Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 3, 1985 · 30
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 30

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1985
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"-S- ,-,-.r A V W V N X N . V V X - A " If NOVEMPFB 8. 195 SUNOAY JOURNAt-STAH Rout'sloVs'SMbWs i? AM ffi ','4' Oil -finr l,JIMMBIWl;::-Kw.:.-,pil H I. IIJW ..y i. 5 .k nicirch records I f - ' ...... IS 1 M tt -J 73l Nebraska defensive tackle Jim Skow (96) and middle guard Danny Noonan (95) sandwich Kansas State quarterback John Welch (7) on this second quarter sack. By Virgil Parker ' Sport Editor MANHATTAN, Kan. - Nebraska defensive tackle and co-captain Jim Skow ; .; was on target to set two school career records against Kansas State here Saturday. Middle guard Kerry Weinmaster . (1976-79) had 39 tackles behind the line of scrimmage during his career. Defensive end Willie Harper (1970-72) r had tackles that resulted in 231 yards in losses for the opposition. Skow, after three behind-the-line tack- les for 37 yards in losses against K-State, now totals 38 tackles behind the line for . 229 yards in losses. But, he only played . . two series in the second half as Ne-, braska pulled away to a 41-31ctory. Glad to see improvement "I was told last week that I was getting close," Skow said, "but I put it out of my mind. Then, I was reminded again : this morning. They must have been .trying to put the pressure on me. ' "IH just havi to see what t can do against Iowa State next week," Skow . added. "Maybe I can get a couple of more for a total of three yards. Well have to see how good their offense is." Despite not getting to play more in the second half, Skow said he was glad to see the improvement by the backup people. "The more experience they get the better they're going to be," Skow said. -"They (defensive tackles Neil Smith and Lee Jones) are really capable people with a lot of speed. "Did you see Neil Smith bat down that pass?" Skow asked. "That, guy's got v some reach. He must have a seven-foot wing spaa" Of the starting unit up front, Skow said both middle guard Danny Noonan and tackle Chris Spachman played a great game. ' "Danny had a really good game and so did Spach. Spach was really shutting them down on his side. I think maybe that's why Kansas State had to go to their passing game." Played on weaknesses Was it difficult to prepare for a team with a 1-6 record? "Kansas State has a tendency to do things that hurt us," Skow answered. "They're offense doesn't have a set pattern like ours. You have to go back and study the film on what has hurt us in the past and prepare for them to do those same things. "Counter sweeps have hurt us in the past," Skow explained, "and they managed to make some yards on that kind of play today." " Noonan was a question mark until the kickoff because of a boil on his knee. "It was really hurting me until Friday morning." Noonan said, "because the boil wouldn't come to a head. It finally did after I spent Thursday night in the Health Center." Friday night, after the team arrived here, Dr. Tom Heiser took the core of the boil out. "Then, this morning, they discovered there was a second core in there, so they took that out too," Noonan said. "But, It didn't bother me during the game." ; Noonan also had praise for' :the backup players. "The depth is really Improving," he said "The younger players, especially Smith and Jones, are rtally coming along. "We can always improve," Noonan added, "but we're getting better each week." 0C transfer Davis is a quick learner If By Virgil Parker Sports Editor . MANHATTAN, Kan. - Cornerback Brian Davis joined the Nebraska football team for the first time this fall as a junior college transfer from Glendale Community College in Arizona. The 6-3, 195-pound speedster has quickly moved into a starting role. Davis broke up two passes and intercepted another during Nebraska's 41-3 victory over Kansas State here Saturday. , "There is a lot more to the system .used by Nebraska than I had been used to before," Davis admitted. "There was an awful