The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1932
Page 5
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flRTDAY, OCTOBER.' 28. 1932 BLYTHEVTLLR, (ARK.) COURIER NOT/13 PAGE Use o{ Voting Machine Spreading Steadily HARRISIlimci. Pa. (UI')-Tlic use of liu. voting machine Is Bprcadiiu steadily over Pennsylvania. The- ii cords show that 10 counties a.s . .vhdc and sections of 10 others haiT adopted machines. Their combined population is C,000 i.C-0. •' I" "••-• Auril primaries districts ImiL.; 2=>CO.GOO inhabitants used l:i thiee counties, disputes o. tlie :::nc limes prevented u?.o. Two .oil:':- counties as a whole am s<'e:ii;;r-. of Uiree others have not fi't.ii'-il machines although pur '•hav v us approved by the ejcc- tfirutr-. Four- others have only ppr.ial eaulcinent to date. In Philadelnhia tlie voters will I;" asked to determine future iiso r-f machines in a referendum. Although philadeluhia voters ait- liiciizcd installation of machines rrveral years afro, onk half t>v districts were eoulpned and the flaip has slewed in to order im- cliine.*; for the rcn^ninder of the city, bccaiif r>f failure of the county comtnissionei's to net. Move On! No Parking Here! . Dell and Vicinity plans for th<? H:iiiive'en carnival to be held toniaht were coin- Dieted at a meetine of the n?ll Parent-Tencher • a.ssocintion Friday. It was voted that each member donate 2 cents to buv silverware, ihe Ret! and While stoie liitvne offered to loin rhinn- wa^c. nrd In contribute coffee for this anrt ither affairs sponsoreil by i He P. T. A. Miss Fits Neil Mahnn's and MKs Olive Brailberrv's room tied in tb/» membership drive, each re- nortin" 13. members. Tim *i Dr offered by the association given le, each room. Mr. and Mrs. R. vvhistl- ?>iid dauehler S' 1 " pi-e' visitinj relatives at Brnep Cllv. Mo. Mr. and M>-.< Noble OIU ntt«nd- .ed th" frxin>->ii c^n.e -at Blytlie- viil" list Fritltiv ni?hl. ATiFscs Mnvmc nnd Nf>nml ^Til CT - ers of Jon^slwo A. nnrt M. college scent the week erd with tl'eir nnr- enU. Thev had as euesls from the colleen Mls'os Ruth Priiitt nnd Mnurir." Melton. Miss Dorothv Leniiz. patient al Blvtheville hosnital, is reported silently imoroved. Mrs. Floyd Carloek nurl children soent the week end with friends at Wilson. Otto Bradterry attended n meeting of rmvnuscrs of Pert and White stores at Caruthersvillc Tuesday nipht. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Billiard anH smnll son Davis, of Wilson, visited relatives here Fatnrrtav evening. Granrimoth?'" Tirown 'has as her cuest tV>is «'eek her da'ifrhter. Mrs. E. Gordon, of Roseland. Mrs... Byftrs, .Seoov received word SatuMav - n teht. Hint her f<\«.hnr. P ) W. Crai«-of Kensett. form"T)v of here, had imdwone »n emereencv npemtitm at the Helena hosoital. AmnutRtlon of the riaht foot was nscessarv following an ncciilent in the Helena railroad vnrds. Mrs. Sccoy left Innnodifitelv for Helena. She returned Wednesdnv and ro- ported her father's condition favorable. Highway Intersections Aid Road Safely iiAitmsmjiiri. i'x aim-Men- likiiwuy spare Is provided ill inliH-scctlons in. by tin- State Highway Department '• :\ inniins of |>ru>ii[)t!iu> safrlv. Thi' "flarint;" of I'uad.s at hU;': 1 ff. i-.inis WAS applieil liy !]u> di 1 put truant to rural Inunu.iys as well ns ;-> voails cnuslnu-!,-<l .n vuti'is 01 rii-alei- (rallir. '"1 h<> fl-u'i 1 , whlr-li [I'i'qticntly inure Mian ilouljlc.s (lv navnnl vv:d(!i in tho point of liitrv.sfi'tia.i, rnatoiivi ti-alllc to flow niu'.c irad- Uy HVi'i 1 ii 1 bra:ul curve into tin 1 m- Ullcrdint; unobxtriiclcil view ;i| iVe lm.T.