The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1948 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 16
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BLTTHRVTLLR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mr *»r > w Ba* P* da^ Tc PIT U>* VK On to Mr UM We . flr« *»<rw« word* w th* tine U. ort*rad Ear tore, or «ii Um~ uid iMfore uplnUoa will 64 citric M lumber or Um»» th« *i »p. ittd AdJUAtnuttt of bill m«^*f Mriflin AdTtrtUlnt oopr •uW- •IttX b» p*now> tMidlBC ou«lo« of pitVi m&y b* Willy computed from the ftbov* t*bl«, Adv«rti*la**.artf«r for imculftr taMf' M00U Uk«* Cb* oh» tlm« r»W. •a Mpaulbllltr will be Uk*: (or Uun OB« Incorrect lawrtloo at *mj dud All adi an iwlrlcwd to their proper alaaffffoaUon. «tyl« and tjp«. To« prrarter raaeiYea th« rl£ht to adit or rajac* any *d. Apartment For Rent Apertment for rent. Phone 3129. Two b»eT unfumlihed rooms. 210 W. •oee St. • . 3[30-uk-412 Two raom furnished apartment up- •tetm In reer 413 £. Gvcamore. 98 per week. Bee lire. Moore. 324 E. Mnln. 4;i-rk-4 Apartments Wanted Tnr« or four roornn Cell 4»U or JIM uufurnfshed. 3|2«-clc-tl Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN BERVIOB STATION MUn A DlTUion Phona 2M3 Oont endanger your f» lly with •eulty «trr»—BUT IJCE TiR»s. ll!l>-ck-tl Jeep parts now available »t -POOLE MOTOR CO. We can fill nil your n«d» Oft genuine parta from oirr complete line ELLIS POOL*, OWNER & OPERATOR SoutS Hlffhwar it «t Steele. Mo Phone Bteele 49 nm-ck-tt Awning NOT the Cheapest— But the BEST!. . We have been making and Installing quality canvas awning- for 22 years. \ Carney Awning Corripany 111 ». MUST ST. PHONE 2012 CO. ot Blythe»llle. now oilers to make your old felt mnlLrcss me new at the low tost or only 18 50 or If you prefer »n Innersprlng mute out of your old romtress. wo will tlo so BI ihc low price of JJ4.50. Uothlrii! out tJic best of rtmterlals la used In rcnovnunB ot your oltt maurewes with me Intteal machinery. All wort RUar- -nteea. PHONE 48i!> OR DROP A ARO TO SMITH MATTHESS COM- *ANL. tiKNERAL DELIVERY FRPF AND DELIVERY WITHIN M "ONE DAY SERVICE" .Books BOOKS Fiction, Juveniles, Bibles, Religious Books, Reference Books, Dictionaries, .Text Books, new and'used. Tri-States School Supply >M B FIRST St. PHONE 3753 Building Material Bargain Prices on Quality WALLPAPER E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" Wf W. AJtt , Phone Wl SPECIAL Do your own work aii'd save 'Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you mav need. . Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 BOX 659 Blytheville, Ark. 3-3-ck-tl Foods Reach for Hart's Bread ~ 3il-ck-t[ Florists ^^ Household Goods you How much time do •pend in your kitchen? ernize now with easily install *o American Cabinets Sinks. HUBBARD HARD\VARE Phone 2015 213 W. ? 3-27-ck- and CO. Main k-4-2 luni-! it store Ui for Venetian Blinds Immediate Delivery From Our Stock ^. Robinson Lumter Co. nendly Building Service' lnsunnc» Protection against all 'INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance QI.ENCOI HOTIL BLOO. 124 W. ASH ft Loam Money To Loan On farm laiui or city property. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building 2]19-ck-t( Real Estate Loans •frA F.H.A. Loans 6% Home Loans Farm Loans Commercial Loans TERttY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY W. WALNUT PHONE 2381 3<28-ck-tf PERSONAL LOAMS. AutomOblle-IIK- nature--cornft»:er.ruriiltur». Quick, prl. T«IB e«rTlce. Personalized Btl«nllun Come In or telephone. 2 ( J28. GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE COF1PORAT1ON 121 W Ash BI. Blytnerll!* Am UH-ck-tt Money to Loan f>o yuu need » loan to repulr or remodel? No down parmcnt, no mnr- *Kt. nn red .tapft rHA APPROVED RATTt' »«. ASK FOR DKTAIUJ Max Logan, Realtor Phone am Lynch Bulldlni Blytherllle. Ark. •-53-ci-u Mattresses INVEST IN REST Why rum your health by tle Notic* AI, SULLIVAN'S RE'STAUHANT All Vegetables Well Seasoned Across /rom city H«H Phone H62 J : 3l23-ck-<]22 i > Ml «"""""'« Main. Plion, 65S ! ?