The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
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BimEVHltCQURIER NEWS VOL. XXXDI—NO. 292 niythcvllle Courier Hlylheville 'Herald ^FAST^ARKANSrVS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^^^VflScyi^j^LYTiiEvii.ij.:; AKI(ANSAS, \\T,i)Ni.isMvTi'BimuAir\^ .'ally 2-1, 1M7 SINGLE COPIES PIVU CENTS How Regions View Court Proposal BRITISH WARSHIP MUfsFICES Federal Court Jury Returns 'Verdict Against Pension Leader WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (UP) —!>'•. Francis E. Tawnsciul wis round guilty of contempt of the VnHrA Slules house of representatives by a federal court jcrv tilts .afternoon. TJie <-oll- sion jcailcr liable to a maximum I • ix-iiu'tv of $1.000 fine anil one ' year In jail. The minimum pen- ally h a SIOO flue or one month in Jail. Fatal Bomb Blast Halts; War Picture Will Not Tax Cotton, I 'Q Sciuitor Coleman Writes HOLLYWOOD, cm., : Feb.' ft\ (UP) — A bomb exploded /.todayl during (liming of a mimic battle ] °" Hi" Universal Studios lot f\n,-,, p ,, IP voucii, Lollonscccl Ex- Uimiumously will be Imposed on cotton and cottoiiM'od -Is contained In u letter received by the 'Courier News ........ ...... „ m U ' b ' ( ^>nferenc< llfiTr fin If! li lel ' lcc(i ' ra ' ">' the Courier News •Ilil 1 r"7 H /I '"'nj' from Luclcn B. Cclenmn of aUlL / U I U -.'• T! U ? m "°' sl " lc .wwl'of ' frain' IhU " "»d splinters from the explosion 1 killed George Daley, a movii) cx- li'ii, as he operated a machine gun. Daley, 4i, expert powder' handler and a Veteran machine EUU- nuplions Approved By Senate TIE ROOK, (UI'>_ supreme court proposal In the Courier New- national poll is indicated in the above map '• WAFHINOTON, Ftb. 24 The dpfensc rested today (UP)— — , In the trial ol Dr. Francis E. TCIVII- ci-nd. charged with contempt of the house nf representatives, nf- Icr the old a»e pension' plan leader had testified in hj s own behalf that he had not agreed (o stage his dramatic walkout Tor IU-: wvehologicil effecl : Towiwnd,, firry-haired but o' firm slop 1 , testified h» was nol asked by tlie coniinlllcc tn return ^fpr .fnrther . qucstimihi'* after his ftormv • n.vlt on .May 21. He Esid he had- insisted nt ar infnrmal m»-tfng of o. A. R. p .•'irwilnrs prior 16 the hearing Hint "I should appear" and that I'e "(horn-lit it was 'a ?ood ciiancf lo ';et bnr 'pli-iis' before thp con- Ercss of the United Slates." , T'ridfr eros'-ryr-m'iw'lion bv Dist •fillv. i -ril, c . Garnett. Townsenf •"''milted he had renounced 'on his cleraniTC -that he' did "not intend'to corns back except undei "JTfstV.jind tlmt he-had been de- V>V«1,. in;,/arriving -Tor ' the_-;flria - Cession "'^eif—John . , lie .atteutleil.':' TolaVi" (Dem of the Bell committee -. and author of iLs minority report, Ifstified he hnd no knoivl- rdgc of the committee ever | 1BV . inn t-jken action to bring Town?'