Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 9, 1985 · 38
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 38

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1985
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) 38 SPOUTS TV WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9. 1985 LINCOLN, NE, JOHH Davis' agent wants special NFL draft By The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) - Mike Trope sees little difference between Roosevelt Snipes and Kenneth Davis, except that the National Football League allowed Snipes to go through a supplemental draft while, for now, it is closing the door on Davis. Davis, Texas Christian University's star running back, was one of seven players suspended on Sept. 20, one game into the 1985 season, when it was determined they had taken illegal cash payments from boosters. Davis said in a Wednesday Dallas Morning News story that his payments amounted to $18,000. Now, he wants to play in the NFL. "I'll be in shape next year, but I want to play now," Davis said Tuesday after he and Trope met for 75 minutes with NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle to present their case for a supplemental draft. .The league has a rule prohibiting a player from playing in both college and professional games in the same season. Trope reiterated Tuesday that he' plans to take the NFL to court to force it to conduct a supplemental draft for : Davis if Rozelle refuses to grant one. ; Snipes was a Florida State running back who, in a supplemental draft this summer, was picked in the eighth round by the San Francisco 49ers. He remains' 'unsigned. ! "Roosevelt Snipes was allowed, to go 'professional through a supplemental 'draft," Trope said. "He had only com-jplcted three years of college. He had not gotten to his fourth year. He was 21 years old. He was kicked out of school. ! "Kenneth Davis, on the other hand, is 23 years old. He is a fifth-year senior." ' According to Florida State, Snipes actually sat out a year of school after being graduated from high school, then attended junior college for a year, then transferred to Florida State for his sophomore and junior years before flunking out His senior year in college would have been his fifth beyond high school ! "In my opinion," Trope said, "it is totally arbitrary to say that Roosevelt Snipes could be allowed a supplemental draft because he got kicked off the team on time and that Kenneth Davis made the big mistake of getting kicked off five days too late," after the Horned Frogs had played a game this year. "We are going to use the Roosevelt Snipes situation to show that a precede ent has been set," Trope said. Trope said he had asked Rozelle whether, from a moral standpoint, he felt Davis should be able to play in the NFL immediately, "and he said yes, but that the real question was whether or not they could get around this particular rule." " ' -V--.' ''''T Joe Browne, the league's director of communications, denied that Rozelle had said that. "There would be no point having the meeting if his mind was already made up, which is what this implies," Browne said. " The provision barring a collegian from playing in the NFL in the same year he has played in college is known around the league as the Red Grange Rule, named after the Illinois halfback who in 1925 signed with the Chicago Bears and played for them on Thanksgiving Day, right after his final college game. "I can't think of any other cases since then," Browne said, "but it's very possible that other guys have Called over the years and said, 'Hey, I just dropped out of school after four games,' and we said, 'No, we have rule that says so-and-so,' and in a less litigious society they said, 'All right, I'll wait until the draft.' " In the Dallas Morning News story, "Davis said football coach Jim Wacker was wrong in suspending him. , The newspaper, in a copyrighted story published in Wednesday's editions, reported Davis' payments began with $1,000 when he signed