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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Page 16 Lincoln Journal-Star Monday. January 2ri1995 OSlAriGE D017L wwji.iMi.iii in. i wBfP 'yy 1 11 111 1 Orange Bowl NBC's best; (didn't get it Commentary 8 Nebraska fans cheer for the cameras prior to the Orange Bowl game, with Nebraska leading by seven points, NBC showed highlights from all of Osborne's Orange Bowl losses in the 1980s and "90s. Down the stretch, the network's coverage went up a notch. Key replays were shown in a timely manner, and emotion shots were frequent and told a story within the story.

Hammond and Collinsworth stayed out of the way of the celebration shots showing the Huskers savoring their 24-17 win. Dockery's sideline reports were hot and cold. His interview with Osborne after the game was a good wrapup to the telecast When Miami wide receiver A.C. Tellison was injured during the second quarter, Dockery quickly updated the situation about Tellison's separated left shoulder. But early in the game, Dockery's report on Frazier's health was two-week-old news.

The camera work was an enjoyable part of the telecast. NBC's isolation work on Miami receivers against Nebraska defensive backs was informative. Also, cameras were kept on Miami defensive tackle and Lorn-bardi Award winner Warren Sapp against the Huskers' offensive line, and that provided some decent viewing. The pregame was NBC at its best. In other words, it involved Bob Cos-tas.

Costas' interview with Osborne was well done. He asked Osborne tough questions about his 22-year quest for the national title and a rap about being too conservative. The piece on Nebraksa's Berringer and Frazier was well done, as was the spot on Miami quarterback Frank Costa. Past Credit 1S-3 Crcr.d Ccrcven lb Fully loaded rear heat and air only Trill newtptpor uttt recycled ptper end It ctn be recycled gain. See Section 123 In cittsffieds lor drop-oil tiles.

CHRISTMAS Gifts Installed: Car Stereos Amplifiers EQs Speakers CD Players CB Radios Wh (H Order new carpeting now time appeared on the screen. The time update was about two minutes too late. At times, Collinsworth appeared to have been watching another game. In the first half, he kept saying how Miami was running the ball at will against Nebraska, yet the Hurricanes managed just 45 yards on the ground during the opening half. Hammond and Collinsworth had some bright spots.

They kept the viewers well informed about Nebraska's ever-changing quarterback situation. Sideline reporter John Dockery also got into the act, and his timely re- -port in the second quarter told the audience that Berringer would relieve Tommie Frazier on the Huskers' next possession. And when Berringer threw an interception one play after Nebraska took over at the Miami 4-yard line in the fourth quarter, NBC was quick to show Frazier putting on his helmet and warming up on the sideline. Midway through the final period, Collinsworth's comment on the quarterback ordeal was: "This has turned into a movie." Ccllinsworth was partly right, but it was more like a soap opera. Adding to the soap opera-like atmosphere was Hammond, who constantly, made remarks about NU CoachTom Osborne trying to win his first national championship.

NBC also showed Nebraska's missed two-point conversion during the 1984 Orange Bowl six times during the telecast And with two minutes left in the play in three Orange Bowl games and emerge winless. "That was a possibility," he said. "But I didn't want to think about it. I just tried to stay calm and stay focused." Helene Elliott, Los Angeles Times At long, long last the quest is over for Tom Osborne, and the national championship almost certainly belongs to Nebraska. Vindication came after 22 seasons and, appropriately, it came at the Orange Bowl, site of two wrenching losses that cost the coach national titles in the past.

His futility ended Sunday night when the top-ranked Cornhuskers rallied to beat No. 3 Miami 24-17 behind the fourth-quarter leadership of quarterback Tommie Frazier The final Associated Press poll won't be released until Tuesday morning, after all the Jan. 2 bowl games are played. But even if second-ranked Penn State beats Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Nebraska seems certain to finish No. 1.

"I dont know if we've won it I sup NOTICi OF MIETIHO ANTIQUE FARM MACHINERY 4 EQUIPMENT COMMISSION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN mat a mmllna of tht Antlaut Farm Mochlnwv I Equipment Commission will bt htM at approximately on Thursdov, Jonuory 5, WS, In Lincoln, Nebraska at mt State Fair Park Administration Building, which will bt open to public. An agenda tor said meeting It available for public Inspection at the Administration Ottlct at State Fair Park, Lincoln, Nebroska, but the agenda may bt modi-tied at the meeting, John Skold, Chairman ANTIQUE FARM MACHINERY EQUIPMENT COMMISSION M0137 IT Jonuorv I PUBLIC NOTICi Court record name change: Naesslg, Jennifer A. to Weooe, Jennifer A. 080077 4T December 11 19, 2t, January 3 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE The following described Property will bt SOW of public auction to the highest bidder at the East Door of the County-City Building, 555 South 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 11, 1995, at 10:00 a.m.: Unit 401, Ctnterstono, A Condominium, a condominium In accordance with the declaration recorded on December 19, 19S5 under Document No. IS-339S4, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska; The property will bt sold sub led to any end all unpaid real estate taxes, special assessments, liens, easements, covenants and restrictions of record.

If any, to which the deed of trust giving the trustee me power to Mil this property Is subordinate. This property Is being told pursuant to the power of salt granted in a certain Deed of Trust filed for record as Instrument No. 15-350M In the office of the Register of Deeds of Lancaster County, Nebraska. Terms: The purchaser, unless such purchaser Is the beneficiary of the described Deed of Trust or Its nominee, shall be reaulred to pay a deposit of 30 of the purchase price bv cosh or certified check at the time of salt, the balance of the purchase price pavablt within five (5) days mere- SHANNON R. HARNER, TRUSTEE OSOUe-fT December 19, 24, January If, le -sir Goil FoldoLHKOln Journal-star game Sunday night.