•'"'• """* f ° r fulthe . r 'liiestion- Justicc IMyton Cordon barred records of the committee hearing whicli aLtuinry£ for Townsend nttempted to , introduce to shov that the •nm.jiiioniiig to which Townscnd AV»S subjected • was -ir- Jrievnnt, nnd that Tpwnsend was m etfect subjected to a "political inquisition." . BILL-IS OFFEBED Would Provide Billion Dollars 'for Low Cost Housing WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (UP)— A billion dollar four-year federal bousing program, designed to eliminate city - slums and' provide healthful dwellings for low income families, was- introduced in xngHsa^ today by Senator Robert •v Wagner (Dem., N. Y.) nnd Rep. Henry Steagall (Dem. Ala) Tiic measure, introduced with administration t ' ~ substantially the embodie^ same provisions ^ - ......i. jjiu».aiujl& M the Wagner housing act^of last' ;eEsion of congress, whicli'passed to senate but was' not approved , >>' the house, ' ,- VJhb; measure would establish a new and .coordinated' milted States ^mg-^Aiilhofitj^Vith^power^ -Moyide federal 'loans and • grants -0 assist InpnT nun,;,..:!:;,.: :_ - Other Sections Reject Roosevelt Program by ^ / alying Majorities KV WILLIS THORNTON NBA Service Staff Corrcsptmilenl Co])yriglit, 1937, NEA Servlcc lnc , Ballolmg approached .Hie 300 ODD mark in the NBA Servlcc-Courie narrowly escaped 'death or IhJiiiV v the exploding paper bomb, I The blast slialtered a thlii cement wall-ami showered splinters into n machine gun nest where Daley was operating the guii for the cameras. ; '.- Tlie group was at work on a bailie scene in the picture •''The Road Back." The accident .'occur- — „ ml at the height or the realistic unanimously, battle sequence. Shells were" buhst-' !!-L W ' IC " "' C tX>mb bursU ' Fme- I'-'lialc Chain »>™ts .pierced Daley's chest. tax as nnemtrd by the bouse and '" lllc '>8isl<Uiire, which fcnl UK measure to the governor' " ll "" l)lc! l ° 'ho members for Ills signature. present time. .Tlie ( vote was 20 to 4. Those "' o]>i:oslna tlic measure were'Sena- '"i 0 " 10 > -.. <»m mi-re lore Claude Holloway, E, c Oath- vv '" be "° sales tax on cotton higs,. Joe Klmsey and Jolm L """' Wilson. A companion mrasiire to exempt' cctton nnd cottonseed was passed' "Will you please convey lo your readers and my constituents thai 1 under iirrnnijemcnls completed 1 to- dny the ameji'ditioiit affecting cotton seed and cotton has been done away with by the Introduction of another bill excluding' them," Senator Coleman wrote. "Tlie reason for i!ie new bill Is lo save lime Is very • at the wanted to assure Ihe, my district, (hnf; there Store Tux ROCK, Fcb 24 U mark in the NBA Service-Courier! w; , , '7, : ,, News supreme court poll as labu-i Wanted to Scare Her De- lations nOllr«l in finm ini .„:...! ' ~. .-.' , "•' UC , .„ • -•- ""• '-v* cities in W states. Exact tolaLs at last, compilation are: For .the proposal to reorganize the U. S. Supreme Court, '102 124; against the plan, 10058tt-a °,rnnd total of 292,704 ballots Sixteen slates had a majority for the plan, while 24 cause She-Jilted Him, Yoiilh Declares JONESUORO. ' Ark p c h 94 .<PP> TT Richard .Wood, handsomp. 19-year-old farm ; youth who con- ; fCSSKl .-ShbOllllg I reduction of the cienrette tax ;were discussed during the morning In the; house members watched the Ihird filibuster of tlic week prevail a .