Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on July 23, 1989 · 43
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 43

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1989
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..I.lliy'l H' XXj)'' B'.ai r yyj- tj ZZZ33E From 221 3 Nichols she was really nervous and edgy, and it seemed like she was In a hurry to get 1 -somewhere," said Heun,who recalled '-'that Nichols bought some breakfast .items and miSc. ;; Nichols said he could easily explain ' "(actors that have made some suspicious -of him. , "Chain of evente " Those factors are embodied in a chain '. of events that began after the couple left --the Jack & Jin store and arrived at their Twme a short time later. Debbie Janssen heard a single car " door slam outside their home where she was baby-sitting the children, Janssen said Nichols entered the house, paid her JT 'and' then she drove home. Janssen said that she never saw Mrs. Nichols and that ' Nichols dldnt carry any groceries in : with him. Janssen said she had baby-sat for the couple for more than a year, "and he I had only paid me one other time when I Christi was still at work and he came home before she did. Otherwise, she al-. ways paid me because she wanted to I; know how the kids had been." ' The question of whether the groceries were brought into the house "is just a stupid little detail," Nichols said. X ' "We carried them into the house with us, we didnt leave them in the car. And 1 the baby-sitter didnt see Christi because she went In a good five feet ahead of me and went straight through the hallway and into the bathroom back by the kids' . 2 bedroom and stayed in there for a good Z 15 minutes," he said .'. Hard tile floor Janssen said that if Mrs. Nichols had taken the route Nichols described, "I 7, wouldn't have seen her, but I would have 5 heard her walking" on the hard tile floor. . x Janssen said she hadn't seen any dried blood on the couple's bedroom car- pet where some was later found, "but I didnt go in there that much." v " Former Gothenburg Police Chief George Shackleton said he saw the blood stain but "didnt think much of it" when be went to the residence about 1:30 pm Dec 11, 1987, after Nichols reported his wife missing. "It was Just a round spot about the .. size of a half-dollar, and I really wasn't "looking for blood," Shackleton said. He said that he and two State Patrol troop-ers returned to the home later with a T 'search warrant . ' We went through the house with what I thought was a fine-toothed comb, and an three of us looked at that spot and de-r. dded that it wasnt anything 'cause It ...wasnt big enough." i As it turned out, the blood had soaked into the pad and that's where a larger v stain was found, Shackleton said. " " i Ahrens said the State Patrol officially , entered the case Feb. 4, 1988, at the re- quest of Dawson County Attorney , James OTtourke, who is now a county ; Judge. By that time, Ahrens said, several r Items of possible evidence, including the bedroom blood stain, had been discov-ered by Dennis Whelan, an Omaha pri- - vate detective hired by Mrs. Nichols mother. . . ., . ' Size of saucer, Ahrens said the stain in the carpet padding was about the size of a coffee " saucer. He said laboratory tests showed that the blood was type B, the same as Mrs. Nichols. . Nichols said it was menstrual blood ' and the stain had been there for some ";time. "' " Ahrens said a crime lab serologlstre-Tported that once blood has dried, its ori-.'. gin menstrual vs. a wound, for example cannot be determined. Nichols said he reported his wife " missing on the afternoon of Dec 11, 1987, - after he had driven around the Gothenburg area in an attempt to find her. He said the two of them had gone to bed after arriving home from the Jack & Jill store, and when he was awakened by their children about 7 am, "she was gone." , ... Mrs. Nichols mother, Connie Stanley ' Of Big Springs, said she called the Ni-: chols residence about 8:30 am that -' morning to talk to her daughter. Nichols answered the telephone and said Mrs. Nichols was still asleep, Stanley said. ; She said she called to ask her daughter bow things were going in her marriage. When Nichols told her that his wife .. was still sleeping, Stanley contacted a . state Department of Social Services worker, who called the Nichols home