The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1932
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bu the United Press BLYTHEHJIM JQlfflM NEWS HOMEEDrnON Iff VOL. XXIX-NO. 191 lilylhevillo Dully News. Blylhevlili: HmfdT" .MlyLssipiil Valley tender. Blyllievllln Courier. AKKjU'SAS. KR1DAV, QCTOUKU 28, l«m HOLLAND SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS LED IN OSCEOLA ACCIDENT :»fi WEB [. IN tfPUL Democracy's Three Miiskktcers Elect Roosevelt and Garn-| cr He Tells Followers in Massachusetts. By llnilert Press President, Hoover moved into i ie middle wc-if, today on his fuurih campaign drive for the important ekotoral vote;; of thai area, wlii!-- from coast to coast other warriors sharpened their thrusU :ii the brittle for the doubtful slatos. Tile partisan attacks..rapidly n- \ creasing in heat, included a char;?, by the Republican national committee that James A. Farley, Democratic executive committee chairman, had sought a campaign contribution from a Canadian business man. Says Letter Forged Parley's reply was a counter charge that "Republican national teado,uarters has issued a fDr»2rt letter pur|X>rting to come from me." Former Governor Alfred R. Smith, charging Republican <jelay in formulating au economic program, opened the final Democratic driv: in the. New England sector, in his Boston speech last night i:c appealed for "full nnd complete sup- •porl for Franklin Hoosevelt and John Garner." Governor Franklin fioosevelt conferred at Albany, N. Y.. uxlay \^ith advisors preparatory to his iu-ing into New England. He also decided to conclude his campaign for lhe presidency with a whirlwind finish on the "sidewalks of Nun- York." President Hoover faced his most _ . ^ .«^n u^ , ul>sl KooseveK passed through intensive speech making trip of the Garner is at the right. Each wanted to be the Democratic caixltdalo for president, but now they're all working tor one. These Three Musketeers of Democracy held a reunion in Washington v.-hen Governor Franklin D. on Slayer Whom Seven Jurors •Vlievod [rmocciil Will Appeal. OSCEOI.A, Ark.. Oil. 2».—Cir| cull Jiuliii' Neil Killaugti yasler:' iy , overruled the mo'.ion for a new tria! ' filed by attorneys for Art'.iur Drown, who was coiivlclrd of nniHlauglit-er and sentenced to two years In IVf pcniteiitfarj by :i jury hi, circuit court hero last wtek. l/ir the klllinr •of T. W. YOUD-.J, ipjinnt fsnni'i- in • the P. M. Burton plantation, i Brown's attorneys said they would appeal to lhe snpremc court, lirowr. is :n libcrij 1 under 53.1100 bend pending the appeal. A jmy. aftai five hours of deliberation convicts''' Brown ct manslaughter in the casr In which he pleade:! iliut lie xho 1 and killed Young while dcfendiiv his own life from P. M. D«rt=n i with whom he had trouble ovj:>ip of :i liny baler. Jurnrs Hi B n Affidavit Seven of UK jurors who returned 1 1 verdict against Uron-n. .supported his molion-for a new |rial wit an affidavit In which they stale- they believed him Inuoceni -of an crime, bin 1 compromised with th remaining rive jurors on a man I slaughter verdict because t;-?y iln I <lers(ocd from the court's Instruction? U:ai he wanted Hum lo coin promise- rather than have th: cn< result in a misirial and be carrte: over for another term. Tlie coiut has charged all judc at (his lime u-ltli the importanc rapidly closing campaign today. At every train stop he planned to make back platform addresses. He speaks | : In Tndianapolis tonight. ; Qov. Albert Ritchie of Maryland, will make a pita for Democratic' support in the same city. I Three cabinet