The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 6
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•AGU SLX HLYTHKV1LUK. (.AUK..) COUKiUK MCWh THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1031 Pro Baseball's First Woman Pi teller izzy Shewed Givt How to • Thiow and She Gradual-: ;d from liie Kid's School | , i NKA Servici- TLANTA, Ga. — Piofessiomil ball HOT may boas; of t'.s firsl. pitcher. I iss Jack Mitchell, s-jf 11 years, j jhattanocga. Tenn.. taken i !irs' step toward this imsis»:il •r for r.omf-n by signing a con-, ': with the Ch.v.iaucoja Lcok-j after comp'cuni; the courst at j ElbcrfcM'.-) baseball f.clu>ol he-Id- this spring, j .: Kirt's school Is the world's; rducaliona',,iti5lltuti3;i devo'.ed: cly to tasctall. and it includes, ms of all typc-s. nut not until: year did it become co-educa- 1. o days after the 19:11 seislcn ;d, with 50 students In atur.d- thc schorl enrolled Kb first l. Miss Jack Mitchell, acccm- :<1 by her father and molhiT, ind Mrs. Joe S. Mitchell ar. lo take upi the study of basc- . shoes, cap and filove, and I age Title At Slake in Game l In Earnest The championship of tin f-ayc- league will be at stake the Gas Hounds and Hu \vinn?rs resi>ectively, of the Citv Tr-iA nnrl Finlrl iVWl for aml ECCl:! " 1 llnlf of t!lc 5 " UI vn " '•• nacK ana i icia meu 101 s , n clash nt |1)C Armo . y ,.., nl .,v.t. , Eleven Schools to DC Tl!c Oa s Hounds, who fnloV)-' 1 I ,, . „ i the second half well down in the J •ilayca balurday. ;iacc, win IK allowed to i-.s? t'"- ! jcrlgtnal quintet that won fii-sl, 1:->1I i Klcvcn Mississippi county (.cho'ils i honrrs in the e.ame lonUht. W-eth- bo r.ble :•• ; will pailtcluaii! in the Division On-; track mec't to l« he-li! at Haley rie!d litre Saturday. The Divisional meet will be dlvld.'d imo tv.-t: sections; secllon one, grades one to six inclusive; section two. ;iracbs i rales to defeat ins Gas Hound seven to 12. umlnlet. The Hubbard te:im was !'-v Ti:e following schools will In r!p- only learn lo beat ills fl:is JCruiy 1 ' relented In Ihe meet here Salur- I when they bad their full .streir<t'" Wilson, Oscrola. Bhr.vne.-, I In Ihe first half. The Gis HtiinU- cr tlie Oas beys fcim Ihclr disorganized Kro;p> ln ! 'l lt ln once rj^v.'erful an'l e!Ii'.-ie:it The If'.ibbard hardware Iroinr. | quintet- is a matter of c:nl?cture. jThc ncl Unit gave Class A basfbrll Its first woman hurler Is shown above, iiusel. as 'Miss Jack 1 Mitchell. 17-yrar-oid girl so'.ithpaw, sinned her lunu. to a contract tendered by Jce Enijcl, ilflu. |iresi- <lt;::t 0| "'•'' Chnllnnoosn Ix»l:outs of t] 1 e South?rn Assptlnllun. The ylrl's father. Dr. Joe Mllclicll. Liixora, Manila. Uell, Usirdettc. f-r- mnr:-]. Yurbio.^ll and Whit- tcn. Schools In Division Two composed or schools indeix-mleiu of junior or senior high school, will liokl a tiick meet in Osces)a en April 11. I'relimlnary events in the Hell finished the first hall with *iv vi •lories and one defeat, the tame !•>• shion In which the Hublxn I outlet won the seccn'l hnlf. Hubiri' t was trounced by the Ili-Jacker? in the second game. The Oas Hounds and HufcV"' 1 fives have tome of the Iriflii"; nl.iv- aml track lucel h;rc will be h:l'|ers of the leauue In liieir U:IL":"-. :d work in earnest. and the team manager, licit Nlshofl. witnessed Ihe sis:ii SntLrday iiiorning starting at o'clock. In the afternoon the final events \U!1 be staged. Events in section ens. Division one. are as follows: No. 1. Beiti Ban Board; No. 2. Block. Relay; No. 3, Hiilancc Board; No. 4, Tu^ of I :k is (all. muscular, rather -looking and left-handed. icn she was a chihl. her par: lived in Memphis, v.-l'.ere one • their neighbors was Dazv.y ,e. nr i Brooklyn's pitching but' li.^n u member of the •phis learn. He leal: a fancy loi itllc girl nest door who s:emcd[ • interested in boys' names than ells, nnd taught lie: 1 to throw iseball. :cu and there she d r c-/!cd to be ball's greatest "!