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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 19
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 19

Lincoln, Nebraska
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isiiQ -fir linroln Jlournai Fridov, Oct. 26, 1979 1S Colorado ranting, raving turns to Did he, or didn't he? Billy says man fell Nebraska-Colorado lineups By Mike Babcock Staff Sports Writer Silence is golden in Buffalo land. Colorado's first-year head Coach Chuck Fairbanks doesn't talk like he's preparing for the next Rotary Club luncheon, and defensive backs Mark llaynes and Mike Davis, two of the best in the Big Eight, don't have much to say. It's not that they've been left speechless by a 1-5 start this season "We just don't say much," said Haynes in a telephone interview on Tuesday. Davis declined to be interviewed.

Colorado comes to Lincoln to play second-ranked and undefeated Nebraska on Saturday. The kickoff is set for Memorial Stadium at 1:30 p.m. The silence among the Buffaloes is OFFENSE COLORADO 0-5) Ht. Wt. Yr.

Pos Yr.Wt. Ht. Name No. 6-4 222 Sr. TE So.

210 4-5 Willett 88 4- 6 260 Sr. LT Jr. 240 6-6 Thurston 63 6-4 230 Sr. LG So. 235 6-5 Johnson 61 6-3 248 Sr.

Jr. 234 6-2 Bell 54 6-5 232 Jr. RG Sr. 242 6-3 Butero 65 6-1 238 Sr. RT Sr.

268 6-7 Brock 79 6-2 192 Sr. SE Fr. 160 5-11 Holmes 45 6-1 175 Jr. QB Sr. 207 6-2 Soicmon 8 6-0 198 Jr, RB Jr.

197 6-1 Olander 29 6-1 218 Jr. FB So. 203 6-1 Beebe 42 6-0 182 Sr. WB Sr. 161 5-11 Pugh 3 DEFENSE COLORADO Ht.

Wt. Yr. Pos Yr. Wt. Ht.

Name No. 6-2 206 Sr. LE Jr. 225 6-3 Doolittle 80 6-3 254 Sr. LT Sr.

253 6-6 Visger 78 6-0 216 Sr. MG Sr. 255 6-3 Short 92 6-5 240 Sr. RT So. 220 6-4 Sazama 72 6-2 212 Jr.

RE Jr. 203 6-1 Humble 40 6-2 207 Jr. LB Sr. 234 6-5 Roe 56 6-2 212 LB So. 195 6-1 Scott 66 6-2 190 Sr.

Sr. 208 6-2 Davis 14 5- 10 175 Sr. CB Sr. 180 5-11 Havnes 44 5- 11 172 Jr. CB Sr.

178 6-3 Johnson 7 6- 0 180 Jr. Sr. 174 5-10 Roberts 31 NEBRASKA (6-0) No. Name 89 Miller 72 69" Goodspeed Havekost Soalfeld 57 S3 58 84 10 12 39 22 Schleusener Steiner Smith Hager Redwine Franklin Brown NEBRASKA No. Name 81 Cole 55 51 Horn Weinmaster Barnett Nelson Baker Vering LeRoy Lindquist Means Gary 34 9 Site: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln.

Kickoff: 1:30 p.m. Broadcasts: KLIN, KFOR, KFAB, WOW, KRNU-FM. The Cornhuskers If Colorado has a quality running back, "I wish someone wouid tell me about him because so far, it's been a secret. I've been searching for quicker feet since I got here last April," Fairbanks said. The Buffaloes' coach has slowly shifted some of the blame for Colorado's disappointing start away from the team, though he still maintains: "I think I've been around long enough to recognize talent or its absence," he said.

Early-season comments seemed to indicate "its absence" was exemplified best in Boulder on the Buffalo practice field. Perhaps he had become too accustomed to watching the professional talent he molded so well in six seasons with the New England Patriots. But now Fairbanks admits that he and his coaching staff have had a hand in this year's decline of the CU football empire, which already showed massive cracks during Bill Mallory's final season. Fairbanks has sifted through the rubble and concluded that "we are the victims of a long line of circumstances at the University of Colorado, and coaching certainly is one of them. "This team has not been very well-coached so far," he said.

