Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 23, 1988 · 17
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 17

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1988
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SPORTS Befen By Mike Babcock Journal Sports Writer If you're wondering how the Nebraska football team's defense will respond to the adversity of the Cornhuskers" 41-28 loss to UCLA, you're not alone. : "I'm as Interested as everybody else to find out what we're going to do," Charlie McBride said earlier this week. "That's the unknown right now," Everyone will know late Saturday night, after Nebraska plays Arizona State in a nationally televised game (ESPN, cable channel 23) at Memorial Stadium. Kickoff is 6:15 p.m. Probable OFFENSE NEBRASKA CM) No. Player Ht. Wt. Yr. 185 Jr. 270 Sr. 265 Sr. 260 Jr. 260 Sr. 295 Jr. 235 Sr. 205 Sr. 200 Jr. 200 Jr. 170 Jr. IN Jr. 19 Morgan Gregory 62 Bob Sledge 65 Andy Keeler 68 Jake Young . 76 John Nelson 70 Doug Glaser 43 ToddMllllkan 9 Steve Taylor 32 Ken Clark 29 Bryan Carpenter 33 Dana Brlnson 16 Chrli Drennan 64 6-2 6-3 6-5 6-1 6-7 6-3 64 5-9 5-10 5-9 5-9 LT LG C RG RT TE QB FB 20 WBFL 17 K e DEFENSE 250 Sr. OLBDE 94 275 Sr. LTNG 96 270 Sr. MGDT 83 255 So. RTDE 69 220 Jr. OLBDB 31 230 SO.WLBILB59 230 Sr. SLBILB47 195 Sr. LCB 25 89 84 96 95 42 40 47 8 17 4 10 46 Broderlck Thomas Willie GrlHln Lawrence Pete Paul Brungardt Jeff Mills Pat Tyrance LeRoy Etienne Lorenzo Hicks Reggie Cooper Tim Jackson Charles Fryar John Kroeker 13 6-3 6-1 6-7 6-3 6-2 6-1 64 6-3 64 5-10 HI 200 So. SS 190 Sr. FS RCB P 175 175 Kickoff: 6:15 p.m., Memorial Stadium. Television: ESPN (Channel 23). Radio: Lincoln KFOR (1240 AM), Omaha Focus is on Lewis, Biondi SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Watch the clock and check the record book: Carl Lewis is in high gear with a 9.99-seconds warm-up for Friday's 100-meter dash. Matt Biondi is closer to his goal of seven medals, grabbing a third gold and setting a world record with his swimming buddies. ' The Olympic spotlight shifted to track and field Thursday with Lewis' debut and Jackie Joyner-Kersee's assault on the heptathlon record but also shone again on Biondi, who won his fifth medal anchoring the 400-meter freestyle relay. The U.S. team of Chris Jacobs, Troy Dalbey, Tom Jager and. Biondi sped through the relay in 3 minutes, 16.53 seconds, beating the old record of 3:17.08 by another Biondi-anchored team in 1985. Soviet gymnast stars Equally golden were the performances of Elena Shoushounova, a doe-eyed Soviet teen who became the new queen of gymnastics, and Kristin Otto, a big, brawny East German who won her fourth swimming gold. Shoushounova thrilled fans with a perfect 10 on the final event, the vault, to clinch the all-around gold and bring a hug from the 1984 queen, Mary Lou Ret-ton. The 6-foot-2 Otto, who is going for six golds, put on an unprecedented display of versatility, adding a victory in the 100-meter butterfly to her previous wins in the 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 400 freestyle relay. Otto set an Olympic mark of 59 seconds in the butterfly. America's Mary T. Meagher, a triple gold medalist in 1984, finished a disappointing seventh. Uwe Dassler of East Germany set a world record in winning the gold medal in the men's 400 freestyle in 3 minutes, 46.95 seconds. ' The Soviet Union won five medals to hold its lead in the medal list with 33, including 16 gold. East Germany added nine medals to move up to a total of 28, nine of them gold. The United States won only a gold and silver to remain in third with 15, including six gold. Basketball romp But early Friday morning, the American men's basketball team completed a 108-57 romp over China despite minor injuries to several U.S. players, and the American boxers gained a sixth straight victory. , Confusion reigned inside and outside the Olympic Stadium as the day began Push came to shove Richard van Poelgeest probably smiles when he watches the U.S. basketball team compete in the Olympics. The Nebraska junior played against the U.S. Olympians over the summer as a member of the Dutch national team, during a tournament in Finland. Van Poelgeest went head-to-head with 7-foot center David Robinson, the former Navy All-American who has signed a multi-million dollar contract with the .' National Basketball Association's San ;Antonio Spurs. "It was fun playing against someone worth $8 million," van Poelgeest said recently. : Apparently, it also was a learning ex-: perience, for Robinson as well as for van Poelgeest, who didnt begin playing basketball until he was 16 years old. While van Poelgeest was guarding Robinson, the twcy, jot In a shoving .; ses response eag B Extra Point section. Paget . 