a national letter of intent in 1981 and ended in August 1985 with a $400 payment. "I didn't know it was wrong when they were paying me the money " Davis told the newspaper. "I thought it went along with the package. All the colleges that recruited me offered me money. Mr. (Dick) Lowe paid me the money. "He was on the board of trustees of TCU, so I thought it was OK to take the money. In alL I got about $18,000, give or take" a little. Where did it go? Good question. I have $30 in my pocket now," Davis said. In another report, television station WFAA reported that Davis estimated he had been paid $23,000 during his years at the Fort Worth school. From page 35 Iba Devaney said he called Iba. "He told me that he did not supervise practice. He Ed he only came in to conduct the rkout, which is OK. 'From what I have heard, I believe it tapes are very inconclusive. I'd go land of slow in accusing him (Iba) on the basis of the sounds of a basketball bouncing and some voices, one of which may or may not have been his. You would be blasting a man's reputation on the basis of something that may not be legally admissable. Moe says he was not coaching. That's the only thing I have to go on at this time," Devaney said. Only NCAA basketball teams are limited to the Oct 15 practice starting date. NAIA teams Doane, Kearney State, Wayne State, Midland, Concordia, Cha-dron and others have no practice starting limits and have already begun practicing. Three Big Eight games set By The Associated Press ' The Big Eight conference football season officially gets under way Saturday With six Big Eight teams playing conference games. Nebraska will travel to Stillwater for a contest against Oklahoma State, while Missouri will travel to Colorado and Kansas will play at Iowa State. Kansas State has an open date this Saturday, while Oklahoma will meet Texas at Dallas. Here are updates on the Big Eight teams' player and practice status: ! Iowa State: Coach Jim Crlner, angered By the Cyclones' ploy In a 20-17 loss to rake last week, has threatened to bench some starters It that's what it takes to get his team back on track. Crlner said the list df endangered starters Include quarterback Alex Esplnoza, who is the eighth-leading passer In school history despite playing In only 12 games. Missouri: Missouri's second-leading receiver, tight end Joe Close, who started Missouri's first four games and caught 11 passes for 153 yards, will miss the Tigers' game against Colorado Saturday with a sprained ankle. Coach Woody Widenhofer said senior Pat Thetford will take Close's spot in Boulder. Kansas State: Coach Lee Moon was Impressed with the Wildcats' practice, but injuries knocked three players out of action for at least a few days. Defensive tackle Curtis Hughes broke a thumb, fullback Greg Strahm sprained an ankle and quarterback David Ast suffered a knee Inlury. Kansas: Two of the Joyhawks1 starters who hove been out of the line-up with injuries are expected to play Saturday as the Javhawks' open their Big Eight season at Iowa State. Safeties Marvin Mattox and Wayne Ziegler, who both suffered knee sprains, "are back to 100 percent," said Coach Mike Gottfried. Best bets Baseball Playoff St. Louis Cardinals at Los' Angeles Dodgers, 7 p.m. OC) .mil Pilot Jeana Yeager prepares for a non- stop, around' flight nlan ' (B) Channels repares for a non- i -j lop, unrefueled tNr! - Tt round-the-world I I ight on "Smithso- ' v X lan World." 7 p.m. V' S ' H Lincoln TV NBC Omaha CBS Omaha ABC Omaha Ind Albion CBS Lincoln ETV Lincoln (cc) Hearing captions Wednesday prime time, Lincoln Details In log Program subject to station changes 111 7:00 p.m. I 7:30 I 8:00 1 8:30 9:00 ' 1 9:30 10:Q0 Il0:30p.m; QCD 8astmll Piyoffs: Kansas City at Toronto New Tonight QCB StirCrety ' 1 Charlie iCo. iGoorgoBurno Equalizer News Enter.Tonlghl Qd) tnoioVi Dynasty Hotel Newa Taxi OUD Puttin'On I It's a . f2y Angel thy - . ' WKHPIn Love the Hits 1 Living .'