"I see my players doing things that show they haven't been trained right. It has nothing to do with a lack of effort or determination." Colorado will try to use its determination and a passing game, which has produced more interceptions than any other Big Eight offense, to end an 11-game losing streak at the hands of the Cornhuskers. Nebraska has won 16 of the last 17 games between the schools, with the Buffaloes' only victory coming in 1967 (21-16). Fairbanks was a first-year head coach at Oklahoma that year, where he Sporting News The Nebraska Cornhuskers are No. 1.

That's what The Sporting News, one of the nation's most prestigious sports newspapers says in its current edition (dated Nov. 3) which reached subscribers Friday. Unlike the AP and UPI polls, which have the Huskers ranked second behind Alabama, The Sporting News poll has 9 2 JeffKreici OB 33 Anthony Steels WB 64 Joe Adams OG 3 Dean Sukup 34 Andy Means DB 65 Oudious Lee MG 5 Rodney Lewis OB 35 Steve Damk'ger LB 66 Brent Williams LB 6 SommySims DB 37 L.G. Seorcev DB 68 MikeMandelko OG 7 Ricky Simmons SE 38 K. Van Norman DB 69 John Havekost OG 8 Paul Letcher DB 39 Andra Franklin i FB 70 Gary Ensland OT 9 Russell Gary OB 41 Kim Baker LB 72 Mark Goodspeed OT 10 Tim Hager QB 42 Dennis Rogan I 73 Dan Hurley OT 11 Jeff Quinn QB 43 Doug Wilkemng FB 74 Dan Rice OT 12 Jarvis Redwine IB 44 Jim Kotera FB 76 Mike Bruce OT 13 Randee Johnson DB 45 Steve McWhirter LB 78 TomCarlstrom OT 15 Ric Lindquist OB 46 John Ruud LB 80 Jamie Williams TE 17 MarkMauer QB 47 Tom Vering LB 81 Lawrence Cole DE 18 Nate Mason QB 48 JetfMerrell LB 82 Steve Dovies TE 21 Roger Craig IB 49 Kevin Seibel 84 Tim Smith SE 22 Kenny Brown WB 50 Jeff Bloom 85 ToddSpratte DE 23 Mark LeRoy DB 51 K.

Weinmaster MG 87 Jeff Finn TE 24 TimMcCradv WB 52 TrevDeLoach 88 Scott Woodord SE 25 TimWurtn RB 53 R. Schleusener OG 89 Junior Miller TE 26 Dan Fischer DB 55 Rod Horn DT 90 G. Thiessen DE 27 Randv Landwehr IB 56 Dove Remington 92 Derrie Nelson DE 28 OaveLiegl DB 57 Kelly Saafeld 93 DanPensick DT 29 Toad Brown SE 58 Dan Steiner OT 94 Darvl Holmes DE 30 Craig Johnson IB 59 CurtHineline MG 96 Jimmy Williams DE 31 Craig Holmon IB 61 Paul Potadle OG 97 Bill Barnett DT 32 I.M.Hipp IB 63 David Clark DT 98 DanLindstrom DE Buffaloes fcrt.iil.MWff.M'W-'frj," Tom Osborne pervasive, in sharp contrast to one year ago when CU's Ruben Vaughan proved how powerful the spoken word can be. Vaughan, now graduated, used an interview opportunity to insult the Cornhuskers and reap a 52-14 whirlwind at Folsom Field. Under Fairbanks, the approach has been low-key: speak no evil unless it pertains to your own team.

His words are carefully chosen and spoken without inflection or emotion "We haven't done anything offensively in our first six games that would pose a threat to anybody," said Fairbanks. "We've blocked reasonably well. Sometimes, I even see everybody on the ground, and we're still only making eight, nine or 10 yards." Roberts Ford Rossi Humble Choce silence huck Fairbanks produced a 10 1 season and a third-place national ranking for the Sooners. During a season in which nearly everylhing else has gone wrong for Colorado, its secondary has maintained enough consistency to enable the Buffaloes to stand second in the Big Eight pass defense. But CU ranks last in rushing defense and scoring defense and next-to-last in total defense Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne refuses to belittle the Buffaloes, despite their obvious infirmities.

"We have a little more overall talent, but once Colorado gets by our game, they have a chance to possibly win the rest. And if we don't play well, they can beat us, loo," said Osborne If something like that were to happen, the silence in Colorado would end. But until then, it will remain as golden as the Buffaloes' helmets. rates NU No. 1 the Crimson Tide ranked far down the list at No.

