Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 20, 1978 · 27
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 27

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1978
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" V " 'V lincoln Journal Friday, October 20, 1978 27 Sports i f After Nebraska Ruben Vaughan By Randy York Staff Sports Writer BOULDER, Colo. - Ruben Vaughan, who won no Nebraska friends and influenced no Nebraska people last year when he said he hated the Huskers worse than dog crap on his shoe, still hasn't kicked off his cleats without holding his nose. Colorado's 6-4, 256-pound.senior defensive tackle gets his last chance here Saturday at Folsora Field when the once-rated Buffs (5-1) fight elimination from the Big Eight race with fifth-rated Nebraska (also 5-1). With the Rocky Mountains a backdrop, a' crowd of 53,000 is expected for the game which has been sold out since last summer. But that's the only sellout one can expect from the Buffs, who have been stampeded 10 straight years and 15 of the last 16 by the Huskers. Vaughan, never known to water down 100-proof statements with ginger ale, said a lot of things Thursday before practice. On the eve of the game, it's time to set 'em all up on the bar: "I worked out every day all summer J 111 i 1 m I- " : ? tf 1' - 1 i - 4 rhl ffe m li vi t v f I il f -iiVixM - z 'N !r I I H 1 lln A Jc tin -""5! 1 a -I f j&WZ Iff- di lllr ,vVk - v & . ' k V'UfS" 's. isX p-crU j,f. iff- X : f v 0 :ffr;.!l)i'!l1y,,w.-- tin- r f 1. 7if;i An estimated two million New Yorkers turned out to greet the Yankees Thursday as the World Series champions returned to New York for a computer tape parade. Royals' Herzog will KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Whitey Herzog, the man who brought the Kansas City Royals their first American League West title and then twice repeated the feat will be back at the Royals helm in 1979. But Charley Lau, the man credited with making star hitters out of George Brett and Hal McRae, won't be returning as batting instructor. "Whitey will be one of the highest paid managers in basebalL And he should be," said Joe Burke, Royals executive vice president and general manager Thursday. Herzog had sought a multi-year contract but agreed to his fourth one-year pact after a 45-minute meeting with Burke, then left for a weekend of fishing in the Ozarks. He was unavailable for comment. Umpire blasts Steinbrenner PTTTSRiiRfiH rUPn - Ed Vargo. senior umpire in major league baseball and the senior member of the crew that worked the 1978 World Series, responded angrily to charges of bias by New York Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner in a published interview today. "That's like calling me a cheat" Vargo told the Pittsburgh Press in response to Steinbrenner's charge that the National League umpires at the World Series "leaned over backwards" in favor of NL teams. ' Steinbrenner charged in published reports this week that National League umpires working the World Series "intimidated" American League umpires. "Who is he to question our integrity?" Vargo said. "I was shocked that a man of his character would say such a thing. He has to wake up and solve the problems he has with his team before worrying about the umpires." "You'll hear more about this," Vargo promised, adding that he has talked wih attorneys representing the Major League Urn beats you, ttey spit on with this game in mind. You live life with something to look forward to and for me, the Nebraska game is it Right now, I want this worse than anything in my whole life. I want it worse than I want All-Big Eight I want it worse than a bowl game. "For two years in a row now, we've had Nebraska on the ropes (12 0 4nd 15-0) and let 'em off with dumb mistakes. You look at it on film and it just about makes you puke. Nebraska's not that overbearing. They're just consistent We've had better talent and this time we're going to prove it. "I'm not lying when I say I've worked harder in practice this week than I've worked since I've been at Colorado. Nothing is going to get past me Saturday. If it does, it's going to be a fluke. ' "This might be the most physical game in the country this season. Personally, I want to stand Nebraska up, knock 'em down and then