The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 6
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27, 1932 BLYTHEVIU.R. (ARKJ COURIER NEWS Classified Advertising Rales Minimum Charge SOc LMiw j A wage Words lo a Una Month ralo per line, per ir.umli fiOc Six tiiin-j, per line per day . Ubc Three times per Jiue j»r flay (We One [une per line i^ AH Ads run irregularly take • lie one .lime rule. KlKlUNDALL'S iiunie oi uai'o^ 5-10-250 SlOre. Ocl PAGE SEVEN COAL AND WOOD Tiantham Coal & Tiumfei Co. Dealers In Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & 11. H. St., Phone am. 4C-K 11-1 P HONE 107 "Our eo:il is Ucal you while." BUCHANAN. black Uui we 21c-kir>l COAL al low cash prices. Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLy'l'llEVILLE COAL CO.. Walnut & Railroad SLs. 5c-kNov.5 KINDLING mid WOOD for healing and cooking. We deliver. W. M. Smllli, I'lione 080 or Ualevray Stoic. 21p-k 11-21 FOR SALE— Cicod dry wood, Phone Cooke ami Gilliam. WANTED—To overhaul your eleu- irlc 'sweeper. Work isuaniniei'd. lieilner uletmc Service, Vo Uiltcns 1'Urn. Co. thone uao. L'8C-K Ocl il) 11-12 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. s. Blaiik- enship, 110.-E. Hose. Phono ItBW. 1C-K 11-J GAHAGES FLOYD HARGETT'S GAHAOU CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL Sll-K 11-8 BEAWT 1'AKLOKS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Phone D2 20C K 11-2!) HOMECRAFT TRKKS, SHRUKS SimUBS-all prices. We Eel Iheiu out. Hester's Fruil and Produce. 123 Easl Main I9p-klll9 AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE—New and Uied Auto Parts. Jackson Auto Pnrui Co. 2020 W. Main, Phone M. '3c-K Wov 3 Better Used Car Values 1030 Graham Coupe $285.00 J530 M(ir<iiielc Soditn 1029 Chevrolet Coach 1020 Chevrolet Truck 1931 Chevrolet Truck Open al night uniil o SALESMKN WANTlil) > t ' I!!l ' purchaser nl say sale will U? •'"!<.iird to oxjcute toiul with app:.u\| h:'ciii-lly to .secnrr the payment el UK; purchase mon.'y ami u WANTED—Men w 2G-SC to supply cities ot Lsadiviile, Osceola, JoiU's- L'Oro mid Tnuir.uin with wldi'lv'u ,., ' ' " adverted luawhoi'l ml , "; ' "'" ^ >;;>•'"'«> ui»n s.ild pro.,products. Home «p,,,,.,u-e pro-' \. . ,^, ; "';I' 1 "-'" 1 Kc )' rl( >' tor "><•' lemd bul ncl necessary. Write ' A: , ()( s ", dl I 1 "" 1 ' 1 ' 11 * '»°»">'- Hnwleish inih.trles, Uvpl. AK-4-47.' ^'™ ^ '™\« ™» «[ O-l 'bi'l. l«J32. Memphis, Teim. 211>-K2« SITUATIONS \V,\.Nt'KI) Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. SH5.UO $105.00 WW.Oi) i P M. |YOUNC1 I.AIJY C01.LKGK CiKAD- UATK destiw poslllun. Kxnprl- It. 1.. CiAlNK'3 ConunLviiuner In Chancery. 10-20-21 2-IC-K31 WATKRPROOl' 1 Covers lor trucks and W:IBCIU. Carney Aivnlng Co., 113 S. Flrsl St., Phone (J13. 17t'-Kll-17 NEW FOHD BATTERIES. Hen till batteries, recharging and repairing. TH Tire & Battery Station. 1SC-K 11-181 I'liccil In soni'i'al olIUv work. rasliler. les'.umant'.i ;nid cailni; for oliildii'ii. Willln;: ti> w< cheap or for rcom an I baard a In small .'.alary. News. Address "S" Cir.irier rt-x-if TO Courier Ncsvs Waul-Ads i 11 result prod'.H'lns service at cost. Phone 300. low KOO.M & BOAR!) i MRS. T. n. WATSQN-$5.50 week- j ly. 112 K. Cherry. Phone U02. , ll'-K 11-1 WASHING 15c - - GREASING 75c DAY ^ NlGH'r SERVICE PHONE 555 2-1P K (•OMJIISSIONKK'S S.' ticc is hereby civil lhal the utulvisiiitH'd cummissbiiLT in 0:11- pllani:e wilh lha terms of lha <!e- 11-2-1' cree rendered by the Chancery 1 Court for tlio Chlcknsnwbu IMstrh-l tot Mississippi C:iimiv. Arbimsa.i on . • '—. — i t!:e 2(ilh day nt Se[>t'.