The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1937
Page 2
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iwo BLYTIIEVILLE; KARK.)- COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, l' l EfiKUAUY 23, 1<J3>? - Opeia Star Makes Success gt- PatQhvitoiik Scheme of Decoration --j-g now'"VarJo-' ty is tho spice of Jtfe" Is the motto of Intjerlo^ decorators., Aftnosl anything goes for diversity. In some honies, decorators' do each room In a different period, or mingle any number of alien vogues in one room. Modem furniture and old paintings harmonize as perfectly as cof- , fee and cream. Mme Elisabeth Hftiiberc;, Metio- iwlllan Opera •star! is one \vlio pro\es the success of \arielv in hci chinning ne^ house, a 15-tootn npllc* of,* Rhin^land castlo. Each 10091 represents a different period has a distinctive, definite personality, a special function, and an im- acniabl* chirm aU its own, file niaui entrance hall is a huge circular room patterned alter n, medial fortress A spiral stoile staircase *lth, a ^roughl-lron railing, leads to. another hall \vllh a tremendous RenaKsaucc fireplace and the, large upstairs Jiving roonj .Leading '-Boom U American Gomg through the entrance hall, one. encounter.? a/i enchanting patchwork <jf a house First there is a cozy^Amencan i-oom for lounging, restUig 01, reading. Three casement, wiridofts 01 erlook the Hudson River Puik* ay Deep brown Ainei- ican nianlf furnishings designed In early American style, are framed against a perfect setting of buff TOlIs, v Cushions and couch- COVCN. are done In, tones of vcllow, otange and red to capry out the warm, chwry cojor scheme Nej(t £ a typical little Gcmiaii beer-room, Smajl ana intimate, it . is, entirely panelled in a dark wood that giyes oft a pungent, spicy color There are rustic iall benches circling the room, closets with thick glass insets,, In, bottle'-bottom design, and a canning, sink, concealed benea(h-a flap, of 'wodd The outside door is. iust/ifhat one would expcct-fthe divided type, w ith tlie top and bottom v parts i suing Ing open independently n , The nms)c, i-OQUi is ultia modern One nail Is-all iyindov,j, and the others hre 'painted 'a pale green Botony prints .ar,e the chief decoration, «nd indirect lighting islc'n- tured The calling is arched 'for perfect acoustical conditions, Ubrary\Lik? Chapel An old Gothic chapel is Mine Rethberg's library 'Its beamed cell- ing- jreaching up into the eaves, a madonna In a, Gothic-arched niche, and a stained glass, windovOplnced high at. one end and Illuminated from behlnrt | Into glowing beaut\, all contribute to thp tranciuil feel-, ye of Old World tradition Oval, back chairs of leather, worn to a *ale go!d.en byonn, stand about a. l qU m C , * ak UWe c Books fil1 » h « M & °*, k *i n siwl ^ es ' and *!"<* old china plates and porcelain vases border the tops •J^f Renaissance is reflected in tat ! living room nith its blue, green Sll g*!? 01 * 11 " t>>P"try, Its orig- . jnal Rubens, and the priceless nee- dJepomt chairs ,A wooden chest, «chly carved, gilded and painted ay a master hand, further emphasizes the spirit of the vanished age Bofttmian Diptnf Room Upon entering the dmine room one finds himself in quaint Bo*™ * Dtllci "«l? fashioned Inlaid ^ old Finds Divci'sily Lends Interest t, i,n i • r asures ' arc breatl >- taUngly pjcfuresque Miniatures adorn the nulls, and further deco- ™ln« "i 0tCS £!* P rovlded to many curios brought over from Mme Betnberg's European home Across ihe hall b „ ch e er ;,, chln _ r?« i^A 2^ that hnrbors ca ™M™ o S? he ? '''-Upstair,, beleecn, Jf me , JteUWs bedVoom which is ta,lefully neo-classical in style,' and, Her dressing room, 'ft a' tinj ship's- cabm of a sleepini; closet H ele tho opera'star rests underlie eaves tcfore a. performance A high dav bed with downy qu iiu mahcs an in- >ilingrplclurc,on one side of the long narrow room, and on the otli- r if f',- e sllallo «- closets behind Kick Thomai Remodels Keatueky Ave. House A house at 1.13 w. Keniuck} tacnuc, which J.