-1'clrd liiiiluvay in bn>:i :luv;- ditlnly b!l wns hung »°t only (lid lie Bd $22.500 for painting It (IH.70 of which iv.ix tor waiving Ills rlulu to exhibit It nt Use Hoynl Aciicl- oiiiy). but m.150 people pnkl ml- m fcistons 10 sec it. in sovcn weeks. Musi ot (linn Prisoner Is Releued But Not Arreited Again of Itl HOWAIU), Hf I. (Ul')— Wl:cn linite K. Hcnson, 61-yenr-oM ;s c'huri-li bursar, was rcloaseO from I \lntv iii'lstin nlior coinplcilng a j 10-year lorm, lie didn't expect, to I Him lilimvlf free.- i Hi' wiii sdii'ilnled to co on trlnl Scrgeantjor 22 Years' ^^ %» l^^i /tu^TOWN;,.,, .«»•.--«-.:i^ i ±«,i i " lll r7 -—-•'" II. l);wli .si-nod on I lie *"••'•- (Mliccr Serves as low'n pnlloi- fore;' fur 22 yi-nrs v.iili- ont ever h:\vlni; worn n patrolman's j tlm all tlie wllnrvif.s In Hit: c:on- n.-i-lli ut i-hanie luul died. slilrfil iiinl wlllmui over luviir: [Km inleil a Ix'ul. \\riu-n Dfsi-ii 111 1 k'a.s name:! \\ .v'rgninl nnil w.n: ««i| gni'd !:> Mntlnii IUHSI- 'liny ii. Walnut Rldfe by A. J. Nlchokton It weighed 3X0 pounds, Hi' produced on the BagUjr IMHODKN. rtrk. (UI')~The l»r- . .. M load it nifotton s'jlil In l,nw- 1 j irni'i' County so fur wns takon to I V*VK HAMMtUCMUf AW WLLOW IT'* HIM l:o w iliul. llir 1 levy" and tin- liivii'i'-pihu u-roid Nnl W->n(pi? l)llfl " | i -l '''"' n"' 1 iinilnliilni'il ituh wol named. ,„„„ 1( ., lfl , ini , m . I.OXDONV IUIM..-T:: bnttnin ivi dri:p;n-(l so coiupklfly mil nf n;: m.irki't ror S|CL'| cni;i\r. !n^; lli:i one . 100.00U nt ihi'in for ronvi-rsloii In 1 .)! | SO ions of p:i|kT pulp 's of Vlcwd.m <!AVS' StSI Use ^Vllc:^l H'.ilit .M.ilns | LUJHtNCi'l'ON, Mlclr. lUl 1 ). -1'aV. i „,. i n ,, r, , i i i °f l '"t ori[:ln;ii \voail walrr nuln .'T!?.... 1 !™ J!! 1 :.... 5 .-" 1 !"-: 1 '! low » y ««• cu y M > Mre » K3 ^ ^-. In Fi-r*lfi- hi'i:.'. l-'lvc lilo-ks n! i'i wond jilic br usinl M'ivr:il in;rc of the dnys whm -|- :: ;. -....- K "' x "•"••""»* ^ »• '•• W" 1 '-- 1 '"". Of t 10 Hnv U 1 H'll "'I 1 -.' <••.!!- ir ' ^ • a,r wnTu, ov,">. !,™ P ;rf M ;,!|S ntiiii "- ni •" 1Iij *««••'""»"- ^.btf Courier News i Ainong the cnyavin 1 :-. iM!i.^l;ii].':l to the pulp mill are UCHI copies of rVijh'.s "Tlie H-jihviiy Statlr.n," tin- artistic sensation of 181-2 In iln 1 •'•in year of B'a«>. it i-il-.-v ut j «»j A l ~ e.i«c u "Nndp 1'alllni; IJDv.mtalri" WjlTlf AffS o t!i-t any noUw. bi:t- when Prttli's' UT lint I»«kJ. Blytheville people will have to look mere sharply than usual riurlnj the week v.hen lliey prepare lor a dasl across the street. The" reason is shown aaove. A Dig i;ollcOiiian is shewn with (he world's fmal. transcontinental automobile preparing to pass between his legs. The car. designed nnd driven by no .