The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1955 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1955
Page 19
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER ]*, 19M BLTTHETILLI (ARK.) 1 COURIER KBW» PAGE NINETEEN OUR IOARDINC HOUSI — with M.j.r HM»(« OUT OUR WAY •v J. R. WillniM V6M, 9UT1 fiOTTOMAKK A CHAKJ6E--A BULL'S S'POSfcD TO BE MAR NOTFUNWV.' THEY 5AIP THEY THOUGHT ,TM' BLANKET WAS. ME. WEU-, I CUPPOM rr WILL LOOK BETTER IF THS BOLL PUTS IT OVER. ON THE TOREADOR OMC.6 |W AWHILE.' IS WEEK TO BEAD THE COM&TITJTIOI-J, BUT PPAV INFORM MA'S WAT PRECIOUS DOCUMENT BEEhJ AMENDED TO 6N6 fWER OVJEB THE O'KOOM IWTMV REAP, FOLK*. MOP ON, YOU 'rl£Y, 4T«P SACK, ••'01) g\6 HIPPO LET APTEE YOU 3AM YOUR HULK: ir4 I@RA.TOR? THANK ALARMS, /THANKS PORTWE EVEWISUJ. MAN i Dlfir THIS MESS , / COLLECTS OF CLOCKS//1Vlf?M AS A HOBBY' Continued from preceding page For Rent Modern 3 room fu salh Couples only 3-6856 Nicely furnished apartment, alio im irnlRhed apartments & boute* aTai. lablc For Information phone Oaceola D S t.aney 5j9 ck tl Male Help Wanted WANTED—Filling station attendant. nished home, with i Must be experienced. Apply In person Phone 2-2553 or to Simpson's Statellne Station. 922 « 1016 ' 104 ck tl Man with experience In plumbing and electrical work. Steady employment, excellent working conditions and salary- See Tom Little Jr. Tom Little Realty Co., 109 W. Main. Ph. 2-2323. JOjll ck 10J14 Warehouse foreman, must be capable of handling labor. Good salary- Ph. PO. 3-6858 Or write C[O Box 958, Blytheville, Ark. 10jl2 ck. tf THE COWARD BY RAY 1APICA 1955 ky NEA Strvke, Inc. I T HE instant Clair stepped into the street with little Sharon's hand in hers and saw the gleaming headlights bearing down she knew the oncoming car meant to kill j them. The night was black and the sky was a wet sponge. Cars slithered through the Pittsburgh •street with windshield wipers tapping furiously. Behind them white faces stared without seeing more than a few yards. In front of the Syria Mosque where she had sung that night Clair waited hopefully for the rain to let up. Then unfurling her umbrella, she had stepped ofT the curb with Sharon. The umbrella blocked her view, and she ne^er saw the car until it was atop them. In that insta .t she remembered the applause of the people in the audience the murmuring j country She Knew the oncoming; car meant to ki ... voice of Ned Silvers, the business manager, "It's 2800 tonight— not bad for this time of year" . . . the warm handclasps of the home. other artEte in the benefit pe 'formance— the singers, a ballet t cations. them. As she turned up the long ( who had come out front for some road leading to the!air during the concert, and an ! Beaver Falls Academy for Girls; old half-drunken coal miner \ on a 100-acre farm, she won- : named Mike Ostrov. But their ! dered if !