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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 21
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 21

Lincoln, Nebraska
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1985JWCgtjfNEJOUgNAL rwr -y Probable starters Wraps are off NU's Turner, and that suits him iust tine "I do know they have a solid defensive Offense FLORIDA STATE (14) Yr Ht Wt Po Wt Ht Yr Home No Sr. 6-3 230 TE 255 6-4 So. Carter 85 Sr. 64 275 LT 279 6-3 Sr. lonata 77 Sr.

6-1 270 -LG 272 64 Sr. Dukes 64 Sr. 6-6 275 250 6-3 So. Schrenker 56 So. 64 250 RG 250 6-2 Jr.

Salva 63 Jr. 6-4 275 RT 268 6-4 So. Lopez 74 Jr. 5-9 170 SE 187 6-2 So. Gainer 3 Sr.

6-3 215 QB 190 6-1 So. McManus 14 Jr. 5-11190 IB 205 6-1 So. Wells 44 Sr. 64 220 FB 220 64 Sr.

Jones 42 Sr. 5-10195 WB 170 5-7 So. Holloman 24 Defense FLORIDA STATE Sr. 6-3 230 LE 236 6-2 Sr. Gray 65 Jr.

6-5 250 LT 260 6-1 Sr. Williams 45 Jr. 6-3 275 MG 233 5-11 Sr. Stroud 71 Sr. 6-3 250 RT 265 6-2 Jr.

Nichols 79 Sr. 6-3 225 RE 230 6-2 Sr. Jax 80 Sr. 6-2 235 LB 242 6-3 Jr. Jones 55 Jr.

6-2 230 LB 218 6-1 So. AAcGowan 38 So. 6-1 205 190 6-2 Fr. Shiver 37 Sr. 5-11180 LCB 172 54 So.

Mavhew 32 Jr. 5-9 170 RCB 169 5-11 Fr. Sanders 2 Sr. 5-11 176 194 5-10 So. Newell 40 Memorial Stadium.

Telecast: ABC TV (Omaha KETV, NEBRASKA (0-0) No Name 80 Fraln 65 Roth 70 Blankenship 68 Lewis 61 AAcCormlck 69 Welter 85 Schnitzler 14 Turner 22 DuBose 26 Rathman 23 Llndstrom NEBRASKA 81 Smith Spachman Noonan Skow Reeves Knox Munford Washington watklns Miller Slebler Kickoff: 2:40 D.i Channel 7). Broadcast: Omaha KFAB, Lincoln KFOR, KRNU. By Virgil Parker Journal Sports Editor Travis Turner can hardly wait The University of Nebraska senior quarterback hasn't felt like a football player the past four months. He has been more spectator than participant But all of that will change Saturday afternoon when the Cornhuskers open the 1985 sjason against Florida State at Memorial Stadium. The 137th consecutive sellout crowd of 76WO-plus is expected for the later-than-usual 2:30 p.m.

kickoff a time chosen to accommodate a nationwide ABC-TV audience. Turner's eagerness to become a "pjayejf again is understandable.xA strong runner, the frfoot-3, 215-pound former walk-on from Scottsbluff gained 190 yards on 77 rushing attempts and scored 10 touchdowns last year. His 60 points made him the first quarterback to lead the Cornhuskers in scoring since Dennis Claridgeinl962. But a knee injury in the spring game led to arthroscopic surgery last May. "Because of the knee.

Coach (Tom) Osborne had been holding me out of things, Turner said. "It was his decision. He didn't want me to reinjure the knee in a practice. If it's going to happen, it at least ought to happen in a game. "But he decided last Saturday to give me some contact so I'd get used to it, and that really helped me.

It got my confidence going. Now I can stick my nose in there. I'm not being held back." It also made him feel more useful. "I finally got more into the flow of football when I had a chance to run the ball again," Turner said. "Before that, I hadn't really done much.

That's not my style. I like to get in there and make things happen instead of just standing back and watching what happens." Now comes the real thing. "What happens, Saturday is all that counts now," Turner said. "You put what has happened the last two-and-a-half weeks behind you and you play. "Obviously, a solid period of preparation is needed in order to expect a smooth Saturday," he admitted, "and I think we've done that Things have gone together well in every phase of the game.

