Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 6, 1984 · 7
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Tuesday, November 6, 1984
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1984 LINCOLN, NE. JOURNAL uricoLNczr7 Stitt sees destitute side of nillo (rnvUmMint y,rli ByMattTruell Journal Writer Nicaragua looms large in the minds of many Americans these days, i A renegade Marxist state? A country striving for self-determination and a higher standard of living for its people? The war in Central America seems to be a battle of perceptions as well as bullets. : :v . '. Terry Cannon, a Lincoln attorney and national treasurer for the conservative Young Americans for Freedom, visited an anti-government contra guerilla camp and came away contending Nicaragua is held in a Communist vise, dom- . . .---- j More black Lions are wanted A campaign to recruit black families to adopt black children is being conducted jointly by two adoption placement agencies,' the Nebraska Department of Social Services and the Child Saving Institute in Omaha, The goal of the project is to recruit additional black families for adoption placement of black or racially mixed children, explained Margaret Bitz, adoption specialist at the Department of Social Services. . The project is being funded through a 65,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The myth that black families do not adopt is not true, she said. What placement agencies have found is that adoption within the black community is often done without going through traditional agencies. ; . Black families have heard the stories that no children are available for adoption, she said, referring to the shortage of adoptable white infants. J "Once black people find out there is a need, then they do adopt," said Bitz. Black families also are unaware that the old agency rules requiring adoptive parents to have certain incomes or own their own home have been replaced by flexible guidelines, she said. "First and foremost we are looking for families able to meet the needs of the children," said Bitz. This means that single people are not excluded In fact there are many single parent placements across the country, Bitz said. Finding appropriate families with at least one black parent is essential in order to reduce the risk that children will develop racial identity problems, Bitz said. A national survey found that two-thirds of the black children placed for adoption with white parents have experienced some racial identity problems, she said. In Nebraska, more than 25 percent of the 105 black children adopted between 1981 through 1983 were placed in homes that did not have one black parent, she said. ' .. "We're not saying we will never place a black child with a white family," said Bitz. "But we will make efforts to place children in a like race family." Marqulta B.H. Wilcher, program manager for the Black Homes for Black Children project, already has begun meeting with different organizations to explain the adoption process and the need for black adoptive homes. Wilcher hopes to complete at least 20 adoption home studies during the first year of the recruitment drive. She also plans to help form a parent support group and recruit parents with adopted children to work with new adoptive parents. 'i'v' ' " . Though much of the public awareness work will be done in the Omaha area, the program is looking for families in Lincoln and other parts of the state, said Wilcher, adding that interested people can contact her through the Omaha Child Saving Institute in Omaha. The Child Saving Institute has operated a recruitment program for black families, but this federally funded project is the first joint venture between a public and private agency,' said Bitz. If successful, the year-long project will be extended she said. GRAPEFRUIT DIET O: I have read a lot about a grapefruit diet pill. How does It work? is it safe? Where can I get it? A: There Is wonderful diet pill out raw containing grapefruit powder, kelp, lecithin, vitamin BS and Oder vinegar. Each of these Ingredients acts In unique way to promote weight toss. You can use this diet pill as an appetite suppressant or m a nutritional supplement and the ' nice thing about It Is that there are no aloe effects. These pills break down tat. Increase metabolism to normal and act as a natural diuretic. "GRAPEFRUIT PILLS are available tor less at the Golden Carrot, Gateway Shopping Center, Lincoln. Phone 468-5713. Phone and mall orders filled promptly. ' aaopi j- ' Kirs. G 1 I f "th Joel Gajardo inated by the Soviet Union. , , But another Lincoln1 resident, Carol Stitt, who recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua, says otherwise. "I wasn't where he was," she said of Cannon. But Stitt wishes he could have seen the eyes of a Nicaraguan child fill with tears as she told visitors of her mother's death at the hands of contra guerrillas. She had gone to wash clothing and never returned. . 