|n,,,ij vote on the soil conservation measure, -sponsored by farm leaders. Tlic chain store tax measure »hlch would levy a . jjrndiinlttl nsscssmont against the eslnbllsh- mcnls, was Introduced by Senator J). ti. Thompson of Riircka Springs., Opposition to Ihe measure was headed by Senntois Lucicn Coleman or Lipahto am! J. Paul Ward of Batcsvlllc. Thompson, in defendiiif hk bill ,] j Loyalist Anli-Aircraft Projectile Hits Ship in Valencia Harbor • VALENCIA, Feb. 24 (UP)— riw offtcoi!, and men of (lie British> Royal Onk were wounded when a projectile stiucfc tlic nrloi deck cluilng the rebel nlr - bcmbaidmenl of Valencia nt 2>30 : "• I", yesleidiij, nn official an- . noimceniont Mild today. -" , Thaso wounded, the announce- \ incut .snld, werp the . captain >i\ • commnndcr, a flist lieutenant,-'n Hiimml offlcci ruitt n sailor- chain limiting the authorities , safe-and;.sanitary dwell, r persons of low ^^^J- b "'»»-sh^„te;,^r ings to be income. Jderni bond issue of $1,000- to be used in making loans a four-year period and an Vproprfation of $50.000,000 fo outright grants . "in an am •iccessary to achieve the low .'haracter, O f the project " said operation of In this stale was. „„„„„,. llle business opportmillles of Indcp^nd- "'it merchants, ., ;... ; Ward, in opposing n, e measure; sn[n 'the chain stores' only crime — -T...J .. LUSVI.T U[ strength against tlio plan with 82 pel- cent of the votes unfavorable. The west showing all amount " llmnl '"S manage- cd i tcd in uen, S »«it. em proj - ects W0lilrt authorities. that . - Joint st ate- Highway Flood Repair Project Is Pending or . — —• county roads and because of its emergency nature it * generally believed the pro? wiM receive early consideration I notice that the peoph who Pl.t 1^^^^ "whnr^ "ffW '» en a let of show usually haven't! have washed •,*••,, f rn , Watei ' s cot anything to back 'em „[,. HJnnd a^number o brwt S " rftlCing Jii-'l goes to sl,o«- that yon canl need of "-"-.- SCS arc ''" ""'"- People by appearances.] 'i-«i- ilSPlI lo h 1 * n c1inii>_f\rr fn ilv like snout all thfir _j ^.^"LiM 1 ""^' however. fi eld man for ~" "p s™ tr sis^S ?SrEr - £?r,—*~: = II thfir inoiwv t r ,-i,,- i^l ,,^> *,.„", , ge ..' Te U™ work! anil «l llcr c to spend two days ....u ,ijiun HJK t \ SllluH majority against the plan, - about M ' per • cent, and the midwest somewhat stronger against It with S3 per cent so minded A high-water mark in tlie nnm- ber of votes cast was reached by the at. Louis Star-Times, throueh winch 17,633 people east alt] ^JVlte Plan and 4WJ, votes to th n '^ ter than three to one the - try-wide trend. Los Ang( ing Neire vote and r in' favor of six to one. But t bet- conn- -~— v - •".! \IUJU11L1I1I1L) remained, in county Jail,.here today after trying to~ kill himself yesterday:. He.. swallowed a : -'neeille procured from a' prisoner and then rammed his head at full speed "ito the Jail bars. He was taken to a hospital where X-rays showed he was not seriously injured, several stitches were necessary to sew up n - bad (ash in his head.. The needle broke into two pieces i Urges Lo ,' . — o ~ •* * -" n i: i ' i ;i .\ • . /Expiration of the mprnlng hour eijded life debate on'Senator fjiyde Ellis bill lo reduce flic Clgnrelte tax from five cents to three- cents Per pack. Ellis, ... Ills measure, which Is tutc for one offered earlier explaining wlien reached —••-.* tn tni iifi n the session, said n lower tax or cigarettes would slop that is now being „, ul , tiirongh the mails and by inotoi cars. ried" . . his stoinach.j Ellis Produced figures from the i:i-51C1BIW said. state revenue department show- inc girl. -14-year-old Pauline! 