6. Ohio Stale is the second best team in the country according to the SN poll, followed by No. 3 USC, No. 4 Arkansas, and Houston in the No. 5 spot.

Following Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida State and Michigan round out the Top 10. greet his parents on the sideline. Robert and Marjorie LeRoy of Seattle flew into Lincoln earlier Thursday afternoon with a 100-plus group of Californians for Nebraska. "This is the first time they've ever been here. They're in awe," the Huskers' senior monster starter said.

Nebraska's starting offensive linemen and tight end Junior Miller were also in awe. A fan from Norfolk had mailed each a Mickey Mouse T-shirt with their names printed on the back. The shirts are a satire on Nebraska's highly successful blocking technique, labeled by some opponents as "Mickey Mouse" because it attacks the legs instead of upper bodies. Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne was concerned with more important things Thursday Colorado and injuries. "I don't think what we've accomplished against Colorado in the last 17 years has any effect this year," Osborne said of the lopsided series which has seen CU win only once since 1962.

"Our players are barely conscious of what happened last year, let alone what happened before that," Osborne said. The dusker head coach said linebacker Brent Williams (ankle) and cor-nerback Paul Letcher (knee) have recovered from injuries. Both will be available against the Buffs, but only limited appearances are likely. The 2 Reggie Harden 3 Kazeil Pugh 6 Tim Stamplev 7 Jesse Johnson 8 Bill Solomon 13 Scott Yates 14 Mike Davis 17 Larrv Lillo 18 Pete Cyphers 19 Charles Davis 20 Rickey Bvnum 21 Dalian Reed 23 Mike Green 25 Russ Walker 26 Steve Jones 27 Eddie Walker 28 Lvndell Hawkins 29 Lance Olander 31 Tim Eddie Tom Bob Brad 32 34 40 41 42 Willie 44 Mark 45 Don 46 Ellis 50 Van 51 Rich 53 Roger 54 Joe Bell 55 Brian 56 Bill Roe 57 Pat 58 Brad 60 Bruce 61 A.D. WS 62 Guv Thurston OG HB 63 Brant Thurston OT DB 65 Paul Butero OG LB 66 Charles Scott LB SS 71 DanKennelly DE RB 72 Kevin Sazama DE CB 74 BobSebro OT SE 77 Karry Kelley OT CB 78 George Visger DE OC 79 Stan Brock OT LB 80 Steve Doolittle LB-P OC 81 D.

Kranenouhl TE OC-G 84 BobNizioIek TE LB 86 Rod Butler LB LB 88 Greg Willett TE LB 92 Laval Short NT LB 93 Dan Ralph NT OL 95 Phil Kettelson DE OG 99 MarkDeRose LB Beebe Havnes Holmes Wood Hammond Umphrev Gunter McCabe Dunn Young Campbell Johnson Clip, take BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) The question of whether New York Yankees Manager Billy Martin did or did not slug an Illinois man during an argument in a Bloomington hotel lobby remained unanswered Friday. Martin says he didn't. And, while there are a number of people who figure he did, none of them is saying so outright. The man best qualified to answer the question Joseph Cooper, 52, of Lincolnshire, 111.

was keeping his mouth, split Up and all, shut. It matters because Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has warned Martin that he must refrain from fighting and be on his best behavior if he wants to keep his job. Cooper, police, hospital and hotel officials all acknowledge that Cooper received 15 to 20 stitches in his lip following an incident in the lobby of L'Hotel de France about midnight Tuesday. At issue is whether he fell as Martin contends or if he was struck by Martin. Cooper did not press charges so Bloomington police called to the hotel did not conduct an investigation.

Their report said, however, that "complainant was struck following an argument." Martin's state Martin ment that Cooper fell hasn't been refuted directly by anyone, although a hotel security guard who filed a report on the incident but did not witness it said he didn't believe Cooper could have sustained his injury in a falL The only known eyewitness, bellhop Steve Holland, has refused to comment. Steinbrenner told reporters he hasn't had a chance to determine the facts. "There certainly are two conflicting stories," he said, "or, actually, only one story Billy's and nobody has refuted that," Steinbrenner said. "Nobody else has said anything concrete to the contrary, have they? I've had his word he'd stay out of fights and I believe him until he proves me different." Asked what effect the incident would have on Martin's job security if the allegations are true, Steinbrenner said, "I can't speak to that right now." In his statement, Martin. said he and a friend entered the hotel bar Tuesday night after he checked in at the hotel Two men, one of whom was Cooper, came over and struck up a conversation.

