Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 7, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1895
Page 2
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Horrible Suffering. liaised From Complete HeJp- 9omo oi the Dangers Winch C(n *t»iitly Tlircuteii UH. How Had Blood and Its Terrible l>Ista»«» Lead to JJentli. If your blood is bad you arc never •aft-. KiifiinmtJMij, cancer and ,. terofn]n rt-Hilr, directly frou) diseased ' •onriiiionH < t the blood, auo us lorit; ' • *; tht-Hi? tcrrtile compluinr.* lurk in your syi-tf in > on «.)•« trending oil a TOl''.i>ii" « liicli ?imy nt any irisrunt h'ri'iik forth nucl di'Hroy your life. '••'' Kli-uiiiH'i.-ju is n. mo t dreadful dis''MS<- t>f ••»!»!-(• it fflWrs lli<< heiirr. ai>rl cm (.»•(. M-mnif mid <lon(lly heart toinp'iiiiir*. 1 r you vnlut: your life »rj<l heitlrli don'c ocglt-eMsiich rliseuM; • ii-oiufiir. You «-iuuot to quickly iet;k n-lli-f. . It-mi the t'rijlitfiilly kin row t'M'ii[in nt ill:: T. 11. Rokaiu, • r E^nt'X Juin'tioii, Vt. FVir tlirnf yi-nrs I \vjts terribly • fllictcil wilh K most >nverrt ea fi flieuninti.-ii). For 2.i inoiittis 1 could »ot wttlk B. htep, uud 1 never ex •d to walk or wcrk aj,'ain. 1 toiu[jl»-T.elv hflpli'tH uucl null tired Hio.-t horribly a^ony. No man iu tlifcco pnrtg ever suCfer- 4d as 1 did, I rook evurytl'iing'; I ever heard of, but uevtT found anythiui; that did me tho sii^hteMt. go< d uutil 1 b^pr-in tliw tise of i)r. Greene's blood nnd m-rvc rf-uiedv. SLATHERS OF SEALSKINS ; g]X BUENEB. Last Season's Catch the Largest on Record. Notwlth§t»ndlnc the Bltfd Kettrlctlont Uovcrnmg the 8«aler> They Secured * jRlch flarreiit — Indian Han ten £mpluje<i. Entire Family Consumed with Their Home at Omar, Mich. \>us the MR. T. II, KOLEA'r, And now come." rht must wpnder- Inl pHrt of nil. Iti H short time tliii- tpletidicl medicine made mo com- jlrt> ly WH||. It in the best reiuerlr lover Httw or hetircl of, for it niisxl »i« from u condition Of after lielp- l^Ssoes- A IK] coiisttnit tlgony TO per Ivor, llen.lt h. Irxavi d my nbility to work, which WHH eiitirfly g no. 1 1 uni now t-i tirt-ly well aud strong, and I'owe my hciilt'h uud my life 10 Dr, Greene's JTcrvnrii blood and •ei-ve ivn:rdy. I advise everybody »0 US" it." If you hrsitnte longer nbout tnk- .ki^; this wonderful medicine nft>-r lluit, yini <k> no; ilfcerw to get we 1 !. Bud bl"oi1 is filthy us well its terri- Tt\f. Dr. trJrveiieV Is ervnru. blood nut • t-rve r»>iut-dy makes it |.mre tiiid ncl jiving » bpHiit.iful coujplexion auc jpletiflid henltti. Why \Yncte time in t'ying uncer tftiu mid untried reined es, when In re is » pby.-ininn'x prescription, u -iisn-.ovfry ujiidii b, the grcntest liv- t[\K i-pHciHli.«f. iu eiiriuK nervous a,nd • hronic riitifjiscs. Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14th direct, .New York City. If you take chi- medicine you cuti cou- liiler yourself nud'T Dr. GreeueV «|ir»>or pr.rfe^riional care, and you can •oi.nulf. t.iiu or write r.o him about y«nir *•«!•£,Irrely and without ebui'ge This, is R ,-iiMrnntee that, this refued.v ••ill <'Ur»\ pofceti-ed by no other )ij the world. FOOTBALL IN GERMANY. A Trcnwndous Strain Upon thn Uopor- torlnl intrllecC. We have before us reports.of a recent footbalispiel from Mulha.