Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 7, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XX. LOGANSPORT, IMHANA- THpKSDAY MORNING. FEBHUARY 7,- •NOBY BOAT BY RAIL BY DRAY. TO HIGHEST RAM. Geri. Schofield Appointed by Prea- dent a Lieutenant General. And our Spring Importations of HANDSOME SILK3, NEW LACES, NEW DRESS TRIMMINGS, NEW WHITE GOODS, Are laid at our door direct from Foreign Ports. ....... Bland Submits a Substitute to Bane- ing and Currency Bill—Proceed-i ings in Semite, ttcut appropriating .. SO.OOO for tlie execution of the obligations and protection of American interests m Samoa was ay-reed lo. Au amendment appropriating i50U,000 as part of the cost of a cable to the Hawaiian Clauds was discussed on its merits,. Senator .Mills (dcm.. Tex.) holding iu reserve a point of order that it was "general legisia- tioD on the appropriation bill." ABDICATES. Queen Eiliuokalani Voluntarily Ka- signs the Throne. FJlOM.flOOSIERDOAL- Telegraphic No-W3'of Interest to Indiaaians. DEBS TAKES Telia Why tliu Ainnrlr.i THE STAND. Railway Onion WASHI.VOTON-. Feb. 0.— The presideit has approved the bill creating 1 the rark of lieutenant ffeueral of the army aid has nominated Gen. Schofieid for tie place. ALL QUALITIES. ALL STYLES. ALL PRICES. All Strictly Metropolitan. Will say no more. Only early shoppers will make inroads on the prettiest-and they can't be duplicated. The Busy Bee Hive 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and See! PUy Thousands ol Tunes ty means ol Indsjlniciiblo Metallic Disks. Purify & Volume ol Tone Unequalled- The wonderful Eegina MiisicBoi. Will play anytime. I am ageut for Logiinsport of tiie pea- nine, also the new things in Gold Bulls, ColKretres, Buokles, Oziiriua Pius, Butterfly Hat Plus. Side Cotubs, Hair Pius, Watnh Puukfta, Lrtdies' G-uird Chains. Gold Bricahrua, Spectacles of ail kind* fitted to the ejes. 30 years' experience ia Eo- trrnvii>£ and all kiuds of work dune to order at Feb. 0. — In the bouie Wednesday senate bill wns pnss<d granting rig-lit of \v:iy through tlie Sno Carlos reservation, Arizona, to the Gib Valley, Globe & Northern Railroad company. At 11:30 the house, in committee of the whole, proceeded to tlie furthor consideration of the .banking: and currency bill. Mr. ]-trusins (rep, Pa.) a member of the- banking . committee, was the • first . speaker. .The bill was further discussed by .Messrs. Little -(flem.. Ark.), .Grow (rop.. Pa..), Keill, (deui., Ark.j, and'jS'ewlunds (silver. JS'ev.). liltiml MJIS it MTbNtltllto. ....... Mr. Inland (clom., Mo.), the 'free silver' ' loader" of the'house. 'proceeded and had read a proposed substitute for the first section of the ponding- bill. The substitute '_ provides that a]l coin obligations of" tJie United ' States shall '\>K paid ' in the standard gold 'and 'silver coins of the United States in tlie most convenient •way; and to provide the 'treasury with ' A HAUK, The Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy.Suits and Winter Underwear^ at your own price. We have also between three and. four hundred boys' suits in all sizas and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight goods at the Broadway Clothing *Store, 426 Broadway. GF.y. 8CUOFIKI.D." sueh coins. All duties: shall be paid half in gold and half . in standard silver coins, the silver bullion, now in the'treasury is to be coined for the redemption of treasury notes at tho.rate of S100.000.000 a ronnth. and the.treasury notes are to be cancelled. Mr. Mcliae (dem., Ark.) favored the Bland substitute'. ; At £ o'clock consideration of the currency bill was begun under the five- muVYite rule for amendment. The first 'amendment proposed by the committee making the bonds payable at' the " pleasure of the United States, after ten years, was agreed to; also the. second amendment restricting the retirement of greenbacks to the amount of national bank circulation taken out. The committee amendment, making a tax