The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1932
Page 3
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OCTOBKR 28, 1932 K BLE FfiR I ID (LEII T IF TE1 Pin in Girl's Lung 5 Years, Removed Trial of Three Cases an Hour Would Not Dispose "of All On Calendar If one case vns tried every hour of ihc two weeks tenn of the | criiKinal division of circuit court, i v/lslch opens hero Monday, all the felony cases which have accumulated on the ccniii docket could no: fc} disposed of. . If two 'cases were clkposed of every hour of the 12 eight-hour day's in a icgular two-weeks term the docket could not ;i be'cleared of felony • anil misdemeanor cs^cs on the docket awaiting action. The usual court term leaves out Saturdays, however, really makiir? only 10 working days. Fnrly Burglary Cases Adding to the cases already docketed, appeals which have not fcceu entered, indictments still held in the circuit clerk's secret archives pending serving of bench •waranbi, and lH-2 usual run of indictments to be returned by the gram) jury next week, ihr trial of three cases hourly would not clear tlie congested docket ot the criminal business of the Chickasawba. district of Mississippi county. ; There are nbom 40 cases of tmvglaty and grand larceny in v.'hich no entry other than (he noting of the casss has ever been recorded. About 20 caxes of felony violations of liquor laws arc numbered. Various cases of forgery and Jtnlse pretense number 10 or more. Sorap Four Years Old Nine defendants in cases charg- [ ing assault with intent to kill Het over from previous court terras have yot to face trial, the same applies for two men charged with involuntary manslaughter and one charged with voluntary manslaughter. Other cases rang; down to technical charges' which will undoubtedly never be brought to trial. There is no question but many of the cases which clutter up the court docket will continue to pass from term to .tfrm, finally to be pushed aside. Defendants arc probably dead in spine, 1 witnesses gone and missing in many others. Some of the cases still remaining on the docket attracted wide j attention and prospects of vigorous prosecution at first. Olh»rs arc j not and never were seriously considered. Some date back as far as I • •_ • <• ji A race of people, in India believe '• that al! elephants have tiro trunks, three eyes and ten -legs in the land to which clephanls-,go alter: death. (AUK.) COUKIHH NKWS Tacky?'' Well For five years it was Ihoughl tuberculosis was the cause of the pain which 8-year-old Mildred Libby (above), of Coal Hill. Ark., fell in her lung. But a diagnosis cit l!:e Chevalier Bronchoscopic Clinic of the Temple University Hcspital. Philadelphia. Pa., revealed that the "tuberculosis" was really a beauty pin she had swallowed when she was 3 and which had lodged in her lung. The pin was removed nnd tiic child sent liome, apparently cured. Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blythevlllc hos'niljil: Nincvah Hughes, city, and Mrs. Lula Ixjuis, Caruthcrsville Mo. Revenue Denarlmenl Moves to Prcvcnl "False Billing",of Gasoline. j In a move designed to prevent I "false billing" of nasoline. which the state revenue derailment claims hns Ix-iu prevail-in In this section to escii]x> payim-nt of slut 1 . 1 ensoline lux. (he revenue department has announced in-- (-.siHbiisli- ment of » check L!V< oiullnn at i Yarbio. I O. J. Walker, Ynibro maclsirnf:. i has been named imiu-ctor in cliiuec of t!;e station, with his appointment lo he .