-i.xen, in Elsass, from Jirscl and from Enrich, •nvs a writer in the Westminster gazette. They are all so riddled with lag-lish words and phrases, for which tho German language can find no ade- ; unto synonyms, that they look like erruan exercises by an English school- Boy, who has thrust in an English word wherever he could, not bctiink- self of any equivalent. We 'Mint there was a "match" on Sunday between the "Footballklub IJascl" •nd th« "Footballklub Excelsior." xhe reoorter, in his vivid description •f the ff~.tia:\ throws his German to the wind, and writes' of "das goal," "die forwards," "dio halves," "die Vaults/" "das kick," and "das sei'.en- Jiok," "der referee," "time," aud • l half time." \V. P. Roberts, United States consul at Victoria, 13. C., has just sent to tho state department a summary of the report on the seal catch of 1S'J4, prepared by A. R. Milno, collector of customs at Victoria. The catch was tho biggest ever made iu a single year. The total Canadian catch was 04,474. a little over '.20,000 more than the catch of 1803. The num- be of vessels employed was fifty-nine, four more than went out tho year before. The crews contained iu all 1,4UO merr, of \vhom"SIS were Indians. The canoe catch by Indians alone amounted to :;,'.)¥',!, ; A (rood many .people have wondered whether or not the seal herd is in danger of extinction if operations are continued ui:der the regulations at present existing. .Mr. Milne says that the proportion of mules is much larger than Americans have contended it would bo. Pulagie sealing, they held, was dispro- I portioualcly fatal to the females. I liut although 07,-17-1 seals were re- | ported by the captains of the scaling^! fleet as having been killed during tho I season, the sex of only 2U.LM1 was given. ' Tilany o.E the captains ignored this point altogether. Of this number, however, a.s many as 11,703 were females and 14,- G30 were males, and tliC'Collector had to base his favorable opinion on these very imperfect returns. At the beginning of the season it was generally feared that the hunters would be seriously handicapped by tho new regulations forbidding tho use of firearms and prescribing the use of the spear in talcing the seal. Eut, unfortunately for the seal, the fear has been overcome. On account of it tho vessels went on their voyages with a larger proportion of Indian hunters on board than the year before, because the Indians wore known to be more export in the use of tho spear than the whites, But before the end of the season the white hunters had become fully as skillful as the Indians. All the Canadian sealers were vessels of very small tonnage, the largest, tho .Favorite, registering ISO tons, and tho smallest, the Annie C. Moore, only thirteen tons. The Favorite got 1,8-10 seals and the Annie C. Moore 3,3oG. ThcTriumph, of ninety-eight tons, secured the biggest catch—4,500. Tho average tonnage was sixty-six, and the average crew about twenty-four. Most, of the seals were caught off'the Japanese coast—18,09", against 20,200 the year before.' The Uritish Columbia coast catch was less than half of what it was in ISO:;. The report states that in ISehring sea the catch was made outside the sixty-mile protected zone, operations being carried on from the 1st of August to tho middle of September. Oti the Japanese coast scaling commenced at about latitude 30 degrees, and continued north. There were none of the interruptions usual of late years ! * n experienced by those who operated in tllc territory adjacent to Russian waters, the vessels ;ill keeping well outside tho , thirty-mile zone, mainlyoperatingabout : 100 miles southeast of Copper island, On the Critish Columbia coast sealing . commenced at about latitude 37 degrees, thence proceeding northward. The fleet returned to.port early in May, the close season being then o;i, and at the end of July those of the ships having tho requisite crews of spearsmen set off for Bchring sea to try their luck under the new law of regulations. Considering everything, thoso who were in position to make the experiment with any hope of fair reward did very well, but, taking the whole fleet. It is claimed that the season has been barren of profits or advantage, except that of the crews, who were enabled to make fair wages. Of the total fifty- nine vessels operating, only thirty-two went into the sea. Flra Started from a Stovepipe— Three Men Suffocated on a Stumer at New Orleans, La. STA_XDrsii,' Mich., Feb. 0.— The, residence of John Hock at Omer, Mich., was destroyed by fire at 5 o'clock 'Wednesday moruing, and the family, consisting of six persons, Mr. Bock, his wife, two boys and two girls, were burned to death. The fire was not diseotvreJ by Dtsijrhhors until the building was practical:. 1 , destroyed. It is supposed that llu> ure caught from a stovepipe. The ch^i-ruil bodies have been recovered. JS T E\v OP.LUAXS, Feb. 0.— Three unknown men went to sleep in the cabin of the stearuer Co:il I'alace on the river Tuesday night, after having made a firu on a piece of sheet iron. Wednesday morning all three were found dead, having been sulfocated. WHOLh ISSUE OR~NON£. Mr. Morifiiu Wants to I'luce tho Pro- po.MHl S1UO/MIO.OOO l>0flll Issue. WASHINGTON, Feb. 6.--Messrs. Bnl- mont, Morgan and the other" .New York financiers who Lave been here for tho past few days consulting with the president and Secretary Carlisle on placing the contemplated bond issue, have returned to New York. Mr. Morgan, it is said, offered to place all of the S100,OOU,000 of bonds abroad, but wanted a rate of interest that would approximate 4 per cent, annually. He also wanted the whole issue and is quoted as saying that ho would only take it on the basis specified, the whole issue or none. The description of bonds to be issued is not decided upou, although the general belief is that it will be the fours, running for thirty years. I'N BRAZIL'S FAVOR. Tile Prosldi-nt Actb HH Arbitrntor Uetn-ecu Unizll Hint Argentina Republic. WASHINGTON*, Feb. 0.—-The long pending dispute between Brazil and the Argentine Republic has been decided by President Cleveland in favor of Brazil ou every point. The questions in dispute were originally submitted to the arbitration of President Harrison in 1SU- and by him were turned over to his successor. The cases were submitted to President Cleveland,February 10, last year. The subject of the controversy was the ownership of the territory in the possessiou of lirazil, situated between Ignassu to the north and Uruguay to the south, t>t, Antonio and the Pepsiry-Guasu to the west, and tho Jangada, or Sit. Antonio Ouasu and the Chapeco or Pcguiri-Uua.su to the east. Mrs. A. C. HrdlocK : Orleans, Ind. Brail Reasoff or Faifft Cured of Scrofula by Mood's Bcrcfula permeates humanity. It Is thoroughly Wused lilts tlio blood. Scarcely a m:in Is tee fruin It. in OE-.O form oranuthur. Hood's Sarsapurilla cures scroh-.In. promptly, surely, IL'riiKmciitly. T!ious-mds 01 i>L-0!