-Nlck Thomas recently purchased, ts being remodeled -into a modem residence The house, when completed, v,ill kih . ' mm ^ r «»" kitchen, two bedrooms, bath room hall- IncloswJ ^rt»r porch and a iroot, porch ,T>o rooms, and a porch arc .being added , to the K^ ) ^ rclure r oik'-fioors are heln? v lafd, , a; -ne^ ?balh room ,, made. and other modern "comeni- , tnccs added,- ( - - * ' -^f '^'"-y 1 " ^ landscaped ?^?^\'™ n fenoe Tl!l ^Icsc Jthe back -jard - , ^ - Mr. • Thorofa. 'nurchasoti , the -loust-from I».;4l.-bcV«rc-tor an iwstment and: will ; r cnt the prop- . r. • The -i«iefal 'Trouslrig" Admlnis- wtten-Jg«s.lw.|noficy - B iifnircE ^'^V^IvaC, ( lfm,boial 'in- eUtutlong. operating iiider iwovi- «on* or tte jetton*] H ouslnji Act. * Place Bidding on Lot So Walw Will Run Away From II Mine. Elisabeth Rellibeig hns made lepobe nnd eisc the keynote of this dimming room The casement windows overlook tlie Hudson KIici Paikwny from i ten ice The wills aie soft bun pei foci background foi the deep brown of (he Amciinn maple furnishings llie clians .ue cushioned In Inn, oinutc nnd \cllo« plaid nnd the dni bed COKI and wall lunging aie genuine p.iislcy, waimly A replica of nn old beei tavcin is the cozj little Mate snack loom in the home of Mine Elisabeth Relhbcrg Done entirely In fragranl 'uiotted «ood puiels it also repioducis Uic qinint cupboards \\ith theli bottle-bottom glass panes the 1 intern, tho heavs beams the linnd pilnted plntcs for decoration and Function of Room Is Consideration in Selection of Color The choice of colors in pitnting ionic mterlbrs should bo goverii"d >S' the purpose for which a room s' to be used and Ihe consequent imount 'of reflected, light 'needed. WherejiiQ,difficult tasks,'.making; icmands upon vision are Io be p n r- 'ormed n ; much lower level.of 11- .umtiialion is.: permissible rooms where ,rcadlng-6r other close vork is done': Deeper colors having,-i low re lection^ value niiy be used appropriately ^ and wilh good effect m lining rooms, ltvlng>obms, or-bed- ;ooms. -In rooms where 'writing, eadmg, and sewing are done, in iitchcus, bathrooms, worktops -tc, onlj light colors for \vnlls ire Icsir.iblc, supplemented b> cellin s )f while or jusl off-while tinl White ceilings reflect tho grwil- at amount of window light ana issure its even 'diffusion'. Tlie painting and decoration of ;omes may be accomplished wlh uids advanced by private nninctnl nstitutions insured by tlie Rxicral lousing Administration Defects In Floors Hidden By Covering In lobbies and corridors o •vpartmenl nnd office buildings flooi comings aic proving nn cf fccine nltcinnti^c to the replacing or refinlshing of worn floors. Ii offices nnd apartment kitchens and bathrooms they have \iccn found durable, attractive, nnd satisfactory. Applied floor coverings arc eligible under Use Moderniznlion Credit Plan of Hie Federal Housing Administration. : 'loor Coverings Set Room's Style Floors contribute greatly ( 0 a room's appearance, so floor coverings must be chos;n for their suitability to the purposes of the room? in which they are placed. Applied floor coverings mai be included in the cost of homes coti- 5(ruclcd or purchased under tlie Insured Mortgage System of the federal Housing Administration. Public Demands • an Up-to-Date Store People nho arc 'jnodeiubatton- mindcd' are not likely io be at- traclod to an unprogressi\.e-loo\u) g sWrt that lacks an up-to-dalf ap! pearancc Store modernization may be accomplished b> the use O r th; Federal Housing Adinl>wt,"tw i,iei, | lttU i W i(, ans , 11J(ll by private rumntial Institution* ioi modernization purposes Professional Advice . Needed on Illumination •Whcre-tlie .wrvtces of a lighting engineer or architect are not re- lamed for planning store Dlumina- =n. (ha advice of an expert froii he local electric company or of a iglHing dealer or contractor should l>c