20,21. ::: Until then, It's afl speculatioa ! "' You'd expect McBride to have a better sense than most of how the defense will react, considering he's the Corn-1 huskers' defensive coordinator. You'd expect that, but ... i "You're asking the questions I'd like to ask, too, and cant answer. The kids have been working hard (in practice).-They've got pride. They're not going to ' throw in the towel I'd be really sur- starters ARIZONA STATE (2-0) Pot. NO. Player Ht. wt. Yr. 220 Sr. SE 85 Chris Garrett Fedel Underwood Doug Larson Eddie Grant Scott Cloypoole Scott Klrby RyonMc Reynolds Daniel Ford VlcCahoon KlrkWendorf Tony Johnson AlonZendeias - 6-4 6-5 6-4 6-3 6-3 64 6-7 6-2 5-9 64 5-11 54 64 71 56 50 66 88 297 Jr. 256 Sr. 256 Jr. 263 Sr. 276 Sr. 239 So. 217 Sr. 187 So. 214 Sr. 176 Sr. 200 Jr. 7 IBTB 31 Saute Sapolu Don Chuhlantseff Shane Collins , GregJoelson Rodney Olllard Mark Tingstad Drew Metcalf Eddie Stokes Robby Boyd Nathan LaDuke Lawrence Hubley MlkeSchuh 6-3 6-3 6-4; 6-3 6-2 6-1 6-2 54 6-2 5-10 5-10 6-1 245 Sr. 251 Jr. 255 Fr. 250 Jr. 228 211 223 SO. 157 Jr. 211 Sr. 190 So. 176 Jr. 192 Sr. KFAB (1110 AM), Lincoln KRNU (90.3 FM). 111 s ' with the women's marathon snarling traffic on the streets and bridges of hot humid Seoul and delaying fans trying to get to the Games. Rosa" Mota, the "Atomic Ant" of Portugal bounded over the 26-mile, 385-yard course in 2 hours, 25 minutes, 39 seconds to add a gold to the bronze she won in the same race in the 1984 Los Angeles Games. Australian Lisa Martin won the silver in 2:25:52, and Katrin Dorre of East Germany took the bronze in 2:26:20. Nancy Dltz, the top U.S. finisher, came in 17th. Joan Benoit Samuelson, winner in 1984, didn't compete here after complaining of injuries, but Mota said she hoped the American would return to running. . Mike Babcock Columnist match, which had to be broken up. "The ref stepped in because it was getting too rough," said van Poelgeest - One of the U.S. assistant Coaches, in particular, was upset with van Poelge-. est's style of play. "He got on me and asked if I thought it was a boxing match," van Poelgeest said. "I told him (the coach), 'Hey, this is the European style of basketball' " Van Poelgeest's teammates loved it I Ny. . ' ' tiff -i i Extra point, 20-21 Deaths, erly prised if they did," he said. "I dont know how we're going to read I know how I think we're going to react the way we practice." The last week and a half, that's been ; with intensity. On more than one occasion, coaches have had to tell defenders to ease up on ban carriers during drills against the scout team. Arizona State may be confronted by a surly group of Black Shirts on Saturday night, according to McBride. Then again, it's hard to say. Lack of intensity wasnt the problem against UCLA. That didn't explain why the Bruins scored 28 points in the first quarter, nor was it the reason UCLA fin- ' ished with 438 total yards and more points than anyone has ever scored against a Tom Osborne-coached team. "People can blame who they want," said McBride, who's taken more than his share of criticism for the loss. "I still dont know what to blame. We were in the right place. We weren't out of position on a lot of stuff. We just missed tackles, over-ran things. "It might have been that we were over-aggressive in some respects." He thought about that, then added: "I've never seen a team be over-aggressive. That's just called aggressive. "I'm confused, too," McBride said. Not that he hasnt tried to come up with an explanation for what happened at the Rose BowL on national TV. McBride watched videotape of the game "a lot of times, a lot more times than I've looked at any game. "Usually, if we win or lose, I look at it I JtfrtnS M Mota, 5-foot-l and 99 pounds, is the only woman medalist Portugal has ever had and she has almost single-handedly created a running craze in her homeland. . "I'm proud for me and my country, a small country," Mota said, "Today we stand beside the large countries." The U.S. track team, which hopes to dominate the glamour events at these Games, started off with a silver medal in the shot put East Germany's Ulf Tlmmermann won the shot put with a toss of 73 feet 8 inches while Randy Barnes of