>k> say so. lor instance, naid tills: •I an Justified lutlmiklnji llood'3 Snrsnparllki i spIiiuciU! mcdlclno l>y own experience with t. I was a KTOitsulTerer from scrofula, hav- iig (Iri^aiihil sort's in my oars mid UN mv Iliad, sonieiimus like lar^'o lioil.s. dlsdiaridut ill tho lime. My liustiaml Insisted tli.-u I 4tk<i Hooil'3 Sarsaporillii. Of tlio ILrst bottle Wly Appetite Improved, Undrieltsomewljatbetier. So I botiglitanother lottle, uud by tho time It was hull gone too wrolulu- had entirely disappeared. I un Hood's s s> Cures now entirely freo from scrofula and was rever In better health. Hood's Sursapnxllla clso cured mo of n terrible puln In inv side, cuuset! by ntumlil.i of the lic:irL" J\Ii:s. A. C. MEDI.OCK, Orleans, Iiiclhiua. Hood's Pills euro liver llis, constipation, biliousness, Jaundice, slclj heiidacae, An KXpcniilvo Freeze C|>. BALTIMOJU:, Md., Feb. 6.—An attempt to thaw out the elevator pipes in the basement of Aaron Uraygs' furniture Store at the corner of Howard and Clay streets Wednesday morning resulteu iu the destruction of several buildings and cau.iud a loss of over ;??."),000. .Now 'Jnnnlffr.itlon lil/i. WASHINGTON, Feb. C.—A prominent feature of an immigration and naturalization bill introduced by KepreseuLa- tive Linton (Mich.) is that which requires aliens expecting to emigrate to tue United biates, FACTS BRIEFLY STATED. Edwin Booth's estate amounts to 1672,533, after SlOO.OOO in legacies has been paid. The Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Brooklyn trotting circuit was organized Tuesday, The Onion Veteran legion asks all ex-confederates to join in a movement for a national park at Appomattox. Two trolley cars collided on an elevated structure in Kansas City, Kan., and four persons were seriously hurt. The French line steamer La Gag- cogne is lliree days overdue at !New York, aud it is feared she has met with a mishap. Herbert Putnam, who built up tho Minneapolis public library, has been appointed librarian of the iiostou public library. The I'nitert States circuit court of appeals iui.s decided that eondeiis-ed cherry juice must; be admitted for 00 ce:its duty. Richard Perry murdered his cousin, William I'erry, while at school near LiHoniu, Ky. li was the result of a family feud. The Tennessee legislature met in joint convention to count the returns for governor. A protest from .Mr. Evans was road. The 5i"orlhi>rn Illinois Agricultural society hoM its annual mooting nt Freeport, elected the old directors and set the next fair for September ]0 to 13. Fish are being- taken from the Dea Monies river at, Bonaparte, la,, the average amount being- 10,000 pounds daily. The river being- frozen over, the fish are driven to the mill race for air and are being shoveled out by wagon loads. KNOWLEDGE TAKEN FOR A NEGRO. V. Htit:*. ii Cc.vlonnso, Dumped Off a Train at li.-lli-vljl,.-, i;i. ST. Louis, Feb. C.--V. L. Sisseia of Columbo, Ct-ylon, an importer of teas and world's fair commissioner from Ceylon, was put off a Louisville & Xaslu-ille train at Belleville, 111. The conductor told him he must ride in the- smoker, evidently taking- him for a ne- gro. Mr. Sisseia. demurred, llis 1,1100- mile ticket was couUsca-ted, the conductor declaring it did not belong to him. In the scuttle at the depot Sisseia lost 3100 and a check for a trunk containing 1 SiOO worth of valuable teas was lost. Brings comfort and improvement and ,s to persona! enj-wment when ighily used. The many, \vlit> live bet- *~t than othersa.'id enjoy life more, with, •t-s* expenditure, L~ uiorv promptly •idaptin:* the world's best product* to s.ht» uec'Js- of piiysiail being, will .