a ".' few minutes later and was told by Ni- - chols that his wife was out shopping. - "' y-. Nichols said he told Stanley that his ' wife was asleep "because I didnt want to worry her." He said he told the Social "' Services worker that his wife was shopping because, "Who the hen am I to know who the hell is calling?" . , Took kids to grandma's Nichols said he then took the children to the Gothenburg home of his wife's paternal grandmother, Violet Williams, to ,. ask her to baby-sit. "I was cryin', and I told her why I was .there and why I was upset, and I was trying to ten her not to worry 'cause I was going to go out and try to find her," " be said. 'Second raising events to mark They are going to lift that 9-ton barn at "Bruno again. Last year, to celebrate Bruno's centennial, 300 people not only lifted it, but they moved it 110 feet . . This year they win lift it and put a row of cement blocks under the raised "bufldlng. ; A horseshoe tournament win precede the lift starting at 1 pm next Sunday. Carl Curtis may join the lucky in Congress9 millionnaires9 club9 Mark Nichols poses with the couple's son, Preston. The photo was taken In December 1987 before Christi Jo Nichols disappeared. ' , Williams said Nichols arrived with the children at 11 am and picked them up about 2 hours later, "He didnt ten me that she was missing," Williams sail "He never asked me if she was here or if I'd seen her or nothing" ,:-f Asked about Williams' comments, Nichols said, "See, they're an in cahoots together. I alnt got a chance in hell" : : Stanley said Mrs. ' Nichols alleged boyfriend told authorities that he and Mrs. Nichols became acquainted "because she was lonely and needed some-: one to talk to." But Stanley said she is certain that her daughter would never have left without her children, whom the Dawson County District Court, has placed in the custody of Nichols parents in Gothenburg. Stanley said Mrs. Nichols bad met with Cozad attorney Claude E. Berreck-man two days before she disappeared' and with domestic violence counselor Betty Koch of Lexington the day before the disappearance. Her plans to meet with thera again strongly suggests that she had no intention of running away, Stanley said. : .Wanted divorce Berreckman said Mrs. Nichols spent two hours in his office Dec. 9 and -planned to come bark a week later. He said she told him that she wanted to file for divorce but didn't have any money. After hearing what she had to say about . her marital situation and seeing a bruise on her arm that she said was allegedly caused when her husband grabbed it, Berreckman said he told her, "'Dont worry about that (a lack of money). Well go right ahead." i , Berreckman said he then called the Dawson County sheriffs office, which referred him to County Attorney 0-Rourke, who referred him to Police Chief Shackleton. Berreckman also called Koch, director of the Dawson County Parent-Child Center. Koch said she met with Mrs. Nichols in Shackle- . ton's office Dec 10. i l ; ; : ' "What I planned with her was that she was going to come into my office the fol- : lowing day the 11th for a support - group meeting," Koch said. "We decided that that would give a chance to talk about what she wanted, what she needed and what we could do for her." Shackleton said Mrs. Nichols gave him a statement about a thumb sprain that she said she allegedly received during an argument with her husband in late November 1987. But Shackleton said that she provided two versions of that episode, leaving him with two stories and no proof that her husband had . abused her. . ; Shackleton said that on the day that Mrs. Nichols and Koch were in his office, "I swear to God, she (Mrs. Nichols) could have walked out of there and left the whole kit and kaboodle behind,; Those kids had her beside herself. "They had my office half torn up they were into everything, and she was to the point where if we hadnt been standing there, she'd have sloughed . 