'Ideological bias' Added Joel Gajardo, a Presbyterian minister who led the tour of Nicaragua: "I feel the ideological bias is so strong that you are unable to see the reality." Stitt, director of the state Foster Care Review Board said she first went to Nicaragua in July, where she noticed the large numbers of displaced and unattended children. She returned in October, on a tour with 16 members of the United Methodist Church, to gather facts about a possible foster care program. ' . If the Sandinista government is totalitarian, she said, there is no evidence of it on the streets of the capital, Managua. There is poverty, she said and destitution. There is the suffering created by the CIA-financed guerrilla war against the Sandinista government But she said the realities she saw in that country are in sharp contrast to American press accounts and official pronouncements by the Reagan administration. . ' "How the United States can perpetuate the image that Nicaragua is this looming threat when all you see are kids and young people with nothing, in destitution, is incredible," she said. "I just feel our government is on the wrong side with our foreign policy. This aggression makes no sense to me." Schools targeted A Nicaraguan official told the group that 80 percent of the casualties inflicted by the contras are civilians, Stitt and Gajardo said Sandinista-built medical clinics and schools in villages near the Honduras borders,, where most of the contra camps are located are common guerrilla targets, they added. Stitt talked to the American general consul in Managua and asked how the United States could support what she perceives as blatant atrocities. "He said 'Officially, we're hot,' and then he smirked." Ironically, the U.S. Embassy was the only place in Nicaragua where members of the group were searched she said and she was not allowed to take her camera or tape recorder onto the embassy grounds. They 'w,ere , welcomed everywhere they went, Stitt said; the people were warm and friendly. Because the Reagan administration closed Nicaragua's consulate in Washington, D.C., Nicaragua does not require visiting Americans to have visas, only passports. "They welcome anybody," Stitt said. Gajardo', an exiled Chilean, is professor of theology at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, and has been to Nicaragua several times. r Carol Stitt mm t SAVE $200 'OH THE PORTABLE niLIOOCOllllPUTER Perfect for Students and Cn-tho-Go Professionals 8K Memory 26-3801 Reg. 599.00 Clfl JIM I 1 1 2) it i Five "Instant-On" Programs Help You Take Notes, Schedule Meetings, Keep Up with "To-Do's" and More Built-in Modem Allows Access to Information Services by Phone TANDY CHRISTMAS COMPUTER CAMP GIFT CERTIFICATES! Give someone a head start In computing! Camp for ages 8-1 1,12-15 and adults will A Q C be held during December 2S-31 at Radio Shack Computer Centers. Computers and llHv! Instructors provided at each of the five 2-hour dally sessions. E,cn. CHECK TOUR PHONE IOOK FOR THE CitUno M service mark ol Citicorp. A DIVISION OF TANDY CORPORATION ' Nicaragua, Noteworthy iO Honored' He said the current government is popular, especially in contrast to Anastasio Somoza's dictatorship, who was ousted in 1979. 'Sense of belonging' "They really know now that it is their country," he said Whatever policy the government pursues will be for the Nicaraguan people, he said. "There is a sense of belonging." Gajardo said Nicaragua has about 25,000 men in the Sandinista army and another 200,000 in the militia, created in response to the contras. If the people are opposed to the Sandinista government, why would the government arm them, he asks. He conceded the country has received some tanks from Russia, which are being used on the northern frontier. But there is no evidence of military planes at the only airport in Managua. Of the 3,000 Cubans in Nicaragua, about 300 are military advisors, he said. The others are doctors, teachers and agricultural technicians. He said he was treated by a Cuban doctor during an earlier visit. . The government has sponsored a crash literacy program; reducing the illiteracy rate from 52 percent to 12 per-. cent, he said "Everybody who was able to teach another person how to read and write was involved" he said Opposition candidates in Sunday's election criticized the government on television and in newspapers. Some of the candidates represented left-wing splinter groups, including the Nicaraguan Communist Party, which does not support the Sandinista regime, he added Nicaragua officials admit mistakes have been made, Gajardo said especially in regard to the native Miskito Indians. But they have not been the victims of a policy of genocide, as some Reagan administration officials contend The group attended Sunday services at a Miskito Indian church in Managua. ' He said about 23,000 Miskito Indians in refugee camps in Honduras want to return, but Nicaraguan officials fear contra intervention. Tax sales certificates being sold by county By Matt Truell "then the money of the first buyer is re- ; Journal County-City Bureau t. turned to him along with 14 percent in-Tax sales certificates on 1,700 to 1,800. terest. parcels of property with delinquent a person purchasing the tax sales taxes are being offered for sale by the certificate On a Diece of oronertv that Lancaster toumy treasurer s omce. Property can be assigned a tax sales certificate if property taxes are unpaid for more than six months. The properties with tax sales certificates remain in the treasurer's office for five years before they are sent to the county attorney's office for foreclosure. Owners can go to the treasurer's office and redeem the tax sales certificates anytime during a five-year period paying the back taxes plus 14 percent interest, according to Deputy Lancaster County Treasurer Terry Adams. Anyone else can redeem the tax sales certificates on the property as well, Adams said. After five years, the individual who redeemed the tax sales certificates can initiate his own foreclosure proceedings against the owner. But if that buyer purchases the tax sales certificates first, and later the property owner comes in and also redeems them, AS LOW AS '20 PER MONTH The Model 100 the state of the art In performance, quality and price value, Weighs Less Than 4 Pounds Full-Size Typewriter Keyboard and . 