The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1944
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Save W.1* P^,,. , f Vi ¥aluablo to ^ Waf Wftrf , ^ ^ ^ #tf| ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ .^^ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • "." . ™ DOMINANT OTWSPAPHVOF NOBTHIAST ARKANSAS ANr, B nn™»«. ..™—-T A ' *-* f " ^ n! y l!'* y H! e Dally N<! *' Blythcville courier Blythevillo Herald Mississippi vallej 'Leader NOBTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOOR1 BLYTHRVILLK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, MAY 2; # •» • _ ^ _. „ •.-;•-• • — •— : — , jsmuus UWIE8 FIVE CENTS ALLIED SUBS SINK 17 MORE JAP SHIPS _ . " ' " ~ - . • ^^^ ™ • •••' '^^ American Air Fleet Weather To Pound Continent fni| L P? D °, N> ?i ny 2 < U -''->-Ba<l weather delayer!, | ' morni '" E - t!l a m • s ,H n 16 (la - vs •«*>' »" American <um,t<u M iicK the.l'rencli invasion coast. Ll . bcl 'Htors and fighters smas h e d ;l t the Pas lri '? i lirCC , tIy amss the Dover sfrailt salcly nftcr enco nly lijfht 11 - Tin All bombers bracketed Paris with attacks on Nazi-operated rail junctions on lx>th sides of the city And Bcrliti radio reports that an Allied fighter plane formation Hindu a sweep into wcsieni.Geimany V Sliced Devices Used Even after the weather over the continent cleared just enough 'for bombing, it was still poor. The Pas De Calais raiders ploughed through thick clouds and overcast, and let their bombs go on the targets sighted through their secret overcast aiming devices. Tlie weather was so t»r' >n fact, that only a few months ago it would have grounded our planes, instead of only retarding- them. It was a complete reversal of the conditions encountered by the British last night. The overcast closed in after the R. A. p. had returned from raids on seven big Nazi war bases in. Germany, France aiid Belgium. .THe ; ,Bnlish dropped nearly 4-lhousnntrtbns of bombs, on the targets,' sighted clea'rly in a bril- y-Jiant moonlight. ZOO Morlies Per.Hour-- • In the first 30 hours of May, \ is up'lo C o'clock this;morning, it's •" .estimated. that the Allies'air forces have flown iibjirly\six thousand ... lies'.''Against'- we'slein and" sout sor- and; southern TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS Germans Fear Allied Drive Via Balkans . i By JAMES HARPER United Press Staff Writer The rumblings of upheaval arc sounding again in the Balkans, and each now rumble sounds more' and 'more like the toll of a funeral bell in, Berlin. that the fears an in of the the big in_. the English Channel.-Thnt there are heavy con- Heads Lions Chester Cal<l«-cll Caldwell Named 'Campaign Speeches' Precede Balloting By Local Lions Chester Caldwcll was elected imminent Allied Balkans, limed vasion strike across president of the Lions Club al the regular luncheon meeting held today at Hotel Noble. Elected 'to serve with Mr. Caldwell, were R. L. Shcrrick, first ^ first vke ' * e VvS^t;i43B£>cat^v,:<^j. jif,£qn I per- noun • Sonic-'forty-rtveli'uiidrcc! sorties were flown by planes from Britain, and more than 13-hundred Jrom Mediterranean bases. Italy-based bombers maintained their steady bombing assault last night against enemy supply ports slid rail lines in central nnd northern Italy. ^ There has been a sharp flare-up •of patrol activity on the '-ground Irottlcfronl along the Anzio beachhead below Rome. Both Allies and German patrols made feeler thrusts against each other's positions. Allied Iroops a slight withdrawal on a sector three miles southwest of Aprilia. But elsewhere there's no report of any ground changing hands. Tito Near Trieste Across the Adriatic, Yugoslav Partisan forces are reported to be fighting in the vicinity of the Italian port of Trieste. Some observers believe the Partisan chief, Marshal Tito, may have opened a large scale drive against the big Italian port on the Istriau peninsula. Back ill western Europe, the Germans are reported to be taking drastic measures In an cdort lo prevent revolts on the