The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1948
Page 2
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FAOM fWO STYiolentDeafllS New 'Draft Eisenhower 1 Move In Stale in March Gains Vo/ume 4cro " 224 Reported During Fint Three Months; Traffic Toll Highest By J*h» Hada« • (IfeiU* Prwt Staff Correi*>nd«nt) LTZTLT ROOK, Ark., April 1— <U*)—The grim parade of tragic death* Jn Arkansas ro)led through the month of March *t th* rate of nearly two a diy. Total for the 31-day month wns 67. , Traffic fatalities were blamed for It 4*ath«. Eight persons were murdered, eight died from mlscelli- neoua causei, six took their own live* sad *tx were burned to death. Two were drowned, one died In an airplane crash and one.person was kiUfd from . accidental gunshot wounds. ' • March roared out like a lion, with 11 personj dying.from a variety of causes on, tix last two day« of the month. On Tuesday and Wednesday, three "persons died from mis- cellanaoui causee, two were burned to death, two. were murdered, two died In traffic accidents, one was killed in an airplane crash and one was drowned. The largest single tragedy was on March M when two men and two women from Houston, Tex., were killed in an automobile accident near Qurton: A »-year-old'Sprlng- dale man.'his mother and a 20-year- old companion were killed In an automobile wreck on March 7 ttt for the Year Th« deaths brought the year's three-month total to 2J4. • The 25 traffic fatalities bronchi the year's total to 91^-one a day lor the first 91 days of 1948—compared with «« for the first three months of 1947. Meanwhile, in'Little Rock today Polio* Director' Jack Porter an-' nouncisd-four Arkansas cities—Harrison, : Russellyllle, Stuttgart and Helena—had been cited by the National Safety Council for having no traffic .fatalities In 1947. Appropriate awards will be presented by a reprwentatlve:of the highway patrol at future meetings of the local Safety Councils. « ,23?*.« IUtion! were ' or c '"<* in the 8,000-15,000 population class. NEA Staff C«rrwponi«i A new "Draft Eisenhower" movement fs springing up acrossth* nation today after the lull that followed the gentry's declaration that ha was not a candidate (or the White House. New organlcatloni are setting up shop under such barmen a> "People for Eisenhower" and "National New Instruction! Issued To Finnish Delegates HELSINKI, April 1. (UP)-New Instructions, believed to be e. rejection of Russian treaty demands to lortify Finland's borders Immedlafe- « . W ^!L teleKrapned today, to the PinUh Treaty Delegation In Moscow ».» **«sid«nt Juno K. Paaslklvi. Negotiations .were expected to be returned In Moscow this afternoon with the Finnish delegation oppos. tr* the signing of a. military pact BUCh;« Russia no-hfi »«Jh "££ mania and pun There wa, no en several report* may be.concluded end. Committee for Kisenhower and t/nlty." Some definitely aim their backing for Ike as either Republican or Democrat. Others indicate no party preference. And there ts a scattering of professional political support Irom Democrats dissatisfied with the Truman administration. Torrey Steams, an advertising executive on leave trom his company, Is directing "People for Eisenhower," wllh headquarters in New York. He hopes to persuade the Republicans to make Eisenhower their ;fore the weelc- PalnUnr What, is »ald to be .the largest mural painting in the world Is located- in a- Massachusetts theater The painting covers' an area of mor« than 6000 square feet. REDYED, the old shoe becomes smart, new appearing (particularly if also rebuilt here). We re-, dye shoes any color —perfectly. H-fl LT€RS QUALITY SHOC SHOf 121 W. M B I N| ST. Under a Stearns at New York headquarter! pie for Clfrnhower." Funeral Insurance ,PHONE 4431 COBB FUNERAL HOME Blytheville. Arkansas INJOY THE BEST IN PIT BARBECUE! AT THE — RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN carididaU. "Millions BLn-HEVlLLl (ARK.) OOUBIE1 KIWt of U. 8. ,. —-'•*«,,» 01 u. n. cmwna throughout the country believe that th* urgency of th* hour calU for an ouUtandlng 1 M d«r to repraamt th* p*opl* u President of th« Unit•d State.," Stearns says In hl» platform. "Th«y contlnu* to believe that 0»'l«h', D. Elsenhower It that leader •nd that he should be the next' ., a New rork muaie pub!iah«r, and MacDonald DemmT 2er , y h r> h * Ve JUSt or «»"i«d un?" ,j h « >n»tt«r-of-fact title of Draft Bistnhower Movement." We re non-partlaan In that we of "Peo- i of the United States." Steams' plan for accomplUhtni thl. to have peopl. from all over th* country write cirds or letters Baying "I want to vote for General Eisenhower for President In Kovembtr. I am a clUwn of voting age" and then mail (he cards to "People for Eisenhower." p. o. Bo* eri. N«« York », N. y. He has arranged for an indep«nd- eiit firm to gilh-it and count aucli ballots and will publish the totaU weekly until convention time. Then, when the Republicans gather tn Philadelphia in June, he plan* to dump every letter and postcard jn the convention floor. He believes the delegate* can't overtook such evidence of-voting preference. A New York hotel man, Paul Stockhammer, has formed the "National Committee for Eisenhower and Unity" and hopes to build up the General's strength by a write- in vote campaign In a number nt sate primaries, possibly startlnR with the Wisconsin primary April «. Some former OIs. apparently without my formal organization, are using old "Order to Report for Indue! ion" forms which they are filling In and mailing to Eisenhower. Topped by a note—"Dear Ike: We couldn't refuse this draftl You can't refuse ours, It's the same deal."