The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1948
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1948 ~ Bank Envisions Inflation Revival St. Louis Federal ., 1*»« r *« Unit Surveys |J/ Business Conditions ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 2. (UP)Th« Federal Reserve Bank of St ixiuis, In a survey of current busl- nw» conditions, today envisioned he revival of "Inflationary forces" m event of "substantially increased military expenditures." In recent weeks a new factor has fh if J he , ecollomlc situation," he board said. "The swift movement of events abroad and the sharp response of the people to Ine charged international situation As a result of these developments the focal point of public attention to a large extent has tended lo shift away from purely domestic economic problems and affaire""" " C ' d °' " lteiaaliollal The board said that the extent to which the business outlook has been altered by the course of events abroad "is not yet clear." "If definite steps are taken toward substantially Increased military expenditures in this country" the board said, "we may see inlla- f ^lonary forces regain some of the ^Jirength that at the moment seems to be declining gradually." Victoria School Rebuilds After Fire in August Repairs on the fire-damaged Victoria school Is expected to be resumed In the near future after being halted for several weeks due to Inclement wea'ther, School Superintendent T. D. Wilklns of Luxora announced today. Construction began last Dcceii)- ber but very little headway has been made due to weather conditions, Mr. Wilkins said. The new section will replace the unit destroyed by fire last August. The annex is expected to be completed in time for the opening of the 1948-49 school year in September, he said, but meanwhile classes are being held dally in the few class rooms and auditorium which were not destroyed by lire and the Negro school building at Victoria. The new class rooms are being ected on the exact location where le old ones stood. Brick work on be new rooms was nearing- completion at the time bad weather halted construction and work on the roof and insidt petitions probably will be next. W. P. Ellis, principal of the Victoria school, stated yesterday that the construction plans call for the erection of a new cafeteria and gymnasium. At the time of the tire the school had no facilities for sports other than outside basketball courts. The cafeteria was destroyed by the blaze. The Victoria school Is In the Luxora School District. BLYTHEV.tLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Arabs Ambush Jewish Convoy ^ The twisted body convoy in Jerusal British were killc o a Hannah filler ,,es near a wrecked armored car after Arab forces ambush a Jewish lem ihe convoy was attempting to evacuate the Old City. At least ItiO Arabs Jews „„< :d during the Easter weekend bloodbaih. ,NEA Radio-Tclephoto > Dewey Speaks In Wisconsin; Raps Truman K» route with Oov. newev tn Wisconsin, A p r || 2 iui>>_'oov ihomns E. Dcwey pressed his cum-' palsn lor Wisconsin's '21 Krnnimg- lal convention voles today with ^i winning acnlnst placing control of the luitlon's foreign policy In the hands of military men "who think only In terms of war." The New York governor couched his warning against military diplomats In a bitter attack on Hie Truman adiulnl.sli-ntlou's bundling ol Intornnlloiml affairs. He will pit his political strength ngHlmt On OoiiRlas MacArliiur and Harold Stassen In tbc Wisconsin primary next Tiirsdny. Speukinn to an overflow crowd at a Milwaukee theater last ulghi Dpwcy said the country Is lacing a "pence crisis" rnlhr-r than a "wni crisis." He said lie was confldcm peace could be eimrmilccd "without war.' Private Fliers Arrange More Morning Hops Members of the Blytheville Pliers Association voted.last night to hold another "breakfast flight" April 11 Senators Okay Education Bill To Assist States WASHINGTON, April 2. (UP) — House backers of a Senate-approved SSCO.OOO.OSO tcricral-aid-lo-crlu- calion bill today gave, it only a SOSO chance of clearing Congress at City Election Judges, Clerks Are Selected Fire-Damaged Western Auto Store Re-opens Tax Bill Veto (Cohllniird from i' ; i, h jj sidcrntlon. He »ho |K>liik-d out tlml H l, M lufn iirtnaiary ID i,v.,imnfi:,t Mili- «UntlHl liitie.iKei In lirinjf |ho ai-me4 f«i-<'ei» <<> Vpropi-r strt'ntlli." Just yrslfrday, Mr. Truman (or. inally iiskfd Congress for $33K. 00«.