roll over 'em. Every yard will be tough. Every pass will be tough. It won't be a big score and there won't be more than three points difference. "Nebraska didn't run toward me last year, but I think they'll try to attack me Burke did not disclose details of the contract but reports placed it at near $100,000. The 46-year-old Herzog's decision to manage in 1979 was not unexpected but the announcement that Lau, at Herzog's recommendation, would not be rehired came as a surprise. And if most of the Royals were relieved that the affable Herzog would be back, some also were disappointed that Lau, 45, an advocate of making contact and hitting to all fields, would not "I didn't want to see Charley go because he helped me too much," said Brett the 1976 AL batting champ with a .333 mark. "He helped me with my hitting, but he was also a personal friend." Lau, considered by many to be one of the game's top batting instructors, joined the Royals in 1971 but was fired by then- pires Association and you mellowed? Not when CU plays NU . . I ' f I , VV ,tH,H ' I Ruben Vaughan Just wants respect this year. They have more tricks in their blocking scheme and they'll come down return, Lau won manager Jack McKeon in 1974. Herzog's first act when he became manager on July 24, 1975, was to rehire the popular Lau., BUt, said Burke, Herzog gradually felt the Royals needed a hitting approach that keyed more on each hitter's individual ability than did Lau's philosophy. "He feels Charley did a great job with some i hitters and not so great with others," said Burke. "He just feels one man can't teach 50 players to hit like each other." Brett said he respected Herzog and would not criticize him for the move, but McRae, who had three straight plus-,300 seasons before dipping to .298 in 1977 and .273 this past year, was far less charitable. "It's a manager's decision, but I think the players should have something to say Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn's of fice about tne cnarges oy me i anKee owner. Steinbrenner also said the two leagues instructed their umpires to call balls and strikes differently and said the NL has a lower strike zone than the AL Not true, Vargo said. "Different umpires may have different strike zones, but it's a matter of inches," the 18-year veteran said. "It differs more from umpire to umpire than from league to league. "We had good umpires, including the two senior men in either league," Vargo said. "Besides, any umpire capable of managing the major leagues is capable of managing the World Series." Besides Vargo, the National League World Series crew included John Kibler, a 15-year veteran, and Frank rulli, a 6-year veteran. The American Leape was represented by Bill Haller, 17 years; Marty Springstead, 8 years; and Joe Brinkman, 5 years. and try to blindside me with a tight end or a tackle. "Thank God, I have the speed (:M.7) and quickness to get away from it I pray for anyone who tries to come straight at me. An Oklahoma State guard tried last week. I knocked him four yards into the backfield and told him he'd better go talk to his coach before he tried it again. "I still hate Nebraska because they still refuse to respect Colorado. One thing about Oklahoma. After the game's over, you can talk to them and walk off the field with them. There's nothing I'd like more than to do that with Nebraska, but as soon as they beat you, they want to spit on you. No respect none at alL "This year, the fourth quarter is ours. We're in great physical condition. Nebraska can tell you the altitude doesn't mean a thing, but it does. You cant come up here one day and adjust to it the next We're going to have that extra push. This is it. No tomorrows. After this year, Nebraska's just a memory. We're going to be tired as helL But they're going to be more tired than we are." Ruben Vaughan gushes with as much APWIREPHOTO about a thing like this," McRae said. "Next season we'll have a team of pull hitters, .240 hitters. I think if there's a conflict between a manager and one of his coaches, a good hitting instructor like Charley Lau, they should be able to work things out." Herzog said he would handle hitting instruction with help from the rest of the coaching staff. Lau, who had been in the Royals' organization since 1971, will be replaced by John Sullivan, who managed the Omaha Royals to the American Association title in 1978 and will be the bullpen coach. Herzog, a resident for 20 years in the Kansas City suburb of Independence, Mo., was a coach with the California Angels in 1975 when he was hired by the Royals. 