— the "Order" says: "GREETINGS: Having been submitted to a local board composed of your neighbors for the purpo«e of determining your availability for training and service In the best In- teresls of the United States you *™. h _"' eh 5' notified that you have /or trtlnfrig and American Labor Party members working with us," J.mei says, • ! bul «t feel the logical place for th* a . e ,"* r » 1 !• on the Democratic tlck- vt. James' group has itartod circulating petitions across the cwintry for prewnlatlon of th* Democratic con- v«ntlon and plans simultaneous deniomlrations in eight to 10 cities April n They have already lined up m«*Uj)gs for that date Jn Now Yo«, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lot Anjeles. So far, th* only active professional political support lor the new Eisenhower movements seems to come from dissatisfied Democrats, both in the north and south. In Chicago, Jacob U. Arvey, who succeeded Boss Ed Kejly u machine leader, Is openly backing Elwnhow- er as In* Democratic candidate. James M. Power, Brooklyn, N. Y., Democratic leader, has formed an Eisenhower for President club in hli district. There are reports thnt both Bronx Democratic boss Ed nynn and New York's Mayor William O'Dwyer arc giving serious consideration to Ike's candidacy Several Southern Democrats have mentioned him as their party's hope. The movement has been given impetus among young veterans bv Iho endorsement of Eisenhower ay Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. A number of right-wing APL and CIO leaders, also dlwatisfled with Truman, reportedly hope Eisenhower can b« stamped Into the Democratic nomination. The new movement has produced no further word from Elsenhow- er himself, whose disavowal of the candidacy was originally expressed in a letter to Leonard B. Finder, publisher of the Manchester, N. H.. Queen Mary Harrowly Avoids Collision In Storm LONDOH, April S. (UP) — Th« Queen Mary WM on th* way to K«w York today, aft*r narrowly avoidln* a collision with the southamption Dock yesterday when a stront gale swept England'* south eoa»t. Th* ahip wa* Khaxluled to arrive In New York April I. Strornr wind* drove small ahlo- Pjn« to tha protection of harbor. along the English coast. In Paisley, Scotland, • 18-year-old John Gordon became airborne ye*. w'u' u" th * "f"* 11 ** ''on roof on which he wa, work-in*-, A 70-mile- Gordon rode the roof to a t>an- Oourtar Want Union-Leader. Hnder, who was then spearhead. ng the Eisenhower boSn.^ow .ay. hat "my own feeling 1* that th. nttrnational situation today rep! rewnts tome obvious and overrjd- "« ™«"5« * h k" make an ex«^ tjon" in Eisenhower, caae to Ike'a declaration that professional soldiers should abstain, from ««<*- inir" high political office nn,^'f° ( ' h ^ B ™ wl "8 '"Ik on the M, i' e ° J J " 8 £nera| . column- i^tjs and commentators, demonstrates that the people feel similar- v ?"L |)olllt * out ' " ln rece "t ks, I have found an absolute ntatt, of opinion, with STpSi! sole exception of professional w- iitlclans, Bbont the Importance to our welfare in having Eisenhow? new groups. It-alion Reds Say Fascists Plotting To Seize Power April 1. (UP) - Italian Revelation of th* "plot" tn %t th « , h , t r « c * lv «d last night by Paunlro Togllatti, Italy 1 * Mosa°«i,'' al "f d c «"«unist Uader, at a rally at Lccce. • .«o.i election rally, wa* drowned out for five minute* by boo* *" 1 «r rilencing To»li»ttl Italy ORDER trie Chancerr Co r, APRIL t, 1948 First Notional Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER Auto Body Repairs F.r th« be«t la AtttomoWle Body Repairs, brinf your ' . . ..w» have all modern equipment to cut labor C Ml«. I Stand Behind 12 Years of Satisfactory Service In Mississippi County BARKER'S BODY SHOP 425 East Kentucky Phone NOTICE Having established the Mountain Home branch of our Company to the point of being self-sufficient, and looking forward (o new opportunities, we notice a need of craftsmanship in the Neon sign and sign painting field in Blytheville. We wish to contact all parties interested in obtaining a Neon Painting Manufacturing Service Company* for Blytheville. We have a reputation for prompt service ... and Blytheville being the heart of one of the more progressive centers of our territory, we feel a branch plant (here would be beneficial to ourselves and al, advertising-minded Blytheville businesses. Please contact Wimmer's Neon P. O. Box 378 Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 4677 Nifjht 2986 When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Call 4347 Free rickup and Delivery! H A L F O R D SHOE SHOP 1M Sovth 2ni St FOR SALE Get our prices on tested 12 inch to 48 inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 W» Deliver and S«ll for Leu Osceola Tile •nd CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone WJ Jonesboro BABY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Feed We Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main Phone 3317 . MORRIS, Clerk.. 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