The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1937
Page 5
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Oklahoma Hybrid Defies Drouth, Will and Boll Weevil UNION CITY, Okla. (UP)—A Southwestern farmer, plagued by dust, drouth and boll weevils, discovered that by mixing okra with his scientifically developed cotton he could solve a few puzzling agricultural problems. J. A. Webb, Union Clly, Okla., found that if he bred okrii Into his cotton stalks It not only would make ihe stalks stronger and pro- dura a longer lint, but the okra also would force tlie boll weevil to seek a nsvr boarding house. Webb has bsen experimenting for several years to produce a hardier cotton stalk, one that would resist drouth and the weevil and other fees. Ottered Large Acreage His efforts were so successful that a cotton growers organization in Arizona, which operates extensive cotton plantations, offered its cotton acreage to him for expjri- mentattoti. Webb said the addition of okra simply is the latest innovation in tl!2 process of cvolutionizing cotton peculiarly suited to conditions in the Southwest. Webb began his exporlinents in 1929. During the lean years that followed lie almost was persuaded to abandon cotton. It -. appeared that .the yield trom his wind-swept ssil became smaller and less profitable eacli year. But lie kept trying to .develop hardier, cotton to nJHhs'laiid" the ravages of nature's forces. i In 1330 Webb came from Ills farm laboratory with, a new cotton —Webb's purple cotton. The stalks were purple instead of green, the bolls had five locks and the.lint was 1 1-3 inches long instead of. ths average 7-8 inch. Sold at Premium The third year Weib's new-pur-'' pic cotton made 34 per .cent lint,' averaged one and one-half' bales per acre on the sandy soil, and brought a premium of $0.50 a bale. The Oklahoma state board'' of agriculture certified his cotton was free of wilting. It had proved impervious to drouth or 'frost,''and the weevils didn't bother it. Yet Webb .wasn't satisfied, . He developed the "3ea island-Long Staple," which he said produced two bales an acre, with a.lint 1,7-8 inch?s Ion., and si\ losds lo ths boll, it, t=o, withstood' wind,'frost, drouth and the weevil. 'NpV/okra is.l)eing bred into the Sea Island Long Staple. The vast "•ncrw'or the Arizona corporation •will* be'devoted to this e\psnment, which Webb EUid already lind proved its value. NEW* While Romance Blossomed EvenXlliough Holljwcod had seen them. together' frequently; as tliey- aro-pictuied here the elopement of swthj Mnnuel del 'canjno of Mexico City and redheaded Marj Astoi to Yuma, Ariz cam»'ns a gencril surmise Recently Miss Astor figured in Ihe .ematlonal "diary case in connection i ilh the fight foi custodj of her dau°h- ter. l-hcir honejmoon «as postponed when del Cnmpo had to "fly , to his fathers funeril and she returned to Holljwood. itennett Woman Killed as Train Strikes Auto Read Courier News Want Ads KENNETT,- Mo!—Mvs. 'Carl.Yar- bio, 21 Kenneit factory worker ins injured fatally whim'u. Cotton-Belt train struck an automobile • in which she. her husband''and. two othsr persons ,u'ere_uding Sunday ni a ht Yarbro and-' the other' two jumpcd-jusl/beloie'ttie: crash. Mrs Yarbro failed to gel'oub 'of the au tomobile. She died' at a hospital aVPpnlar Bluff Monday ' '.; - Yaibro's automobile had teen'in- volvcd in an accident earlier Sun day and «as being toned 5by an automobile owned by Raymond Scott, also of Kennett Yarbro was driving Scott's cir and Scott was 'leering the Uued machine As Yaibio Heated the railroad tracks Scott, feared he did not ssc the ap- proaclilng train and applied the brikcs causing the automobile pulling IheMu^cked chicle to stop on the tracks p Make Bird Houses''. Boy Scouts of Blythevllle arc mat-ins bird lioi.ics \\htch, will be •-.tilered • iii s- contest in which Wires will Le awarded for the best houses These «ill ! bs sold at nomiml prices ; riojd \vinte is in charge of the proicct The cctton gin «as patented by Eli Whitney'in 17D4 (Continued from Page one) utc and was • passed to place Arkansas In line with other slnles Under the social security act. Witt Exonerated Circuit Judge Earl Httt of • Hot Springs, of tho eighteenth Judicial district, was exonerated of official nlsconduct by the, house yesterday. The vote was 70 to" 20 Jor doplion of a recommendation of he house commllleo of-tho whole gainst impeachment"- proceedings. Charges outlined In the resolution adopted by Ihe house January H by a vote of .11 to 21. were that Judge Witt hod appeared on the street and on the'bench in nn intoxicated condition,-that he hud taken no steps to prevent open Gambling at Hot Springs ;nnd thai he failed to cause an Investigation of alleged fraud In lost suimncr's state primary election. :•• : : liar BUI Defeated Defeat of the integrated bar bill In the Senate yesterday, afternoon climaxed, a series of discussions In which the measure' to regulate legal practice in Arkansas:was considered three times on the floor of the senate, and twice at Judiciary committee'hearings,'and was amended 10 timei Several • members • who voted against the bill yesterday said that Hi, orighial purpose has been so altered as lo destroy usefulness of the measure- and that its. passage would have little or no effect on ihe conditions which it 'seeks to .'egulate. The \a(e Was 16 to 15 On announcement of 'i the vole Senator Shaver 1 gained. 1 , the •flooi to say, "Mr. 1 President, It looks like nobody but the'Lord can regulate the lawyers. Beiiator Lucien Colemam of Lc- panto, who voted against'the bill s<=M an explanation ol his \otc to the leading clerks desk and a-tal that it, be enteied In the senate journal It read j Because the bill hns been amended "to where in my opinion it would be a hindrance to the bar rather than, I vote no " Signs Hospital Bill Probabllltj of enflcttacnt 'of legislation at' th« present session lo authorize operation of a state charily hospital in connection with the UmvLrsity of Arkansas Medi cal School received a setback jcs t rday when Governor Bailey approved a Budget Committee bill (H B No 381) apuropiiathit $100000 a >cat from the state wel faie fund to provide hospitaito- tion and medical care for the in- di"cnt sick in eligible hospitals throughout the state A companion bill (S B No 240 b\ Mall) pissed by the benatc ind nov. pending in the House would increase the slate liquor tax from 40 to 65 cents per gallon and the beer t AX-from $1 to $1,60 pc 32-gallon barrel to provide rovcmi for indigent hospllnlknllon nn< for several other purposes. The bill approved yesterday doe: lint levy nny lax, but provides tin, scl-up for emergency hospllallzn- lion nnd tmilineni, of the Indigent ick «t slnte expense. llosiiltalliallon inn 1'ruvlsloii', Application would be niiule to the county welfare director, who would authorize liospllnlluillon foi a period not exceeding 31 days nt ii cost not lo exceed $3.60 per day. Any person \vlioso Income, or that of his family, docs not exceed $30 licr month would be eligible for :icsptlallzntlon and treatment ti'i stuto expense, bul k children nnd expectant mothers would conslt- uto a preferred class. 