-.-ffrctive November 1st. The establishment of (he clwck- inu station al Yarbro and similar Mntlons in other border districts ot the state Is in compliance.with a nrv regulation Kv.icd by the slate 'revenue commissioner. The purpose of the new regulation is lo prevent gas wholesalers from "fr.1.™ billing" gasoline to .Missouri iclnilcre and actually delivering the (;as to Arkansas lelailcrs. thus escaping the Arkansus tax which is -1 cents higher than the Missouri BUS lax. Under the method which has bqen followed by the department in the pnsi credit for tax on deliveries outside the state has been given wholesalers on their invoice records. The new regulation will pilO'.v credit for s'.Kh deliveries only en permits issued bv the inspector in charge of the cheek- ing station. AH Arkansas wholesalers (ieliv- eiin? gasoline into Missouri will hi required to secure permits from Walker at YarUro. Tlie driver of the gas truck must have the retailer receiving the shipment sign for Ihe shipment, showing dale and hour received and the permit returned (o the Inspector. Duplicates will provide records for in,? gas companies. Permits issued by Ihe ltis|icclor will slio\v the "muter of gallons taken into Missouri and the retailer will sign for tlio amount he receives. Oilier agents of the revenue department here wn l keen a close check on trucks to see that tr-ey rto not circle back into this city after securing their permits for Missouri -deliveries. Gallant Bird •• Aiis'tr.-ilia. has a bird that is quite a- gallant' lover.-It- is th= -bowerbird, which builds n bnwcr of arcr- ed twigs in the forest and gaily decorates it with bright shells, leathers and flov.-jrs. Services Held Tuesday for Huffman Youth •'' sci-vlrcs for Owen f,fc- >>'. n. sim of Mr. and Mis. II. A. MoKny of Huffman, who died last .Sunday nl St. Joseph's hos- pltitl. Memphis, wei? held Tuesday morning by tin- lu-v, J. j. 'I'llfinpson, pn.sloi 1 of SI. IVtev's Cfltbohc ciiinrli. Huriiil was in Rt. Pcu-r'.s irnii-ln-y at Forlc mid Klglu. ^'""ii>; ilinse from av.'ay who m:'' for U)e (iincrnl were Mr. HI Mis. Purlin- NlrlinEs nn<l Mrs. Mr. ;ii:il Mi's. IMIIIC McKay of COd!.-:-. Mi-, mid Mrs. tiny Wll^cin of ll.illiiiul, Mrs. T. L. Ciissldv inul Hoy M.-Kay of Blythovillt- " PAGE THRftK | Original Manuscript o{ j Famous Song Sought j AUSTIN, Tex. (UP) — Written purely us u joV,r, Uu.. original muii- nsprl])L of ilio fnmoiis nntl iwp- ulnr SOUR 'The Eyos or Texas" Is now bolni! sought for Mie ar- clilvi's of [lie university of Texas which ndopled the fong ns llw iilinn matei 1 . . John I.uiif. Snclnlr hi 1003 wrolo i the .song to iti e nine of 'T' ' Working on die Knllroml." came iwinilnrlmrt lliroiiehoiil the i Bi'k ami related how they had „, ,, , foiuul nn enormously i-lcheposlC 1 if wlslnal maiiiiscrlpf now Is |T»-o years later they announced in the possession nf IJ>W|H Jolin- tholr Intention to go back to the sou. Animoi-c. Okln.. n former Jiitne. 'I'hcy disappeared and were' reiiv ,,t •!•„.„. « ' never seen again. Since lliat time there has be«n' nlinoit n constant search, by pros- peclors for 'thu mine, but It never lias been re-discovered, University of Texas sllidcnt. Famous "Lost" Gold Mine Believed Found WORLANO, Wyo. (UP) Two ." "•"••s We iund men i)o|[ OVO i h( , y , nfty ] 'P.apjdly, Director Says 7 n't ' 0 : l . ll5COVPI ' f ' (1 tllc celebrated! WATEETOWN, " «ll v ' , , , " ??' l> " '"-\ tlmc . w "« '". i" ' c """ ">« with "'" , t> ''' s1 " f , lexa *,»™ »l«ti you." ." ' Ln lh> lt ' ;11 ' ll « l "'«• university McU'iiy of St. I/juis. iincl Miss Mnlx-l Mi-Kuy. and Uui'i' brollioi-s. Illlllc Jav. 