Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 16, 1990 · 3
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 3

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 16, 1990
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SATURDAY JUNE 16. 1990 LINCOLN, NE. JOURNAL NEBRASKA FROM PAGE 1 E 33 Police probe dispute at lake 20year-old man kit by car listed in serious condition A 20-year-old Lincoln man was iniured Saturday morning when struck by a car at Branched Oak Lake during an apparent dispute involving two groups of people in their late teens and early 20s, Lancaster County Sheriff Ron Tussing said, The 20-year-old was struck by a car shortly after S urn. as be stood near West Rock Creek Road, Tussing said. He received two broken legs, a punctured lung, broken ribs, other internal injuries and facial cuts. He was taken to Lincoln General Hospital and underwent surgery about 10 a.m. He was listed in serious condition. A 22-year-old man who allegedly drove the car that struck the 20-year-old was arrested near Interstate 180 and Interstate 80 as his car was being towed back to Lincoln, Tussing said. The 20-year-old driver of the towing car was ar Ozone From P81 fund, but within the existing World Bank structure, rather than setting up a completely new organization to administer the fund. Earlier this week, Mustafa K. Tolba of Egypt, head of the U.N. Environment Program, said VS. opposition to the financial aid fund suggested by a number of European countries last month threatened to unravel the Montreal Protocol. The treaty calls for reducing CFC production by 50 percent by the end of the century. The pending amendments would call for complete phase-out by that time. CFCs, used widely as refrigerants and as aerosol propellants, are depleting the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from harmful levels of ultraviolet rays, scientists say. Hart said internal discussion among administration officials, with input from other governments, led to the switch in policy. "We have found that we're at a point Weather From A breakup in the usual flow of the jet stream had kept the storm system stalled over the central Plains for a few days, a meteorologist at the Lincoln weather service off ice said. "The good news is that soon we should be rid of it," said the meteorologist, who declined to give her name. The Lincoln forecast calls lor a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms overnight with possibly severe weather and heavy rain. ; Skies should clear a bit Sunday, with . expectations of it being partly sunny with a high near 90 degrees. . Livestock were killed and families left homeless in the wake of the tornado that cut a path 1 miles wide through Hitchcock County Friday between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. Preliminary reports indicated about 20 homes structurally damaged, eight of which were a complete loss, Sheriff Leggott said. Leo Martin, whose wife manages the Soo-Paw Motel in Trenton, said he watched the tornado move past the town. "It just looked like the whole sky fell out," he said. With help from the Red Cross, two families whose homes were damaged stayed at the motel Friday night, Martin sail They included a rural family of six Bike From "They're looking for us," Officer Geoffrey Marti said of those who frequent downtown and drink in public or violate other ordinances. "Anymore, it's getting tougher and tougher to hand out (citations for) violations." Where was he? Some people who have been ticketed by Officer Scott Byram ask him "where he was hiding this time" when he observed them, Byram said. Officer Mark Domangue makes a point of getting to know those who frequent the streets of downtown Lincoln. "I always tell them that if they dont break the law they U get no trouble from me." But when they do, officers on bicycle patrol can be there in a flash. The bikes have "been a real good tool," Marti said. "You can cover lots of territory, they're visible but invisible, you can maneuver better than with a car." Sgt Dan Schmidt, who supervises the downtown police team on the afternoon and night shift, says the bicycles have cut the response time for foot patrol officers from 5 to 7 minutes to 2 to 4 minutes. The officers are able to