The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1934
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Served by the United Press airoipLmcoiraER INEWS VOL. XXXI—NO. 21 r, Blythevlllc D»Hj Newi BlythevlUe Ocurter vtiier Leader BlytUevlto Her«l<) ,,,„, ~ ------ MM HKVU.I.B, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, NOVKMHKU 2-1 1<W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS GIRLS FOUND SLAIN AT ROADSIDE s ffate Jtr Hands Juru ~~' " ' "~ —'- •—•— * Prison Sentences and Fines on 25 Counjs' Possible 1 for 17 Defendants CHICAGO, Nov.. 24. (UP)—The fnte of Samuel Insull and-.Hi associates, chnr'cd with a $143,000,000 mai] fraud swindle, V/a.s placed n the hands oi u jury today. Federal, Judge James-n. Wilkerson completed his instruction? and turned the case over to I no j >-y at 2:2-1 p.m. ; TI-c defendants arc charged with 25 counts o) mail fraud untjsi- <>ich ot which a prison sentence of five years and a fine o; S5.000 m<iy be .- Imposed. The .sentences, lio'.vevsr", fcre up u, tjie court and thc jurv '.vas ask-3d only to determine guilt , or innocence. Thj !',al started on Oct-ite 2 nud latipj, 54 days icter. it was JJlscecl in the hands'/if a jury i.iai was K.skrd to decide whether the compl-.x ease presented hy the government, convinced them bcynrT-1 i reasonable' doubt that Instill and ms await-lnles used the iiiaiis to put frniu'.ulent stocV: prospe?:i:s(H in t) ; p hands of investors. Elaly 'Bans Discussion of National Deiense ROME, Italy, Nov. 24. (UP)—A drastic decree forbidding ilteelos- uro of military information regarding land, sea or nir defense nnd designed lo, make Italy spy- proof wns made public tody."' It was aimed primarily nt pre- veming' discussion of militarv sub- i .:. jon rational defense subjects. It •provides heavy -penalties for unauthorized discussion .of information which may be classed as secret. Newspapers u re, restricted to information they receive from ministers on-such .subjects, even including; barracks, warehouses, hangars, and war ships. Blood Transfusion Is Needed For ,Dr. Anderson A plea for volunteers to submit (o tests for blood transfusion to aid-3. iM, -Anderson, well kijpwn . Jocal •cilljtcn-.-and one fof • the r pra-- prrrtors-6f. the City Driig' "sfofot «ns made Jote todaj-. -Dr. Andersdn, wlio has lived here many yfnrs, Is reported in a serious condition at the Biythe- ville liospitni where he ba.s been for some.time. Prior to that he «'ns confined in a Memphis hospital. Dismisses Statutory Charge Against Robert Frenchway A statutory charge against Robert Frenchiray of the Manila section, was dismissed in municipal ' court this afternoon on motion of W. Leon Smith, deputy prosecute:-. FrencVnmy had been arrested on complaint of the father of a 15- year-old girl. According Lo'reports tho uirl fniled lo substantiate thc complaint of. her father when questioned shortly before Frenchway lo face preliminary examination in court this afternoon. NOKWALK. o. (UP)-Tcn different .flocks of wild flying southward, were counted here" bv Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Battles Busy Day at "lillle \Vbilc Mouse" Wffl 8! fllSlEHOIEt Want Money to Use Unem- ' ployed on Large Scale Public Works CHICAGO, Nov. 24. (UP)—Tlic Kaliona! Conference 1 "of Mnyorsfi encauragec! by an • Intimation frr«ri Federal Relief-Administrator Hnr- vy L. Hopkins Hut "direct leiicf as'such" may be abandoned soon, lorlay asked congress to cstnbliE'i u yinnt public work? progrnm. Tlie municipal executives directed to President Roosevelt nnd congress a resolution calling for n "large scale undertaking of public tt-orfcs" and-'the.