of one-eighth of 1 per cent, on national bank currency j stand in lieu of all existing taxes, was • agreed to, with an amendment proposed by Mr. Haugen.. (rep., YV'is.) re- ; dueing the minimum amount of capital stock of a national .bank from WO,UOO to SiO.OOO. • The amendment of the committee Striking out the section of the bill providing that no national bank notes of less • denomination than S10 shall be issued and thut all such notes when re- " c'eived at the treasury shall be cancelled, an equal amount of S10 or multiples thereof shall be issued in their stead, and that all' silver certificates of denominations greater than S10, when received at the treasury, shall be retired, and certificates of less than Si0 be issued in their stead, was rejected j without a division. An amendment offered by Mr, Gart- ttan. (rep., Mont.) making • 'customs- duties payable half in gold and half in silver was adopted by a vote of S3 to 74. 1 CHICAGO, Feb. 0.—It was expected that George M. Pullman would take the stand at the opening of the Debs : trial Wednesday morning, but the mar- shal reported he could not find him, and that it was his belief that the palace car president was in his ofliee port of tho day Tuesday, but refused to allow the otlicer to gain admission to his presence. Later on, it is claimed, Jlr. Pullman took a. train for Florida. Eugene V. Debs was •the principal witness of the da3 r . General Manager Chappell. of the Chicago & Alton railroad, was called first, lie said Vice President Wickes. of the Pullman company, was invited to be present at a mcuting of the General Managers' association, but took no part in it. IMr. Debs followed. He just told the story of his life aud then said the •object of the organisation of the American Railway uuion was to unite war- ring-faetions of railroad employes and ma'ku their cause a couiinon one against t!;e General .Managers] association. This was made necessary by. the fact that the large roads were constantly swillowing up the small ones and a movement was on foot to reduce wages.-. When he first heard of the troubles :it •Pullman Mr. - Debs sent- Vice President Uoward there and told him to avert the threatened.striice if possible. Judge Grosscup himself took the witness in hand and interrogated him concerning the condition of the Puilmr.n employes- FARMERS' ALLIANCE IN SESSION Resolution* FiiMotl Donouiictnir tho TMIIO of Korul*. RALEin u,y.C., Fe b. G.—The supreme council of the National Farmers' Alii- l •uuQe and Industrial union met in annual convention here. United Sta.tes Senator-elect Marion Butler, president of uthe national alliance, 'called tho council to order and presented Mayor Jjadger, of this citj', who delivered tho address of welcome. President Mow-, borne, of the .North Carolina state alliance, welcomed the -council ou behalf of the state. .... .- . At. the evening meeting of the council tlie following resolutions on tho currency question were adopted: "VV'lie'roas, 1 1 !s ourroaU.' reported that another bond Issui.- has bocn ticiuriulnpd upon by the pruMclout: u:id "Where :,. lii our opinion existing statute hiws do not ::-.H:iorIxu fjuch issui;. p.ciiiicr do prcsur.l uitiL'r^'Cn -ios i-dqnirts it: iintl. "Whereas, Tlie power is now ruposoil in'tbo px-nci"il Kovenirneut to mc'CLsu*:]! pres-;ii](jcon- tingencies by the pkiiti tui'ins ot cxlsiing Jaws; tlicrclore, "Resolvud, Th.it this n-itionil council of tho FarmuL'S' AllUn-c uud Iiulu-ttriil Union.' !