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Lincoln, Nebraska
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TW y2E April 26, 1981 Lincoln. Sunday Journal and Star Si analyst: Nelson will be first Husker drafted PC Randy York have trouble convincing 25,431 fans at Nebraska's spring game Saturday. During halftime ceremonies offering a variety of awards. Franklin received the loudest ovatioa "I didnt picture myself as a crowd favorite," admitted the three-year fullback slarter. "I know one thing, though.

I never would nave done as well as I did without the Nebraska fans. They're the greatest" If NFL reviews on him are mixed, Franklin understands. "With the formation we had, there are things I didnt do here that the pros feel I have to do," he said. "I didn't catch the ball and I didnt run outside. I spent most of my time running off guard and blocking." Franklin's blocking gets an A-plus in all NFL scouting reports.

Zimmerman said NFL player personnel directors use the word "devastating" to describe Franklin's blocking. "I've been thinking I'll go in the second or third round," Franklin said. "Some scouts told me if I was 6-3 with the same physique, I'd go higher. I don't think my height makes much difference. It's what I want inside." Desire crucial Nelson could use the same statement to describe his All-American career at Nebraska.

He's hoping that same desire will carry him in the NFL "My college days are over, but football still sounds fun to me," he said. "I still love the game. To me, the pros are just the next step up." Nelson figures his two post-season all-star games drew different reviews from the pros. "I wasn't very satisfied with my performance in the Hula 2 Jarvis Redwine may be the first Xebraskan mentioned in most national stones about the NFL Draft, but a well-known sports writer predicts Deme Nelson will be the first Corn- husker contacted by the pros Tuesday. Paul Zimmerman, the one who projects the club-by-club first-round selections for Sports Illustrated, said Nelson is the highest-rated NU prospect on the list he compiles from inter- views with all NFL teams.

Although most national wire service reports rate at least I seven linebackers ahead of Nelson, Zimmerman predicts Ne-braska's All-Amencan defensive end ill be drafted in the sec- ond round. lie sees Redwine going in the second or third round. He laLso projects a fourth or fifth-round destiny for Nebraska de-J tensive back Russell Gary and fullback Andra Franklin. Zimmerman, the former New York Post columnist, is generally credited for writing the first NFL draft predictions 10 years ago. He has been considered the national expert since.

"You want to remember. I deal almost exclusively in first-round choices." he said. "I've been burned before. Just because I believe Nelson will be the first Husker drafted does-I n't mean he will be." Bin back needed I Zimmerman believes Redwine's status would be en-hanced if most NFL clubs weren't shopping for what he calls "the big back." I Redwine fits more into the "halfback" category and Zim- merman sees only two of those being drafted in the first round UCLA's Freeman McNeil and Northwest Louisiana State's Joe Delaney. Oklahoma's David Overslreet is the third-rated halfback in Zimmerman's little black book and Redwine is fourth.

"Everybody wants a big back this year, though." Zimmerman said. "The halfbacks may be looking at low first and high second round, then ait." Zimmerman's book on big backs is separated into three groups. The first has South Carolina's George Rogers, Pitt's Randy McMillan and Missouri's James Wilder, three backs Zimmerman sees going in the first round. The second group has Penn State's Booker Moore and Minnesota's Marion Barber, likely second-round selections. The third group includes Franklin.

"I got mixed reviews on F'ranklin," Zimmerman said. "More than one scout is convinced he hasn't seen his potential and that pro football will get more out oMiim than college football." If college football didn't prosper with Franklin, you'd Bowl" he said. "It was the first time I played outside linebacker and I made some mistakes." r' The 1980 Big Eight Defensive Player of the Year, how-ever, hopes he redeemed himself in the Japan Bowl in Tokyo. "I thought I had a good game there," he said. "I broke up plays and I had a lot of sacks.

I started to enjoy myself. Outside linebacker is fun. You dont have to go against those big tackles all the time." Nelson's goal is to be drafted the first day, so he doesn't have to wait for the phone to ring on Wednesday. "Right novy," he said, "that's all I want I'm not counting on anything. I dont even have an agent yeL" Gary may be best bet If Nelson or Redwine isn't the first Nebraskan drafted, Gary is the best bet He may be anyway.