-Slashing of,-, red iapj.,*to,. facilitate borrowmjf. .Sot Unomployment relief-projects ' "' Official Statement Follows Revelation in Chamber of Deputies PARIS, Nov. 24. (UP)-T!ie foreign office oificially denied existence of a French-Russian mlHtarv alliance today. Tlie statement wns the result of the great excitement caused when Lewi Archimbmilt, chamber of deputies budget rsportcr, said in a speech yesterday: "Russia has a solid. well-cquiD- ed army which she oilers us Vn case of conflict between Germany ~"1 its." cc 'of State unemployment insurance was the foremost topic of ths confeiu with President Roosevelt, held at Warm Springs, Oa. Seated arc, left „. .„( mndge of Georgia. Governor-elect Olin D. Johnston of south Carolina. And in rnoj-s of southern states Governor Eugene Tnl- . ..*..ldent Roosevelt- stand, Governor Ibra Blackwopd of South Carolina, Lieutenant. Governor Graham of North Cnrolinn -Governor-elect Bibb Graves of Alabama nnd Governor Dnvc elicits or Florida. SMGFPffi ill!;! one headlight, crashed into their machine on their sWp of the road. Tlie cur,' Frazlcr's. was consldei-- nbly damaged. ._- -. . - - '•' Four Employes Of Revenue Department Here Injured Near Cardwell Japan Will Siibinit Naval Tannage Figures LONDON, Nov. 24. (UP)—Japan is preparing to submit to British and American naval delegations concrete figures on warship tonnages nnd gun calibres—the "olli- . ... employes oi the state rev-|er hall" of the Japanese naval enue department, working out of I plan—Vice • • • • ' "le regional office here, sustained i imuuoto Accountant Admits $5l> 000 Bond Theft, Freed on CohdilibiV He Leave slight injuries which they were riding collided with another machine near Cardwell. Mo., while they were returning from lllc Walnut Ridgc-Bly- thevillc football gnme last, night. Ira Hall, head of the regional office here, sustained injuries about the head that kept him in e ea that ept him in , o.— Five children bed today. Hall is .1 relative of 1VP1 ~" bitt ™ by a mart cloj. owned G b ' Bi .-- -:--, CARUTHF.RSVlU.Ei (Mo—The Admiral Isoroku Ya- criminal docket of the present technical member'term of circuit court wns prnc- ' tically disposed of Frirtny nfter- ff. C. (Pete) Coon, on a change of venue from Neiv Madrid county, charged.,.with first degree murder in the slaying of Night Marshal AJtcrt Kno.v, ivns granted a i continuance to the next term. His HOLLAND, Mo.—Five children 11? 011 ? was fixed nt Sio',000. cnr in of tho Japanese naval delegation ""<--•• informed thc United Press today. Five Holland Children Bitten by Rabid Dog Governor Armstrong Marion Futrell, highway Bill Bil1 nureu, ±jiu •'•= "•" McArthur, farmer, living y officer, sus-'J ust outside of Holland. Thc dog's mined a frncturrd coilnrhoue nnd )le ' ltl was £cnt - to Jefferson City was rendered unconscious for sev- wllei 'C Hie fact wns established Prelate to React Marina's Vows Princess Marina will be a twice- married young bride when her n«mtals are. ended. Alter the w.l, '. ef England ceremony In Westminster Aliliey, she and the Orii°? tga W|U s ° throll « 11 ? dox Greck Ch " rch rlle3 • lnsham Pnl!lcc! ' Arch? r S lanos (al>ove) head.of Churct, in Western aud Europe, will officiate at Hie Utter coreraopy. Divorce Denier] Little, c ife Is Granted Alimony In a decree entered, hi u\ c case °' Mrs. Miiuiie Litlle against Curtis J. Little, which had been Pending In chancery court here lor some time, Mrs. Little has ueen granted separate maintenance and the cross complaint of Mr Little for an absolute divorce has been dismissed. Mrs. Little has been awarded $15 monthly alimony in the decree Mgnert by Chancellor" J. p. Gautney. Virgil Greene was attorney [or Mr. Little and Holland and Barnaul were counsel for Mrs Little. In another dccce handed down by Chancellor Gatitiiey M rs . Nannie A. Reynolds has been grantor) a divorce from her husband on grounds of desertion. M r . Greene was attorney for Mrs. Reynolds, Children's Pet Squirrel Gets Schoolyard Burial SANDUSKY, o. (UP) _ There were bowed childish heads and many a mufllcd tear when "Pate" was buried on the Sycamore school grounds here. . "Pete" was a net, squirrel, friend of hundreds of Sycamore pupils When he died, the boys and girh all insists hc be burled on the school grounds. eral minutes. Ned Sluse, highway tllnt ' tllc <mw«a!'was infected „.