answer three to five times more calls. "They're more likely to catch crimes in the process of occurring," Schmidt sail "They're just so mobile, you can get everywhere so fast" There are eight beat officers who patrol downtown Lincoln on foot four during the day and four at night Four of those officers Byram (who works days), Domangue and brothers Geoffrey and Charles Marti - ride the bikes regularly. The other foot patrol officers use them, but not an the time, Schmidt said. Downtown prominence The Lincoln Police Department has been employing bicycles for several years, primarily for undercover work, said CapL John Hewitt, whose southwest team was the first to break into two-wheeled transportation. Until the department received the rested for allegedly driving on a suspended license, Tussing said. Deputies were trying to determine whether the injured man was a hit-and-run or an assault victim, Tusang said. A hit-and-run is accidental, he said. An assault is intentional "We're still trying to determine whether this was a hit-and-run accident or some kind of felony assault," Tussing said. . He said the incident was part of a dispute between two groups of young people both men and women that started in Lincoln and spilled over to Branched Oak Lake later in the morning. 'They confronted each other in a couple of different places," Tussing said. A 19-year-old was cited for third-degree assault for allegedly striking some- . . . where we feel such a fund is warranted," he sail One country pressuring the United States to change its stance was Britain, said an administration source. Specifics of the plan, such as how the aid would be disseminated, were to be worked out in the London negotiations. US. officials are expected to push for a system under which the largest contributors would have the most say in where the money goes. A World Bank official hailed the White House announcement as "the beginning of a chance for real dialogue" on the CFC question. The White House statement was put out under the name of Chief of Staff John Sununu, who has been criticized by environmentalists for blocking other environmental initiatives. Activists have criticized the administration for what they call foot-dragging on eliminating CFCs. who lost their house, van and car. He said they came to the motel splattered with mud and dirt. "They looked like they had just been through a coal mine," Martin said. "It was unbeliveable what took place. They said they felt like they were in a nightmare and were in shock." Martin said the family got under their house when the tornado struck. "That was the only thing that saved them," he said. Property also was damaged by a tornado in neighboring Red Willow County, the weather service reported. The weather service said farm damage in Red Willow County 4 miles north of McCook involved two mobile homes. Power lines were pulled from the ground by the tornado and a shed at the McCook Golf Course was destroyed, the service said. Hail broke the windshield of a Colorado vehicle traveling southeast of Grant, said Leon Kumor, Perkins County civil defense director. The driver was taken for a medical examination to check for glass splinters, he said. From 2 to 4 inches of rain fell overnight across northeast and east-central Nebraska. Among areas receiving more heavy rain was Platte Center, which experienced heavy flooding Friday morn five donated bicycles, officers used those from unclaimed property. The bikes also are used by the officers who work outside the downtown area, particularly when there's a problem such as a rash of residential burglaries or indecent exposures in a park, CapL Ed Ra-gatzsaid. But downtown, where officers ride in full uniform (with helmets, of course), is where the public notices. Most of the response is positive, according to the officers. "I had one lady tell me she was going to take the (traffic) ticket home and frame it," Byram said of a motorist impressed at being stopped by an officer on a bike. In the last few years, the department has increased the number of foot patrol officers and tried to respond to business complaints about traffic, panhandling and other problems related to the transient population, Schmidt said. The officers say their efforts have made a big impact