The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE TWO NEWS Society Calendar Mrs. A, T.. Clear having a bridge „. . -, Mrs. Murray 1 Smart and Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon entertaining al the home of Mrs. Smart. Gfrl. Scout banquec at Woman's club. Chib Has Gu«ls. Mrs. Flippin . Whitner and Mrs. W. D. Chamblin jr., were suesis o! Mrs. Everett B. Gee Thursday when she also entertained the luncheon club which meets on that day. Her apartment had zinnias an- i.zo£os in low bowls and tlie two small iluhcheoh tables had centerpieces 61 iJptnfc rosebuds ( v K In' the =bridg^ games wliidi fol- flowed the serving of a lifa ilis. Otto Kochtilzky wcr "tlie prize.' It -.was two wcdjcivoat ;. 'statuettes. ' . D Miss Estner Ostrov of Yazoo rfCity, Miss., and William Sklar. ot TLviilse, Miss., were united in mar'•flags Sunday evening at Vlcksburg J'Miss., with Rabbi Koury p?rform- !<'ing the ceremony. ^ Th2 bridi, who Is t'n-2 niece ol r Joe, Jack and Philip Applebaum of "this city, has, visited here a Jium- "bsr of times. She received her lat- education at. Scphie N'ewcomb ' - . * college,' New Orlsans, and 7 spent much time traveling. * . Mir. Sklar is a merchant of Lou^is=, Miss., where they will make w thetr home after a honeymoon In -St. Louis. later ts Bride-Elect. ^. Miss Madge Hawkins, whos; np- i- proachiiig marriage to EdivJn Jones ". has been the inspiration for s>v~ cral social affairs, was guest of £ honor for a party given last cve- ,; ninjr. by Mrs. W: Marion Williams !•- for m-en^bers of the r: Sunday -school class of the First £ Baptist 'church. 1. • The 22. present embroidered fea r towels, each working her own r name. Ttese were presented ths ";.bride-el«iwn'o3c'inafriags will take " place Monday;. J"' A_jjlate !iinc!i was -served. * ••-Gill jt. &i'carrylrig out" ths'o'bservnnc-. u. of National Girl Scout week tho ;-, Ohip-p2'wa ; patroi'^eritertiiffied the ;-. Oriole v patrol and members of the ^ scout; ccmmlltoa, Mesdamps R F •-• Klrsliner, A. M. Washburi), Clar r- ence - Wilson and Charles "\Vylk Z. and:5,nsg Mary Emma Hood, troop ••; captain, with a dinner last 2Vc- ;v ning at the Woman's club, i. A. black and'orange color motif -t -was attractively shown in ths black |" bowls of marigolds w!:lch liiisil tbc c- two. tables, in the bronze' chrysan- ;-• themnmsUrid Ilillbwc'on cups. ,> two coursi! menu was served the 20 present. After dinner ghosl stories' were told as ihe scouts weri gatliercd about the large open lire plac3. * * * Class Has Party. There were 19 present for the party of t!:c Fideiis Sunday school class of the First Baptist church last evening at the home of Mrs. W. O. Max a ell. In a contest Mrs. Nora Amos won first honors. Qames were In keeping with tli; Ifnllowc'cn spirit and several guwis, dressed In appropriate costumes, led the students. .The r.oitesses, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. C. R. Robertson and Mrs. HerlKrt Turner, served pumpkin pie lopiied «4lh whipped cream, candles nnd coffee. EUZl'liun IPS Annual ['arty. Tile Euzcllan Sunday schcol class 3f the First mpllst church had Its •Jini.