Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 19, 1986 · 35
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 35

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 19, 1986
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OCTOBER 19. 81JN0AY JOtTRNAl-RTAB husklsrdc 37R 1 '-$sS I .-i - W i V- 1 t r y r Missouri QB Jeff Hennlngsen is slammed to the turf by NU's Broderlck Thomas at the Nebraska 18 in tbejrst quarter. But Henningsen's 8-yard scramble on this play set up the Tigers' early field goal. uskers' By Ryly Jane Hambleton Missouri's football team played some stiff defense in the first half against Nebraska in Saturday's 48-17 loss to the Cornhuskers. "But that quick trap against our all-out blitz at the end of the first half really tMlhe starch out of our kids," said MU Qafcb Woody Widenhofer. "When you st rive sophomores and three freshmen, it's tough to hang in there with Nebraska.'' . . , ' ;: Nebraska's trap play resulted in a 28-yard touchdown run by fullback Ken Kaelin with 36 seconds left in the half and gave the Huskers a 20-3 lead. We tried to stay on the strong side of their rushing game and put pressure on (U quarterback Steve) Taylor because on the films we saw he had some problems with pressure," Widenhofer said. "Wejveren t in control in the first half, but We were in the game. ; "That was just a great audible. And the reason I know it was an audible is because we had faked a blitz before, they audibled a trap and we stopped it This time, we didn't fake the blitz and Scoring story How ' ' . ' EIDCTOUABTED , Whellhoii field goal Drive: 68 yards In 16 plays. Highlighted by six Wallace runs for m- jo yards, Henningsen 17 pass to H. Johnson, 9 pass to Esson -and Henningsen 18 run. SECOND QUARTER 3-3 Klein 44 field goal Drive: 37 yards In 11 plays. Highlighted by Taylor 13 pass to ' Mlllikan, 21 pass to Gamble, two Taylor runs for 10 yards. 34 " Klein 21 field goal Drive: 27 yards in five plays after Custard recovered Wallace fumble at MU 31. Highlighted by Jones 14 run, Heibel 11 run. 3-13 K. Jones 10 run "' Drive: 42 yards In seven plays. Highlighted by Taylor 14 pass to R. Smith, 9 pass to Brinson, Taylor 9 run. Conversion: Klein kick. 3-2 , Kaelin 28 run Drive: 46 yards In 2 plays after Brinson returned punt 23 yards ,J to MU 46. Highlighted by Taylor 18 pass to Schnitzler. Conversion: Klein kick. THIRD QUARTER 3-27 K. Jones 1 run Drive: 79 yards in 13 plays. Highlighted by five K. Jones runs for 29 yards, Taylor 26 pass to R. Smith and aided by 15-yard '" - Missouri late-hit penalty. Conversion: Klein kick. 3-34 ' Brinson 63 run Drive: 63 yards In 1 play. Conversion: Klein kick. 3-41 . Knox 2 run Drive: 50 yards In 6 plays. Highlighted by two Knox runs for 12 yards, Blakeman 20 run, Brinson 14 wingback reverse. Conver-" :- sion: Klein kick. , FOURTH QUARTER 348 Knox 92 run Drive: 92 yards In 1 play. Conversion: Barrios kick. 9-48 Peterson 4 pass from Henningsen Drive: 64 yards In 4 plays. Highlighted by Boyd 55 run, Henningsen 13 pass to Lammers. Conversion: Henningsen pass to H. Johnson incomplete. 17-48 Delpino 50 pass from Henningsen . . . Drive : 50 yards In 1 play. Conversion : Johnson run. Nebraska-Missouri Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Taylor 7 6 0.9 Heibel 5 21 4.2 K.4ones 15 73 4.9 K?elln 5 45 9.0 Knox.,.. 8 127 15.9 Blakeman 1 20 20.0 Brinson 4 83 21.0 Clayton 3 -10 -3.3 Rodders 4 15 3.8 Dalton 2 10 5.0 Wheeler 4 23 5.60 WoOten 1 1 1.0 '. Passing No. Co. Yds PI Taylor 12 6 101 0 Blakeman 3 19 0 Clayton 0 0 0 0 Receiving No. Yds. MHIIk'an 1 13 Gamble 2 30 R. Smith 2 40 Brinson 1 9 R. Schnitzler 1 18 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Krotker 3 133 44.3 Toner.... 1 45 45.0 Punt returns No. Yds. Brinson 3 22 R. Smith 3 40 Slebuir 1 19 Klckoff returns No. Yds. Brinson..,, ...........2 44 Rodger. ........................ 1 1 Veelor ...1 1 trap caught Tigers they caught us." Widenhofer said he may have hindered his team by warning them about the consequences of turnovers. "Maybe I overemphasized that you cant turn the ball over to Nebraska, that they're the kind of team that will destroy you if you do that They will blow you out of the stadium if you turn it over to them," he said. "Then when we did turn the ball over, that took something but of our kids. "It would have been nice to have the Score 13-3 at halftime because then you can talk about how you held them to 13 points even with a couple of turnovers." Nebraska recovered a Darrell Wallace fumble at the Missouri 31-yard line with 14:01 left in the second quarter and five plays later, a Dale Klein field goal gave NU a 6-3 lead. Charles Fryar also intercepted a pass from Jeff Henning-sen, but NU failed to capitalize on that "If you're going to build a program, build it just like Nebraska's," Widenhofer said. "You have to recruit good players and have them around for four or five years. scored Time left 8:38 14:13 11:17 7:19 0:36 9:57 8:06 3:52 9:36 5:28 3:06 Interception returns No. Fryar 1 Carr 1 Defense Tackles UT AT Thomas 6 2 Spachman 1 2 Noonan 1 2 Hollo way 5 2 Tyrer 1 0 Groskurth 0 2 Marco 1 0 Smith 1 2 Pete 1 0 Rother 3 1 Jamrog 1 0 Parsons 4 1 Munford 4 6 Etlenne 1 0 Henning 3 0 Welnlak 1 0 Tomiack 1 2 Sieblor 5 3 Fryar 2 2 Blazek 2 0 Custard 1 0 Washington 1 0 Thayer 1 0 Miller 1 0 Hicks 1 0 Missouri Yds. -4 0 TT 8 10 Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Henningsen 18 32 1.8 Esson '. 