The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1934 BLYTHRVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Cranberry Fixin's For the Turkey NEXT WEEK at Blythetiille's Theatres THE RITZ After an alienee of more than n year Helen Hayes has returned, lo UK- .screen lo .score iinolhcr [;reat personal IrUimph. Her latest picture, "What Every Woman Knows." tlic famous ro- nniift by Sir James llarrl", plays Sunday mid Monday at the Hits'.. Tlic rliuniiltiii plot concerns the Ifoils Reotfh Ix-rl, Percy Ames, Robert Rlram'A Corn Willior.spoon and Unroltl Italy In other prominent rolos. Cohan apparently Is his owl fnlmilablc self In the plcluri'— Die ix-r.sonallly (hat made Ins lorlc successes of his many plnys Wlniipcct dram on cups cranberries. ;•/,!• BY MARY E. DAG Hi: ' pick over and wash lieriic.s. Put NKA Service Staff Wriler into a large .saucc- pan with water j Boil sug&r and water together 'Thanksgiving dinner always has and cook until soft. Strain through I lot five minutes. Add berries nnd meant turkey, and cranberry sauce Jelly bag and measure Juice. Heat cook until all the skins pop. It Jo ml flxln's— and 1 hope it, always to the boiling )x>!nl and add half will take about tlivc minutes. Do 'will. Only an inconoclast of the us much.sugar as juice. Stir until not stir while cooking us this will irreverent order v/ould seek sugar is dissolved. Hull hard for crush the berries. When the pop- 'to alter by so much .as a snfje five minutes and pour into molds, .ping stops remove from lire. sprig this hallowed tradition. 'Cool and then chill in Ice box. j Thick Cranberry. Saucc But there are new touches and [ Unniold and serve with garnish Four cups cranberries, 2 Accessories for 1934 that will add [of whipped cream. to the feast without violating ! Apples in Cranberry Jelly boiling water, 2 cups sugar. Put cranbenries and water cups into [the past. For instance, our great- \ If you choose roast ])ork instead ' ^grandmothers probably never 'would nave thought of serving ilheir cranberry Jelly in Individual molds with whipped cream. pii>ed 'around for decoration— not to eat mprobably since it would spoil the I Uirt effect. Then there's a pine- \ of I'urkcy for your Thanksgiving sauce pan and cook, covered, for ten minutes after boiling point is l.'apple-cranberry combination that rmakes a particularly handsome Irtish. The recipes that follow are dinner you will find this comhina- i reached. Add sugar slowly and lion specially satisfactory. icook just long enough to dissolve of ;i reili-lim but callable woman lo find romance, .h handicapped by what, she calls "luck of charm." When her lutnily finally arranges a inarri- Dontract with it promising yoimi; man in the village she do- vnti-s her life to sei'ln;^ that he incomes i> success. After their marriage when lit 1 lias become a member of Parliament, she (Hull herself In conflict with the beau- liful women t>f London. The w«y .•ihe holds and protects her hup- >in?ss provides gripping screen lu- cres t. " As John Shand, self-centered nisbnnd who does not realize all the help his wife Is giving him Brian Ahcrnc has an entirely new kind of characterization. His work "Song of Songs" and "T h e Fountain" established, him o.s powerful screen possibility, and he lias fur surpassed even the mosl enthusiastic predictions. Madge Evans makes a departure mill inii.siciil brought pieces nnil Din magnetism to the leading role in the Theatre Guild's Four small apples, 1 cup water, i sugar. Turn into a mold to chill 1-2 cup sugar, 2 cloves. Pare apples, cut in halves and i remove cores. Put, sugar, water) and cloves in sauce pan and briny [and become linn. Cranberry Salad Make cranberry jelly according to the first recipe. Before It stiff- from unsophisticated young ingenue roles she has played re ccntly to portray Lady Sibyl, dc signing young siren. Thc attraction at the Illlz the lo Die boiling point: Add apples lens add 1 cup diced celery and 1 ftlcr ncxt Tuesday and Wednesda 1 |nnd cook until soft. Put each half'cup cubed pineapple. Turn into W |n, be "Gambling," starring Gco a j apple in a small mold and pour {molds and let stand on ice to| M Cohan and bused on his own