'lliu slato Welfare Commission and welfare director would have authority to designate eligible hos- iltiils. but all hospitals In opera- Ion continuously for (lie past live years for (he ijeneral treatment <f patients would be eligible. Bad Bidding Reaps Reward In Five Trick Set, Doubled Negro Wins Acquittal of Robbery Charge John Roberts, elderly negro, nc- cused of robbing nnothcr nxed icgrp ivlillo they were on n drink- ng tpree, was cleared at a mun- cipol court trial here this morn-. Retorts', accuser remembered very little but that lie \m beaten about the face nnd heal anc his mone> KM missing ujien lie sobered up. Roberts said his fcmpnnlcn' asked -him lo k'ctp ills mcncy for him lenlklng he Mas ilrinking. too freely for hli own iced. A Kitiiev; mid he saw the pro etuthi^ ^ItiWu. count his money--,out nnd hand it over to' Ash street barber, •slum Ifu said at that lime tlie negro's .face was unmarked. B. B.,Lnwo was fined $10 on a chirge of publit drmiXciincss Amle .BRrncs was fined Sio for a similar-ollense. Perry While and Hariy pavls forfeltdt. bonds on public tlrunkennes 1 ; chains Charles Larry forfeited H casli I cud on i diblmbing (he p^ace choige )ly H'M. li. AleKENNEV Secretary, 1 AincrlcJii Bridge l**fw Sou(h might hiivo stopped n Ihrec hearts. Had ho done so llie story of Ihc disaster llial foi- lowed his piny of today's hand ut 4KQJ10 V42 410987 4032 4542 ¥109870 + KQJ 10! Rubber—None vul.- Soufh west North Eiui IV 14 1N.T. Pass •I V P;iss Puss Double Opening load—* 7. 13 contract, -doubled, per- iaps might not have been told. Jul, after his partner's bad no riimp bid, following the ovcrcall West, ho cannot bo greatly Recover Body of Third Rivervale River Victim LEpANro Ark—Tlio bodv of Jfli Oiklcy Willie, \ilfojof San foul White was found .Sunday loatlng near i Potters Bridge by Wck Music \ctcmn tlmberman Mrs Whites body was tlie thiul to be found of Ihe >i!\ who dio\ned in little Rhcr'on Jnn- uurv ^5 Di they «cie being e\ac»- a.led from tlicii home at RUeivalo llie tragcrtv ocvurred itout £wo iniles noilh of Lcpanto when thrf bo«> capsized in n swift current Tho bottles still uniecoveretl are tho'e of Mis Pcebble English, wlf- of Jesse English their one >eai old girl and the liitlc son ot Mrs White Today's Contract Problem North has the contract for seven no trump IwcKo dicks aiss In sight after the ononlrw lead Should North i un his clubs and hope /or discards befoic cashing the ace ot tlhmonds and his other high spidc? * A 1C 0 3 V K 36 Z (Slind) (Blind) A t V A 10 4 * A 10 •T-KQJ10743 All Mil Opener—4 J Solutjon In next issue 23 binmed foi deciding)that with his fins, •semi Uo suiter 'ho'has n fair chance of niaHng i^nio' When West o\crcall6d North 'md u choice He might t|onble ho thought he t could beat °u c ,WV|e ofhe'mlght^pafs He Instead to'bldfonc no trump, i, ™ •chnki COLDS and ^ FEVER 1 first day Utrald Tiblel^, ,Headache, .so Snhe \o$t Droji^ 'minuter fry "I'M A SECRETARY," says Jtstlyi and f often cat in a hurty When I enjoy Camels with my food I fiel oo top of the world JIMMIE FOXX slugging first baseman of the Boston Red Sox says: f THE CHAMPION GIRL bronco-buster and rodeo star, Roj£D/rTO,5iys:"Thc Camels '. •• 'i I smoke wiili my meals and ' ^ after ate most enjoyable." 'IMARKMEDOWNasaman l']j who appreciates how mild N'TL OUTBOARD MOTORBOAT CHAMPION, fr,d Jacob); Jr. "CAMELS help fc ccp me .pepped up," TWA hostess, Billy Slifffu, says. "I see many famous people. And most of them smoke Camels." GOING DOWN the com prcjsion locks. Sidney S. tunnel engineer says:."My work involves danger. Gut Camels don't fraizlc my nerves." THE LIGHTNING SWORD PLAY of .Bcla ifc Tuscan, fencing instructor, is faster than the eye. He says: "I welcome the'lift'in energy with a Camel." I STICK by Camels ant! Cimcls stick by me. Camels set ma right I smoke Camels foe their refreshing 'lift,' and for tho aid they gne mj digestion. Camels help me feel my food agrees with me.' At mealtimes Camels arc an aid to digestion—speeding up the flow of digestive fluids — increasing alkalinity— bringing a sense of well- being. Steady smokers prefer Camels. They ate so mild! CHIEF ENGINEER GtargcJ. Dmtiiig&am stows up with Camels before clearing port. Ho