Wire service reports see him going in the second round. "All I'm counting bn is going sometime in the first three rounds," Gary said. "That's what the scouts say and that's hat the draft previews say. I may not know where I'm going, but I know I'll go anywhere. I really want to play pro football" Post-season performances in the East-West Shrine game in San Francisco and Senior Bowl in Mobile, enhanced Gary's prospects.

He was voted the Defensive Player of the Game for the winning North team in the Senior BowL "The two bowl games helped me a lot," Gary said. "I played monster, safety, both comerbacks and caught punts. I think I showed some versatility. The pros feel just about anybody can play safety. They want to know who can play corner-back." One Nebraskan who started three years at cornerback is the fifth-rated Husker on the list of Atlanta Falcon Player Personnel Director Tom Braatz.

Andy Means rates behind Redwine, Nelson, Franklin and Gary. Braatz sees Redwine being drafted in the first round. Nelson and Gary in the second or third rounds and Franklinin the third or fourth rounds. Wasting time If Means is the next Husker drafted, the team that, selects him will be wasting its time. Three weeks ago.

Means said he will not try out with an NFL team, regardless of who drafts him or what round. Means said he is "burned out" on football and all of his energies ill be devoted to a degree in law at Nebraska. Braatz said 10 other Huskers could be drafted and are rated in the following order: I-back Craig Johnson, offensive guards Randy Sehleusener and Joe Adams, defensive tackle David (Tart'light end Jeff Finn, linebackers Brent Williams and Kim Baker, split end John Noonan arid offensive linemen Gary England and Mike Bruce. He admitted other pro teams might be interested in taking a chance on NU quarterback Jeff Quinn. Although Johnson, Noonan.

England and Bruce weren't starters at Nebraska, being drafted wouldn't be as shocking as one might imagine. Keith Gary, Oklahoma defensive tackle who did not make any all-Big Eight teams and did not start during part of his senior season, is apparently destined to be a first-round draft choice. Kansas wide receiver David Verser is the other Big Eight player mentioned most often as a first-round draft choice. Wilder and Missouri teammate Howard Richards, an offensive tackle, also are considered first-rpund material. Nebraska QB sPrin9 Game futures varied statistics White 22, Red 21 White 0 7 7 t72 Red 14 0 7 021 Croig 2 run Seibel ick Croig 61 run (Seibel kick) Burkel run (Neilkick) Rogon 1 run (Neil kick) Morovec IS run (Seibel kick Gill 11 run (Gill run) A 25.431.

Red 22 57-334 120 14 10-26-2 85 7-l White 23 46-255 170 35 11-34-3 5-1 5-5 First downs Rushes-yrds Passing yards Return yards Passes Punts Fumbles-lost Penalties-vrds -fZ I By Randy York Staff Sports Writer If you had to describe Nebraska's quarterbacks after Saturday's Red-White game, you could say that: Mark Mauer is ready and waiting. Nate Mason is sidelined and still in the picture. Turner Gill is patient and understanding. Bruce Mathison is persistent and improving. Craig Sundberg is young and headed for a redshirt season.

Mauer. the only senior in the group, wants the job so much that he'd like to wave a magic wand and get the next three months over as quickly as possible. He's wailed four years to stand behind the No. 1 center and his performance this spring guarantees that status when fall camp opens in August. "He's been our most consistent quarterback," Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne said of Mauer.

"We'll have to take a good look at Nate, too. because he as coming on and doing ell." i Contrary to public opinion. Gill is in no hurry to take an escalator to the top. I'm anxiods to play, but I want to make sure I'm right when I do." Gill said Saturday after his 11-yard touchdown run and two-point conversion gave the Whites a 22-21 upset win over the Reds in the last 24 seconds. INDIVIDUAL LEADERS RUSHING White: Motnison 11-100; Gill 9-45; Brungordt 7-33.

Red: Croig 11-126; J. Smith 10-52; Mauer 10-33. PASSING White: Gill. 16-82; Mathison 18 88. Red: Mauer 16-93; Sundberg 10-27.

RECEIVING White: Norberg 3-53; Krenk 3-28; Wehrle 1-25. Red: Woudard 2-30; D. Hill 2-27; Curry 2-27. LINEMEN (unossisted tackles-total tackles) White: Bess 2-2; Keeler 3-3; Trammer 1-1; Herrmon 1-1; Abbott 2-9; Brown 2-2; Red: Boun 1-1; Kromer 0-1; Lindstrom 1- Zierke 1-1; Hoback 1-1; Schmuecker 0-0. LINEBACKERS White: Santin 2- 3: Honsmon 0-0; Scullev 0-0; Red: Reinhordt 1-1; Ruhl 1-2.