-ittest :ne value to health of the pure liquid •jixutive principles embiaced in tha •emedy, ?yrup ol Figs. Its excellence is due to ils presenting D the lorn, ciost acceptable and pleas- int. to the taste, the refivs-hinp-and truly •H'ueficiyl properties- of ft perfect l:ix- uive; edeetu.-illy de.-insing the system, lispolling ou'ds, head.idies and fevers iiid permanently curing constipation. It has pi von sutisfaciion to millions and net with -the approval of-the medical, profession, because it act." ou the Kid- leys, Liver and Bowels wiUunit wcak- -iiing them and it is perfectly free from •<very obj'ectionahle subst^ince. Syrup of Fi.js is for sale by all druggists in f>0c :ii/d $1 Imttles. but it is num- •ifactured by the C:liiforni;i Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printod on every iKtckuge, also the name, Syvup of Fvgsj, •ind being well informed, you will Dot tccapl Hiiy substitute if ofii'r»^- FIRE CHIEF INJURED. InU., Eurly Moi'nlns Tire at I'lyraouth KciiUltS lU TWO A.CUltll!lItH. PLTMOUTJI, Ind., Feb. 0.—Fire was discovered at 4:30 Wednesday morning astav Wolf's cluthing store on public square. Four briclc blocks were consumed before the lire was brought under control. D. E. Oglesby lost one of the finest law libraries iu the state. The total loss was $50,000; insurance, S~5,000. Fire Chief Jvuhn was seriously hurt by a falling wall. J. W. Hess, druggist, was U'uoi.-ked down by a hose cart and scrioutly injured. Mori; Wiri!» Cut. BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 6.—Wires were out Wednesday morning before daylight, but Che damage dune was slight. Mayor tfchieron said he would not receive the resolution the aldermen passed until noon -Monday Mr. Connelly is displeased with the police department because fifty police were sent to the Atheueum meeting Tuesday : night, and it is probable the owner of the hall will make a formal protest- Vjlluo Of tlio koHt bcc?uiu.,hlp K!l>i;. i>KKLix, Feb. O.^The Frankfurter ut least thro ° Zeituug says that, allowing for depre- months prior to embarkation, to apply ci;Uion| th ; lost sto:lmship ° Elbe ( ms to the United states diplomatic or cou- | wortll 3:100,000. She cost S7J5 000 The sular representative resident nearest I jf onh German Lloyd company insures itself. Tile London underwriters arc heavy losers on the cargo. oitli of J. Owoii Oorwcy. W.^SIILSGTON. Feb. 6.—Rev. J. Owen Dorsey, of the ethnological bureau, is dead. Mr. Dorsey has long been prom- their place of residence for certificates of immigration. The representative of this froverDinent is to require proof that the applicants arc not excluded by any law of this country from emigrating thereto bciore a certificate is issued. Ccn. Weaver Atc.ic;« tlio I'reslilont. DEXVEH, Col, Feb. 0.-In an interview (Jen. James 1!. Weaver declares: "We are now face to face with the greatest crisis ever known in the life of this republic. The president," Geu. AV'eaver adds,"allures the money power of two hemispheres to his standard Liy openly proposing to plunge the people into endless debt by destroying their money aud by promises of further grants of corporte privilege. " Assembly Approves tin.* Bill. ALBA.NV, A'. Y., Feb. 0.