=he were wise to come identification was enough. Big All 39 girls had been ' r l j placed in homes for summer va- 1 " The farmer whose land r ! adjoined the school's leased the Tony had gone to the chair at the Western Pennsylvania Penitentiary. And his three brothers, who were not at the scene but X S S,^™n^ ™t HXec: «o expenmciu in the motor car's mission. "Jump!" a .familiar voice seemed to whisper in Clair's ear.' holidays. She screamed and jerked Shnr-j° ld •on's hand violently and fc-Il back 'over the curh with hrr into the escape. chemistry and physics laboratory she remembered the trial, the during the quiet of the summer hate-filled eyes of the four Tras- But he was 65 years |-j s brothers as she mounted the stand, the muttering of Dan Traskis, the second eldest, the IT was 1 oVliX'k in i>e morn- one who was short, thick, eprilla- mch-deen~rain The black sedan.' ; ,r when the rar crunched across . like with big ham-like hands and its windows up, roared past ucm 'the gravel fronting the huge , beetle brows, how he ; imillL>red Sharon was crying hysterically : none structure. So many addi- ; , she moved past him on the . It was just before the four brothers were marched out man- d?. i^iciu piiKcu nei ujj uui V I"-- injn-.. —« --water. She knell by her. brush- il now resemb'eri a summer hold ing Ihe little girl's foal. Ihen ' more than a farmhouse. ... realized she was soaked tl-oushj O nlv a dim light glowed in aulcd tofiether, that she heard and wiped her hands and lace - le cn "lrance hall. She awakened ! him mutter, in a voice just loud with her tinv hanrlkcu-hicl. i--baron, and the little girl's large enough for her to hear. A man stopped. "Hurt?" ' ,-een ryes opened wide with Ihe "^ou 11 never set away. But she could try. BY -i a rn. Clair had every - Clair Holmsky shook her head , rror o f an 11-year-old before dumbly. v -<r molher a.s.surcd her Ihey "Bad nighl lo be out." he said . Pre home—and safe. They went ' "Thai was close." He disap- j nlo , ne house, and the rain fol- ; thing packed in Ihe car—her peared in Ihe rain. [lowed them to the door. I clothes, Sharon's things and a She comforted the girl. "The j Qi n j r brought the evening pa- red-and-while gingham doll, and man in the car didn't see us. In ! , ;er " j n w ^ j ier After she un-i was scribbling a note to old Mac, the rain he couldn't see us." !dressed Sharon and put her to Ihe caretaker, that she had to "He tried to nil us." Sharon . berf sh( , laa ^ of j ncr own c i o thes | leave urgently but would get in sobbed, and Clair knew it was; nrl( j' s ^ ooc i thinking for a moment [ touch with him by phone later true. THE street was deserted now. Cliir had been last to change. before the mirror. What she saw was a 33-year- old woman with lines of wcari- about her eyes and mouth. v,......,,,, „,_,_.. .-— .» --- . j about her eyes an mou. had declined an offer to be es- « s dark-brown eyes An..i«.l 4. l.A_ «...• Q.lrl 1»/M ,' IH P ^IH. lluu ".*•*. V. , J corted to her car and, waking .Sharon who was asleep in one corner of the dressing room, they had stepped out into the rain- shrouded night. What made her look up in time? Did she actually hear Al's voice—now, on exactly the llth anniversary of the day it hap- pcncd? She shook the numbness arcnca ", out of her head. She had been sweep ot working too hard-it was the "avt '»>« 'sixth concert in three months. It was too much, with running the school as well. She tried lo cheer • Sharon as they hurried to their ; car—an eight-year-old coach. It had been one of those cold, ' rainy June nights They shivered all