4 28 7.0 Wallaco 16 38 2.4 Stowtrs 2 4 2.0 Boyd. ............,.....3 68 22.7 "I tried to encourage our players, but we just don't have the depth and our skill people just aren't good enough to beat Nebraska." Henningsen was starting at quarterback for the injured Ronnie Cameron, whom Widenhofer said may return for the Tigers next week. "Taking nothing away from Jeff, but they weren't too concerned about our option. We had the option, but they adjusted a little and it didn't open up until later," he said. "Cameron is our Taylor, and our Keith Jones Wallaee is banged up a bit" The Nebraska defense dictated some of Widenhofer's play selection. "When you're second-and-10 against Nebraska, you're in trouble," he said. "That's why we played it a little conservatively and didn't pass on first down much." Widenhofer said he was impressed with the overall ability of Nebraska. "I think they're better than Oklahoma's team last year. They're close to being as good, and maybe they are as good on defense, and their offense is. more versatile," he said. quotes Strong safety Erik McMillan - "We know we're not unstoppable or invincible and we knew Nebraska would get some big plays. We just don't know when they'll come. You have to learn to overlook them and whatever the situation may be, you still have a game to play. You can't dwell on it. "Nebraska executes very well on offense. They're the best offense we've played all season. They make, minimal mistakes, and they're a good team." Cornerback Adrian Jones "We played a great first half, but our offense didn't get any big plays. Nebraska finally came up with a big play the play they were looking for. After the big play, we sort of put our heads down." Jones on how Missouri was affected by stopping Nebraska on its first possession in three plays "We came out in the same defense as we've used all year. But we knew that first series wouldn't be it Nebraska has a lot of variety in their plays and they execute well" Running back Darrell Wallace "We always play Nebraska tough, whether it's here or at home. And that's what we had in our minds before the game. Even though we were 1-4, we thought we had a chance to beat Nebraska if we came in and played up to our caliber." statistics Redd 1 1 Passing No. Co. Yds Henningsen 20 9 122 Receiving No. H.Johnson 1 Esson 1 Delpino 2 Wallace 2 Peterson ...2 Lammers 1 Punting No. Yds. Whellhan 8 336 Punt returns NO. Lammers 2 Klckoff returns No. Stowers 1 Defense Tackles UT AT Chapura 5 5 Vol let 0 1 Darling 2 0 Cross 3 0 White 3 2 Fair 3 0 Vandergrlft 5 0 Caracter 1 0 Walker 4 3 MacDonald ...... 7 4 Vestweber 2 1 Justls 2 4 A. Jones 5 4 Holmes 1 0 McMillan 5 4 Riley 1 1 Long................ 4 1 Roy ...ft.......... 4 2 1.0 PI 2 Yds. 17 9 72 5 6 13 Ave. 42.0 Yds. Yds. 13 10 11 - V- - - rn- miir1 5 " Tiger for Tigers9 Henningsen By Ryly Jane Hambleton . The dream came true for Jeff Henningsen, but there was still a dream-like quality to tt. Henningsen, a 1983 Omaha Burke graduate, started at quar-terbacik for Missouri Saturday In the Tigers 48-17 loss to Nebraska. ' ' ; . .'v "One of my life-long goals was to play at Nebraska," said the junior, who Inherited the starting position last week when Ronnie Cameron was injured. Henningsen started fall camp as : the. Tigers' No. 4 quarterback. "Getting to play in Memorial Stadium me, but I don't think it's really hit me yet I havent had a chance to think about it" . . And seeing his grandfather, Jack Vincent, at the game lent an eerie effect to the situation. - "He played at Nebraska in 1941, but he was wearing black and gold today and was sitting with the Missouri people," Henningsen said. "I never thought I'd see him wearing black and gold period." Vincent, of Canon City, Colo, played on Nebraska's Rose Bowl team. But he wasnt the only fan who came to see Henningsen play. ' "I saw a bunch of family and friends I dont know bow many were here but there were some I didn't even think would be here," Henningsen said. "The Nebraska fans were really ' classy. I dont think they were applauding just for me but for our whole team." Henningsen said he was pleased he started but was a little l 7; 'S- s Husker Tyreese Knox is slowed by Missouri's Gary Justis after a 14-yard gain up the middle in the fourth quarter. NCAA decision expected this week University of Nebraska Chancellor Martin Massengale said Saturday he's optimistic that the National Collegiate Athletic Association will announce the results of its investigation of Nebraska "probably the first of the week." Nebraska met with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions Sept. 28 in