. Cincinnati Connection GD3D SttrCrsty Charlie &Co. j QeorgeBurno Equelizor , News Bamey Miller Smithsonian World The Booth .. . iMurrayand Bueinese Yes, Minister ' s - Arleno Report Movie Ratings: 4 Outstanding: 3'i Exeellent;3 Very Good; 2Vi Good; 2 Fair, 1 Poor Wednesday evening 6:00 5:05 5:30 (BO News DukMOf Hazard . Jeopardy 3-2-1 Contact (eel - KSHDiff'rent Strokes ESP SporuLook USA Cartoons CBN Name That Tune v TMCMovi.3: 10" 11979) Dudley Moore. 8o Derek 'R' NSHVIdeocountry WGNJefforaone LI r Richard Simmons A&E Fame Is the Spur TBS Andy Griffith I NBC News ICE CBS Newa . I ABC News (oe) Doctor Who 2JKSH Good Time ESPAerotte CNN Showbiz Today CBN Green Acres HB0Movle2Vi: Breakin' " (1984) Lueinds Dickey. AdolfO Qulnones 'PG' NSHOpry Tributes ' JWGNWKRP In Cincinnati LIF It Figure DISOaie ft. Harriet TBS Carol Burnett - Wheel of Fortune ' . am Jeopardy 35 Star Trek 5:35 6:00 KSH Merit and Mlndy lESPSportsCanter iCNNMoneyllne USA Radio 1980 CBN Eddie's Father ' SHO Honeymooneis NSH You Can Be A Star IW6N Barney Miller UP Mother's Dav AM Great Detective : DISMovM: "Monkey's Uncle" (19651 Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello 6:05 TBS Mery Tyler Moore 6:30 flGD Tom Oabomo Three's Company Price la Right Wheel of Fortune KSH Privete Benjamin ESP Major league Sees- ball sGnafst Hits Classy cable "Fred Astalrei Put-tin' On His Top Hat," highlights the career of the dancer at 8 p.m. on CDKSH CNN Crossfire USADrognet CBN Don't Eat The Daisies NSH Fandango WGN Benson LIF Every Beby Knows 6:35 TBS Senford and Son 7:00 OG3J Btssball Playoffs . St. Louis at LA. Dodgers OS) Stir Crazy 7 In their continued search for the Tattooed Man, Skip and Harry meet up with the owner of a usedar lot while traveling . through Michigan. OQD Insidere Fox and Maekey learn about a -video-dating service scam when ' Alice's mother becomes a victim, (cc) e(T) Puttin'On the Hlta Smithsonian World The work of adventurous scientists to conquer new frontiers--Irom e nonstop, unrefueled around-the-world flight, to unei- 7: plored caves in the Bahamas- 8 are examined, (cc) CSKSHLifeetylee Extraordinary wealth on the island of Brunei; tours of Australia and Morocco; Hollywood hairstylist Jose Eber; animal trainer Gunther Gebel-Williams. fT) ESP PKA Karats QjpCNNPrimenewe OJUSA Check It Outl Cobb's latest directive prompts Marlene to call a strike among the supermarket employees. SJCBN Flipper SiHB0Movie2Vi: "The Buddy System" (1984) Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Saran-don. Romantic complications ensue when e lonely boy targets a would-be writer as a match for his single mother. 'PG' (SISHO Brothers When Joe sees his ex-wife, he makes an attempt to revive their relationship, (cc) (2$TMCMovl2: "Mike's Murder" (1984) Debra Winger, Mark Keyloun. A tos : Angeles " bank employee end sometime lover of a drug dealing tennis instructor decides to investigate his death end jeopardizes her own life. 'R' (5$NSH Nashville Now !)WGNMovie3: "Badlands'' (1976) Sissy Spacek, Martin Sheen. A bored teen-age girl sets off on a killing ' spree with a young murderer. LIF Nurse . 03) A&E Aristocrats The Marquis de Ganay and his family! who continue their life in a sumptuous chateau despite the social change taking place in France, ere featured. (2 of 6) 05(DT6$Movie2: "The Cradle Will Fall" (1983) 'Lauren Hutton, Ben Murphy. ' Strange happenings at a hospi- tal where she is detained following an auto mishap lead an - assistant D A. into a web of homicidal intrigue. -30 Q(B It A Living USA Associates SJCBN Fitness Magazine (jSHO Washington Forehead gets involved in ex-. posing a TV evangelist's tax fraud only to find out that the reverend is Bunky's brother. -35 (55) DIS Moueeterpieos 00 Ij Chortle ft Co. In need of money, Charlie tries to ssk his boss to pay off a loan; Diana crusades against family's obsession with Junk food (cc) QGD Dynasty Myles Colby end Fallon relax at the beech; Constance and Jason Colby (Barbara Stanwyck, Charlton Heston) consider e deal to be presented to Blake, (cc) . 