(HI« In added defense funds ' Mr. Truman's veto lues.'iaxe WHS read by clerks while, he wns at Wil- llnmsbxirt!, Va,, receivin tt an honorary college degree. It was his third veto o[ an in como tux bill. His two previous vo- - toes last year were sustiiln«l bv •I Congross. lint this lime Hcpublicnns in b/i, houses were confident of enou •!> votes to override. They had con.sld- i\ble DeinociHlic supixirt The Inx btwfits would bt tech- tnlty rclroaellve to Jnn. i u ul laxpuyers wouldn'i fee) miy ri'lk'f until May l when u>d\icc'd with- 'Idln.S rates would become effective. Wut next year when Inxpayeis ""' ai-oinul to filing n, c i,. p J4li hl ue tax rcluriifl thuy will receive from mnrrleti couples In mlddlo income bracket* In Hie 3« non-communltv property states, . • . 4. Provide n 12.S per-ceiil cut 1/1 Incomt tax* ,«,«,,., 74 per cent cut on that part'* come tuxes betnteen 000; and 5 per 4nt •— **5~ v^vy^A^-. j-^ ^ ^^ and accepted an invitation to u;n nv a similar flight to Osceola April 18. At the pilots club's monthly meeting last night in the Ply-inn at the the legislation faces its biaces' ""US 1P !L *&- l :.?. c me " !bers ac -1 ?. nrd l? '.» thc Ho »^ Labor commit-' Toda v marked the official onon- IIIB ol Hie Western Auto Associate Store. :in W. Main, which 1ms been closed for two months because of fire damnBe suffered January 31. W. A. Allllck, mmiaRer of Ihe local store, said Iliat the ne« tllythevllle appliance store hat been constnictod exactly as managing ofliccrs desired, mid wns set ,,„.„„„ „ , , , , , , 1 l| l> as a model store tor this riis- Com • p ,, ''' " lCk " 1 1<J ' ll10 lricl - «'""-•" !'"« headnum-leis In Counts Election Commission to I Memphis. The store has beni mod- Rep. Edward O. McCowen, R.. O.. ; a "f author of a similar iDciisure. said M.TIV at the Municipal Tuesday were announced election here to- ccpted an invitation extended by Dr. George Cone of Osceola to make the flight to the South Mississippi Polling places will be City for the First Ward. Ciooriycii'r Hall Ser- tec. If it gets out of committee he s aid, it should pass the House. „„,,,,- ., -- ..,.,,,.. "Am< we figure it. has about a County seat 5 new Municipal Air- 50-50 chance ol setting out ol comport as guest of a group of avatlon i mittee." he told a reporter enthusiasts'who are planning or-1 The measure, approved' bv l'u- ganizatioti of a fliers club there. The BPFA.S Breakfast Flight Committee will decide the dcstinat- ion of the April 11 flight, which will be made April 28 it the weather unfavorable on the earlier date. -.., Sen.ite late yesterday bv a vole of 58 to 22, would put a SM floor un- . r- vice Store. 410 west Main, for the Second Ward, and Kirc Station No 2, moo West Main for the Third Ward. The following were named election Judges clerks: First \Vard--Judges. Mrs Earl Buckley. Worth n. Holder, Bryant for dent lion. EV , t u i"n"u "u"' " """" Fede ral grants w-ould range from "nest Halsell has been appointed [ $5 a pupil in financially well-fixed to the Arkansas Air Tour Committee ! states up to $25 in poorer states. neT and L. S. HartMfr ana C. V. Scbauh j Every child between the aces of wcie named to the local committee, live and 11 would be counted in figuring federr.l contributions. 1,. G. Keltaci Livestock which will handle arrangements here for the 1048 Air Tour, a nationwide avation event, it was announced last night. It also wa.s Rnnoiinced that signs are being placed at the airport! ST LOUIS NATIONAT i-rnr* warning motorists that driving cars! YARDS 111 Anrii 2 inpV TJi?