Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 19, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1891
Page 7
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1 How wretched is the man who has fallen a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look upon the picture. Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, he is rather a forlorn specimen. Do we pity him? Of course; but at the same time feel assurc.d that in a measure he is to blame for the bad state into which he has fallen! A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to" the taste, and always reliable—just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow "t disappointment. Bead the testimonial, don't take our word for it: '•1 have been subject to severe spells of Congestion of the Liver, and have been in the kabit of taking from 15 to 20 grains of calomel which generally laid me up for three or four days. Lately I have been taking Simmons Liver Regulator which cave me relief, without any interruption to business." J. Hucc, Mid'dlcport, Ohio. jr. n. ZEILIJT ti co., SOL» PHOrmsroRS, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PKICE, Sl.OO. A CHILDLESS HOME. Smith and his wife have every luicury that money can buy, but there is one thing lacking to their happiness. Both are fond of children, but no little voices prattle, no little feet patter in their beautiful home. "I would give ten years of my life if I could have one healthy, living, child of my own," Smith often says to himself. No woman can be the mother or healthy offspring unless she herself is in good health. If she suffers from female weakness, general debility, bearing-down pains and functional derangements, her physical condition is such that she cannot hope to have healthy children. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a soverign and guaranteed remedy for all these ailments. "VYorn-out, "run-down," feeble women, need Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It builds them up. It's a powerful, restorative tonic, or strength-giver—free from alcohol and injurioiis drugs. ..The entire svstem is renewed arid invigorated. It "improves digestion, enriches the blood, dispels aches and pains, gives r&- freshing sleep, and restores flesh and strength. It's the only guaranteed medicine for •women, sold by druggists. You Can Eat WHAT YOU LIKE IF YOU TAKE DR. WHITE'S DANDELION ALTERATIVE. It cures Indigestion, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney diseases, Constipation, Bheumatism and Neuralgia. It purifies the blood, and makes the weak strong and vigorous. Thousands have been restored to health by this great medicine, why not you ? Very large bottle for $1, and every bottle warranted. oold hy B. F. Keesliug aid D.E Pryor. BE SURE YOUR SIN Is known! If you have Evil Dreams, Losses, »re Impotent, Jull ol Fears. Undeveloped or Stunted\ Victim of liicesa or Contagious Disease, you can escape all Consequences by our Exclusive and Successful Methods for Home p-MM"'"—^^— «— ^— I TYeafrntf/il. Bend for OUR NEW WILL FIND YOU OUT! ARABIAN flue of tie BEST MEDICINES ever.IiiTHitei FOR BBBHUBBtiB BELIEF D CASES 0? PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, bath Externally and Internally. It is safe and certain in its action. For Burns, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earacne, Deafness, Rheumatism, Pair.s in Side, Back, or Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup t or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and Si. at all druggists. E. MORGAN & SONS, Proprietors, FROVIDENCE, R. I. TRIBE SUPPLIED by ROSS GORDON, LaFk-yette, !nd. For sale by B. F Reeslinp: TWENTY WIVES APIECE. The 'Perch of Pinnipeds on. Prib- yloff Islands. Our Pui-lieiiriiif; Colony In Bchriog Sea- Pi st Wi'iin-rs of the Sralnkin Sncque —What Hie Row with England In Aliout-BIalne iiiu! Siilbtbury. [COPVlilO.UT, 1801,1 Our u-;i.r \vith England is a. \\-ar of words to date. Premier Salisbury and Premier Blnine are having 1 it. ''How dare yon assault our vessels in Bchring sea?" asks Salisbury.' "\Ve own that sen," replies Blame, and you folks must not fish there." "How do yon happen to own a sea that is a thousand miles