Portland, Maine, to respond to charges regarding the Cornhusker football and Softball programs. "The NCAA will be making the press announcement on it, and then, depending Husker injuries few Only three Nebraska football players suffered injuries of note in Saturday's 48-17 victory over Missouri, and none of the injuries appeared to be serious, according to Tom Simons, Nebraska's associate sports information director. Tight end Todd Millikan sprained a wrist, split end Robb Schnitzler had a Refere Sam Maphlt hits the i' 't ' y .v -'- w I v v, i I' L ' s ' ' j - : ' - ) - , , V' , 1 -- " -: i t k 1"-- " XXsJ u. was pretty exciting to on where we finally end up, well see if it's final," Massengale said. He declined to elaborate on what the NCAA's decision will be. "They'll make the announcement, and itll probably be settled," he said. "I think everybody would like to get it out of the way." Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne said last Sunday that the NCAA's decision regarding the football program would not be alarming to Cornhusker fans. Osborne anticipated the NCAA announcement would be made last week. and of minor nature groin pull and defensive tackle Neil Smith suffered an ankle sprain. Cornhusker Coach Tom Osborne said starting defensive tackle Lee Jones was held out of the game with a knee strain and I-back Jon Kelley didn't suit up because of a continuing back problem. deck, cap, after Nebraska's Stan Parkqr bumped Into him. disappointed in the Tigers' play. "I think we could have played a little bit better at times and made it a better game, a closer game," he sakL "The defense really played well but as an offensive unit, we kept our defense on the field too long and they got tired. "We weren't really conservative in our attack but we kept stopping ourselves with mistakes incomplete passes aikt some penalties." Missouri turned 1 the ban over three times one fumble ana? two interceptions and had 10 penalties for 80 yards. ; ' "But our linemen did a good job. I dont know if Danny NooS nan ever got to me I wont know until I look at the filmst but I dont remember it," he said. "The line just did a heck of a job, both run blocking and pass blocking. And they're (Nebraska one of the best run defenses in the nation." Nebraska was as good as advertised, Henningsen sakL v "Their defense is a lot better than last year. I didnt see much of the offense, but it has to be good because they scored. a lot of points," he sakL Henningsen completed 9 of 20 passes for 122 yards and was involved in both Missouri touchdowns, hitting Brent Peterson and Robert Delpino with scoring passes of 4 and 50 yards, respectively. This may be Henningsen's last start if Cameron can return to action next week as expected. Y -V "But I cant think this is my last start and just stop working It felt good to start and II keep working at it," he said. f. Husker quotes Nebraska defensive end Broderlck Thomas on Missouri offensive tackle. John Clay "He tried to rough me up a couple of times and, of course, that didnt work. I tried to put him on his back, and I did a couple of times. But he's a great player. I know if I can play well ' against John Clay, I can play agairM v anyone." , Nebraska linebacker Blare Munford ' on Clay "He put me on my back one time. He's a big Wd. He's good." , NU rollback Ken Kaelin on returning-' to the lineup after missing two games - . "I was just thankful that my ankle felt" halfway good. I was hoping to get , through the first series and still; be' around. -:'c "I hadnt hit anybody in three weeks, t it felt great Getting my first touchdown " this year was special It brought tears to'; my eyes when I got to the end zone." Cornhusker kicker Dale Klein on his 44-yard field goal in the second quarter that broke the NU career field goal record "I was pleased to hit that first -one. I hadn't hit a 40-yarder yet thts. year, and I dont want anyone question-,, ing my distance." Keith Jones, on making the key block on Dana Brinson's (3-yard touchdown run "It was a 21-counter sweep and X figured it was about time for me to get a block. I saw Dana out of the corner of . my eye and I knew he was gone. (Running backs) Coach (Frank) Sollch told me to make that block I had to hesitate, get in the guy's road and keep himl shaded from the play." I-back Tyreese Knox on his 92-yard" touchdown ran "It was a 48-roIl play.. It seems like a pitch play, but it doesnt go as wide as a pitch does. When I got the pitch, I guess the defense figured jit;, was going to be a wide play. It was epV the-middle. I saw everything flowing to the left side, and I just kind of cut bad to the right',-, . "One guy got tangled in my feet Once he got untangled, all I saw was greenl field and a couple of guys coming in pur-t suit I didnt want to get caught because-I didnt think I could deal with the rest of-the fellas in the locker room." j Journal-Star photos by Ted Kirk, Harald Dreimanis, Gail Folda 4M irtiiiiH . .jfc.iilr irtt i'4

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