- S »'»P »»h Whp SHOP. 40.. ui C k U Personal *£, SULLIVAN'5 RESTAURANT Cliolce ofKO atcoka and Chops Across rrom city HUH phono™4«a ' SELL WHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds. If you nave sometntntr you non-t ncea and can't get rid of try iSeVt Hul.roan'. sw.p Shop. phon. 859 4M " Plumber ! ^ DU need » licensed plumber, or K£? SSitT'iulSS* *%&£? • 1150-clc-tf Services HOUSE MOVING. Thirteen years experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling,' foundation repairing Virgi] Foley, phone 2105. 3-19-pk-4-19 We are fully equipped to give your Plymouth fast, efficient, reliable service BUrTHKVir,LE MOTOR CO. -217 S. Second Phone 4422 4-l-ck-7 Sporting Goods SPORTING GOODS IT'S WILSON TODAY IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT Sewi ng Typewriter TYPEWRITERS rUoS 1 " 1 ' °° ro " «« "«n, !n ,. DON EDWARDS COURtim NTBW1I Save On Your Transportation Wl STRIVE TO SELL YOU THE RIGHT CAR or PICKUP or TRUCK AT THE RIGHT PRICE. 1916 Ford Tudor. Hadio i . ! I'JM Chevrolet Sfandiird • nd healer. J 4-door. Radio and heater. 1941 Clu-vrolol. 4-door j Master Dela.xe. Radio ! W * Fonl ' U> " K wheel »r,d heater. ' ' )nse ' l Vl ««n «<«ke truck 19,37, Kord Tudor. New ! !9l(i lc ' orfl viekup, wilh recondifioned rrwlor. heater. See These and Others at Our Used Car Lot, 5th and Walnut 5(h it Walnut 1'hone 4453 COTTON PLANTING" SEED D. r. i,.-n State Certified. Blue Tag, J)e!inted and Treated, j 100 Ib. new bag's OSC«OLA, ARR. BRYAN FARMS PHONE 700 Typist TYPING. Fhont 4223 or 2S7B. Dogj, Cats, and Pets One bl»ck thoroiighi>rcd~rMie . pnon. 3jZI-ctc-u. , .. Re S stcre ? rca " n " wlllte tockcr inip- PJ. Icn ehaniiilona In peUlKrce. Mfs M. O. Jerome. phon« 3101. 3|30-|ik-4;6 Lost: Male Fox Terrier answers to name of "Popper '' Reward. Telephone 4461. 4-1-ck-tf Former's Column ~BABY~CHICKs" U. S. approved, pullorum controlled. ?13.50 BLAYLOCK HATCHERY N. Highway 61 Phone 3172 3-31-ck-t£ : Model B John Dcete (ractor. pcwsr FERTILIZER 3-9-18 & 6-8-12 Miss D P & L M Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phone 720 S-22-ck-4-15 The healthiest chicks on me. market: AAAA Grade Pullorium-Tesled BABY CHICKS • ?M.95 per 100 at Jim Brown Stove—Phone 584 3-18-ck-tf China Boars Sired by Delta Challon K cr. outstanding son of \v,'I son ' s Challenger. Boars are subject to regia- tratiou and priced right. D Ben Holly, Cooler, M o . Farmert Column 1910 Packam lour door sedan. All now accessories Including motor. New nl FOR SALE: _ one A-model Ford In perfect shape Call 733 after 4:00 111-17 Chevrolet plcKuji. ruone 973 ! C V IVO , C ." sl! llny bnlcrs - » 95 » o. Two John Dccrc side dellv. Sale or Trarlc: 1946 Chevrolet truck" wo speed axle and 191C Nabors Sailer Rood condition. Ix)\v mllcjice alsn good tarpr,,,lln. Priced for qSck Bn l" bee or call Tom Cruwford. 384D Gos- ncl ^ _ 3i25-pk-4[e For Sale, Farm 240 ACRES good land. Four houses, three barns on good gravel road. Five miles from BlyUieville. Price ?210 acre. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone <illl Grocery store »no men marXol with nouss niitl lot. o. w. tiolorlh. Ucll 3.4-pk-4U Hnry North 0[ "rona. Jim l barn j ami YOUR DREAM HOME p"nt"y Tf m of™-o 1 nlIdTn'"'' D ^- KOC> cross-rcncecl. Ten acre fnilc c t I'M" nf°M n ,V CCS A Jllst °"' 5 Wc clty'lTm- '" °* Manlln. On poort hlRhwny Electricity amMvntcr. prlrfrt to M |l, G cl OHAPIN or T1PTON Mwntla, Arlc. , 3:3<i-i>K-4:» For Sale, City Property For Sale, Cars & Trucks __ _ _ Jeep 0\vncrs Testify ts the Little Man's Car »re the winning factors wllh them soe your j ocr , af!l i ct today prjj y MOTOR COMPANY. ELLIS r>O;fl K °\VS,'Ea ANtl OPEHATOP-. I ift »«y 61 >t stesl*. Hi. rhono « " fo* Sale — City Property NIC* fir* room* »nd bath, uid four room