™ on the airport runways ramp and' iivoi i kun —IUOUA) _. taxi-ways is now prohibited bv the I «„« o rm- in ,-m, ' ,, Bcn J" lni " •""»• Charles R. Penn;' s^^€= ; l=f^^^^^'-^^- m ' tresDawine cnargea with Thursday's average; spots 75c low- ! r«*L I- c- ^ „.., . trespassing. ^^ fr . hghtcr wcighLs S() . to 75c ]mm , j Catholic Sister Killed " 25 to 50c lower. Bulk good and In Automobile? Ar-rirlnnf p iso in nn iK r .n^= 0.1. ... • «"«wiit xt.tiaeni iditca- .Clerks, Mrs. R. n. stout, ; Thompson Jr.; a I termites Francis, Charlie Alford. Second Ward—Judges, J. c;. Baris. Wllllnm Scruggs, J. T. Sud- jbury; altenialcs. Mrs. Hni-iv Uninos [James Terry, M, s . W.. J. "wuiidcr- hcli. Clerks. Mrs. C. W. Afflick, .1. Louis Cherry; alternates lx>y H Welch, C. C.. Redman. Third Ward—Jiitlgc-s, Mrs \\' L Homer, o. c. Pafforri, Bill Godwin' alternates. Mrs. William Williams' C. S. Lemons. Walter . ernised. ncw lines of stocks added tuid a new arrnngemcnt of stocks made to facilitate shopping. The Western Auto store, which hns operated in Illythcvllle for more than ten years, re-opened today with llie -same personnel thai operated the store when it was forced out of business by the early- morning fire, cfuiscri by n faulty heating unit, last .lamrnn 1 31. Construction work on the new buildin}; was huiidled by Ben While and Suns, and wns completed In less than two months even though Western Auto oftlcinls had esli mated that Uie stoic would hnvc to remain closed for six months. Charles T, Co/emon 111 In Hospital in Memphis Gale Jury Acquits Man Accused In Rape Case A jury in the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County Circuit Court! today found Vernon Ray of Blytheville no; guilty of a charge of "rape. The verdict was .returned shortly before the noon recess. Ray was accused by » Manila housewife of. criminally attacking her in Febru-i ary after picking her up at the bus station here. The husband of the woman who •accused Ray attempted to attack him In court this morning but was ^restrained by officers. The trial be- ^gnn yesterday afternoon. ' In other action this morning the | court disposed of six cases appealed from Municipal Court. A jury re- Versed one lower court decision and .four other cases were dismissed on ; motion of the city. Jack Wells was found not guilty by a jury of volun-1 . tarily entering into an affray. The canes dismissed follow: M c Robinson, driving while under the m ol uitile Rock, noti- . carrier lor the Civil | Aeronautics Administration, showed I three films on weather to the club following the business session. Blinding Sun Blamed for Crash on Chickasawba trucks were damaged but 2i a M: n8 270- a 3 2 00 3 'lb^ 0 i™oA b n S 50- l ^ D e°w ! (m^Fun^*' A '' k " Al "" 2 ~ 1075- 160-170 Ibs 2075 211(1 no ' , '~, tllneial services wen- bcini; Sya ?2WEssj WU-SK-I tH no one was injured yesterday after- to make a market. Odd head steers.! Colemon Charles T. Colenuin, former Little Rock attorney who has resided with his son nt Osceola since hts retirement several ycnrs ago, wns In Hap, tist Hospital in Memphis today fol- Day. Clerks,! lowing an emergency appendectomy. ~ " Mrs. Ciiarlcs Coicman, his dnllgh- tcr-in-liiw, said today that Mr. Coleninn's condition last night was improved but that he was still "very sick," The younger Mr. Coleman «'iu In Memphis today with his father, who will be 79 tomorrow. M)-. Colemnn's condition became critiral when peritonitis resulting from a gangrenous appendix set In. Mrs. Coleman snld. He entered the hospital Saturday. Mr. Coieman Is the author of much of Arkansas' highway legislation drafted during the past 20 years. About a year and a half ago. lie underwent all oye operation that relieved blindness that forced his retirement from law practice. Street mid Ghickasawba Avenue. Mrs. Greenway was driving West unusual dull Friday clean up trade. ' cott and went out A tew good cows 21-:>2; common and . tinned over several Mrs. Greenway was driving West evv gnocl co *' s 21 -32; common and . when the accident occurred about me<hl "» beef cows 14-17; a few light, 4:45 p.m., officers said. She told shclly ra '">r r s 12-13. ! of conltol. times. them she was and did not blinded by the sun see Mr, Province's Read Courier News Want Ads - $35 Bond Forfeited e " ! Unab Thompson forfeited a $M.25 ^ bond In Municipal Court tills morn- j ing when ho tailed to appear to j answer a charge of driving while I under the influence of liquor. truck, they reported. The front end : of the truck she was driving was' smashed and lighter damage result-| ed to the olher truck, a police report said. No arrests were made. Influence of liquor; Sam W. Rhodes, violation of the garbage fee ordinance; C. L. Jones, disturbing the peace; and w. C. Morcland, disturbing the peace. The case of Bob Means, charged with selling whiskey on Sunday, was continued for the term. TENNIS SHOES By B. F. Goodrich for Boys and Men —also— O Fine Selection of Canvas Sport Shoes In Whites and Tans $2^5. $^95 MARTIN & BOYDSTON "Everything for Men and Boys" KILOWATT KITE FLYEKS ARE ALWAYS SAFETY-WISE , THEY STAY CLEAR OF lECTKIC WIRES AND FLY IN OPENSMES! Reddy Kilowatt Soys-— HAVE FUN But Please PLAY SAFE! v>1 •• 1. Use dry cotton string only. 2. Don't fly kites near electric wires. 