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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 26
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 26

Lincoln, Nebraska
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4C May 6, 1979 Lincoln, Sunday Journal and Star Redwine proves worth By Mike Babcock Staff Sports Writer When you're a transfer at Nebraska, you try harder much harder. Ask Jarvis Redwine about Becoming a Cornhusker after beginning your college football career somewhere else takes a lot of perseverance. NU coaches are not easily convinced. "The No. 1 reason it's so hard proving yourself to the coaches here is that they want to know why you transfered. They wonder if something is wrong with you, and you have to show everybody you're capable," Redwine said after Saturday's annual Red-White spring game. Redwine came to Lincoln from Corvallis, home of Oregon State University. He spent last fall on the Cornhusker scout squad and this spring trying to prove himself to NU Coach Tom Osborne and his staff. Saturday afternoon, Red-wine's proof included 94 yards rushing in 16 carries. Some Husker fans according to Jarvis, a crowd the size of some of those at Oregon State's regular-season home games left convinced that the speedy I-back from Los Angeles, Calif was indeed a player. Now Nebraska is "home" for Redwine. "It was home the minute I decided to pick up roots and leave Oregon. This had to be the place," he said. Only once did Nebraska fans jj jII STAFF PHOTOS BY WILLIS VAN SICKLE With fullback Andra Franklin (39) leading the way and with the help of blocks by tight end Junior Miller (89) and Randy Schleusener (53), I-back Craig Johnson heads left before cutting back to the middle (right) for a Red touchdown. Huskers defense to be nation's best? Randy York Defensive end Jimmy Williams, a 6-2, 205-pound sophomore, said the fans and the game situations brought out the best in the defenses. "You can do only so much in scrimmages. You keep banging the same guys, it's hard to get fired up," he said. "But the noise and the excitement got everyone pretty intense." The statistics proved Clark and Williams correct. After the Whites tied the game at 13-all in the first half, the Red defense (first stringers), all but eliminated the White running game, allowing just three second half first downs, all by passing. The Whites managed a net minus-five yards rushing in the second half, and although the Whites passed for 209 yards, they completed only 11 of 31 passing attempts. The White defense accounted for seven sacks behind the line and allowed just two first downs in the fourth quarter alter the Reds took a 27-13 lead early in the period. "I liked our effort, I liked our attitude and I like our experience," said Van Zandt. "We just need some work in the secondary. Russell Gary and Andy Means have seen a lot of snaps and a lot of arenas, but they're the only ones. "We've improved our man-to-man technique, but we need to get better in the secondary, especially in breaking for the football in zone coverage," said Van Zandt. "It may lake the offense a little while to get going next fall, so it's going to be up to us to get the team started and keep the team going," said McBride. "And I think this defense can help Nebraska become No. 1 in the countrv." By Ken Hambleton Staff Sports Writer It wasn't hard to spot Charlie McBride and George Darlington after the annual Red-White game Saturday afternoon in Memorial Stadium. Just look for the Nebraska coaches with the biggest smiles. Defensive end Coach Darlington and defensive line Coach McBride were both bubbling with positive adjectives alter the contest. The defensive line was credited with 10 sacks for a total loss of 112 yards, and after the first half, the defense dominated the line of scrimage. "We saw a lot of potential out there," added McBride. "This defense can be the best in the country and our line can lead the way. "Henry Waechter. Bill Barnett, and Kerry Wein-master did a very good job on the line. David Clark is going to have a groat ear