continent coinciding with the coming invasion. Dispatches from neutral countries say Uiat three million foreign workers in German war plants have been forbidden to travel without special iiissioii. And inside occupied cc, Gestapo men and military overlords are reported to have embarked on a ruthless extermination campaign to weed out hot beds ot unrest. The French National Committee Ambassador to London charges that the Germans have wiped out whole villages In northern Prance, in the manner of the Czech town of Lidice. But in spite of the repressive measures, sabotage continues to increase in France. In one district alone, the French diplomat says, 68 trains were derailed and 96 locomotives wrecked during January. And COO underground patriots resisted 5000 Germans in one village lor 11 days, killing 700 of the enemy. .,.„, o£ Allied troops in the Middle East, and that the Allicd Mediterranean fleet is now congregating below the Adriatic Sea. The Nazis 'are -now'- tormented by the same difficulties which beset *g. Allies,, during .the. parly-stages of the war. The defended dbesri't Know where the aggressor plans to strike Therefore he must spread Thompklns, Harvey Morris and the RCV..S. B. Wllford, directors, and ' Congressional Probe Of Ward Seizure Likely House Group To Study Proposal This Week; Approval Indicated WASHINGTON, May 'i (U.P.)- The Hone Rules Committee lias forced quick action on the resolution tohu-estlgnic Hie government's seizure- of Montgomery Ward mid Compiiny. Speaker Sam Itayburn raid loday the resolution will be taken up by the House this Thursday 'or Friday. House leaders' Indicated the proposal would win approval • Chairman Sabath of the Rules Committee, who had fought an ln>. vestigation, now says he thinks it will be a good chance for the administration to R l,ow Its' side oi the case and prove Its point Meanwhile, In Chicago art'ii- mcnls were completed today in the court 'skirmish over (he govern incut's poiver lo seize Montgomery Ward and Company's Chicago [limits. Federal Judge Holly snld he would announce a decision next Monday, t-'ili! Hill «f JUgMs Company counsel argued Hint President Roosevelt -had viola^d the Bill of Rights I,, ordering seizure of the properties. But .Attorney General Diddle-'replied that the President was'ex- ercising his rights as commiinclcr- n-ch ef ot the armed forces, anil tint there was no question of civil rights or the constitutionality - Involved. . There's word today that Am=r- icnn aircraft production dropped month. However, diaries E. Wilson of sharply i ns t Chairman ~. „. .nti^iu, .ujicctuis, ana *i, 0 AI,-«,- *-i n , ,, — • "••^n ui Edgar Borum and '\V. L Homer I, Allclafl Production Board said, trustees. " , •' < ' however. Hint the x:u:t r,i n ^ n . his forces thin over all possible : ifchierm ".Fran Points of attack. And In so doing weaken his defenses everywhere ' "."">>•.> .'"at tlie Allies have no intention at all of launching a drive into the Balkans, but the enemy can't be sure. Air Blows Significant The pattern of recent e ar °"enslves in Southeastern Europe Allied air y been oife^ive" y -^""ruie^ssfan mbin B of Nazi-con.." .?«*•««. So- trustees. .Prior to.the, balloting, "each candidate made a "campaign speech", telling of his particular "qualifications" for.: ; 41je.-;ppsUUm- which lie Mr. Caldwell, a prominent planter and glnner of this community has been' a member of the Lions Club for several years. He suc- .ceeds Frank Whitworth as dent of the club. presi- Gucsts at th e luncheon were Jack Krebbs of Omaha, Neb., and Lieu'< Benlon L.Lewis of Blytheville Army Air Field., Mrs. .Ivan P. Wyse Dies In Memphis' Of Long Illness . sweeping In fromtnc ; ,, Mrs ' Ivrm p - vv> ' sc > former Bly- cast. That is, by disrupting German lllcvlll c resident and sister of Mrs. rail transport to the eastern battle-- R ' J °hnson and FIE. Warren. ' dlc <l at her home in Memphis at u lnt ,„«, „„ , turned out included all tho com- the new B-29 Sjlper bat aircraft wanted. He said output of the Fortress was; good. .Production In ' • ' ' erlng -d sister of Mrs.!