'i'hi||]i anil Hoy Gene, who IIWIH-, Funeral Services Held for Mrs. W, P. Goforth DKt.l, -- l-'micml .sc-rvlci-s weir licici ly.-i-o Snlurtlay iiflciiioou for .Ml... W. 1'. Goforth. 49. wlio <lled nt her home hero KYldny I'venln-,'. 15min) made al Muplc Clrovc cwiictery. Tlio (lecoiisi-il K survived by her hustond nnd a son. John. A waAiihiglftn (iriKitantr turn. 1 !! clgaret girl—Iml only f:ir onr -'vc- uing. Miss Eilul Mn.j Tayl-jr. daughter or Mrs. Arthur AlcElroy, 01 Washington. D. C.. is sh3,™ here In ibe roslimi!' she wore let the "Tackv Hull" u| ||-.<. rnpltal'.i Tll7.v Hole! Mavflowcr. The ball !•> piven :i!i»ual)v by In-!! irar'5 debutantes to the currenl :l-b5. L >v 37 Senior Leader Bits oj Netcs Mostly Personal, Qcientifically constructed for foot contentment /. Sea n* less /feel 2. Contbinttlion Lnsl 3. LmvCutAnkh 4- "Fricmlly Gri/j" Feel Uic "Friendly Grip" iiroiuul your itjstep — its iiilmilt support bracing Ihe nrch — the whole shoe gciilly conforming lo every Jinc of the fool — then you will know real shoe satisfaction. Not only is il scientifically constructed t« giro utmost case, but the «ni»rt styling A1ml« c-f the Foflrsl Kongola cnlfshin. a ' c I) s u p |t o r ( Klnchcr pattern. Kuhbcr heels. of Friendly Five Shoes lins been retained. And besides, you get Ihe exact size and width to fit you correctly in the Bond Street. It is made in widths from AAAA to EEEE, sizes 3 to 15. The largest range of sizes of any men's shoe. The Bond Street U Ko. 314, F OSTERS SHOE STORE Mrs. H. A. Pierce Ls very ill at l:>3r home on Kentucky' avenue. Jack and Philip App'.sbaum are attending to business in St. Louis. Miss Ruth Eleatior Tucker, \vr.a attends Woman's college al Htit- tiesburg, Mi^.. underwent an cp- eration Wedn?sday for appendicitis. Her mother. Mrs. C. F. Tucker, has gor.; to be with her. Max B. Reid returned today from a brief business trip to St. Louis. Mrs. J. N. White of Clear Lak: is visiting her mother. Mrs. E. L. Neason. at Darling, Miss. Wolf Arian and daughter. Miss Florence, have relumed from several days stay in St. Louis. ' Joe Newport, accompanied by A. Meyers, of Walnut Rirtge, ore in St. Louis on business. Mrs. Horace T. Gulp and Mis. J. A. Waterman will go to Pnra- gould tomorrow afternoon for Mrs. Darrol Crook and daughter. Cvn- tliia Ann. of Los Anjcles. Cal.. who will spend several v.eaks with Mr. and Mrs. Culp. Mrs. Crook formerly resided here. Bobbie Culiison. who has b«n at the Crippled Children's hospital In Memphis for weral weeks, i" nDv. Improving. Mrs. Eugone Ruiledgc. of Chicago, is the guest of Mrs. Eula Rutledge. She is enroute lo Forrest, City for a visit with her parents, i Mrs. N. r. Knitjht retun:=d y?s-' terday for several months stay i.'i points of Florida and Nashville. Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs. [fardy Love and daughter. Jeon. of JDnesboro. aro guests of Miss LaVcrgne Hood Hi:; week. Mrs. Klley B. Jones and Mrs. Di.xie Crawford are in Wilson today. Mrs. R. E. Gsrlingion returned to her horns in Searcy. Ark., today aftci three weeks -slay with her sister, Mrs. R. A. Lynch, and family. Everclt D. Gse is attending in business in Kcnnett. Mo., today. BAKING POWDER • You KIV» In utlng KC.UM only half a, miKh as li njqulnd Tvnon ST. of the Iccn 1 Boy Bronte lui,- n ,.rw orf!»'ily:ii Inn frr i.h" ••(">r v'Hi Ihef officers: Scn- inr jx-itrpi Icadrr. L. O. Timiniison Ir.: scribe. nnluii Wlllinclmin: Firf,i potrnl—mlriil Irad-"-. Prtdie Rallbn, J. n. riutlinnd Hill Turnor and Crtm Dr),i^!ns; Rwnn-l tnlrol— pnli-nl Icarlcr. Tin-man Tunvr. Muriin Rlcvrns. Elni!