BACKS White: ork 2-2; Lar-sen lodence 2-3 Worton 3-3; Hoose 1-2; T. Peterson 1-1; Red: HaywoodO-0; 1-1. STAFF PHOTO BY TED KIRK Reds' Mark Mauer gets set to pass. Draft '4 1 From PagelE helped me out all these years." Beyond those priorities? "Just say I'm conservative and cheap with my money," he said. "You always have'to make proper investments and save something for a rainy day." Tuesday will be a big day in the Redwine household.

Jarvis said he's thought about not watching the draft on cable television, just waiting for the telephone; to ring. No matter which NFL team places the call, it will be important. "One phone call can change your whole life." said Redwine. There have been tough limes for him and his wffe, who chose not to attend Nebraska games last but Francis Redwine has stood behind her husband, and right now "she's really excited about the baby." Professional football can provide the means for supporting that child, and that's why Redwine is taking no chances. "This is my life," he said.

together, and now I'm going to get the chance to make some money." How much money is out of his control, of course. That depends on the round in which he's taken and the team, which drafts him. He says both Oakland and Cincinnati "have said they'd like to have me." and he's heard talk of his being chosen in the first or 'second round. But scouts are secretive, and "it'll be a big surprise. I'll like wherever I go.

There's no sense starting off on the wrong foot, and I'll give it my best effort," Redwine said. Reginald Turner, a lawyer with Athletic Consultants International in Los Angeles, will handle Redwine's negotiations and help him with his financial planning. "They're established professionals," said Redwine. "I didn't want to mess around with someone small-time ho as out to make a name with just one person. I didn't want someone who negotiates your contract, and then you never see them again.

I "All I know is right now, Mark Mauer is No. 1 and definitely deserves it. lie's had a good spring." Gill said. "I have to stay here this summer, watch a lot of film and learn how to read defenses. I'm in no big hurry to play." Osborne appreciates Gill's patience, especially when he hears the crowd roar every time he does something remotely dramatic with the ball.

"The fans see all his ability, but there's a lot more to it," Osborne said. "We're not going to push him out on the field, have him have some bad experiences and go backward." Gill is so patient at this point, Osborne isn't even ruling out a possible redshirt season. "We've talked and there are no plans to redshirt anybody," Osborne said, adding that "a lot ill depend on 'how Nate and Bruce come along." Osborne also said ''you've got to admire Bruce's persistence and ability. He's a good pure thrower, maybe our best." It was Mathison who engineered Saturday's game-winning drive, running 11 yards around left end and 17 yards around right end before Gill relieved him and inflicted the final damage on his first play. The opportunity helped Gill release the frustration of a 6-16-2 passing performance.

The Fort Worth, Texas, sophomore had bruised his right shoulder in a second quarter collision with linebacker Steve McWhirter, but came back in the second half. He was almost as surprised as Mathison when he was inserted into the lineup. "I was just sitting on the bench when they hollered," he said. "I ran a sprintout pass and got outside." On the winning conversion, Gill faked a dive to the I-back and was supposed to reach the end, but saw an opening up the middle and scored easily. Gill finished with 45 yards rushing on nine carries.

Although Mathison was only 5-18-1 passing, he led the Whites with 100 yards Mauer rushed 10 times for 33 yards and hit 8 of 16 passes for 93 yards, without an interception. He admitted a groin injury hampered his performance, but he was generally satisfied. "I have an open mind," he said. "But if I play the way I think I can play and do the things I think I can do, I should get my chance. "It all centers around the quarterback." Mauer said.

"I know our offensive line is improved. I know we have the receivers and I know we have the backs. I'm just happy to be out there with those guys. "I guess," Mauer said, "that it's up to the quarterback to get the ball to the receivers, so they can catch it and get the ball to the backs, so they can run it." 4 Mauer drove the Reds 51 yards late in the third quarter for a 21-14 lead after directing both first quarter touchdowns. His 22-yard pass to tight end Dan Hill highlighted the drive, capped by Mark Moravec's 15-yard TD.

