Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on May 2, 1980 · 19
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 19

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1980
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COLOR liiuoln Journal Friday, May 2, 1980 1 9 Red, White rosters The Whites No. Plover pos. Ht. Wt. Age 1 Scott Gemar P 6-2 199 22 3 PatLarsen QB 6-0 178 18 4 Tom Curry WB 5-10 150 19 4 Allan O'Heorn K 5-10 155 19 7 Ricky Simmons SE 5-11 160 18 8 Nate Mason QB 6-2 182 19 10 DonnieKIrk K 6-0 178 19 13 Tim Burngardt IB 6-0 193 19 14 Brian lodence CB 5-10 163 19 16 MarkHagermon K 6-0 175 19 17 Bruce Mathlson QB 6-4 201 20 21 Roger Craig IB 6-2 198 19 22 TomVerglth WB 6-1 172 19 23 Warren Bell CB 5-9 170 19 24 KurtAAortensen S 5-10 160 19 26 Dan Fischer CB 5-9 174 19 27 Randy Landwehr IB 64) 203 20 29 Ricky Chandler LB 6-0 210 19 30 Craig Holmon FB 6-4 215 19 31 Allen Lyday CB 5-9 174 18 32 DaveMcCue WB 5-10 175 20 33 Ricky Mann S 5-11 180 19 35 Steve Damkroger LB 6-1 235 19 36 TimBergkamp K 6-1 180 21 37 L.G. Searcey Mon. 6-2 184 20 42 MarkMoravec FB 6-2 200 20 43 Phil Bates FB 6-2 205 20 44 John Heath LB 6-2 211 19 45 Steve McWhlrter LB 6-2 228 19 46 JohnSantin LB 6-0 205 19 47 Tim Holbrook Mon. 5-9 178 19 51 MikeSculley MG 6-2 212 21 52 TrevDeLoach C 6-2 222 20 54 Scott Llndstrom MG 5-9 208 18 55 Brad Johnson C 6-3 222 19 56 Felix White MG 6-3 218 19 58 Matt Brandt OG 6-2 238 20 59 JohnBeideck C 6-4 210 19 61 BillVanLent DT 6-3 205 20 65 Jeff Merrill MG 6-5 248 19 68 MikeMandelko OG 6-1 239 19 69 JeffKwapick OT 6-3 242 19 70 MikeKeeler DT 6-5 250 19 71 B. Lingenfelter OT 6-2 220 20 72 Peter Boll OT 6-5 266 20 73 DougHerrman OT 6-4 230 19 74 Bill Cook DT 6-6 222 19 76 Dan Schmuecker OT 6-6 248 19 77 Randy Florell LB 6-2 223 20 78 TomCarlstrom OT 6-6 264 20 80 Jamie Williams TE 6-4 213 20 81 ToddSpratte DE 6-4 224 19 82 M. Engebritson DE 6-2 205 19 83 Greg Stephens TE 6-5 225 19 84 Dan Hill TE 6-3 220 18 86 JohnSorenson SE 6-2 185 19 90 Dean Steinkuhler OG 6-3 225 19 91 Darwin Miles DE 6-0 205 19 94 Daryl Holmes DE 6-2 193 20 95 JohnNoonan SE 6-2 187 19 99 DaveStromath DT 6-4 232 20 The Reds No. Player Pos. Ht. Wt. Age 1 Jimmy Austin RB 6-1 208 21 2 JeffKrecii S 6-0 172 20 3 Russell Frazier QB 6-2 190 19 4 Eddie Neil K 5-8 185 20 5 Rodney Lewis CB Ml 187 20 6 Lynn Schoenlng K 5-6 150 19 8 Jerry Walton CB 6-1 173 19 9 Russell Gary S 6-0 180 20 10 Rex Eberspacher K 6-2 184 20 11 JeffQuinn QB 6-2 204 21 12 Jarvis Redwlne IB 6-0 204 21 14 Bill Patterson IB 5-8 178 19 15 RicLindquist CB 5-10 174 20 17 MarkMauer QB 6-1 198 20 21 David Haase S 6-0 176 19 23 Paul Smith FB 5-10 190 19 24 TlmMcCrady WB 5-9 171 21 25 Jim Jeffries M 6-1 185 19 26 LanneyFueh IB 5-11 182 19 27 Steve Bauer CB 6-2 177 19 28 DaveLiegl CB 5-8 167 23 29 Todd Brown SE 6-1 167 19 30 Craig Johnson IB 6-1 195 20 31 Randy Huebert WB 6-0 170 19 33 Anthony Steels WB 5-8 182 20 36 JimCorbeil LB 6-2 200 19 37 Richard Daniels S 5-10 185 18 38 Kris Van Norman M 64) 191 19 39 Andra Franklin FB 5-10 225 20 40 Doug Wilkening FB 6-2 210 19 41 Kim Baker LB 6-3 213 21 42 Jim Murphy CB 6-0 180 20 43 BobHansman LB 6-1 205 19 44 JlmKotera FB Ml 200 20 45 Steve McWhirter LB 6-2 228 19 48 Bienl Evans LB 6-3 220 19 49 Kevin Seibel K 6-2 230 19 50 Dave Rimington C 6-3 248 20 51 KurtGlathar OG 6-2 230 19 53 R. Schleusener OG 6-6 244 21 54 MikeMcElroy C 6-6 210 19 55 Ed Barnes LB 6-0 225 19 56 Dennis Wees MG 6-1 202 19 57 BradMuehling C 6-0 195 19 58 RIckBeaudin MG 6-1 200 19 59 CurtHineline MG 6-3 226 20 62 MarkTranmer MG 6-0 205 19 63 Doug Dhein OT 6-6 227 19 64 Joe Adams OG 6-4 239 21 65 Randy Theiss OT 6-3 256 19 67 