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Tired' Man Admits 40 Burglaries cott Puts Boy I JL KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (UPI) A routine traffic stop and search near Kendallville over the weekend prompted a confession from Jeffrey Robert Felts, 18, to a string of more than 40 burglaries throughout Northeastern Indiana. State Police allegedly also confiscated grocery sacks loaded with drugs in the trunk of Felts' car last night, and learned he was in possession of a gun stolen from a Fort Wayne prostitute. Felts, of Kendallville, was taken to the Noble County Jail, where he is being held on charges of false auto registration and possession of controlled substances. car uncovered the stolen handgun and an assorted quantity of drugs in the trunk.

After the discoveries, police said Felts confessed he stole the handgun from a Fort Wayne prostitute and obtained the drugs by burglarizing a doctor's office at Fort Wayne. Telling officers he was "tired of leading a life of crime," Felts said he had been involved in a long string of burglaries throughout Northern Indiana and implicated two others in the crimes. Besides 12 burglaries at doctors' offices, Felts confessed to 20 to 30 burglaries at the Canterbury Green apartment complex at Fort Wayne. Sgt. Rod Mitchell, public information officer for State Police, said many other charges against Felts are pending.

Among the burglaries included in Felts' confession were break-ins at doctors' offices in Marion, LaPorte, Dyer. Kokomo and Fort Wayne. Police said Felts was stopped on U.S. 6 at the west edge of Kendallville at about 6:55 p.m. Saturday for speeding.

i t-- 1 Feits was arrested after police discovered the car was improperly A follow-up search of the COMICS SPORTS BUSINESS THE NEWS TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12, 1980 PAGE 19 Teams In By DAVID MANNWEILER As one of the movers and shakers in the world of international tennis, Stan Malless is familiar with what can happen when politics gets intermixed with sports. He has dealt with that situation at tennis tournaments all over the world and now, as a member of the executive board of the U.S. Olympic Committee, he is dealing with it again as the White House tries to get a U.S. boycott of the summer Olympic games in Moscow. Malless, president of the Permanent Magnet Co.

in Indianapolis, has been right the middle of the deliberations. The White House wants the American athletes to stay away from the Moscow games as a protest to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The International Olympic Committee says the games are above politics and the U.S. athletes should participate. "President Carter really put us in a bind by using the word said Malless, who represents the world of tennis on the Olympic board.

He is a past president of the U.S. Tennis Association and head of the USTA Olympic committee. "You can only boycott something if you already have entered a team and -then decide not to participate," Malless said. "That is a violation of the Olympic rules. But the United States has not officially entered a team in the Moscow Olympics yet, so we cannot 'boycott' the games.

"We are in a bind. If enough countries do it (pass up the Moscow Olympics to protest the Afghanistan invasion) it probably would be worthwhile. But if we do it by ourself, it would be Names In CARL ERSKINE, former star pitcher of the Brooklyn Dodgers, will be a special guest at the 7th annual "cardvention" at 11 a.m. Feb. 23 at Stouffer's Inn.

The Indiana Sports Collectors Associations expects collectors of sports memorabilia from 30 states to attend the Feb. 22-24 affair at Stouffer's Inn. Communist lecturer ANGELA DAVIS will speak Feb. 22 at 8 p.m. at the Indiana University Auditorium.

The speech will be free and open to the public. ETTA ETTLINGER, a 26-year-old steelworker from Gary, will announce her candidacy for U.S. Senate at a press conference tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the Statehouse. She will be the candidate of the Socialist Workers party.

Park Winter Wonderland NASHVILLE, Ind. This is the picturesque scene in Brown County State Park during a winter day. Despite the serene setting, the park is still busy with activities during the cold. snowy months. Large crowds were in the park last weekend during the first Brown County winter festival sponsored by the Brown County Chamber of Commerce.