obtained, General rules arc of little value i» determining the type of lighting 'tints to bs used. There arc efficient, glarclcss, attractive lighting fixtures of all kinds on Ihe market io clioos: from, and the best for particular requirements should be 'Ccommeiided by • an experienced "Sii ing man who lias made a study of the merchants premises and understands his problems. e Installation of modern lislit- and fixtures may be done Acl- Drawings. in Color Help Customers 'Visualize P,oom Interior decorators with an understanding of. people have rtiscov- erct that it is difflcult lor prospective customers to visualise thr appcarimce of n » rpoin fo r which aecoralion is contemplated As 85 i»r cent of human imur ns . sious come' through the eyes It !,„« bem found: 'a.slrtipls ami satisfactory method; to make (irn«.i S s In colors of the completed rooms" Th offer .something laiwi approxiiiialliig - nnish'sci - results coloring ana plan to the • ' - : . -i) , unaa inalio;i, prevents disappoint ment, nnd saves time , In building a house it U very Im- porlanl to locate it on tile lot so . tliat tho ground around It will slope I stvay from the house. This slope , may be hardly perceptible, so long j «s it is sufBelent to drain surface [wales away from tlie house instead lot toward It. On a flat Jot this Is a matter of seeing that tlie foundation Is dug to the proper depth, i Before excavation is started, therefore, the level of the proposed first floor should bs established with respect to the existing grade. This .should bo done with a surveyor's l"vel. and when Ihe correct height is. determined it should be marked by driving a spike • into a nearby tree or scoring a rock or by some other similar method. Driving in a stake is dangerous, for st.ikes may be knocked clown or driven in deeper and then the mark is lost. Of course on a sloping lot the problem Is not so simple. In this cnse the ground on the up Hide of the hill must be irrnnged in i ridge with a V shaped gully that will di vert llie water which rims • down thn hill to either side of the house Another'thing U> be careful of Is to see tint no dij wpils 01 otlvr drainage units 11 e placed so new tlie hoise tint (he wat°i seeping from them will run against the foundation walls, if the Federal .Housing Administration is Io insure n mortgage 'for the construction of jour home propei drainage will lie required before the tommilment to insure will be Issued. ubbock Suivcy Shows $2,000 to $3,000 Hopies Piedominate UJBBOCK TOJJ-A breakdown if letidonilal building pjinilts issued here diiiin^ 1936 shows that the gicafst numbei of new homes constructed weie.m Uic S2COO to ?3000 Lhss, with Ihc 53,000 to 54000 gfoip following ., , » , t ^ In 01(5 Iatt"i group'15 of-a total' of 22 wenf financed uilder the In- '.urecl Morlgage Syslpm' o! the Federal Housing Administration/- nmi in tlv losvti group.o out; of 23 werrf flimnccd bj this msthoti: 1 '. Ssven of Ihe !•; houses costing between $4-' OCO and $5000 were financed b'y in'urca moitgn«'es. piye of the ei°bt in tho ?5 000 to. $6,000 group ind i il foin of (lie $6,000 to $7,00fr' gioup tame under this type of fin-' niiclng NO Insured mortgages wcrJ nm-le foi tho !•> l, OUE es built at al cost of less than $2,000:0r for tile three 111 t)ic inoic llmii $7,000 class' The First rvrtcrnl Savings and- Loin Association made 39 insured lonii'! for neiy construction diifin* 193C In -\ddition Io these loans tlie association insured 37 niort- glges on existing construction Tiief 76 Insuicn mortgages totaled $218,- o05 ' The P^cieral Housing Administration msuicd approximately 4G pei cent of the mortgages on homes: built In the city durin.. the I R. D. Hughes Store Being Redecorated The l»uldin<r occupied by thf R. D. Hughes clotlung itcre on West Main street is being com liletcly icdecorated Tlie improve menU include icflnlihmg of the dkplny ulnrtoui the interior \ and 'celling ami all fixtures the store