—The Lawson power of removal bill has beeu concurred in by the assembly by a vote of 111 to 7. inent in philological work in niis country and has been connected with the ethnological bureau since 1S77. THu! Grain, I'rovisions, Etc. CHICAGO. Fob. C. Fr.oun— Du'.I and weak. \\'iu!,er— p,.ients, $-:,SOui:.iw: straights. SiliSjJiiu, do.irs. i- lo ©-'.30, seconds, jl.'JJ ^w. low yrudos. S-l.tO fcl.SS. Spruw— Pateuts, S^^i3.jU: atral^uts, Siiu^iSO; UaUersi', 61.K»^liS); low grudi.-s, £1.™5^1.8J: Kcd 1)0^, jl.oo^l.Tj; Ky • Out for a l/ony-Ceiic Sculc. MASCOUTAM, 111., Feb. 6.—The determination of the coal miners in this district to secure a uniform scale of fortv cents per ton culminated in a strike in about half a dozen mines west of here, About 500 men quit work. Milan ofllvufti Offer :i Reward. NOKWALIC, 0.. Feb. 0.—Detectives are at work on the Milan bank rouberv ea'e. The ollieials of the Milan bank oiler a reward of §:"00 lor the capture of the thieves and return of the prorj- erty. STOLEN FROM THE VATICAN. Atimc~nr m L'xe HlrJjt. J. K. Pulcuer.won the amateur live- abooti^g championship of the Slates and a tidv sweepstakes HBcently »t Laru-hmont, X. Y. tie won the match by a score of 95 out of 100 fclrds hoTing made twenty-five bird* ...that these thefts were known : at the ' i.'- Work TBS second, with 93 .Vatican to have been poin:* on for some n. Ten port third, wi ( th»S, and. time, but that silence had been r. :.,......^,.... i ;;i. 1 , „.-...•.. :-'jfro«^-£disindJn«Uon,^«Ep«a " ProdOQ^ i^ltaluturc.s Uavo K^ppatctlly Uoou Stolen from tlio I*;!}!]!! l*;il;»cc. Audacious and repeated thefts of precious miniatures from the Vatican library have been detected in the following manner: Quite recently a person offered for sale to Prof. Chierici some exquisite miniatures which he said were copies of those in certain works in tho Vatican library. It happened that the professor had examined the originals in their places in the vat- ican library, and was at once convinced that the originals, and not copies, were before him. Qe at once informed Mgr. Carini, the Vatican librarian, who verified the fact that many precious miniatures were missing from ancient books and parchments. The police were communicated with, and after some research two persons have been arr--isted who, if not tho thieves, were undoubtedly in league •with them. One is a person who called himself Prof. Sardi, of Patcrno, but is identified as Giovanni Rapisardi, of Biancavilla, in tho province of Paterno. The other is un antiquary named Ta- razzi. Among the stolen articles were forty- 3no miniatures' from a parchment volume of the year 1100, entitled "L'Omelia di Frate Giaeomo.". Seventeen miniatures were also taken from another parchment, entitled "1 TrionQ di Pctraren." Of the former thirty-nine liave been recovered.. All the sales •were Made to foreigners. A beautiful portrait of Doana Laura, cut from the ' Petrarca. manuscript, was sold at Florence. . From another source it is learned Biif Hats .llu.st O<>. HAVEX, Conn., Feb. C.—At the Hyperion theater Tuesday night most of the women present wore ilat hats, and those who entered with, the big hr.ts removed them on taking their seats. This action was applauded by the men present. By tacit consent the .July, women huvi must go. i decided that the big hat i togou-.l .N'O. 4, • WH EAT— Active and higher. No. -' cash. MJj <Jf!Uc. January, SJ-JjitfJli;. .il.iy. M?u'S-..>lc, Coitx — .Moderatuiy aL-tivo and hi^hur. Xo. 2 and No. 2 Yoilow, -nJiiSi-li^c; No 3, No. .''. Ytfllow. 41 ,-L.';-u, .