Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 2, 1986 · 35
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 35

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 2, 1986
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laQVEMWEBgJSfflg 8UNDAY JOURNM.-STAR ISUSSlEnSCZIIlZD White stadium 1 . r S s memories park ! ' H - in m' V .'.1 ' V V 4 -n1" - i i. ' t 1 4V ' 4 ' 5t .jw If' - s "V. NU Grounds Manager Bill Shepard provides the halftime entertainment by plowing the snow off the field. Halftime was extended by 20 jnlnutes and the NU band performed from the stands so that the field could be cleared, s By Mike Reilley The white blanket that covered Me mortal Stadium Saturday afternoon caused problems for some people, but sparked memories for others. Nebraska football players trudged through a half-inch of snow during the first-half of their 384 win against Kansas State. Don Bryant, Nebraska sports information director and assistant athletic director, said the snowstorm was the worst he can remember during a Cora-husker home game. "I don't recall a blizzard like this one," he said, "but there was one game back in the late 1930s where it snowed pretty hard." Thoughts of Sarajevo Bryant worked as an usher that day. He said Biff Jones, the Nebraska coach at the time, had buses brought into the stadium. "The team sat in them to keep warm instead of standing on the sidelines," he said. Bryant said the snow also brought back recollections of Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, where he worked as a media coordinator with the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. "It snowed just like this," he said, "but for four days." Saturday's game also sparked memories for Rick Gloe of Lincoln, Gloe, a pressbox assistant, compared the game to the Kansas State-Nebraska matchup in 1968. He said he sat with his father in the South Stadium and watched the Huskers lose 124 in an ice storm. "It was cold, icy and rainy," Gloe said. "It was kind of discouraging because it was homecoming and we got beat It was a miserable day," Officiating, waiting anger KSU's Parrish By Ryly Jane Hambleton Stan Parrish left no doubt that the weather and some calls by the officials affected Kansas State. ' "I thought a lot of the calls went against us. They dldnt make a difference in the outcome of the game, but that is irrelevant," Parrish said after Nebraska defeated his Wildcats 38-0. "I dont like to yen at the officials and gripe about them, but when it impedes the progress of the kids, then I speak up. That is a coach's right "This may all sound like a sore loser, and that's probably as good a way to explain it as any. They (Nebraska) have a good club and they beat us. But I still wasn't overly pleased with the events of the day. By and large, though, the officiating has been good since I've been in the league." - Parrish said that from a safety standpoint, he though clearing the field at halftime was the smart thing to do. 45-minute wait too long "But I had no say in anything. We came out twice the first tune was when I was notified the game would be held up to clear the field," he said. "It was a good move, but I didn't like waiting 45 minutes. "The field the way it was in the first half makes equals out of unequals. A sea of mud or slippery turf favors a slower team over a faster team." The first call to draw the ire of the first-year coach came late in the first quarter when quarterback Randy Williams threw a pass intended for John Williams. The receiver and Nebraska cornerback Brian Davis made contact down field with Williams falling to the snowy turf as the ball sailed past Officials ruled the pass was uncatchable. "That was a horrendous call Anytime you see five officials together after a call, you know an error's been made," he said. "At least, that's been my experience. That play hurt us. "The ball had just been released and the receiver was my fastest player. How do they know if he hadn't been interfered with that it was uncatchable?" Thought kick was good The Wildcats were equally indignant when a 27-yard field goal attempt by Mark Porter with 12:22 left in the second quarter was ruled no good. "I dldnt ask the kicker. I asked our holder," Parrish said, "because they generally give you a more honest appraisal. And he said it was good." But Parrish had praise for Nebraska and quarterback Steve Taylor in particular. "They are strong and physical amd we can't match up every guy of theirs is bigger and stronger," he said. "Their quarterback really played well He had to, to control the option phase of their game. He is a real difference-maker, "Their defense is very good strong and physical You know they're good you don't get rated in the top 10 and go