1 V Scene Friday Football NCAA highlights, 6:30 p.m., Q East vs. Southeast, 7 p.m., (3D Notre Dame vs. Pitt, 11:50 p.m., 3) Specials Las Vegas Sportillne, 10 P.m., CE Saturday Football Arkansas vs. Texas, 11:30a.m., Q 3D Caivs. UCLA, 3 P.m., OS) Viking report, p.m., QE) NFL Game of the Week, 12:30 P.m., CB Boxing Palomino vs. Green. WBC welterweight championship, 3 p.m, O CD Specials Sports Spectacular, road racing, turf classic skateboarding, strength contest, 3:30 P.m., O ID Hockey Red Wings vs. North Start, 6:30 P.m QD confidence as Muhammad Ali in his more obnoxious days. But it's his style and everyone should probably remember that it takes all kinds to make a wacky world go round. Vaughan, the Big Eight's strongest lineman and "the most gifted tackle I've ever coached," according to Bill Mallory, has some impressive stats to back up his rhetoric. ' Riding into Saturday's "Last Chance Saloon" against Nebraska, Vaughan has been credited with 225 career tackles, including 95 solos. The former Los Angeles city champion diver, who chose CU over a tug-of-war between USC and UCLA for his talents, will admit personal weaknesses . . . now and then. "Last year," he said, "I played stupid. I was stronger, so I didn't always work as hard. Not this year, though. I've given 100 percent every minute. I pretend like I'm lining up in front of Mike Vaughan (former Oklahoma great) or Morris Townsend (ex-Missouri standout) every play." Ruben Vaughan can do more than occasionally put himself down. He can even say some nice things about Nebraska. "Their coaches make their players play," he said. "That says a lot for them. They sat Hipp's behind on the bench when he wasn't cutting it, didn't they? They sat some offensive linemen down, too. They cut the B.S. You make people play for you when you do that." Watching films, Vaughan can delect a world of difference between the Nebraska which lost to Alabama and the one which has reeled off five straight wins. "You can see it the way everyone's en- NU-Colorado lineups NEBRASKA OFFENSE COLORADO No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. Pos Yr.Wt. Ht. Name No. 89 Miller 64 222 Jr. TE Jr. 226 6-6 Howard 83 73 K. Clark 6-4 275 Sr. LT Sr. 277 t-SVi Miller 71 54 Cotton 6-5 245 Sr. LG Sr. 254 6-3 Griffin 60 57 Saalfeld 6-4 237 Jr. C Sr. 230 6-2"i Klrchner 62 68 Lindquist 6-6 250 Sr RG So. 267 6-5Va Thurston 63 74 Ohrt 6-4 244 Sr. RT Jr. 272 6-7 Brock 79 84 Smith 6-3 194 Jr. SE Jr. 160 5-10tt Pugh 3 12 Sorley 6-2 200 Sr. QB Jr. 212 4-1 Vi Solomon 8 32 Hipp 6-0 200 Jr. IB So. 184 6-2 Hornberger 35 39 Franklin 5-11 195 So. FB Sr. 216 5-10 Moyberrv 39 22 Brown 6-0 176 Jr. WB Sr. 182 6-OVi Ballage 22 NEBRASKA DEFENSE COLORADO No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. Pos Yr. Wt. Ht. Name No. 92 Nelson 6-1 195 So. LE Sr. 198 6-2 Walker 93 55 R. Horn 6-5 259 Jr. LT Sr. 251 6-4 Vaughan 75 51 Weinmaster 6-0 216 Jr. MG Jr. 241 6-2 Short 92 97 Barnett 6-5 242 Jr. RT Jr. 248 6-6 Visger 78 96 Andrews 6-4 223 Sr. RE So. 222 6-5 Doollrtle 80 40 Dunning 6-3 216 Sr. LB Sr. 210 6-1 Lee 57 38 Kunz 6-1 218 Sr. LB Jr. 227 6-4 Roe 56 29 Pillen 6-0 183 Sr. M Jr. 194 6-0 Haynes 44 16 Fischer 5-9 165 Sr. CB Jr. 201 6-1 Davis 14 34 Means 6-0 172 So. CB Jr. 177 6-3 Johnson 7 9 Gary 5-11 184 So. S Jr. 166 5-10 Roberts 31 Site: Boulder, Colo. Klckoff : 2:35 p. m. Broadcasts: KFAB, KLIN, WOW, KFOR. Rodgers hurt again; out for rest of season SAN DIEGO (AP) - Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers has been placed on the reserve list for the duration of the season with a knee injury and the San Diego Chargers have filled his vacancy with free agent center Mark Slater. Coach Don Coryell said Thursday that he was trying to act in the best interests of Rodgers, who will be sidelined until next year after also missing much of the 1977 campaign with a hamstring pull. The once-speedy wide receiver from Nebraska was signed in December 1976 for a reported $1 million, four-year contract after four