The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1934
Page 6
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..-s PAGE SIX The Baby Baer Is Some Bopper, Too .COURIER NEWS i . Western Loop Has Wealth • Of Giacle A Backs This Seasoji ,BV I'HICY i>. I.OCKV ten, UnlTmily ot Denver VER.—Four Utah men, three i Uniiiiilty of Denver, two JKiUtah State, and one each v 1 from'Colorado am Colorado Teachers compose my All-Rocky Mountain Confeicnu football t».im. •I! pinned dams to name Hi? oiil- Maniilng plnyer ot Ihis district this season i would nominate Eijner Ward, of Utah .state, one ol Die greatest centers in 1112 history of the Rockies. Ward does everything; well, and has HO peer in this region, He nil) be Invited lo perform In the ann,:al ahrlno Bast-West game 'n San Francisco, Due to Hie wide oj>;n gamc.l \vhlch seems to be the vogue alii around, tliera was a preponderance of good baekfleld men in oitr circuit, while linemen seem (o liavel ten forgotten In .Hie tendency of fans to watch ball carriers more K> than in other years. I ;Such a wealth of backfielrt material makes a difficult Job for nil) coach selecting an Ail-Hocky Mountain learn to pick the best four lwy.< behind the Jine. Ifardin Field Marshal Here h ih ; way i size up the situation Qinnsrtack—fioy llardin. Colorado Teachers College. Roy is n triple-threat man, and the main reason for the success of thc Teacli- Wj He is n great field genera], and Hint fact nlonc gives him the edge over kasmussen, of Utah Slate and Counter of Colorado Unhvr- x Halfb'tcks-Keiit Dynn, Utah Ag(,'les, and sirt Kramer, Ulah Unl- \ersit) The former Is a Irlule-lhrenler who is an exceptionally 'talented nmnci He probably | s the best In the conference on pass defense. His running mate, Kramer, is a re- Jiivcintea fullback, who rank* with the best in the. game at blocking He also Is A good pass receiver and can tig the oval when called upon Fullback-There was no outstanding fullbick In the conference thh jcir, although there were two who » .T S .SL B 1Ut!e morc cinss lh! >» tl« rest There arc Lorin Berry Denter U, mid Eddie Wagner, Colorado U ] have given Bern- th- edge over Wagner because 0 "f his better defensive ability. Berry can nick up n line in excellent fashion smashing in lo make tackles on lh» line of scrimmage time after tlme : He also ,.:in block untl chrrv the OUR HOARDING HOUSE _FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, Sutherland Kxpccts Georgia Tech To l-Ji( Winning Ssrkle Against Florida "' IIV JOCK SimiEKLAN'l) Il«iil Cn.'j-'li, llnlvenlty of .. —, Nov. 2«.—Hcnd- ih!( into Uic lost lap of the 1931 Roll);! 11 seii'.on, one ouuian; Jiitntrallonii] <;nme tops the ,^ mi r'aiin-ilay, Nov. 21 That K ll} 0 Army-Nolre Drnnc bailie in NI^H, York. Here is a tough one. Army's re-' . u:l (liroiiEhmit the year has been tL'uui than Unit ot the Irish, but, the Odels liavc not had to face tin- opposition met i,y Notre ii YES;E<SAt)Vyc?