las'. Will Build on Fiith J. Nick Thomas has purchased' two Jots at 331 North Fifth street from : Mrs. Mollic Bradley plniw to.erect two cottngw (here Inter - in the spring. These cot-' tages will be rental property. Home Is Improved A number of j Improvement liavr. been added ,to the former R p KIrshncr, house which Mi.w Edilli Occrgc has purchased. Tlie house was replastered, built-in put in the kitchen and tire interior , redecorated. f oat tires the en- COAL •"We"can't sell all ihe Co;il, KO we jusl sell the best" Clean, Dtisllcss, Oil- Treated and -all loaded with forks Io prevent slack. : ' Per 1000 Us. Kentucky '..... .''53.25 Black Diamond .. 3.511 Sahara Aclon ......... Blue. Waste,!' (hard coal) .. 5.00 EC. Robinson lumber Co, Phone 1(10 •1.00 5.00 Modernized Property Time. Needed for ".;7 : ~ Drying of Piaster One part of ^nj building op n ii- tiou that should not b? hurried Is the ^plastering. Tlie first (scratch) coal.-should hive it least 21 houis to dry before the second (brown) coat is applied. After the -white coat Is put on there should be a long period -illoued b-forc the wood trim is erected is the moisture from the plastei is npt to vviip the wood. v Electric Water Systems Being Used On Farms An impiovcmenl in firm !i\m<* standards is indicated by the fact that 20 pei cent more electric water systems vveie sold in rum! ind suburban communities In 1936 than in -mj other jcai in the history of tlie uidustrj nccoidni" to Herbeit c Angster secreKrs- dhcctor nf the ttectnc Water Svs- tems Council. Water systems were eligible for financing.under the .'terms' of tlie Modernization Credit; Plan of the Federal Housing Adinjriistrjition. Grouped Plumbing :.•'.• Is More Economical For economy in building, an (lit: plumbing In the house should b^ grouped together if possibb. In one-story houses Uic kitchen sink should hnck against the balliroom wall, in ta-o-sloi-y houses the bathroom should be over the kitchen This properly, similar fo thousands throughout the country waa' bought for a small bum and complete!} renovated A i'arage »j9 built on and the entire building v,as reroofed. Shutters were added and the exterior was painted. Inside the house was partial!} rcplas-. tered, papered, and painted, and new fixture? and hardware isere installed. Hardwood fioora were laid downstairs. TKis t>pe of modernisation may be done under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration. The house pictured here IB located m Bucyrus, Ohio. Caie in Selection Will Often Save Burdensome Expense Latci People who buy low priced house, generally live on a close budg«c This means Uiat unexpected e\- enses arc 4 serious consideration nd while the expenditure of a few olKis more or less is important In the/purchase "of real estate 'tfio' initial expense is less tioublcwuie than the • cost of upkeep and re- pi'is Partlcuhrlj m tlie field of heat Ing equipment should first 'cost be »ei«hcd d'linst costs of oixjiation ind maintenance unless Uic heating c ystem of a lions' is adequate Ihe puichaser will soon beconv ctis £ati'fled Recent jears have witnessed unpoitant improvements m design and op"ration of furmces Tir°5 of central heatin^'plants now available mi, be classified as, \v-\rm in hot water steam and oi Radlatoi heating equipment has improved in design appcar- anc-> economv of op«ratigii and maintenance and in the addition of wintei air conditioning HOUSK, tint ire financed under the Insined Mortgage Sistcm 01 llir Federal Housing Admlnistia tion have been inspected and meet tne rcqimements of tlie Ho»sm» Administration in these house the Ijealing system must be adequate Harmony and Contiast 'the Aim in House Color It is suggested tint i house Io cateel b"twcrn two closely adjoin ing bui'dings be painted in colors which will if possible harmonize 01 'contrast quietly with those on eithej side Funds for tlie painting and deco mjng of homes maj be "ecmed tliiough pnvat- nnaucnl