The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, NQYEMHEll 2B, 193-1 mATHEVlU13 (ARK.)' COUU1EK NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED SECTION - a Directory of the City's Wants PHILLIPS' USED CARS REAL V ALDUS IN USED CARS '30 CHEVROLET SEDAN '30 FORD CABRIOLET . '33 CHEVROLET COUPE . $185 $195 . ?«5 •n FORU DK LUXE COtlPE. Rumble Seat .......... $145 '33 FOK» V-S TUDOIt SEDAN ................ $l« •33 CHEVROLET COACH . . $115 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '23 CHEVROLET IJi TRUCK. ? 1 •30 CHEVROLET l!i TON TRUCK. 151 Inch Wheel- 5283 FOR!) >!-i TON TRUCK. Closed Cab, Dual Wheels, Large Body §185 Business Directory | Real Estate SEE CUE DISPLAY OF Arkansas Pottery prices—Lovely slIU Parkhursl's Farmer*! You furnish Uio COTTON wo furnish the labor ancl 8 oz. ticking and make you an excellent inat- Iress for $6.50. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED J. \V. Jenkins & Son Upholsterers 111! S. R. B.—Phone 139 RITE PRICE GROCERY Bill' GROCERIES RIGHT A COMPLETE IJNE OF FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE; FLOUR, MEAL, ETC. 'Ill Old P. O. Bids. Phone 23^.—We Deliver For Sale MO acres land, just off Highway 01, smith of town. Flue tract. $75 IVr Ann— Easy Terms 320 acres land, noav Osccolu. Well improved. ' $75 Per Acre — Easy Terms Store building nnd 5 room resilience on tnmc lot. West Main St, Wonderful location Jor cash gro- cost $0,750. First, olt ot $1750 ON TERMS Will Buy It Coal & Wood' My Co;il Is lil.ick I (rent y«U White, Kill up now. JOHN WIClIANAN - i-IIONi; 107 Harclin-BaiToi) Coal Co. Ynrcls at Stcriibprg Gin Phone llfi WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY cery. HIGH GRADE KENTUCKY COAL, all sizes; ALABAMA RED ASH QUICK PIKE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY i if you arc (town In tho mouth. think or Jonah; ho came out ulrlght." Tlwinns Land Co. Busiiiess For Sale Draper ly PARKS BROS. COAL CO E'lIONK 971 FOB "Hi-I,« Alabama" "Energy Illinois" i "lUiick Itoviil Kentucky" Seven brick store buildings in I CLEAN COAL—LOW 1'RICED 400 lilocK on Ash street, .small! cash payment, easy terms for bal- ,, ancc, also, brick business pionerty See Us About Your.toal Blytheville Gin Co. PHONE OB4 "Kadmnl Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 Filling Stations Soulheru Scrvife Station Slcele, Mo. Philliiis (jtf Products ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE 'V\\ I'All) lioiu- Scrvlco Shoe Repairing (!nl Your SI11JKB ready fur wln- U-r. Nuwust iimcldtU! just installed. Kvury job guarautetil or mum 1 )' refunded. E. E. Ralcliff Across from uuObiml Hdw. Co. KING 11 AM TKAILEK. Dual TOiecls.. A Bargain . . ... $398 WE PAY CASH FOR GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Corner Walnut & 1st Streets Ol'JGN NIGHTS 'TIL 9 1'. M. Fhone 813 Automotive i "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS" V Presione, Alcohol, Heaters, Uc- froslers, Willard Batteries. LET US PREPARE YOU FOR ' WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 476 Phone FIX YOUR CAU FOR. WINTEI Cheapest Prices I'ainl jobs, Kepairing bodies, Si mom/ing, Changing Transmls siuns, Washing & Greasing wit Marf alt Grease & Quaker Slate oi John Hearn — Jimmie Binkle BARNETT AUTO SALES CO. • ••. Phone 888. -HAVB-YOUIl BATTERY HE- i, CHARGED BEFORE COLD U 'WEATHER ., _, _ J. Ben Clune BATTERY ' SERVICE