^ ! March '.was'"flioo planes." In the slow moving sedition ,trial m Washington, contempt charges against one. 0 ( u,c defense attorneys James' j. Lnughlln. was postponed today until Thursday morning. Ihe court j turned down the attorney's r«|ii«;l, for. a jury trial Tlie contempt' hearings are' bas-cl on Laughlm's attack against Hie integrity of Jud B e Elehcr • Slimson for,Price Controls War Secretary stlmson was In this afternoon's Washington news picture. He urged the House Bunk- nig and Currency Committee lo continue price controls throughout the war and into the period. Thc ci'mmlttce S ,7 f'"" 1 "" 1 '""" •*'*• u « °™ "», home from Ilaly on furlough,. i s greeted by l,k 1 UeTo M' 1 '', M l>l . lU "! 1 , r8h ' "* Jm "'° 11W "- T O"-*-"««'«' Kel.y, center, WM not nu , tl^ 1" Politic, o, (hu lavish preparations made for.hls home-coming by a dty committee. Turning <,„«, To rIff «n .^...Ive .suite at a leading hotel he .«,(,!, -I-,, go „,„„,, j nc . Wll , „ Om o is consid- to extend l)c ' (orc front. But those rail lines also link all "_^r. rnla "y f : defenses in the.low- in the low es. If the Allied strat- .M yell mvnde by the back door, ' rk ins- The Germans •. Thoreforc . "«y have f " leir foices lhin to defend, drawing off thousands of troops who could be used otherwise to garrison the western front. n ' know can in- ., de the Balkans If Allied strategy has blueprinted It. At Foggla In Southern Italy, w e have IhTexcel- nC Blr ll K ' bombers now are raiding Iincs - At . on Italy's east coast. Directly "cross from Albania and lower Yugoslavia. Tito Seized Port hnw t) L 1 - 0 Adri!U *. «« Germans hod he big Yugoslav port of Split, £ 1 »"" h ° !cl ls tcnuous - I" fact late last year, the ill- equipped Awarded Silver Star For Bravery Under Fire Braving enemy fire so intense that every man In his party was killed or wounded, Marine Tech, Sergt. Raybon M. Chambers, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Will Green of Manila, lias bceu awarded the Silver Star for gallantry In action. The son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Chambers of Halls, Tenn., Sergeant Chambers continued to lay ^telephone wires in the face of tile "neavy fire until communications were established for his battalion on Bougainville. The 25-year-old Marine visited his relatives in Manila last week. New York Cotton open hifh Mch. .' 1936 1945 Kay . 2105 2111 Jul v . 2058 2059 Oct. . 1082 1088 Dec. . 1960 2906 low close 1938. 1942 1934 2105 S105 210S 205] 2051 2054 1981 1965 1980 I960 1SS3 1951 , -e u- 80. lav partisan forces of Marshal Tito, almost wholly lacking In heavy arms, drove the Nazis from Splt. and held the port for some the onr and the islands in off Greece, from establish- But at , the same are of °P c ' ha t t"c 1s- t . he ,9 e ™'>ns know of that has promised a vvl " 6tarl 011 Ihe front when the British and Americans storm the beaches In the <llch drfw Corsica c ako Southern France from Hitler's Interior position In Europe, which In the early, stages of the war. enabled him to strike in any .direction, has now turned back on him. He's a lion hemmed in by the walls he built himself. Wondering which wall will cave in on him first. Or if they'll cave in together. The theoretical absolute zero, the point at which there Is complete absence of heat, exists nt 459.C degrees Fahrenheit. 5 o'clock- this morning, Mrs. Wyse had been in III health for almost two years. She was 51. She leaves her .'husband, who was connected with the Standard Oil Company here before moving to Memphis is years ago; two daugh- tnv.1. »«:_-. •. jjT _ °. ters, Miss Jean and Miss Mary, Ann Wyse, potli at home, and two other sisters, Mrs. Clara Robertson of Memphis, and Mrs. L. L. McDearman of Halls, Tcim. , Funeral arrangement were incomplete this -morning. Services will be held In Memphis and burial will be made , at Elmwood Cemetery at Halls. Tenn. Mrs. Johnson was in Memphis at the time of her sister's death. She was joined today by