"We needed something like that to kick in the tail" Mauer said. "We didn't come out in the second half ready to play. We needed a flame lit underneath us." As No. 1 quarterback, Mauer figured it was his duty. "I want that job," he said.

"Being on the first team means a lot to me. I haven't done it until this spring and I'm going to work hard all summer so I can still be there next fall." STAFF PHOTO BY TED KIRK Whites' Turner Gill rushes past Reds' defensive end Eric Buchanan. Jarvis Redwine have to have someone I can communicate ith." Redwine prefers not to speculate on how much money he can get for playing football, and he doesn't want to discuss what he will do with his first paycheck, whatever its size. He'll likely invest in a modest home, what with the new baby, and "I'd have to look toward my parents second because they've Football From PagelE- opening drive. I didn't think the first offense did as well against the No.

2 defense as I thought they might. Maybe that's a sign that we're developing a little more deDlh. "It's hard to tell a whole dii'if." isborne said. "And. if was pleased there weren't any serious injuries.

The V). offense moved the better against the No. 1 defense than I thought they could or should. And. conversely, except lor that lot when you're playing yourself," Osborne added, "but we have some talent.

We'll have a good team. But they made a lot of mistakes out there today. We obviously still have a lot of work to do next fall." TASlParhyidia 661t "0 Nebraska grid famers named THAT RIB IS PRIME Is Every Thursday Nebraska Hall of Fame inductee for the period through lWfl. Volz. whose nickname is Mutt, won the annual Clarence E.

Swanson Memorial Award for service to the university athletic program. He has served the school, athletic department and the Big 8 Conference in various $550 $495 At Chelsea's starting at 5:30 p.m. CRABLEGS 1 LB. Every Monday from 5:30 until gone ton railroad employee, won a Hall of Fame Special Merit Award for work with Black NL' athletes. Newton has kept scrap books on various players and sometimes serves as a game correspondent for "Ebony" and other Black publications' Devaney coached the Cornhuskers to a pair of national championships in the early 1970s.

LADIES LUNCHEON SPECIAL PLATES Monday Bowl of soup, fruit, cottage cheese plate Tuesday Bowl of tuna salad sandwich Wednesday Bowl of soup, Vi cream cheese-almond sandwich Thursday Bowl of soup. ham salad sandwich Friday Bowl of soup, smallhef salad $50 $00 Hus Tax With Wine i The Nebraska chapter of iiie National Football Foundation Hall of Fame announced Saturday that three special presentations are scheduled at a Peony Park dinner in Omaha May Ed Schwartkopf. Mathias Volz and Burton Newton, all of Lincoln, won the wards. Bob Devaney. Ini-tersily of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic director, also will be Honored with a slate salute fpr being elevated recently to Hie national chapter's Hall of fame.

Schwartzkopf. supervisor of work study for Lincoln public schools and a member fif the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, was a guard on the 1940 Nebraska Cornhusker Rose fowl team and was named a Newton, a retired Burling- Friday, May 8, 1981 March of Dimes Walk America Appreciation Dance, Chelsea's Pub, 8:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Open to the Pubic. Coming Soon "Chelsea's Park" OPEN SUNDAY 9am til Midnitel Now GARDENERS ELBOW WEEK April 27-May 2 the skip $369 is clearing Millers Deer 12 pak cant warm Plain Label Beer Light Case of 24 cans warm Prices good thru April 29, 1981 11am-10pm Mon.

thru Thursday. 9am-12pm Sun. Tuesday WdnMdv 8nturdy Monday LwlUv.0.y NlKht 3:304:30 Bndte -73 UlwofBtlJO DERBY WEEK May 4-9 ST" i 2KnT-Kn Maniam Annual Man if Altw It Yard Mlniin. K.UO UmiwUaiw- WnrklaOvw MlntJulepa a SfeiMttMMM opwitualltMiu. 8ftn Mixed Aflwrnjun Ridge Mint lJterK7S Drinks! 2fi MintJulepa uu Mini Julep.

Mini Julepn tl.M UutrofBmr IW tl.HO Q3CH33GD get the cobwebs cleaned off your radio back into the car. Bring it to Best for repairs NOW! Best Communitcation 3300 St. 477-8007 "Remember, you do betler than BEST" 640 WcSt Van Dora (on the road to Pioneer park) mm.

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