institutions approved bv the Federal Housing Administration Helps ( v Modern Interior In remodeling old houses too r coin wi(l) d )jij window Ins ,\ ni&lincl ndvanlagc An ultra- ncdern effect can be obtained by luildmg In i window seat or pKc- nE_ tlie ne\v sectioml couches in the; biy mil ciirtamiii" the um dow with full knight curtains The Federal Housing'.'Adminls- trafon Insures funds extended by banks or other pmate flnincinl institutions foi tlie inodernizatioi of houses Periodic Inspections Save Owner's Money If i periodical insirectioii ol the Mlvei of the plumbing system is nnde m apirtmcnt and office build ings inconvcni'nc" to tenants may be prevented ind monev saved lor the owners Folio vin this procedure nny disclos- bad conditions vilucli imj be rcmsdi»d immeJi ilely it -miill expens" Thj use of inferior valves which must be replaced offen is ill ad vis"d -ind does not offer reil ecoii omj ' l Shut-Off Valves Make Faucet Repairs Easier Each hot ind cold wi("r supply IHIG connecting to i plumbing n\ ture should have an iccessible shutoff vilve m itidition to the ic ular faucet By 111- inclusion of these shut off \-Uvs rep-urs to individ ual faucets are made easily without disturbing hot- and cold-water-service to the'other plumbM" fixtures within the-house. Refrigerator Needs Space Above for Air It a kitchen cabinet is to be in stalled oier a mechinical refr,-- crntor. it, must bc-'huiig so that there is at least si\ inches of spice between ihe top of the refrigerator and the bottom of the cabinet This is (o allow the:heated air from i- rcfri<reratgi to escape > ' ""'SSaoui-ui'f When Spring comes every li o 11 s c needs bnghteijiiig up wilh new paint, jjosides improving the appearance it is necessary to tlic .protection of your building-' We nave a complete stock of paints 'ami wallpaper for your Spring "clean-up."" QUALITY MATERIALS FOR KVKKY .. . HUlLDLNG.l'UKI'OSli THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. : ; I'HONE -10 : :t . Eight Nebraska Women Licensed Plane Pilots LINCOLN, Neb (UP)— Nelinska ha. eight licensed women ajj-phne pilots, one of whom holds a world's record secretiry Charles Do> le of the stntc aeronautic commiision •iniioimced. The record holdei is Mrs I/mis" rmslej Miller 29 «ife O r ^hc Alliance, airport manager, who "set a rc« mark for consecutne banel rolls she is 4 Icet 11 inches tall and ttei"hs onlj 100 pound Another pilot E\cljn sliirp is believed to be one of the joungest girls to ho'd a license In ihe United Slates she Is a n-yeir old ln°h chool student it Ord Church Insialls Herfphpncs MORRIS III (UP)-Hcidphone<i o aid deif memhers of a local church will bo installed us the result of -iction IqXen at i sprc inl meeting of the congregation rhe amplifying units will be installed in certain pews and con- .iccttd with a microphone al Ihe a tar EO that sermons, music nnd Pincr announcements • may ijo heard by all members of the con- Bathrooms Serve as Rental Feature Tlip impoitance of balhroonib and kitchens a, rental features Is iho«n by ttfc attentrpn bein" given them by os\ne,r s and managers m tlie modernization O f aparlmenl houses Modernization of propei- ties maj be efreLtert through the Federal Housing- Administration program. I GIVE LOW-COST.! | BEAUTY 70 WALLS] AND CEILINGS McctRcardon s Washable Kal- ^omine Gucs smooth, hard finish of lasting beamy at in- fimg cost One coat docs ihe work—no primer needed. Cleansing with soap and water tcmoTcs dust and dirt 8 mod- crn.pastcl'shaHcs a_n'd wfaice—• free caiftr card. E. C. Robiiisoii Lumber Co. '..' '' I'HONE-100'•••'" new floors over old New Floors over Old Lay Quickly and Neatly. They are not expensive to install and are easy to buy on thp FHA monthly payment plan. Phone 100 and let THE MAN FROM THE LUMBER YARD give you an estimate,on new oajt or pine floors '". ; E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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