\Uy, *ii£^e 43% -M/ii;; aepvomuer. -U;i(JtM'.-lc. OATS— fair tradm,- .ind QiKher, Cash N'a 2, iir;i(iS-Sc; Hay. •3H£&£J'.Sc. Samples nrm,-r: suppij (ulr. No. 3. iii.-iii&JJio; No. 3 U hito, SOiiaic; No. i, Diij^dxic; No. i White, 3I<J 31-^c. Jive— Pair sale and steady. Xo. 2 In storo, 60e. Sauiplu lots, M 5I>;0; May delivery at oJ3,5;l;.io. v— Sells well and rules tlrm. Coinmoa and No. The XiLtlunul Gii:irrt. WASHINGTON', Feb. C.—The report of the secretary'of war sent to the senate Tuesday fixes the aggregate of the • state militia at ll(i,SSil men, of which i 107.30* are privates. The total avail- .' able unorganized military force of the . country aggregates 9,582.SOti men. I The Olilo>c Gruduxtc. j NEW YORK, Feb. G.—Col. Benjamin • Aycrigg, of Passaic, 2v. J., died at Lakewood. He was 91 years old. In 1827 he graduated from Columbia col- i lege and had beea for several yean; the } oldest graduate. His estate is worth ; millions. •".' j —You can't give a man money enonjrh ; to enable him to declare that he will : never lack for bread; but God has '. promised thaf.he righteous shall never • como to want.—Ram's -Horn. Mia.si-'oUK— Trading-was moderately actlvo. Prices hijiher. Quotations ranged at t9.8."^ iftiOOJ ror cash rcpuUr; iS.S'^feJO.OO for a-eu- ruary. .ind ciO OTft^lJ.-^ for .\Uy. LAKD— iiataur active and steady. Quot itions rantvd at jii.j2 i-.lM.5b for oasa; iHi.50 .1162/1 ror Feoraury, and .xitiJ.tjai.ijrii for .May. L.IVK fOHLis.f— Pur pound: Turkeys, 5QSc; Chickens, 7.i^r> 3 o: Duciis. s^c: Geese, per BtTTTiiii—Creamery, 12323c; dairy. S@20c; Fucking Stock, &&!>c. OILS— HeacUitflat. 173 test, 9c: Gasoline. S7 dC'K's. lue. T4 de^'.-,. 80; Xupii&lia, €3 Ue^'*;, 7c. LIQUOKS—Whis.fy quoiefl steady ^t el.aj por eaLon tor hi. ffer a Remedy Which Directed, Insures Safety of Mother and Chi'U NEW Yosx. Feb. 6. Fr.oua—State and Western dull, .steady. WHEAT—-Moderately Active, flrin. .May, K QAS 13^'lGj: Julv. xHUiiSVuc. COHN—Firmer. moJernui.y active. May, <7 QW/ic: July. *Jii"iW?BO: Xo. i 47 OATS—Dull, steu-iy. iLiy, 3i stiilo, 3J^4J ^c; wesujrn. 3J^i4J:4c. BEEI-—Qalet. Extra tae,s. «7.j5;jr.~j: family, {il.75^.1J.OO PORK—Dull, uachanfred. LAUD—blnn. .steam readsred. ?5.S'i. eK—Qulec: fj.ncy stsud 1 .-, ancnansred. it: choioc-.-itc-idy. uacnun;ed. Eccs —Lishc supplies: njgaer; Western, Uo; limed. WASJJINOTOX, Feb. G.—The statistics of the treasury show that from 17S9 tt IS'.lii the government has paid .$307, C01.SU1 for the support of the Indiansin fulfillment of treaty stipulations, for the purchase of their lands and in providing them means of education. I-Ire .Mulct* MUII.V Men Idle. FOP.T WAVXE, Ind.. Feb. (i.—The Peters Box and Lumber company's factory was totally destroyed by lux Wednesday morning. Loss estimated at SOO.OUO: insurance 8l3.f>00. Over 100 men are thrown out of employment. One Hsc for Wealth. Lord Aberdeen is reported as telling ; the following story of himself: lie left London at midnight in a sleeping car for the north. In the morning when, he was a.wakened he saw a stranger opposite him. "Excuse me," said the stranger; "may I ask if you are ricji?" Somewhat surprised, his ferdship replied that he was tolerably well to do. "May I asl:." continued the stranger, "how rich you are?" "Well, if it will do you any good to know,'' was the reply. "I suppose I have several hundred thousand pounds." "Well." went on the stranger, "if I were as rich as you. and snored as loudly as you. I should