I think we're ready to play." Turner said he doesn't know a lot about Florida Stale, a team that swept past Tulane, $8-12, in its opener1 a week ago. 4 Nebraska roster 32 Brian Davis CB 4-3 195 Jr. 33 Dana Brinson WB 5-9 170 Fr. 34 ToddProffitt MG 5-11 250 Sr. 35 Kevin Parsons LB 4-3 230 Jr.

37 DovgWelniak LB 5-10 210 So. 38 Steve Forch LB 4-2 227 Jr. 39 Blake Henning LB 4-2 220 So. 40 JonKelley IB 4-1 200 So. 41 Marc Munford LB 4-2 230 Jr.

42 Mike Carl CB 5-11 180 Jr. 43 ToddMilllkan LB 4-2 215 Fr. 44 Mike Knox LB 4-2 235 Sr. 45 Chris Corr 4-1 194 Jr. 44Ch0dDaffer LB 4-1 229 Sr.

47 DonWIngard P-K 4-1 195 Sr. 48 MIcahHelbel FB 4-2 200 So. 49 KenKoelin FB 5-10 215 Jr. 51 JeffSellentin 4-3 240 Jr. 52 Danny Groskurth DT 4-4 240 So.

54 Mark Cooper 4-1 232 Jr, 55 John Nichols 4-2 260 So. 54 Jack Noel 4-1 220 Sr. 57 KevenLightner OT 4-2 280 So. 58 Lawrence Pets MG 4-1 275 So. 59JlmDittmer OT 4-3 255 Sr.

41 JohnMcCormick OG 4-0 250 So. 44 Brad Johnson OT 4-3 275 Jr. 45 Tim Roth OT 44 275 Sr. 44 Phil Rogers MG 4-1 245 Sr. (C3 No.

Name Pos. WB CB IB QB WB SE QB QB P-K QB CB CB IB IB WB FB FB CB CB CB Hf. Wf.Yr. 6-1 195 So. 5- 9 1S5 So.

4- 0 200 Jr. 5-10 190 Sr. 6- 1 205 So. 5-10 185 So. 5-11 190 So.

5- 9 190 Jr. 6- 2 180 jr. 4- 2 195 So. 64 200 So. 6-1 185 So.

5- 8 215 So. 6- 3 215 Sr. 4- 0 200 So. 5- 9 170 Jr. 5-11 175 Sr.

Ml 195 Jr. 5-10 210 Sr. 5-11 185 Jr. 5-10 195 Sr. 5-T0 200 Sr.

6- 2 190 Jr. 4- 0 230 Sr. 5-11 180 Sr. 5- 8 170 So. 6- 2 205 Jr.

5-9 185 So. 1 Dole Klein 2 Von Sheppard 3 Gory Schneider 4 Guy Rozier 5 Brian Washington 4 Keith Jones 7 McCathorn Clayton 8 Roy Nelson 9 Mike Otte 10 Jeff Taylor 11 Jeff Tom jack 12 Clete Blakeman 13 Craig Schnitzler 14 Travis Turner 15 Scott Hill 17 Cleo Miller IB Brian Pokorny 19 Bryan Siebler 21 Paul Miles 22 Doug DuBose 23 Roger Llndstrom 24 Dan Casterllne 25'MattStrasburger 24 Tom Rathman 27 Dennis Watklns 28 John Custard 29 Don Thayer 31 GeneChealey No. Name 1 EricThomas 2 Deion Sanders 3 Herb Gainer 5 Chip Ferguson 6 Louis Berry 7 Barry Borco 9 Phillip Bryant 11 KirkCoker 14 Danny McMonus 15 Terry Robinson 17 Eric Williams 18 Derek Schmidt 19 John Parks 20 Keith Ross 21 JohnHadley 22 Curtis Thomas 24 Darrin Holloman 24 Alphonso Williams 27 Victor Floyd 29 Bill Richardson- 30 Tanner Holloman 32 Martin Mayhew Pos. QB CB WR QB WR QB QB CB CB TB CB WR TB CB FB CB Ht. Wt.Yr.