-al party for husbands of mein- x;rs evening in toe ssclal Mom of the church. The 22 present, were servt-ct n -.veiner supper with pumpkin .pic for dessert, Mrs. Charlfs S. Lemons is the :eacher of this group. Bonnie J IJiiehannn and Sue program HI by Rnmey. wriv given. Winifred Crawford plajitl :i pinno iiumter. The concluded ii-itl) a ialk ' Bugg. Club Kiilntafned. Mrs. M. O. Usrey wss liaUaw la 11)3 Jfi(i-W-;'k BridKC dill) TllHi-j-- day Jo- tl:t weekly luncheon mid bi-ldgf snm" Mrs, R, E. OarlliiH- tcn of Scaroy, Ark., who has b?on ti;c liouseau:-sl of Mrs. B. A. Lyncli, an;l Mrs. J. W. CoL-hmn, were ijui'sls. Yellow chrysanthcnnims f:r:ncd the cciifiiiii'CL- for the !iiiH-i:i'o:i table. A t\™ course menu was .s:-i-ved at one o'clcck. In the card games t'vo hotnaii niil Elands were awarded Mrs. O. P. Moss. • * • I),iu{litrr liirn. Tbc Rev. and Mrs. Aubrey lloo:!. formerly of Steele, Mo., and now of this city, ai-a [i-ireuts of a rlauah- tcr Ijorn Sunday. O;t-jber 9. Tlic parents and baby ;\K now at Hie lioniE uf the Rov. Mr. Hocd'a parents. Mr. and Mrs. II. H. 3Joo;l. Have liililc Study. . Thj_ women of the Church oi Christ tludiwt "Sampson and t'-e Girl Scouls Have Philistines" in a study group which An AiseraWy I'ro^riini "• lct w cdnos:lay altcrnoon nt the Girl Scouls of troop'l, the senior h °" !c 0( Mrs ' Hownr(l G111 - Mrs. »lgh troop. Ihe Central Ward troop J?' Rnrf t*-t> .liminr h(/»l, *-^«.. _ J'le and tiie Junior high troop, gavo ., program in assembly Wednesday far "Thrift Day" In the observance of National Girl Scout Week. The motto, promls; and slo<»;»ii y.-ei- raprasM by all the scouts.' o'f Virginia Little played a piano solo. This wns followed with an ox- plnnntloii of the laws with th^e girls taking part: Earllns Damsn- Enunaljc I'agc, Ruby Ncll Q--]c Olendoln McLeocl. Altix Pny-slTn- mons. Minnie [, 5 e Lsugctl. Mary Eunice Lsyssn, Elizabeth t \ m \vil- son, Bonnie Jean. Buc.innaii and Eula Jucid. Playlets, written by Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered Phono 7-1 : fiufearian Buttermilk 15c Ql. Go to Church Suntlay COATS iMarvdous vnhnjs in Dvcss Coats, shown iu all .the new materials, including Crepe Siu-dc and Diagonal U'oulcns. Beautiful flic collar^, some \vith 1'uv mil's ami ytlier niodcI.S; witli plain cuffs and I'm- trimii sleeves. $16.50 and $19.50 GO'ATS in solid colon; with fir.- trinnniug, 'and Twcci) Mixtures with fur collars. These coats may be "iirspoi-t, swagger o models. $16.50 A Beautiful Selet'tion of POLO COATS Shown in popular shuks — N a v y, Brown anil Tan— and Miss Whitsitt's Shop m ,' - T! "' rc n '" s U made performed the ceremony j^t gat- .Snaffurd-C'a|iley Tlic marl-la?.; O f Miss Ciiplcy and bran SwaffordT'both 11 of Steele, Mo., occurred here Sat- • "iday. The J. Blufford Cald- wcll ]:erfonned Ihe rites Haytt Society—Personal Caruthersville Society-—Personal Miss Agnes ingrain and Thomas Davis, both of Liuora. were unil"d In marriage Saturday Ijy Justice K. L. Kliotlos. The Senior B. Y. P. U. of the First, Baptist church enjoyed a winner at, xhc Dixie Park Mru. Sharon J. Patu, the week in Tmilon, Teiin. the fiiwst of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wyatt, Mrs. Wyatt lieing a former itsldent of this city. near Keniictt Tuesday evening. i Each member Invited a guest. 1 Little Miss ' Barbara Buckley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. .