on the activity downtown and the foot patrol beat is becoming a desired position, rather than a duty, as it was often considered years ago. What the bicycle cops like best is that the work is "pro-active," since they respond to fewer calls for service and can work the area looking for violations. Sky's limit' "The sky's the limit," said Byram, who recalls being amused to find himself lying in a creekbed, watching some people drinking at Lewis Field recently. Some officers, like Domangue, prefer traffic work, where bicycles are unrestricted by one-way streets. The traffic lights on 0 Street usually allow bicycles to catch motorists, though Domangue has been known to ride to 37th and 0 streets to catch a motorized vehicle. The Martis and Byram prefer working other sorts of misdemeanor crimes. "I do some sneaky things but not like Charlie Marti," Domangue said, shortly after scaling a parking garage fence and walking to the top to survey the area. "He's the sneakiest. I've had to crawl places with him." one with a jack handle, Tussing said, and an 18-year-old was cited for criminal mischief. It also is possible that the injured 20-year-old may have been struck by a car about a half hour before be received the serious injuries, Tussing sail It is likely that the 20-year-old win be arrested at the hospital for failing to appear on a bad-check charge, Tussing said. Video shows how to repair sidewalks A self-help video that shows step by step how to replace damaged sidewalk sections is now available at an Lincoln library branches and shown regularly on government access Channel 5. The video is a basic guide to help homeowners replace their damaged sidewalks as required under the city's sidewalk repair program, said Al Imig, deputy city engineer. Because of the limited number of videos available in libraries, Imig suggested that people with cable television videotape the program off the cablecast The program is shown on Channel 5 twice daily. A listing of cablecast times can be seen periodically on the Cable Channel 5 bulletin board. Woman injured in Friday attack A 28-year-old woman was treated at Lincoln General Hospital for cuts and bruises received in an attempted sexual assault in Cooper Park Friday night, Lincoln police said. Lt Stephen Imes said the woman was walking in Cooper Park near Eighth and F streets about 10 p.m. when two men approached her from behind and pushed her to the ground. Imes said she was struck on the head before she escaped and summoned help. ing. Platte Center residents were allowed to return to their homes Friday morning to begin cleanup efforts after being evacuated for about eight hours. Eur. Creek, which runs through Platte Center, flooded the town and heavily damaged its business area. No estimate of the damage was available. About 100 Madison residents were evacuated from their homes early Saturday morning because of floodwaters. Madison Fire Chief Ray Keifer said Union Creek, which runs through parts of the town, overflowed and was still a threat. There were reports that the creek was rising by as much as a foot an hour. Lincoln officially received 0.56 inch of rainfall Friday, the weather service said. The National Weather Service provided the following rain totals. Most are for 24 hours ending early Saturday. Some totals are actually from observers near the towns listed. Alexandria.. Borneston.. Lourel Little Sioux Loretto Madison., McCook... Newcastle Nicker ton IM.M.MM.0.21 OfnOhO..MMM.MMM....0.Z5 ....... 3.01 Osmond ..........0 .68 Beemer .... J.4S Pallsodt ..............0.73 Brady .................... 2.20 Pender 2.10 Clorkion. ............. ..2.33 Petersburg............. 2.40 Clearwater............ 0.61 Prooue ................ 0.70 Comstock .......... 0 80 Rulo ..... 1.31 Coiod .-.. 3.34 St.Poui 0.52 Decatur ........ 1.70 Scrlboer ..1.17 El9ln.........1.3S Serin leld 0.72 Emeron......2 .50 Stontofl........3 80 Genoa .................... 0.(9 Table Rock............ 0.80 Hador...............,....1.25 Tekomoh ............... 0.7? ............0.47 Union.......... ......0.11 . 2.4S Ullca ..................... 0.65 1.71 Wayne ..... 1.03 5.50 Weston 027 0.60 Wllber 0.38 0.41 WlnsWe 142 0.54 Wvmore 0.74 Happy Birthday Party 40 and still Train ing UMBRELLA - CMMtCUSNG 9 imWWMMGSOWl 1 FURNITURE 48th &HR" Lincoln,Nebraska 467-5217 Mon.