1 "' " 1!lt '"ore funds were col- the. Eve-[ Kl . e! »i>icr of Black Oak, was • not' lectc '' when tlie cigarette tax w.r . - , as uo "eavy '"'"red seriously by the .22 calibre ttirougii a polled :ven mm plan, better than. "• "*•' it none, approached 1 downward mi us ' 59-] ihajority c ' iet ^k muscle. rifle bullet which' struck front of her id lodged Just in ranged in her the Boston Transcript, „,„„'. "^ 97 votes for nnri ST^I vol."' a a' si i Plan. Three Rivers Mich has v gone through nve days of ballotmg without adding a singie afrirmative vote to an early total Tabulators were stclvlng'to keen ±";l,°L' he "-" °f tantt ~.j .-.. |...i/t.jft 11,111 made tlicir fmai returns. State Income Tax Man Here for Two Trager Frccmar Meanwhile aiitlioi-ities were puz- ' periodic wlse- zled at Wood's cracking. ... "I aimed at her neck. I'm a in £ llour and thought I probably! _°P. poso r - : ""' Use Provision ee a our cents a lm ? k than K »ns been raised to five cents A filibuster staged by Rep. joi,r Butt of Carroll county and Pan Van Dalson ef Perry county on ninenrtnienls to the soil conser- onser- vation bill prevented a final vote 'n the measure during the morn- .-aid. iild hit her in the he New York Cnttnn Nr.W YOP'<. Feb. 2-1 (U CcHnn closed sle.nrl". ODHl h|(;|i | ow . n Both Butt and Van DaLwn ob- proposed )t rcsull to plan! of the! i close P7B -53 Oc-l '1:5 f E, l = ^riM.x^^T^sa*^ cr 01 flootl damage which will vicinity In makin- m ,f . • , , ten ..." *• "•"-• mite kium- hnvc to hp rinnd HI- *;, rt , ' i^-«.' miiMii^ out their stale' ob,les. Thcv had servants and I it is c onf C °" nty "i'T"" -- ax '' e|)01 ' ts - ' fmertained nolhiis- but the society! ' nl3 Tever 12 ha f "' C •"*'"• bUt lllcy '"" 'Ue ^crf± f H* v "'" nil HP5 1183 1192 1'87. lint 11B3 1180 HW 1189 1181 1180 closed steady at 1310, u[ ihcy «-as poor people ' it KenneJt Is Postponed Again -.--- *., V j „;,;, , )Oor n e0 n[£, i h^' 1 ro-nn h . ( i ir m ° ncy " n «« »"1 r ^T^' M< >-^«1 Ada,,,, $ ,M ' "" l gct a »y "«>« credit °"" crl >- «r Pollard, Ark., scheduled »i« wc.v were forcoii to sell their! hantr prifi^,. r n - ^,,,^j-^ verllsed it for sale! The next moinin'.i •looibell ring and' for ,. .„„. Iliey heard (he they went lo OW S^*"" 1 !!' l ^«e and the hand. The man of Ihe house at the bucket and he don't want anythin — - —••^*".*"5 todav" fiTirl he .titled lo eta* the dL. ^ the o!d man from across the street spoke up and says "No ; want to sell yon to buy your ' ">-"^uuil'Cl Fnday for murder, was Governor Stark, Sheriff - . was notified Tuesdiv alternoon. No reason was given Adams, 23, had given u p hope of ••-<; ,.m, me " "Pflwo and had shown mu c in . bucket in hisl °^. st wllen ministers visited him • He was convicted for the murder in 1934 of Clarence Green rArht marshal at Campbell, durln. J h " holdup of a n oil station. He re ce.ved a letter just a tew days a°o fe ^w."'she e co"|d !,""" C " st "" scheduled date of the looked nnd ceunttd it and he ,,„„„, to his wife ond he savs "t thjnt J-c-ve lost $2,OOO.OM. There's only $14.0CO.C(>p lirre," His wife Uioug t a minute and then she says, "Do , f, \\ ' 3 ' 2 '»6'' iow Clo3( , , „ 13 ° 1-8 131 3-1 15 3 ~* ! 13 '-2 114 7-8 Jul 101 -102 101 101 7-8 hall today and. Thursday! NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 24 tUPI- tbeir no. active NE\V YORK. rcb. 24 Tlie stock nical recovery early set-back on the recovery. A T and T American Waterworks Anaconda Coupcr Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service '." Coca Cola tM General American Tank- .Colton futures ..