irodiiftlon of Kuucni: Ah, Wilde-mess," O'Neill', OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Alicrn 'faithful effort to settle the entire over cranberry jelly to cover. Let (chill nnd become firm. Uninold I cranberry question for this holi- stand until chilled and firm. Un- {and serve with a garnish of may- I day .season. Cranberry Jelly Four cups cranberries, 3-4 cup! mold. I boiling water, 1 teasixx>n lemon i Cranberry Sauce (juice 1 , sugar. | Two cups sugar, 2 cups imold and serve with a piping ofionnaisc folded into whipped cream {whipped cream around base of I and forced through a pastry tube ; to make swirls which in turn are ! decorated with water, [o.- pecans. halves of wnlnUts amous mystery melodrama of the ame title, in which he appeared on Ihe stage for two years. Featured in Cohan's .support are Wynne Gibson ami Dorothy Bur- 0.Q.S tW IP **^(£©M IE-ID V DAN THOMAS. GEORGE SCAR.BO All gold mined in Brazil mast lie sold to the state bank; none can j be exjKjrled or sold to private individuals, according 'overnmcnt. order. to a recent ALWAYS BAK.69 MUFFINS FoR lOHEW "WHY CALL AT HE.P- HOM5 FoR INTERVIEW, geAGlLE CLAIRE PODD IS THE BEST FEMININE BO«LE(2 lH HOLLYWOOD AND CM HOLD HEB O^H WrtH M£N. HiCectoftv/ltUAMK. LWAYS uiasles HE'S, "American Doughboy" Seeks 2,000,000 Men .-.CLEVELAND. (UP)—The Ameri- r .__ Doughboy, an association of ,'iVorlil War veterans intended to | «come a national affair, is being ormed here. Officers hops t o recruit a mem- Krship of 2,000,000 enlisted men, unking from master sergeant to rar-rank private. Women nurses rill aso be eligible nnd sons of de- irlll also be eligible and sons of <le- A 18. Promotion of veterans' welfare md the continuing of fellowships legun during the war arc to be the o[ the organisation. The issocialion stands for Immediate laymenl of the adjusted compensa- ion certificate. 1 ; at the rate of $100' per month, urges non-cancellation of war debls. IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF THE CITY OP BI,YTHEVILI,E, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AliK- ANSAS Charles S. Lemons, Plaintiff, vs. Victor E. Tcdc, Defendants. WARNING ORDER Victor E. Tcde is warned to ap- NOTICI: That all owners of real property ['.escribed in thf: following territory to-wif. Ilcnni Street running from Cemetery road East, to East side of Thirteenth Street, and Thirteenth Street from the North Side of Henrn Street. South to where Thirteenth intersects Chick- asawra Avenue. Lots Five and Six &. 61; Block Four (4), Chicago Mill Second Addition to (lie- City fu Blytheville, Arkansas, LoLs One. Two, Three, Four. Five, Sly., Seven, Eight. Nine, Block Three and Lots Ton, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and Eighteen Block Two, (i-2-3-4-5-0-7-8-and 9. in Block 3, and Lois 10-11-12-I3-U- 15-10-17 and IS in Block 2) in the Chicago Mill Second Addition lo the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, and Lot One (1), in Block Two (2), and Lot Five <5), Block tl). I Chicago Mill second Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas; that said pnving district be known as Hcfirn Street Paring District No. •), are hereby notified Ihiit a petition has been filed with the City Clerk of the said City of Blytheville, Arkansas, purporting to be signed by the majority in value of real property in said ter- riiory which petition prays tha in local Improvement- district l;( I formed embracing said territory ilor the purjiose of gnidiny and paving Hearn Streci, from the West end of Hearn Street, and Cemetery Rond to the East Side of Thirteenth. Street, and from the Nortli Side of Hearn Street, EoutVi to Chickasawba Avenue, nnd lhat the cost for forming said district, and making said improvements be assessed nnd charged upon the real property above dc- 'I'lie ijiialnt custom of "bund ing" Is Ihe subject of Ih? famuli: (roadway .stage siuwju, "Tin 'ill-suit of Hiipnhu'Ks." by \ sn - •encc Lniii'iicr nnd Annlnii Mnr ihall. which has bnen made Ink i motion picture by I'lirnmounl starring l-'runcis Ix-derer, all' coming Thursday and Friday t Ihe lilt/, theater. In the traditional manner, th Puriian fmhers leaned over back wards to