lot for me to learn. But, I think I've played better each week. J think my progress has been pretty good In f aci the last couple of games I thought I played well, especially against the pass." At the outset of Saturday's game, Kansas State quarterback John Welch aimed most of his passes in the area patrolled by Davis. The film they watched in preparing for this game must not have convinced them I was all that good," Davis said. They really went after me. Fortunately, I made the plays and the flags (from the officials for pass interference) didn't fall on me this time." Starting role a surprise . ; Davis said he feels his support against the run is also improving. "I'm happy if Coach Thornton (defensive backs coach Bob) is happy and he seems to be. That's the most important thing." ' ;Davis admits he didn't expect to became a starter so quickly. "I thought I was going to get to play," Davis said, "ilclually, I thought I would learn the system quickly, and then have to fight fort spot "What happened," Davis said, "was that I learned it slower but, unfortunately for him, Dennis (Watkins) got hurt, so, as I picked it up, and his heel got to hurting him more, it worked out for me to get into the starting lineup." Saturday's interception was "officially" Davis' second "I had the first against Oklahoma State," he recalled, "and had another one in that game that was taken away (by the officials). I hope today's was the second with many more to come." .- Sun prevented interception The two passes Davis broke up were potential K-State touchdowns thrown into the end zone. "Those both came early in the game when they kept coming after me," Davis recalled. "On one of them, I thought I had an interception. I turned and took off. The quarterback just laid it out I was playing it as my balL But, there was a really bad sun out there and just as I turned for the ball, I lost it in the sun." Davis said the ball hit his hands. "But, I not only didn't catch it, I wound up tipping it toward the receiver. Luckily, he caught it out of bounds. I'm glad he wasn't in or I'd have felt terrible." Davis said he is pleased with Nebraska's overall defensive play. "We. had a really good week of practice before this game. We were a little flat against Colorado. But we were really up this week. The defensive line puts a lot of pressure on their passer, which helps us a lot in the secondary. "Before, (in junior college) I just played man coverage and ran after people," Davis added "Now they don't have much time to throw the ball and I don't have to just chase people all over the field." vMKv a lK , A 4 : I x v-vN J C -wwisf f M..HIUHH., MWjuMlinuu. ..IU!WWWPMII!UUMIM in N ill .9:mm- I- .S3, v.. ..Vrx ' ' II --v..,.tj.,r 'fD,"'i a; NU linebackers Mike Knox (44) and Marc Munford (41) put the finishing touches on KSU fullback Ray Wilson (24). Kansas State center Charles Sander (51) grabs a handful of Danny Noonan's jersey. mi: NU sixth team to win 600 games MANHATTAN, Kan - The Nebraska football team's 41-3 victory over Kansas State Saturday at KSU Stadium, was the 600th in Cornhusker history. Only five other teams have reached that plateau, including Notre Dame, Texas, Michigan and Penn State, who earned No. 600 a week ago. Nebraska's first victory was in 1890, by 10-0 over the Omaha YMCA. NU-KSU 7-0 7-J 14-3 21-3 24-3 27-3 Scoring How scored FIRST QUARTER Time left 7:58 Rathman 37 run Drive: 37 yards In one play after R. Schnitzler 10 punt return. Conversion: Klein kick. Porter 44 field goal 1:40 Drive: 28 yards in eight plays. Highlighted by Welch 9 pass to Alphln, Moody?run. SECOND QUARTER Miles 21 run Drive: 75 yards In 11 plays. Highlighted by R. Smith 10 pass from Turner, Rathman 11 run, and 22-yard screen pass from Turner to Rathman. Conversion: Klein kick. Rathman S run Drive: 55 yards In seven plays. Highlighted by Sheppard 14 run, Clayton 19 pass to Llndstrom. Conversion: Klein kick. Klein 39 field goal Drive: Six yards In four plays after Knox Interception of ball tipped by N. Smith. , THIRD QUARTER Klein 50 field goal Drive: 31 yards In eight plays set up by