the way home, some 30 miles through the North Side, Bellc- vue, Sewicklcy and Ambridge to Beaver Falls. Every few minutes 'Clair looked up into the mirror and wondered if the headlights behind were following them. She would slow up, and her nerves would not rela* until tin car drilled bj. tobacco brown, Al liked to call them. Her figure was tall, her hair dark-brown, rich, falling in waves to her shoulders. She had filled out a litllc; the thin lines of her teens were gone. She was supple now, and, she thought without embarrassment as she arched her head and noticed the the neckline, "He'd me better this way." Then her bore foot touched the soaked newspaper on ttie carpet, and she looked at the front page and the headline, "Three Traskis Brothers Released Today," and it nil swirled back and she knew who had Iried. to kill her and Sharon. Bifi Tony Traskis was the last of Pittsburgh's gang-lords. Six years ago he had single-handedly held up the box office at a broken-down hall where she had sung in McKces Rocks and shot and killed the cashier when he resisted. The onlr witnesses were Clair, and under no circumstances to tell anyone where her relatives lived. Again she picked up the special delivery letter that had arrived thai aflcrnoon from Timo- Ihy Rogers in New York. . . . When we sinned the Grovip, we uleilfreii e.ich otlier lo secrecy. This still holdfi true. Now the Croup tins made it possible for the two i>ayim:nta toiitlinK 110.000 lo he nmcle. I will he in .Beaver Falls tomorrow to make Ihem in behalf of Al's friends. Will he most happy to FCC you alter these long 10 years. Kroin one who has never for- Eollc Tin The handwriting was neat, an auditor's, a bookkeeper's; she remembered Tim had become an accountant. She rememhered the $f)000 checks which had come regularly each June 1. This last one would complete the payments on the farm and buildings. Mow fine of Tim and Al's old friends to do this in Al's memory. She had hoped Tim would tell her who these old friends were. But Clair wouldn't be her* when Tim came wilh the money. (To Be Continued) Htlp Wanted Waitress wanted Apply In person or call Osburn 3-9937 Simpsons State Line Cafe 6125 < Curb girl Apply In person. Krea Kastle. 10 i 4 <* Middle ase white lady to live in home with aged couple and do light house keeping. Salary S50.00 per month. Ph. 3-3551. 10|13 ck 10J1T "This sorority needs an investigating committee—some of the blind dates this semester have been awful tauares! 'Oh. he can support me all rieht! He has a paper route!" Press hand for gtn. Valley Field Gin CO. Ph. 3-6645. I"!" ck tl Help Wanted, Female Sales lady wanted for ready to wear. Only those with ex- j perience please apply. Write I Box E-15, c/o Courier ,News. lOill ck tf Job Wanted Ironings wanted. 522 South Franklin. 10,11 p*. 10|W Loans Money To Loan On :«en-y snotsuns. lUBb'»ue camera* raclloa. musical Instruments, etc W DUJ used furniture and othei arliclfl tl T&ltie East Main Loan Co. 306 E. M&lQ Ph 3-2660 ~OR THE^BEST IN FARM I.AND - FARM LOANS . See EARL'S FARM & LOAN CO. 0. L. Barls 2-2416—J Marsh 2-373H BlytheYllle—Ph 3-4052 3,30 cit tl Lost LOST—Billfold between Fanners Ban nd 829 Cherry, reward call Courie Jews Phone 3-4461. Black plastic purse. Contains classes, check book form Trimble, Trnn. Lost Sept. 25. Reward, Mrs. Milton F. Osburn, 469 W Main, Plggott, Ark. JOtlO pk 10J18 Meals Home cooekd meals served country £,iylc—-ill! you can eat and drink for 75c, Home made pie. MRS. N J HUMPHREY. 