The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 4
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27, 1932 News of Blytheville Schools Sutlbury School now ns the bnsls for all activities in language, in reading ami In handwork. 7. The" SueiijmV schoo'i vlS'*' 1 ' n «""« brought [wo Us anminl Fall car- I'. 1 .., . l ?.. scllMl - » "rown O ni- On fumy night, October 28, . w »l !>riM-jit Us minimi Fall carnival. Tlin-c will I): plenty of side. i)m j fascinating. ' shov.< The inim: s \ m . w jil be lioth spooky and e-xfithi!;. "'">'••• Bill's organizations will sell flclxb.!;^ retreshinents, while thain-i •,,"" Cen:!,uy store, a new. unit, this I,.:,,' '' ;•<•:.:-. will sell "Groceries." I blt |:ocms Billions, inipils, and graduates aic welcome. , a \vhil c one. This presents nili opportunity to study about different kinds of rabbits - -- -....x*.! wi i.wun:> and their habits. Original work Is being encourtiir- Ked Ka/.oos Art- New Iligli Srlwoi . Pep Organi/alion Recently, n new ori-cmi/allon 1ms been fonnrd in Dlylhorille hlfli schcol. The club, under t.:c mine KITCHEN NI'JWS lieacling, Language, and Art, have l'.-i-ii correlalcd I" the 1A grade. AfKr reading "The Three Bears", "The Tin re Gouls" and "Tile Thice Pics," posters have l.vcn worked out illustrating these stories. Dr.iwi-ies and cutouts by Mary Kelly, Mary Louise Reese, Lillian Hiley, Lilv EHon Parimorc, Annie Wright, l-'rancelln Fisher, Martha Frances Sims, Lois Eaton, Jerry Gocclmnu and Lavcrnc Golf were D.scrifl TljDss [.-osiers are now on display In llu 1A room. Tliey are: NIXIE KAllBIT "V Hilly Wllsem Hop. hop Into my garden. Hup, hoy Into my garden Eat to your henlili And cat to your vvcnllh, 'lop. hop. littl e rabbit I.UTI.i: I'KTCK HAIIHIT By Eliiiii Hopper 1 saw a litlle rabbit, Go hop, hop, hop. I waul- to catch you rabbit, So stop, stop, stop. Both sections ol the 2B class 1 aw selcclug •, doctor and a nurse each \v t -ek to tmke dMy il1spcc . the pin pose of ; i iut; PUIIMVJ ui niuuMiii' more t>3p and enthusiasm in'1113 .s'.urtjiil body ; and (o take over sons:' of the activities of (he older i-lubs rmd Ol -. gani^tions. It is an oxtlnsivi- club mid will acei-|)t m one cxa-it toys who will make thoroughly active At a mcctiii;; Tf.nij:lnv uoon i ho UaziK>5 chr/- ns siiclr i -— -.^.L n, iiintiu uiniy inspcc- •fhcse stories were then drama- I , > !cl 'Eonal clcanlinws. There lizcd. In the dramatization of !crvm ; 11 >'S week are: Billy Wil- "Tlic Three Goaf.-;" Jim»;ie IJMI- ' tal t v J "'» Baxter in the IXHI-T v;a.s Ihe Troll; Dillic Jean I;lu '' n "". r section and Rrcel PipkhiB F.mith was Lit(l c Hilly Goat- K B nml . Ilcc B J'i'l tn the afternoon Walker Mas Dig Ujliy Goal, anj tectlt> "' UpllTlip ftJlllC 11 -nt~ T).;-,™_~* T-1J11-. • Bennic Sims was Biggest Billy Oaa!. These children enjoyed play>i"i this story for. the sccoml grade. .Iiininr Ilisli School Tile following pupils in junior high school hud perfecl attend- ar.ce fo:- the Hrst term: Tori Harn" ,./ " ! — '' ^"J"J tu -> -'^i 1 - rison, Rot'.'