}j HtARD iV\£ CORRECT WI AAV "RACE HORSE, 'DKtA.TMs'ALKbHT, T3AN t\ MILE- IN ONE MINUTE- • AND TWENTY-THREE bECONDS/-v.I -t'^ - ."By A hern I ( ^ ) -if WRO" f IN TH' WORLD, UNTIL. YOU GET I>'£W CLUTCH PUT ' ^TO THA O'AKE MY PULSE WITH THAT OL S SW(<5S C U U "PM ' & -> WA^OA, WHICH WAS GIVEN TO IAE. T3V THE '< ,__. ENGINEER OP HISTORICAL 1, iHOOK IT OUT OF S " he McKcnzic Slants Out Line: Ends «=re nol m slrong nu s y e ar . Tnc foremost' pair were Rex Beck- stcad and fhoruley Swan, £olh from Utah -University, and th y plajcd slrong games for Ike Armtrong The former is a great bio™. " g uiugm-m and a splendid defensive man swan excels at pass catching, ntl rt also h ns shown Ife vorth on tl:e < At the lackls posts. Tom Fein Demcr u., ann Fre( i M eK™ ,' been n BCfl ^ cM ' Pcna "« ocen on 2 of Denver's dcn«ndabt» biemen A steady 200-^under, e" v LI * , defcilsi ™ | y »-i oi- IVi ? n;Ws to his '"ewe »Hnbut c of being nuite n tUC OTtst "ndln the ™ the PIKST jr., Beckstcad, rj( a ),. Tom Fciia, Denver" wJr? 1 *,'. C "' Mnila ••..'.'.'.'.'" Ward, utali Stale . Tavencr, Denver ... McKtnzic, Utah Siran, Utah " Hardm, Colorado Tencliers hramcr, ui ah . i 1 ? •• Ryan, Utah Stale 'Scrry, Denver .....'; SECOND TEAM'"" Lc Master, Colo. Coll. Drislilll, Colo .. Savich Ollanlon, Colo, Teach. Neighbors, fol. Rumnsscn, Utah Dunn, \\ yo I..G. .. C. H,G. R.T. R.E. Q.H. U1I. li.ll. L.G. .. C. li.G. R.T. ., ... Wagner, Co .. I-.1I. •. R.H. »****- W b £ the Texas Centennial in when Texas celebrates the iq 3s Mexico.' . p The 98? Wrong Clu Got In 16 Iho Griflii-o.. Game of Guessing" Winner GA.ljj; Armv- Nolrc Dame Syraciise- Columblii Darlmotilh- Princeton Harvard- Ynle. Chlcngo- Illlnols Imliana- furdns Ohio Slale- lOK'a Knnsas- Mlchlgnn Slate Mlchlgmi- Northwcslern Mi'nncsota- Wlscomln Slantord.- California Washinglon- Wasliington Stale Oregon Slatc- 0. C. U, A. Auburn Dukc- N. Carolina Stale Texas So. MHhodisl- Bnylcr Iowa Slate- ICnnsns Slate Lehigh- l-afnyetle Oklahoma- Oklahoma A. & M. IIAItltY 1TCKS Notre Dnmc 13-7 Syracuse H-7 Princeton 14-0 Yale 13-7 Chicago H-7 Purdue M-0 Ohio state 28-ti Michigan stale H-0 Michlgnn 7-0 Minnesotn H-ll Stanford . M-7 - ' iiiiliiiigton State 14-7 U. C. L. A. 14-7 Owrgln H-0 nuke •i-0 Te.vas M-7 So. Methodist H-j) Knmns Statc H-w Lafayette H-7 Oklahoma H-0 joc;ic StITHi:ilF,,\Nl> I-I(;KS Noire Dame 13-7 Columbia 12-0 Princeton i 20-0 Ynli) 13-7 Illinois •i-e Purdue 21-C Ohio State 30-C Michigan Stale 20-0 Norlhwestci n li-0 MtnncKotn, 19-Q Stanford ; . 21-0 ;: 13-0 U. C. L. A. 12-7 Ocorglu 19-0 Duke ' 13-7 Arkansas 14-7 So. iMelhoflist 13-7 Iowa Slate 7-0 Lafayette H-7 Oklahoma 14-0 COUKIKIl NEWS .SI'(HITS i'lCKS Notre Dnme ia-c Syracuse 7-C Princeton K-0 14-n Illinois 7-0 Pindue 18-0 Ohio Slate Michigan Slate 1R-0 Michigan 12-7 Minnesota 1U-0 -Slanlord 18-0 , Washington (i-0 • U. C. L. A. G-0 Georgia Duke (i-0 Arkansas V-G So. aretltocltst H-0 Iowa Stale 12-7 Latayelle -' (i-0 Oklahoma 12-0 rs you ITCK < By Harry Gfaysoo!! i.. J ii NEW YORK. Nov. 21.— "I read ;io Ihe Inner circle.1 of the pigskin j.siiorl is thc fact that it saiv nt to jchange its name from Saint Igna- j tins College to the University of San Francisco three or four 1 years ago. This mnrtc San Franciscans ltd thin, it was their team, and the schedule has improved from ytnr to year. irydiMi's team has come along mdunlly. r.nd. despite the fact » Army Kill la out for revenge llic C,':i!lr-is -are due to lose again' Tlie only other outstanding in-' :tisectiunii| tilt | s that, between Kansas ami Michigan State at Ifiu-raice, Kan. Thc Sjiartans have Icsi only one game IruVyour n >\a KIIIV as hardly v.