The NEWS Photo, Gary Moore. All Subcompacts Similar, Says Ford This May Be World War III! Binds bad. If we alone boycott the games, the Russians will capitalize on that. At the moment there are about 30 countries that stand united with us but some are Arab countries that never send a team to the Olympics anyway. Malless recalled with irony the signs he saw on Moscow kiosks.

"They are everywnere. me kiosks say, The U.S. R. has been honored with hold ing the Olympics because of our great contributions internationally to world peace. Theoretically, the decision to par ticipate or not participate in the games will be made by the v.b.

Olympic Committee. he said, "because maybe Carter will make the decision and the committee will not want to go against him." Malless declines to make a prediction how the boycott issue will turn out. Malless' committee is scheduled to meet again April 12 in Colorado Springs, but he says there prob ably will be another emergency meet ing before then. "When I was out at Colorado Springs for the last meeting, the Rus sian IOC delegate was there. He had an interpreter but he speaks excellent English.

"I went up to him after the meeting and said, "That was terrible timing on Afghanistan. Think you could get it straightened out pretty quick? The Russian was taken aback by Malless' blunt comment and muttered. "Mavbe." Malless replied, "Good. There's a lot at stake. The News The British Embassy in Washington, has announced that Indianapolis native MAKY ELLEN 0 CONNELL, a senior at Northwestern University, is one of 30 receipients of the prestigious Marshall Scholarship Award.

Miss Connell, daughter of MR. and MRS. JOHN E. 0 'CONNELL, 2716 Saturn Drive, will use the award for two years of study at the London School of Economics. U.S.

Interior Secretary CECIL AN- DRLS has appointed ALBERT SAW YER, a Chesterton podiatrist, to serve as chairman of the Indiana Dunes I National Lakeshore advisory committee. RONALD L. BAKER is the new chairman of the English department at Indiana State University. Strictly Satire aged to shovel his driveway so Linda could get to the grocery store," Rose continued. "Now, somehow I tend to think World War III will wait until you manage to schlep outside and get our driveway shoveled.

"Look, Rose, if we don't take a stand against the Russians here and! now, we won't ever stop them," Earl warned. "That's nice," Rose replied, "but if you don't get the snow shoveled out of the driveway I won't be able to get to the grocery and we won't be able to eat and it won make one whit of a difference. Besides, I can't see that writing a letter to the editor of Pravda telling them you're not planning to at tend the Olympic Games in Moscow next summer is going to alter the course of human history and cause the Russians to withdraw from Af ehanistan." "Every action we take has an im-j pact, Larl said, defensively. "Where the Russians understand we mean I .1 i i uusmess diiu wircu uiey uiiuerMaiiui that they'll have to pay a price for) tneir actions, men maybe tney comei to their senses. Last Green Pepper "And when you understand thad there is only one can of beer in thes refrigerator and there won't be any! more unless you get off your duff ana shovel the driveway so I can get to the) store, maybe you 11 come to yourj senses," Rose said.

"These hunger! pains aren't just symbolism. Earl, thej kids just ate the last green pepper inl the refrigerator that's how hungry! they are! "Listen, Rose, I'm not staying home! and keeping, track of these grave in ternational events because 1 enjoy it Earl said. "If you love your country and care about the future of our children, then strike a blow for peace, be a patriot and shovel the driveway yourself. "Earl," Rose said, "when you get done shoveling the driveway, would you please call up the oil company and tell them to put the oil back in our tank? My eyeglasses are icing up. NStice? State Highway Department truck No.

631-7474-75 spreading salt and sand on bone dry Ind. 67 around Mooresville late yesterday afternoon. Student Shooting Is Probed Authorities are investigating conflicting stories about yesterday's shooting of a Tech High School student who was in critical condition at Community Hospital today with a bullet lodged against his liver. Daniel Perez, IS, 237 S. Summit, was shot in the abdomen at point-blank range about 12:50 p.m.

while standing outside the school's west gymnasium. Within 20 minutes after the shooting, police arrested two brothers fleeing the school grounds. They are identified as Ernest Williams, 19, 1400 block of West 27th. and Billy Williams, 17, 4100 block of West Deborah, also a student at Tech. The brothers were charged with attempted murder and possession of a barbiturate.