•• pitcher,"! only once has flic ...ivcred in I delei-mintiticn. Wh:n Amelia! •.nit made her octan nirht. Jack] for a time tliat she musl be-; * an avlatrls and fly over seas ' continents nnd Eel speed rec- . \But this V.T.S n flcelinu am•n. hen her parents moved from iphis lo Chattanoosa, Jack one of the first members of the ;e!Ettes." n girls' baseball team, •aged by her father who once ;ed professional ball himself. : "Ensceleltes" planned at first limit their opponents lo girls' sis, but easy victories spurred T ambition unlil filially they a semi-professional aggregation men. The game was piayed at :;>crhill, Tenn., and Ihe men won. 3 slim, margin. Jack pitched I - i held her opponents to a lew; .:tercd hits. • .?he uses an odd, side-armed decry, and puts both speed and ; .'vo on the bail. Her grcr-tr-st as:. however, is .control. Shs can tee the ball where siic pleases, :ei her knack at guessing the Mfcness of a batter Is uncanny, -.•.e fact that she lias a good p'.tch- g arm is proved by the ease with hich she recently threv,' a base- ill 215 feet by actual mcasurc- icnl. She slso hils well and clur- ir Ihe past season had a batting erc;ntage of .-100. During the two weeks she spent :-.cre at Kid Elberfeld's bascbal d'.col, sho pitclied frequently at •itllnj practice, and Ihe Kid's :upi!s found the "lady pitcher" one •:f the most puzzlln; southpaws h^y had cvtr faced. She dccsn't lope to enter the big show this sea:.on. but slic beli°ves tliat with ~arcfu! training she may soon be the f.rst woman to pitch ii( the leagues. -In that event she spr-'s no reason why she shouldn't command as great a salary m Babe Ituth now draws. Kid Hoerfeld's baseball held its opening session in Atlanta three yc?.rs c?o. The Kid. who is a veteran both of the minor a::ci | the major leagues and probibiyj .knows as much about baseball as' any mar. alive, started his baseball kindergarten leeching small boys fundamentals of the game. batting sho'.s to the rl^ht mxl left. High Spots In Rock lie's Life Tn fact an aM-star tratn cuutil easily te selected from the two quintets. ' In a urcllininary panic i?nl<tlu the I!i-Jackcrs nnd Frisco tea'u- will play off their for se Miss Mitchell is shown in pitching and j War; No. &. Basketball Relay; No. ' (i. unsebnll Throw, No. 7, D.ish—37 Yards; No. 8, MX) Yard Shuttle Relay; No. 0, Basketball Throw; No. 10. Dash—70 Yards. Events in section two, Divlsi-'.'i One. are as follows: No. 1, Baseball 'throw; No. 2. 300-yard Flag I Relay; No. 3. Broad Jump; No. -I. ' iiaskelball Relay; No. 5, Halt Mile Relay; No. (i, Running High Jump; ; No. 7. Tug of War; No. li, Dash— | 100 Yards; No. U, Ussh—150 ynrdi. nlace In Hie last half rocc. EV>lii teams fintshed the season wit'n Hv? victories and two defeats. Incid n n(ally. the Hi-Jackers were beaten by the Frisco In one of their loss's. ! Head Coach of Alabama Visits' In City Today stHdonr.s '"'• nf PihH'-s nt the IJnlvcrcUv c f .-iii,. [,.,. ., !m , lml , ry tl)K | n(lmljy , T- r Ai^' 1-,-iiJ ^ O nn], S [ OU | )0 ,i •iv- licr 1 for p sh"-'. '(•••" "nrout" '.- Mc-mph'/. from West Tennessee. •I'Hh former Alabama ' P Wl.ilwni-'lv fqltir;.-. n, K ] Tfi.'i Wiiiiv.-crth. uncle, of J. B. Whit- "•cirlh. innnibcr of Ihe Alabama "•'ii".o!i Tide football team. A'lhoiizh lot'ay's v'si'. was Iho -v. t r .,p rf the Alabama mentor, l.ere. niythcvlH" has furnished K number of athletes for Alabama ">nms ?n'l the Crimson Tide (u- tor found numbers of local fo^t- liall fans anxious to talk ov^r the "*i!h h : ui. Herichel and Chester OKUvcll. JEFS Ei) 01 -rtt and J. Ti '•VhliK'orlh p.ll of thl; city h?vn ]K-i ti;rmc;l with Alabama ath'.Mio [trams in Ihe past six years. , Cr'sp ai-s'.imcd the dutie-. of he^d coa-jli pt the institution when .Wallace V/aae went to D;ikc Unlv,?rs'- tv. Under Wiule hc wns an assistant fcotball conch and head bas: ketball coach. Norway's waterfalls are estimated to be cacnbl" r,f jjrociurine 1G,- 510,003 elecliic horsepower. The wdth of the main stream of You'd never gt:ess Long, governor of tliat Hu':y P. Louisiana an-.i } l!