Mrs. p. E. Warren, Mr. Warren and daughter, Miss Marjorie Warren planned to go' there tonight or tomorrow morning. Congressman Cravens Condemns Ward Seizure LITTLE ROCK, May 2 (UP) — Congressman Cravens of Arkansas says the government's seizure of Montgomery Ward and Company at Chicago is "extremely obnoxious and nauseating." He made the statement in a letter to Little Rock- businessmen who had protested the Ward seizure. He told AtW'ney Verne McMillan and other men who telegraphed a protest that he believed the seizure of the mail order house was not authorized by legislation. Meanwhile, Congressman Hays of Little Rock told his homefolks that the real .issue, as he saw it, Is whether or. nit the War Labor Board's order to the company was valid. And he added: "We must find some way to maintain our confidence that law, rather than arbitrary Judgments of Individuals, shall prevail." Staff Sergeant Hutton Flies In Raid On Truk Flying in the' recent spectacular raid over Truk, Staff Sergt. Billy •J. Hutton was assistant engineer and nose gunner In a Liberator. His gun crew was credited with shoot- Ing down five Zeros. The son of Joe Hutton of Manila, Sergeant Hutton Is n member of the mh Army Air Force. Ala- gave Jiili a Thc Department of Justice .... nounces that one of the major liquor companies, the Schcnley Distillers Corporation of New York niid 11 other defendants have been charged with conspiring to deal m a black market. Elsewhere on the home front turns from the first box in j bama's Democratic party New Deal Senator Lister ]>,„ „ big lead in his race for rcnoinlna- tlon which amounts to reelection In Alabama. Voters went to the poll? in Democratic primaries Florida, where another advinislru- tlon senator, Claude Pepper, also sought renomination. In another political development tlie Senate Campaign Practices' committee loday gave a clean bill of health to the CIO political tion committee. Bu Republican Senator Ferguson of Michigan rejoined that the CIO group has nqt yet had a chance to violate either Ihe Hatch Clc.ui Politics Act or the Smith-Connolly Anti-Strike Act. And rounding out the home front picture, in. Pittsburgh a jury of six men and six women lias been picked to try the Carnegie Steel Corporation, Thc company is charged with having made Jnlse tests nnd concealing the records on sub-specification steel plates foi wartime shipbuilding Gerald I. Archer Given Back Pay Truck Lino Worker Entitled To Wages, Supreme Court Says LITTLE ROCK, May 2.-riullng hat work done by Gerald T Arlier, BIylhevillc, night manauer or the. Pofnshhlck Loeal 'Ilnwk System's branch ofljce. .placed him mtlcr the Fnlr Labor jStniirlnrdfi Act, tho ..Arkansas.. Supreme- .Court Monday nfflrmcd '•' n "Mlss'' Circuit Court decision nnd hat Archer was entitled to and overtime from August, to February, 1943. Archer ./lied suit against the appellant, alleging 'he received milv held 19-12 $24 a named week during- the period and that he should have New York Stocks AT&T ................ ,571.4 Amcr Tobacco ............ 617-8 Anaconda Copper ..... 25 5-3 Beth Steel .............. 50 |.g Chrysler ............. ' ..... 82 5.3 Coca cola ........... 112 1-2 Gen Electric ............. ' 35 3-1 Gen Motors .............. 581-4 Montgomery Ward ... 42 3-4 N Y central 3.4 Int Harvester 70 3. North Am Aviation 81-8 Republic Steel 16 Radio \ 9 Bocony Vacuum .' 121-1 Sludebaker 15 3-8 Standard of N J .......'. 54 7-8 Texas Corp 48 Packard U S Steel 4 51 Chicago Rye open high '-low close 130!i 129v4 121S May . 129-S 13054 July . 