& ret'ulur an:iun! session :iss;mble,l, -enter our so.emu ;icd most cur.ies: protest atfainai such Issue. •'Resolved. TliuL insic;id, the administration be ui-jjed to employ the option ullon-ed by law ftnd pay out silver as wen as j>old wnon coin Is demanded for tne treasury notes. "Kosol-. cd. Th:it if in is docs, not end tho prc-ent emc-rsreney, the cover.imeat bo re- quesiod tu issue nonimercst bearing fui tender treasury noted.'' WINTER TN ENGLAND. Believed She Is Insincere, and Has Taken the Stop to Secure Clemency for Herself and Others. The '^^'^;*the^ ia Years licinp 12x* lfQrcd on tho iMlMn'l. Feb. 6,—The cold which ia now beinfr experienced throughout the kingdom is the most severe that has been felt for years. The- thermometer in the midlands averag-es G degrees below zero. The docks at Southampton are partly frozen over and protracted snowstorms and pales have prevailed all. o-er the united kinc'dom. Strong 1 gales are reported from Queenstown and a heavy sea has been, running- since Friday. Many vessels are taking- shelter at Queenstown and other ports. The Scotch and Welsh railways are blocked with snow. HONOLULU, Jan. 30. vr.v S.or Feb. 0.—Queen Liliuokalani has abdicated in favor of the republic. This is by far the most important outcome of the late rebellion. The document was drawn up by A. S. Unrtwcll at the request of the ex-queen, n.nA was presented ou the 2<ith ultimo to President Dole. The document, according to its wording, was executed freely and voluntarily. | Alttkra n Pli-ii for f.hc Hnbels. '. The queen macle a plea for the Ua- vraiians and others who took part, in the rebellion. She hopes executive I clemency will be exercised in ! their cases. She expresses a desire to live in. absolute privacy henceforth. .The document includes a copy of the oath of allegiance taken by her, and closes: "I have caused the foregoing statement to bo prepared . and drawu, and h:u-; signed my name wiUiout having received the slightest sug-gestion from the president of Hawaii concerning the same or any part thereof, or concern- -iujj any action or course of my own in • tho. promises." , .Think thw Quec'n Inslncerts. - The queen's abdication was not unexpected. In many quarters it islooked upon as . a ruse to secure clemency •when she appears before the military court now sitting. It is not generally ' considered that she is sincere in making her .protestation. Sinee last advices evidence - of very damaging character has been piled nround .her. She was arrested ou a military warrant on the JOth instant. .No protest was made whcu the papers were served OM her, aod without delay she was escorted to the executive building, and confined iu a room, where she now remains under guard. JSojircIiod tha yilccn'8 .Promises. : Ou the evening of the day of her ar- . rest her l»ou'se was searched and the result was .-.the finding of the largest amount of . nrws and ammunition at one time since the present trouble began. The munitions of war consisted of thirty-four ritles, • eleven pistols, several swords, a large amount of cartridges .and twenty-one dynamite bombs. The discovery of this small arsenal caused-a. great deal of indignation among all classes and proved conclusively that the queen is in league with the rebels. IJuinauiiic I'jtpuri* Are FounJ. ; The following day the premises were searched again and'a number of dam- j aging papers were found. They showed that Liliuokalani was certain Scticuifr* at Wi>rk In ln,1hmn. | SOUTH UKm Ind., Feb. C.—Tw« smooth schemers are working- a ne* ' deal on the farmers in the vicinity ol" Lakevillcand neigrhboring- towns. purport to represent the farmers' TelepJaone company," a new!. organiziitiou, by which farmers may- have telephone connoc'.i.'n with ciliei - t and ueip-hborin. low 11;- ;;t a very noinV inal expense. One farmer is selected ' to be theg-enoral representative of i>aci|' district. They promise him a salary • for looking- after their interests an4 ; runninji the npencyat his own homo, 1 •. Eug-ene Hr r 'ford, living- near \Y;>lmif , Grove, \va 'irnized to the extent ol S3.0()o by parties. He paid tlieni f.'iOO in cash for supposed fixtures an4' sifrned a contract to actasafjeut, whicfc' ' nfterward turned up iu the form of • ' bank note to the iijuoiint of $2,f>00. .