4-1 200 Sr. 5-11 149 Fr. 6-2 187 So. 4-1 207 Fr. 4- 0 185 Jr.

5- 9 170 Jr. 5-10 180 Fr. 4-0 im 4-1 184 187 180 180 5-10 5-9 5-11 4-2 180 5- 10 179 6- 5 212 5-11 180 5-7 148 5-11 185 5-11 5-11 5-11 54 190 177 205 172 76 95 96 84 44 41 5 27 17 19 sr. So. So.

So. Fr. Fr. Fr. So.

So. Fr. Fr. Sr. Jr.

So. Practice pleases Osborne 47 Ron Galois 48 Bill Lewis 49 Tom Welter 70 Brian Blankenship 72 RobMaggard 73 Todd Carpenter 74 Slon Parker 75 MikeHoefler 74 Chris Spachman 78 Tim Rother 80 Todd Froin 81 Brad Smith 82 Paul Gongwish 83 BradTvrer 84 Gregg Reeves 85 Robb Schnitzler 84 Hendlev Hawkins 87 Tom Banderas 88 Rod Smith 89 Scott Tucker 90 Brian Moore 91 TonyHolloway 92 Neil Smith 93 Rod Reynolds 95 Danny Noonan 94 Jim Skow 97 Tony Palmer 98 Lee Jones 99 KenSheod OG 64 4-4 OT 4-4 OG 4-1 OT 4-3 OT 4-5 OG 4-5 OG 4-5 DT 6-5 OT 6-6 TE 6-3 DE 4-3 DE 4-1 DE 4-2 DE 6-3 SE 5-9 SE 5-10 TE 4-2 SE 4-0 DE 4-3 TE 4-3 DE 4-2 DT 4-5 DT 4-3 MG 4-3 DT 4-3 DT 6-7 DT 6-1 MG 5-11 265 Jr. 272 Sr. 275 Jr. 260 Sr.

265 Jr. 290 Jr. 245 Jr. 245 Jr. 250 Jr.

260 So. 233 Sr. 230 Sr. 215 Sr. 220 Jr.

235 Sr. 170 Jr. 180 So. 205 So. 195 So.

220 Sr. 230 Sr. 205 Jr. 245 So. 245 Sr.

275 Jr. 250 Sr. 265 So. 230 So. 235 Sr.

65 DarrylGray 48 Lenny Chavers 71 Todd Stroud 72 PatTomberlin 73 Anthony Williams 74 Pablo Lopez 75 Tim Hebron 74 Steve Gabbard 77 John lonata 78 Eric Hayes 79 Gerald Nichols 80 Terry Warren 81 Hoffman Brown 82 Randy White 83 Stanley Scott 84 Garth Jax 85 Pat Carter 87 Gavlon White 88 Hassan Jones V2 TomO'Mallev 94 Pete Pardon 98 Keith Southwood 99 BreceHeggie LB 4-2 NG 4-0 NG 5-11 OT 4-3 DT 6-2 OT 4-4 OT 6-5 DT 6-5 OT 4-3 OT 6-3 DT 4-2 LB 6-1 WR 44 WR 64 DT 4-3 LB 4-2 TE 6-4 TE 4-1 WR 4-1 TE 4-3 TE 4-2 NG 44 LB 6-4 234 Sr. 260 Sr. 233 Sr. 323 Fr. 289 Fr.

