The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1934
Page 5
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FK1DAV,. NOVKMJJKK. ,23, •• JU3-I U (AUK.) COUUIUK NEWS Rumored Romance Sets Tongues foung Hindu Studies Jonrnali*m in U. S. EUGEN13, Ore. ID! 1 ) — Kummnr •rt Mohan V. Hiij, n yonii* Hindu, s studying journalism at llic Uu- vcrsily of Oregon. Raj mine to (Ills country from knnbay, India, lo sludy agdcul- lire and JoiirmUlsm, He took up agriculture nt Out. •erslly of Mimicsola. When lie Inlslics his (raining licvo, lie iilnns o return lo Ills ntillvo- land, "At Bonibtiy, I pltm to edit un igi'lciillural Journal, operate i\ uotlcl Jartn, establish Agricultural iiaikcliitB associations and conduct slioii courses for funnels," 'no said, Mimp Flashed Election Figures High Over City AKRON, O. (UP)—Tin nlr K-ns Homily full of vole reliims lu-iv election nlyhl. Through an. ammgemcnl uc- wcen a 'newspaper and the Good,'ear Tire uud Rubber company, a :llmp Unshed vote ngures !>'om Die ky Uiroiigli red neon tubing. Hc- 'iirns were 'phoned from tlie ]m- )cr's edllorinl office to Akron air:ort, radioed lo Uie blimp, put in•o red figures In the sky as It :rtilsed over dm city. SCION OP TtlE NEW DEAL AND PRINCESS OP DELAWARE. Society Gossip Links Young Roosevelt and DuPont Heiress By NEA Service 1 ther of the UcliuUiitc. So WILMINGTON. Del—Eastern so-j lc hav c Uicsc denials become Ihal ciety is watching with interest. Hi: latest romance in the Roosevelt family. This lime attention is fo- c(K3d on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., next eligible son or President and Mrs. Koosevelt, and Miss Ethel duPont, hcircss-debwlante of Wilmington, Del. • * * * Tlie romance cumc lo public al- (clid'ou vith true Kuosevcllian dramatic fervor last season when the scion of the New Deal exponent slolc the shoiv at a rhibili-Jphhi lioxliif match by attacking a newspaper photographer wlio attempted to s»ap his picture. Exxplaiiations disclosed that he was protecting Miss duPont, then a student'at a fashionable board spcculrftive gossip, Chough i»K the fact that Eugene duPont and (lie President were classmates at Harvard, predicts that the romance will hit a snag of no small import. Miss Ethel d\:Pont is one of the duPont cousins known as the Princesses of Delaware, and heiress lo the vast fortune of the potent du- Pont de Nemours Company, which has been in the hands or one family for more than a hundred years. committee in Washington by Senator Nye. Even these who look most pessimistically upon the development a! romance find it in many ways a Iblrikiji" Kcnealojieal study. Though Ihc duTont family is'one of the line of Samuel Pierre duPont, scientist and advocate of advanced education and economics, and writer, tlit members of that family have been as strongly extroverted as the members or the Roosevelt family appear to havc been. « « « The rounder of the duPonl family came from Prance to America little more than a hundred years after the Dutch ancestors of Uic Roosevelk came to this country. He came to America to become a citizen because he .would not serve under Napoleon. Back in 1800 West Coast Convicts Prefer Penal Code Books SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP)—California penal- and political codes head Hie list, of "best sellers" In ^olsom prison, one of Ihc nation's 'toughest" penitentiaries. These books, along with Uie works of Blackslonc, lop the list of requests from prison inmates, according to Slate Librarian Mabel "Mils. Til s convicts pore over Hie 'olinncs in tin cffon lo find loopholes in the law which may win freedom for them. Results of this avid -study occasionally sends staid jiirlsti Inio a huddle when habeas corpus petitions containing queer poiill.5 of law are prcscnlecl. tlie power of tho tluPont famili', known ns thc "Hoyal Family of Delaware," lies not, only in its wealtli, but in a clannish cooperation, the concentration' of .the - -- ~-- ~~~... wealth and power'of "every meni- uuj school, .from the inevitable j ter of thc clan, toward Uie general publicity that follows the son of a I welfare of the name'of duPont' to famous lather. More recently an-1 which the great company stands other flint of the romance crashsd - ....