-cvs Find Indian Mour.d : CGDEN. Utah. (UP) — Th? i Veen eycsisht and inevitable curiosity of scl'.ool boys rcsul'"d in th? i discovery recenllv of an old Indian hurial xround wilhin Ihe cily limits. The bovs unearthed eight skeleloiis ; alo:i<;side which were found b?ad3 - j and other articles used by the United States Senator-elect, was a | novice at uolf judging from his'" °""^ follow-through form. The gover- j nor is acciuirinc; the fundamentals j Even up lo Ihe late 1860's Fie'! Ihe Amazon river In South Ameri-! just to be in trim he enters j plates for ships, 'oridges and boil- ca is from feur to six miles. the Ssnate next year. ers virtually unknown. Cardinal Farm Signs Young Kennett Pitcher KENNETT, Mo.—"Wink" "parks. son of O. C. Sparks of tills city, after a tryout al on? of Ihe Car dinal schools conducted at Spring- j field. Mo., has been given a contract and signed as n re-Jtilar first- l year pitcher of the Springfield club ! of tile Cardinal baseball club, lie is! now the property of the National league club and subject to being called into service witii the Cardinals at any time tr.ey think his ability sufficient. Meanwhile he will perform in his regular turn with the Springfield club for the remainder of the season. In three tryout games, Sparks let the opposition down with less than four hils per same and won cic'n i with apparent ease. In .several olli- I er short turns on the mound he al- j lowed the batsmen exactly nothing in the way of hits. Sparks Is 10 years of a^s. Her? arc some Intimate glimpses into the activities of Knute. Rockne. Notre Dnme coach, whose tragic WASHINGTON. (UP) — The snnd-liine brick industry sold $3,- HC.COO worth of bricks in 192Q, according to a preliminary report from the Census Bureau. There are 40 plants manufacturing sand- lime brick, most of them in '.he Middle Atlantic and Southwestern states. (lca!1 ' fn nn crash • Emporia. Kan., ended one of the most spectacular carcc.'s In football history. He Is pictured with .Vrs. Rockne. upper 1','ft, a quiet little woman who mothered his chll- i ! tcn, watched over his liome. but v:ho usually re-. n'.nined In the background in things foolbnll. The photo in the lower left is (hat of ncckne and his ; Dung son. Jack, on the beach al Miami Beach. Fla., v:hirc the great football coach went to recuperate- following an Illness durins the football season of 1929. Rockne defied the orders of his physicians clnriirj that illuc.v; and went in a whesl chair to wr.tch his team beat Southern California 13 to 12 at Soldiers Field. Chicago, in 1939. The photo at the upper right shows him being taken'from Ihe station lo a car waiting to whisk him away to Hi: stadium.! And just one year age-, "Rock" was out on Hie field v.-iih his boys at spring football practice, lower right. Tils'youth at his elbow is Jack Cannon, All-Amcrican rjuard of 1929. ' I'irc i'an c-n Job Atrain ; CAMBRincic. ^^as.s.. H;PI , DRVO Dickinson, lonp known to ' Cambridge firemen as a spark. I Is happy aRain. There was n time I when every local fire of cor.'t fjueiiL-e had liim as an cnth isn tic spectator. During the nin: : years he has been kept at home • by Infantile paralysis. Now. ho\v- Ic.ivrs Mel Oil In one field, wlt'.i , mr hc js nb!c to n nswer alarms willimnLimiclier- :o more. He has bought a 1110- whc.-l chair cap.ible ut "r. i:iv him to firer, at the rate oi -en iiiilrs an hour. D.-m't Overlook McCraw Cclertisn of a jicmmr.-wintier in Loach and Allen altcniiith'.': c:i t'.i: A! the close of the three week'sjih? National League this veir ran- job. The oiitflekl looks vastly to:session, several of the older boys: not be made without ve'erer.c,- li ter than Inst year, v^re hired by minor leac',12 the founer third bro?iran cl thi- McGraw's job at the irain!n;i teams. The next yesr Ihe sc'.iool. Baltimore Orlclc.s. '.van has brer, carr.p was (3 find r-'.'.:h?rs nml ! j' dtvelopsd into a iii'iii school iusti- reniir.^ a Giant team lo the rac- develop one or two :ic ulrcaCy hrul. ] AMHERST. Mass., (UP; Sara talion, and this spring it expanded ;e.s since 1S03. As the team wends its way north. . j,|,i. (ihninutive Chinese- girl, has into a full-fkdgcd university, with' McOraw is tl'.c man, and sin;- it Iwcomes increaslnsly apinr.Mi; ' comc ^QJX; miles from her native several professional league players^ie look over Ihe team In 19^ In-! thai this tpjfc has t>eeu arcun- 'laud to study bee-keeping at Mils- enrolled as students. Among these have finished outside cf th? j plishcd. There Is a good iacnusctts Agricultural College. was L'.ike Appling, former".