members spoke 1 last night. At Utica, N. Y., seer-:-! lary of Treasury Mills acclaimed [ the Republican prohibition plauk i way to Baltimore. Speaker Jack | of 'reaching verdicts and avoldin Governor Albeit c. Ritchie of Maryland, a busy campaigner for Rcoscveldt. is in the center. ffiLTML 15! ME : Newlon Baker -tr. File P »•>• f II -f- • retitson tor Luke Lea •WASHINGTON. Ocl. 28. (UP) — ; Newton D. Baker today obtained j from Chief Justice Hughes an or- Hoover In Literary j ? vote in 4i of 48 der granting him unlll November promises he would be unable lo carry out if elected. At las Angeles Secretary of Agriculture Hyde referred to President Hcover us "th? greatest progressive on oarth." BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 28. (UP) — "Tl:n unqualified full and comp!;l: support of Franklin D.' Rcosevclt Stales. NEW YORK. Oct. 28 (UP)—Tab- •"•.•<•->"•<:. i>. <^ illation of nearly 3,000,000 ballots Tn| st company. I convicted on charges of conspiracy . and mis-application of funds cf trr N. C., Central Bank and in "•- Literary Diecst nation wide ..ill shows Franklin D. Roosevelt leading President Herbert Hoover by a ratio of total vote and ine? and John N. Garner" was askrf i slates to his opponent's r?ven. lhe of.lhe voters of Massachusetts.last i magazine announced today, nigiil by Alfred E. Smith in an address lo 20,000 of his followers. and the vole in New York stale continued to be closer than any The former New York governor's speech, maU.e_ with his charactcrislic vigor, denounced ths Hspnblicau administration, attacked President Hoover's Detroit speech. d3fend?d his previous utterance ch.irjing (lie Republican inaimgement with bif- olry. and urged all Dsmocrats to support the naticnal ticket. The Leas and Davis retain?;! r,.T ker as counsel after th; 1 suprem court on Monday denied their original petition for a review of Ihc -N'oi-ih Carolina court's ' refusal n grant tliem a nex trial. They sough, the new trial on the grcunds o ^xr^^SSc-^^^ffi- 1 ' ro two in ih- "carryins" 41 Manila/Man Fined $100 , cd for Transporting Liquor Paul Cody of Manila was lined S1CO on a charge of transporting _., iV .-_i,L iv iw (.JU^LI uiiy ; other with Roosevelt less than 10,- j fiOO ballots ahead out of appro\-' iniatoly 325.000 votes cast. i The rac.? Is also close in Delawn:> where Roosevelt's lead of 202 votes last week was cut to 175 to- da.v. "Several states wner,? the voic • i is close." (he Literary Digest point- I GFBI™ Mrs. Blanch Hamilton „,„,,, „, „,„ im , Rro < Karsch Will Lose Part Maine. Vermont. New Hampshire. Oj Memphis Fortune. the expense nnd delay causod t mistrials resulting from hasty -de liberation. Pat Ftimlcr, young Luxora mai formerly engaged in, ir.c grocci bifMiicss at [hat 'plnce.' u-ns ths o!r ' ject of the court's scathinj cenu; elation yesterday afternoon when four year prison sentence with tl last three years suspended wi passed on him bjr tc? court, a fl> an agreement was readied bstwec Prosecutor Gladlsh mid Hunts- ittorncy that he would plead guill to tlie charge of accessory b->fo- and after the fact of robbery nr take the partially suspended =ei fence. Directed Robber Gangs Tr.c fact that Hunter coitus froi 1 good family, the court told hli made his offense all the greater m he was warned that should h« r liirn her; after serving his year I Hie penitentiary and resume tl practice of sendin:; hired robbe -ut to penetrate crimes Jro.-n vvlil he received a part of Ihe loot 1 would be returned to t.