•• - tba front'^ pages when it j.coyercU 'iHat-the Preside...„-„_,., h'tul purchased a roadster In" wTi- mingtoiv-givin>; fashionable, 6wl ; s '""•'• Roud,, in Wilmington—the The success of that company and. when Isaac Roosevelt, great-grand- 'Jis-r Nest ,, — duPont : estate— as his address. 'It dsvelopcrt, however, that .young Roosevelt gave that address for tb- - _ , , ° f ' ! " 3 fret(UeIlt r( "" anc « s . in father of Franklin D., Jr., who es- tabli'.i"icl the family estate at Hyde Park, New York, was only ten years old, the sons or Samuel Pierre du- PoiH had founded a banking and commission house in New York city, which failed because of non-payment of monies loaned'to France due to the ill feeling of Napoleon toward their father. Isaac Roosevelt •i.-A. ..-: . , •• I was but twelve, years old when-the ,iyJilie-marriagesof Ihc women of duPont sous bf-«erre Samuel were the dttPoiil' family have played 'in founding the Jamoiis powder mills important part in tills •scheme; Ui •• - - iwwacr mills, the earlier years the inter-marriage of distant cousins in the family was looked upon with favor. Of later years, "the rich girl-poor boy as a monument." wcek,™ » f week-end visits to blnce the presentation of . Miss luront to society early this season ne school-day romance has assumed evident importance. Franklin J). Itoiscvcll, Jr., now a sopho- : family , . hs duPont home, have altraclcd wide attention, as it has been observed; that. duPont bcen enter- more at Harvard, has fained extensively at. (he debu- tanle's home, both Wilmington and at the (hipont summer homo i come diversified at .North Harbor, JIc. On several occasions he has been Ihc guest of Uie dul'onis in New York City. Boston society watched the romance at close ranee at tha recent, debut of Miss Barbara Gushing sister of the wife of James Hoosc- vclt. Miss duPont w»s a gu»st at the affair and three sons or the President and Mrs. Roosevelt James. Franklin D., Jr., and John Roosevelt, \vere ushers. Philadelphia lifted an eyebrow O f attention when Miss duPont was a mcmbjr or the receiving party at 1%. debut or the younger sister or Mrs. Don- ncr Roosevelt, former wife of Elliott Roosevelt. heiresses make no effort to nialch the importance of their family name, or thtlr wealth, w i(h that of a husband. It is s;1 id thai the dul'ont sires favor . romances of their daughters with men of nt> great individual inlcrests ;so thai the wealth and power may not be- A Roosevelt-duPont romance Is said to be looked upon with askance by. th c duPont family because members. of the clan are avowed enemies of the "New Deal." Irence duPont, uncle of the debutante is one of the rounders of the newly organized Liberty League, and one of,the four onicials of thc company who laced the recent munitions ciuizz conducted Senate on the .Banks of the Brandywine in Wilmington. 17-Year-Old Ohio Boy Gets Life Term in Murder CLEVELAND (UP)—A 17-ycnr- old boy has been'senfcnccd to life imprisonment in Ohio penitential'} for murdeh He is Joseph Bada, coinmittcd for ^he murder of Mrs. Anna Sttirski, In her confectionary. A jury of six men and six women In common pleas court found Iiin guilty of first dsgree murder, rec. oirunended mercy. Th2 youth was convicted prin- cipally'on the testimony of Michael Drury, also 17, who testified Bada accompanied him to Mrs. Sturski's ivherc, lie said, Bad.i struck the woman with his fist, or ?. revolver, and her head struck a stove as she fell. Read Courier Ncwa Want Rumors of (he tnga;cmciit of lli youn» couple have been cmphati tally denied l.y Kirgenc dnl'onl. fa Checks COLDS '."