Charleston, W. Va, took the silver at 73-514. Werner Guenthoer of Switzerland was third at 72-1. between van Poelgeest, David "The whole (Dutch) national team was going, 'Get him, get him.' They wanted me to get him (Robinson) out of the game," said van Poelgeest Given the relative strengths of the two teams, It wouldnt have mattered if van Poelgeest had succeeded. The United States easily defeated the Dutch. But "it wasnt as embarrassing as what they did against Finland and Great Britain," van Poelgeest said. "Compared to them, we did. well" ' The Dutch national team didnt do so well in its pre-Olymplc tournament though. If It could have come within 15 points of Great Britain in the final game, it would have finished second in the tournament and advanced to the final qualifying tournament in Rotterdam. "We lost by 20," said van Poelgeest . "The viole team choked, so we didnt go 22 awaited and then it's over. But this one I looked at probably four times between the game and (the next) Monday," he said. "I think you've got to give UCLA a lot of credit Their backs were running real hard, and a lot of missed tackles are due to good backs. I've seen a lot of good football players miss tackles. . "But not that many of them." ' . Since it's been impossible to find anything on which to hang the loss, McBride said he hasnt gotten on the defense. "I dont want the players taking heat ' They feel bad enough. They dont need someone yelling at them," he said. ' Players aren't the only ones who have had to rebound from the loss, according to McBride, who was an assistant coach at Wisconsin and Arizona State prior to joining Osborne's staff in 1977. At Wisconsin, in particular, he suffered through some lopsided losses. Because of the "experience of having been beaten like that at other universities, maybe I was more prepared mentally (to deal with it) than a lot of the coaches who have been around here for a long time and never experienced anything like that" said McBride. "You put a lot of hours into it and get hammered, and nothing feels good. "You have more respect for those teams that arent getting it done every week. You see how lucky you are to be on this side of the fence." McBride has been coaching long enough to know that no matter how solid a program is, sooner or later something like the UCLA loss is going to happen. There may be no other explanation. 1 x "" ih.ii..t, I -' ' f II'' , . '! i M !Sf. 1 ff ' .1 Worth their A lifetime of training has finally paid off for these gold medal winners. Clockwise from top left: Ronald Welgel of East Germany congratulates Czechoslovakia's Jozef Prlbillnec with a kiss on the cheek after the Czech won the men's 20km walk, setting an Olympic record; Uwe Dassler of East Germany raises his fist In victory after setting a world record in the 400-meter freestyle; Russian gymnast Elena Shushunova flashes the "V" for victory sign after winning the all-around title; and East Germany's Ulf Tlmmermann (right) gets a victory hug from teammate Udo Beyer after winning the gold in the shot put The Americans showed some fire when Lewis blazed to the only sub-10-second time of the day in winning his second 100-meter qualifying heat Lewis complained about the quick trigger finger of the starter, something that could give rival Ben Johnson of Canada an advantage in the finals Friday because of Johnson's lower, faster starting positioa . "We were told all summer we'd have a long gun," Lewis said, "but then we come here and it's a quick gun. It definitely caught me by surprise in the first round." Lewis ran 10.14 in his first heat Johnson, who holds the 100 world record of 9.83, blasted out of the blocks in the first heat grabbed a huge lead, then coasted to a 10.37 finish. In the sec to the final round (tournament)." The Dutch nationals would have had to finish at least third in that tournament to qualify for the Olympics. Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Spain advanced. . Going on to Rotterdam "would have been better for me, but as a team, we wouldn't have done anything. We might have finished sixth or seventh against such teams," van Poelgeest said. It would have been better for him because he could have played six or seven more gamea As it was, van Poelgeest got in two dozen games against international competition over the summer. By the time the Dutch were eliminated from the tournament "I had tendinitis In my (right) knee and blisters," he said. "I was ready for a break." Van Piftgeest returned to Nebraska . FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER TME PREDICTION BY "Maybe it's just that the time had' come when it was our turn. I dont have an answer. But we're not that kind of football team," McBride said. What kind of team is Nebraska? You should find out Saturday night "" ASSOCIATED PRESS wait in gold ond round, he ran 10.17 but finished third behind Britain's Linford Christie and American Dennis Mitchell. Edwin Moses, seeking - his third Olympic gold in the 400 intermediate hurdles, sped to easy victory in his first heat but left the stadium furious about race conditions. "It was chaos at the start," he said. "There was no chance to warm up, with people running all over the track." Joyner-Kersee is on a pace to become the first woman to crack the 7,000-polnt barrier in the Olympic heptathlon, a grueling series of seven events whose winner is often dubbed "the world's greatest woman athlete." See OLYMPICS on page 1 9 in mid-August He's eager for his junior season to begin. During the summer tour with the Dutch national team, van Poelgeest worked on his rebounding, "an important part of my game at Nebraska," he said, He also tried to work on his outside play. Early on, during a series against the Chinese national team, he played a forward position and had games of 25 points, 20 points and 15 points. "Then, they moved me back inside," said van Poelgeest, who stands 6-foot-9 and weighs 225 pounds. "My game's more limited at center, and the more I ' moved inside, the fewer shots I got" Van PortLeest played well at the end 1 23,1988 LINCOLN, NE. JOURNAL 17 A i One thing's for sure. "We've got pride," said LeRoy Etienne, a senior linebacker. "Everybody's still got that fire in their eyes. We've got to change things around. We've got something to prove." Hastings9 Karma right vs. Wesleyan By Curt McKeever Journal Sports Writer On the first eve of autumn, the Hastings College volleyball team came close to taking its first fall of the year. Then Karma Buckley got riled. "What you've got to do is get her mad at you," Hastings Coach Patty Gleason said after the Broncos battled to a 9-15, 15-12, 15-13, 5-15, 15-7 victory over Nebraska Wesleyan at Knight Field House Thursday. "That's the best she's hit in one game all season. Our middle game wasnt there tonight but she really came alive in the last one." Buckley, a 5-foot-lO sophomore middle hitter from Ainsworth, pounded 10 of her' 18 kills in the deciding game to help keep NAIA No. 16 Hastings perfect on the season at 12-0. The Broncos' torrid start is coming on the heels of last year's appearance in the NAIA national tournament where Hastings made it to the quarterfinals. "I think that last year's finish is showing through," said Wesleyan Coach Pat Dotson Pettit "They have the confidence and they do fight back." Hastings overcame probably its worst game of the season and also played the last two games without starting hitter Shannon Bolles, who suffered an ankle injury. "I didnt think it would take us completely apart," Gleason said of Bolles absence. "Then we got that five-minute break before the last game and I think See VOLLEYBALL on page 1 9 Phillies fire manager Elia PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The Philadelphia Phillies fired manager Lee Elia Friday and named CoachJohn Vukovtch as interim manager for the remainder of the season. General manager Lee Thomas said next year's manager will come from outside the Phillies organization and will be named as quickly as possible after Let Ella the end of the current season. Elia was hired on June 18, 1987, replacing John Felske. The Phillies are last in the National League East with a 60-92 record and have lost 33 of their last 47 games. Robinson of his sophomore season at Nebraska after a slump in which "I wasnt playing as well as I wanted," he said, "The coaches let me know by not-playing me as much as they had. I went and talked to them and changed my work habits, put some extra effort into it Two or three weeks after I started doing that it began to pay off." He came off the bench to score a career-high 19 points in a late-season game against Iowa State, after scoring 10 points and grabbing eight rebounds in a loss to NCAA runner-up Oklahoma. Those performances showed that van Poelgeest was maturing as a basketball player. His confrontation with David Robinson was yet another indlcatic. . .. .. & ft u I

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