-e r>=i' Wntiary for the rest of his ' ser .ence. • ' Hunter, according (0 officers v: .he "brains" behind both n whl •>'id negro gang, which commltU a series of robberies In lliis se tlon of the county last spring T' pnriiculnr charge for which Hun.' »-as srntencos was the robbery ' Norman Johnson and Klllo;, .-r. white men. who were trti; president in this held poll ay afternoon. Officers testified that Cody Arrest Truck Driver scooped up several bottles or 11- <mov and ran when they raided his father's home. A bottle of liquor was laser found behind r. small house where Cody had dodged in his run, they declared. Codv's only reason for running, as detailed on the stand, was "because T wanted to." John Owens of the Manila section was fined five dollars for broach of tli e peace. Prank Homer and Roy Grant waived preliminary hearing on charges of disposing of mortgaged property and were ordered held j The seizure was nade on to the grand jury under $500 bond. wav j.n'nbout 5 mile's thi s si TV ~ : : Lepan'.o, Doctor Is Awarded ' necucui anil New Jersey. JACKEON. Term.. Oct. 28 HIP) Arkansas gave 3.54G votes for' —The S3.MO.OOO estate of the laK Hoover and 15,692 votes for Rcosc- Mrs. Kate Hamilton of Memphi' iclt in the poll. ,..,,„ „... , ti .. F . tnrt ,,„,„.„.„ ',,. Blanch Hamilton Karsch. an adop:- i ed orphan girl, and blond rjlatlv; of the decered by a decision ;! Legion of Honor Order NEW ORLEANS. (UP)—Th? order of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of France has been amrA- cd Dr. Rudolph Matas. distin- HfiL r i iin • i or " lfl decered by With targO Of Whisky . the court of appeals. • • ! Ti:e court of appeals ruled al' OSCEOLA. Ark.. Oct. 28.—Fioyd personal property should go lo Mrs. Softie is m jail charged with trans- Knrsch. who was taken from an or- pcrting liQitor. He vvas arrested phanage in New York when she Wednesday night when officers was three vcars old. and all rea' Ralph Mcllvain E L. Morarlty. propcrtv b; divided among blOD.- 1 Britt Sharp and Henry Bnnklcy Klal1v e s wno nre said to Smmb:l ook wen y-fivc gahons of liquor ap p r0 xinnle:v thirtv. fioni the truck he was driving. ' "•iji. : The estate t.3& been ^slimateJ at p^ S3.500.OCO ot which $1.000.000 was : In securities, S500.WK) in casli. and i the balance In roal e£lnl=. I Mr.s. Knrsch, by a decision given . in chancery court by Chancellor M Cai!->fl <-ailR(l eor . Combat Grass Fire ' C - Kclchum of Memphis, had pre _ i vloiisly bsen given absolute c:nf.-- ' ° f the K[M ' A n " mto ' of r " h The first glass fire of the fan was reported by city firemen who' liad a° D ' fllc d that decision. •" ' ^v cs[ I The majority opinion reman? ^i i the case to the Shelby county ciian answered an alarm from H K •» Mii "'^ ii i«i«i,»a. uia\m ttiiauuivu an alarm H srnsned New Orleans surgoon, by, Walnut tills morning | y can- sovernment. Aniwjnrc- Fire Chief Roy Head stat'd lhat ccry Wllrt - Msm P'-''S. for division 1 1 e • of l estate. [!^ n ' of the award was unda u* j hot ashe.5 had been "emptied in it-o ' of l ' le real cs - at -n« Hench consulate here. The c"ti-1 allev and drv leaves imrf "ran-,,. 1'.. I "^" 1 a " ey dry leavcs ha(i j sent to the famous «;r?;on and that tt will br formally prc- sentcd en Armistice Day. Nov. II r j'u as alr "dy bad besn Ignored by other governments, Includ- -UP.