At Tom w. Jackson's station Ash & 2nd Phone 8— Residence 277-W Eggs, Poultry, r IRCULATING HEATERS WASHING MACHINES Gas and Electric AMMUNITION [uail, duck & Squirrel loads HARNESS our slock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT I'ay us a visit and be convinced PAULBYRUM 120 East Main "TRUE VALUE" IJADIOS Battery & Electric Sets Best Value for the Price Oberst Store Co. Faetorj- Authorized FRIGIDA1RE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics Day 67— Phone— Night 382 407 Main St. E.--B. GEE SALES CO. ' .Ghitwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Matal Flirpc nd 2dO WoclC price will l)C'<inole<t o those who arc- interested. Yon an buy a business home uncl |>uy Imosi like paying rent. W. M. Burns Agency Phones 2U & 212 For Sale FOK SALK 34. Plymouth 2-Door Demonstvatov 34 Pontinc 2-Door Demonstrator '33 Chevrolet, 2-Door Sctlan 33 !i Ton Intci'nntlonnl plck-Up Lee-Coppedge Motor Co. BARGAINS Iii Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. 2 GOOD 1100 pounti MULES. SCO Starlln Bunch, Yarbro. 19c k2Q HOOTS AND HER BUDDIl «B^HlL • ov\ if r^o^^vi-o ffi>]~ T\ ' 1 Ht AM "" Wife ^1 \ S OAU MW ' T i J \ V E " ''* § ^\ ^-^r- | tM /5? WASH TUBBS f ' — /^* ) Simon P. Lee Oldest shoo maker In county "TriKlu Will) A Pioneer" 111 S. linllroacl loom FUKNISHE1) Al'AllT- MENT, BUWBC. Vil5 \V. Mnin. Jall'335-W. ' a-ck-tl lEDROOMl a'djolnlns talli. Men preferred. 312 W. Kculncky, '1'clc- huiiii OW. • • •. • - . 8-ck-tl 'WO nicely FURN1SIIKD DED- HQOMS. Dioclernk'ly priced. Mrs, :. A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 2-i-pk-20 Kcsiiuivahtg Kcst Oyhlcrs & Klvt'r Cal I'lsb Clili'kcn Uhiucr^ livery ll*y Jimmic O'Brien 105 6, Secoiut A|)))ro.siii)iilrly B8i).000,OOQ safely IMOV bliults uvc ivscil in llw ynll- More than 42,000 motorcjolcs cd aiiap.-i nnniiiilly. are In oiwration In Switzerland ISOSTON. (UP)-ir they pull ar- i lingo It, commuters using the new Bast Boston tunnel, i^lll ride to work In ambulances,' /vtnyor Fred- crick MansrteW ruled tlut all a.m- bulniKcs, wltctlici owned by ())» city of fSoston or. not,'will be cx- WINTER IS HERE! Fill your, bins now with the Famous Manic Heel Ash Coal—high in heat, low tn ash; or Majestic (fuallty circle Illinois Coal, best quality trom Wciileru Kentucky. PEED—SEED DRY WOOD—KINDLING our 3000 inllu SOLES—proof o! tile pudding Is the eating. Whci you get a good tiling rctncmbc: vvllcrc you yol jt. PROQKESSIV13 SHOE SHOP 103 Soulh 2nd SL. W. J. KNOX Having mnctc all kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feel, can repair shoes lo correct ABNORMAL feel. We solicit your patronage on the basis of high quality products, low cash prices, prompt honest, dealing. You gct.wlml you pay Jor hero. Farmers Cash Feed . & Seed Co. 19c k2Ci J. \v. Parker, prop, phone H7 Art WHArt VAWW, Buy'FRESH EGGS the day : they 1 are laid. Al PICKARD'S Store, W-it Chickasawba, or'direct'from our hennery. Wanted Attention Farmers! WE BUY SOY BE*t- AND COW PEAS Between P. O. & Crcvrolct Bldg. Phone 266 ~ "AUTO'GLASS" ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. Phone 127 PEKMANENTS Nuuc Better - - Special Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 60S N. 5th - - Telephone WANTED—Rags—Most he free of buttons. No underwear or oltl panls accepted. Courier XCHS. For highest prices on Pecans, set Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. He k!4 WANTED: Men roomers nnd boarders; twin beds. Call 824-J. 09 Holly. 