Police confiscated a 22 caliber revolver and some pills from the brothers. The older brother, who police suspect as the triggerman, also was charged with violation of the 1935 Firearms Act. He was being held without bond in the city lockup awaiting a Municipal Court 4 hearing. Billy Williams, who was treated at Wishard Hospital for a gunshot wound in the leg believed suffered Sunday, was released from the hospital and held overnight in the. Juvenile Center.

He was scheduled to appear in Juvenile Court. Police said the younger Williams', wound was not related to yesterday's shooting of Perez. However, both were believed to have been shot with the same weapon. According to Sgt. Richard Crenshaw, police are investigating the possibility of drugs or robbery involved in the Perez shooting.

Witnesses told police Perez had been talking to the Williams brothers before the shooting, but they did not appear to be arguing. Crenshaw said one shot was fired and the brothers ran across the lawn, chased by several of Perez' classmates. The classmates turned back, however, to help Perez. Perez was taken to the school nurse's office and authorities were notified. A description of the Williams brothers was broadcast and the brothers were apprehended at Arsenal and Roosevelt It was first believed Perez had been shot with a blank pistol, but further examination revealed the bullet wound.

ABC To Get Ski Resorts Liquor Bids SMCKI It TM Ntw NASHVILLE, Ind. The decision to issue liquor licenses for Brown County's new ski resorts has been passed on to the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The Brown County Alcoholic Beverage Board voted 2-2 last week on proposals for liquor licenses for Nashville Alps and Long Mountain. The board previously had rejected license applications from both facilities, but the applications were resubmitted in accordance with regulations. James Graves, the state ABC representative on the county board, said he voted against a liquor license for Nashville Alps in January because he felt he was obligated to vote with the majority of the local board.

James Sims, ABC chairman, said the state representative on the local board is not compelled to "always" vote with the majority of the board. In the meeting last week, Graves voted in favor of the licenses, along with local board president Herb Miller. Sims said he does not know when the applications will be considered at the state level. The applications, he said, could be considered at a hearing in which all the parties would be present or the state could decide at one of its monthly meetings. "But," he said, "I do not believe we would want to make a decision without evidence from the local community." The majority of the persons attending last week's meeting indicated they were in favor of the licensing.

Solar Model On Display MUNCIE, Ind. (UPI) A model of the nation's first solar education center for an architectural college will be on display at the Statehouse starting tomorrow. Gov. Otis Bowen will open the exhibit showing five models of the proposed solar education center addition to the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University. The winning architectural design was entered by the South Bend firm of Crumlish, Sporleder and Associates.

The model of the almost $8 million project will be on display through Feb. 27. Today's Bible Verse Remember, Christ died for everyone in the world. That includes all those you like as well as dislike. Christ loved them enough to die for them.

You must love them also. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Philippians 2:3. Why Do Some people wait until they get inside a building to stomp the snow off their feet? Have a "Why Do" question? If so, sena it to The iNtws. No Word Yet OnSlmel School JTests SmcUI Tht Ntwf CARMEL, Ind, Environmental Protection Agency officials still have not announced test results on air samples' from Orchard Park Elementary School.

The school has been closed since November as state health officials attempt to determine what caused a mysterious illness that affected 75 percent of the staff. The latest air sample were taken to EPA offices in Chicago on Jan. 30. EPA officials have not indicated when the studies may be complete, but state health officials say they hope to hear something by the end of this week. Carmel school administrators say they will not reopen the school until it is learned what made the staff members ill.

The 600 pupils have been distributed to other schools in the Carmel system. The first batch of air samples was ruined in an equipment failure at EPA laboratories in Chicago. Pancake Festival An all-day pancake festival to help youths attend the VMCA or a YMCA camp will be Feb. 23 at the Ransburg YMCA, 501 Shortridge Road. The Noon Y's.