-P.nn- i,i~ o-l. grens, nc- , mar warning from "S Span, and Poland, for his work! that tnoso who arc rcsron.V '" S " riier - v ' | •"•* f,ro, wl.l°he h»itad in I int read ^X^nWrSASI I "'n^rried at out 3,000 ,,, during Uin pflriod, NEW ORLKANS, Ocl. 28. lUI'l — The story of how a prohibition Informer was "taken for a rld.V ins body stuffed In the back end of an tuitmiiobllc which was driven to the loivn ol Donuldsvllle and parked tn Uic main street while lhe (jnnjsiers went to a hotel ncros-, the ilic:! to listen to a football game over '.he radio, was related lo pulic-? to- Jay. Tlie police Informonl was Thorn- is Kehoe, St. Louis G"»8stcr who iml lurned tinltor en the (jlKanllc ;ulf coast lltiuor syndicate au-j vhosc story led yesterday to the •ecovery of bones believed those of i' 1 «.lnln stcol pigeon from tne MIs- -Issipp! river near'Doimldsvllls. Kclioe was discussing the klllln 1 >f Louis Checnii. ivhosc skelctoi .'as believed the 0112 found ycster- ay. He sald^n Chicago gangstci :no*-n ns '"rhe Sv.-cdc" klllct Jhcrinl. Tlie liquor syndicate hlrec Tr.c Swede" in Chicago to do the Hlltig, Kehoe said. . Jhey were held up on the hig " °. n " '«»ht I"! spring a n rt r o a watch and $495 in mon Loe Flowers and Henry Thoai"", ' • to t!:e robbery and had be- 'o 3 years in the p- lary. and Morris Melvln. w h boy. who drove (he car In JM • he negroes made Irrir gctan-iv •' tor the robbery. i :3i |lleatlc ,j' ' ' Iy and teen sentenced to a ye- POlIonlng the .sentence of Hunt the negroes' sentences were redi «d to a year each and Melvli sentence was suspended John Mitchell, in- third of a | r r negroes, charged yiiT. th . ro . -ry and murder of Homer Brow wen known negro taxi Silver of o ceola. who lv a= fcund am in ,, taxicab near c.rider las; New y c1 morning, was acquitted after -, ;'„Inal here yesterday. Johnnie brs-- another negro, pleaded guilty t complicity m (he crime |,»re h jveck nnd was sentenced lo 21 v« 'n the penitentiary st:d at t •«' Iv term of court Isnac Crccke'tf n- sen.cncerl lo a 21-year term ofM . P. Fender Injured in Fall From Porch C. P. Fender, local insurance ar-nt, sii'lnlncd a fracture of the ., 1 ,-' lloultler wlien he slumblcrl off the uorch of a farm home in the Yarbro community last nljhi weekly and a -t^ToMM&e *^^£$?^^{. r* IVKI-O rlicrrihutnrl l~ . 1. „. ,,'ir. 'j ,/X ' , rtllll- ci nnlKda off (he porch throwing him heavily to the Irving C. Neale, Speaker of Arkansas House, Dies K)HT SMITH. Ark, Oct. M lUI'i irvini; C. N-alc, spruker nf (hi 1 Arkansas liniiM- tif rcprciii'n- Intivi'.'i. died lieiv tiKlny iillci- nil Illness D| si'vi'rul months. llr wnx «!i'ctcd f>|M'nker in IKtl mi iK.-rvi'd In lhat capacity |m- thrh IStli KCiieral iiswinlily. A1)J> NKAI.E— ................ sutl'eved » velapsr Wwliu-.-.- day nl|:lit. nfli'i- hi: luul bivn r.- liirnd to his home "Kiv.itly linprov- ed" two week* ;IRO. Tin 1 sin'iikci became ill at the lust s|x-c-lnl M'sslnn of tlu> ^S|h itcnrrul ii.vrnibiy. London Visit Revives Marriage Gossip' L Monday. Tli» liiiii' lnu, ii;>t- Ijwn svt. Hi- joined the ainiy In liin. Upon muming from tin- war Netile went, to tin- Unlvei.sily ol MlssJi:rl i'Jc- he received ills Ltd. denrei' in 1921. Hu won tin- Stuphvnvjn for hLs c.udli-iiiT in d^m- Ini;. VmMbnll was lil.s umjar spun. OF STOOL Bonos of Alleged "Ride" Victim Found in River Nciir- Donalclsville. Sallenges Eligibility of Seven Southern Conference Stars. NASHVILLE. Tcun., Ocl. 2B (UP) -A demand for houseclcaning o! ie southern inlercollegiale conf^r- ice and for a special probe of tlx -ord of seven star football play's In the conference was mode to iy by the VandcrWlt Hustler, slu nt publication at Vanderblll Uni "slly here. The Hustler editorial, issued ove- ic protest of I'ro'ersor llober impbell of the faculty publication »rd, Coach Dan McGugin, altiinr d faculty members, named Ih' ilo-n-lng men: Seatlie Feathers. Dekc Bracket' :d Leo Pctruzzi of (he Universlf Tennessee: Jimmy Hitchcock t ibiirn; Aubrey Dothcrnw. U»li-cr y of Alabama; Harold L,;inmon Tulane; Graham Batchclor. On' rslly of Georgia, and "many oil s whose summer baseball recorc' 3y be well worth considering." S Curtis Resigns As Head of Comparr ^, Oct. 28. (Upi -Cynis re. K. Curtis resigned to '*y as presiden'.. of the Curl's Pub "hlng company ;>nd aiiuoimce.