next, year if he keeps improving like he did this spring." he said. "Jimmy Williams and Tom Gdowski are completely different people than they were before this spring. Toby Williams could be another Mike Fultz." As the coaches read the names of outstanding defensive players, one fact became obvious the Huskers have plenty of depth. "The great thing about today's game, is that it showed there isn't a lot of difference between the first and second defensive teams. And the third team, for that matter, isn't going to embarrass vou," said McBride. The Huskers mav award onlv 11 Black Shirts to the starting defensive team, "but there are at least two full teams worth of Black Shirts on this team," McBride said. Nil defensive coordinator Lance Van Zandt also commented on Nebraska's defensive depth. "We may have the luxury of red-shirting some people, like (sophomore) Waechter. He's good enough to play right now, but it might be fairer to him, giving him two years of more playing time, rather than one." "Waechter got my attention today and John Ruud made some good hits. I saw a lot of things I liked about Jimmy Williams, too," said Van Zandt. Waechter, a 6-6, 250-pound junior college transfer, was credited with nine tackles, "lie could be as good as any lineman in the country, and he'll improve with time," added McBride. "But we have so many experienced people we could redshirt him and some others if we don't have a lot of injuries." "We are fortunate to have the opportunity to red-shirt some of these players. We have two solid units, and a third team that make our defense the deepest in quality since I've been here," echoed Darlington. The defenses started slowly, Van Zandt admitted, but it picked up as the game progressed. Defensive tackle Clark, a 6-2, 243-pound junior, explained the slow start. "I think everybody was just thinking, 'play hard it's a spring Once there were some points on the board, you could see both defenses get fired up and start to get mean. "The defensive lines have been here three years, and there's a lot of pride and devotion to football in every one of us," he said. "We just needed something to fire us up, like some scores," Another Jim Zorn? It's hard to imagine the quarterback who pulled the throttle on one of the most potent offenses in NCAA history not being among the 300-plus players drafted by the National Football League. But Tom Sorley need not hang down his head and cry. The NFL has been wrong, dead wrong, before. Remember Jim Zorn9 At Cal Poly-Pomona, he led the NCAA Division II colleges in total offense yet nobody wanted him. The Dallas Cowboys signed Zorn as a free agent in 1975. The Seattle Seahawks signed him as a free agent in 1976. You know the rest of the story. Jim Zorn has been nothing but a big thorn to the rest of the NFL these past three seasons. Some even believe he's the best quarterback in pro football. No one can predict such odds-defying magic for Sorley. The fact is made merely to point out that the NFL, despite all its sophisticated methods of evaluation, is fallible. Free agents make a great free-for-all in a free world. Sorley should have plenty of ammunition in the market. I mean, he didn't exactly exit college football with any lack of style, hitting 13 of 18 passes for 220 yards against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and 20 of 34 passes for 249 yards against the Scorin; Individual Statistics Time Left How score Reds-Whites 19 Davies 1 Punting No. Yds. Gemar. 7 282 Punt returns No. Ave. 40.3 Yds. 3 9 15 Yds. 17 3 9 Wees 1 Barnett Lonowaki 3 Reiners 1 D. Neison 0 Sherry 2 Linebackers Ver-lng 5 Baker 4 Santin 0 Williams 1 Zutavern 1 R. Moravec 2 Backs Letcher 3 lodence 2 Lerov 4 Reds Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Quinn 8 39 4.7 Franklin 9 31 3.4 Redwine 16 94 5.9 Landwehr 3 3 1.0 Kotera 4 20 5.0 Hager 10 -11 Wallace 6 24 4.0 Zobel 2 6 3.0 Telly 5 14 2.8 Michaelson 9 15 1.7 Johnson 2 20 10.0 Passing 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 3 3 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 Nyden 1 Steels 1 Gerlach 2 Kickoff returns No. Steels 1 Moravec 1 Keith 1 Pass interceptions No. Kreici 1 Searcy 1 Yds. 27 9 No. Co. Yds Quinn 8 5 79 Hager 8 3 30 Michaelson 8 5 56 PI 0 1 1 Defense Linemen UT AT TT J.Williams 8 1 9 Heach Gary Nvden Means Witlow FIRST QUARTER 3-0 Sukup 27 field goal 4:33 Drive: 70 yards in 16 plays. Highlighted by Red-wine's gain of 17 yards and Quinn pass to Miller for 11 yards. 