says: "It's a strain keeping machinery under control. Caniclshclp case the tension," a bid that could bo of Interes only lo his. opponents/South, alter East's ites, decided that, with solid hearts and a fine dlamom suit, game was "In llso bay." Alter East's double, West owned Ihe, seven of clubs. East won with tho ten and re- urneil (lie deuco of diamonds West noil wllh 11,0 ttco ancl rc . tuned iho MX of diamonds, using the sull-dheclinB signal to ihow nn cnlry cnnl In spades Ensl limed nnd leturned a club w the ace. West returned another diamond, which East rutted Now n low £ p ade m rclurired r ?} 1Cdhtfi lttt ° n ,, of e " by (Conthiued, rrom Poga 1) H srenlly by the nddltlonnl nro- m IH" fI J," t "," lfm " S \uioso land would fn) t | nl g 0 , y , VIU) nowhiBy-lncltidltiff, | u some Instances, Uwir homes-lccl limt Ihoy are bclne called iinon- (o niitko ,v saciinco foi wliich tlicy icncflts ° "" C0m l ll; » s «tln8 As a iMssible solution Mi Meyer ms suggested n nun-oner flcotl- vny. with ft series of conciele i|illHM>js \vhlch would aiilomatlc- ly BO into operalion \\|,en the laso ot Big Lake readied 250 i'hrl? S ^ "' lho J'lKhwny 18 bridge- (the Inko reached 2614 n the recent high Hn [eo i hls woiHc she the Little HUer basin certain protection ngalnsl any or liiwry J,f g |, Mter but would wib- Jcct parts of It to some degree of Inundation la caw of cxlm- :rdhmry'no'o<!s W ^oiild, greatly 04 ' 1 of rlght ct »"y ,,nA,,/ CO " tro1 Pros™™ and would <r;erinil pfnoltemly oil of ho.fnrmeis In the ba.Mn to «lain th ? tr'faruis nhd.homei Tlie Plan h.os been t.id6rsed by o{ HlwiMlppi Bounty luMhe problem and na be submitted to lh.ctarmy cnglh- KrB ,, M ' B , ba ^ ror.fii possible modmcafloilof theli program 'Kitty. Frolics ^, * [ ' ' f ft I »7T The nuily, fuzzy, mrschlevous kit v - ien ivljl scnc as your -cats-paw" In doing the dishes when embrold- cred on lea towels. Mother takes him, It seems somewliit reluctant, to church on Sunday. Mother wy Is up bright and e»rly on Monday for the waahlnj, and on •Tuesday she (jikes time to sdmire herseir in the reflection of ths Iron Each design is most adorable, and ho cnsy sWchory makes th« pic. turcs tnke form the fastest ever, Seven ten tone] desl e ii s and a pair of pan holdcra come In a hot iron Utinsfor lhat is usable several times To -order, sau for No. C8154,"or teai out Illustration and send with JO cents stamps or coin. (Any three 10 cent "Make It Yourself" patterns " only 25 cents ) Address your order ' to.Blytocvllle Courier News Make It Yourself pattern Bureau, Box 106, -Kansas City, Mo Be sure 'to givcjnnmo and complete address. *, ' «<> n( PW up and go on K- visits to other islands a< oo oinlles ay ay. The trips ofteni lost slv months - D«. Wert & Wert , OPTOJIETEIST8 Over Joe Isaacs' Store MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 No> Open for Busbew 'Pur New Service Station \ ; • 24 Hour Service , \ Tires Repaired - - ' , Gas Delivered „,? ^ Wrecker Service ''Ton)Uittle Chevrolet Co ' Phone 633 crcrjrTucschy night. Hear kie'i Co//f.!t"-a fuli.hour l tenoy Goodman's "Swinp" nir\d]Hol[>-aooJsurs!Collo6cr,m- atcactilcncI9:30pr\i E.S.T.,S:JO Pra CS.T., 7:30 nm M.S.T., 6:30 P.S.T., WABC-CDS Network. Kjcbrmts (hicL, but, dcl'calcly formed and of fine soil hair. High, wrllciuvcdforchraj— pirticurarl) \uJcalhnc of broivs. Eyas that Drum Large, round, and mde open... set snugly bc ; ncith5ulunffbru^s,uii- iicrhJsfull Tcariluctj large antl conspicuous. J ust imagine bow perfectly delicious a."Dk&ble-Rich tt Kentucky straight Bourbon would taste. Then taste it! "Double-Rich"-]i\§k imagine! A 40 proof wius^ev -.uri I'it Mart of Mini. N[jJe m Kentucky bj cU-tinic . . tht ? ood oW KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY

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