*., officer and driver of the cnr, was rn! * s considerably shaken up as was Thc children bitten were Dock I Ben Flakier, another highway ot- Dcxlson . son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert jficcr find fourth occupant of the Dodso "> Charles B. Wnlfor, son of I cm-. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Walker, No- Occuiwnts of the car NEW YORK, Nov. 24. (UK- Cotton closed steady. "- •-'*• -i»i\> viit^v, uHrrsiu i hf*v ^r, which displayed only je «l with Paste, Today^s Markets York Cotton Closing Stock NEW A Jury found Bill Masters not BiilHy of felonious .nssauit. Musters wns held for .shooting Deputy Sheriff A. F. Kennaii with a shotgun. The sliooiin.? occurred at the Check and Double Check night club on Highway 01, south of New Madrid. Robert Lindsey. also of New Madrid, plcr.dcrt guilty to robbery and icns sentenced to two years. Two. from nils county pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges after the slate had dismissed Tint and second degree imirrler chnr-'- jcs. | Charles Cordon wns given two I years for the slaying of Bob Mi- jncr, who died from kptfe wountis received in a fight. Waltsr Tull ijras sentenced to two years for . i the slaying of Son Martin, with YORK. Nov. 24, (UP)— j a 'Shotgun on Sept. 29, this year serum. , . , evidence of Dec. Jan. Mnr. Mas- July Oct. 1228 1230 J235 1237 1245 1247 1244 124G 1237 12-il 1204 1205 1227 1229 1235 1237 12-14 1243 1237 1202 1247 12-15 1240 1202 New Orleans C-'ofton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 24. (UP) —December tenders on the New Orleans exchange were small today and prices held firm, two to five points higher. Tenders amounted lo 2.800 bales and were cnsiiy absorbed by the trade. open high loiv close Dec 1228 1232 1228 1232 Jan 1236 1239 1235 1240bj Mnr. 12-16 1248 1245 12*7 May 1245 1248 1244 1247 July 1239 1242 1239 12K Oct 1202 1204 1202 1201 Iry wns reflected today in steel shares which rose otic to nearly three points a,^ )W | t |, c slof < K market into higher territory 'in fairly active trading. A. T. nnd T 103 1-2 II . 30 7-8 38 . .. I 1-2 150 7-8 . 37 3-8 20 Oldest Mayor (o Run Again NEW BEDFORD. Mass. (U P>_ Charles B. Ashley. 70, the oldest mayor In point of service in (he United States, has announced his candtdicy [or re-election. Mayor Ashley has served 23 one-year terms nnd four two-year terms'.' • ' • j Spots closed steady nt 1262. up 5. Chicago V)'heat open high low close Deo. 98 7-8 09 1-2 88 7-8 90 3-3 Mny- 98 3-8 98 7-8 08 1-4 03 5-3 Dec Chicago Com open high low clow 85 7-8 07 1-4 85 5-8 87 1-8 80 1-2 86 7-8 86 3-8 80 3-4 Anaconda Copper Beth, steel Chrysler . Cities Service ... Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank . Gen. Electric „„ Gen. Motore 31 1-S Int. Harvester 383-4 Montgomery Ward .... 301-1 'V. Y. Central 217-8 Packard t Phillips Pet, ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 15 5-8 Radio 0 Simmons Beds n St. L.-s. p .'.'.','.' v 5, a Standard of N. j. ... 42 7-8 Tc.vns Co '21 f.jj U- S. Steel '. 