3-3 Bergkamp 29 field goal 2:17 Drive: 56 yards in five plays. Highlighted by Mauer pass to Brown for 52 yards. SECOND QUARTER 3-10 Mauer 1 run 17:34 Drive: 50 yards in eight plays. Highlighted by Mauer pass to Woodward for 19. Conversion: Bergkamp kick. 10-10 Wallace 2 run 9:45 Drive: 17 yards in five plavs following recovery of fumbled punt. Highlighted by Wallace runs of 7 and 2 yards. Conversion: Sukup kick. 10-13 Kirk 28 field goal :27 Drive: 1 yard in three plays following 27-yard return of intercepted pass by J. Kreici. 13-13 Sukup 52 field goal :05 Drive: 1 yard in one play following 47-yard kickoff return by Bush. THIRDQUARTER 20-13 Johnson 15 run 14:36 Drive: 21 yards in three plays following 18-yard loss by Whites on fumbled fourth down punt attempt. Highlighted by Johnson's 15 yard run for touchdown. Conversion: Sukup kick. FOURTH QUARTER 27-13 Redwine 1 run 13:09 Drive: 80 yards in 15 plays. Highlighted by Quinn pass to Finn for 15 yards and Redwine run for 14 yards. Conversion: Sukup kick. REDS 3 10 7 7 27 WHITES 3 10 0 0 13 Pass Receiving No. Yds. 14 Miller 2 have cause to disown the 6-0, 195-pounder with :04.4 speed. That came when Redwine fielded the second-half kick-off and his momentum carried him out of bounds inside his own one yard line. "I don't know what it is with me," he said with a smile. "I always seem to make a mistake like that. "I misjudged the wind, which was blowing the ball that way. It was my first time being on the kick-off team, and I felt I could field it," Redwine said. The situation was quickly salvaged when quarterback Jeff Quinn connected with veteran receiver Tim Smith on a 36-yard pass play which got the Red team out of trouble. And Redwine redeemed himself time-after-time with quick bursts through and around the line. His longest effort of the afternoon was a 17-yard sprint up the middle on the day's first scoring drive. Redwine's emergence during the spring has given Osborne some welcome depth at running back. Isaiah Hipp, who missed Saturday's game with a broken thumb, and Omaha junior-to-be Craig Johnson join with Redwine to give the Corn-huskers a special kind of triple-threat. "I feel real good that we have three players at I-back who can run like that," Osborne said. "I don't worry about that situation at all. "The way football is now, you have to have three guys at that position," he said. Johnson played Saturday's first half with the White team, carrying six times for 28 yards. Then he switched to a Red jersey and scored on a 15-yard run in the second half. The way Johnson figured it, he couldn't lose. "If the Whites could be tied at halftime (they were, 13-13), I won that way, and when the Reds won the second half, I came out all right there, too," he said. Johnson was surprised when he read reports that he would miss the spring game because of the hip-pointer he suffered in a scrimmage last week. "That's what I kept seeing in the paper," he said. "After last Saturday, I couldn't walk, but I was running again by Wednesday." Johnson stands 6-1 and weighs 180. He's a slashing, Rick Berns type runner. "Like Coach Osborne says, my running style isn't the same as Isaiah's or Jarvis'. And that's important because some days one will work better than another," he said. Osborne isn't complaining about his I-back situation for the fall Barring injury, Isaiah Hipp should become Nebraska's all-time leading career rusher. He's gained over 1,000 yards in each of his last two seasons after walking on from Chapin, S.C. "If I had to rank-order them right now, Hipp would be first because he has the experience," Osborne said. "But there's no way to differentiate between Craig or