square and a part of the 1'acifie Ocean?" asks Salisbury, "when you insist that we own only three miles from shore in the Gulf of St. Lawrence?" "We bought it of Russia," says Blaine, "when we bong-lit Alaska, 'with the waters thereof.'" "Do 'the waters thereof cover the sea' two hundred miles from shore under any law or custom that nations have ever recognized?" a.sks Salisbury; "and IUS ARISTOCRATIC MUSTACUK. did not the United States forty years ago send an embassador to Russia to protest against the Czar's- claim that this very sea belong-ed exclusively to him?" "I am not bound bvthe eccentricities of any predecessors," answers Blaine; "and if a nation can dominate the oeean only three miles from shore, how does it happen that Great Britain commanded the sea for thirty miles around St. Helena when Mfapoleon was a prisoner there, and now prevents poaching on her pearl reefs of Ceylon that are twenty miles from shore and fifty feet deep?" "The protection of St. Helena," says Salisbury, "was the concurrent action of the nations; and our right to the pearl fisheries is enforced only against Englishmen." So the "controversy stands and waits, while our Canuck victims appeal to our Supreme Court. At this there is much wrath, but Salisbury laughs and inquires with much feeling: "What's the matter, Jonathan? Can't you trust your own Supreme Court if we are willing to?" "But," rejoins the sapient Blame, "will you agree to abide by the finding of the court whose decision you invoke?" "Well," says Salisbury, "let's try it and see. T?e can keep'up the diplomatic contention, and if your court decides wrong then will be time enough to inquire about the next step, don't you know?" For twenty years the exclusive right to kill seals has vested in the Alaska Commercial Company, but last year a new company came to the front and made a better offer for the privilege, which was accepted by Secretary 'Windom. The agent of the Government is Charles J. Goff, and he allowed the new company to kill only 2,3,000 seals, on the plea that if it killed 100.000 as formerly, the seals would soon be exter- NOP.TH HOOKEHY, PKIBTLOFF ISLANDS. minated. But as no females are ever killed and as the surviving males are polygamists to an astonishing extent, and as more competent experts that Goff is declare that seals are rapidly increasing, this opinion and the reason given for reducing the harvest must be taken with a good deal of salt. Most of the seals are killed on the Pribyloff islands, but they winter further south and spend much of the year going and coming on the surface of the great intervening 1 ocean. So it is easy for poaching vessels to intercept them and slay them 'by wholesale, and if all who wish are permitted to club the silky mammals while swimming in Behring sea to and from their northern breedir'- »ds, the whole of the interesta^.^, 106 will soon be exterminated. Half of the sealskin sacques in the world come from these Pribyloff islands, lying in Behring's sea, two hundred miles from the main land. The two principal ones are mere islets — St. Paul and St. George— each tan or twelve miles long and half as broad. For two months in the summer of each year the Aleuts, or natives, kill seals and skin them; the other ten they lie around in the twilight, never going to bed or taking 'off their' clothes, night or day, gossiping, eating and getting drunken quass. They eat ravenously, averaging two pounds of 'seal meat per day for every man, woman and child, i tion to vast quantities of other food. Dp to last year they took, about one hundred thousand skins a year, and the finited States Treasury received three dollars for each skin. The net result is ;hat the Government has'received from ;he Commercial Company during the last twonty years nearly as much as was paid to Russia for the whole of Alaska in 1SGS. So Seward's purchase is vindicated; it was unquestionably a :rood bargain to pay seven million and two hundred thousand dollars for this vast peninsula whose sources of wealth are not yet even guessed at, ranch less developed. In the beneficent or malevolent economy of nature and commerce there are twice as many females as males in the seal community; so polygamy