37 3-8 McKesson-Eobblns 8 ' Zonlte 4 '.Ion Stolen SYRACUSE. (UP)-Stolen: 0113 hon. So started an entry in a. police Kotter. Walt n minute- dc-i't gel excited. Thc /ollo\ving was added to the entry: "Made of iron, weighing about 200 vxmntls, utan from the Innn In front of the E. \r Wilson house," A. B. Young, former accounlau, with the \v. j. Peck Auditing company of this city, charged with embezzling $M,OOQ of New Madrid county drainage district bonds, was sentenced to two years after lie pleaded guilty, and wns paroled on condition that he get out of this state. Young was nmlltlrrg - rirnlnnge books at the time of t»e theft. He \vns later apprehended nl Miami, Pin., after Memphis police had recovered 513.500 of the bonds there. After today's session was concluded. Judge John E. Duncan dismissed the jurors until Dec. 3, when several Important civil suits will be given Jury trial. Among 'hem will be the $10,000 damage suit of John Byrd, Peach Orchard constable, against Boyri Pnitelt, local automobile salesman, for the death of Willie Byrd, son of John Byrd. Young Byrd died of injuries sustained when he leaped from a fast moving automobile driven by Pruielt. Byrd was hitch-hiking to his home when Prutett picked him up and allegedly Introduced himself as "John Dillinger," The youth cnpcd from the machine, fracturing his skull on the pavement in (he fall. jHforl at Secrecy Suggests Possible Folilicfil Significance HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Nov 24. (UP)—Seiuitor Hiiey c. ixjnij's honeymooning trip hero iuny IUUT '•»d political slBiiliicnnec, It was -pllevcd toduy when ii wns ic- ,'enlcd Senator-elect TJtfn O. JJil- of Mississippi Imd l-pon heie •since Wednesday. Bilbo hns been slopping m th« sniuc hotel where Senator nnd Mrs ..oug Irovc been slncn their arrival I'lim-sdny afternoon. Hi- vliiclinid i say whether or not he hnd mot "IB or to discuss whether or not "Jlr presence here had any political significance. The United Press learned today ml Bilbo arrived here nbout 2 m. Wednesday nnd went to tha hotel- where his registration was kept Rccrct. The . hotel mannge- nent, dispJnylng Its register, di>- iiled he. hnd been there. The senior-elect, however, Inlkcd lo th" Inltcd Press by telephone from he, hotel .today. /It wns known that Senator nnd Mrs. Long also had planned lo nr- nvc Ii c r e—."crclly—Wednestlsy They were delayed, however, niul 't wns reporU-d they almost de- Hied not to come' when it became mown they were en route. Senator Long, wns not available uiHicdlalely for [wsslblo comment Qilbo said lu> was leaving al once for LIUlc Hock nnd that he would return- (Ills afternoon. there was r.olltlrnl speculation wi lo whether or not the men had met lo discuss loglshuioh - In nip forthcoming congress—In wliicti Bilbo, hsis promised ,.to ,' jfll llian Hucy Ixmg." However Hie two Jiovc.iiot met before on common political ground, .so far us could bc\ nscertnined. (tillra Can't Be Fniim! U TI'LE ROCK^Nov. 24 (UP1— A systetnalic search of hotels ami political offices gave no ti-nec today of Sennto'r Thco. G. Bilbo of Mlsslwlppi, who left Hot Springs bis morning with Little Hock ns his announced destination State ond federal'' ofticiuls said (hey had not seen the senator nnd were noi exacting him. Ifucy Chops Wood HOT SPRINGS, Ark., N O V 24 (UP)—Scunlor Iluey P. Long of Louisiana, returning to the city nftcr a mqriiltiK of wood chop- pUii;. admitted hc bnd met nnd talked with Senator-elect Theo G fcllfco of s-flsslssippl here but snld the ••dint" wns not nbout politics The Klngfish said the two hnd met r,t a bath house. Hc nrosc nl diuvn todnj'. dressed In overalls ns yesterday, n nd choiiiiei! wood nt a farm three miles south of here until about noon. A trio oK "hill billy" nuislclnns interrupted Ills chopping to play such numbcjs ns "Turkey in the Straw" nnd "Beautiful Louisiana." After