„ j ward £» today svi.'ji months rising 45 cents a bale Trading was light. Foreign mar- Increased withdravals of loan jected to parts ot the measure, saying a m jj in farmers being forced" certain crops regardless 3wn wishes. Tlic bill provides for the creation of soil conservation district. 1 and defines their powers ami pur- Jcctcd particularly lo n provision whicli would permit a thrc°- fourths majority in a district tc upon land use measures all farmers within the, |<"sincl. The bill Is designed lo provide for state cooperation jnj uie federal soil conservation program. ' Ccttcn I-:\cmplio n Dill Differences between' tlie senate and house on tlic Northcutt two Per cent sales tax bill were eliminated yesterday wlien the 'upper " of the legislature adopted use amendments previous- rejected, and five additional , '•bove, en tiis iirrlviil by ill; I. tis AiiKi'lcs. boat Partial Skeletons of 21 i ci'sons B T o ii e h i ' tor ti,,v" r>f,ii ; ' ;•".''• > '"™"" '.»• !• i • o ii ° I'nihppme Cominiinwc.iUh: Lignl in Callioun Count v ) v " mc lc) lhe UniUl(l Hl »^ J -' ","' « linile Conference, h showii HAMPTfan, Ark., Pcb 2-1 (UP) -Sheriff D. M. lillchie of Cnl- houii enmity said today ], c \, f . Hcved lhe partial skeletons of 21 persons, found In n grave near 'icre, were remains of curly dav Indians. The sheriff rc]»rtcd j. R Hal! former residing 15 miles from here, found 21 skulk nnd numerous hand, feel, leg, and ami bones in plowing'uy mi old orchard, but Uiat be found no bones. 'Hie grave lib or ranged bnck r rcm . rcm three to la Inches deep and was ' sc l" nrc . Sheriff Ritchie "' . ,sons niay blows. Sheriff "ttte<l mayVliavo been cuf-im aefore being piaceo In- the giave Some of the skulls had Jawbone? d.lscprmecUd, imlicirtlng""t,hi) v per"—' —- have been killed by nitchle notified': slate- hlElorlcal nuthorlties of the find ind Invited them to visit the grave •md determine If the remains are those of Indians or white persons - Oldest residents of the county •aid the farm' was settled 75 years 'go. No one recalled any. mass murders or civil War engagcmenUi n this locality. Climax Day With Father and Son Banquet at Legion' Htil, Injuries Not Serious LONDON, Pcb 24 (UP) _ Tllc - atlmlr.ilty confhmcd today that live wele notmded when on anti-' aheiaft shell from a shore battciy' exploded on the quaitcr deck of "lo battleship noyal Oak durlnc "'' nh iald on Valencia yesteidfty'- Tiic Injuilcs were very slight niiil superilclat and no one m hi- ciipnctlalecl." n vvnb hM nt U) i- ndmlrnKy, UillWi niiarters professed • not o bo gieally perturbed by the Incident, considering that Miclv Minus aie likely to develop- m 'in'sia? Br " ISil s " lrelll|B re '"" 11 ' 1 Utlll is at, Valencia Continue B.ittl c f or lli B h wa y MADRID, reb. 24 (UP)-ncbPl innchlne gunners mowed doxin wa\e nftei wave of advancing loyalist militiamen trday in ihd° battle for positsston of Mt Plnp- """" ° - "Bunker Hir Members of loca'l i I3oy Scout Fails to Answer Beer Charge in City Court O. Ellis failed to appear in mmilclpal court this niornln° to answer to a charge of selling beer without a state license hnd his cash bond was ordered forfeited. Elmer' Wall) iwis