-rt Jonl? Kin^w M^ £gz s;s,?;E,rt ps sr^ls \» U1C '' " lstor> - hunty, Sara Punlinc Evmrd, Dorothy Jenn Pmter, Glenna G«-yn, Tl:.; 5A nrouj) enjoyed a visit The OA group has been demon. . <•• " i' -•"— -..,i i L m. jiiiiii- * Jl^ciit llillPCLt AlllTI KTIfiffi slraliUB nrst aic! for several days. Marjori, Wanen. M" r |h a tvas£ ,,. .,,„ ,, ~,, . b «"'n. Josephine Snliba. Bettv fh OA , M VJ ' McHm '-J s '' 00 »i- Lo^o Proctor, Ruby Nelle O'le ( c 2A elnWi-en arc being given Evalcc N'ash I on nine McCul diplomas for number eotnblna, lo, !R h, Minnie to I erent Helen nns. Each _ child has ttepwslbll- Lovelace, Bernice JnSes BeUy ty of ucmmm," four diplomas <lur- Fisher. Mary Jo nucl an^'n Win in* lh S year The Arst one is giv- tel C,-a,,-ford, Eli atet Baxto /<"• " jwvfccl SPOK on the fifty Hurry Maxwell. Marv Eunice L-,y-' ,hin, Sln "^ °r« C T lb ™ ti0 ^' the ran. Virginia Little.'Hull Lindly thtrel on Ihe nfty hardest addition Jane McAdams. Mnrjorie Woert conibinations; and the fourth for Elizabeth'Ann Wilson Cecil S >o fiety hardest subtraction com- sou. Sonny Dlllahimtir. Svbil "" lalK>ns - Brnckln. Patty June Davis, Pi-'an-„ . t ^, L . u-nc Dii-rtii rr-,,..,.. " " day and eleven loin as. ~ - tHL,» UUIIU uitu.S, rliUl- Tlie first lest was given Tu-:s- ces Parker, Ruth Rhodes Icroy vcn children won dip- Brown Chnrlos Elfrank, George Hammock, Roland Hunt, Billy The 2A children are frying to Kl "E. Robert Scott, Truman Speck decrease the numhr of tardies. diaries Wood, Marilvn Blackwell Ei-ery morning each child who „ at seliool on time repeats a little rhyme atout never being lal.?. They also have a card which has "all on time" printed on it. Each day thai (hey have no tarriies, (his sign is hung outside the door to show the other grates that all the children in 2A were on time. Thev hope to be able to hang sign out every morning. The SB geography pupils have hcen working on a prorecl about South America for flic past several weeks. The first step was to fake a test which was published in (he Instructor Magazine. They hare drawn some very good maps of the continent, and studied a good 'coffee display, which proved interesting as well as instructive. They correlated the study o; English along, b>\ writing orininal stories on "Coffee ami Ms- Trip to South Am?rlca." They also plan to have a visual Education lesson before they complete the study of coffee. Th c following pupils in 5B have ind riifect attendance for the I'ast four weeks; Junior Backwell. John Crown, Jack Foster, Harold Meddin, Raymond Munlmigh, Lee Richardson, Paul Sanford, Hay- mcnd Saxe. Edward Webster, Clint, Billic Woolen. Eeii2va Alexander. Ireno Dawson. Margaret Daivs, Hetty Jo Essary, Belly Sue King. Virginia Button. Ruth Prances Sutherland. Olinc Wahl. Mary Vnn Worsley ,Nc!l Rushing. The 2!i pupils are enjoying their renders. "The Ktnry of Liltlt- Rabbilt" is being urod just NERVOUS? SLEEPLESS? If you arc nervous and restless; if you can't sleep, tiro easily, linvc Nervous Headache, INcrvous Indigestion; if you have Sea Sickness, Train Sickness, Auto Sickness—take D,-. Miles' Effervescent Ncrwno Tablets. Dr. Rogers, noted educator, writes: "My ici/e> has been suffering from nervousness and sleeplessness and wc find Dr.. Miles'. Effervescent '1'cruino To5!c!s a great relief. 'I don't go much on pat- C J 1! medicines, but it's a pleasure fo recommend a r ei!cdy that is really good." P n £ W ' K °3c™, Ph. D. -,ycs,.» p i *' ront ira * """• '•"" Ptl <"isc $1.CO; Sm>ll 25 Cfnls. .•sponsor .Mr. Gi'wiie. .< <T schools. They also elected Ihe following officer.