Men's Club members, who are sponsoring the event, will serve pancakes from 7 a.m; to 7 p.m. WINAMAC, Ind. (AP) Ford Motor now in the sixth week of its trial on a charge of reckless homicide, is continuing efforts to show that construction of the 1973 Pinto was not significantly worse and in some cases better than other small cars of the time. A former Ford executive, under cross-examination by the defense, testified yesterday he believes every American-made subcompact car built from 1966 to 1976 is unable to effectively withstand rear-end collisions. But the metal used in the 1973 Pinto gas tank was thicker than that used in many other small cars, including the Vega, Gremlin and Dodge Colt, said Harley Copp during his fifth day on the Pulaski Circuit Court witness stand.

Cross-examination of Copp continued today, along with attempts by chief prosecutor Michael Cosentino to reintroduce as evidence Ford documents relating to Federal rear-impact standards. Those documents have been withheld as evidence on orders of Judge Harold R. Staffeldt. Copp said the 1973 Pinto is similar to other subcompacts in the location of its fuel tank and the number of potential puncture sources that might cause the tank to leak gasoline and explode in a rear-end accident. The state contends Ford recklessly designed the Pinto by cutting corners on costs.

The prosecution alleges Ford ignored the engineering examples of other automakers and rushed Pinto production to compete with foreign sub-compacts but did nothing to reduce fire hazards or warn the public about those hazards. Ford is charged in the August 1978 burning deaths of three teen-agers in a 1973 Pinto that exploded when hit from behind near Goshen. Ford attorney James F. Neal is Belushi: Really moved pitalized at the facility last year during his recovery from a stroke. Meantime, down the hall in the same facility, comedian JERRY COLONNA, 75, whose career was launched after BOB HOPE signed him on for his radio show, is "recovering slowly" but is in good condition after a series of heart problems, officials say.

Singer PAT BOONE figures when all else fails, about all you can do is pray, so that's what he and wife SHIRLEY are doing to the tune of 2,000 records. Boone has written and recorded an 1-" attempting to show that the 1973 Pinto was not significantly different from other subcompacts and met acceptable small-car safety standards. Copp, an engineer and a former Ford vice president for European operations who later supervised crash tests in the United States, acknowleded yesterday that many automakers do not conduct crash tests before beginning production of an automobile. Last week, Copp testified crash tests were not conducted on the Pinto before it went on the market in 1970 because production was rushed so the Pinto could be competitive with foreign sub-compacts. Neal asked Copp about similarities between the 1973 Pinto and the 1973 Vega, Gremlin and Dodge Colt.

Copp said no car could withstand a 40-50 mile-an-hour rear impact without fuel leakage. He also said he had testified in previous civil trials involving the Pinto and that the 1973 Vega had as many sharp edges around the fuel tank as did the 1973 Pinto. Copp conceded his earlier estimate of $6.65 per car to upgrade the 1973 Pinto did not include production costs. Energy Seminar GREENCASTLE, Ind. (UPI) More than 100 high school students participated in a day-long seminar on the energy crisis yesterday at DePauw University.

Representatives from the coal and oil industries, the Department of Energy and the Indiana Energy group were on hand to speak to the students and present varying points of view on energy policy. The session was sponsored by Rep. John Myers, R-Ind. A Trike orchestrated recitation titled "The Hostage Prayer" for hostages held in the American Embassy in Tehran. He says writing the piece was no problem, but getting it distributed was: "It was the holiday season and no one wanted to fool with it." So i Boone elected the direct approach: "Finally, I decided to put it on my Lamb Lion label and handle distribution myself We did it from our kitchen.