his chopping Huey went to r, and hnd n "dinner" of pot liquor, turnip greens, fnt salt pork, corn pone, nnd "buttermilk churned with a paddle." He planned |o play golf this afternoon. Takes Dally Knim nt T.i OAK BLUFFS, Mass. (UP)-Al- tnovigh Mrs. Edn\«nd Symonds Is 75, she sun takes her dally swim at the beach here. Borah Stirs Quiz Oil Relief Waste Senator William K. ot Idaho Rtli-rcd uy VVosliluntou wlicii • lie bluntly dun KIM! "sliiiineful wnstn" in distributing (edcral relict: funds. Tlio ndnilnlHlrnlloii al ouco looli coKUlzaiico or his nllefntfons und'tlio sonntor Is shown hero in Ufa oflicd uttot (x totifcvcuco with nn Invcsllgiitor for Administrator Hurry HojiMns-. Die .After- Talcing. Strychnine Instead of Quinine as Cold Remedy LITTLE ROCK ..Nov.? 24. (UP)— Strychnine, accidentally' administered by n rather lo three children, tminy claimed Hie- life of the third child. •Thc oilier two died in convulsions nl n hospital Inst, night shortly nfter the fnl'n! doses vieta taken. The fntJicr, Charles Jenkins, 39, PERA worker, n lso look some of lhc deadly poison, which he gave his children for colds, thinking he was giving them from three to fiv> grains of quinine. He wns reported Improved today and physicians believed he would recover. Alia Pern, fl, wns the third child to die, nt 2 a.m. today. Sybil 10 and Obelec, 6. died Inst night. The mother, who was nearly prostrnlcd today, nnd thc youngest child, nbout a year old were not given thc "cold inrdlcins." Plan Cotton Meetings in Pemiscot County CARUTFIERSVILLE, Mo— The Pemiscot County Cotton Production Control association will hold n series of meetings Monday nnd Tiie.sday of next xreck to inform cotton producers of the problems in connection with the 1935 cotton program. The' meetings will be conducted by community com- mittcemen. Tlic one for this city Is set for 7:30 Tuesday night at I lie court house. Miss Ada Huffman, 75, Dies at Home of Niece Funernl services will to held this afternoon for Miss Adn Huffman, «, wlio itie<l nt her home at 919 West Hearn Street, at 3:« o'clock- Friday afternoon. Death was attributed to senility nnd accompanying complications, she hntl f.-oen in serious condition for sev. ernl clays. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pas- ,lor of the First B.iptist church was to officiate nt the services Interment wns to be made at Etmwood Cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking ' company was in iargc of, funeral arrangements She is survived by two brothers I. H. Huffman nnd E. M. Huff- of this city nud a niccc, : Mrs Chester Caldwell. wi;h whom she JIvcQ. Miss Huffman hnd lived here many years. A report came to thc Relief Scrip committee, just reccntl}-, that a certain Blythcrllle merchant was accepting Relief Scrip ullhout rcqufrlng the customer to affix thc Relief Stamp. If that Is correct, that merchant Is cutting his own throat for hc Is doingr the very thing that uill make It impossible for a siib- ftanllal wage payroll lo be-ills- Irllmlcd anion^ lllydicville stores tills winlcr. Jlcrcbants should not overlook thc fact that this payroll Is spent right l, cr o iii Blylhcvlllc, and unless they do their part they cannot expect lo continue to get this business. Tropical Storm Now Southwest of Bermuda WASHINGTON, Nov. 24.' (UP)— The weather bureau reported today the tropical disturbance 'midway between Puerto P.ico and Bermuda lias appeared ajaln to the northward and now Is about 351) miles southwest o! Bermuda, n wns attended, by shifting gales' and winds of hurricane force nsar th" center. Pennsylvania Moun t a iii Area Scene of Gmesomjf Discoveiy Today >i CAUUSLE, I>a, Nov 21 (Umtjl —Three Boldcn h.ihcd fills, n»--\ "iicntly -ilsteis,, wcie found