JackLonowski DT 6-1 214 23 68 Tom Hinds OG 6-1 202 19 69 Robert Alven OG 6-0 245 19 70 Gary England OG 6-5 246 20 71 Robin Derr DT 6-1 219 18 73 Dan Hurley OT 6-3 263 20 74 Scott Raridon OT 6-4 255 19 75 Henry Waechter DT 6-6 243 20 76 Mike Bruce OT 6-6 248 21 81 Steve Brown DE 6-4 175 19 82 Steve Davies TE 6-2 230 21 83 Mitch Krenk TE 6-3 210 19 84 WadePraeuner DE 6-0 195 19 85 DonnieBess DE 6-3 214 20 86 DaveRidder DE 6-1 180 19 87 Jeff Finn TE 6-5 235 20 88 Scott Woodard SE M0 165 20 91 TlmAlberico SE 6-2 185 19 92 Derrie Nelson DE 6-2 225 21 93 TomGdowski DT 6-3 233 19 94 John Sherlock OG 6-2 235 19 96 Jimmy Williams DE 6-3 215 19 97 Toby Williams DT 6-4 250 19 Class Hometown Sr. Sutton So. Fullerton So. Lincoln So. Kansas City, Kan. So. Green vl I le, Texas So. Greenville, Texas Jr. Shawnee, Kan. So. Norfolk So. Hemingford So. Alnsworth So. Superior, Wise. So. Davenport, Iowa So. Lincoln So. Abbottson, Calif. So. Slncoln So. Lincoln Jr. Dunbar So. Ralston So. Omaha So. Wichita, Kan. So. Alma So. Miami, Fla. So. Lincoln Sr. Pretty Prairie, Kn. Jr. Wymore So. David City So. Omaha So. King City, Mo. So. Fairfield, Iowa So. Central City So. Lexington Jr. El wood Sr. Papillion So. Oakland So. Harvard So. Lincoln So. Humphrey So. McCook So. Columbus So. Huntsville, Ala. So. Lexington So. Circle Pines, Minn. So. Omaha Jr. Plainview So. Chattanooga, Tenn. So. So. Custer, S.D. So. Beatrice So. Omaha Jr. Holdrege Jr. Polk So. Davenport, Iowa So. Rochester, Minn. So. Hastings So. Central City So. Falls City So. Omaha So. Burr Jr. Omaha Sr. Chicago, III. So. Omaha Jr. Millard Brown follows Means' example to top Class Hometown So. Miami, Fla. Schuyler Omaha Pasadena, Calif. Minneapolis, Minn. Sioux City, Iowa Omaha Minneapolis, Minn. Friend Ord Inglewood, Calif. Omaha Plattsmouth St. Paul, Minn. Aurora Inglewood, Calif. Plainview Grand Island Central City Grand Island Central City Holdrege Omaha Henderson Sacramento, Calif. Oak Park. III. Ocean Sprgs, Minn. Minden Anniston, Ala. Littleton, Colo. York Lexington Omaha Bellevue Fairfield, Iowa Chesterfield, Mo. Vermillion, S.D. Omaha Lincoln Rapid City, S.D. Grand Island Littleton, Colo. So. Omaha So. Lincoln Omaha Bellevue, Wash. Craig Wise. Rapids, Wise. Bellevue St. Louis, Mo. Stromsburg Sioux City, Iowa Dallas, Texas Salt Lake City Lincoln Omaha Mason City, Iowa Epworth, Iowa Omaha Lincoln Murray, Utah Nebraska City Battle Creek Flat River, Mo. Omaha Grand Island Papillion Ralston Fairmont Fullerton Bellevue Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Jr. So. So. Jr. So. So. Sr. So. Sr. Sr. So. Jr. Jr. So. So. Sr. Fr. So. So. Sr. So. Sr. Jr. Jr. So. So. So. Sr. So. Sr. So. So. Sr. So. So. So. So. So. Sr. So. So. So. Jr. Fr. So. Sr. So. Jr. So. So. Sr. So. Jr. So. Jr. Sr. So. Sr. So. So. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. So. Sr. So. So. Jr. So. Madlock faces suspension PITTSBURGH (UPI) - Pittsburgh third baseman Bill Mad-lock (aces possible suspension for nudging home plate umpire Jerry Crawford in the face with his glove during a dispute over a fifth-inning strikeout call during the team's 2-1, lOth-inning victory over the Montreal Expos Thursday. Crew chief Doug Harvey refused to comment on the Incident, for which Madlock was ejected, until the umpires make an official report to the National League, which would make any decision about suspending the player. "There won't be any comment from us until we talk with (National League president Chub) Feeney. We're going to make sure that Feeney knows exactly what happened," said Harvey, who worked at first base. KMTV's Dale Hansen gets the ax OMAHA - Dale Hansen, sports director