and balli house* on Mm* lot A bargain at 15,000. T«r™», Nlco EU room liouwi wllh hair balh On corner lot. Houw now no*'. MtBloii with Aret. t,\ct »5,000, Ttrm». New live rooma «nd b«lh on lirw lot. Thin hoUM nun to hf Men to bV appreciated. Possession witto deed New three room hoiis* In good Ioe»- llon. A bargain «t 12750. Ttrmt on« or th« beat suburban Marw • round BlytheYllle. Owner »ji £11 becaui* or bad health. This itor» hu Jiving quarter* «nd rwtmrunt la oon- mcllon. Price M300, Term* I tiny* one of the best forty tcre« wllhln > mllo or city limit, with good Improvements. Will give ]x>o.scK,lon this year o, will rent. Prlc. fioo per acr.. We »Uo have other Jarma irjd city properly for aale. List your property wllh lia for (illicit Rale.* BERT ROSS, Realtor Phone 4201 or 3816 •|l-pk-4 For Salt, Misc. New «n<l used Mini Ic. cream freen- »r« anrt iiardcnlnii cahlnetB. Alno Nel- < son BOda fo\int«ln. Write Bijford ; rnwentt. Carutliersvllle. Mo. phone 743 1 Good motor 'scooter, priced tor guick 'Sale. Call 4401 after- 4 P.m. 3-3I-ck-tr Thirty gallon kerosene water heater AIM one kitchen link, call 2728 i 3(31-ck-4,3 I Al, BUU.IVAN'B RESTAURANT Fresh Sen Foods Dally AorOM irom City Hall Phone 246J 3;23-ck-4122 Universal Electric stove. Full she (;il)le top, three surface burners and deep well cooker, large oven, warming oven. Heavy porcelain finish Phone 278fi. 4-1-ck-tf Bin-rough's CASH KEGTS-] TICK. Practically new, ealJ! 801- 2-27-ck-tf Kales. Bn prepared In case of fire infl then. AH sizes. D i. [> B»rK«ln ' Store. 110 E. Main St. Phone 3923 I 3,30-pk-1]30 For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10110 tt He/P_VVonted, > male Wanted Young Man, age 25-38 for position with local plant of 1 .v°- llounl Corporation, a.s bookkeeper O»- ponunlty for advancement. Reply In own nandwmlng. Courier News Box • 3!31-ck-4,7 Let tlie man who knows your Plymouth help you care for it. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. S .Second Phone 4422 4-l-ck-7 Private Rooms m?i> or rse J! lM I" n K r °0'" with bath. i I ;f n .?. r ... <vo : k !?S._™»Ple. TJ,rce blocks 3;31-pk-4l7 JSedrooi ralljrajs. 314 Jf. _____ _ nn e w°? m ' clos " '" to »-n. Men only J1U Walnul. 3124-pk-1|24 With klichen prlrlle B e,. 8 17 Chlcta- *'"*• 3!8-pK-518 J»? M h ° U! « s "P'"S rooni7"phoriB "• 3]15-jik-22 r 'S n ' c oi"«ilent to bath,Steam Phone 3325. 6U W. Mnln 3il6-pk-4|IB TPTCTIWDAT, AWttL I, You Can Find The Best Used Cars And Trucks In Town At Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. '41 DeSOTO 4-DOOR SEDAN Beautiful Blue finish. Radio, heater, new neat coy ers. Tires goo d a « new. Special $795 '38 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN New hlue finish. A real «ood used car. Many miles of transportation. Bargain $495 '42 FORD IVi TON TRUCK Long wheel base, motor perfect, new 12-Ft. stake body. A real farm truck a value at .... $1295 '41 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN $795 Two-ton* blue color. Motor good, real good lires. You can own thin one for only '39 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN Deluxe 85 HP model. Motor completely overhauled. Low mileage, one owner. Priced to sell quickly $495 '40 FORD '/j-TON PICKUP TRUCK Heater, radio, all steel tjody, maroon color. A real buy a{ this price $795 Many Others to Choose From SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY We Never Close 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 578 Sales Depf. Open til 8 p.m. Two room furnished house. Kewly rtcconucd, «uton>atlc hot water' heater. g&M-,-. "",v% On Holly Sti-eet H. A M«^< d f? lrahl « four room home Hnrflwood floors, sheet rock nnuh newly <lecoratc<l on lot 75,150. Pricert ™»"M ql !' rl1 A NEW SIX "">" rtUplM rcntlni; for S50. price S3.700 In We.t 5"l. NORTH SIDE nrar new h£h Mum " ?,"" nc " S|J room Xome S4.800. one five room house S3 ISO- one fonr room