It was a mom and pop 'operation." Tuesday tidbits: LINDA RONSTADT has been booked for a March 25 concert at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, the first major pop musfe concert there since 4 Dec. 3 appeareance by THE WHO resulted in 11 deaths in a stampede outside the arena BESS TRUMAN, widow of President HARRY TRUMAN, will observe her 95th birthday quietly tomorrow at home in Independence, with a few visitors'. JOHN HUSTON is in NYC after completing work in Atlanta on his new film "Phobia" to promote his New Line release "Wise Blood," costarring BRAD DOL'RIF, HARRY DEAN STANTON and NED BEATTY. RICHARD KILEY is in California, filming JOHN BARRY'S "Angel On My Shoulder" TONY RANDALL is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, directing Ibsen's "The Master Builder" DAVID MERRICK will produce and COWER CHAMPION will choreograph and direct a new Broadway musical "Forty-Second Street," based on the 1933 Warner Bros, movie for a summer try-out engagement at the Kennedy Center in Washington. Next Time He'll Use By DAVID ROHN Earl Carter was stretched out on the sofa in his living room with a section of the New York Times covering his face.

Carter's wife. Rose, pulled the newspaper down over his chest, shook his leg and said, "Earl, are you sleeping?" "Huh?" he replied groggily. "Ah, no, I was just thinking with my eyes closed." "Whatever," Rose said. "Anyway, would you please put your coat on and go out and shovel the driveway so I can get to the store and buy some groceries." "Darling," Earl said, yawning, "how many times have we been through this. You know very well that I'm busy following the situation in Iran and Afghanistan." Too Busy, Too Busy "I know dear," Rose said wearily.

"Last Fall when the leaves needed raking you were tied up with the hostage situation in Iran. When the gutters needed cleaning, you were writing letters to the Ayatollah Khomeini telling him you weren't going to buy any more heating oil for our furnace unless -he let the hostages go. In December you were too busy sending seasons greetings to the hostages to go see your daughter in the Christmas pageant. Last weekend, you were too busy sending protest letters to the International Olympic Committee to fix the stopped up sink." "You don't seem to understand, dear," Earl remarked, "I would love to be out shoveling snow from the driveway. I would love to clean the gutters and unstop the sink.

It was a real sacrifice missing out on my daughter's performance in the Christmas pageant. But, Rose, what you don't seem to understand is, this may be World War III." "I understand that," Rose said patiently. "World War III or not, somehow Ted Kennedy, across the street, managed to get out this morning and shovel his driveway so his wife could go to the grocery." "Are they back together again?" Earl asked. "And Pat Brown, next door, man- Did Yau Two boys about 10 wearing out-sized Army fatigue jackets and "marching" along East 38th Street near Harvest. Two teen-age girls walk out of the restroom of a Bloomington restaurant and leave the door open.

A third girl was still in the restroom. State trooper stop at a red light at U.S. 31 and Southport Road, ignoring the driver in front of him who ran the light. By T. BROWN Cincinnati Municipal Court Judge JACK ROSEN has a problem.

Drunk driving is one thing but how does one handle a drunk cycling case? The judge's problem is RONALD SHEPHERD, who found himself collared by a policeman last September when he hit a curb while riding a bicycle near his home. Shepherd admits he had "more than beer," but says the streets we're clear of traffic and his attorney adds there's no law on the books against drunken pedaling. ftosen says there's never been such a case in Ohio court history and he's postponed thai until March can think it oyer, 1 "I'mmoved' WtnisVlwt not a JOHN BELUSW lotd an. audience at UCLA as he accepted the annual "JACK BENNY Awardfpr excellence in comedy. "Anyway, I had nothing better to do today," said the former star of "Saturday Night Live" as he accepted the award yesterday.

He told the audience he considered the award special because it had been given by students, but received groans when he said he would not. return to the NBC-TV show where he gained fame. "Well, maybe I will return when hell freezes over," he replied. Sick bay: Mohawk actor JAY SIL-VERHEELS, 62, has been bedridden with a combination of illnesses, the Motion Picture and Television Country Hospital at L.A. reported.

Officials said Silverheels is suffering heart and other problems. He was hos- 1.

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