Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 16, 1986 · 39
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 39

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 16, 1986
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novembew 18, icae sunoav journal-stab KUSKEnS c 37D J " "' WWS ... II. I .I. I.... .... ..1 l..MLII Hill. I llll 1 . Jl,l JIJ i "-l ;.:v " wsg TSS"' " "'iff I - 1 ; r J f . j , t III Donohbe still Big Red fait despite By Virgil Parker LAWRENCE, Kan. Kansas quarterback Kelly Donohoe was born in O'Neill Neb. He's still a Big Red fan, despite being part of the worst defeat in Jayhawk history, a 7(M) drubbing Saturday. "I still respect Nebraska because they've got such a class program," Donohoe said. "But that was not much fun. In fact, it was downright embarrassing. I dont think they are 70 points better than we are. But they got ahead 144 before we had our first play from scrimmage and that took the wind out of our sails. "It was impossible to get our guys pumped up after that kind of a start," Donohoe added. "Everybody's spirit got down. Plus, it's hard to come from behind against a team with such a great defense. "We'd get one good play off and then something would go wrong. It wasnt a good situation. It was especially discouraging because of how hard we worked all week to prepare for them." Donohoe said he is "an KU now, but 111 still be for Nebraska when they play anybody but us. I hope they beat Oklahoma. I'm still a Nebraska fan. "But 111 tell you what," Donahoe continued, "Oklahoma has so much team speed it's unbelievable. Nebraska seems to be stronger and better coached. I'd like to go with my favorite, which is Nebraska. IH predict that it will be a close game. ItH come down to a late play in the game. But Nebraska had better be ready because Oklahoma is so auick." drubbing of Kansafp Donohoe admitted he was under a lot of pressure from tt Nebraska defense. "They blitzed quite a bit Our offensive line did what they could. They picked it up most of the time, bui then we'd have a breakdown and the resulting big loss would take us out of that series. We prepared an week for them to come at us hard, but it seemed they came at us even harder than we anticipated." " . EarUer in the week, Donohoe said he was not going to look at Nebraska middle guard Danny Noonan. "I was going to let our center do that," Donohoe said, ?butl couldn't help but notice him. He's so big. I think he only got to me once, but I sure felt it when he hit me. He's such a great player. But they have 11 great players over there (on defense JL (Mark) Munford and (Chris) Spachman and aU those ggyi They have an an-around great team." sj A lifelong Nebraskan was on the other side of the ball f of Kansas. Scott Carlson, an all-stater from Beatrice, was a Starling defensive end for the Jayhawks. "That was a long day for me," Carlson said. "From my owjj standpoint, I thought that was the worst game I ever played In my career. . ;', "I'm extremely unhappy with myself," the sophomore ss5i "I would have loved to play wen against Nebraska." ?; In making a comparison of the upcoming Nebraska-Oklahoma game, Carlson said, "Oklahoma is faster, but Nebraska has a little bit more size. I wouldn't want to make a prediction; WeTl just have to wait and see how it comes out" " KIPs Valesente accepts outcome, says team couldn't get untrackedf. - ,'? mmmmm 2? J22ff? 