to a major bowl every year if you're not" But Parrish and most of his players gave the edge to Oklahoma when comparing the Sooners to Nebraska. . "They're both great teams, but Oklahoma is better," Parrish said. "They are faster on both sides of the ball" OU has more finesse Rick Miller and John Williams cited the Sooners' style of ball "Oklahoma plays with more finesse," said Miller. "Nebraska plays hard ball Former Nebraska running bagks Coach Mike Corgan was on the sidelines for that game. Corgan, who. coached from 1982 to 1982, said Saturday's field conditions were the worst he has seen, at Memorial Stadium. ;,-rtv . "We've had rain and mud," he said, "but never anything like this. The eerie thing about it is that it's only Nov. 1. If it was Thanksgiving, I might understand." The snow forced ballcarriers to be cautious, Corgan said, i ? 2- : "Everybody has to tiptoe," he said.-' 'i The field conditions also caused problems for Iowa State freshman football Coach John Baxter, who was scouting Nebraska for next . week's game i ln Ames, Iowa. He said it was difficult to evaluate the teams because they strayed away from their game plans. v Weather an equalizer . "It turns into an ultraconservatiye game," he said. "Everyone is worried about hanging onto the ball Kansas State likes to throw the ball a lot It's impossible to do that in these conditions.",: Baxter said he also had trouble timing players on punt and kickoff returns. : ,. ., "During a game like this, you can get numbers and substitutions, but it's hard to scout personnel," he said. "There's no way you can check someone's quickness on a field like this. : ; a, ' "Snow and rain are great equalizers; There isn't a great discrimination :b& tween a great athlete and a middle-of-the-road athlete when you're playing ia it" . . . ',.'- Baxter knows. He said he played in a 1978 high school all-star game in six Inches of snow. i . , . .. .., "It's really no fun for anybody," he said. ' . , Husker quotes Nebraska's Marc Munford (left), Lee Jones and Danny Noonan swarm Kansas State's Tony Jordan after a 1-yard gain early in the second quarter. Jordan was KSU's leading rusher with 45 yards in 25 carries. - : . . , and runs right at you." ' ; ; than Oklahoma's and Jordan said that sides of the ball and there was no lack of Williams agreed that finesse is the dif- while Nebraska "played in bad weather effort today," he said. "I said earlier that ference, "plus they (OU) know how to and it was a good day against Oklahoma, there weren't three coaches in the coun- control the ball and their backs are a lit- Nebraska is just as good." try who would have taken my job today, tie bit better." ; Parrish is just glad to have both Okla- But K-State tailback Tony Jordan and homa and Nebraska behind the Wild- "But you have to find a little levity, center Rob Goode aren't as sure. Goode cats. The good news is that Oklahoma and Ne- said the Nebraska defense was better "We've gotten more physical on both . braska are over." 1r aK ' Wildcat quotes Defensive end Brad Tyrer, on his first varsity start "It was over pretty quick, beause Charles Fryar made gets the interception on their first play and we headed right back to the sidelines."' Tyrer on the footing -"It was kind of a luck game. If you slip the other guy beats you. If he slips you beat him. I , , think the other guys were slipping mora, "We just played basic defense stayed at home and covered our responsibility and tried npt to fall down. I figured out pretty good technique by the end of the game for clearing a starting spot" Tryer on playing in snow "I think a lot of people were having fun. Their tight ends, were talking it almost seemed pretty relaxed, kind of like a high school game. I think the offense had an advantage because once they got a block and started you going, it was hard to stop . their momentum." Defensive end Broderlck Thomas, on the fans "It thrilled me to see all those people hollering and screaming. They really love us and that gives me more incentive. I know if the fans can sit out there and watch the game irt weather like that, I feel I owe them something." ; Quarterback Steve Taylor, on his 33-yard touchdown pass to Robb Schnitzler - "It was pretty simple. I only had two reads on it. He ran a good route and I Just happened to get the ball to him." ' Taylor on the offense "I think we picked up today where we left off in the third and fourth quarter against Colorado." Offensive guard John McCormlck -"It's not too bad to play in the snow. If you're moving the ball like we did on our first drive, it's a fun game. The only time you get cold is when you're on the sideline for a while." " Coach Stan Parrish "We were the walking founded coming into this game. Last Tuesday, we-practiced with one running back. .."This is a young club. Once they got over the fiiditional Husker welcome, they settled down." Linebacker Matt Wallerstedt - "I think the snow on the ground in the first half helped us. Their quarterback is quick and a couple of times he got outside but the snow would keep him from really turn- '- , Kansas State Offense Rushing . No. Yds. R. Williams 3 1 W&sdv 15 28 Jordan 25 45 Wilson 5 16 , Passing :tv No. Co. Yds R. Williams........ 