of KMTV, Channel 3, was fired Thursday following a Wednesday confrontation with news producer Allen Oldfield. Hansen, the station's weekly Thursday night host for "The Tom Osborne Show" during the football season, became disenchanted when the air time for his early evening sports report was reduced. h Reportedly, he and Oldfield engaged in a shouting match that developed into Hansen physically removing Oldfield from an editing room. By Randy York Staff Sports Writer Todd Brown did something very naturally this spring. He bloomed. Bloomed into a share of Nebraska's starting split end spot before his sophomore year. Obviously, Brown hasn't fully blossomed But you can see how far he's come Saturday in the Huskers' 21st annual Red-White Spring Football Game at Memorial Stadium. Kickoff is 1:30 p.m. Tickets, $2 for adults and $1 for students, can be purchased at the South Stadium Ticket Office from 9 a.m. to noon. Thirteen booths on the east and west sides of the stadium win then handle sales from noon until kickoff. c' The usual crowd of 20,000 is expected to see how the Huskers nave filled in the blanks during four weeks of practice. Brown is just one of the new names flashing promise. He's another walk-on who has soared to the top of the charts. "Andy Means has been a real inspiration to me," Brown said. "I watched him grow up. I played behind him at both split end and defensive back when I was a sophomore (at Holdrege). "Watching him," Brown said, "showed me what hard work can do. I knew you could make it, if you were willing to pay the price. I didn't even letter my sophomore year of high school, but I don't think Andy did either." Now that Brown has climbed the ladder to share the No. 1 split end job with Scott Woodard, he's ready to go higher. "I still have so much work ahead of me," he said. "I want to get better every day, in everything. I want to have the super concentration that Tim Smith had. "I'd like to go weeks and weeks without dropping the football That's what Tim did. He went out every day and caught every ball that was thrown to him." This spring, Brown has been an equal model of consistency, making acrobatic catches that deal physical consciences. Last week, he got the wind knocked out of him three times. "My back's still sore," Brown said, "but I think I'm tough enough to take it I've survived some pretty good shots. If the ball's thrown, 111 go after it" Brown still needs to distribute more muscle over his 6-1, 167-pound frame. Physically, he still looks like the track star he was. Nebraska's first 50-foot prep triple jumper, Brown bypassed a full-ride Husker track scholarship until the second semester of his freshman year, so he could compete in football "Footban," he said, "has always been my first love. Track was something my football coaches had me do. I gave up track when they said they'd switch my 'scholarship to football (before last year's redshirt season)." Brown, a standout prep sprinter, averages : 04.48 in the 40. His speed, concentration and desire remind Gene Huey, his former receiver coach, of Preston Dennard. "I had Preston at New Mexico, before he went on to make it with the Rams," Huey said. "I see a lot of Preston in Todd. He's going to be a good one." Woodard is too, but his progress has been slowed this spring while recovering from knee surgery. Brown and Woodard will both compete for the Red team, composed of players from the Nos. 1 and 4 units. The Whites represent Nebraska's Nos. 2 and 3 units. Surprisingly, the annually favored Reds lead the series only lift The Reds, however, will be dotted with more new top-unit faces than Brown and Woodard this