-;: James Rthv.irrts. president; Frank Hiill'man, vice- prcsicient; Bill Crowe, siTi-L'tary; Stanley A'.c-hlson, trensnrer; \vil- biir Archer, reporter, aiul Chnil's Sinllli, seraeain-ai-ai-ir,s. Tfce; psp meeting Friday niarn- ins v,-as comlucl'Jil Ijy ih,^ r {[ . : ; ]- in _ 2205. The boys punrayeil an In- tiian liglu between the shawii'v 1»- •iians iinel the lilythevllle Cliicka- saws. in which (Se Chiclcasaws were victorious. , Owctn Hargctt. Anita , Gi.?ar, Jos 'Estcs Gilbert Hammock, Roland Hunt, French Club Meets The French club, campcse-el of tho Blyifcevillc high schcol French students under Hie sit])vrvislo:i of MKs Frances Miller, met Thurselay liiulu at the home of Helen Alice Stwn- berg with Sue Bins, ns hostoss. The meeting was called to ordsr bv i!ic president, Mary Alice Taylor A[t"r a short business meetin, a mo-l-ru French program was prc'emcd with the folloivhif; numbers: Kc- yiev,- of Prjncli Correspouei»iice by Martha l £ e Hn}\ and Wilbur Ar- cnsr; Life of Anatole Francs in- fitira Jo Little; French ron-s b'v ilie club led fcy .Miss JtcCorvey ' Later the hostess served dainty ic leshments of hot chocolate, sandwiches and cookies. Dee Billy to , Elizabeth Edwards, Nancy Kir.sli- ner. Hdc n Gibson, Mary Jose- pliiue Hail, Mary Louise Posey Lula Marie Riggins, Jane 'Soviet Mary Sue Wiliincham, Earl Snider Roland Williams. Arrested Man T.c.-ivt-s Si-n M ich . (UD-Sentenced eight inontlis In tl-.c Detroit ouse O f Correction for viclatin E tne liquor laws, Robert, Patterson owner of a restaurant here, nos'e'l asieu on the front door cf his establishment, It read: "Gone to ' Following is (!ie junior high school hotior roll: " i ^1—Pa,uline 'Evrnrd; 7B2—Bon- ! ".c jean Buchanan. Hetty Louis- Proctor, -sue Ramey, Winifred Crawford; 7A-Frances N Parker, uy sisiru ; NKA Srrvli'e- Writer lly observing <\'r:a)n prrransioiis and rules It is i:;is:,ii>! L - (o a>:-,v' C0!i.<.l.steiuly iscoel r.illej. The Won;!, the choice ot ti-.e eMllcj ltsi-11, niellio;! of proivihir. 1 and ncnirary lire impartant laeiiur.s i,, the ljr.".v- ilii; of collei-. When p-iiivli.iMn; eiirrce. tin- blend—which in ih^o days i.; re- tcnnlued LiVi-i-ly Ijy the Ijv.ind iiiiine—Is ul iirst imi^'ilniuv. Wilii- oiU KOO:| collee !» Ix'iiln «![:!, tin; cannoi hope (o secuiv a delioi.itii bev p r:-«i,v. Kxpere.? triyiuat;' Hi:: \--.\- '•!oiis brands c:- bk'nds on the iniir- kct, mid lln> iiilxtiir:- Is calenhtle;! to individu.iS las;.v. The ro.LstlDj; of (he coiVc; bcrn- brlnss out llio flavor and niiike? the berry britllo (•nont'ii io »nnel. There are .svvenil ciirerenl ele":rc;-s ol roasts—i-.ravy or daik. JI--1U meelinni. ii;ill; m and rrnirh. As might L-c -.-xp?dL-(l. th; ( |e S r:'L- (if I ousting allcc'.s tlin fluvor :i:id eul- ur of the beverj^i'. Grinding is ;] :ni ,. , s) n m { all the possible il.ivcr c.m be drawn in'.o the llnishcil cup n: eiiltee. Tin mct!:c<! ol iiiaktiii; tho beveratje rti;. teniiines [h« B rind cliosou. If i;oo;l •.•=[I t . ; Is io b2 assure: every time it Ls miielc. the cniv 01 the conee jn! i.s most Imparlant It should be emptied ns .SLJOU a:. Possible after ujing. iy prevent, discoloration. Wash U ilioroiighly In clean, hot soapy water and ilus;- it llioroHifhly In lots of clear toiiliiB water. \Vipc- dry with n elcan lowel r.iifl let rcm.iln cpvn to air. A stale oclor which alfecit Ilia flavor o. r [hs bevrraiji. (.'eivlojis If (i colloo pot, Is kept clc--:eii. Tlis pjt which is used oiilv DL'c.islonallj' should bs «-as!:eil and rinsed early In the d;u - ami allowed io -ih- ihor- oiighly. s-ild » nirjin j list tcfoi-j making t!ie colTce. No matter how you irmkj y-)ur cofTcc, by boiling, steeping p;vco- fntliisr or C j r jp mc iho;l, b-j[h eolTcc- and watsr jnust be measure:! and Ihe bolluij. steeping or pe-vcolat- Int; slO])p..