put an end to the Inno com pastime of flirting — an bundling resulted, in Mnssnclu setts, (be Puritans found Illrtn tion so prevalent among the young set that they qutckly enacted a law to curb uniiiillioited court-1 ing. The next lime Jacob came around, he and his maid were put to bed, thus saving fuel during the long hours of ihe courtship. Each was tied in a bundling bag with drawstrings at the neck and knees nnd a ccnterboartl kept the Uvo apart. ' Joan Bennett, Charlie Rugules and Mary Bolnnd are featured In the cast of "The Pursuit, of Happiness," which was directed by Alexander Hall. iess, with Ted Newton, Walter Oil-1 In "It's a Life." Saturday, w. C. Fields and Bn- by Lr-roy will be seen at the liilz YOU HEARD ME/—DONT GIVE Mfr THOT AMA-Z&t) OF A STARTLED MOO^l: - I SAlft.WHATS BECOME OF- THAT a^AV.WOOL BLNSKET I PUT UNIJER THE TOP COVER ? OF EH?NOW- E6/XTi —IF YOU SHOULD?^ HAPPEN TO SEE ME- WITHOUT MY "DENTAL PLPTfE^TJOSlT ASSUtAt THW 1 LOANED THEM TO YOU TOOK IT TO PUT ON )) ^« MASTICATE UISOATS-SOAAE •BRI6AN-D OTF THIS FILCHED THE •BLANKET rAV .BED THE Just where [Iocs a man's duty to imnaniLy slop and his duty lo limsclf begin? This question is treated with amazing forcefulncss in "Whom he Gods Destroy." featuring Waler Connolly, Doris Kcnyon anil Robert Young, which plnys Sunday and Monday at the Roxy. As John Forrester, n theatrical producing genius whose greatest mbition is lo perpetuate his mime n the theater Ilirongh ills son, tilUM 1 Connolly is faced with the question 'of saving- his own 'life in' shipwreck or giving his place in lifeboat to another. As the ship about to Kink, 'Forrester thinks of his w r ifc and adored son. Panic £0i?.e.<; him and, seeing a woman's coat, he puts it. around him and takes his place in a lifeboat, disguised as a woman. Did he do right cjr wrong? 'Was lis duty to humanity or lo Ills wife and .son. "Whom the Gods Destroy" deals with this question in a poignant, compelling dramatic fashion. The picture serves to introduce Walter ing lo him as he is forced to testify. The court awards him lo hl.s mother for eight months out of the year and to the father for four. Ills mother marries "the other man" and tries to mnke Hobby happy, Ills resentment, however, causes him lo become exceedingly nervous and he longs for the lima when lie can rejoin his dad, who ha.s always been his pal. T Tragic indeed is Bobby's .subsequent discovery that his father Is going to marry again. ' • Afler a long illness, brought oh by his disappointment, Bobby Is sent lo tt 1 military school, put aside by both parents intent upon their own future happiness with their own loves. There is a happy de- noumcnl. however. Connolly, Columbia's newest star- j s/roducttons, ring prospect in his most important role. In Ihe cast, in addition lo Doris Kcnyon and Robert. Young, are Hobart Bosworlh, Mary Carr, "Action such as actually did occur In Hie old days of the west is what western .screen fans wont today," declares John Wayne, jxipu- lar outdoor favorite, and that is exactly what this Western star offers in the lalest of his Lone Stai Jack Mulhnll, lo Lloyd and Scotty Beckett, Rol- Ocneva Mitchell. "Wednesday's Child," lion which claims the proiluc- emotlonaE (lays lo plaint. in this Court within thirty answer plaintiffs com- WITNESS my hand as Clerk ol said Court and the seal thereof thisj day of November, 1034. FHANK WIirrWOIlTH (ScnU clerk. 10-17-24-12-1 scribed. All owner.s ol real property within said territory arc advised that jaid petition will he hciirtl at a meeting of the said council to b? held at the hour of 7:30 P, M. on the llth day of December, 1934, and that said meeting said council will determine whether .or not those signing the same constitute the majority in value of such owners of feal property and what majority; and at said meeting all owners of real property \vithin said territory whose dfsirc will ibc heard upon said question. The total cost of said improvements not to exceed $3000.00. interest of every human being, Ls the coming attraction nt Hoxy heater Tuesday, Wednesday ami "hursday. Frnnkle Thomas, twelve-year-old iclor, Edward Arnold nnd Karon ilorlcy have Ihe principal roles, •rankle was starred in the New- York stage play from which the )icture was adapted. 