years in the Canadian Football League. He must be paid his full salary even though he won't play and has never scored a touchdown for the Chargers. After Rodgers was placed on the reserve list, Coryell learned rookie wide receiver John Jefferson cannot accompany the Chargers to Detroit for Sunday's National Football League game against the Lions. Jefferson has been fitted with dark glasses and ordered to rest for a week after injuring a muscle when a fin Sports Briefs- Footbaii Associated Press college forecaster Herschel Nissenson has picked Colorado to upset Nebraska Saturday. Nissenson sees a 24-20 outcome in favor of the Buffs. UNO's game against South Dakota State Saturday was among those considered by ABC-TV for regional broadcast. Instead the network picked the Elizabeth City-Winston-Salem game. The St Louis Cardinals have released safety Mike Sensibaugh and linebacker Randy Gill and signed quarterback Mark Manges and linebacker Curtis Townsend. Baseball The Chicago White Sox have selected shortstop Don Kessinger to replace Larry Doby as manager of the team. thused and jumping up and down now," he said. "Nebraska has come back strong. I bet they didn't give any more than 70 to 80 percent effort against Alabama. I'm not criticizing them, though. We'd have been sucking for air down there that time of the year, too. "Nebraska has my respect I don't know of any team coached any better than they are year in and year out. I really respect Hipp and Berns, too. You don't find better backs than them. "I never did call Nebraska a bad team. I just asked for their respect and they refuse to give it to Colorado. They'd rather jive talk than respect us." Maybe the Huskers do lose some sense of sportsmanship when they play Colorado. And maybe with a good thing going, they don't want to change. There is such a thing as an inferiority complex, so there must be an opposite to it. Maybe that's why a Nebraska assistant coach once said on a post-game radio show that "playing Colorado is like having money in the bank." Maybe that's why two years ago when Nebraska scored a 24-12 win here, another Nebraska assistant slapped Mike Fultz on the helmet in the final minutes and proclaimed: "Colorado will never beat Nebraska, not even when you and I come back to watch this game with our grandkids. This string may stretch into the next century." Both statements were probably made in jest, but they do add fuel to the fire. They may not explain Ruben Vaugh-an's outlandish comments, but they might help to understand them just a little better. ger was poked in his right eye in last week's 28 21 loss to Miami. The Chargers activated Slater, a 6 foot 1, 244-pound rookie punt snap specialist from Minnesota who was waived in the final cut after Philadelphia picked him as their No. 12 draft choice. Slater was signed to replace Bob Rush, who is out for the year after a preseason injury. San Digo has had two punts blocked in seven regular season games, including one that led to a Miami touchdown, with linebacker Ray Preston handling the snapping chores. Rodgers, who hurt his right knee while running a pass pattern in preseason practice, said he has an appointment Monday with Dr. Robert Kerlan, a Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon known for his treatment of athletes. Rodgers said he expects to undergo surgery as soon as possible to correct the swelling in his knee and that he intends to serve out the remaining two years on his San Diego contract. Without Rodgers and Jefferson, Coryell has only three wide receivers veteran Charlie Joiner, Artie Owens and Dwight McDonald. Free agent Pete Rose says he is seeking more money than his current team, Cincinnati, is offering him because, "I feel I'm at the top of my profession and I cant live with the fact that 13 or 14 other guys can make more money than I can playing basebalL" Tennis Tracy Austin, 15, has announced she will turn pro in the Colgate Championship Series tennis tournament in November. Chris Evert has a groin muscle injury and may be doutbful for the upcoming Wightman Cup matches against Britain in two weeks. Other Sports NBA Boston has traded guard Earl Tatum to Detroit for guard Chris Ford and a future draft choice. I I

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