'em," Shackleton sail Different view , Koch said she doesnt share Shackle-ton's view of Mrs. Nichols' alleged aiud-, ety. v - 1 Nichols said his wife "could not handle the stress of being a parent but she does love the kids a lot and I Just reaUy dont know what to think" about why she would leave and never make contact with the family to find out how they are. "It's been too damned long. Something got to be wrong," he sail Whelan, the private detective, said he hopes the case eventually will be placed in the hands of a Dawson County grand .Jury. .' ;:',' ' '.v "We've been pushing for a grand Jury for six months because a grand jury has the power to subpoena and interview and do other things that need to be done," be sail Said OTtourke, who became a county judge July 1: "That prospect (calling a grand jury) has been discussed, as have other investigative techniques, and II discuss those with my successor (as county attorney) if he chooses to. "That win be something taken up by my successor, if at all" A successor is expected to be selected v in mid-August , . of Bruno barn, city celebration An accordian Jamboree win fin the afternoon and registration for the lift will start at S p.m, with the lift taking place at 7 pm An outdoor movie win be shown after dark. Refreshments win be available on the grounds. The barn is located on the 12-B spur, about 12 miles northeast of David City and just west of Bruno. Ffom p"gie Elsie By David Lynch Washington Bureau ActuarUy speaking, former Nebraska Republican Sea Carl Curtis should live to be 91.4 years old and Join the "million-nalres club," according to the National Taxpayers Union. The minionnaires' club is made up of former members of Congress who collect at least $1 million in pension benefits. Three-fourths of the former members of Congress from Nebraska now receiving pension benefits are expected to Join the mUlionnalres' dub. Curtis, who served in the House from 1939 until 1955 and in the Senate from 1955 to 1979, now receives $74,220 a year under the pension plan, which is somewhat Wgher than the $57,500 he was earning when he retired. He has earned $854,665 in retirement benefits so far, according to the taxpayers union. , ; . ' Former Sen. Roman L Hruska, who served in the House from 1953 until 1954 and in the Senate from 1954 until 1976, is expected to live longer than Curtis 92, according to the taxpayers union mortality charts but he is expected to earn less in lifetime pension benefits -$869,813. He earned $47,244 from his pension last year, which was less than Curtis earned but more than the $44,600 he earned during his last year in the Senate. His pension has collected $469,011 since retirement Former Nebraska Rep. Glenn C. Cunningham, who served in the House from' 1957 until 1971, Is expected to live to 87.8, according to the taxpayers union, and collect a lifetime benefit of $1,189,233. He .currently earns $47,328, as compared to the $42,500 he earned when he retired - He has collected $517,975 in retirement benefits so far. Former Rep. Charles Thone, who served in the House from 1971 until 1979, is the only congressional pensioner who earns less from his pension than he did from his salary. He earns $40,200 a year from his pension, as compared to the $57,500 salary he was earning when he retired to run for governor. The taxpayers union charts give the former governor an 84 projected life expectancy, in which be is expected to earn $1,478,048. He has collected more than $300,000 so far. . . - The union's study found that almost half of an retired members of Congress living in May are expected to receive more than $1 mi!lion,m lifetime pension benefits. Morrill County citizens will tolerate no dump BRIDGEPORT (AP) - An environmental group has declared political open season on any Morrill County commissioner who approves a land use permit for a regional landfill in the county, a group leader sail v: The Morrill County Environment' Ac-' tion Committee will work to remove any commissioner who backs the permit in the county, Emmett Smith sail . "Any commissioner that signs a land use permit for the proposed regional landfill in Morrin County against the desires of the citizens of Morrill County, we win start circulating a recan petition the next day to remove that commissioner or commissioners from office," he sail : ding dinner for several hundred at Prague. Sometimes I cater to extension agents in the fiell Polish sausage and scalloped potatoes. Wind blows, dust rolls. I put the food In roasters, wrap with blankets to keep it warm, pack it in my station wagon and away I go. . . "People ten me I serve too much and charge too little. But I have a lot of fun." Next weekend, she win close Elsie's Cafe to go on the 17th annual bus trek to