268 So. 274 Jr. 263 Fr. 279 Sr. 289 Fr.

265 Jr. 225 So. 180 Fr. 179 So. 238 Sr.

230 Sr. 255 So. 225 So. 200 Sr, 243 Fr. 225 Sr.

233 Jr, 238 Jr. Florida State roster 33 Sammle Smith 34 ErlcStlehl 37 Stan Shiver 38 Paul McGowan 40 Greg Newell 41 Edward Clark 42 Cletis Jones 44 Chuck Wells '45 Isaac Williams 44 Felton Hayes 49 Tony Smith 51 Marty Riggs 52 John Eaford 53 Odell Hoggins 54 Bryan Law 55 Fred Jones 54 Dave Schrenker 57 Jesse Solomon 58 Thomas Harp 59 Keith Carter 41 Jim Hendlev 42 Jason Kuipers 43 Mark Solva 44 Jamie Dukes TB 4-1 LB 4-5 4-2 LB 4-1 5-11 LB 4-2 FB 44 FB 4-1 DT 4-1 LB 4-1 TB 5-10 4-2 LB 4-2 LB 4-2 4-2 LB 4-3 4-3 LB 4-1 OG 4-1 LB 4-2 OT 4-3 OG 4-2 OG 4-2 OG 44 214 Fr. 228 So. 192 Fr. 218 So.

193 So. 209 Fr. 222 Sr. 205 So. 260 Sr.

226 Fr. 179 Sr. 248 So. 234 So. 229 Fr.

254 Fr. 242 Jr. 250 So. 240 Sr. 280 Jr.

225 Fr. 257 Jr. 249 Fr. 250 So. 272 Sr.

Quarterback Kanter sparks Knights9 37-6 romp No 7 lucky for LSE By Ken Hambleton team led by some experienced seniors. "And we're a situation football team on offense," Turner added. "Well follow our game plan a plan that has been the same ever since I've been around here." Turner doesn't view his season-opening start against Florida State with nearly as much apprehension as he did his first start against Missouri last fall "That was the sixth game of the 'and our second league game," Turner recalled. "I really didnt expect that to happen, so it was a very quick week. I dont think this is nearly the same.

I've started six games before. This isn't the same as going out there against Missouri for the very first time." Nebraska opens its 96th, season ranked fourth in the nation by United Press International and 10th by the Associated Press. Florida State is 13th in the UPI poll and 17th in AP's. -Although the Huskers are ranked higher in both polls, AP has picked Florida State to win, 21-14, while UPI tabbed the Seminoles a 27-16 favorite over the Huskers. The meeting is the third for the Huskers against the Seminoles from Tallahassee.

Florida State upset Nebraska, 18-14, in the first meeting in Lincoln in 1980, with Nebraska recording a 34-14 win the next falL Osborne enters his 13th season at the Husker helm as the second-winningest active coach in the nation. His 118-27-2 record (.810 winning percentage) compares to Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden's career mark of 146-62-2 (including 73-30-2 in nine years at FSU). Bowden's .700 percentage ranks him 13th among active coaches. Nebraska was 102 last year, including a 64 record in the Big Eight for a share of a fourth-straight conference championship with Oklahoma. The Huskers climaxed the season with a 28-10 victory over Louisiana State in the Sugar BowL Florida State was 7-3-2 last season, finishing with consecutive ties against Florida (27-27) and Georgia (17-17) in-the Citrus BowL Those are the only-two ties in Bowden's 19 years of coaching.

(20) gains some yardage during nal marathon. Graf, the No. 11 seed who had never gotten as far as a semifinal in any Grand Slam tournament, broke Navratilova's serve only once, in the eighth game of the second set It brought a cheer from the crowd in the half-filled stadium court at the National Tennis Center. Navratilova then broke right back to take the match. When Graf held ber own service, it was usually a struggle, Graf winning only when Navratilova remained at the baseline.

As the match wore on, the youngster showed her frustration by jumping in place and flailing at the air with her racket or her fist he was a lot better today than he was' yesterday." Osborne said that if Brinson is ready to play, he would first enter the game as a return man on punts. "If he's at full speed, hell be our No. 1 punt return man," Osborne said, "although I'd say he's still questionable. Well wait and see how he does Friday." Another player who was at less than full speed Thursday was starting of tensive guard Brian Blankenship. "He's still having quite a bit of problem with sinus infection," Osborne said Trainer George Sullivan said Blankenship "will be ready to go when the game starts." Reserve center John Davis was a casualty during a non-contact drill, suffering a separated shoulder.