year. They'll be joined by tight ends Jeff Finn and Steve Davies, tackles Randy Theiss, Dan Hurley and Mike Bruce, guards Joe llorrie Xelson Jt I ! I 'St IHIrakeir dDDQ display Todd Brown '4- jcA Jeffquinn .,WA 3's Andra Franklin Jarvis Itedwine Adams and Gary England, center Dave Rimington, quarterback Mark Mauer, fullback Jim Kotera, wingbacks Anthony Steels and Tim McCrady, I-back Craig Johnson, defensive end Jimmy Williams, defensive tackles Toby Williams and Henry Waechter, middle guard Curt Hineline, linebacker Steve McWhirter, corner-backs Rodney Lewis and Dave Liegl and monster Kris Van Norman. Injuries will keep two first-team players on the sidelines Saturday. Linebacker Brent Williams has a hip pointer and corner-back Andy Means has a hairline fracture at the rim of his right eye socket Two more expected Black Shirts have been absent from practice all spring. Tackle David Clark is recovering from a back injury and monster Sammy Sims is recovering from a broken jaw. Defensive end Dan Lindstrom will also miss the Spring Game because of a foot injury suffered 3 weeks ago. Saturday's game will be broadcast by KFOR and KLIN in Lincoln and KFAB and WOW in Omaha. By Mike Babcock Rockhill Native came back home to find success LOUISVILLE, Ky. (UPI) - Herb Stevens has trained in these parts year-round since World War II, but it took him all that time, until April 26 of this year, to win a stakes race at his home track in Lexington. The horse who turned the trick was Rockhill Native, the 2-year-old champion who was the winter-book favorite for the Kentucky Derby but performed erratically in Florida over the winter and consequently lost ground in the handicap-pers' minds to Plugged Nickle, winner of the Wood Memorial But once back in Kentucky in April Rockhill Native perked up and went on to win first the Calumet Purse, and then important Blue Grass Stakes the first stakes victory for Stevens at Keeneland. "He's the best horse I've ever had," says Stevens. "Whatever Rocky does is automatically my biggest thrill." The oddsmaker at Churchill Downs thought enough of the Harry Oak's little chestnut gelding to establish him as the 8-5 favorite over Plugged Nickle, tabbed at 2-1. Two California horses Rumbo and Jaklin Klugman are the co-third choices at 8-1 while Genuine Risk is 10-1. The others entered include Super Moment and Gold Stage, both 15-1; Bold N'Rulling, 20-1, and Degenerate Jon, Tonka Wakhan, Hazard Duke, Withholding and Execution's Reason, all 30-1. The Derby, with post time of 4:38 p.m. CDT (ABC-TV) is worth $239,300 to the winner with 13 starters Jennie ponders future By Randy York Staff Sports Writer Jennie Gorham is only 18 and she's already reached an important crossroad in her life. She can't decide whether she'll come back to Nebraska next year, or take a year off and run for the Kansas City North Stars again. "I don't know what I'll do," she said Thursday before track practice. "I change my mind from day to day." One thing is certain. Gorham is unhappy about Nebraska's team approach to an individual sport. "We're not a football team," she insisted. "When I run the quarter, I run it to do the best I can. If I do that and we don't win the Big Eight team championship, it won't break my heart. I won't be crushed. "If we win the Big Eight team championship and I don't run well then I will be upset with myself," Gorham said. "It may sound like I'm conceited, but I'm just being honest. I'd rather run a 49-second quarter than be on a national championship team. That's just the way I am. That's the way I was coached by Bob Kuhn." Kuhn was the North Stars' coach who committed suicide last