11 is the story of Bobby Phillips, vho sees his mother making love .o a strange man while his father 5 away on the road. Later, Bobby overhears' his parents quarrel over lie episode and hears his mother declare in her rage that "it is im- Reui! Courier News 7/aiit Ads. G. R. BEAVERS. Clerk, in-24 Playing Nightly For Dinner and Snpper Dance Tuesday. ttVrtiH'Silajr, ninn*r Gnrsts nay iv ilflticinp rntiTf rvcnin Ira cover rlmrpe. incp rover chares 7r>c featuring 10, Attlsts ItlCllKllll. Marge Hudson "Radios Bluebird Onr> of KIP moM htMillfTil pirh i Beautiful 201h Ccniurr Room thp f '°^ °' Mu.«i« and Radio. OTELfi we ever Bobby's house had of a child; lapplncss crashes about his head. He attends ihe divorce proceedings in a broken-hearted daze, dimly realizing lhat something lerriblc is happen- "Thc Man from Ulah." which opens at the Roxj theater to play Friday and Saturday. Opening with the thrilling fins[ration of n bank robbery and continuing through to the exciting capture of a crooked band of ro deo promoters. "The Man fron Utah" fills every desire for tin fans' craving for rapid fire action Chicago .suffers an annual of $!>,000.000 by fires. SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. K. & P. WELDING & MACHINE WORKS arc now located in the old Hl.vthcville Machine Shop HldR. WELDING AND MACHINE WORK OF ALL KINDS When yon break onr weld your money is waiting for yon. ALL WORK GUARANTEED H YRAR.S EXPERIENCE Bring ns somelhinR we can't weld. Fred Kiger Hov Pace THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?, William Ferguson MODERN TELESCOPES BRING ABOUT THREE HUNDRED TRILLION STARS INTO VIEW. OF THE GULF OF MEXICO, CAN CRUSH SHELLS WITH ITS o TEETH. t. ! t O Oregon Reduces State Debt to $52,634,510 SALEM, Ore. IUI 1 )—Diirlnu the six years Oregon's 'oulstnml- bond debt has boon reduced SlO.fitn.OOO io S5-',IilM,510, n state treasury survey just : completed showed. Qn October I, 1928, the debt licnk totalled 563,325,710 or a|)r proxlmatcly $C5 for every man, woman and child In the .state. i Highway bonds rcpiesont the largest portion of the debt, $48,100,000 having been Issued Since (lit inception of the state's bulking program, The debt, howaver, luul been reduced to $24,81)1;,769 on October 1, 1KH- 'I'lie largest unused bonding authority in the constitution is that which has been granted for power development. Power development bonds iolalling 6 per cent of the nMi'.sscd valuation of the Ktnle, or' $57,524,0111. may be issued. Kxamine \Vlltnr Flow ' If upstairs faucets will'not run freely when water Is drnwn downstairs, clogging oC ulpc-s with scale may be one of the causes The.water should be shut, off .and tlic pipes In tlic cellar taken down nnd examined. Pipes badly clog- eed should be replaced, as clean- Ing out may open a leak in pipes weakened by corrosion. NOTED COMPOSER., LEABI^EO THE. MUSICAL. SCALE BEFORE HE LEARNED THE ALPHABET. RICHARD STRAUSS played the piano proficiently at four years I of age, and produced a number ijf compositions when only six. He! came by his lalenl nalimilly!'bolnj the son of a horn plnyer. He vns born in 18fi4. "Wrilc In" Gangslrr for Office TOLEDO. (UP)— The name of Yonnic Licavoli, prohibition era hoodlum, sentenced recently to Ohio )cnitentiary for life for murder, was 'written in' 1 for county prosecutor on one ixillot in the general election here. Tolicc Burglarize Polling Place NFAV BEDFORD, Mass. <ur> — Police were forced to break into the Betsey U. Windtow School, a polling place in the recent election, to permit citizens lo vote— the janitor of the school had overslept. TEXA JOYNER& BONIF1ELD TEXACO PRODUCTS NOTICE Levee Tax Payers The Present Law Authorizes the -Payment of All Levee Taxes NOW DELINQUENT Without Penalty or Interest — —BUT Requires that the Regular 25''- Penalty be Extended Against All Levee Taxes Which Are Returned Delinquent for This Year (1934). ' The Tax Book Is Due to Close DECEMBER 1st, 1934 liVf-iv; • ' ' • Mrs. Lyn P. Gooch, Collector At Court House (Nov. 26th to Nov. 30th) Blytheville, Ark.

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