- lat George Horace l.orimcr wll •uccced him. The Curtis company publishes Hi- ^stiirday Evening Post, the Ladle- Jonie Journal, tf?o Country Oen "email, and newspapers in p;-.lla -Iphla and Nc«- York. ing Company Enters Fuel Business ^CARSON CITY, Ncv. (UP)— Thr Carson Brewing Company, one- 'hoUsalc producers of real beer. "las entered the fuel business am ss^rls adverliscments in ihc Iocs' lewspapsrs reading: "Cold weather Is coming. Buy "our wood and coal from Ihe Carson Brewing Company." Meantime preparations have bCfr. made lo rj-cnlcr ihc real be^r business at a moment's nolicc If manufacture of It k legalized. Police Do No. Interfere a* ^ taildiclille, Refused For- ! ln *' M mils,. Talks Anyway. (ST i Or-t. '.'8. till')—Hpiv.i- | "f the I'rlnce of Wnli'S ivas reviv.'.-l t<x.-\y by dm presence here o: rrliici-ss niKi-kl ol s\ved:n. 'IVe 1'rlncc of Wales recently iv- Hirlii'd troni a combined o'lllclni iin;l >'IMt (o h'lvnleii •lurinl. llu> o : "V ieiualnin« °' rayal b ' MI '" ] (In. ^nvi - -- I-IUI.AUELPIHA, Oct. ^H (U)')!T Hi" hoir .;,., -•Norn,,,, -n,,,,,,,,,, Socialist. CUM- n,,,| |,K Hw,- ( ||.,l, «,,„,„ wm]l ,' , . . wm] -oy o for pu.Md,:nt. who was , --;,! dm-ini; th, : visit b, Lt u,-, l!vv«l lo \, a u ,',°l l ' Tom Sheltlen, Driver 1 . Ar- I'cstecl, But l;Iis Release Is Kxncclcd. j; '.' OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 28.-Spc- j-ial-iioy lloliciiion, about fA be- " "inlicrcd under tho .-jves of muny '"lie,, on lieybuiii Dii/ii. opposi'.i. ^lv hull. . I'ullci! nniile mi iiitompl to in- '. I 1 . 1 : ft-re. ' Himthcds cl JMISOJIS crowded : 'liv pln/n where 1'resldoiil Hoover •ti Monday will make his unly i •rlirdiiluil cuinpnlun tippmnance li>i "lilludelphii. Mayor J. llnm|itoii I Moore refusnl the socialist CUD- ' •Hdsto the pvrmll, His police df. luiil mi ttniio.'iitcemunt. Hollan.1. j nl 10 morning when his loot cuiigltt ns he JuiuiMd from a, miivlivi colloutced tnick in front nl lhe Driver Chevrolet, company on Highway 01 here. T»m Sheldon, driver of Uic ivlilcii liclomis to the W. II. Kilwutds din coimnuiv of Ho'.bnd, was l>.?id on a tcchnlcul charce of- murder, bin Dcpuly Shnrltf James Ciuivviiijiii, v;hn wilnessM Rob- erlA-on's denth, said Hint Slieldcu nppnreully was In no wnv nl fault wns exncclcd llnil Ivy would • 1 followiiiR an injiicsl .or beforo a - Justice of Hie Ihi! park commission, consciiueiitly ' .^llCI'lll Llivlil) Says. ! Blicldon cxplnlncd that flobert- 'nid some iwo dozen of his park — ' J Mm. who was riding on the plut- '.'iinls on duly «l (he mccllni{. | MARtON. Ark., Oct. 2H (UP)- form ljntv;ecu the cab ami the In explaining (tie refusal of Ihe uncovering new evidence In I lie scml-lrnllor, r,l»ntilled to him as •rrmll lo 'I'hoinn.s wlille nllowlnt; tl(l|ltl1 °f n CO-yain-old L-nriK'nti'i- Hiev enlevcd Osct"<!a thai I-' ivanl- thal prlvllcur lo IVc.sUlcnl Hoov- lU - w <M-t Memphis, Sheriff IIOWHT] . «l In get, n[f. He said Hint he er officials said they had ucen CJ|11 ' 11 " t- 0:iil y declared the mini told lilm to wait until ho Vnnncd '.old the pvcsidcnl's visit wns not jf'"s tailon to dcnlh and wns nil 'J»t Hint as the truck Blowed fa j»"y mjtircd by n ha and