3. Don't climb pole* to recover kites. 4. Don't use metal or wire on kites. Ark-Mo Power Co. cfunds from the „ rn lax dicy may have oxt Jan. 1 in May 1. Mr. Timimn hnmmcml igiilnsl cut tint; taxes now. "If I endorsed lax ri'duullon iiuvv "'""'I'm thai, to do so , VOU | <( t,; ill likelihood mean Increased tnxi's year, I would not be deullni', " i.."in".nii in i 1 ^- •icate ii.sdf frnm a deficit this yen- 'V charging $3.0:0,000,000 of IfH!) Mpcjidlturcs under the European •ecoveiy program against 1948 Iev . 'nnes. "»;it (he fuels cannot be obscuv- •d by the Usual sleight of hand bv vhH'h n prospective deficit !„ |p.|'g s made lo appear as a sin-plus." I his bill would undermine Die roundness of our Bovmnncnl II- ituures at a time when world pence Icpcnds upon the slrcngtli of tim Jiijted Slates," the President said, '•or these reasons nnd-thc fm-t that tiic bill is not compatible "with he reiimremctus of the critical in', tcrnnltonnl sIliiKlon." he could n|>provc the measure, Mr. Nil Tux fills In 20 Vriim I he bill would Klvc the American a.\PiOcrs their (list major natiomil "come tux cut In almost 2 rj year; t would wipe. 1.4UO.OOO taxpayer* from tii,. federal tax rolls, n would give roller to 45.OOQ.otX) olhers House Speaker Jo.v,.ph W. Mnrilri. 11'., did not think the Intmmtioml situation would lose support for i "x cut. ire predicted the veto would le overridden, 'T believe we have the money In ncet defense needs, make a Inx cut and still pay U n (i, 0 national debt " lie s.iid, A two-thirds afflr:.'!i[!!ve cole of )olh house;; Is necessary to override a veto, ff t], c house voles by Ivvo-lhlrds to override the President. then the senate will act. Mr. Truinnn vetoed two Republican tr.x bills Iqst year. One vclo was .muinwl It, Ihe House aii-i the oilier in the Senate, Bui tha situation this time was different I'hc bill would make these major changes in the present tax law; I. Increase personal exemptions roill tin; pil-scnt $5(X> lo tfiCO. 2.. Cili-e mi additional SOM) exemption to persons 65 and older and o the Ijjjiul. 3. Exknd (o man-led couples In nil staLcs the privilege of splUlln',' their income for tax purnoses. This would :nean a substantial saving ;o Pianos \Vi<lo select ion of models and prices on diir floor nil the time Piano Tuning And rcpitir by an cxperl. (.'.'ill trs for service thai salisfies Music Instruments A complete line of music in- slnimenls and supplies. From a pick lo a bass violin Recordings Lei us make perniiincnl records of your voice and music. • Radio Repair • Sheet Music • Radios - Records BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 K.'Main 1'hnoc 811 '3CS d~NI at Dr«ifus Community Community-. 1, guaronU* *f. v«l««. 52 pice* tWyk* fw • «n foiu lovely JMMWM. "MlUdy," "IWy Hamilton,*' "Coronation" «n4 "Morning Star." TO SERVE WITH AMERICA'S FINEST siiiil. IIml after cousideilug up us mndi« by coimrcss to dntc and the additional tax re- uiuls wliL-1, woiil,! omir „„,,,.,. ])|ls 1)111. the nation will h, C p a deft. >• in liscul ycnr 19.19 p vci , undur ,,,. more optimistic I'sllmaics of revenue used by ihe congressional com. mittee.s." _He^ said Congress propmcd to ex- SILVERPLATE Cr. 0(e d by poin,laki ng >il erpl o , 0 £roh%men lo enhance your g'ociouj able Choo.e f-on, ou , e, quitl , e pot , n , by Amen •to'i leading mqno at»ur e ,, • tilvo,p| 0 » 0 ond ,j erplalod Hollowore. Be a tu red of »h. f lne . 1847 Rogers SILVERPLATE t£j7C fc - r '° Duwn America'l flnost tUvarofat*. 52 piec« torvico for S Chooio from four «x- qui»it« part*rnt. "Remembrance," "FlnlLove," "Eternally Youn" and "Adoralibn." Ch«.t Included. ^iS^v?; M.' 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