-r Lindsnv nmi llavfly Oray: Tiilivl natrnl— i^trol lender. " Normnii Kwli. Homer Sinltli jr.. P. O. Rnrie jr.. nnd Carl I.nv; FoiiHIi iwlrol— r-nrro! iwijlcr. Miirhle M-fn]\. in ho rjanies nnd LeR-n- Brown. Charles A. Ktubhs. nrlnrl- ral of til" Suilluirv cleimntnry ?c>'r»l i s Err.ntmnstpr. In I'"- v;r«itiy niertinq Wedni";- dn v niflil the i^nrrani/.^Mnu v-i.s ri'rf"ctcd and nnnHcc.lion of Roberl Srnlt Ir.. nccnntcd. In lhr> wrwlcly meetin^ Wcdnr^. dnv r»iflit Ibe rfn<f?nni7.nlinn VTS rwfm ?<l p>itl noii.'ir/ition of Rdi- crt Scitl jr.. acconfed. Tiie Irooo members n<?rocd lo rcor^rate In a "safe and" Hnllove'cn. VW' Double Action I MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED . • BV.OUR COVERNMEHT Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STKKLK, MO. Phone 85 f/iffhtowcr News Mr. and Mrs. Rube Quails of Keiser, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Crouch of Blythcvlle w?rc guests or their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Crouch Sunday. . Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Duna- wny of New Liberty spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs C I E. .Cook. Miss Mildred Martin visited ret- ntives at Manila last week. Mrs. Ed cooper si^nt Sunday with Mrs. C'^ve Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ramey visit-, ed Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tooch on Little River last Sunday. Miss Mabie ' Fondren. student nurse at the Blythovillc hospital, spent Saturday nl?ht with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Fondren. Mrs. Ernest Petty visited her sister, Miss Edith Pclcrt of Luxora Saturday night and Sunday. Stop That Cold Use Thnxini' Chc.sL Rul>—Thoxine fur Coughs :mtl Sour Thrciil. \ r ick-~ Vicka Nose unti Thnial Hrops— N'oru-ith Nose Drop:-;—I'enetro Btnuiiy, Try I!r;;wniu Cold Caps (Gnaranlcfd) I'ASTK TCOTIJ IJKUSH 2 for -lac PEN & PFIVf H SFT Fnr SL ' hn()1 i Lin Ot ILllLlL ££1 Kach HAL1VERCIL "^""T/aLtr 1 Goodrich Rubber Goods Sale Huy Pounliiin Syringes ;iml Hot Wafer BoUlw ;it a Saving, (iiiiiraiitci'il from 2 lo 5 7()C TO (JO Years 13 J)J " liiiATciLr~~~ \eurol .'iflc Uijiiii] Alloli-nc - - - Bile vSqiiihtis fiflc -\or\vich (UiiE.) - - Me READ BOOKS FROM OUR LIBRARY New Brand Now Comparts from Hiitlnut. All J'riccs from See Tl 50"° $8.25 KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. Phone 21) DRUG CO. Plionc 89 of tin- vyest " '""' sc ' 100 ' s ^ or 'to ''id way t>2 while"'l!,m','i "' lU1 M -,! l- N " V "'B" icSr^Gab'rlc" ^011'""' "^ M , mi, l! ,'" P 10 lol)sto -l>' Fnrrcll. director of the PerHiu H"; " n 'i w ;;!',vitv" cn " 3 ° r ""v^""""' *»• ^ w^js?^ - tlY| i). nitxt bnbl^.s' *0!'.-» oy?3, which half a Wd 40 pc-r c!iu of now cause only 12 p:litnry causes ol KSII rsduccd 25 per FREE DELIVERY PH ONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY HAMS Sugar cured, Small shankless Cellophane Wrapped i L PICNICS LM Bacon sw ^^^•••••••••1 lard PireHog ,",„ POUND Calf M 0a t Best Grade oaii meat Light Side PORK BRAINS ,.,15 ( BACON In ii-cc 1/>(,' I.I,. Id LETTUCE llcuil K.ioh 10c Lb ll'c ••••< 7c ^^^^^^^^•^••••^^BHi^^B^B LbG'c CHITTERLINGS '"'iUO 1 I'urc l>ork IrtC 1,1). 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