« Kohbi'd of Thflr Suvlnjfs. PI.VMOVTH. hid,. Feb. C. — At mid^ m>ht Monday night, four mn.slcod but* glars burst open the, door at the houst of .lohn Eng'le. 10 miles north of thii city, with a heavy piece of timbeiv Englc arid his wife were tied hand an4 foot and (ragged. While the rnbl>er» ransacked (he premises.' All the muiief. they had saved by years of toil w»t' taken. Kngle is Sr> _y.ears of age :m4 Lis wife 7d. The night"' wns cold and both suffered much account. It is thought the cannot survive the shock. on that old man MITXCIB, Ind.. Feb...G.— TMonday nen|>' BlouuUsville an old boiler used by KUHI( men sawing wood on the farm of Jiicofe 'Chipper exploded. Newtou AuderKOi\ Harvey Taylor and John Willruf were killed instantly and \\ilso« Dra.ke died of his injuries. Uarvu4 Wilson and Jacob Clapper were badly • injured. The men were at work neutfi the boiler where the saw was atUicheA Nearly all leave Iru In Ind., Feb. 6.— Fire ted a granite front two-story building, .opposite the state bouse Tuesday. H** suiting in a loss of S7r>,nf)0.^.\vith iusii*' ance of j'CO.OQO. It was occupied by thji H. T. Condo company, dealers ia vehicles and agricultural implement*' The building was owned, by Jlr.s. Mar/ Khodius. the wealtJiiesl woman iu li* dianapolis. tv«\:t Sori'pnn R:?mov«»d. •* Iilt,\7.n., Ind., Feb. G. — Vigorous stepl : -nre'being- taken by tho eburchesof thii ; city to secure the passage of the olsou bill, which JMIOW before, the st:i t€ legibla.tui-e. The bill provides for iliQ taking down of all screens :iud {arcing ell saloon-keepers to occupy the iiri>t floors. The bill will be d'esperatel/ fought by all saloon men. of restoration, as she even went so far THE QUEEN SIGNS IT. 'X. Feb. 0.—The- new sen- from . Wyoming, Senator Clark, 'was sworn in Wednesday. This last acquisition to the senate makes the total number eighty-seven (one vacancy from the state of U asliing- ton) of which there are forty-three democrats,'thirty-nine republicans, five populists. The credentials of Senator Elkins as senator . from West Virginia- and Llorace Clinton, from Te'xa-s, were placed on file. A resolution was offered a second, ume by Senator Chandler (rep.. X.' H.), declaring thut th'ere had been no law- !ul election of United States senator in \unsas when Senator Martin was declared elected, aud that therefore Sen- etor .Martin is not entitled to the seat, vras placed on the Calendar. Senate bill to authorize the construc- Jon of a bridge across the Missouri river at Lexing-ton, Mo., was reported avorably by Senator Vest, from Ilcnce tho Modo* Vivendi Between Spam tin Vl thi- Cnilccl Sit;il,cs I-i In Operation. WASIJIXGTOX, Feb. C. — The modus vivendi between Spain and the United States providing- lor the low tariff on American imports to Cuba and Porto Rico went into- effect Wednesday, having been sifrned by the queen three duys before. The rates under the new arrang-ement are the same as they were under the reciprocal convention negotiated under the McKinley act. WORK OF MASKED ROBBERS. ommittee on public buildings, and ilaced on the calendar. The diplomatic and consular appro- JDrag 'A "Watchman. Kob ;i Post Office and I-'KtJiLJy-Slioot an Officer. ' XEWBURG,. N. Y., Feb. 6.-—Early Wednesday morning three • masked burglars drugged the watchman, blew open the safe and robbed the post office at iMateawan. Dutehess county, of £.'00 in- stamps 'and 'some . registered mail matter.' As they were escaping.Officer Marshall was seriously, if aot fatally, shot.- • ' Brit mil Soldier liisnltfd. .Los-DOS.. Feb. G-—A dispatch from Shanghai to the Central i'ews says that on Sunday a number of Chinese the i soldiers attacked Capt Cartwright, of the British warship Pigeon, in the •treets of Nankin, hooting at him and pelting- bun. with, mad. No reparation lor the **»ult aa« be«n made. us to have a new cabinet made out. It was to be composed as follows: Robert W. Wilcox, minister of foreign affairs; Samuel Kowlin, minister of the interior: Charles T. 1 Gulick, minister of finance; C. W. I Ashford, attorney general. As associate justices she ' named Antone Rosa and V. V.. Ashford. \V. H. Riclt- ard was to be marshal. Governors for different islands were selected, a new constitution was prepared by Charles T. Gulick; in fact everything was in readiness for restoration. Arrests for treason and conspiracy have been numerous. In all there are about 350 men under lock und key. This number includes the prisoners of war. .'