Kansas City to see the Royals play. She serves breakfast to the two busloads of . people from Lincoln, Omaha, Fremont Wahoo and Ithaca before they board and packs a roast beef and potato salad lunch the works - to be eaten at a rest stop at St Joseph, Mo.. Loves to cook ' "I love to cook and bake," she under- states. ' ; - The fourth Sunday of every month, motorcycle groups converge on Elsie's for breakfast Last month it was 60 people from 11 towns. She manages the food preparation with little commercial equipment , Williams lives in the back of the cafe and used to be open seven days each week. Now she closes on Saturday. . "You ask what I do on my day off. I get food ahead for Sunday groups and catering orders. And I have to do my - own cleaning. You cant pay anybody to doit" ... How does she keep track of invento-rry? "That's why rye got suppliers. They come, we buzz through here and figure outwhatlneel" Hand printed signs around the cafe read: "Pay your charges today." Regulars pay later "Regulars never pay when they eat" Williams said, pointing to a list of - charges next to the cash register that ; Saunders ?V County S. Yutan WeatonT 1 Wahoo A yz O Ithaca , r I NEBRASKA range from one meal of just over $3 to several with a charge of $37. "That's my hate list" she sail ' u A mug collection that hangs around the edge of the ceiling including one from every state, from 14 foreign countries and several more was the'sub-ject of a television interview once,' Williams said. ' ' , V; The worst calamity she can remember during the 11 years of running the ' restaurant was putting on a large pot of chili during hunting season and letting it burn up. "I used to cry alot but I cry a whole lot iess now," said Williams, who is the mother of five and grandmother of 11.""': ;" .v.'.- . She says she win not ten her age, then admits she is 59, "because if I die, itU be show up in my obituary." . James Collins dead DALLAS (AP) - James M. Collins, one of the first congressmen to speak out against the Nixon administration's conduct of the. Vietnam War, died Friday of heart and lung problems..He was 73. . 1 Journal-Star WANT-ADS 101 Cemetery Lots 4 Cm tott. Line Mam Pork; tlM nil 4 or $.V3 o, Wrlt 10 Box USt, Cole Springs. CO. 90901 3 plots avollobl at Lincoln Mt-morlol Garden. Call 467-2760, Lincoln Memorial Park Moutol-um, )now crypt, soc 2, wlct nwwtloblo, 4KV6I77. 103 Card of Thanks Family of Gloria Joan Way (Roof) with to xprtst tholr thank to all thtlr friend who gave memorial, flower, food and many kind word of sympathy during the lost of our loved on. Dennis May, Michelle Thompson d family. Tommy It Lerene Roof. Sr., Tommy Teresa Roof, Jr. ft family 126 Business Opportunities NOTICE If you plan to solicit participants or purchaser In a business opportunity, which require an Initial Invest-ment of more than VOO, you should contact the Nebraska Department of Bonking and Finance, (402) 471-217), De-tor any offers, solicitation, or sale or mod. 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Coll 477-3573 Roofing done, reasonable, free QStlmotOS, 476-0676. Vic Roofing, guttering, B tear off. 23 yr exp, reasonable. 476-6408 Electrical, plumbing, carpentry repairs; also tubshower caulk- Ing B window repair. 473-1350 MASTER ELECTRICIAN Reosonoble, Insured, 474-6153. ' Will's Construction, custom hornet, additions, remodeling, re- polr, 40 exp 489-9307 Every thing-remodel, repair. quality. Int. ret, free est. 4894514 Residential roofing, rates, free estimates 477-4805 WOODCRAFT REMODELING all types. Roof to basements, outside to Inside, garage B oddl-Hons, Insured, 466-1933. . DICK'S CONCRETE. Sidewalk B Driveways, roofing B repair work. 474-3957 Bullock Drywall B Custom Interiors, call 444-Qin REPAIRS UNUNITED 444-5378 Addition, remodeling, earpen-try, roofing, goroget 463-4068 Floors laid, sanded B reflnlshed. Chuck Smith, 489-3674. ROOFING, experienced. Insured, fret estimates, 423-4451. Roofing. Pre Estimate. insured, repair. 483-6485. . Drywolllng B texturing. Don right but cheap, Free est 43541 2$ Roofing, Shingle or flat work Jock Tyree, 25 yrs. exp. 477-6647 Insured carpet installer, exc references. After 5pm 4754135. BEU'S CONTRACTUS 20 yrs exp., rat's. Remodeling, carpentry, cabinet work, vinyl B steel siding B soffits, pointing B roofing. Free estimates. 