run i doi"n Robortsin Jnmrod. In some Ult ' r - ' iiiiiiner his foot wns cmi'-lit In the' Two men whoso names Sheilff | lllll>l wheels qf.llii! Irollor. anil ho Cinlln Is not disclosing nre under i v ' nH drained about ten feet, ndb- . unost whllu thn sheriff and depu- j cvlann'n skull was fractured, his I Hen conllnue the InvnitlBiitlon. neck liroiten, and his'body badly j The CaiTcnter, C. I,. Clifton, 11 mangled. ' • : 1 CO, died in a Memphis hospllnl The necldent 'victim >as nol late yostcnlay. known (o Slielden, - who salil Hint H wns nisi rcporlcd tliai ciif-'l'e permuted htm to ride nl the- ton wii K struck by u hit and run • reddest of ft Holland man whom driver ' ' miiu« me ix'imu, His police df, nprnrcull wi-lmrtit litiwovcr, siild II wuultl IVIiln F lOlli/llt Hit bv Truck " ml IL w •w (ho duly t.f hminont Park , Y , M«""iuy nut,K ,.„ rro0( , •iiiirds to pifvciit lliu nisetlna.i Wns 'Viiteil lo Dc'iltll l'''»i'l"i!! 'fhomiis H, Martin, .secretary of CI -tt p i. o .'pfiifB. llif park commission, consequently ' .-J'lCI'lll LllVlll) OayS. ! Blicldoi 'lull sump twn [Invnn nf lilc inn-l- — ' '. tmi .nl.M 'f n irolitlcal nutiirc 1 . It luul been •iiicl UiiDver's vJsll would be of mi 'ilsloi lent nalun 1 . ii K sruc y u ant) run -reddes o a oan /man wom o driver In n I ruck HH tho cirpenler ki'«w only by sight, who sold that . MeplKil onlo the highway at West nobcrtson was hts nopiiew. Let- '. Memphis. tors woro found In the dead nun's Nephews of the man. J. I.. Cllf- linckol f'om a Miss I,uclt) 0 Hodges. ( epews of te man. J. I.. Cllf- linckol f'om a Miss I,uclt) 0 Hodges. nnrl HOIISP ,n{ Io " rll(1 w - 1'- Clifton of Mem- of Lcpanio, nddresrjd to him -at ,iuu nouhtjoi J)ll|s becamo s , lsll . 11 ,j[ Nnrnhj Holland.: ''• Commons Guarded. LONDON, Ocl. ?.S (UP) — TJIR "M'so of cmmnons, Hie prime mln- •ter's vcslricnce, and tli t . home ' MontiiBti Nurman. governor of 'ie Bank of Eiiolaml. van muter trolly mmrd today after the hun- T marchers who rlolcil In Hyde 'ilk YGStanlnv had. llnealeiied re- 'wcd iiabolage. Onnrris nt niictflngJinm palace, "sidcnce of (he king, nlso were i the nlerl. Extra police were sent to Mnn- " n i Norman's home after n te'o- 'lone thrent. had been renclral ' which thn caller said "wo lire ndlnft unemployed to wreck the pills, .became* su.sptdou* wlien-'^hey Holland.:, e.viimlncil his injnrli...i. (ifflc-arii. then .'.'.'"RoOfi-lson's"" lio'ify••"*»«"-' held - at'^-[ upcnccl mi Investigation. . | the Swift Undcrtnklni; coiupany i white ai\ effort was madcilp co.lti 1 touch w'ith tclfttlvcs at .Holland i nnd with Misa Hodges : at Lepnnlo. Granrf Jury Will Quiz Florida Flogging Victims JACKSONVILLE, Pla., Oct. 28. (UP(—Tcdiiy's so'slon of Ifrj Uuvnl . »ii oonnty grand jury was-eel forward All to Saturday.pending ssrvlcs of 35 : addltlonnl summons for lonnrrcw In the iuvesllBallon of aMuclions and flc^gin<js b/ nigiit rideis lier^. PlflC2n more summcns wore !s- Prnetlcally nil of Uic 22 aclivt su "' for ")>P™-an=es Moi:lny. ~- • Th|o summoiietl Included mcst nf • Local Groups From Parts of County sentecl al Meeting. Parent-Teacher associations In Mis- house corridors awaiting lo appear wllh addresses, as a part of In cilulcd for Trnfalgiir square on •nday. If the earth had no atmosplicrr n-onld inl bo irs. -. the senior high school P. 