>mb;T, IDXJ, . AISO Housetop "™ v ^c><s;j>iiymctics_cu s -1 whercm E - *• »»>»« »•« t*' 1 "'-" I'OIJLTKY no K Pond Cae il FOR SALE MLLING STATION, dweiling I'.oiise. 3 storage tanks, all cdui- uined. Qcotl business. Will sell Address "HA", Courier. 1C-K 11-7 toni imleliiii}; solicited. HalcJicry. Blythevlllc. .Marilyn 4cktt LET'S SWA!' and .Mr. Branson, r'irsl National Bank of GivemvcoJ, Mlsslsblppi. C. C. Hudgen.s, Trustee, and Thomas Slab Department to hit Starters in Trucks ll.MlltlSlumC!. I'.l. llll 1 )— Til.' IVim-ylvnniii Stale LX-p.irlmc-iU ol Hiniwuys moved to Hike U:c "klek" out <:( dcpiivliiiL-ill Iriicks by wiuip- plii^ all uf them wllli .s."II-xl;iil.Tj. Hci'tii-ds of the ilcp.vrlmeut sbow- cd iliat [ram January lo June, 1!W'2. . -15 iMuploycc.s were Injure;! while ': cun'Kiiis' Inick.s by "kicking b.u'k" uf the trunk nnui!s. DmltiK I0;il (J4 w.'ii were .similarly Injured. Kwenty-fivc p:r cem ;;i ihc In| Jm:".< were fractures >•>' the Jaw, • liiiiid or anus, j (luu'i urn' 1'lnehol nnlhiirlited Ihc I deii.irtnu-iH lo |>urcl:av.' 112 sclf- .stiirlrrs linmrdliilfly tit 11 cast SH.OIU. All new cciiiipmcnl nnisl similarly C(|Uipped. Wyo. c.iuled over tiij ionic ciich niuiiiti. i o,"'!. ri1 I'C lIllllJC, EOtlthV.'l'Kl. uf j : SariiUAjn, uflor nitiuy years' Idle- i .lit:.. 'I ne nimivs.wiiiu tho Mist pnt- ,!?if'' r l '' 1 ' !l '" i "' '" .Museum | ciilcd cl.ilms in iho region, bill RICHMOND. Vft. IUP1--A rav- .nui II.K i:: t n worked lor ncnily ally, dinner tluil bclonxed lo Col, :10 yours until hist aprlnp, when John S. Mosby, noted-Confederates (hey were leiised by O, O. Johnson, cc! fiillicr, Ur. A. Muni eon on Colonel Mosby's slulf, (Ul 1 ^— Hecatw of the flood ilhat slrucfc Colorudo Springs in j Angust, Jllucs Mooned again i n tha city parks in. September. The floid botanists explained, stripped the llluc bushes ol their leaves.' Mother nnluri! llwti stiirlcd 16 work »,' !i-.iiin. lui!i u?i-ii pjeiiem--a \utruu> minor. :\ carload o( into the CotuVdei-iUe Mun.'iim which run laiijcly to lend content, overtime In the bu?ties' In'un ef- here by Mrs. w. l(. isimc.s, whose bill willed also assayed some «<>ld I lort lo produce new 'leaves The iv, wns SIIVK- and slhw, mm .ihippcd recently •.,.wit wn.. « tun crop of frivranl u Ululi iini'lU'r. " I lilac blossoms. - •> UUK FREE demonstration on Iiucsl sewing art. blNUtiKCHAl'T rugs, toys and gins. SINGMI MACHINE UO. 2 CLEANEltS, TAILORS :iATa CLEANED and re-shaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Hhop, I'hoiic 53. 1L'C-K11-12 SUPERIOR DYE WORK ATTENTION — Men's overcoats cleaned and hats blocked. Ladies Jur trimmed coat* our specialty. Call Unique Cleaners for prompt Service. 1'lione ill. lip-K 11-li DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. We re-line, re-model and repair coats and suits for men and women. Experienced tailor and cxper- ienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailor aiica. ... 12C-K.. 11-12 AUTO GLASS WOVEN \VatE FENCING THE ARKA1Q LUMHEK YAKDS i'JC-K Ocl 21) ATTENTION HUNTERS, l-'or Sale Oui-Board inotore, goad as new. J fi2<.-3. liuonc Hall. It)];-;: !l-)u FOR SALK .UEASONAnLE—Slight- ly used uorlable typewriter. Call S68-W. . . 12x-kt[ Large WATERBURY FURNACE, suitable for hoatlng school, church, store or any large building. Will sell cheap. 