-jll offer enniivli •'ppesitlon to make it two. ' In the east, there arc a lot of fifadlinets. Syracuse meets Columbia and while on the surface Sy IHI-IIS.' sho:iid Uc favoml, I think Lou Lime's Lions will be too well , T i prenared for Vic Hanson's char* , rc Ihe games in the will be no closer g: . Saturday than this one. Little is a muster at winning n 1)l!l Iow " statc ls ln - v choice,!' lie tets out to ivin and he ™ C " lhcr c °nfi-'rencc game hcftt ftv,-™,,.-,. • - ? ncukl Eee Ntbraska topplino nil- the best, ro! ' luniUc Mhsm "' i ' learnt !? -"i»'!eer Herd. Ready ' To Start Last Lap Wehr here, said in an interview. "Don't bt anyone tell you wouen aren't 'afraid of being liiirt'," MLss Nyrns iaiJ. "i.mi lo heat Syracuse. Princeton will meet. ,-,,.,..„. i OTIAWA, Out. : famous herd of (UP)- Canada's reindeer. 2,200 Cnsler. in other games. Y iiic dependable engines are the Itiiesij . •"• o"'-t.o, liuu snoiiiu ' "- „ ^ u "' "'lei's ill ov^r-i n . hj'vp a htlle loo much (or Havv-j g ""favornbls wcathsr, ast!.; ard. Temple's Owls will hnvc -in St ' vell4on transports can wiiei' easy time with Villanova Col- ra l" lrctl to lre flown lo an altitude ' . o- tr ivii) hare a brealher In Rtii- of 27,200 feet, with full Ice:! sho'~ r-ctiinl tests made with one of United Air Lines' lwin-eiviir;l Dping midwest cngaRemcHLs be Ihe Chicago-Illinois game ' co , n 5.-'°-<:°wt Boeings, nerwangcr can pl uy , this This enables the pilot, when to go to amnltftuclc wei! -". +-.LI i-dii^ui til II JJlilV tlllS —•--•••v-.i i Hi.- JjlJUL, \\ Il'Sil j!:nie Bill te u real one, ami pos-; " EeKsai '>'' to go to arn.iltituclc well ;il)ly a .Maroon victory. Otherwise I a clsvatiou of even im- pncthcr for Illinois. ';»6iiul storms, and when above the i'linhip will add one more con-1'""' weatner th c pilot holds his IT tn t.l . . ' trit" " fcrnitc victory to its rw Indiana. K ' s (o do not meet Mlnne- con fchedule ' l"' c C0llrsc> b >' Ulc Directive radio . '' The herd now is urazin? on the west uank of th? Mlickenzle, awaiting the freezing over ol the river before resuming t 'i, e i r journey to llieir new grazing eround. • The herd slarletl ";ro.'« Nome, Alaska, under the supervision of -•iiKlrcw DKhr, of Sealtle, in 1930 and has been "on the move" towards Ihe Mackenzie dist'-ict cve- slnce. The herd bjlongs to the Cain- dian Oovcrnmsnt. ^lun liravcr in Dentist's Clriir •Hake' - b " mi " ly ' '" e " cnn '" 1 ™ 1 ' 1 V "'""r than wunen. Miss" Lyiin e . Denial assistant to Dr. L. d. Head Courier News Wsnt Ads. T,,, *" CS 5t »'»'»», ,. .utiti-, jiuir. tii, i IINU Thfi Knrry Mehre's story with n great U>nii~,ii. i . i , " deal of Interest," writes Bill'f?" f il " > J oc '! tccl '" SrJ) Pmnclsco, : |uinMing, Ihe former Minncsonln. | home field. This is . nnesonn , h o . - -wntor «-j, 0 is completing a dc- i H S w Sl . Ma ^ s »'"' Saiiln darn ' ' S ' " >ll " y of tllelr )lonlc - w :ade at the University of Califor- ill',? Ha at Los Angeles. gomes. Spauldlng re.ers 10 t!ie Georgia ,,''^ S ' r ^. Ci " s " Stanford ma :utoi-s remarks about (he smaller ! S! , /°' ECO(1 regions wit cithern schools makin it t "'° o " 1C " ast tw cithern schools making it to, 1 for the bis fellows. There longer Is a Dixie , ,, , S l) '" 1 ' ed lhc nobon m , " 1 ' e c ere 'i Francisco. St. Mary's n , longer Is a Dixie oasis where 'i Francisco. St. Mary's championship aspirants can rest r r , lc l '° " 1CCt thc - Do » s "' 8»» nid doctor up their wounds "" S 5Caso "' """ thls :iHc Coast. This squad, the Dons 1 v«!!!." M » > VCS i cl Los An s eles . 