-Fri. 9 to 8:30 Recount changes In Democratic gubernatorial race Hoppner m- Re- Adams 721 192 1 10 10 239 199 S3 49 912 327 301 572 156 100 48 119 228 260 285 719 192 1 10 10 239 202 54 49 912 328 302 572 156 99 50 119 228 296 287 244 255 148 427 13 254 904 9,242 29 346 131 65 108 739 53 36 59 7 181 1024 396 156 12 40 192 13 238 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 41 0 0 41 41 0 0 -1 42 0 0 436 42 1 0 42 0 0 0 0 48 2 41 -4 411 43 41 -1 0 41 0 0 43 -1 0 0 41 41 0 3 Antelope Arthur ... Banner Bloine., Boon Box Butte Bovd Brown., Buffalo Burt.. Butler., Cass .... Cedar Chase Cherry Cheyenne Cloy.... Colfax Cuming Custer, 245 Dakota.............. 255 Dawes .............. 146 Dawson 427 Deuel ....m..mmmm 13 Dixon................ 254 Dodoe 904 Douolas 9,234 Dundv............. 31 Fillmore ........... 345 Franklin ........... 135 Frontier......... 54 Furnas.............. Gage Garden .. Garfield Gosper.. Grant.... Greeley, Hall Hamilton Harlan .............. Haves Hitchcock Holt Hooker, Flood From Flood-ravaged areas were sealed off Saturday so police dog teams from as far away as Maryland and Kentucky and members of the Ohio National Guard could search for the missing. The body of a 5-year-old girl was pulled late Saturday morning from from McMahon Creek, northwest of the primary search area, said Chuck Vogt, Belmont County coroner's investigator. Area sealed off "They have sealed off the area around Wegee and Pike creeks to everybody but emergency personnel until the search is over to help the dogs pick up the scent," said Stacie Gilg, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Emergency Management Agency. The Highway Patrol reported at least 60 people unaccounted-for, she said. The Belmont County Sheriffs Department reported 51 people missing. Houses and businesses were washed away, roads were damaged and families were scattered. The flood caught the National Weather Service off guard. "It's hard to explain. It's unbelievable. A creek you could walk across with water up to your ankles in some places rose 15 to 25 feet," Gregg Warren, trustee in nearby Mead Township, said Friday. Amber Colvin, 9, survived for seven hours on the Ohio River by clinging to logs and doing the dog paddle the only swimming stroke she knows after she was washed from her home. She was Youths begin work on wildlife refuges Nine Valentine high school students began eight weeks of summer work on the Fort Niobrara and Valentine National Wildlife refuges on June 4 as part of the Youth Conservation Corps. The students will combine jobs such as goose-banding, trail maintenance and fencing with a hands-on wildlife education. This is the 15th year that the wildlife refuges have hosted the YCC work camp. FOR THE HOT DAYS TO COME! The Falzetti umbrella The Falzetti umbrella frame Is made with the highest quality resin material and has been designed to be user friendly. This new umbrella offers a number of advanced features which cannot be found in any other patio umbrella. 2 tylei2 fabiica2 colors SALE PRICED AT $89.oo AND $149. & INTERIORS! Sat. 9 to 6 Sun. 1 to 5 105 738 ........ 54 .......... 36 .......... 58 .......... 7 .......... 181 1021 397 156 ......... 39 .................. 191 :er ...... 13 Howard............ 241 Nelson Hoppner Cm- Re- us count Jefferson .......... 367 367 Johnson 215 217 Kearney 240 243 (Celth 182 183 Kyo Paha . 32 32 Kimball 27 39 Knox............... 214 210 Lancaster......... 9,980 10,006 Lincoln .. 1,657 1,658 LOgan .MMnunm. 11 11 Loup 17 17 Madison 450 450 McPherson . 11 11 Merrick............ 262 263 Morrill .............. 59 59 Nonce ............... 188 190 Nemaha......... 277 277 Nuckolls 216 222 Otoe............ 490 494 Pawnee.... 151 151 Perkins.... 110 109 Phelps 187 187 PiercoM 89 85 Platte 788 783 Polk .. 283 283 Red Willow.. 112 112 Richardson. 321 324 Rock.............. 35 36 Saline...... 576 577 Sarpy........., 1,543 1,543 Saunders........ 555 556 Scotts Bluff ....... 450 450 Seward. .... 608 613 Sheridan........ 47 47 Sherman..... 240 240 Sioux ................ 28 27 Stanton ............. 155 156 Thaver........... 304 304 Thomas ............ 10 10 Thurston........... 711 716 Valley 152 152 Washington.... 330 330 Wayne..... 