"I listened to this one guy (Cooper) for a while talking baseball," Martin said. "Then I decided I didn't want to talk baseball anymore and left. He must have followed me out of the bar because, as I was walking in the lobby, I turned around and saw this guy lying on the floor. "He fell and cut his lip. I then just left and went up to my room I'm sorry the guy got hurt." Pius harriers win; East 2nd in Class A KEARNEY Lincoln Pius successfully defended its state Class cross country championship Friday afternoon, paced by the fourth place finish of senior Shawn Kelley.

The Thunderbolts totaled 58 points to outdistanced second place Lexington at 102 and give Coach George O'Boyle his third state championship in the last fourth years. Omaha Burke also defended its title, running away with the Class A championship, and Morrill scored 35 points in winning Class C. Lincoln East was second in Class trailing Burke 30 to 91. Television's SPORTS Friday Football Lincoln Southeast vs. Northeast, 7 p.m..

rr, Devaney Football, 10:30 p.m., Basketball Hawks vs. Nets, 7 p.m., 1 :05 a.m., (33 Saturday Specials Turf Classic, 3:30 p.m., 03 Sports Spectacular, 4 p.m., 63 Big 8 Volleyball Championships, 5:30 p.m., CD Dallas Pro Rodeo, 7 P.m., Football Nebraska Football, a.m., 03 Houston vs. Arkansas, 11 30 a.m., Flo. St. vs.

LSI), 3 P.m., Coosa College Scoreboard, 4:55 p.m., CE Norfolk vs. Lincoln Southeast, 7 p.m., CE Penn State vs. West Virginia, 10:30 P.m., Thursday was fun time for NU gridders ASU president asks NCAA to hold probe 1 Thursday was a day of work, fun, frivolity and family reunions at Nebraska's football practice. After a 90-minute workout without pads, the Huskers' top three units stayed to cheer the scout squad on to another shutout of the freshman team. Second-team wingback Anthony Steels led the scout team out of the locker rocm with a cartwheel act onto the AstroTurf.

It was the inspirational start for another two-touchdown shutout of the highly touted frosh in the second and probably the last scrimmage of the sea- -son. Fullbacks Phil Bates and Mark Mora-vec were the only ones to reach the end zone Bates on a four-yard trap and Moravec on a 20-yard dive. "The redshirts usually win the first scrimmage, but the second one is usually closer or the freshmen come back and win," Head Coach Tom Osborne noted. "The freshmen did play better and more aggressively," he said. "Hopefully, this means we have a better group of redshirts this year." Safety Kris Van Norman, a sophomore from Minden, sparked the scout team's defense with two interceptions, the last one stopping the freshman team's biggest offensive threat.

The post-practice scrimmage gave Huskers on the upper units a chance to relax and enjoy rare roles as spectators. It gave Mark LeRoy the opportunity to to the game though a copy was not immediately available. The statements called for Rush's reinstatement and demanded "reasonably quick" action. In his statement, Lane said he was offered a bribe for damaging testimony against Kush and threatened with "bodily harm" if he continued to support the ex-coach. Mistier told the Phoenix Gazette that Bob Owens, former ASU defensive coordinator and now head coach, was an informant for local drag strip operator Rick Lynch.

Lynch has been accused by Kush of "orchestrating" a conspiracy that led to his dismissal. "I categorically deny that," Owens said. "I haven't seen any of the statements. This is the first indication I've heard of these statements. "So many people are talking to the kids, I have no idea where something like that would come from.

It's obvious to me that somebody is purposely trying to destroy the total football program." Neither Lynch nor Kush could be reached for comment. Each player was interviewed by Kush's attorney, Harding Cure, in front of the former coach's private investigator, Howard Sauter. The documents were signed by a notary public but not by the players. Kush was suspended Oct. 13 afte being accused of trying to cover up his alleged punching of a player during a 1978 game.