'mmmimmmmmg. , ... - A Kansas freshman quarterback Kelly Donohoe (14) is pressured by Nebraska defensive tackle Nell Smith (99). Black Shirts let loose, totally dominate KU By Virgil Parker - LAWRENCE, KAN. - First-year Kansas head Coach Bob Valesente had just suffered through the worst defeat in KU football history, a 7(H) whitewashing at the hands of Nebraska. "That's one of the two toughest afternoons I've ever spent on a footban field," Valesente said. "The first one was against Oklahoma earlier this season. Then there was this one. Both of them are great football teams and they poured it on us pretty heavy." Oklahoma beat the Jayhawks 64-3. Asked if he thought Nebraska "poured it on" to top the score achieved by Oklahoma, Valesente put to rest such a notion. "They just played hard," he said. "He (Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne) cant ask his kids not to score. Heck, I would . do the same thing if I were in his place. You just put in your backup kids and keep doing what you're doing. You call the plays that you think will work and whatever happens, happens. "You've got to give Nebraska credit for being a great footbaU team with great coaching," Valesente added. "We just got off to a tough start We were down 14-0 before we got our hands on the balL We couldn't get anything going. "Nebraska, on the other hand, is a team with both power and speed. They are not only a team that can score quickly, but they can also control the ball on you. "We just couldn't get untracked," the KU coach continued. "And when that's the case, it looks like we weren't trying or playing hard. But that was not the case. Nebraska has so much talent that they can make you look pretty bad when they get it rolling. They just totally, dominate you with their size and speed. Valesente said Oklahoma is the samel way. "That ought to be a great game when they meet next week." Would he make a prediction on the outcome of the NU-OU game. "No.M really don't care what happens, rye got to concern myself with our final game of the season against Missouri. That's all that is on my mind starting right this' very moment The Nebraska game history. .;; "But," he added, "on this dayl "Nebraska was exceptionally hot If they played against anybody in the country the way they played today they probably would have come away with a big win By Mike Babcock LAWRENCE, Kan. - Take it from Chris Spachman: the Nebraska defense played well Saturday afternoon. The Cornhuskers' defensive effort in a 70-0 victory over Kansas "was one of the best we've had since I've been here," said Spachman, a three-year starter at defensive tackle. ' "It was kind of nice to let it all hang uX" he said. "Nebraska's defense hung Kansas out dry. The Jayhawks finished with minus 21 yards rushing and 100 yards total offense, only 28 of which came in iMecondhalf. .TJe Jayhawks didn't cross midfield fter the intermission. " jkansas quarterback Kelly Donohoe, a freshman from HarrisonvUle, Mo., was Sacked five times for losses totaling 59 yards. He finished with 14 completions in E8 attempts and was intercepted once. That interception, by Nebraska linebacker Marc Munford, stopped the Jayhawks' deepest penetration into Corn-busker territory, just before halftime. The Jayhawks had put together three first downs and driven to the Nebraska IS-yard line. The interception came on a second-and-lOpass. "The defensive effort should provide Nebraska with the momentum it needs going into next Saturday's Big Eight championship showdown with Oklahoma, according to Spachman. SNow everybody knows this team is capable of going all the way and beating Oklahoma," he said. Spachman, who accounted for Nebraska's only touchdown in a 27-7 loss to the Sooners last season by returning an interception 76 yards, was asked if he really believed the Cornhuskers could beat Oklahoma. The Sooners have lost only once this season, 28-16 to top-ranked Miami "There's no doubt in my mind we can," Spachman said. "They're a team that can be beaten, and this is a team that can beat them." Saturday's shutout was Nebraska's second in the last, three weeks. As a result, "our team's confidence is up," said sophomore defensive end Broderick Thoma "It's time to break the wishbone." Thomas seemed as pleased with Nebraska's offensive performance as he was with the shutout Based on the play of the offense, "I think we can beat 'em (Sooners) pretty bad," he said. Thomas later tempered his remark. "I stffl have a lot of respect for them," he said. "It's going to be a hard-fought game. It could be very close, but I stm think well come out on top. I'm not worried about it" Worry or not, the season comes down to next Saturday, according to Corn-husker middle guard Danny Noonan. "It's for everything," he said. "The coaches always say, "This is the biggest game' every week, but this one (Oklahoma) really is," he said. rj-yrTTTf r t ' 1 Vtx feC8L-i 'Pit V 'V ' g ff i t k Si?