|ui,l - T.l,lcls II Salve - Kose Drops HcadaCHCS In SO Minulci PURE Chilled By Frigidairc Sitfc - Sanitary I'bil . 7c Quart - IZo CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 Here's the WBNTER GAS . you need The new Tcxaco-Iifhyl is i "husky." No mailer how cold thc westher, how cold your engine— Texaco- I-lhrl takes every start in stride- packing two-fisted punch behind each cylinder mile after mile during Ihc coldtsf run. The new Texaco- Ethyl is alive — eager to "go" from (he moment your foot hits thc start|, cr. Drive up for a lankful of Tcxico- Elhyl today. « 7EXACO-ETHYL FIRUH'EF GASOLINE : PLUS ETHYl , MAIN SERVICE STATION Hold, of Sydney, \viis near shore In Hie Passage wlieu the, whole swlttenly rose to the surface and durtftl towiwls It. Only the fuel Hun cuplnln Reid saw u«! whale and called out saved the cloj; from being cnlen. Taxes Keep Up Price Of French Table Wines PARIS (UP)—The state nets 10 cents from every bottle of wluc sold In France, There is » tie luxe tax on high grade vintage wines and social Insurance for vineyard workers in addition. Wine growers Inform llui French bile that (here Is no horx; of ordinary table wine being solil at In few sous a bottle, ns WHS Uie cuse before the war. On the other hand, the obvious ifirt' or llio general French public lo drink more wine has led wine dealers to sell the higher grades of table wines nt comparatively modest prices'. wines are obtainable In licc'aiilcrs In restaurants, Three Hils with Single Shul HOUHSUURQ, .Pa. <u>>>—Irani ewis i;ol himself , ( Kriiiinel. a man and a dog—nil In one shot from his trusty gun. while limning ncni- here, lis shot a squirrel. Part of llio slugs from Die shol- mi peppered the leg of his companion, Calvin Crawford, while Crawford's dog, which also wns In vtmgc or the gun lire, was killed. "Killer" Whale Cheated Of Dainty Morsel SYDNEY, N. S. (UP)-A liionstt,- "killer" whflle, ivhlcli, Is liauntlng the Iroquois Passage, ncni-! hern, has been cheated out ol ils first' victim—a little pet dog. ! Thc dog, owned by Capt. John' NO WASTED CURRENT NO SCORCHED CLOTHES WAKE UP YOUR LIVERBILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump 'Out of ?ed in , the Morning Rarin' Y OU pc-l a'rral "kirk" mil of your iiiciior, \ihi'ii your tiivtoiiclica ihuBlurtfr. , , If llui luiik is lilleiUilh l'liilli|,»f,6, tin: i'ri'nti.'/- tftiAittitit'. Your t>n<;iiifK]iirU ^vilh ftplil- WCOHlI «|IC<-|I, lll'II <lll |(«y<l of framing colil. ll diM-s no ln>. (•mine IMiillip«r>(i IK lumen! high lr«t. Ami lii^h imi i» ,,|, U | j t liiken lit Hiving n culil uiolor cuKi iiimuiil orllcMi. You know llnil! You nl»o •lnr|{«sl_ j>ri.illli-iT «f niilnriil Iililh Ifst ynsi.liiie. All (if which ccrlainly i:\plulns 'why wo IVuiikly print in plum li|<iirc» nicnli', Ihi-K-^riivIty iignri-s a re proof of our n 1'hillips lil);li Icsl, .. urc cv!- ilcucclliut HO fi'lii' HO rompari- s(>iiHU'Lllioilier^ii8(flincM.. .tiro ymrj'imrtiiilcisnrgrvniervuliii! fi>r your niuiiry, !'