A few days later, sworn statements from Owens and other assistant coaches stated that Kush asked them to lie about his alleged assault on former punter Kevin Rutledge. Rutledge has filed a $1.1 million suit against Kush and the university. Lane's statement said Lynch "told me he would give me some money to testify against Frank Kush because he had him Lane said he refused money, but was told that "Rick Lynch said that I should change my statement or if I didn't that bodily harm, something of that nature, would be done to me." Bratkowski, son of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Zeke Bratkowski, said Lynch "called me to advise me not to say one word about the whole situation because he said he had coach Kush and that I would get In deep trouble if I said a word." PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) The NCAA was asked Thursday by the president of Arizona State to investigate the school's football program, "in an attempt to bring to light all potential violations as expeditiously as possible." The request by Dr. John Schwada was announced after it was made public that he had received sworn statements alleging a conspiracy against ousted football Coach Frank Rush.

The Arizona Republic, in a copyrighted story appearing in Friday's editions, said the NCAA began its probe before it was requested by Schwada. It said the investigation concerns allegations of possible recruitment and financial misconduct by-Arizona State officials and boosters. The statements given to Schwada came from four current ASU players and one former player. The Associated Press obtained copies of notarized, sworn statements from quarterback Steve Bratkow-ski, tight end Marshall Edwards, running back Arthur "Turtle" Lane and former defensive back Darrell GUI. John Mistier, a split end, also provided Schwada with a sworn statement al- WEEKEH 3) Tom Osborne Show, 10:30 P.m., 09 Basketball Kings vs.

Golden State, 10 p.m., (2) Hockey Flames vs. Blues, 8 p.m., IX Sunday Bowling Leisure Lanes, noon, Football Notre Dame football, 8 a.m., Stealers vs. Cowboys, noon, 03 Giants vs. Rams, 3 p.m., 03 Chiefs vs. Broncos, 3 p.m., Maverick highlights, 10:30 P.m., Specials Outdoor Nebraska, 5:30 p.m., 03 Hockey Rangers vs.

Whalers, 4:30 p.m., CB Basketball Kings vs. Clippers, 9 p.m., CE AP WIREPHOTO Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates received the World Series' MVP award Thursday amid a glittering array of present and former greats of the baseball world. Story, Page 21. LNE, LSE meet in big city game Lincoln Northeast (4-3) and Lincoln Southeast (6-1) are matched Friday night in the city's main football attraction at Seacrest Field. Kickoff is 7:30 p.m.

at Seacrest Field. KFOR, KLIN and KBHL-FM will provide radio coverage and the game will be cablecast by Lincoln's Channel 9. Lincoln Pius (4-1-1) will try to keep its Class playoff hopes alive Friday night at Aldrich Field. The Thunderbolts host tough Dodge City, Kan. (6-1).

It also has a 7:30 p.m. kickoff. Lincoln High (3-3-1) is the only Capital City team on the road this weekend, traveling to Fremont (4-2-1) Friday night. Second-ranked Lincoln East, 6-1 and stumping for the No. 1 rating since Creighton Prep was upset by Omaha South, 14-13, Thursday night, will host North Platte (2-5) Saturday night at Seacrest Field.

In an area Friday night game, Waverly plays at Seward. College football's SPORTS WEEKEND 1. Alabomo (4-0) hosts Virginia Tech (4-3) Alabama by 35 2. Nebraska (6-0) hosts Colorado (1-5) Nebraska bv 31 3. USC (60-1) at California (4-3) use bv 16 4.

(tie) Arkansas (6-0) hosts No. 6 Houston (64) Arkansas bv 3 4. (tie) Ohio State (7-0) hosts Michigan Statt (3-4) Ohio State by 15 7. Oklahoma (5-1) hosts lowo Stote (2-4) Oklahoma bv 29 6. Florida State (6-0) at LSU (4-2) Even 9.

Texas (4-1) at SMU (3-3) Texas bv 18 10. Michigan (4-1) hosts Indiana (5-2) Michigan bi it 11' I SHI Mexlco M) Br8n" Young bv 30 12. Pitt (5-1) hosts No. 17 Navy (40) Pitt bv 14 13. Auburn (4-1) at No.

IS Wake Forest (4-1) by 3 14. Notre Dome (4-2) hosts South Carolina (5-1 Notre Dame by 11 15. North Carolina (5-1 hosts East Carolina (3-3) North Carolina by 22 14. Purdue (5-2) hosts Northwestern (1-4) by 21 19. Tennessee (4-2) Idle 20.

Washington (5-2) at UCLA (3-4) WaihYng'tonbyi.

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