}- of tne;firs: division only twice. McGraw 1 .-• that Harold Schumacher. 19-year- 1 1 Atlanta team, who wanted to do a-1915 loam finished In last place nnd 'old Milllgan CoUegc graduate, may little, post-graduate work before re-1 his 1026 entry was fifth. Aside fro:n , make a starling pilciur. MrOriw porting to the Chicago Wiiic Sox. running fourth In 1910. the Giants : rays he has tlsc slulf and '.hit ' h. 1 the experience very jlr.Tl- and Jonah the Texas to or Beaumr>nt. in .-ague, who spent scv- under McOraw never we:e wors^lwill than third, where H:e cl'jb wound ,ly." Hnlpnl liy JV-n'Jcr 1^? Roy P.irnialco's develcp-n was held up slightly tociuw eral days at the school before start- [up last year. inj spring practice. | "... • Assisting the Kid a facility: An trnpcrtant Finilius ccmposed of Tim Kellehcr. Fraukie' I'-e is comins; toe's uo.-'.h r.! Zoeller and Bcraic McCay, all base- fine Iraining season at San Antonio, j timene&s. tut he inrric •.!•. . . ball veterans. Instead c' diplomas,' One cf'the important discoveric? i north with the reiul.r.s. Cn:ic'. ! contracts tv'ith variof nor !ra-'.c' the rprhv: trip wn'. rhe rrvclj- | Chief Bender's co-achin 1 ? Pjnnal.v-j gi:»s awaited Ihe moai successful Hon. r.s far a- McGrnw is crncerv.- jhns overcome same of fe wH'.ir.---- students at the close of school, ied. ihst Johnny Verge-, the IT.' | that thus far has ha my. "red his !•'.•: • j from the Pacific Co*st Ljasuc. can • leaeue career. The regulars are In ' ^.... «...,.. „.„„„, ,.__ ,P :a >' thlrd b " e - eooi shape. In the refused to report the Boston Nationals because they objected to paying $20 a year for their uni forms. Racing Days Are Fewer There win be 109 days of horse racing on Iracks in New York jbareman I have seen in years." Me- 8 for Rochester bst year, is in lln^ j Graw said the other day. "and 1 for a job as McGraw says He- <res am confident, hc will be a'o-e to lilt • in the young man a rapiJly ini- .300 in th» National IxMsur." ', proving pitcher. Mac r.'.to jrraks ' ' * ! l:!gh!v of Gayland Turner, jusl ir. Sirtnslh Afield ; frcm Rridgcixirl. Tliat means a lol coming from i McGraw is wailing until April the old third br.semem of the Ori- 110 to rut down the s.iuacl. He want. 1 : oltf. II Vergez bears his Tlv ^ . . of Iho team ir set. stale "this year instead of 573, the'"'"' 5 «l>« t;l| i°n*- the Olcnts thi^The leit o! the :ea mis so!. number one ye'.r E"0 ycnr * 1U *" muc!l slron ?«i' »r.?l:l, It l-.c can Hurt amonor the yonn-: • ° 'than the te?m was in 1930. 5-'rc:l! fellows two men \v!is cr/i p:t-'i. iliindslrorn will play in Ihe oulfieUl. - winning bail again-l the! According to the latest calisclR- and experiences at Sun Aiuenio : and Robins. Mr McGrnw is BOin: tions, the sun Is about 92,870,000 dcmonslraled that Freddie can play lo be vci7 hard lo gol aloti? v.ltli miles from the carlh. j ' Uiero will) tr.e best of ihem. This In the pennant race of 1031.° Our Wanl-AH Service is like n ciimninnily Switch Kortrd. Vim transmit your desires lo News Ad-Taker . . . that ad forms the connection between you and a special jjroup of interested parlies . . . (he t and most direct contact \vilh results. \e Classified 306 — For an Ad-Taker Style Offered At Its Best nits Clcii I'liiidji nnd (weeds will score heavily in (he spring presentation of Suits. In them the lighter colors will predominate. As for models there are two and three- bull OH effects with peak l;ipe!s slronrjer than ever. For the dapper young man there are one- button motlels to his liking. Enough double - bronslecls a r e shown to satisfy the man who wants to round out his wardrobe at a moderate price. Extra Pants Extra Pauls 86 Extra Pants S7.50 Other Easter Accessories Men's l (1 ine Hals al SIS Nunn-Kush Slutes ^(LSO and 810 I'Virdnum Shoes al S"> Wilson Bros. Shirts unil Ties R. D. Hughes & Co.

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