August shortly be ll i y Jennie Gorham fore the National Junior Olympics in Lincoln. For Gorham, the emptiness of that tragic death is still there. Jennie and her boyfriend, Nebraska freshman placekicker Allan O'Hearn, were inside Kuhn's house when he shot himself behind a locked door. "We knew he was thinking about it," Jennie said. "We were trying to talk him out of it. People wouldn't believe all the stuff that happened in his life. I'd like to write a book about the whole thing. The way people treated other people and the petty jealousies the last couple of years were like watching a soap opera." When Kuhn's life ended at age 36, Gor-ham's track career was temporarily shattered. "I hadn't planned on college," she said. "I planned on training for the Olympics. Suddenly, the week before school started, I had to make a decision. You could say I was thrown into college. "I didn't expect any more or less from Nebraska," Gorham said. "I am disappointed that everything revolves around the team. When I got sick at the national indoor, everyone fell apart, even Merlene (Ottey). That should never happen. Track is all individual The team comes last If you do your best, the team takes care of itself. "I don't know what I'll do," Gorham said, admitting she might even transfer to another college. "Right now, I'm indecisive, just like I'm undeclared on a major. I need some time to think. I need to do some career planning. Every thing has happened so fast." East girls enhance reputation By Ken Hambleton Prep Sports Writer Lincoln East girls' track Coach Myron Oehlerking isn't about to assume the Spartans have anything locked up just yet. But junior standout Ann Edmunds won the mile and 880, and anchored the record setting mile and two-mile relays to lead East to the Lincoln Public Schools meet Thursday at Stuart Stadium. The win was the eighth in eight meets for the Spartans, the team to beat in the A-l District meet next week in Fremont "We hope we havent peaked yet," Oehlerking said. "We improve each week, and each meet the personal bests are improved." It was four top 880s by Kathy Leeper, Kim Zietlow, Mary Amen and Edmunds that helped East post a state season best in the two-mile relay (3,200-meter converted). The Spartans' time of 9:49.0 ranks just behind Scottsbluffs all-time best time of 9:42.9 set in 1979 State Meet "Leeper was about a second better than her best 880 time ever, and Zietlow, Edmunds and Amen all ran very good 880s," Oehlerking said Edmunds, the state leader in the 800-meter run, broke her year-old LPS record in the 880 with the second best time in the state this spring. She also teammed with Susie ArkfekL Ruth Kolbe and Kim Zietlow to set a meet record in the 440-relay. The Spartans' time of 4:12.5 (converted to 4:11.4 for 1,600-meters) is the second best time in Class A this season. "Lincoln High and Northeast swept the relays in the Trans-Nebraska meet last week, and this week we won all three," Oehlerking -said. "It's getting tougher each week but when we improve like that you have to be happy. "I can really enjoy this situation with the girls running a variety of things very well" he said. "Since we keep seeing the same competition week after week, the changes in lineups keep everybody guessing where certain people are going to be." East sophomore Amen posted a winning time of 12:07.8 in the two-mile run which ranks in the top ten this season. East's Trish Teel and Lincoln High's Lisa Edwards posted top times in winning the 220 and 100, respectively. Results, Page 21 Of hamburgers and track Nebraska's freshman sprint sensation, Merlene Ottey, expects the most difficult part of