- '1 " V:' TT" " ' '-"--" . a ,1 , um.mt0m,mnttMnrM'mmm, m,i.liMMMJiM1 , , Mill i.uun i ,-v ....... . .... . . ... .. . '-i- mw i-uai-s tieii nneeier 9) rjounces on me pue ana goes on tor an apparent toucnaown, Dut was ruiea aown on this third-quarter play. Statistics NU-KU Scoring How scored Time left tv'Jf 28-0 W 42-0 49-0 MrO, 3-0 704 FIRST QUARTER K.Jones 2 run 9:21 Drive: 80 yards In 14 plays. Highlighted by six K. Jones runs for 45 yards. Conversion: Klein kick. K. Jones 20 run 9:10 Drive: 20 yards In 1 play after Jamrog recovered KU fumble on klckoff. Conversion: Klein kick. Brlnton 19 pass from Blakeman 2:53 Drive: 68 yards In 9 plays. Highlighted by Blakeman 16 pass to . Mllllkan, Blakeman 13 pass to R. Smith. Conversion: Klein kick. SECOND QUARTER Banderas 10 past from Blakeman 8:02 Drive: 33 yards in 3 plays. Highlighted by Helbel 23 run. Conversion: Klein kick. Wheeler 1 run 2:17 Drive: 43 yards In 9 ploys. Highlighted by two Clayton runs for 22 yards. Kaelln 12 run. Conversion: Klein kick. THIRD QUARTER Blakeman 29 run 12:02 Drive: 55 yards In 8 plays. Highlighted by Helbel 15 run. Con-version: Klein kick. Banderas 11 pass from Blakeman 6:30 Drive: 54 yards In 10 plays. Highlighted by five Blakeman runs for 22 yards, Wheeler 13 run. Conversion : Klein kick. Clayton 27 run j:58 Drive: 27 yards In 1 play. Set up by Rodgers 13 punt return. Conversion: Klein kick. FOURTH QUARTER Keller 15 run 11:37 Drive: 44 yards In 9 plays. Highlighted by Rodgers 13 run, Hawkins 6 run. Conversion: Klein kick. Kellev32run 2:21 Drive: 73 yards In 8 plays. Highlighted by four Dalton runs 33 yards. Conversion: Klein kick. Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Sheppard 1 K. Jones 15 Clayton 8 Blakeman 11 Rodgers ...3 Wheeler 6 Dalton 6 Brlnson 3 Kellev 4 Helbel 4 Kaelln 8 Hawkins 2 Yds. Ave. 6 6.0 117 53 61 25 41 40 4 55 45 37 6 Passing , No. Co. Yds Clayton 1 1 3 Blakeman 12 8 94 Receiving Wheeler........ Brlnson Mllllkan R. Schnltzler , Banderas R. Smith No. Interception return No. Munford 1 Defense Tackles UT AT Spachman 2 0 Jamrog 3 0 Tyrer 10 Thomas....: 1 0 Marco 4 1 N. Smith 3 1 Holloway 0 1 Noonan 1 0 Pete 1 0 Groskurth 1 0 Parsons 2 0 Etlenne 2 2 PI. Welnlak 1 0 0 Washington 0 Fryar 4 0 Tomlack 1 2 - Blazek 3 2 Yds. Davis 2 0 Rogers 1 0 Custard 1 0 Hicks 1 0 Yds. Receiving 7.8 6.6 5.5 6.3 6.8 6.7 1.3 13.8 11.3 4.6 3.0 TT 2 :'. 3 i Vaughn.., Quick , Snell Rogers..., Caldwell , Harvey . No. 4 2 i i .i 3 19 16 7 39 13 Punting No. Yds. Kroeker 1 43.0 Punt returns No. Rodgers..... 3 Brlnson 2 R. Smith 1 Kansas Offense Rushing Ave. No. Yds. 43.0 Donohoe 7 -57 Snell 13 37 Yds. Rogers 2 -1 5 Passing No. Co. Yds 5 Donohoe..., 28 14 121 Samuel 2 Punting No. Yds. Rleth 10 376 Klckoff returns No. Rogers 2 Schrlner 5 Defense Tackles UT AT Carlson. , 2 4 Gamble 1 1 Newman 3 1 Avery 3 4 Forte 0 3 Stewart 4 0 Yarnell 2 2 Bredesen 5 0 Henson 2 2 Shields 2 1 Randolph 2 1 Hoover 0 4 Lofton 1 2 Granderson 2 3 Garner 1 0 Zlegler 8 6 4,5 Stelnhauser 4 2 Fisher 3 1 PI Mattox .a.... 2 4 i 1 Harder 1 3 1 . 4 4f 2 ;'-( t 2 r 2 i?s i A- 1 Ave. -8.1 12.3 j i Yd, ?! :f If - E t if One of the many NU fane at 4 I Q,i,rAnA LfM- ...II . s i-anisiiw, rou., yens support. 14 Staff photos by Ted Kirk, Gail Folda - - -L - " t -Ti fl ill I r - '. rfl it..,-1 ifi i-l ill! i C

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