115 W. Ash St.. city, ph 3-8237 10J4 pk 11|4 Notice German chocolate cuitea made oy order Ph 3-3340 Mrs Fred CnpelanU 82 pit 11;2 'e buy used furniiure &ALSELL « WHITE I13 S Division Ph 3-W96 Ii4 ck tl USKD REFRIGERATOR .$69.95 Up HALSELi i WHITE 6 34 c* Persona! "OLD AT 40, 50. CO?" MAN! You're •azy! Thousands peppy at 70. Ostrcx Tonic Tablets pep up bodies lacking iron. For rundown tcellng many men rail "old". 50c get-acquainted size only . lu Blytheville, Klrby and Woods Drugs; also Druggists everywhere. 10JI3 pk 14 Private Rooms Bedroom for girls. Ph. 2-2087. Room and board for 2 men, twin beds. 1129 W. Ash Mrs. Ca&sidy. lOjll pk 10 19 Nlca bedroom Men only Ph. 3-4432 9jl2 ck tf Sleeping rooms. 104 K, Davis. Ph 3-R913. 10]5 pk 11 Large bedroom. Gentlemen or couple. Ph. 3-3748. 10|12 pk 16 Salesmen Wanted Will accept application by letter for good salesman. Good open territory and good pay for right man. A. G. Shibley Co. 10J10 ck tf WOULD LIKE TO HEAR PROM man with car for RRwleltfh Business In NE Mississippi CO. or Blytheville. For details write E. 0. Bcnton. Sole manager. PO Box 24fi7, Memphis. Tenn . Dept. AKJ-210-216. 10|13 pk 14 Situation Wanted Experienced young lady desires bookkeeping position. Ph. 2-2108 fir 3-6120, lOjll pk 14 Wanted to Buy We buy ilird furniture HALSKLL WHITE. 113 1 DiTiimo rr. 3-60M ,_ i|4 ck tl Will buy moclerntely prlcfd duplex. H«?e HO.000.00 to $11,000.00 Cash. Olv« Full particular!. Writs Bon D-in co Courl.r Mewl. 10,7 pit IS THATS JUST IT, UTTIE SISTK. I'M AFWD OH,WOTHEe,JUST ) THE MATEKW. MUST M&E SOT BUT,JAN,YOUCOULDW'T B6.SO UTTERLY HEMZT- THAT DBESS MK3HT LEAD OWE OF WY STUCK NTHE'ZPPERVOU LESS.' I'VE JUST SOT TO WVH TOENDS TO THINK!HM3 B6COME THAT -VMS DRESS.' FLASH IS OOMNG WE'OOORWUJ MOW WHIT? ('WELL..i CAN'T V BE RIG-HT X WAIT TILLTOUR HELLO, DEAR! HAVE A NICE TIME? ITS '-\ /OH,OH! ABOUT),-* rrs MY TIME < (CONSCIEMCE YOU GOT HOME! THAT CAN'T BE NUWTIO M3IC6--TH& TIMBRE, THE COLOR, IT 16 DIPFeRENT/ IT 15 NOT NJUNZIO.' TOWY *VOLI, MAFERSOW FAMOUS TEWOR NUN'ZIO BACCI, SIN6S THE LEAP IN "TO'CA*... STOP AT THE MEXICAN CUSTOM* W TOO WD, SIS! OFFICE IN BC3UILLAS. AND HM6 H 1M 8IGIMMINS K A iiicB TRIP; ear K CAREFUL! JJ THINK YOU 50WE 0' THOSE TRAILS ARf »i^r.y PR6TIV- RUOGEPI t, t -^^ r ^-=-S^ vvc ' vll - u lCAPTWN«Sy H»iVE YOU BORDER. X OH.VOU WEAW DR. PATROL MEN ,«KW A I WSUOpZA'5 PARTY. PARTV OF THK6B WHO / THBV WEWT ACW55 ARKN6P tf PLANE-yro ^PEWO THE PM .,.. .._. .„... WITH XSt LOPEZ! ;.-X-%. : XAr^B»»?\ HE; MET THEM IU A 3EEP! NO, FRANKIE ISN'T 60IHG... 5MP HE'P KATHEKI ABOUT H6AR- SLEEP1 WELL, I /iMfi HIM LBVE GUESS WE'RE / YOUR CA8W ALL 5EH X\ AT PAWM. RECKON TH TALE OF TH SO TH' OL \ TAIL'S ALL WASHED YE5...JUST BXRELM.. BUT NOT BEFORE THE TIGER WELL DID I SET ^\ HAD RECLAIMED YOUR HAIRY ICE- ASE \ HIS PROPERTY.' HOOLIGAN! BACK TO HIS ICE-A-3E HABITAT ALL IN ONE PIECE? TIGERS SOT HIS TAIL • BACK. EH?

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