8-Line by 40-Character Display 24K Model 100 Computer Now Only $599 (26-3802, Reg. $799.00) PARTICIPATING RS hack STORE, COMPUTER CENTER OR DEALER NEAREST YOU ; ' PRICES APPIY AT RAOK) SHACK COMPUTER CENTERS AND PARTICIPATING STORES ANO DEALERS Shirley Nlemeyer, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cooperative Extension Service staff member from Sarpy County, was presented a Distinguished Service Award at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents' annual meeting in Chicago recently. Fund-raisers An estimated 700 was raised at a dinner sponsored by the Lincoln Eagles Club to raise public awareness about lupus erythematosus, a chronic inflammatory disease affecting skin, joints, kidneys, nervous system and often other organs of . the body. A Cabbage Patch doll that was to have been a Christmas present for Karen Rustand, 1 8, of Omaha was raffled at the event. Karen, who had lupus since age 1 2, died in September. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Explorer are taking orders for three-pound buckets of unpopped popcorn through Nov. 1 1 . Dennis Stelzer, a member of the executive board of the Cornhusker Council, said Scouts in uniform will take orders door to door. The popcorn will be delivered between Nov. 27 and Dec. 9. New officers: Nebraska Civil Liberties Union George Green, Lincoln, president; William Morris, Lincoln, first vice president; Donald Brown. Omaha, second vice president; John Taylor, Lincoln, treasurer; David Moshman, Lincoln, secretary; Ray Willis, Omaha. Joan Sudmann, Wayne, and Taylor, new board members. National Association of State Boards of Education William C. Ramsey, . Omaha, elected central area director. Ramsey is president of the Nebraska State Board of Education. Talks 'n' Topics Michael E. Lamb, professor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, will speak Friday on changing patterns of child care and its effects on families at Nebraska Wesleyan University. The forum will begin at 10 a.m. in the Shirk Teaching Center in Olin Hall of Science at Wesleyan. Lamb is professor of psychology, psychiatry and pediatrics. A new Job Search Support Group will meet for the first time at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Lincoln YWCA, 1432 N St. There is no charge to attend. The Lincoln-Lancaster Commission on the Status of Women said the group is intended for people who are job hunting and need support. he does not own is engaging in a specu lative venture, Adams said. "You get to the point where you're waiting out the buyer," he said. Adams said a majority of the tax sales certificates will be redeemed by the owners. The rest will go to the county attorney's office where foreclosure proceedings will begin. Foreclosure proceedings on another 1,400 parcels of property are almost completed and ready for decree hearings in Lancaster County District Court the final step before the county puts the properties up for auction. Deputy Lancaster County Attorney Doug Cyr, said he expects the first of those sheriff's auctions to begin in late December. " -' Most of that property is undeveloped residential land, often in newer subdivisions. ' ' : represents TANDYMj4'(j;LJB , y JIWgJMQMOlloti.! TOO Regional center in need of yule gifts for patients With its patient welfare fund dwindling, the Lincoln Regional Center is looking for community support as the holiday season approaches. The welfare fund is not supported by tax dollars. - Anyone who would like to purchase a gift for one or more of the residents should call the volunteer services office at 471-4444 to find out what items have been requested Monetary donations to the fund also Noteworthy P Talks 'n' Topics A class for persons interested in helping the Red Cross assist families after disasters will be held from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Nov. 13 and Nov. 14 at the Lancaster County chapter house of the American Red Cross. 1701 E St. To attend, a person must pre-register by Thursday. Attendance at both sessions is required for Red Cross certification. Sears In Sears Oct 21 preprint the 18 Inch guide bar on page 2 should have read 3.0 C.I.O. Instead of 3.7 C.I.D. We are sorry for any inconvenience, this may have caused our customers. Paid by Senator Marsh Re election 2929 Bonacum Drive LLAaJi29th )CTaflsJLJ. t I' mm mm A lot of people don't vote because they think it doesn't count. But think of all your friends who think the same way you do about the future of our country Get your friends to vote with you, and together your votes will count more. This year, vote with a friend. A Public Service Message of ira Dl Jounid-Star are needed so the staff can purchase any requested gifts. Items may be taken to the center, at Folsom and Van Dorn streets. Articles need not be newly purchased, but should be unused. Cologne, jewelry, slippers or other clothing items are welcome gifts. Any groups interested in helping the center with its holiday gift project are asked to call Joe Creason or Linda Bod-field at the volunteer services office. Classes Now Forming In Lincoln DALE CARNEGIE COURSE is Acquire Poise and Confidence Communicate Effectively Sell Yourself and Your Ideas Be More Enthusiastic Improve Memory Think and Speak On Your Feet Control Worry and Tension Be A Better Conversationalist if Improve Human Relations s Solve Problems and Make Decisions DALE CARNEGIE COURSE For Information Call 423-5000 Presented by Peter DeVries ft Associates, Inc., Allan Kenyon. Area Manager Accredited by the Council for Non-Collegiate Continuing Education lAiEfeTTh Committee Eames Irvin. Treasurer Lincoln, Nebraska 68502 fTJTjU JUUl lVintinca r

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