Jarvis as No. 2 and No. 3 they Ye right together." Jarvis Redwine had proved himself a worthy transfer. Thiessen 2 Holmes 3 Clark 4 Gdowski 5 Minor 7 White 2 Sculley 2 Waechter 3 Stromath 1 Lindstrom 2 Miles 4 Bess 2 White Offense Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Gebert 2 -13 Knoll 1 -3- Mouer 6 -14 Johnson 6 28 4.7 Hunt 2 3 3.0 Keith 5 22 4.4 Moravec 1 3 3.0 Mathison 6 7 1.0 Bates 3 7 2.3 Landwehr 3 6 2.0 Kreici 1 -18 McCrady 1 1 1.0 voir i io 10:0 Big Ten in the Challenge Bowl. There must be some irony to Sorley's swan song. After all, the Challenge Bowl was played in Seattle's King-dome, the house Jim Zorn helped make famous. You'd have thought the Seahawks, more than anyone, would have been willing to go out on the limb for a underrated quarterback in an oversized draft. Clear your throat Oh well, we all make mistakes, especially us in the media. Take the No. 1 story on the front sports page of Wednesday night's Denver Post. It was devoted to Kern Hill. Georgia Tech's 6-6, 255-pound offensive tackle who would "probably" be the Broncos' No. 1 choice in Thursday's draft. Everyone around here, of course, knows Kelvin Clark got that honor. Hill went in the first round, all right, but he was four players behind Clark Life's full of surprises. Did you know, for instance, that Jerry Tarkanian, the Nevada-Las Vegas coach who beat Nebraska in the finals of the Rebel Roundup last December, is the No. 1 candidate to succeed Jerry West as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers? The Lakers would worry about such things, but they're most interested in clearing a path to make Michigan State sophomore Earvin Johnson their No. 1 pick in this summer's NBA draft. Magic might even turn on Mike Babcock. this staff's totally turned off pro basketball fan. Babcock's like others who believe that no matter how much you like basketball, or chocolate chip ice cream there has to be a limit to how much you can take before your eyes glaze over. Denver writer Steve Cameron is in that camp. Acknowledging Washington Coach Dick Motta's quote that whoever won the Washington-Atlanta series would win it all, Cameron quips: "By the time we know if he's right, the government of Iran probably will have changed hands twice, will have left Mindy for a belly dancer and you'll never find the results on the sports page because the Yankees and the Red Sox will be winding down a pennant race." What a life Here's another pro basketball note on lorn Vint's favorite player Ernie DiGregono. Ernie the star of the ballyhooed USA-USSR basketball series, the Providence College AU-American and the 1974 NBA Rookie of the Year, could have starred in the movie "Take the Money and Run." Thanks to a five-year $2.2 million deal agent Larry Fleisher got him with the Buffalo Braves in '73 and a subsequent settlement with his second NBA team, the Lakers, Ernie can sit on his duff and collect more than $50,000 a year for the next 30 years. Basically, that's what he's doing at age 28 in hometown Providence after the Lakers cut him. It doesn't take much to boggle my mind. Heck, I'm impressed with Rich Clarkson, the chief photographer for the Topeka CapitaL He shot three of Sports Illustrat-ed's four covers for the month of March and collected a cool $1,000 for each. In these parts, that's big money. I don't know what you'd call Ernie D's story. All I know is he probably doesn't get the kick out of Monopoly that I do. Smith 2 15 Bush 4 34 Finn 2 20 Huebert 2 35 Gibson 1 12 Punting No. Yds. Ave. Smith 7 273 39.0 Kickoff returns No. Yds. McCrody 2 46 Redwine 2 25 Bush 1 47 Pass interceptions No. Yds. lodence 1 -3 Defense Linemen UT AT TT Cole 1 0 1 D. Peterson 0 2 2 L. Nelson 1 0 1 Horn 0 1 T.Williams 1 5 6 W'master 0 3 3 Lee 1 Linebackers Damkroger 4 4 S. Poppe 2 4 McWhiter 7 4 Conneally 3 3 Backs Lindquist 3 0 Fischer 5 0 Passing No. Co. Yds Sims 1 1 92 PI 0 1 0 0 Huskers elude serious injuries Nebraska trainer George Sullivan said. "Especially on a Mauer 10 Mathison .8 Gebert 9 Knoll 4 61 37 19 Searcey 2 Pickett 1 Van Norman 5 J. Kreici 3 