'Write Box 121 or inquire at 117 South Broadway. 2apk28 GIANT Jonquil bulbs— SOc per doz. Mrs. Ceo Cross, 300 Lake. HEAL ESTATE DAIRIES FRESH—A Grade Milk delivered night and morning. O. W. Lewis, '.'hone 817. 10P-K 11-10 ELECTinCAL Dust-proof bags, Brushes and rubber-covered cord for your electric sweeper, ileffner Electric Service, % Gillen Furniture, Call 680. 13c-klll3 FOR SALE-House and lot. See Gco. Cross, 300 Lake St. 251>-K 11-1 FOR SALE—Six .'room house, two acrejs of land on'Highway 18, west of Blytheville. Price $150 cash Charley Avitts. 25p-kl FARM LANDS WANTED— To rent from 120 to 240 acres of lerlile land in ^ooci location. Can furnish myself. Good leferencc. W. G. Tinner, Holland, Mo. 25P-K 11-1 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, fix- Hires :nd wiring. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 Hp-kll-K CALL WIGGINS Electric Shop lor repairs and estimates, phone 412. 10P-K H-10 REDUCED RATES on plumbing work done before cold wcsihcr. A. G. Ailkcn. Call B94W. 14c-k.U-H RADIO SERVICE RADIOS REPAIRED. Work gunr- .intcTd. estimates free. R. L. DEDMAN, Walpoic Electric Shop. Phone 3H. Hp-kll-H QUICK SERVICE on all lyiie.s of radios. Watch lor our advertising car. Parkburst Co. Phone 57. DRESSMAKING SKWING. alterations. mending. Cheap. Mrs. E. A. Fisher. 10D W. Kentucky.- 15C-K 11-15 DRESSMAKING-Coats relincd, alterations a specially. Ruth Thompson, Golf Hotel. 20c-kll-20 TAXI IN A HURRY? C/ILI, OTR1KGER TAXI PHONE 270 18P-K 11-13 GUI-EN' LEAF CAFi: & I-'KUIT RTAM) Regular Meals a 5|»:lalty. All you tan eat 25c, with drink. Complete line ot Fruits A Vegetables. Sec me for wholesale prices on apples. BL'CK MEHARG, Propriplor We Deliver 312 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wixx-Xci 1 Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 810-777 FOR SALE—80 acres all cultivated black sandy loam, well drained ',6 mile from highway. Gcod live room residence, large barn, Ihrei. »ood tenant houses. All in goon repair and • all recently painted 10 acres tile drained. Price $50.00 per acre, nual payments. cash, balance 20 an- FOR SALE—80 acres, all cultivated, on highway, four houses Price S50.CO per a:re, ',', cash, balance 20 .years. •-•OR SALE—40 acres, ali cultivated, on highway, two houses Price $50.00 per acre. Vi cash, bal- .incc 20 years. FOR SALE-MO acres. 330 (.-11111- vatcd, 8 houses, one mile from Highway. • Price $50.000 per acre 51000.00 cash, balance 10 years. G. L. WAUDELL, OSCEOLA, ARK. 25C-K23 VHAT HAVE you to swap? results -It costs only n fcf eenla day. TRADE EQUITY in 5-roam sacrince price, for livestock, diamond.;, etc. Balance like •cut, no Interest. HCIISD r;hted, fine- condition. Sickness reason [or s?ll- 'ug. P. O': 'Box 241, City. 27p-k31 FOR RENT FURNISHED Apartment—1 > rooms nml .bath. Phone 8G5-W. 21C-U28 FOR RENT—One small furnished aparlmeht; Iwo 3-room-and one apartment unfurnished. Rent reasonable to satisfactory tenants. Prank C. Dauglai, Phones 333 °r ^ I4c-ktr FOR RENT—Nice furnished bed- I A. Early worj -Jcrciidauls, will sell j - (at public auction to HID highest. Mew Urleans-thicago Clei. | and bssi bidder on a credit of three I 11; , . r> f\ l ' months r.l tin- south dcor nf the] Waterway to DC UpenCO Court House bitwjcil the !:oitrs lire- I NKW ORLEANS. <UI'> — The iicribcd by law In the cily of lily- j Ciroal Lukes-Giilf oi Mexico wu- thevllle, Arkansas, on tin 12th day tcrwny. which will link New Or- of November, 1932, the f-.)