6 1 7 Hanson 2 1 9 Receiving " , No. Moody 1 Cider... 1 . Puntlna No. Yds. Faunco 10 355 Kickoff returns f No. J. Williams ..3 Brown ...1 Jordan 1 ' interception returns NO. M.MIIIer........................2 ing it on. But they made the big plays and we had some mistakes. , , : "Nebraska's defense may be better than Oklahoma's, but I don't think Nebraska is as explosive on offense. If I were a betting man, I'd go with Oklahoma in that game. They have four backs out there and then they have four more who are almost as good to rotate in. Plus, I don't think Nebraska's offensive line is as good or big as in the past" Offensive tackle Rockey Dvorak "Our receiv ers were able to make cuts because on a field like this, it gives the offense a little advantage. We just had some problems catching the ball in the first half that cost us yardage. A lot of it was the weather, but I think a few of the officials need a pair of glasses." ; Punter Troy Faunce (who averaged 35i yards on 10 punts) "I didn't feel like I had a good day, but I'm pretty hard on myself. In the first half, it was a lot harder to get your footing." Tailback Tony Jordan, who missed much of the second half "My thigh is kind of sore (he bruised it last week), and I took a lot of hits, so I think the coaches wanted me to take it easy a little. "I played in the snow in high school back East (Rochester, N.Y.), so that was nothing new. It's not too bad and it can even be kind of fun if you're winning. But with the weather like it was, you can't do all you want to of fensively." Photos by Robert Becker, Harald Dreimanis, David Fahleson, Gait Folda, Ted Kirk Statistics Ave. v 0.3 1.9 1.8 3.2 PI 1 1 Yds. 7 9 Ave. 35.5 Yds. 59 1 5 Yds. 0 Defense Tackles UT AT TT Hurd 2 0 2 Oehm ,. 6 0 6 Humphrey 1 1 2 Lewis 2 0 2 Stansell 4 0 4 Crawford ......... 0 1 1 Newton 5 1 6 White 1 1 2 Cotton 2 1 3 Mlckens 1 1 2 Smith .9 6 15 Wallace 3 3 6 Wallerstedt 3 5 8 AA. Miller 2 4 6 Harper 3 4 7 Herds 4 1 5 Chrlstlleb 4 1 5 Goldner 10 1 , Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Tavlor...... 11 68 6.2 Koelln 11 54 4.9 K.Jones 18 109 6.1 Helbel 4 42 10.5 30 8 8 7 M -1 2 1 ," Yds .60 0 Knox 6 Brlnson .............2 Blakeman.. 3 Hawkins 1 ' Clayton...... 2 , Dot ton tttttMi 1 Wheeler 1 . , Passing No. CO. Taylor 4 3 Blakeman..... 3 ' 0 Clayton 1 ' 0 Receiving -. No.,-. R. Smith. 1 Brlnson... ..1 ,; R. Schnitzler 1 - Punting Ho. Yds. Kroeker 3 ' 108 . Punt returns NO. R. Smith ......:....3 Brlnson 1 Gregory , 1 Kickoff returns No. Dalton 1 Brlnson 1 5.0 4.0 2.7 7.0 2.0 2.0 1.0 PI ! . 1, 0 Yds. I-' 17 10 33 Ave. 36.0 Yds. 81 11 6 Yds. 25 32 Interception returns No. Fryar.... 1 C. Miller 1 KSU-NU Scoring How scored Time left Thomas .. Spachman Noonan L.Jones Holloway B. Tyrer Marco N.Smith Pete Rother Jamroa Putnam Parsons Munford Etlenne Henning.. Welnlak Tomlack 1 Washington tee V Fryar 1 Blazek 0 Defense Tackles UT 5 4 3 4 1 . 2 1 2 4 1 2 2 2 6 1 1 4 AT 2 1 1 3 1 0 0 3 2 2. 1 0 5 5 0 0 0 0 1 4 1 Yds. 7 11 TT 11 FIRST QUARTER 0-7 K.Jones 2 run Drive: 53 yards In 8 plays. Highlighted by four K. Jones runs for 47 yards, pass Interference penalty against KSU. Conversion: Klein kick. 0-14 Taylor 14 run Drive: 45 yards In 5 plays. Set up by Fryar Interception return to KSU 45. Highlighted by Taylor 11 run, Kaolin 19 run. Conversion: Klein kick. 0-17 Klein 26 field goal Drive: Minus 5 yards In 3 plov. Set up by Smith 60 punt return to KSU 4. , , THIRDQUARTRR 0-24 Taylor 1 run Drive: 61 yards In 14 plays. Highlighted by six K. Jones runs for 43 yards, Taylor 10 pass to Brlnson on third-and-6, Taylor 12 run. Conversion: Klein kick. 0-31 R.Schlntzler 33 pass from Taylor Drive: 54 yards in 3 plays. Highlighted by Knox 13 run, Helbel 8 run. Conversion: Klein kick. . FOURTH QUARTER 0-38 K. Jones 1 run Drive: 56 yards In 9 plays. Highlighted by Brlnson 9 run, K. Jones 14 run, Kaelln 14 and 6 runs. Conversion: Klein kick. 11117 8:35 .'.,' 3:5S 1:27 : . . 0:51 11:50 "f Jit fc-L.itf A idfr iLj.-J- Aift i ( f 0k iifci rfi. m irft a rfftrfliftiftjllfifiiflili a, urtmi 1 T"k '( ti 1- iiiiiiA ,ifcH imif '-fufi rti rt- 4 0 iMiti 0 'i ffl iiff pfl llt A M iV rfin ifh yfl fflti 0k V1 itA 0 lit 0A0k rfft lift il A tA.9 i

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