4894721, Roofing, oil types, free estimates, repairs welcome, 435-5996 kc"e hhutaGE coffreiciiiis IntExt repairs B maintenance to your home. Excellent reference. Insured. 477-7047 or 476-357$ Lee's Home Repair Con da most anything. 4W4140 255 Plumbing Heating . Air Conrl. All mokes air ceMitMntn B tec- trlcal service. Anytime 488-688, Air Conditioning B Refrigeration 477-1636 Plumbing- Prof, sewer B drain Cleaning, nxwnnatte, 464-77X4. 260 Interior Decorating Pointing, papering, texturing, wall B celling repair, 4774988 Expert PointingPapering, tow rates. Jerry Peeves, 464-4W Pops r I no, extlnt pointing, wall 265 Painting SEUDESCOT On all Interior exterior paintings. Experienced, 444-7894, Gerald Sewell Pointing. Neat B honest. Extlnt. pr est. 474-971 265 Painting (Ceatiwea)! FATHERSON PAINTING InteriorExterior, experienced, free estimate, 447-1421 Painting, Interiorexterior. Quality work, ret.. Insured, fret est. Z-Best Painting Co. 469-430 , MM EwtoriAf-fnteriM- ' Bxp. Free est. Krueger 488-2494. Interior B exterior pointing, ex- perlenced, root, rates 475-6817 IntExt. pointing, papering, tex-turlng, experienced. 470-2273. ' DENNIS f.'AY PAINTING Int.Ext., - scraping, printing. glazing, free est., 25 yr 464-7063. J ft B GUAUTY 4 LESS Intext, Ins., rets., 483-1320 H B M contracting, pointing, repair, restoration. Interiorexterior, 477-3433 PAINT KOW; CBP Pointing . 25 years experience . CommmercialResldentlal Insured, references. Beautify your horn today. Ask about our interior soeciaisl coll 446-2213 Free estimates poti::3Plus : By i M(kCJobtl V Call now far summer sizzling spe cials. Comm. B res., Int. B ext.. 10 Senior Citizen Disc, 15 yrs. exp. rr upon request. Can 464- 3026. Home painting, high quality, exp. 464-2245 for fair estimate. . Relchel Paint Paper- Fro estimates. 477-2659 Painting: Int. B extreasonabte. 23yr.xp,474406 . - Home painting, neat & exper. ser vice for less. Free est. 4X9-277T 270 Lawn Care Garden Dirt Red lava reck, S3 a tub lull, - 6310 AVIesworttl, 4673570. Free black dirt, you haul. 464488; Jeffs Lawn B Garden Service: Tilling, seeding, fertilizing, oera-tkm. Insecticide, herbicide, mow ing, power raking, landscaping. treeshrub trimming B treatment, hauling. Established business since 1945. Reasonable. COMPLETE lawn core. 4744335 DIRT Top soll-ptoln or pulverized. 0 llvered or picked up. 4644757 Peterson's Tractor Mowln Comm., acreage 8, res., 464-3456 Dirt around foundations, seeding sodding, grading, 4774336. STONE WALLS-TIE WALLS Low rote. Free est. 7824035. American Lawn Mowing service. res. B comm., free est, 423-5786 Bobcat work, concrete removal Coll 423-7342 LAfJSSCAPIfJS MATERIALS Pulverized black dirt. blend with manure, lava, river, B white rock, and B gravel, wood chip B railroad ties. General . Excavating, 467-1427. Good quality black pulverized dirt, reasonable. 476-1540. DIRT WORKLAWN REPAIR Black pulverized dirt Installed B tamped around foundations, low areas. Lawn drainage repair. Sod work. Free est., 473-2828. ' Weed mowing, lots B smaller ocroooos. Coll 435-3352 sonobre, 489-2004 or 464-4422. , AAA tractor mowing, yard grad ing, general clean up, concrete B tree removal. Also block dirt avail. Reas. 4834067,47-7721 DIRT WSttXYAriO REPAIR Any ami. black dirt Installed: around foundations, low spot. Repair of grade, drainage. Sod or seeding. Exp. free est, 4864916 Premium quality black dirt 423-4076 971 Miscellaneous LL Services Save this Ad. Senior Citizens rote, mowing, painting, hauling, cleaning B odd lobs. Fret estimates. coll anytime 464-3327, Window washing, gutter cleon- Ing, residential only. M-m 275 Moving .-.. Professional service at ronsonobte rotes. Specializing In household, oft Ice, pianos B organs. Insured. Local statewide. F ree estimates. 466-3013. Moving to please. 2 men. any sire truck. Specializing In Piano. Free est 74 hrs. Lorry, 476-W"4 2Q0 Trucking & Hauling , HAULING 4 LSS$ -Coll anytime 486-1367, 464-1371 Budget priced. Local hauling-lg. pickup, free estimate, 469611 You call-we haul. Foil, some day service. 437-6914 or 4354929 HAULING Cieanin Sose-mentt B Oorooes, 477-187I ' Colteoe student wfomllv need hauling nhs for von, 466-7978 $1(TO$22ALOAO ' targe pickup, 466-9W6, 444-7013 Hauling B clean uo, ony kind. Free estimates, 797-3055, local. h ,1 Iw-j I. , Jn1 i,4i i j4,u .e,i. S... 4,i i, . a,

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