fined $10 on charge of public drunkenness. A charge of public drunkenness docketed against Henry EmmLv When DoesAge Cheat Women of Love? . rav as o oan . , ive ational colicn and need of rain in Ttxaj !. hcus ' amendments, and received 175 1-2 20 ' -65 l-3|oct 93 ! Dec •4 ,,-! General Electric General Motors ... International Harvester McKesson-Robyns Montgomery Ward New York' Central Packard .' Phillips Petroleum'.'"" Radio Corp .. St. Louis-San Pra'ncis'co Simmons Bed Standard of N j Ftudcbaker Texas Corp W s Emoltln? U S 6t;el «...'.:.'!',' : ' : ' ' Wnnier m-os "' Innucnced today's movements.'" I" supplementary bill specifically open high low cl:soP xcl "P'i»B cotton and cottonseed i 12GO 126r> 1J80 1364b' rom 'he sales tax. I 1547 !?53 1246 I?5J Elseusslon of amendments IK-I 12-15 1239 1231 1238 ea " w 'icn a request for return MRO 1103 II8C lift] j°I the bill was received frcm the' HSU I19G 1194 H93b i lollst - Several senators said thatl Marcli May Ji 119.4 1197 1194 1193b -,__. ..^, t (i n A | Spots closed sle.idy at 1293 four. up - lhc >' understood Ihe purpose of| 59 3-8 65 5-8 103 13 3-4 62 44 7-8 U 1-2 53 1-4J 11 3-4 4 1-8 52 72 1-2 18 1-3 52 1-3 .02 111 3-4 15.3-8 7 1-2 Livestock EAST ST.' LOUIS, 111.. Ffb. (UP)— Hogs: receipts 11000 Top 10.15 170-230 Ibs 10.00-10.10 tight weights 0.75-9 sio Bulk soivs 9.40-9.SO Cattle: receipts 3.000 3^dO Steers 8.15-10.^5 Slaughtrr steers (Nominal! 6.00-12.15 Mixed yearling and heifers 6.50-855 Slaughter heifers fi.85-825 Bcrf cows 4.75-5.75, the move was to exempt eollon \* na cottonseed from Ihe saies lax I" another amendment. I An opinion of. Attorney General Jack Holt, construing the agricultural products amendment to the bill as covering cotton and cottonseed, was read. After ex- lended discussion of the house's request and of the proposed Amend- Went and others already pend- IUR. a steering committee to decide on a course of action was nppptnied by Lieutenant Governor Bailey. Members of the committee | were Senators Korlhcutt, Wilkes. KCITCI, Tliompson and Rowcll ^Vill Not Usc Tokens After conferring with Governor trcops will take orer tllc reins of cltyr-gowuyucnt heic tomoriow, and tlic day's activities will be climaxed by n banquet at the American Legion hut tomoirow night for scouts and j tlicli fathers. SconUi elected to assume the duties of city officials for the 1 day me: .Leon - Smith, mayor; Joe Mc- Clitrc,- muhfe'lpal " judge; i)en Smith, city alforney; Bill Chamblin. city clerk; Harvey Morris -Ir city treasurer; Jay sTnllli, chief of police; Raymond Blckerstaff fire chief; Eugene Hood, city engineer- Jack Jenkins, Jailer; Allen Rice dog catcher; J. Dames, J. Allison' Billy Jonl7. . joe Evrard, Elmer bolli The icbels and toynllsl-i laid ,dowli a^jcomlnnt nrtillciy omlnught around the helglits The '"I. 17 miles south of the be- cnjiiinl, commands tho-Vital Manila de la Tajuna, Just % to lie cast, remained under heavy icbel shell fire. The highway zo nc remained the f rol u vU ° elc \ ienv * est fighting is going on in the loj.ilKt effort to save Nfadiid Red ~~ Name OfiteJts Friday 7 \ J Newly elected direct^ .or-lhe ?