"He just got tangled up and fell," Osborne said "It was one of those fluky-type things that can happen." Lincoln Southeast's Todd Ryder Bryan on Thursday night. RANDY HAMPTONLINCOLN JOURNAL the Knights' game against Omaha 4 11k mS' 1111 XsSTv There's nothing like a brisk workout in sweat clothes to make a football team look fresh, quick and full of fire. That's the way the Nebraska Cornhuskers appeared to Coach Tom Osborne Thursday. "We had a good practice," the Corn-husker coach said after a two-hour session. "It obviously wasnt anything very dramatic since we were lust in sweats, but I thiiik the players were fairly sharp and it looked like they were getting then-legs back from the hard practices we've had." Osborne was amazed to see third-unit wingback Dana Brinson on the field after suffering a knee injury Wednesday.

"Dana has made more, of a recovery than I thought he would," Osborne sail "When he went in, I thought 'Boy, this looks like a three-or four-week But the doctors don't think he did any permanent damage. He's still sore. But" Hernandez testifies at trial PITTSBURGH (AP) New York Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez testified Friday that he used "massive amounts of cocaine" during the second half of the 1980 season and played a game under the influence of drug. He described that time as one of "romance" between baseball players and the drug. "I think it was the love-affair it was pretty Hernandez said of coeaine use by players.

Testifying at a federal trial of a suspected drug dealer, Hernandez said he didn't remember which game he played while drugged, only that it was in the second half the season: "That was the year twas crazy," Hernandez said. "That was the year of my greatest use." He, said he began to worry about the effect the drug was having on him after he lost 10 pounds and awoke once with a bloody nose and the shakes. "It was like a demon in me," he said. He also said he believed 1980 was the year of the greatest use of cocaine in baseball When questioned about his grand jury testimony that 40 percent of major leaguers were using cocaine that year, Hernandez said, "I may be grossly its decunea extremely since 1980." He attributed that to the "tremendous impact" on players of the jailing of four Kansas City Royals on drug-related charges in 1981 Drug use "has decreased and declined since then," said Hernandez. Vida Blue, Willie Wilson, Jerry Martin and Willie Aikens, then all with the Royals, served time after pleading guilty to charges involving cocaine possession.

Hernandez was the leadoff witness in the second day of testimony at the trial of Curtis Strong, a former clubhouse cook for the Philadelphia Phillies who is accused of distributing cocaine. He indicated that his drug use may have been responsible for the Cardinals trading him to the Mets in June, 1983. Hernandez said Manager Whltey Her-zog earlier that season told a team meeting that he suspected three players on the championship team were using cocaine and asked them to come for- Hernandez said though there was a. See BASEBALL on page 23 CORRECTION In the city high school football story which was published in Thursday's editions, Garnell Casmer was incorrectly listed as Darnell Casmer. Casmer went to school in Delaware, not in Massachusetts the story reported.

coach Randy Brolhorst said. "We stayed pretty basic, caused turnovers and recovered them. The ball bounced our way, but we were around it when they fumbled. "The kpy in a season opener is to avoid making the big mistakes early. We got the breaks, they fumbled and we didn't make the mistakes they did.

I thought it would be a much better ball-game. Southeast's first score came after the Knights made their only major mistake in the first half. Omaha Bryan's second possession of the game ended when the Bears punted with fourth down and six to the Southeast 35. But the Knights were penalized for an illegal fair catch signal and Bryan regained possession with fourth down and one. The Bears attempted a quarterback sneak for the first down, but Troy League and Scott Podraza stopped the play and Southeast took over at the Bryan 42.

Five plays later, Kanter ran an option around the right end, slipped past two tacklers at the 5, pulled away from another would-be tackier on the 1 and scored to put Southeast ahead, 7-0. Bryan lost a fumble three plays later and Kanter, starting at quarterback for the first time, scored on a 34-yard option play around the right end. Less than two minutes later, following another Bears' fumble at the Bryan 37, Kanter ran the option for 23 yards to the Bryan 14. He then hit Mark Rudd on a three-yard touchdown pass to give Southeast a 21-0 lead with 9:33 left in the first half. Bryan's only deep drive was to the Southeast 10, where Cordell Gregory who gained 116 yards fumbled.