!l:winis <Ie- !e.ins with Clilciifo. Is scheduled scribed r.'al property, lo-wit: lo OJKMI for barge service al.'oiil All of Lot 10 and ltk> a«nlh Nov. If), ucc'jrdlnt; lu word verviv- Hall iS'-ji cf Lol 11 in lllock II of Ban-on anj Lily Addition to Blylhevlllc. Arkansas. Said sale will be had to satisfy said decree in the sum cl Five Hundred Nine Dollars (S509.:>3l Fifty- Three Conts ii-lth inta-cst, at th room. Phone 72-W. 26p-k30 FURNISHED or unfurnished 5- rooms and bath, gorajb-and servant house. Good condition, rout reasonable. 1306 Chick. Avc. Phone 83 or 280. - 26c-kll-l NICELY furnished beiroom adjoining bath, outside entrance, phone 865-W. . 27c-kll-2 WANTED -Furnls::eu room in modern private home. Box XY Courier. 25p-k20 WANTED Lady to room and board in private home. 224 Dougan. 2Cp'<20 WANTED—lo rent or buy cheap 5 or G rcom house, modern. Address "JK," Courier. 27c-kll-3 WANTED TO BUY WE PAY CASH for old cook stoves and used furniture. Don'l throw them away. Dodson Furniture Co., 301 E. Main. Phone 155. K-VL 11-4 CORN WANTED—Marilyn cry, Blytlicville. Ilatch- 21c-ktf HELI' WANTED WANTED -Young lady or young roan for piensinil work hi home community. Musi be interested in takir;; modern business course. Tuition for same paid in pleasant work at home. Address P. O. Box 358, Caruthcrsvillc. Mo. 25P-K1 T.-c fibers ol wooa" are stronger near the center ol the trunk or limb. rate of a per cent from September ed l:eiv. Opening ot llie Sim.SM.- 000 wnlrriviiy only a«alls the cciin- plellou of several inovcubln bridges. The route of Ihc wntmvny will tuku in the Cliicngo sanitary district canal to Lcek[»i-l, 111., the ;'1.1 liliiioi. 1 ,' waterway frcui l.[)el:p::it to Ulii'ii, ill., and from Utlc-.i cloun STATEMENT OF THE (WNKKSHIP, MANAGEMENT. CIHCUI,,\TION ETC.. nEoiiiitrn «\- THE ACT or CONGRESS OF AUGUST HI. 1312, Of Blylhevillc Courier News, uiiblislied dully al Hlyllicvllle, Ark. 1932. State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi, ss. Before me. a Notary Public, in mid for the Stale and county afoie- said, personally appeared Chester R. lla'.-corrk, who, Iiavlu^ been duly sworn according to law. deposes and snys lhal he Is the Edilnr of Ihc Blylhcvllic Ccuricr Kcw.s. ami lhal llie loltov.'in^ Is, lo the besl of Ills knowledge and belief, a true sialeincnl ot Ihc ownership, (and if H dally paper, the clreiilallniO, etc.. ol Ihc aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act of August 24, 1912, embodied in section 411, I'oslal Laws and Regulations, printed on the reverse side of this form, to wit: _ 1. That the names and addresses'cf the publisher, cdlte.', managing editor, and business manager arc: ,\ Publishers. Courier Nows Company, Inc. lilylhcvllle. Ark. Editor. Cliester R. Babcrck. Ulylhcvillc. Ark. .Nianaghig Editor, Chester n. Habcock, Hlyilievil.'e, Ark. Business Manager. Harry w. llahjes, Blythcville, Ark. 2. That llie owner is: Courier News Company, Blylhcville, Ark. Chester R. Babcnek, Blytheville, Avfc.; Harry W. Ilalnes, niylhcvlllc Atk.; Journal Pritililiy company, Frank W. Lc:ihy. Guy Iloucrs, Allaii Leahy. Slovens 1'oinl, WIs. 3. Thai llie kiiown bondholders, moi-lijnijces. and other security holders owning or holding 1 ]ier cent or moro of lotul amount of bonds, .nortgages, or other sccnrilies are: Edgar G. and liculah L. Harris, West Point, Miss. 4. That, the l\vo paragraphs next above, uivlut: the.names of Ihc