«r morn Kdnjt untl I|IIK|I .,, tunri! powcruml mile* .,, cvor- «in»lnntnnilflinh!i, w n :h|Mii]sc Icilhc llinillli'... K'BS inline null ktim.'k ... <lH<:»\'<>r tlic diirer- (•ra-clii'Uvci'a^aHiiluuah) snip- |ilng for » Irhil liinkfnl al uiij- Oruujjc mill lilucli fiG Shield. NDVEMBU GHAVITV (•' W^rt/Mi"!) BU°... UNTI-KNOCK RMINC 70 OCTftNE ONE BIG REASON FOR MORE MILEAGE PHILLIPS 66 LOW TEST GAS S» Hie dr«m»tic **vlnK flvvn fay Phllllpi «e klgk t«it. It >l>rts moton f»»t»r .. cold weather or worm. That'* why UleAvc3mor«ias 4n cv«ry gallon for. actual Mftrtgit UHfor H you fee! loui »oil iiink and tfio'ooild looks punV, don't »w»Upw a lot ot n\(s, min- tr»l «ater, oil, liiitl v« dady or chowinj e'um •nd expect Ihem to miko you suddenly sweet 3nd tuoyanl «nd tulloCsutubinv. • , For th*y can't (Io it. TKey only movo Uie boweU and & mere moTerapnt doesn't get at t he cau.w. Th e r*»»bn lor you r down-a n d^jiit [fcUot is your liver. It should pour out two pounds ol liquid bile into your howcla daily. If tnU bile U not flowing freely, your lood doesn't dijmt. It Juifdemyi ia Ibe bonris. (las bloita up. your atomtcli. Vou ha»e a tblcV, b«d taile »nd your breath ii [nlll akin ottcn breakAOutin WcmishM. Vour hcj«! »c(ienTidyoafeeldowniodouLVDUT»hole •Jitemia pouanpd.' . Tmi'lfV •"•?*• f °" a - old CARTER'S I.1TTLE LIVER PILLS to jot lliese t.-« ' pouaa* ol bile ftamrtf Indy an( j ma t c y0!I le*l "up »nj up." Tiiey contain *OBoY[[ul harrnlew, c*ntle rftctable extracL*, amaiin? wb*n it cornea to makirij the blip flow (reely .. Baldoa't ijlr Hi Yn,t pill,. Alt (or Carter i I JUle Ijver Pill*. Look fo: tne naice Carter's L»'4« Liier Pi!l» on the red labtl. Reieat > •ab«titut».25cat Jiuzstorm. oiMlC.KI.Co. Colcman Automatic Iron *savcs $2 to $5 a year on electric current. \Vlicn it reaches thc temperature « which tl\c i! set tlic current is automatically nit off. It "coasd" or "free wheels" on stored heat. 405, of the tinn; it Is in use it consumes no electricity. This saving on your electric bill goes on year >tter V cnr aj:lor,g as you use .your, .Colcmnnl..rThis ,same automatic action o'f the thermostat clim- inatcj fire danger and scorching of clothes. Saves wor.k'1. .does more InAn the ironuiy, .The Colcman u. beautifully dc- siEned and finished in supcrK:hrom- ium. Has long taperin;; point, button bevel and glajs-smoolh ironing surface. Come in and fee this beautiful iron, let vs prove em natmenu about Ihc money it stH-es you. Hubbard Bard ware (,!o. TRADE-I N SALE toward a NEW 1935 PHILCO Here's your chance to own a splendid, ncir 1935 J'HII.CO al a rcmarkalilc saving! 'During our Trade-in Sale we arc olTcr- \ ins c.vlrn-bijr allowances on all makes of used.radios. Trade-in your present set 0:1 a neiv rHIt.CO —anil enjoy radio al ils hest! 19 gliwious models lo choose from. The Search for VALUES The gold or silver miner docs much work.bei'orc his mine is on a paying- basis. That's "development work." He carries on in the hope that -soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. \ Compare this miner to your reading: of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you at the moment. But many thousands- of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak for him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio, and is mightily pleased to find the advertisement that tells all about it. W5 PHILCO 16X Tan«-ln. fiitlss sUlloni In ai- ditTon Jo 'yoqr Inywilr Amrri- *n^ B#»ri.:Soptr Ciaii "A" Au- <f» Srstem. AidiloMom' Sjtsltr, «t« Co«m.nilr,n. AiilomilJc Volume .CoMrot,; Ton« - fonlrol. Slifitm, Tuninf. tic. JHfiiiil- tmt c>b|nel'(,t • cnllj itolili ' (lojivcnionl T( .THIS jr DCS] ml Fuuniture Co. m *"* The advertisements carried in this newspaper are f^^^T^"^ V t; "' i *"•'*. •"• i "''- • ti nh-x -f -j-»t>-«»^»"M»] helpful m the business of living. They tell "of equipment, appliances, things for personal' and household needs. Take note of the things you -now have in regu- . What first called them to your attention* It's t you first read about them in an advertisement. Other good values await your choosing in the advertisements in this issue.

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