__l|I Buckley, celebrated her sixth birth- Sunday aUcrneon with a party nM lhcrc w=rc present. Litt ceived many little girls Miss Buckley re- gifts from her friends who iS>i".ed her many more Sam J. Corhett sr., attended to "''l P ,f " rUllla >* 1 Miss Mary Davis entertained business Thursday in Poitagevilie, Mo., Aimaunccirent wns made of the marriage of Miss Morgan, of Joinor, Ark., mid ttub- • i •" —•. in 11* tVU'J' en Montgomery, of Caruihersvillc Mo. The wedding took jjlace in tills city Saturday with Justice P. W. Holt paying the ceremony Uccil-Fishcr Miss Jane Fisher, of Morehousc, Me., and Max Rccti. of Slkeston, Mo., were united in marriage here Ml ' s- IjOUlsc Ttrror of I.os Ana: rived in this city ffl &**. Calif.. a few days ago, where she expects to visit for approximately i number of licr mentis with a birth- Iday party n t lisr home Saturday I afternoon, the occasion being her I twelfth birlliday. The Hallowe'en motif was carried out In the dcco- pcuis 10 visit lor approximately r , tin , n", . , two months. She will be the guest ™ t '°" s - lh °« t> r ««' 1 * er « Mlss <? of a. son, Leo Terror, two sisters ! Y cra Mae "'"• JmKK M<=Bcraiotl \r r * /-;„,.....(., n..„<.!.... i ijj.g I Auna Laurie Schumacher, Marjorle Mrs. Georgia Buckler, and Bettie Anderson, nnrt other lives while here THURSDAY, OCTQRER y, li)32 Cliartes MattlicH'S of Sikestoii was tlie guest of Miss Juanlta Prove Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sullivan attQiidcJ to business in Memphis Tuesday 'evening. Charles Jobs of Chaffee was the guest of friends here Sunday after- weekend here visiting Dr. and Mrs. j ur Mrs. Lon Rldcl, of her ,. c ] a .''Toehil, Hnrriet Suibbs, Huth Bird, - , Wanda Lewis, and Penui J Hall and James Shelly, Jack Saturday. The Rev. 1' pastor of Hie First church, ix-rformed (tie Q. norlc. Mctlioillst ceremony. The marriage of Miss Louise i Biycims tint! R. J. Hodge, of Oos-1 ncll, took Hlacc In lhl:> city Mon-1 sc"'ic c day. The Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pas- ' Wall." tor of the lake Street Methodist cliurch, performed the ceremony. Rev. Reben fo Preach at Huffman TI'.T Rev. Houert Chisholin. elder, of tlie Sccoml Baptist Church, will preach at Huffman Sunday. His subject in tlic morning will be •What is « Christian"; evdiiii'i "The .handwriting on the Beer Drops Off ' T!\e national consumption In England has dropped Williams-Wallace Announcement lias ucen made IL1 *"'t;"»iiu H.IS un.j'iJiu iiwui.iv,- snip, ienii.. ., the mnrrliujo of , Miss Lillian \ 402,000 barrels in 1924 to 18.135.000 court house Wailacc and George Williams, both I in 10M, judging by the quantity and 7:30 p. (his city. The Rev. W. Walters'brewed. ' " • Friendship Minister Mtees Maronrei Ifill. Slua nug- gar, Milircd Popham ami Virginia Sanders spent the weekend in Illmo, MO., as Hie guests of MUs Hill's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hill. Wilfred P,U'e of Komiett, was tlie guest of Dcward McDonald Tues- Ho\vard O'Ronrkc is ill. J. C. Morstadt made u business to Memphis Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. J. Travis and the formerfc mother, Mrs. Betty Travis spent the day in Cairo Sunday. Mrs. Anna Pinnlgan of Tuba OJtla., who is visiting her silter Mrs. B. H. Dewtese liert, ipeni Tuesday in Kcnnett, visiting Mr and Mrs. Clay Simcr. Ancil Ubanks of Kennett visited friends here Monday evening. Mrs. John AUup and daughters Jewell and Laura Belle are visHins their husband and father, John Alsup, who is In the Frisco hospital at St. Louis. He underwent an operation Wednesday. Edward Allen of Fruitlamj, Tenn is the guest of his cousin, MLis AI- lie Holt, this week. He arrived Tuesday. John Berry of Sikesion visited a few hours with Mr. and Mrs EJ Jennings Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. R. p. Oreenwell