.'...' First aillltHry Court. It- is thought the government has under G.rrest nearly all who took part' in the rebellion. The last of the leaders to surrender was Lot' Lane. He is a half white and was considered a dangerous adversary. He gave himself up ou the 17th, after wandering about the mountains for five days. On the same day the first"military 'court in the history of the ilawaiian islands was convened. Three Plead Culler. The following day Robert Wilcox, W. C- Lane. James Lane, Samuel Nowlhj, CarKWidemnn, William Greig, Henry Bertellman and Louis Marshall were arraigned on a charge of open rebellion: Wilcox. Berteilman and Nowlin, the three leaders, all pleaded guilty. The others refused to plead, on the advice of counsel, and a plea of not guilty was entered against their names. h>Af» K«b«:l» Will be Rvlvttmii. The profound secrecy with which these affairs are conducted has led many citizens ' to. believe that the offenders will be dealt with in a lenient mauner. In conse- qaence of this theory the members of the citizens'guard have met and signed a;petition to President Dole to be firm and punish, the rebels as they deserve. CHICAGO. Feb.~ 6.—fresideut liatter hks resigned his office at the head of the Chicago board of trade. This ac- tion'-ivas.a direct result of the vote on the "put" and "coil" question .Monday j>^ra ou-r fi>r Andor«o(i. x, Ind., Feb. 0.— Frank AV Vv'ild has sold his property and the pla n< for the iOO.OUO opera house he intxjmli^ to erect in this city to Representative' John Terbune, who hasa similar eiitei> prise in view. Hut, one house will no< be erected mid Terlrjne will build it. Are in son, WAHASH, Ind.. Feb. 0.—James Johm 3n, a banlierat Upland, a small vi^ lage 20 miles southeast of this citiv has received advice that >wo men whg defrauded him of S7..MIO xvith the gold"' brick racket in August, ISUi, are ia' custody at Richmond, Va, • M»di> One (ntutllmrat of It. ANDERSON. Ind., Feb. 6.—R, W. Vat Kirk, manager of the New York ln« stallment company's branch house i* this city, has disappeared with all o| the money he has been collecting i«' the ' past month, which probably, amounts to S-iOO. FlorlxtN In 8<>flNlon. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Feb. «.—The- A* Kociation of Indiana Florists held»% meeting and decided to hold a chry»' anthemum exhibit next fall, of the officers of the society., were 1 and addresses were listened to. At-rcmteil for Wlfo Dxnnrtlon. Coi.u>iBU8, Ind,. Feb. G.—William T^ Luclcy married Miss Anuie Thympso* a year ago, and. abandoning her. went to Illinois, where he was arre&tecV brought back here and landed in jail for wife dewrtion. CAKI.O. Feb. 0.—An Am named S. M. Burroughs died \Vednesda/\ morning from pneumonia, after fortyV eight hours' illne.'i.'). liis papers show«4; him to been gaged in uusii)e.ssundert!l% lirm name of Burroughs &. \Velcome. Appolot«d. Feb. 6.—Eeceiverm at Richmond, Va., \Vedne*day for the Norfolk A W«rtera ii£rt»^ a Kountctn. SAX FRASCISCO, Feb. C.— The tin suites, on authority of fri<in.l.-j oft John W. Mackay that :i n.-concili;itioB betu-een 1'rioccss.a.nd Prince Colonua u| being arninged by Mrs. ilackay, th+ princess' motlier. YOHK. Feb. G. — .Maggie ell, thev.-ell-knoxvn actress, has a home on \Vest Sixty-Eighth st for which ube paid s3L',OlX). and wher* she and her husband, Charles F. Ab* bott, will live. St**WHr;i'» Body Recovered. LOXTJOS, Feb. G.—A body supposed t» be than of H. Pschunder, the chief st«wf» ard of the Klbc, was brought to Uowefl* • tuft by» fibhinif boat Wedne»d*y moftf- lag.

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