ou-iicrs, stockholders, and security (lolders. If any, contain Ihe lisl of slockholders ard socurlt^ioldcrs ns they appear upon books of the company bin, also, In! cases where ' security holders appear upon the books of the cumiraiiy as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee Is acting, Is flyen; also that the ;--iid two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances nml conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of ihc company us trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity oilier than lhat ol n bonafide owner. n»d this nffiaiH has no reason to ijellcve lhat any olhcr person, association, or corporation has any Interest, rllrecl or in- dirccl in Ihc said slock, bonds, or other securities Ihan as so staled by him. 5. That Ihc average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise, lo paid subsciibers during thc'six monlhs preceding the dale shown above is ;:.933. CHESTER f[. HANCOCK. Editor Sv.arn lo ami ^ubbri-ihcd hi-t^rc :ne this 2fit!i :ii- cf Os'-obor. 1032. <SEAL) • HARRY W. 1IAINKS, Notary Public (My commission Expires'. March IS, lOIW.) FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivalicn. 'S houses, big barn, in 0 miles of niylhcvilli;. 1 mile of good school. $21.00 per acre, terms Phone £87 or 888. W. T. BarneU. CC-K-TF Mr. Bargain Hunter N'ow is the golden opiiortimity lo buy a 40 or 80 or larger farm, "im- ;:ro\cd lauds can be bought :U prices ranijiiig from $15 lo per acre, cas.'i or l.erms. If you miy a home this fall it will "in- jrease in valnc. pay a good divi- icnt and help make a living. We ran locate you, write or phone. G. G. CAUDILL liojt 1S8 I'hoiic 737 15C-K 11-15 LIVE STOCK "OR SALE: Iwo home rated jersey milch cows. J w Maloney, Clark and Railroad 27-p-k-3 vSKCOND HAND FURNITURE ^ Sec Us l-' . J. Dodson _30l-303 r.. ililB FOR SALE^-Jei-scy Milch Cows willi young calves. Sec n. M ilcck al Harris' Barn. lflp-kll-19 MTI.CH COWS for sak or Irade" Heslcr's Fi-nil & Produce. ' ' 19p-klU9J FARMERS havinz livestock lo sell i or if Uiey desire lo buy they [will find it convenienl and ccon- I nmlcal to use Courier News Wain- i i Ads. Rtid Courier -News Want Atfi. wt..i.,stR, [ •SOLP1E.R WHO VVtUE BOV BMK.HOME HASN'T ^MV TOV5 Mf HE 100H TH'.' LEAPS OU7MW HK Kip TO PtW WllH, CWSE CALL, BUT MIS FttT, SMILIH6. STILL DID IT... ME MEVER PLAVEO ANYTH11JS Bur SCRUB ROT- BALL BEFORE:. VEAH...8UT C70ACH KOOS£ X HE'S PPACTICIMG FORWARD PASSES...VOO SHADOW HI THERE, FKECK '.I LOOKS Like A JWPiW-JACK THAM A FOOTBALL pi-AYER..'-' HIM T))£ FIME POINTS. ..BOV.' THWX. ITS ii ONL.V TiUNt, THAT HAS BEEN HOLTXNcb ME UP, OR 16 IT L MUSTN'T CONFUSC -RANK P— WEU. , AS I WAS SAY1N6, L HA-VP: BEEN WELD BA.CK THRU LACK \ WORKING CAPITAL"— NOW, ( IF 1 CAN eET SOrv\r : \3ODY WITH V — FIVE —SIX — S1ZVEN AhlD YOU SAY THAT TU9 I SOUMt)S LIKE TH" 1 OU > -T3OY A Hl6t\ WEB SPUN or MUSJC NINE t>OLl..A,-RS TO INVEST WHY, , MAJOR!! t.>;(C.pto u.». rn. off. HUM 1 ., 1 OvOt W.V LIFE TO KIP, Eli? Wt UV£l 11 8uV HIW WHOLE sroftE FULL WOW. \f hiifeoM SEESNOU vLWlN 1 SANTA ct^^Js / WHEN VOU-RG yposts TO ee A, CORPSE, WE'RE GOHERS, DON'T BE SAP. WE'RE fccrm IM f\ the .stockholders or SAY' 1 BE 60OO, FK2C(<c BY TVIE SWAV, ARE YOU <5O!l-te TO PLAY IrJ THE , PR!U6'I.E i S 2 t " ! ^ VEAW...YOU I" VNELI., FEUAS DOUT , COOLE SEf PASSES FOR WAMT TO MISS IT- RED AMD I ARE SOlWS ID IKY Ot/? SECRET P.Sf^AtS .'.'

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