12704 128% 127',i received 40 cents an hour for Ihe biifie - of hours each week - and OT ccnU an hour for all overtime. Potashnick . contended all services of ; Archer were services rcjjiilalcd by the Federal Motor Carrier Act mid cxcinpl from tho p n | r Labor Standards Act.. the court snld the test of whether Archer came within the Motor Carrier Act depended on his duties. The opinion snld he did at night everything a day mnnagcr would do nnd also helped another man load and unload trucks. This Int- tcr activity, the opinion snld, would place him under tlie Motor Carrier Act if It constituted a substantial part of lils work. "We hold there Is substantial evidence to support tlie jury's verdict that this duty did not constitute a substantial part of plaintiff's work," the court lieM. School Officials Would. Extend Lunch Program 'Ihe extension -of the school limcli • program ; to next year WIIB favored last nlgiit by ti, c county Superintendents aiid ' Principals in their monthly iliccthig al Osecola. At present' the school lunches we belli),' conducted in IB Ml.ssbslppl County schools. . ' - Twelve ',' white . schools operating such a program .: lire ;SuUbliry., Ele' .montar v ^ Lcuclivlllt;, Luxora, . , , , victoria, Shawiicc, Wilson, A.rmprcl, Yarbro and by- conducting Mllllgan, aosnell, ess., rlvu , lunch rbb'i'iis ni'c" Luxora; Stiawnec, Wilson, oicn'r Lnkc, Osccoln arid ; ' $, • Qrant, president of • College, Arkadclphla, the .30 present 'oh the Carson. Or. J. Ouaclilta spoke to . "Fourteen Points of Education Dates Are Sef To Make Survey Of Farm Labor A: C. Owens Appointed Labor Assistant For , North Miss. County ' •The Appointment of A. o. Owens of Lost .Cane ns farm labor'assist- ant, for .North Mississippi.-County" W ,;: announced. (0dny hy 'County Agent Kellli :j.\Bl|broy. -Mr. Owens . . .. assumed his new dtit.les ycslcrdiiy. : A fft finer. In : tills comity for 22' year; Mrrowens is active 'Miv'com- mimlty nnd county affairs. A former, gin malinger, he was'-Prortiie-' lion Credit Association 'director for three years, AAA commlttccman for seven years, nnd served as . secrc- tnry of. the Mississippi county Fnrm unreaii for two years. He has served on tlie school board for 12 years and Is a laiit] perform ance super-, Walter J. Ross Is. Bound Over In Assault Case Walter J. Eoss, charged with - sault with Intent to kill in the shooting of Luther L. Beaidcn Friday morning, was free on $750 bond today after he was bound over to await action of Circuit Court hi Municipal Court this morning. Ross's l)bnrt was increased from S500 to $150 by Jucige Doyle JIcn- dcrson at tlie preliminary hearing. Testifying for the state, Bcarden Oliver Wicker and Mrs. Noland LanElcy, the latter two who l»th were eye witnesses to the shooting, told the court that [loss shot Ecar- dcn following an argument over rental property. lioss, who entered a plea of not guilty lo the charges of assault with intent lo kill, did not testify at the hearing. Wind Causes Damage HOT SPRINGS, May 2 (UP)— A windstorm that struck east of Hot Springs Sunday night Is revealed to have caused considerable property damage In ttic Lonsdnle and Owcns- ville section. Trees were blown down and communications were so disturbed that reports of the storm were delayed until yesterday. N. 0. Cotton" open high low close Mch. . 1042 1947 1942 1045 1938 May . 2125 2120 2120 2119b 211E luly . 2015 2075 2008 2008 20ft Oct. . 1980 1990 1983 1986 1981 Dec. . 106G 1970 .19S3 1968 19CO Chicago Wheat open high ' Ion Mny July BJythefVillc's Event To Be Two-Day Affair July 11 and 12th Horse lovers will have an opportunity to view the -finest horses ever shown -in this .section with the rerejil purchase by Jiorscii'ion of this area ot several .animals with over $5000. News' of the fine mounts to be' shown In the 'summer circuit Is expected lo add interest to the shows already planned by four towns, the dates of which were decided last night nt a rectors' meeting in Joncsboro. di- Tlie Blythevlllc show, (sponsored locally by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, will be a two-night ,-ii- Jnlr held July 11-12. Tl,| s w j;i | )c the second show of tho circuit so far planned. Thc Paragould show wilt be held In the middle of June, nnd on July 27 a horse show'will be staged In Jonesboro. This venr Marlnnna and Forrest City ° \vlll have a Joint affair to be held in Forrest City In the 'middle of August. Plans arc as yet Indefinite as to whether the Osceola shmv will be held before or after the Memphis Lc Bonhcur lior.