and children attended to business in Memphis Monday. Little Ralph Lee Holt, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Holt, is ill this week. Mesdames H. T. Byars Jr., J. S. West fall, Ward Dorris, and Miss Irene Hagg&manh niotol-ed to Kcn- nett Tuesday Mrs. Dorris attended a bookkeepers rneeting - while the other, ladies shopped. , . Miss Mary Sue -Rhodes spent the BUC5t W ' ,, . ft, , Ro >'- w , homi; Kl " csd ' Charleston a few ( Mesdames T. A Ray and children'»„.,„ „ end at Ray's camp „ '' le «' 3! *Ford. Their husbands H nI " B ' J " Sunday. *" )cll '«l them :T1ie .Woman's Mlsslo-n of the Baptist church he al- Service program at of Mrs. D. B. Hayes afternoon, with tw< present. Those who ITOK tlie program were MesdarneV s r Ncthwy, Mable Burress, jT, ^ son, T. P. Gincm. Frank vw"' E. D. Walter! Mr. Fry. A V si?' dors, D. Winters and W. T cm Mr. and Mrs. II. B. Mas?. -' entertained as their wek ) eucsts the. former's parents \Y, and Mrs. H. J. Ma.sfcrson of' c^ Giravdeau. . m The Woman's Missionary 'ii nton ot the Methodist church m," a the home of Mrs. Lee Spencer with Mrs. Roy WYrfck acting as hostess. Mrs. Ray Ballard was In charge of the missionary-prosrain assisted by Mesdames J. W Gold' will ^ ? otchpr ' aild Sherman hill. Mrs. Leroy whitncr appoint- f i a c ° mm l"ee for the "oompah" which is to be held Saturday at 'he Don-Is building. . Thc Popular New PERMANENT Fully Guaranteed ELAINE BEAUTY SHOt phone 43 to Preach Here Sunday .The Rev. J. E. Green, of Friend- ip'. Tenn., will preach at the court house Sunday at 11 a. m; and 7:30 p. m. for the local con- ; gregatlon of the Church of Christ. Bargains for Friday, Saturday and Monday Standard lirund. No. 2 Cm\ Can SOAP G. 10 Uars 23c TOMATOES No. 2 Standard 4 Cans 2Sc Springbrook Always Fresh Lb. 19c 10 Lbs 42c Potatoes Red Trurnph Peck 27c Cobblers peck 19c Can ",c Small Can L'i .lug V IT mini I Maid Syrup iiiui l?ox L 1 . C. I'ancako Flour for Pillshury's lii'si 2l-Lh. Sack FLOUR CAKE I'ond Kaeh Old Kushion-lrtC ed Kind. I.b.iU GINGHt ALE CHERRIES Case 81 Aa 2 Hot tics For I'ies Can PEACHES No. 2 1-2 C;vn Each Marshmailows 2J lb. Bos and 3 Toasting Forks for 29c Oranges Califo ™ a Valencias CAULIFLOWER SS",'S. jjMaeaeanmTnrrngggM Pure Lard Armour's Star Centt!i- Slices, •>•![ Whole or lliilf 50-lb. Can $2.95 ILb.lC%c_ ""P.ACON ... Sliced (Jo'orf (Juality Lb. 12'/ 2 c _ SPARE RIBS ]'lcn(\- ( >r Meat U)/G'/ 2 c VEAL ROAST c I'. S. Inspected Thick Uili. I'omul 14c SALT MEAT Finest Sides Pound 6ic Now—you can "cake flour" quality for everything you bake OMEGA S PONCE CAKE. Flour has everything to do with tfus cake. On-.cga bakes it iritH olmosl angci food delicacy. &nJ /or lhc Omega recipe if joti da not hai-c a choice one now. Biscuits, cakes, muffms.-watTles, cookies ; ^. all your-favorite bakirig recipes will improve with Omega's "cake flour" quality. And you can afford it for everything you bake. Despite the fact that Omega is warranted to be equal or superior to the highest grade "cake flour," YET OMEGA COSTS ONLY-HALF AS MUCH. 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OMHG.-V ROW M" T c OMTGA PAJKER Hot-si;. Try jour /iUnrilr rt-n/v — torn.,,' Om-.^a. Or jcr.J for mr scsK,} r c .j/-.:. O/r^j.! quality u ill t»i"r -<-:v. :l..!-.j.t .•;: toihcsciolk. MEjCA PUREST iof// SOFT \VHEA1 THE HIGHEST "CAKE FLOUR" QUALITY AT HALF "CAKE FLOUR" COST

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