flourishes. If there ever could be an excxise for plural marriages in human society it would be in Jscw England, where there is a surplus of one hundred and eighty thousand women: there certainly is none in the middle of the Alkaline plains in Utah, where there are two men to one woman everywhere. In the spring the adult seals come swimming back from their mysterious tropical visit, accompanied by a million of the young pups of the previous summer, and the Pribyloff islands are very livclv once more—lively and reverberant with roars of anger and of friendly greeting. Mostly roars of anger, for every male seal is the foreordained enemy of all other male seals, and must defend with his strength and often with his life the position he has assumed on the rocks as his particular seraglio. Here he gathers his harem, one by one, and here, in a few weeks, the young are bom. Some of these bulls exhibit the same desperate courage and insensibility to pain as is shown by the Indian brave who is hamstrung and hauled up to a tree top by the quivering sinews. One was pointed out to the Government agent who had survived forty or fifty pitched battles with as many antagonists and still held his place, covered with scars and frightfully gashed, raw, festering and bloody, one eye gouged out and a fore flapper torn to ribbons, but yet lording it stubbornly over his harem of fifteen or twenty females, huddled admiringly around him. The fighting is mostly done with the mouth. They seize each other with their canine teeth, always leaving ugly, and sometimes fatal wounds. The male seals arrive from the South first, and are followed by the pretty little females some weeks thereafter. Hon. George Wardman, the Treasury agent at the Pribyloff Island, expresses no opinion about the .question of mare clausum. leaving, that to be settled by the Secretary of State and the British Premier, but he describes this polygamy in a very lively manner: "The matured male seal, when he draws up out of the ocean after a six or eight TI£E SLAUGHTER. months' oraise in waters to us unknown, is a magnificent animal. Bold, bad and beautiful, ho takes a position in May among- the basaltic rocks which are •washed by the surf in storms,braces his broad chest upon his fore nippers, stretches his heavily-maned, glossy, undulating- neck, throws his tapering head aloft and roars forth a horse bellow of defiance to the world. He closes with a gntteral growl that sounds like two quarts of pebbles rattling in his throat, while down the corners of his threatening- month, stockaded with ivory fangs, droop the long, gray lines of his aristocratic mustache. Ilere he takes his stand, and here he will meet his expected family or death." In June comes. his multitudinous bride. The male fur seal is a huge but symmetrical brownish bulk of six to eig-ht hundred pounds. The female is a meek, modest, .submissive-looking little creature, averaging about a hundred •weight. She creeps up out of the water with a demure, downcast countenance, the shining- hair neatly brushed back from her pretty little head, end—arrayed in a brown sacqne, think you? Not at all. She is a quakerish-looldng matron in an unpretending steel gray, but sleek and tidy without a wrinkle in her dress. "There could not," says Mr. Wardman, "be a greater contrast; he, aggressive, fierce and bloodthirsty; she, meek and lowly,.) but, as rumors go, sly withal, and were she sole mistress of her lord's affections, would, no doubt, exhibit a temper of her own. Competition keeps her spirit down, poor thing. The old 'bull's"" occupy their pre-emption for weeks without going into the vvater, awaiting the arrival of the females, sleeping on the ground and neither eating or drinking from week to week. This, however, is bat' preliminary to the longer vigil and fast, which contin- SEALS TO KILLING GKOCOT. ues for three months after the arrival of the females. When they depart they are weak -and lean." There are two or three classes of male seals which are deprived of the delights and refining influences of : female society. There are young bachelors who have never yet had the courage to go in and fight for a claim, being apparently awed into remaining at a respectful and, safe distance from the potent brown find tawny seniors. These young fellows haul out in crowds of thousands close to the water and not far from the seraglios. They are from one to -four or fivf years old and they alternate their pastime.