJ'lJri K ASLE To Ta^cE 7i P /1U- IZIGMT- ECC.'.'.e. ASJ>« IF V3U DOMT HEAP. VoU BiTTF.K. 1, FAST..... TUE C*.S\'£fl VJAV TUKY SOT .it 102i, off OMC.?- Tills THAT R'JSV" Ttftt ^w\^ VWTH Y^iJ, .'.'S.STESu^ •Z "^^ e,'. Tl:crc a'--. 1 Kine J.viivs 23.21; in n:c 7.957 in Ih': : 31.151 vr-..-rs in iVc — ' roir.miinily Provides Feel J WASH Tl : BHS .F.XO'MFSEn. Michigan, (UP) •N'civ ;nc.~i)tivp lo live \v.\s ofTcred ^:or,ii Xovihr-liiTe. 24. today aft:r i - • -• - had raisca 1 | . tii-tr n r i M JJiv vatlltis Invest With Safety | ^^ qiini'tcrly full paui stock, ¥) tin. nn and y first i ^ on liomc-3 in liiythcviilo. Scrurcil :t:ul Insurctl. Bii!thevii!e Building & Losn Association W. M. 3Juvns, See. cominunily ::ore than C-150 to provide him ar- iMr,l feel, clothing, i'.nd a ticket o his licinc in Coarscgohi, Calif. | Iho yautli's Kct were frozen by r-rc while hiking across His relatives were (l\ iin.ifclo :o a^;?! him and physicians j * { io]::,ttcd that his ircovay was bo-1 rc-tartrd by despondency. I Mo:c tli^u li.iK tiic polrt ip.inra | in v.onih Alrica is \]rod'.;ucd in Iho [ AI.I, KIN'DS OF MACHINE WORK ! Electric and Gas Welding done OSISUON HLACKSM1TH SHOT 115 X. J-'ranklin SI. A-M6.M, TlEO H»10 ^^^0 f GOT, IS 7), PtlUED OUT OrlT)^ VJWER. tM W«V, ff'S— 1 SW wi' POOR THING! HE'S COME.P-E9 ewoi). & f, '*X' I® fs^i 1 \'Sv.ii,TF.'uW'o" VjVllTvf::: iCC ; C;:". I'O 'i, " - - - - viiCT GliV., . '• " : Ts'i' it 'i." •o'.-M.'ir.c..vTa iy.".£i~-i : v,o:i. r-,->. i .\ t/K<t:;MO' ptw:io.v3. r-'.QiTy.«iW-u?:cy ' p vY, 1 *"' 1 , >•'•'•'• •'" ''-c-.' 'in; , i'- '-jf v: ! \:;T',f.' us /' -> ".O.MS.I:.RTV^^!«, , -,.>. • !"•"" '^••.-•i".-:-Tv. VWE-'^S, .-.'•:•.;' -^ W-or^O. ------ •—-.-.. , ; ... ?£.!'•'=''% ;••• -> '- ' /••-••;: \. ..- •>: >. • •"'•-••?'.f?--;i I--.:'--:- -r-- ',-..:' ' ' • . ;. ' -~ •.;•;-.:.>.-. •]

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