0Movle2Vi: "Angel City" (1980) Ralph Waite, Paul Winfield. A poor West Virginia family looks for migrant work in Florida and finds itself living in squalor at a labor camp controlled by a greedy contractor. aj The Booth A restaurant booth is the common setting for three dramatic vignettes: "Bread," starring Dame Judith Anderson, Peter - Coyote and Mary Kay Place; "75th," Mildred Natwick. Barnard Hughes; and "Death at Dinner," with James Coco, Ten Garrand Rene Auberjonois. (cc) CDKSH Fred Aatalre Fred Astaire's career, from the eerly days with his sister Adele through his heyday at RKO with Ginger Rogers, is highlighted through film clips end interviews with his associates. CB SSP Top ffan Bating (TlCNN Larry King Live QZUSAChaee - t SvLa Careers and private lives of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn recalled in "Hepburn and Tracy," 9 p.m. GDKSH CBN 700 Club S7JSH0Movle2Vi: "Police Academy" (1984) Steve Guttenberg. Kim Cattrall. When forced to comply with an open admissions policy, a police , academy copes with a motley . crew of misfits. 'R' (cc) . LI F Regie PhilWn ' A&EBorglat(2of 10) --, Pope Alexander VI gives his son Cesare to the French Army as a . hostage -. , . (35DISMovie3: i "Christopher . Columbus'' (1949) Fredrie March, Florence Eldridge. An explorer seeks the . permission of the Spanish court to sail on a dangerous mission . i to uncharted places. 8:30 OQBEXQ George Bums A New York accountant-turned-police informer (Martin Mull) is . outraged when a witness-pro-. , taction plan gives him a new identity, a new home, and a 'newfamily. (SlNSH New Country , 9:00 UCEi Equalizer A man from the Midwest turns to McCall for assistance when his daughter is abducted. Adam Ant guest stars. OGDHotel I A mentally-handicapped couple struggles to maintain a relationship; a woman from Peter's past shows up at the hotel, (cc) CDKSH Hepburn end Tracy The careers and private lives of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn ere recalled through film clips from movies in which they costarred as well as from those they made separately. CeCNNWONNews QJ) USA Get Christie Love . ; ($HB0Movle3: "Once Upon A Time In America" (1984) Robert De Niro. Sergio Leone's portrait of the friendships, loyalties and betrayals of a small group of Jewish gangsters in the 1920s and p30s.'R(cc) $$TMCMovie2: "The Blue Lagoon" (1980) Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins. Two castaway children grow to adolescence on e remote South Pacific island and experience the pangs of first love. 'R' flNSHVideooountry W LIF Dr. Ruth Show Lincoln Channels ME (34 . LIF CBN 02) : NIK CNN GD NSH DIS Gf) SHO ESP OD TBS HBO TMC KSH QD USA WGN Wednesday prime time, Lincoln Detaile in log Programs subject to station changes I N If I II Mffif I 1:00-3:10-5:20 7:30 & 9:40 Jl r.PH in mi "- AT BOTH THEATRES! 'Ueaii mm rWW 13th and "P"PM S7. . 5:30-7:35-9:40 JAGGED EDGE S EEVEMXtfjA 5:25-WUS fTm 7:25-9:28 5:30-7:30-8:30 GH05TOUS7ERS ira At OoufliM ana Cmi Park 1 MuMm: S 00 S-SPMO.ll KMalieuMzeO o-r:dS-K99 COriSIAtSDO 5:25-7:25-9:25 iNVASIOH U.S.A. ( 3:30-7:30-9:30 "TEEN WOLF"(po) If -Z r XXX Wa rant and aati adult virsto tapes VHS and Beta. Over 500 titles to choosa from. No club or mambarehlp fee't. Wt rani VCR'tbythaday or week. Vita and MaatarCard accepted. starring UsaDeleeuw Cassaidra Leigh i siMntf ; h . , ... r . 1 rA l'73oyst, mwrfi UnilLLl 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 1 9:00 1 9:30 I 10:00 10:30 p. H)KSHLHestyles FredAstaire Hepburn and Tracy News,WKRP (10:16) 3)TBS Wgy8e ,itha0iji::B;B;:f,7:Q8) Z. iMwfrB?l1fr QDESP PKA Karate i Top Rank Boxing , SportsCenter 3DCNN Prlmenews Larry King Live Newa Moneyline Sports flDUSA Check It Out Associates Chase ' Get Christie Love Alfred Hitchcock Hour (ZDCBN Flipper jpitness 1 700 Club i - JackBenny Man from UNCLE. djTHBO tt'v': Z'? Thu)cy -t 3 Qne Upon a Tune tn Atnmica SH0Bryhra fehlrigoof!e 2' PcltoeAvnnn Movte: 1 The Initiation TMCBiitjiir . ,. x.. ,. : .... ! Mo:;j2;rw Bluon , - - ,. , (SBNSH 1 Nashville Now New Country Videocountry 1-40 Peredlaa Ba a Star Fandango (S)WGN Movie: :3fr:f mtfa Newe INN News Comedy Love Boat O) LIF Hot Properties , Regis Philbln ' Dr. Ruth Show - tVlwie: W!molrs. , Evrvivor Sj)A&E Aristocrats Borgies . . . Yr.of French Escape: Kim Philby 85) DIS Move Movle;3 Oigopttr Coiumfotia ... ' Mark Twain's America Continuous: CNN 2 21; C-SPAN ; LOCAL LCM; MTV; NEWS 03): FTL83; SPN i ' . ,. Rtuttrs. 