- between lying on their backs among the rocks (where they fan their, heated bodies with a hinil nipper if it is a warm day) and getting down into the water in front of the old Turks' summer residences and endeavoring with varying success to draw the females into sly flirtations. Notwithstanding the fierce jealousy with which these wives arc watched and guarded, and contrary to what would be expected from their meek and sanctified appearance, there are breaches of deeorum occasionally which no conscientious person would attempt to defend. In cases of elopement the gay Lothario is generally handled generously according to the custom of the world in such cases and his guilty partner treated with great severity. Liar lord ami master will gallop through the family, knocking his other wives right and left, bouncing over the babies in his anger, and, overtaking 1 the fugitive female, thrashes her so soundly with his nippers that she puts up her little nose to his, kisses him in token of submission and reformation, and creeps back apparently subdued and penitent. Although these males abstain from food and water absolutely for three months or more, and must be faint and weak, they are always ready for a fight. They approach with heads averted and furtive eye, as if comically deprecating the row, but when near enough they reach for each other as quick as a flash and utter as they join battle a continuous shrill piping whistle; their eyes gleam wickedly, their teeth gnash, their hair flies and theft: blood flows. It is one of the most extraordinary contests in which brutes can indulge. The breeding season is July; the females bear their first young when three years old, never bringing forth but one pup at a time, and the period of gestation is nearly twelve months. The pups can not swim during the first six weeks and will drown at once if thrown into the water. They learn to swim deliberately and systematically, as boys do. A good many of the seals never take bnt one mate, like certain monogamous birds, but this abstention generally seems to result from a conscious lack of physical prowess. All that are tough and strong practice polygamy and endure, with more ' or less fortitude and natience. any quantity of mothers-in- law. Senator Sherman insists that the habit which the Mormons have of "sealing" wives originated in L-S-ka— the place of the seal. W. A. CROFFITT. Too Valuable to Losi:. Fireman (to safe manufacturer)— Wake up, the works are on fire. What shall we save first? Manufacturer—For Heaven's sake get the safe out if you don't save any thing else—ifs got all our private papers in it.—Munsey's Weekly. Following the Precedent. "Cousin Ethel, I want you to be my wife.' 1 "Family history establishes quite another precedent, Henry; my mother was a sister to your father. I think we'll follow the precedent."- Harper's Bazar. will c;l)ew boor tobacco can 0(4 EST Y tfortcco at If has fjQsuJse- rior^and No at ^ brice. It is worth . and joasure k OLD HONEST V Who rules in this town ? Depends on the question up. The lamp-chimney question—what sort do you break ? Whatever sort your dealer deals In. I lev/, do you thiiik, he selects his chimneys? He Juys tiiose that cosL him le^isi; he car, gLi ihc regular price ;0: r ine-n, u.iid the faster thjy break the more lit sells. l . ," ' ;: T '' i: . 1 GOdi 3 ' jj'.'tii x I'Jp Ol.' ' pCo-l/ eni. dfivU'. IHJI k>?