±^" Wb ".. PW^'Uliapter. city aldermen. For Ihe "father and son" banquet the Dud Cason post of the American Legion vvlll act as host niis event Is especially in honor ol Hie scouts' fathers and R E Lundtinlst, district scout offictni from Wynne. The banquet will be held at the lint nl s:30 o'clock The scouts gave notice to'day they would "crack down'' on traffic violators and tlmt they would also speed tip the sale of city automobile license tngs by hailing into court car owners who do not nave them. the city hall a ^ JO to elect a rhaptei chairman nnd other officers - i ~A Bnllol-i for the election of dl-i ctors, cast by mall, were count-] rectors, tart night by a committee' of E D. Ferguson, vice- chairman, lary, and y announced the election of the fol- Oscar Pendlei J Hfell Brooks sccie- Tlicy A. J. Pierce, 80, Long ^ • . -> 'IVJIil^ull. Manila 'Resident, Dies „ At Frida >' [directors will . *- ^"-i-nun ui me 101- owln*, J A Leech, J L Gnard. Max Meyers Rev. Slnait H'Sal- mon, liev H. Ljnn Wade c *H BaLcock. Cecil Shane, Do'jlc Henderson..'. J. J. Ua ly, M n \ B. Reid. E M Woodard, Di'. R ' E (Schlimcr. G G Hubbaid W "J wimderlleh and rfncfe' Finicy' Robinson. meeting the — elect a succcssoi to C A Cunningham, ehaptei chaii-' man for a number of years, who declined to la his name be sub-. - - - ,^, v u ^iuvi\ UlOl I UK I LI l»llij*rl «""*0 uc. ~HtU t Ihe Blythcville. liospllal. He had ',„, ^ a . c , ai ^«latc foi ic- bccn admitted to the'hospital here' ,r " S a (llreclor ' nn <l otlicr Saturday. j officers. Mr. Pierce, an active farmer! IT ~~^ i despite his age, was one of the Kcnnett BootWeer citizens of the Manila sec- having crossed the Missis- river from Tennessee many ago to make his home in A. J. Pierce, 80, well known resident of the Manila communl- older tion, sippi years Makes Promise Good KENNETT, MO—when Slvcilff O E Miles and federal rcieiuie Kcff ^rt«-c J 7S C "- *» ° ".ill VJU.I-IIJUI rnlinr^ nn,l i, ' „' ,» „- **"** Am] "* tllt ' »°°» rc «« and Cutlers and low cutlers 3.25-O.V . (Contlniiod on Paw Pivo. Daphne Brett realized that her girlhood was fast slipping away. Was she to miss love? What could she do about it? You'll find the answers in the appealing new serial HER NAME IN LIGHTS finning — tlie wilderness here in those days. - - »i». murrai rcieiiue He is survived by a number ofj a S cnl s raided the home of Cbailcj, relatives, including Constable Jess Simmons, 54, they failed to find j Pierce of Manila, a son. Ja»i liquor, but Simmons nnOr Details of funeral arrangements i thcm a proposition He would could not be obtained today. jshow them his liquor if they ijonld piomlse to release him on bond. The promise'was made Simmons lifted a cork out of d . hole In the floor, pulled a sliinp ! n ." d aj ' :c ? lct t> a "e' mo\cd to one a quantity of II- to Poplar Union Wires Chrysler, _ •*. . J Kequesling Conference _ DETROIT, Feb. 24 (UP)-A de icon receis and T 1 ,,,!,, r\ TI o paw nvo j loday On Page 2 jiorm of a telegram lo Walter P. nmimT ' Chrysler, chairman of the board, WEATHER 1 it was disclosed at nulo union headquarters. Arkansas-Fair and somewhat The commuutcation. directed to colder with frost and tcmperatm' Chryslers New York otfice, read: near freezing tonight Thursd"v • "Representing a majority of tali and colder. i 'i"™ay .vour employes, who are members' Memphis and vicinity - partly of. tne united Automobile Work-, cloudy lonlght and Thursday Not fi^LX^ ^•XV^Ft^ ^S^^^,r^-\^^^^ e -^

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