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3 ROOMS OF 55oz TEXTURED PLUSH CARPET 50SMDS, ONLY $799.50 Collinsworth, Hammond weren't network's top broadcast team. By Mark Derowitsch Lincoln Journal-Star A game with the magnitude of the Sunday's Orange Bowl between Nebraska and Miami deserved NBC's best coverage, and the network came through in every aspect except one: the broadcasters. Play-by-play announcer Tom Hammond and color commentator Chris Collinsworth did an adequate job throughout the game, but the Orange Bowl NBC's premier college football game and the contest that most likely decided the national championship should have had the best NBC broadcast team. Hammond and Col-. lins worth are not it Last year, NBC's top college football tandem of Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy did an outstanding job broadcasting the Orange Bowl.

But NBC had Enberg working an NFL playoff game during the weekend, so Hammond and Collinsworth were assigned the game. You expect to find the two working a backup NFL game, shown only to local markets. Hammond did a professional job throughout the telecast, keeping the television audience up-to-date with game situations, except a few times. One error was when Nebraska had the ball late in the second quarter near midfield. Nebraska called a time out, but Hammond never did say how much time was left in the half.

Two plays later, following a Brook Ber-ringer pass to Lawrence Phillips, the What Others Said They're shifting the game called the Orange Bowl to the land of the shrimp eaters. In 1997. the Orange Bowl game will be played in the swanky confines of Joe Robbie Stadium, where the wealthiest fans can ingest crustaceans behind air-conditioned glass and use private plumbing without having to mix with those sweaty people out there in the stands. The officials should have moved the game next year rather than wait until 1997. It's not going to be the same without the old joint being the center of the football-playing universe, the-way it was on Sunday night as Nebraska overcame Miami's home-field advantage 24-17 to probably guarantee good old Tom Osborne's first na-' tional championship after 22 years.

Penn State must beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl on Monday afternoon to stay unbeaten, but Nebraska is now 13-0 and was already ahead in the polls for the unofficial title. Even if Penn State beats Oregon, the polls could very well go to Nebraska, on the theory that good old Osborne didn't lose all season. The coaches voted for good old Don James of Washington for the 1991 championship. And come to think of it who told Penn State to join-the Big Ten, casting its fate with schools stretching all the way out to Iowa? Who told Penn State to join a conference that is committed to playing in the Rose Bowl into the next century? That's Penn State's problem. George Vecsey, New York Times There was no way for any of them to know how far he had traveled or how deeply and desperately he longed to arrive.

After all, most of the kids who surrounded Tom Osborne at the end of the journey had not been born when he began it. Twenty-two seasons, and until this one, they all began and ended pretty much the same. Two-a-day practices in the lingering heat of a late Mid- western summer. Nine wins or better by the time winter settled over the plains. A bowl game and a trip back into the warm weather as reward and too often, an empty feeling when the' new year rolled around.

But this time, turning the page on his calendar will never seem so sweet. Because Nebraska's 24-17 win over mouthy Miami means Osborne can turn over a page in his career as well After three tries at the national championship in this aging wooden bowl west of the downtown, after 22 trying seasons and 219 wins, he finally has the one that will validate all of the others. "I didn't even know this existed," Osborne, making an uncharacteristic stab at humor, said as he reached for the silver bowl filled with oranges that is emblematic of the winner of this contest "Usually," he pointed to a smaller version of the trophy on a table to his right, "I collect this trophy here." Jim litke, Associated Press I A couple of interceptions thrown by his rival in an intrasquad scrimmage helped Tommie Frazier win the start-: ing quarterback job for Nebraska against Miami in Sunday night's Orange BowL r. An interception Frazier threw in the first quarter almost cost him that position. Consigned to the bench in favor of Brook Berringer after his first-quarter pass was picked off by Miami's Carlos Jones, Frazier had time to reflect on the notion that he might not get back into the game, that he might SI PERFORMANCE CUSHION AND INSTALLATION INCLUDED! 6 MOMTH DELAYED PAYIVIEriP1 Caipet your home with our Tiarnond style Textured plush carpet.

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yd. installed with luxury rjerformance HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: 12' 15 Living Room: 12X10 Dining Room: 12x9 Bedroom: 4x9 Hall: TOTAL: A pose we have a chance," Osborne said. "I told (Penn State Coach) Joe Paterno that I wouldn't lobby, and I won't I'm sure he won't either." Rick Warner, Associated Press. You have seen him in Nebraska red for 33 seasons, the last 22 as its head coach. You have seen him gamble and lose, grimace and go on.

You have seen him average nearly 10 victories a year, convert his detractors and become more visible in the state than corn silos. But until Sunday night's Orange Bowl, when Coach Tom Osborne's No. 1-ranked Cornhuskers defeated No. 3 Miami on its home field 24-17, you had never seen him like this. Wearing an embarrassed smile, his shirt and hair soaked with ice water after a victory dousing, Osborne received a postgame shoulder taxi from his players.

Done in front of an Orange Bowl-record 81,753 fans, it had to be the most wonderful joyride of his life. Gene WojciechowskL Los Angeles Times otherwise denied corporations by tht Nebraska Business Corporation Act as are necessary, suitable, proper, convenient or expedient to tht attainment of the purposes tot forth in above. 9080117 3T December 19, 24, Jonuory 3 NOTICE OF INCORPORATION FOR Mark Burch Enterprises, Inc. The undersigned natural person(s) of the oee of eighteen years or more for the purpose of forming a corporation under Lows of the State of Nebroska adopt the following Articles of Incorporation: The namt of the corporation It Mark Burch Enterprises, Inc. Tht period of tht corporation's duration Is perpetual.

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