Carl pass Interception. Highlighted by three Rathman runs for 20 yards. FOURTH QUARTER 34-3 Miles 4 run . a . Drive: 79 yards In 10 plays. Set up by Davis pass Interception. Highlighted bv five Miles runs for 57 yards including 37-yarder. ' Conversion: Klein kick. Drive SOvards In nine plays. Highlighted by 32 run bv S. Taylor, Jones' four runs for 24 yards. Conversion: Wingard kick. Nebraska ,........................................"" J 'J J Kansas State 3 12:33 3:38 2:07 8:58 8:58 0:00 14-41 0- 3 7 r. r MBS1 Late score leaves fCats snarling MANHATTAN, Kan. - Kansas State defensive end Jeffrey Hurd was less than impressed with Nebraska's final touchdown as time ran out on the Husk-ers' 41-3 victory over the Wildcats Saturday at KSU Stadium. "It was like throwing salt and pepper into an open wound," he said "It was not very classy. In my opinion, he (Tom Osborne) just wanted to run the score up," Hurd said "I didn't go look for him," he said when asked if he spoke with Osborne after the game. When asked about the final score, KSU Coach Lee Moon said, "111 remember it. "I thought the key play came In the second quarter when we were down 7-3 and had them third and long and they completed the screen pass. That was a big play in the game and it broke our backs. "We can come out of this game with our heads up and nothing to be ashamed of," said Moon, who took over the head coaching post from Jim Dickey two games into this season. Moon said he relied on the blitz to help stymie Nebraska's offense. "We didn't play that bad on defense. I thought we played extremely well defensively in the second half," he said. "We blitzed a lot more today than in the past I thought that kept them off guard. You just can't spot Nebraska 24 points and expect to win the football game." Despite his bitterness about Nebraska's final score, Moon praised the Husk-ers. "Nebraska has a fine football team. Everyone knew that I still think we did some things against them and we did something today we hadnt done previously we didn't give up the big play." : 4 -".J LWL it -v,i Cornhusker Coach Tom Osborne gives his opinion to an officii.!. Nebraska Offense Rushing No. Yds. ' Rathman ....11 84 Miles 11 ' 83 DuBose ..18 82 S.Tavlor 1 32 K.Jones ..........4 24 Sheppard 3 24 Clayton 5 21 , Kaelln 2 13 ' Kellev .3 7 Blokemon 1 5 Turner , 3 0 Passing No. Co. Yds Turner 11 5 54 Clayton 1 19 Receiving No. Rathman 2 DuBose ...2 Llndstrom 1 R. Smith 1 Punting No. Yds. Wingard .....3 122 Punt Returns No. - R. Schnitzler 6 Kickoff Returns . , No. DuBose.... 1 Miles 1 Interception Returns No. Knox 1 Carl 1 Davis 1 Reeves., Defense Tackles UT AT 1 Ave. 7.6 7.5 4.6 32.0 6.0 8.0 s 2.3 - 5.0 0.0 PI 1 1 Yds. . 28 . 18 19 10 Ave. 40.6 Yds. 68 Yds. 18 26 Yds. 0 0 , 9 TT 4 ; Statistics Tucker ' 3 1 L.Jones 0 2 Proffltt 1 . 1 Thomas 5 4 Cooper 0 1 Spachman 1 1 Skow 3 0 N. Smith 2 2 Knox 3 4 Munford 3 1 Washington 3 - 0 '. - Parsons..; o 5 Doffer 1 1 2 Noonan 0 3 - Forch 0 1 Rogers 1 0 Slebler 0 3 Carl 1 0 Davis............... 1 0 Carr .... 4 0 Miller 1 0 Watkins..; 1 0 Jamrod 1 0 Rozler...M 2 0 Tyrer 0 ... , 2 Kansas State Offense . Rushing No. Yds. Ave. Moody 14 62 4.4 Stahm 2 10 5.0 Witherspoon I.... 1 8 8.0 Kendrick 6 4 . 0.7 Wilson .....4 3 0.0 Welch 12 -29 -2.4 Passing No. Co. Yds PI Welch 34 15 128 3 Receiving , - No. Yds. Alphln.......,....................S 62 Warren 3 Moody ,..,3 Stonner..,.- ,....2 4 Dean...... i ' 2 Elder i 2 Punting 9 v No. Yds. 1 Faunce 7 315 2 Punt Returns 3 No. 4 M.Wentzel l 7 Kickoff Returns 4 No. 3 Scott , 2 5 Witherspoon. 3 3 interception Returns 3 No. 1 Hundley 2 3 ' - Defense 1 Tackles . 1 UT AT 4 Reed........ ) o 1 . Hurd 1 i 1 Fowler 1 0 1 Miller i 3 2 Hughes 1 1 2 Oehm 2 ,1 Adams 0 ' 1 Godlnet 1 0 Fulner 0 2 . Costille 7 , 3 iwacDonaid ...... 3 1 White 5 2 Walierstedt 2 3 Chrlstlelb 3 1 Epps 2 2 Hundley 5 6 Lambert 2 2 Cllgoett 5 1 S.Wentzel 4 2 Jackson 3 2 Cotton 1 0 Ast.,...,,,M...,. 2 2 Hall.:........."... 1 1 Elden......; 1 r 0" u; i 2?: 10 4 Ave. 45.(T Yds.,, Yds -13 743... Ydsr" 5 TT 4 10 ii 1

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