But Bryan's Randy Scornovacca blocked a Southeast punt and recovered in the end zone for the Bears' only score with 23 seconds left in the game. Southeast travels to Grand Island next Friday, while Bryan faces Creigh-ton Prep. Prep Sports Editor Maybe it sounds like an understatement, but Omaha Bryan Coach Tim Bond actually meant it as a compliment. "That No, 7 does a nice job of running the option. From what we could tell, it ran just the way it was designed.

And we couldnt stop them," he said. "That No. was Lincoln Southeast senior quarterback Troy Kanter, who ran for two touchdowns, passed for another and rushed for 100 yards on nine carries to lead the Knights over Bryan, 37-6, Thursday night before 2,261 fans at Seacrest Field. "They were hooking our end and that's who was assigned to cover the quarterback," Bond said. "We had a man on the pitch-man, a man on the dive-back, but with their blocking we had nobody on the quarterback.

"We made an adjustment at halftime and got the quarterback all the way. But it helped a lot that No. 7 (Kanter) wasn't in there," he said. By halftime, Southeast had roared to a 24-0 lead on three touchdowns and a 25-yard field goal by Robert Miller. Besides the efficient offense, a strong defensive effort was a key to the Knights' easy victory.

Southeast recovered five Bryan fumbles and two onside kickoffs, and limited the Bears to one first down in the first half and less than 70 yards in total offense through Uu ee quarters. "I thought the defense played well and the fact we never had to take the ball on our own 10 made it so we could run the high percentage plays where we didnt have to worry about dropping the ball," Southeast head coach Chuck Mizerskisaid. Southeast's defense didn't allow Bryan's offense into LSE territory until until there was 7:20 left in the game, and the Bears managed their only score with 23 seconds to go. "I think we played better than anticipated defensively," Southeast defensive I Navratilava moves within one victory of crown "Oh, I'm going to "go for that one," 'Lendl said to laughter. "That's what I have to gain, too." They have played 25 times in seven years, Connors winning 13 to Lendl's 11 (a 1984 final between them in Rotterdam was abandoned because of a bomb scare), but Lendl has won the past six, four of them this year.

"Every time's a new time," Connors said. "I'm playing better. Just go out and serve 'em up. See what happens." Connors is "always very difficult to play here," Lendl said. "He gets the people to pumphim up and they stand very firmly behind him.

They seem to enjoy giving me a hard time." On Thursday, Ivan Lendl and Jimmy Connors advanced to yet another showdown here, this time in one of Saturday's men's semifinals. Lendl defeated Yan-nick Noah of France 6-2, 6-2, 6-4 and Connors beat Heinz Gunthardt of Switzerland by the same scores. Lendl did it in 1 hour, 59 minutes. Connors took 1 55. Three years ago, when Lendl made it to the final, Connors put him away in four sets.

Two years ago, when Lendl made it to the final, Connors put him away in four sets. Last year, when Lendl made the final, Connors was nowhere to be found so John McEnroe put him' away in three sets. McEnroe, the top seed, plays day's other semifinal against No. 3 Mats Wilander, the lone survivor of five seeded Swedes. On Thursday, McEnroe was fined $1,500 for "verbal abuse" of two officials during his Wednesday night quarterfinal Lendl is a gaunt Czech with a dry wit.

When someone mentioned that most of the players have said they have nothing to lose in forthcoming matches with favored opponents, Lendl obliged. "I have nothing to lose," he said. "What about the record?" someone asked. "Four finals in a row; four run-ners-up In a row?" William M. Johnston did it during 1922-25, losing each time to Big Bill Tilden.

NEW YORK (AP) Martina Navrati-lova roared past West German teenager Steffi Graf 6-2, 6-3 today and moved within one more victory of her third consecutive women's singles crown at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Navratllova, who has beaten Chris Evert Lloyd to win the title each of the past two years, will play either the top-seeded Lloyd or No. 3 Hana Mandlikova Friday's other semlfinalists on Saturday. Navratllova, seeded No.

2, needed just 52 minutes to brush aside Graf, a 16-year-old who got here by outlasting Nav-ratilova's doubles partner, No. 4 seed Pam Shriver, to a 7A 6-7, 7-6 quarterf i- i.

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