6-ck-tf. Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC work al nlRht. Reasonable rates. Call 306 or 192. SPECIAL PRICES Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL RENT OUH FLOOR ARKMO LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OF ALL, KINDS BUILT TO ORDER EAT nrts is THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ANYTHING VOU WANT. Fresh Crappic, From Kcclfnot Lake Oysters High Grade T-lfone Steaks Kried Chicken Koiiats of'Ml Kinds Cold 1'latc Lunches OJIANGK «r MKNU DAILY GEORGE WRIGHT, CHEF HARRY BAILEY'S State Line Service Station BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEMINO WATER EYSTE^f. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING of all kinds With aiilomatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. Personal $25 REWARD For Information Icaainjr io tlu nr-i rest and conviction or parties who! smashed Guard's window Monday, I (Nov. 12. V. B. Tomlinson, Chief of Merchant's Patrol. PASSING'. Till': ItUCK! ..'WHAT DVA M6AW,DOOTSY V ROOT5Y 60BOIS TH' MUG UliOBP AN'HIS MOBCARRIEO WHO SOCKfip TH'PBINCfSS THEN WHAT MAKES/ CAUSE WE YOU THINK HE'S /THIS GUY00T AT TH' BOTTOM X IN TH WOODS WITH A MELON THAT TIME, AN' THEN El^'.APGP FKOM TH' PIT-AN HE AIMT BEEN 'SEEN' SINCE - WOOTIETOOr ? DOOKYBOSO? OF THIS AFFAIR? AMOSOFKIN& TUNK'3 LEMIAN HOODSf HMM- I BELIEVE YOU HAVE IT/ YESSIR, THAT SEEM5 TO FIT IN PERFECTLY WITH TH 1 APPEARANCE OP- GANG- I SAW IW TH 1 VISION,IN IF- HE SETS TOLD, YOU'LL DOTH'TELLIN'/ WEVE HAD ENOUGH OF ours yeuuiN'. EVEN THOUGH HIS MAJESTY IS DISPLEASED WITH US,WE HA? BETTER BRAVE HiS WRATH,AND REPOKT OUR DEDUCTIONS TO HIM - - Modern four room furnished apartment, vacant Ucc. 1st. 214 Uougnu, H. K. Sdimuck. 22-p-k-2G 3 room FURNISHED Apartment near school. OH Hcurn. IDn k26 4 Rooms and Uatii, WAH15 Apatt- ment on W. Ash. Pnnitshed. Vn- cant Ucc. 1. Call 850 or BEDROOAI, steam heat, Men preferred. Oil W. Ash. Cal 560. 8ck-8 AHHII, AN IDEA! oww why- a\\.w 6o«-i' \V\- , 1 "TO A<tEP 'EM MUCH Of '. we-* VBETC vr WONT lCVi A /YJHftT THE Lft7E5? WAR? WIMCEY HAS COME 10 COURT JADA- WAOA. rSM'T IT . BU3LE CftLL^. SHOUTS.! eOOMIMCi OF ANTIQUATED] OWNOM OWAWEARBy HILL. { IDS PLAVIN6. PlftGS'V/AVlMQ. KOR6, SKOUTlWS. A GAMK Sl'OK'n f I'LL BET VOO'RE TH 1 KIND OF ft SUSPICIOUS 6UY WHO WDULDM'T QWE DIME FER THIS GENUINE TEW SPQ17 SALESMAN SAM BUT t HAUtWt fl CEMT OM ME, SO YOU'LL. TARE TH' DIME OUTfi TH' BILL/ MKaOSH.' DOESNT OL' DUZZ EVER I WHAQDA GET S!CK OF SELLIkT CHEftP STUFF \ JUNK? EVERY TO CUSTOMERS? WHY, TH' JEWELRY ) ART/CUE !M THIS IN THIS CASS IS NUTMJH' BUT JUNK' {WHOLE <3TORB IS THE REfiL. FRECKLES AND HIS KKIKNDS A GOOD Ss'AiMAUITAN! ?< ,1 DID V/AMT To GET -R> THE FOOTBAU. SAME ! N/ O'^AV JIMMY! STEP YA CO>M', ) otJ IT' PROFESSO(? : ) EYE PEELED "Z . ' : f< SPSEOCOPS- :JO F&OLI>JC3? SAY, THAT KID'S ! o~ST VIE EVER HAD AT 5HAE>Y^ ! I PtAYED FOOTBALL YEARS ASO...CLASS, OF 17.' MY WAME IS JIM , IVE GOT AH 1P-A !? f THAT OLC> GUY / IS O01MS AT LEAST \ FIFTY. 1 WELL, HE / WONT BE OOtWG \ IT MUCH LONGER.' J^T^ THIS TVI1MQ 15 CETTING TWE PALSY... SHE WON'T DO OVER SIXTY-' AND THERE WENT I^V FRONT S! YoJ SEE, OFFICER,! HAVE INFORMATIOM THAT V/ILL ASS1SV |M PUTTIK.H5 FRECKLES M'GOOSEY WTO "WE SAME TODAY! 13c M2-13

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