01 the University o! San Francisco UIH!! 5C " 001 '•"• making rapid coached by spud Lewis;, foS i d n - tOWard " le - trailt ' Of d <""-« itar of Stanford University, has' - !'!aycd good loolball for thc past two years. "And that grand old character Ames Alonzo Slagg this tall dc- velpoed a squad nt the small College of the Pacific that held Southern California to n touch- good m SX $,t!" sl to CM1{ornia by »^™Lewis' San .-cchett by Leib, the former Notre Unme assistant, thc Lions nalur- nlly stick- close to the Notre Dame Jon statc. and North Carolin Head Courier Sews vrant system, a few : variations added. In the future, St. Mary's will not » the lone big Catholic learn on the coast. alon s with Santa Clara n claw second. It looks as if the Morngtins will have to divide their glory four ways. one ngamst Florida ^ Southwestern heacilincrs will nit Arkansas aij aiu s t Texas, an I ' lock for Arkansas t,, | rop j a S '' b ° ys "" • •• ~- •-••• "-'6 » u^ntAi" »ic as San Francisco, St. Marv's or fcnnta Clara, but. its swr>( , w i u bo one of tlie ranting teams of the coast Inside of two years. Hcincmbcr Turn I.cih'i -IS". I ... L . C _ 11 ? h;is an abundance ol I. at least three teams players. The conditions to those of -">.*., dim just 10 uauioniia uv -i i m i,^ . -^""t viuiji; itiims single point." J |" ™»S-UP Players. The conditions Lewis' San Francisco Dons dc- Iwotrr? nU-" 0 S !l 11 " ar to " losc or rated Oregon State on Oregon aecomucvrf"? S K Mar >" s »««! ^laic's home ground by 9-o, and T IK ow ?! < ?• ' l " re sllcccss ' -o_slrow that this was no mike \ di'mi ^ li. G»morc Sta- " "' C ' 0nCy " Ereat foolba!1 and the best of conc University of San u u. .— also A. Bruins in t iid at the present "time 'thif -OOKS as ii 11 would be <Ie •f f ^r^-isx^r ylrFv^««»«»i eJ^" ns ll mild 'y M Ion a ,a vvit'h ^"f 5 ' 013 Wl " bc One of the reason, lor this iHmblM,^^,,^,, ^^ Vn^ NOTICE OP SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN OOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT MO C, OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTV AFi- KAN'SAS. Notice is hereby given that th County Court of Mississippi Comi ly, Arkansas, has callsd a snech election 10 be hsld In Ciosnel Special School Dislrict No 0 o Mississippi County. Arkansas m the 27lh dny of Dec., 1934 ai which the qualified electors in sr^ School District shall vote on the question of creating a buildin. timd ,by thc Isv-ylng of a t.i" or 7 mll^ for a building n m( to be collected annually on the assessed valuation of tlie taxable proncrty in the district for 3'j years to repay borrowed rnotiei and the interest llurcon of \ proposed refnndlng bond issue o! 515,000. Such election shall be His 27th - - • -.'«,, wchvcen th^ hours of 2 p. M., and 0 p M " and otherwise In the same ti-an" Jier as Is provided by i aw "f,,i holding animal school cl«clioiK WITNESS my hand and lie ° seit of saltl Court, this 22nd day nr (Scall FRED FLEEMAN, Clerk of the Counlv Court Of MlMi.lsipJ)! COMlllv. ;\f- kansas. OOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT No 0 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS By M. E. Cook, President By G. C. Wadicy, Secretary' iioad Courier Nevrp Want nd.v 's aerial troupe will bi- too much for _Iowa Stale and Kansas Slate' FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. 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