competing for Jamaica at the Olympic Games in Moscow this summer will be adjusting to Soviet food. "That always takes a little time," Ottey said, adding she's just now getting used to the food in this country. Ottey doesn't plan to open a chain of quick-serve hamburgers once she returns to her home in Hanover, Jamaica. Of that she is now certain. She can stomach hamburgers only "when there's nothing else to eat. In Jamaica, we don't eat them," she said. Lady Husker pentathletes Nancy Kindig and Sondra Ober-meier have been competing with and against each other since they were nine years old Kindig is from Hastings, and Obermei-er, who is from Aurora, "always ran for the Hastings Optimist Club." "I remember the first time we ran against each other (at age nine)," said Obermeier. "Nancy had spikes, and I was so jealous because I didn't have any." They raced 100 yards, and "I beat her," Obermeier said. "That's what's so funny." NU pole vaulter Randy Raymond has yet to clear the qualifying height (5.18 meters or 17 feet) for this year's NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Austin, Texas, and time is running out for the school record holder. Raymond says the conditions were right for clearing the height in mid-April at the Wichita Invitational but he didn't take a heavy enough pole. "It was a mess. If I had taken another pole, I could have cured all my problems," he said. Last weekend at the Drake Relays, the junior from Fremont didn't clear opening height (4.85 meters or 15-11) for the first time this season. "Right now, I'm pressing, I'll tell you that I gotta get in that meet (NCAA Championships)," said Raymond, who qualified a year ago as a sophomore. Scott Poehling still is the only Cornhusker who has qualified for the NCAA meet running 1 : 48.53 in the 800 meters. NU assistant men's track Coach Dick Railsback says Ken Drwal should have earned a return trip to the national collegiate championships on the strength of a 239-foot javelin throw which was disallowed at the Wichita meet "because they said Kenny was out of the sector." Railsback argued that Drwal's throw was in-bounds. "They didn't even have the sector lines drawn," he said. Drwal's best official throw this season is 226-6, fifth best in the conference. The NCAA qualifying standard is 72.78 meters, which converts to 238 feet and nine inches. Two weeks before the Big Eight Outdoor in Manhattan, Kan., Nebraska has no leaders in the list of conference best performances. Every other school has at least one, with indoor, and defending outdoor, champion Kansas and Kansas State leading the way. K-State has five individual leaders, and the Jayhawks have one relay and four individual bests. Finishing with football Nebraska lineman Randy Schleusener is still getting recognition for the guard-around play on which he ran 15 yards for a touchdown against Oklahoma last November. Recently, the senior-to-be from Rapid City, S.D., got a letter from Dr. Greer Ricketson, a plastic surgeon in Nashville, Tenn, congratulating him on his success with the trick play. Ricketson ran 60 yards to score on the same play in 1937 when he was a guard on a Vanderbilt team which upset Louisiana State, 7-6. LSU was ranked No. 1 at the time and had a three-year unbeaten string going in the Southeastern Conference. The play, contrived by Vanderbilt assistant Coach Henry Frnka, became known as the "settin' hen." T 7 Pr9 1 V Scene Friday 74ers. 10:30 P.m., QD; 11 p.m.. raves vs. Pirates, 6:30 p.m., 12:25 Saturday 'm' toteball Basketball Malor League tame, 12:15 P.m., . NBA Playoff Dome, Lakers vs. Q A t I

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