/</v. fine. r ;f right .shape ai -tl uniiorm. Tell him you'il pay him a nickel more a piece, ?.;vd. that will cover his extra costs twice over. Tell him you don't propose to break any more. Try your hand at' ruling. Pittsburs. ' GEO. i>i-A.cnr:Tr;.,<:: Intelligent Readers will notice that Tutt's •r0 not "warranted to cure" all" cl»»n«« of dl»e»»ei», bnt only »nch u» remit from a disordered liver, viz: Vertigo, Headache, Dyspepsia, Fevers, Costiveness, Bilious Colic, Flatulence, etc. For these they are not warranted <•§fallible, but are as »e»rly so U.H it isjpoo- •ible to muKo a remedy. Price, 25c t*. SOUO EVERYWHERE. CURE Bicfe Headache and relieve oil the troubles Incident to ablllom state of the system, saob. cut Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after eating. Pain in the Side, tc. Whilo their moat remarkable success lias been Baown in conog , SICK Headache, yet Carter's Liifle Llvor Pffla 8M equally valuable in Constipation, curtngandpro- ventiDgtaisannsying complaint-while they also corroctall disorders of tnestomach^timnlatotha liver and regulate the bowels. EvauiTtheyonly HEAD Acle they wonld be almostprioeiessto those-w&9 BU/for from this distressing complaint; but fortunately their goodness does notandlere.and thoso who once try them will find these little pills valu- oble in BO many ways that they will not be willing to do without them. But afterallslck head ACHE IB the tane of so many Urea that here Is •whew we.make our great boast Our pills cai-e it whila others do not. , . Curtor'B LitUe Liver Pills are very-small and TOff easy to take. One or two pills make a-dona. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, but by their gentle action please all who nsethem. Invialsat25conts; flvaforJL Sola by druggists eYerywteie, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE GOLD MEDAL, P.kBIS. IB78. I.BAKER&CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which the excess of oil has been removed, is ^Absolutely Pure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It lias more than three times Hie strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass, miff little fortunesIIRTCbeen mftd*« work for u*, by A mm I'«KC, Aumln, iw, ond Jno. Honn, Tolt-do, Olilo. rut, Othernflrp doing UN Wfll, Why (not you? Somo t'ffni over £500.00 ft monlli. You crtn Jo ihc.work nnd Hvo AI lioitu 1 , wlicrevor yuu arc. Ev«n be- .jtinnprB nrc <?n»Uy-*Anilnir",iVom iPfi to £10adti>*. AU ape's. We allow you how nnd Htnrt you. Can work In npnre (!m« or all tlir timr. BI(r monry for work- pm. FnlliH-c imltiinwtt nmonp ihrm. NEW nud wntiderAil. rnnlfulnrn frc*. PERFECT MANHOOD. "TOtTNO, MWdlc-nKed and Elderly men who are •ufferinR from toe affect-of youthful lollies or or CCBBCS at moturer yeimt, anil now nnd their manlj vigor dccreiised ana who are troubled with teriiWo drainnnnd leases, you can be permanently restored to PEKFJEOT MASTHOOB, nt home, wlthojit expomire, nt loweot cont, by Dr. Clarfci' • upptoTed methods, tested and proven in nearly « tear's practice (EstabllsHed 1861), Tn Chronic, ifervou* and Bpeclul Dlsenses. If In need of medical aid. send for Question lir« so you can fully describe tne symptoms of your pni llcuinrtli«ense to ro«. Consultationfree» : ' 1 1 ""i-o ' flours, S to 8; Sundays, 9 to 12. Ad<Jre»s F. 0. CLARKE, WI. D., 186 8. Clark St., CHICAGO,.. Cheap Laud.s unit Homes ill lieu- I-../-.T.-V, Teimesee, ALA:BA:MA, J>lississii>pi and Louisiana. OirtlieJlne ol tlie viuwjji &Ci-esc«it fioute ca be round •l.UOti.inf acres of splendid bottom, np land, Uuiuer and sioi-k lanux. Alsy tlie finew^j rrult and uilnenil lauds on'tlic euiitiTiBiit tor sal* on favordble terni.1. •' FAKHEtai! wli D all thy grttli'B sft li nome la the sunny rioutl), wlit-.rf bllzzni-ds and Ice clad. [lialn.s ari" miknuwii. . .., i; Tlio Qu»en & Crescent Route Is 94 illlee tL« Slmrtesl and Quickest Line Cincinaii to New Orleans . Time 27 Hours. Entire TralnB, Baggage Cat, Day Coaches an* V Sleepers nin through without change. Hi' .Uiii-h Hie SlioJifst. 3 Hours tli« QiU«keB« CmrJiinau 10 Jacksonville, Times Hours. riif uiiij- :;)!•• nihiiii-.g solid Traiiir ami ^k<*|p|im ('ars. ^ ONLY LINK KKOM CIKC1KNAT1 TXl Chartaiiogii. Tenn.. >'ort Payne, Ala., ileridJan, ; Miss.. Vickburs, Miss.. Shrew|)0tt, La. ' SA HUPS tli^ srn«»-st Cincinnati to Lexington. Kj. 5 Hour? ('•olckfSt Cincinnati lo Knoxvllli Ttrnn. ilt> Miles tin- Slii>rl,e.<t Cincinnati to All,int<i <n«t;- Au0isia, (fa. itir fh<irivsr Cincinnati m Aiuii^toti Ai»,» lietflinri'"" i.'lncinnatl to Bfrii i Ala; - ]n Mill— Jf.,ivi,.-- c )tlr-H)|i;ir1 T" Vi.hlli \ For Texas, Mexscu, Cant( Trains IwiVwCi'titial Union ln-i ui, UIH.H n cttissliijr UIK K,U)-i;»s Hliih Hni.'p •>!'