dCjldiit :day bcsIJi; n moiuilnlji iond at 1 } miles southeast of hcie ,_?.] Fully clnllisd with the cxcepi.,] tl<m of linl.s, Hie Indies boie nuicizt 6t vlolsnco Indicating ihcy hTd 5 teen 'slnln clscwtfcMe nnd plncc'-l iietween tun Imge blnnkcts nl the , "ondsldc j District Allot ney Fred J Teifi'- r jilcton of Cumtteilaml county assumed chaise of the Invesllgiidon ' assisted liy itnte |ollce .'i The gills weie eitimaled lo b« about a, lo nud 13 jccn old •'/< The blankets weic dry, Indlcnl- , Ing. thc bodies had been placed ' Ibtrc only last 'night i(, rained yesterday. The BiueboiiiE discovery \\ns wade by John C Ctaik, caretflki-r o ntiio James M Cameron ratine ft 1. King's Qnp, and his hilpei Clnrk Oaidlne '. They thought they )jod come upon nu lllEBal deer kill. Cause of denlh wns not immediately dotennlned T),e two >atm". ' Of, girls had blood -stained" faces ! One.who Mewed the bodies shoit- 1 ly nffr the discovery said the discover;, snid the oldest girl hnd i a bruise across hei face ^ The bodies were lying In thft wcocls about BO feet from the Cen- ! Urvtllc-Plne Grove road •> ] :Tl,ey hnd been tucked in the' blankets \\itli care All were Ijuig ' on their sides, faced in the same i direction, the joungcst in thc i.ild- 1 tile. Tomato Man Acquitted of Plow Theft Charge \ A. L Coicrou won acquittal .in municipal court Thursday o! a , charge- of petit larceny. Thc defendant, n icsldc-nt of the* i Tomato community, was charged i with theft of a plow from a' Mr. ', Fields, farmer in the Huffman vie- I Inity. Thc case ngalnst the de-* , Jeiidant wns bused on his posses- ' soln of tlie stolen plow When lie produced witnesses in support of ' his contention that lie purchased the plow in Blythevlltc thc state' admitted Ihat Its case was not , sufficient to warrant a comiction.> Russell Snjdcr, resident of the < Huffman coiiimiinity is defendant i In n -trial started "Thursday but continued until today because ol thc absence of n state witness.'lie , is charged with driving a car while intoxicated and was arrest- «t by Bill Armstrong, highway dif- ficer out of the state leienue'ile,- partment'E office here. i - Purtie's Dream Comes., True In Big Contest I J. W Purtlc, lanky Chick ceil-, I ter, ts convinced that- dreams really do come tiuo Several nights ago, the report goes, Purtle dreiim]j pass which he tossed on a lateral lo his teammate, Mosley £;' Purtle told several persons ili- cludlns Cmch Lnslie nlout hi? dream and said he'd like to t"v the play if the opportunity e\er came. He probably .forgot . about the i dream in the excitement of the ,1 game jsslerday, but | a te in tne I fmol quarter hc did Intercept a ,1 pass which he promptly tossed to Mosley, resulting in a lo sard gain. '. , Or. L. H. McDaniel Will ' Address Lepahto Banquet LEPANTO, Ark'.—Dr. L. H. Mc- Dnnie). Tyronza, formei president' of thc Mid-South Medical association, will address the Lions' club of Leponto at a.banQuet to bs held at the community -HutTuis- •'••' evening over a hundred fliil altend the banquet and WEATHER Franklin Street Fire A defccllve fine was blamed for fire which did slight dnmngc to n small Franklin street house cnrlv Friday afternoon. : Mrs. Bobble Boll, occupant' Of the house, wns not at home when thc roof became Ignited. An alarm was sounded' promptly by neighbors and the damage was limited. Arkansas—Increasing cloudiness, slightly wanner Sundaj cloudy,' probably rains in west portion, • warmer. Memphis nnd vicinity—Pair and ' somewhat \iamier tonight Sunday cloudy and-warmer; The maximum temperature,; hero yesterday was So, minimum 35, clear, according to Samuel p Nor- ' ris; official weather observers, /' j

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