'IV A. of this city and a playlet by Hi? Ite:l Pepper club of 1;1 l>» jiii'lcc'.M to n ron-, KWOn D >' l »- »e:l Pep jomtardnienl' of .s'rostlir ll 'C city high school. Mrs. w. B. Durkell. Basset, president, presided for the boari of managcrfi meeting and delivered a message to the council The Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pastor of the Ynrk YOP.K. Ort. 21 HIP) — Open HHi Lo'" Cl"^ 031 B.11 Cftf M7 r-n 6flO r.";i CC.II <m "•jots closed nt Fi15. off 10. '|iilcl Orlrnn? • nttrw 1. Orl. ?n (UP)— -'Iton closed bnr,?ly steady. Oiyu Tli"'. Lo-v Clnce '••"C PIS f!15 IKM (!•>? *-*n fi34 Glfl G30 630 "IT IHG GJ7 R40 640 "iy GS-1 OS'S 6SO fi-iO ''I (562 CfiS OSO W s ct f!72b "pots closed at 632. off 8, steady. Pr)rc c A. T. and T ............ 104 5-8 ^nQcnndti Copper ...... 9 xnrctor ..... Ohrvslcr .............. U 1-4 riltles Rnn-lce Coca CoU ^nutiiii-Dtnl General Electric .. General Motm-s Mlddlcwest Utilities Montaomery Ward N.ow York Central . 5-8 fl< 3-4 . , First Baptist, church, conducted th-> dcvollonnl, followed with music by the Blytl-.cville junior high mothers singers' chorus. Others on tlic morning prwr.Tn were: Mrs. B. O. Wllkins. Lu'x'ra Mrs. n. L. Johnson, shc-raoc, Mr; Oscar Hill, Wilson, Mrs. N. B Mimuvhtle the 5tnt- v '3 attorney's office was enga;?i In preparing in- dicliHenls expjclcd to fco r;lurned in .a partial voport cl the grond : nry Prison"- ^'^ &rc\\j, Hail:o5 Pistol Shots PRINCETON, Ini., Oct. 28 (UP) —Amid a volley of shots fired by Mrs. George Hitch, the sheriff's wife, three prisoners In Hi? Gibson county Jail oashcd into the sheriff's llvliiR quarters today, • Jumped throi;!!li a plat; window, ana escapsd. Menard. Blytlievllle. Mrs. Otto I Mrs. Hitch! rto v;a> uojtn'.rs. Kcchtltzky, Blydievtllc, Mrs. J. S 'snatched a pistol and em'oUcd it McCains, osceola. Mrs. E. p. | a l- the fleeing men, two of whom; Grimes. Manila, Mrs. J. T. Lrc ' wcre tcrvln» thre; to ton year S1 ' nl '—" ~ ' 'crms for vobbsry and one ct rfom. : was awaiting trWl on a stailbr ' charge, one prlsonir vvos'birjfoit- 1 •xl. Shnwncc and Luxora. Herbert Sc.-.warlz Tn the afternoon session Mrs. T. E. Talc, Armorol. dUpbyej th: ccngnss putlicotions. Two addresses were by Miss Willie A. Lawson. county superintendent, and M;s.< Winnie Virgil Turner, county supervisor. 'iens Eat 20 Times Weight in Food HARRISBURQ, Pa. (UP)—Hens participating In the first annuai state cgg-laylng contest consumv! 20 times tl:clr own weight In f--»V during the tsn-niDnlh c:nfst ry- rlod, the siMc Agriculture D:- partment reported. Call Courier For Result- Of Chick-Bclldo? Game The result cf the Bivtherille- Pararould football game may bo obtained by cnliin-r the copier News this afterno-Mi bstwcon 5 o'clock and 5.31 o'c'oc'<. • Tho Courier News' tc'.cphciics' are No. 300 and No. 307. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, warmer tnntght. Saturday cloudy inmenc reported .-•...-.... u ^^,.. Departmental statisticians -stl-! *" < l,^ m!Sltlcdl C ° !dcr In inalc!d that tho Rvora?.- Radio Simmons Beds ....... Standard of N. J. . . . Texas Co ............ U. S. Slncl ..;.! ...... 15 1-2 13 "- .. ' ---"» ..iw ». 1 V! «•,- (-..I. L 7-16 feeding the hens was 0.2 cjnts fo 12 1-8, cacl1 dozen of s?gs prcducsd. , us | The hens consumed 10 ions cf 7-R Maying mash, 18 tons of scratch According to tho ofjclal weatnar observer. Charles Phillip; Jr.. tl'^re wa< i frost again last night. T!-? Minimum temueraure was 40 7 1-8 ernln. ntn; tons of flashing mush, degrees and the maximum' 64 ds- 8 | two tens of oyster .shells, several! grees. clear. To^ay a year are the 30 1-4-thousand heads of cabbage, 92 gn i- nilnunum (cmpsrature'was ej A-„ « .[, ot Cod Ilvcr oil ' Rn[1 one-half grees and tho maximum SJ d»35 5-81 ton of grit. \grcts, cloudy.

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