. l-.rnm. ^jld i-onndinK tin* ItHSf ol Luuki-di ii,-i.ii' Pullman Bimdnii-Hi^Krs on nil Tli!'-»ii.i 1 1 ()v<-r OiifUllllon AcriTOf I.MHI n . j . ;• future Gn at sKiti? ol 'lie vou'-i- '-<•> pr^wniptlon. l ; i sn^'^^^• '* ; 1^; ** For Correct. CouiUo Maps, l.(i«i.si 1< » full particulars rulitf.-s. 1). (,. l-J A 'Al.I -. P;ui.s.-nger Jc Tk-ket Auf-nt. Vne^ii >t Civ>ci-iit lioi.ie, L'iiK'i'ii'i.u.- i' TEXAS FARM LANDS At present valuation will make men rich annn.,,, tpe year 1891. The most conservative admit tot J truth of tliis assertion. .. J It is now kmwnthat the finest wheat land inthfiuwMf.. and suitable for all small grains and fruit* and In jj many instances cotton are £* In North and West Texasi Texas farmers have an enormous borne mark«W as well as 55 Tutetae Thousand Miles of Railroad anil Ocean Outlet % for their surplus crop. Here farmers are able *"~ worlcoutoJ doors every day in the year, and 8t run on ffrass-from January. HrJanuarj- Jii.«jj» f;innerB In-Kansos and in the north-west »'e selllnj^. whatever cquitythey have in tnelr farms,buTinK| tUecheaoJandBoJTcXiiE. And in many ' nl »' ( "'9?J% clearioK the price of the land from their flrtt y«"«*l crops. The latesteenaus shows that few fanne Texiis o.tve their farms mortcapred. The it-T- jchool fund is the lament of any connnonwe»lth_ltt the world, aecreinitinc in casn and lands some sWTj« millions of dollars. State taxes are tea cents on th»S hundred dollars. We simply aet as Agents in the Sale of 1 ^ Consequently pive the same attention to the lnJ»F-i esc of tne buyer or-investor SB to the .seller. W»| have now for sale good agricultural lands forfrO"! time to ten, dollars per .acre, accordlne-.to locaOOT.^ ThCBelands-willdoublein valuein threayear*. W»£j can investmoneyinhlshcrade flrst mortt»ge» 10 non-residents bcarina )0 per cent. Wedonotm»*-j any chargefor commissions from buyersor lendenS. of money. If you want a f arm or» mortgMjinttJfl ns. Fort Worth clwproperty.a specialty. W«rerwr.y by permlBsion to the- Flrat-Natlonal-Bw* t£e-CU Satlonal Bans, the Merchants NatiomOBanlc, |01 c.. Kort Wortb, and the Fort WorthChamber Of Commerce. Correspondence Solicited. THOMAS J. HURLEY.--;^! NEOOTXATOB^-MrrHicrPAi. BOUBS, eosootBCt*»S FAPKIi, MOBTOAGBS AXD 'K1!A1.-,:K8TAT», , ^ Hurley Office Building, Forth Wor«i,J«W». THE GEITLE»mK'? : fRIEKp. '*«*«• OnrMiiydorPerfectlon Syriuse free w,i,ti «vecjr| Dottle. Prevents Ktrletore. Cures Con "- — '- ncd eieet in 1 to -t dayx. Ask your.: [or it. 'Sent to »ny.»ddress for 8I-OO. »5*LYDOR MANUF'G CO.,LANCASTER.^ MONEY ni Ite ronirrt nl o. ipldly anil liOuonibly, by tho» ot ,.ttn*r~M!i: t vouii£or olti.'and In theiri, own localitR%,iylierevertlif^ Jive. ABJ«iK -do ilie work,- Easy.tol«*rn;> ' \Ve funiinh evrrvtliiujj. We tuart yon, >'o ri«k. You c*n y«ur Miiim uioiH«?nli«. or all your lime to the work. ..Thl*[i iil,uiHl brings w .•nrn'mg iVt»m "" IUCCCHS tl week and- tW n U«le i-:o>er»»nce< Wo cnn funilwh yod the uld U'Hcli you KKKH. No Hpncefo explain. h»re. J?ult.T FBKK. XltlTE A <;O., Al'tiUS* A,.«AlKKi Oo Yoif test or <$pe(nili| ••• : • . . STOCKS, BONDS, :.-.. ,; c .^ AND PROVISIONS;?^ if so, trade witii a reliable firm who have^ti years experience, and are members of ilie'C. Board oi 1 Trade and Stock Exchange. -,,Whc business strictly on Commission. Refer to ;-niu>!** Trust and Savings BanK, Chicago. J ':, •;'$ C. A. WHYLAND & CO. :O JPooffie .AVG». - Chi'oasro, Wo send fre ; of charRe our Dai ly Market Repojij| •u-.d Circular o.l application. ' , '-:'?'•$& Interest allowed oil monthly Vialancas. ' r . JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. ^ THE MOST PERFECT OF DR. HORHE'S ELECTRIC TRUSS Have Cured XO.OO" Bjiijtnrcs in 15 T<*WJJ "I suffered with » donhlo rupture 5 yrars: J • Torr;!!* trie Truss cured mo in S% inontlis, J. O. PBi-LTO- Sept 24, '90, • . -; Cliattanoogij,: "Your El^ct'lc Truss cnred my nintiirn after snfl 15 years. MBS. A. DOUGHTY.'^Absecmi, N.. 3.- P«t-8,^ "lam curpd Round and well by wenrlnjr ynur,El* Truss. K. HAKVEY." Davis Glty, leva. V.-AIIC " " The only ffoniitric EWr.Hc TriiK* nnrt llolf 4 In the world. «O.pne(iint>i»'««t<.<1 .bnokwntrrMM* DR. HORNE, INVENTOR; ISO WABASH AVE.,CHI&

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