210 211 Webster............ 201 201 Wheeler............ 26 26 York................. 324 324 889 230 15 5 42 428 300 274 116 1,426 222 599 630 653 219 141 222 343 430 178 448 539 125 539 43 345 921 8,953 127 329 266 95 245 722 98 55 64 19 187 1,238 292 429 66 244 445 22 342 884 231 15 5 42 427 303 275 115 1426 225 599 630 655 220 143 222 343 431 179 447 540 126 537 43 343 923 8,947 128 327 262 126 240 724 99 55 72 19 187 1,243 293 428 66 242 448 22 339 5 41 3 41 43 41 42 41 41 4l . 41 42 4 431 42 41 48 45 41 43 -3 Totals .......44,515 hospitalized in fair condition with minor scrapes and bruises. She said the water swept her from a bathtub in the house. A 12-year-old frienrf remained missing. 'House collapsed' "We got in the bathtub, and the water was over our heads and then the house collapsed," Amber said Friday. On Friday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency declared Belmont, Jefferson and Franklin counties disaster areas because of flooding. They now are eligible for federal aid. Shadyside is in Belmont County. Gilg said 170 Ohio National Guard soldiers were sent to the striken areas. The Guard searched near creeks while officials from West Virginia and the U.S. Coast Guard helped search the nearby Ohio River. Gov. Richard Celeste, who flew over the area Friday, said he had not seen so much damage since a tornado ripped through Xenia in western Ohio in 1974, killing 37 people. "A wall of water wiped a path through the area," Celeste said. Ohio's two U.S. senators, John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum, also toured the area Friday. "When children and adults perish in such a disaster as this, it's very hard to know how to react," Metzenbaum said. War Zone' Glenn said portions of the city of 4,300 people were a "war zone." ONEWAY TO RECEIVE FR TRAVELERSCHECKS, MONEY ORDERS AND ENJOY FRIES SEMINARS AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. If you've been traveling down the road of life for 55 years, remember NBC's Fabulous 55 account offers many unique advantages and FREE banking services to members. Find out more about Lincoln's best banking program. Stop by, or callusat(402)434-4271. MBS National Bank of Commerce Hthft-O" Sirens' Lincoln. NE68S08 '(40:i4J4 4271 MEMBER FD1C FmsrWim WhatYou Need Most. 4FIRST Commerce Banks. Nelta.i 0 391 v 386 -5 42 205 207 42 43 318 319 41 41 339 348 49 0 109 109 0 4 3 101 101 0 -4 374 375 41 4 26 5,108 1119 411 41 1,579 1,579 0 0 12 12 0 0 33 33 0 0 468 468 0 0 25 25 0 41 218 218 0 0 123 124 41 42 263 266 43 0 257 257 0 46 363 369 46 44 477 485 48 0 140 142 42 1 131 131 0 0 370 370 0 4 223 223 0 5 860 863 43 0 238 238 0 0 653 656 43 43 406 410 44 41 59 59 0 41 521 521 0 0 1,541 1,543 42 41 883 885 42 0 472 478 46 45 434 435 41 0 109 109 0 0 355 355' 0 1 31 31 0 41 100 99 -1 0 318 317 -1 0 31 32 41 45 133 135 42 0 206 207 41 0 277 277 0 41 100 100 0 0 284 283 -1 0 30 30 0 0 328 330 42 44,630 - 1 - 115 44,556 44,655 4-99 Chuck Vogt, an Investigator for the Belmont County coroner's office, said all of the dead were from either Shadyside or Mead Township, where the two creeks run south of Shadyside. Shadyside is about 10 miles south of Wheeling, W.Va. At least five houses along the Wegee Creek were washed away and two cars floated Friday In water in one of the basements. About 35 buildings, including a tavern, were damaged along Wegee Creek and 50 buildings were hit along Pipe Creek about four miles to the south, said Dick Quinlin, Belmont County emergency services coordinator. Jim Leonard of the American Red Cross said relief teams set up a shelter at an elementary school. About 200 people came and went during the day Friday. Most sought news of friends or relatives. People counseled Doctors and ministers at the school counseled people who lost relatives and friends. The National Weather Service did not warn residents because a thunderstorm in the area appeared on radar to be less severe than it was, said Al Wheeler, deputy meteorologist in Cleveland. The weather service issued a flood watch, indicating that floods along small streams and low-lying areas was possible, but it did not issue a flood warning, which alerts residents to take shelter. NBC FABULOUS

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