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A retiring sergeent looks back upon his life wishing he could continue in the Army. 9:30 33) Murray and Arlene A documentary ebout the heartbreak and triumph felt by e. ' Brooklyn family thst migrates to western Texas seeking a better life. OD CBN Jaok Benny NSH 1-40 Paradise A&E Year of the French i , A young mountain policeman, who spends Ins days pursuing cnminala end his nights pursuing girls, is featured , 9:46(35) DIS DTV 10:00 ocEocEocEeaai) WKRP In Cincinnati Bueinese Report KSH Newe ICNNMoneyllne USA Alfred Hiteheook , : CBN Men From UNCLE SHOMovIel: "The Initiation'' (1983) Vere Miiee, uuuuiager H NSH You Can Be A Star (SWGN Comedy Breek with Mack end Jemie ,)LIFMovie214: "Memoirs of a Survivor" (1981) Julie Christie A&E Escape: Kim Philby - W PIS Merk Twain'a America: Will Rogers ' 10:18 CSKSHWKRPInCincinniti 10:30 QCD Best of Ceraon Joan Embery, Wit Shnner and MaryGrossioin Carson (B) OCB Entertainment Valerie-Bertmelli Hf7Tai Love Connection Barney Miller Yea, Minister This British comedy series opens with newly appointed Minister for Administrative Allans Jamas Hacker finding his subordinates unenthusiastic ebout his government reforms. lESPSperttCntfer : ICNN Sports Tonight )NSH Fandango IWGN Love Boat 10:45 3JKSH Mary Tyler Moore TMC Movle4: "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (1949) Alec Guinness OfjpC3(I!) T.J. Hooker f kfTJ ABC News Nightline f GD Bob Newhart -t "llTTI srmi KP SporuLook ' CNN NewaNight USA Edge of Night CBNBestof Groucho NSH Nashville Now A&EArletoarata DISHopelono Casaidy 11:15 QTJKSH Lost In Space 11:30 OCX) David Letterman NBC correspondent Linda El-lerbee, Steven Wright (DOS) Comedy . car Tunis Hlsiuulna USA Oong Show CBN Bill Coabv HBO Video Jukebox Movies " i 'Sa vr. 11:001 iiftiirM 'II T.,1 mii i lUlt Cinema 1. Gods Must Be Crazy (PG) 5:45, 7:30,9:45. ; '' Cinema 2, Maxie (PG) 5:15. St. Elmo's Fire (fl) 7:15.9:15. Cooper, Agnes of God (PG-13) 5:30, 7r80, 9:30. . Oouglas 1, Jagged Edge (R) 5:30. 7:35. 9:40 Douglas 2, Ghost butters (PG) 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. ' ' Douglas 3, Beverly Hills Cop (R) 5:25, 7:25, 9:25. ... ' East Park 1 , Commando (R) 5:35. 7:35, 9:35. East Park 2. Invasion, U.S.A. (R) 5:25. 7:25. 9:25. East Park 3, TeenWoM (PG) 5:30. 7:30,: 3D 'Embassy: Raw Talent (X) 10 e.m.,"1260, 3:40, 6:30. 9:20. 12:10. Bad Girlspart 2 (X) 1 1 :25, 2: 1 5, 5:05. 7:55, 1 0:45. Joyo.e.T.(PG)7:30. " Mara 1, Creator (R) 5, 7:15, 9:30. Plaza 2, Cocoon (PG) 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. Plan 3. Pee-Weo'a Big Adventure (PG) 4779. Plaza 4. Commando (R) 5:1 5, 7: 1 5. 9: IS,, Sheldon Film Theater, No Film Today. State, Invasion, U.8.A. (R) 5:15, 7:15, 9:15. Stuart. Back To The Future (PG) 1, 3:10,"5:2T), 7:30,9:40. i i f Si Elmos :15 neat -i-l - is on Fire :,Bj TODAY AT: 5:15-7:30-9:45 The Gods Rlust Be Crazy'Lr .mr'.j-.', wmiaamsiiistaw- TONIGHT AT: 'E2E2E2I 5:30-7:30-9:30 l. ' Y r-"ygLg JANE FOND ANNE BANCROFT MEG TlLLVj "Extraordinary Z cast Extra- ordinary film. ; 'Agnes of God' j gets a 10!" ; CaryFranlilln,KCBSTVa Jfynes ofQod COlUMOIAPICrUMS ' i-uua rS : : . - ONIGHTAT: if TSr: 1 .00-7:15-9:30,, TONIGHT 5 It'a probably Illegal. AT: 5:15 ! ,7:30-9:45 DON AMECHb GOGGON V TONIGHT AT: 5:00-7:00-9:00. TONIUHT: 6:1 5-7:1 9-9:1 5 . , lT" lemeona's COtWVUsNDO I HPS , TONIGHT: 5:1 5 ii 2 inl 1 I 7:15-9:15 r1....',',' '.'.."".J l Invasion u.s.a. : I ICHUCK NOBWI8 50 '. J I

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