<l -it, the propor lime. The rtclp inetiiod rettuirc.; only the precaution of keeping (he b»vr- ngc lifil. i;ntl! roady to serve. Another important }n] t n i n coffee making j s t j :i! necessity of serving cofTen 05 s»;!i ns p-iislblc a fi. n it is made. The longer It Is knl hot the more [lavor ii b While the exact prop'jriiun of colfer to ny» in the niakliii; d->- psnds upon i!-.e brand and Individual tasu, two lablesireons uround 1 oo Many Cooks? PAGE FIVB Check on Cancer Deaths »i-»few«ni' oiit- science j s -giwii^ Seen by Noted Biologist '""* nbi " ; " w "" " J ' ; DF.TROIT. (UP)—HOIJO for a •idlnlte check In llic rlsliiff death I <:. tj M/ ».HJW V*V or iMiivcr wllhm (lie next, five of (lie disease,' ycm-s was expressed hero rccntly "V IJr. <;i:irnce O, Ultlc, iiulcd bl- ol"iil5i uncl former president of the University of Michigan, Dr. l,ttllo, who has devoted a . | numljoi- ol years to Ilio sludy of .;illi,- disuse, said the mcdle-i-il pro- les.-Ion Ims "e'enicd the ground for i nee-kin;; (.•••nicer nncl Is rcatly Io Inilld." "W>" nil-si elicck tlin dwilh ,, ( I'i'U-," ho s;iid. "before wo cnn hope ,4|io rcduri> u. I'liyxk'iuns vcallra now ?;i ll'.il e-amvr Is not u slmpl,. null, H : "to i!lpl:|[»-i-l:i 01- typhoUl. Inil Is mtiffigfa^f®' m&s^&ffi&^ff? lwrt * w ty "" aa bui is v; A^,v^tVu,r ^^Wlf^P^'f '% ^^ : ^-^^^^^ I!"'' 1 ' "'"•" l »K UI «""l l ic ll A.n l erl™u pf'llFW— •/ ^-'-- : --^M&Wf ^l 1 '""" »?y 8="--ic'y *MII »r. p>- .'•"- i.'g.-.> : .' /. -,!,•:;;,/. I? ^*r.^'"/» I'''''"• ( ' 1 ' 1 ''^'''-'t^l the, bli:lo 8 lst's Hess' End 0£ the Month EXTRA Ihe W a her is just ng it for a wrap or coat. \V C are fealuring our end-of- the-month Extra'Special ovv prices on ladies', n,,s,c s \ and children's coats You 11 be surprised Io see how low you can get winter coats for yourself and your children. , Below we quote you just a few of the many winter coals we have on our A BEAUTIFUL LINE OF REGULAR $22.50 and $25 COATS genuine fu r collars, strictly tailored, crep e silk lining, all wool, new materials, up-to-the-minute styles, a biu ranee Io select from ° b ONE RACK LADIES' $15 COATS, in all ll lc newest shades, styles M QC and materials, silk linings, will, and without fur trimming $&B.^ ONE LOT LADIES 1 $10 ALL WOOL COATS, a big range 0(5*94 shades, the new all wool sport coats m fancy and plain cloth fc| OUR BEST GRADE $10 CHILDREN'S COATS in „,„*, genuine Bearskin and fancy woolen materials, double linings, sizes ID to 16 . 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Nagging Pains aro Warning Signals - V inilii rollpf roraeillea ; insiy i.nvo you ijiurh surforlnf; at ; Hid luoiuent, Imt putting u iiuiHlc I cli-iir up llio coiidltlon It ^ylllJ loll- i '"!i - J'i'ii Io avoid. > '" When iierlodli; irnliin. ilud to u wral;, rim-ilmni rninlKlnii, rtls- li'-.i;i you, tiv.tlincni fni- tiio eiHOn or II-" U-iulilo itiouM 1m ntnrlal wlllimit 'ih. ^-I'l'-'i'l'm. 0 "" 1 " 1 '" '"'"' 1 "'' lll?lll "Ht v>-(;:i':mlv fillnt.-nlii. s,i n^my woljirji ("ill-- OAlltilll, It mniit IMS iion,l to "'I' 1 ' "» wl'li-'l'iiiiil «-..! Hint It baa i'J"U, bolil ui ilruii iiluroi, Tj-y 111 In Us flKhfw'lth 1 the 'disease, "C'linccr'of'tlio skin can be cured," * s said, "If promptly ^aJvd Ireakd, 'Five-year curei 1 already liave doubled In other types" " " Ur. Head Coiirlcr Nows Want Adi ROBRD-TRIP 1,60 For rwl travel savings, go by Grep. hound—anywhere in America, Low fares goexl every <i,iy, .with roundtrip returns good TWO MONTHS. 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