take a whole car so as not to interrupt the sleep of others." —Youth's Companion. An injunction to restrain Col. Boono PAP CALENPAR r e> » * 1895 For A Desk Calend.ir is A necessity — most convenient kind oi storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Oilendar is brightest and handsomest of all — full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches r.nd entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you Of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFC. CO., Mention thli piper. Hartford, Conn. IIMIIimill'M-MIIII Ciiuhe anil Cure of II^RdAclic. Hesdicne lt> |,'em.'raily enured by the two main org-.of, the liver and kid- ncyn, not performing iheir several duliee,a.nd intrerij iropairicc digestion and impa t!cg 10 tho blood Impurities. Ua'. in turn Ipflime ibo svstem aod produce 'evcrs ard biad^cbe. Tho remedy to prevent and cure these irouhles \n Rlm-hart'o IMlg. Sold by. B F. Keeslicg nod K.*y6iODe dru£ ttore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Worm L< zcrges are the best becnui-e they remove the worm nests Sold by B. F. Keeblicg and Keyotone Qrti£ ttore. When Baby wm»ldclc. WBg»»y * b ChlkL ue cnoo for e ovuome Mjflk. t HM iiMi CDiiommoa cftTou«& uunrtk and associates from fighting the lioa Parnell and the grizzly bear Siskiyou was heard at Forth Worth, Tex., and made perpetual. Live ?>to<.-ic. CHICAGO. Feb. 6 HOGS—Market active, (eelia? firm. Prices 62;IOc 2ii?ber. iaies ranged ;ii ciSO^OJ for piss. i2.7i)^4icfor li^bt: J3.SOJi4.S5 fur rou^-li packiasr: SJ 9u ^J.30 (or aiixt;it. and HlOis.-i-i5 for 'he.ivy rtiukiajj uaJ saiypiar lots. CATrLE-^.irket rata.-.- ,w:lvs The feeling iraa strong an.t beat grades a trifie higher. Qao- fJUoos ra.iJied a: jS-UU j.u> '.or caoim; lu eA.tra shlppinR Steers; JtW^t'JJ for -^ool to obO;co 'daz.flOOj-UU fprlilrto trooJ; *i-)0^l.0> Jor common 1 to medium da: 53.10^3 JO torBuurh- «rs'Steers: siaj^isafor Sto^ters: ii'Xl&J.fi)' lor FeeOars. «40j£39 for Cow^.i SK. OiljJ (or HetretS. VtOtiia.?* for italls. *iT3^-tJi ,? or Iteu <8M«rs, »n AT-r- bi- Ti.Jtnnt. Pain Is slwajs a lerrllrlc nsliant. »nd oftwi do "Icllw I self -1 h one fur life Tnls |i fllrtjon Js pie"-ntar>l-. Incaxsjsof rtoaniatl-ni t'juUw- lT resorcio Ho t^aer'g St.ronch HltJer-, wdlt'' cb«c ii ihe"-ncrnitchin^TiI.f urtuls oD-jlnat" and da-^gfroas maariy - a t the oawt The. terni -dHi'K^rou.^" 1« U'»d Jdrij-rdlf for rhfumatsm Wonm »d Worm Xfntn. Worms Mre Eeoer&liy troublesome o young child .llfr, and are ofttn the au-e of Dale, emaciated and 11 Mesa ondltion of children. Tbe bett rem^ e-jio dUpel nil kinds of worms ia Rtoebart'* Worm Lozenges. It iu the. only remedy that d-isirojg ibe worm rest, which, if not removed, scon breeds more of the p«-gt8 Sold by B F. Keesling and Keystone dru£ store. Children Cry fat Pitcher's f- I'A. >"o t£ ilmr'n.T Is moie c rtrla-.(ve j»nrt roncnrr<*nt 'b n tb&t of (jb* IclnnA w&o T«.5tl~ f- ti>ihc«Tc »!l*-i;E «-^If<-t'ot iSe ^lit^r*In this dw--as«. P<TS<»UI In-nir a «,* tine In Mayor • unowy wmta-r. and who ar« "iims^d to raa lits. fhon d n<r the "Jwrii .i« a pn-vcnttve of H j • . nerr- n*pf>« and iff bl Itj arc *lto nmonf j imeoB to Kblcta ibi» pnmtar mutton* t* \ .^mm* hflmia«k • *w» WMI MIC. I p| Wben you fe^l bad wiiti headache, take Rio*ban's Llvnr Pillij. Ooe a. dor-e So'o by B F. Kcesllog: and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for

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