house <1.SOO. If you ">' or ""• Phone FlEl.n NVw raft*, rtotns qoorf huslnrss Best location in Manila. Ben James Coals _ _ 3.31-pk-4U Good four room house. Immediate possession. Priced to sell at $2,000. One five room house, lai'sre lot. §2250. Terms can be arranged on either house. See or call Catcs Worthinglon Co. 115 S. Third SI. Phone 2761. After 5 p.m. call 284:5 3-30-ck-l-2 Six room house, wllh ball), rrnctlcnl- i ly new. c:-n he nnrmcrd I OSCAR ALEXANDER I Krai £*tate an.l InxnrflHcp. Phone W^ cooper Building, 121 s. Second st U. of A. Faculty Member ' To Tafce S.M.U. Position FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., April I <UP>—Dr. W. B. Mnlian lins resigned as hcnd of the department of philosophy nnd iisycliology at the University of Arkansas to join the faculty of Southern Methodist University at Dallas, It was learned today. Dr. Mahan had been a member of the Arkansas faculty for 25 years. In accepting a position at SMU. he followed his close friend. Dr. H. M. Hosford, former dean of the college of arts an<i sciences. Dr. Hosford Is vice-president n! SMU. Dr. Marian's resignation had been cm the desk of President Lewis Webster Jones since Monday. Dr. Jones saia he would have no statement to make concerning the resignation of Die popular professor. Political Announcements TJie Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to tlie general city election, April 6- and ! the Democratic Primary, July 20th and August 3rd: FOR AI.DKRMAN (First Ward) Jesse M. Wlllt» Harry Taylor lj. C. (But!) posey Jr (Second Warij) J- L. (Jodie) Nabcrs FOR CITY CLERK Larry Kneas W. I. (Bill) Matin COUNTY TREASURER Frank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Leslie N. "Diikie" Siieck: For County Judge Roland Green For Circuit Court Clerd Harvey Morris Constable Not Held \ In Death of Warden j LEWISVILLE. Ark., April 1. (UP) i —-Investigation into the death of ; •19-year-old Lafayette County Game | Wnrdcn Clint Lcmny wns continuing todny, but Prosecuting -Attorney James H. Pilkmgton said lie saw no reason to hold Constable Carroll Hainin, A coroner's jury at Stamps ruled yesterday that Lcmny died from a bullet flrcd from Hnmm's gun niter the Bailie warden had attacked the constable. Pilklngton saiti evidence brought out during the Irxiiiest showed that Lemay was the aggressor during a flgltt In a Stamps store and he added that no charges hnd been filed against Hanvni. x Food Lockers For Rent Cold Storage Meat Curing Expert Processing :: n d Quick FreerJnff for Home Freezers Groceries - Meats - Fish BLAYLOCK Frozen Food 21st & Main Phone 2602 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get- A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHEVILLE IT'S "61" Motor Company (Home of "61" Implement Company) North 6th Street Phone 2142 COTTON FARMERS ' Clicmlcallj Otllnled rollon »rr<l «ermln»le quicker, pUnl I *nt plow th* «me ««k. Rriliic« i-hnpptnj experts* «i frow mor« cotton. STATF. CGKTIFIEU VAHtKTIKS AVAILABLE n. A P. I,, S'o. M, JHT M lt>. bai |10.M Stoneville 2-B, prr M IK han ]|.M Rowricn 4t-B, per M Ih. hai , , ll.M Olher varieties Half A Half iHibrtd) per Sfl Ib. b»x 1».S4) , Stoncvlllc 2-C. per 5« Ih. bay , j*.M CoVcr. 1M Will RtsisUnt, per 5« I*. b*( 1»JS liFauli, p«r S« Ib. baj j».5« Empire, prr 5* Ib. b^jc H.3f Come ta unit fibre jour order «r ««* yo»r npftf toil Bl.Vl'HEVILLE SOVBF.AN CORP. Rlylhcvllk, Ark. Brandies: Ark. PhoM Curiwell, Mo Hornersvilk, ami Senath, M*. WE'VE GOT THE NEW LOW-PRESSURE TIRE * That you've heard about... * That car manufacturers demand... * That gives new and old cars alike A NEW KIND OF RIDE! LARGER Air Chamber LOWER Air Prassur* MORE Comfort EASIER Steering LONGER Car Life We have your size in stock fodayl Highest allowance for your old tires. 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL sss FOR sinvici

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