Lewis 1 Trent 1 Gerlach 1 Ruud 4 Rennes 1 Thiess 0 Glather 1 Krenf 1 day like today when they played ten extra minutes." Cornhusker defensive end L. C. Cole left the action early when he aggravated an ankle problem. "It was just a sprain," Sullivan said. Sullivan said that surprisingly there were no serious injuries in Saturday's annual Red-White spring football game. "It's unusual when you don't have to go onto the field once," Pass Receiving No. Brown 3 Woodward 3 Vergith 1 McCrady 1 Hill 1 Wehrle 1 Yds. 87 40 19 18 8 18 Baseball From page 1C- NWU takes two from Doane Nebraska Wesleyan swept a baseball doubleheader against Doane at Sherman Field Saturday winning the first game 1-0 and the second 9-2. In the first contest winning pitcher Jay Lindstrom, 6-3, went the distance allowing six hits and striking out ten. The Plainsmen scored the game's only run in the fourth inning when Tom Svehla doubled home John Svehla, his cousin, from first base with one out. Mark Steinberger, 2-2, was the winning pitcher in the second game. Bruce Reed went 4-for-4, including a two-run homer in the second inning, for Wesleyan. NWU is 14-13 and 8-4 in the Nebraska Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The Plainsmen finished second, behind 10-2 Dana, in the MAC. the night in the local hospital got things started with a single. Haas was sacrificed to second and went to third on a single by designated hitter Harold Bright. Bright stole second and both runners came home on a single by second baseman John Russo. Russo scored all the way from first on third baseman Jeff Hunter's double. Hunter moved to third on the play at the plate and he tallied the final run when catcher Val Primate's grounder was bcoted. Except for the one outburst, the Huskers managed just one hit for the rest of the game. "Our pitching was good enough to win us the two games Friday," Sanders noted, "but in that doubleheader the first five guys in our batting order went one for 21. You can't win doing that. I knew the hitting was there we're hitting over .300 as a team but I was concerned about when we were going to loosen up and be ourselves. It's like that short putt in golf. If you wait over it long enough, you'll tighten up and miss it." Hunter, the Huskers leading hitter, struck out seven times in the four games against Kansas. "But he had a real key hit in the game that counted," Sanders noted. "Russo has been struggling too. But he knocked in the first two runs to get us going. We'll be okay now." Both teams went through the motions in the second game. Nebraska scored a pair of runs in the third inning on one hit, two walks, three stolen bases and an error. The Huskers' Jim McManus pitched well for five innings, giving up just one hit and no runs, but faltered in the sixth. He was touched for a single and pinch hit home run by KU's Jeff Dicekman which tied the score at 2-2. After two more Jay-hawk safeties, Gary Nolting came on in relief to put out the fire. In the top of the eighth, Primante slugged his seventh home run of season against a strong wind over the wall in left-center to win the game. "We just got more aggressive and tried to make things happen today," Primante said. "We didn't do that Friday or for most of the series at Missouri." Sanders said Scherger, despite a cracked thumb, possible cracked sternum and mild concussion after smashing into the wall Friday, win be ready for the conference playoffs. Though hospitalized Friday night, Scherger was released and on the bench for Saturday's two games. Standings, page 2C Lincoln athletes to be honored and Svoboda, Northeast Fne Lincoln high school students were awarded the KFoR 1978 Sportscaster Club High School Athletic Scholarships Receiving the $200 scholar-sljips were Scott McCashland. East; Stacey Porter, Lincoln High; Drew Stange, Southeast; David Duden. PmsX The students and their parents will be honored at the KFoR Sportscasters Club Athletic Recognition Banquet on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Hilton. 4

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