\rbrislit. Is in every respaet an automobile except !n size. The midget auto will-be displayed here fc. a week. TRAVEL BY BUS l.nwosl Halts • I'fiKtwt Time • Mesl Service Knini Dlythcville - Ni'w (JrlcanH - D«ltaK , SI. Louis - KIIIIWIS City - CliicriKo Tickets Suld Everywhere TWO .s<'ifKLHii.i:s I:ACH WAY »«I,Y lius I.cavcs-Norlll IKmnd-liOfi A. !\l. nni! 1:25 P. M. Houtli I3oiind-4:« A. M. nnd 5:45 P, M. Ijiir^c Modern I'nrltir Conches I.onli for the Name "Mgyplian" l-'OIl TICKKTS AND 1NFOKMATION fioff lloli'l, I'hoiii! i:!0 Unit Surviir Sfatlon, Phonu 555 Egyptian Motor Lines, Inc. ings the yield was five, potatoes weighing 1 2-3 pounds: whol2 ps-' tato plantings (small), eight po- 1 (aloes weighing 2 3-4 pounds, and 1 whole potatoes (large), 10 potatoes weighing three pounds plus. Sttiilent Rides Horse to School five miles each morning (o class AUSTIN, Texas (UP) - Elmer nnd is tlie only student in .the Kicnzlc. of Pittsburgh, Pa., came | school who employ. 1 ; this old "tt'lld- "west" to the University of Texas'. west" m?tiiod. seeking naw experiences and new I country—he now rides horfeback | Rend Conner Hr.vs Want A<K e. Potatoes Yield I More Than Piece See^ \ SOUTH SIOUX CITY. Neb 'UP1 [ — 4 12-year study o! oolato nlint.- ings on the farm of S. Toledo Er.erry has been completed, nrtrt results of the test-plo'. seedings announced.. Sherry found that from potatoes with one-eye the average nro- (iuction was t\vo potatoes «-ol»hin" 1 1-3 pounds; from two-eye plant- "NOTiCfTbF OOMMISSIONEK'S SALE Notice is hereby civen. (hat in pmsunnce of the authority and dl- rections contained in the decr?t:n order of the Chancery Court of Mississippi County. Arkansas, made and entered on the 2Glh day o! September. 1932. in a certain cause (Nc. S22C) (heir pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St.. Louis, a corporation, complainant, and A. G. Little, et al., defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale nt public vcndue to the highest.-bidder, at the south door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in which said Court is * held, in the County of Mississippi, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial salts, on Saturday, the 19th day of November. A. D. 1932. Ihe following described real estate, to-wit: The South Ten (10) acres of the Southwest Quarter (SW'i) of Ihc Northwest Quarter (NWV.) and the Northwest Quarter (NWH) of the Southwest Quarler (SWii) and the Southwest Quarter (SW'i) of the Southwest Quarter (SWU) of Section Thirty (30), Township Sixteen (16) North. RanRe Eleven (11) East, containing One Hundred Eighteen (118) acres, more or less, / In Mississippi County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months.' the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law 1 and the order and decree of said Ccurt in said cause, with approved security bearing interest at the rate of Eight Per Cent (8%) per annum from date of snle untlf paid, and a. lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the paymeni of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 25th nay of Oct., J632. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner In. Chancery 28-1-1 The HAPPY ENDING ... By Jimmy WE'VE HAD ft LOVELY TIME, SALLY I DON'T SEE HOW THEY DO \T t MARGARET, JIM GETS THE SAME SALARY I DO-YET THEY SAVE MORE MONEY AND LIVE 6ETTEU TOO WHAT AP.E YOU DOING MARGARET? OH.IIASKEDSAUT HOW SHE AMD JIM MADE OUT SO WELL SHE TOLD ME IT WAS ORGANIZED BUYING AND TOLD f€ HOW.I'MTRYINGJJJ WELL,HARRY, WE'VE SAVED TWO HUNDRED EXTRA DOLLARS IN THE LAST YEAR AND BOUGHT LOTS OF THINGS WE DIDN'T THINK WE COULD AFFORD BEHRE BET, MARGARET OftjANIZED BUYtNQ IS FINF. BUSINESS S'S simple. Firsi, of cmirsc. cni-.ics the planninK of <i simpie. fiexi'nle hudjret. Then lake this copy of Ihis paper anil look carefully llirough (he nds (o find t!ie items tluU you need at the prices th:it fit your InidRct. Fill your wants every day by reudinu; the advertisements in this paper to balance your budget before you KO out to buy instead of buying the things you want and then seeing if your budget balances . . . this is organizer! buying and will give you more things for less money; less effort. The COURIER NEWS THE HOME NEWSPAPER OH DEAR! WHALT A DEER! HE RAM 55 MIUES AM HOUR FULL SPEIID miEAO, THIS UUCK DEER RIXCED AN rUJTOMOBlLE ON JULY 13TII, NEAR SAULT STE. MI\R1E. NOT UNTIL THE SPEEDOMETER SHOWED BR, DID THE CAR HOLD ITS OWN WITH THIS SWIFT- STARTING ANIMAL, WHICH THEN TURNED INTO THE BRUSH. IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT SOMETHING AMAZING ABOUT SPLIT-SECOND STARTING, JUST STEP ON THE STARTER Or" YOUR CAR ONE Ot- THESE COMING COLD DAYS. IF THE TANK'IS FILLED WITH PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE, YOUR COLD MOTOR WILL CLICK INTO ACTION INSTANTLY. PHILLIPS HIGH TEST-FROM 63.T TO 70.6"-IS THE REASON. 1/7 J. HIGHEST TEST" i at the price of ordinary gasoline Cooler days are here again. But your motor will run with Summer smoothness, if the tank is filled with Phillips 66 ;;. the gnater gasoliiu. Here is a motor fuel with amazing high test. Made so by the skill<and resources of the long-trusted Phillips refining organization. Yet sold at the price of ordinary low-price gasoline, because Phillips—the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline—tan afford to do so. Phillips 66 never fails to make your motor do its best, since we scientifically control the volatility of this greater gasoline, increasing its high test as your weather gets colder. The result is split-second starting on' freezing days. More power, pep, and mileage every day Jn the year. But don't expect these results, unless you stop for gasoline only at the Orange and Black 66 shield. That is where you get extra high test without a penny of extra price. 'UNIQUE) A GASOLINE OF U. S. MOTOR GRADE AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE ALSO PHnilW 66 ETHYL AT THE REGULAR PUCE OF ETHYL OASOUNf Save MONEY Save WEAR Save WORRY I n't it a foolish gdmblc to match your thousand or five thousand dollar investment hx your car agairat a possible twmty cent saving on four quarts of oil? The wise and thrifty motorist always in- sUta on buying the finest lubricant. He drains and refills with Phillips 55 Motor Oil, ending all worry about wear and damage. He makes certain of more rnilca of real pro- tccticn. He is sure of »n oil thot ia guaranteed 100^ pure pnpiffin b»»e. A top quality oil \vith marvjlout luting qualities. Thi-e U « padc especially engineered for your car. 31^ a quart.

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