-w show. Thc association has sent Invitations lo 30 other lowns In this section lo join the circuit, which it Ir, hoped will become a fun summer affair. Attending last night's mealing from hero were Jimmy Stevenson and John McDowell. Restaurant Operators Placed On Probation JONKSBORO. Ark., May 2 (UP) — Pour restaurant operators have been placed on probation after hearing In Federal Court on charges that they bought food stolen .from the Walnut Ridge Army Air Base. The operators, from Ho.xlo and \Valmit Rirtge, arc Rex, Harris, Mrs. Carnell Moore, Harold Moore and John Elgin Shields. ' . Three Marked Tree boys, all 16 years old, were sentenced to three years each In training school on a charge of having tried to wreck a train near Trumann by putting cross ties on the track. Tlio boys arc Joe D. Newton, Sammic Lee Henderson and Walter Gamble.. ," ' : Weather, H ARKANSAS -SJiowers and scal- IMV niV .BiV .* • pr ' c] ' lcml thunderstorms this afternoon, ?o ?nv raw ™£ IS" t , flnt8ht nnd W^dny; not much no . 170VI 169H Wi 110 change -In temperature.'; His first Job In his new capacity will bo lo conduct a survey of farm labor -needs In North . Mississippi c °>,iiHy. -Tills survey Information wi 1 bo used In efforts to recruit nnd obloln transient labor for the fall cotton harvest and also prove, Mr. nilbrcy pointed out. that this county is not a labor surplus area. : Mr. Owens will m.ilntaln hend- qunrters In tlin County Agent's office at Die courl house. GOP Speaker Criticizes 'Bureaucrats' LITTLE ROCIC, May 2 (UP) Ihe keynote speaker at today's Arkansas Republican Convention charges that the home front Is be"K """B'cti by what h c C nlls Washington Bureaucrats." The speaker, the Rev. p a t Mur- Phv of Gushing, Okla., cited the Government seizure of the Mont- 6 M C ,7, Vnrcl plllnt in Chicago. He said this about that: "If those bureaucrats can take over that company, rest assured hal they can take over your 1111" 8 S j 1 , 1 ,', 0 " nr yollr hot d °ff stand Murphy (old approximately 250 delegates from throughout the state that the situation today is as serious as the days when Paul Revere rode through the countryside shoul- mg—'The British are coming." 'Only today," he said, "the warning should be 'The bureaucrat are coming — | n fact, they're already here. " Election of a Republican president ana Republican congressman nnd senators would do a lot to end the sHunllon. he said. And he added, In these words— . "Such a revolution wound c'on- wnce the pressure groups and the profiteers that the people are not satisfied with the way our home front affairs arc being handled." Nine delegates to the National GOP Convcnllon will be chosen today. Three of the state's 12 Republican delegates already have been named. Toll Includes 3 Destroyers And A Cruiser /• * , British, American Undersea Craft Still Whittling Jap Fleet - .WASH1NOTON. May 2 (UP)i Allied Hiibmarliica have .sunk 17 inoio Japanese ships, Including tlnce destroyers and a light ciuli- A Navy communique reports tliat Amei^nn sul^.sank two ot the dc- slroycrs and the cruiser. Nine uiii-- « ships; Bunk' by'. United states iinclcrsca craft Include, one large naval auxiliary, one l,aVgo tanker, two uirgo trnmports and five car- Bo ship's. , ,\ , Ei'rllcr, an Admiralty annouiica- , mcnt in London revealed ' that Uiltlsh nil« operallng in Japaucsb «ca laues betwi!en Slngnporc nnd miuna' accounted Tor 'an enemy de-' f y l? untl ' pur m crc!mnt ships In the Bay of Bengal Suhs shell Port Blair Th c Admiralty added that Brll- l? i .submarines aho shelled Poit Blair, main port In the Andaman Js andfi, (Umagln^ two Jap supply swi)i and a smnll escort vrawl since the United States Nnvy no ifiiBci announces enemy vcssch damaged by submarines, the total of damaged Jap ships probably has nueased considerably .since the last ones Were announced lost Fnll. Sneo then, the Nuvy has mentlon- hnin ^ n Y llu " a80 ^° a Japanese batt whip hli by a, t AniVrlcan submarine off PalaU Island In'Mnrcli. /"c./slnklngB announced today >'hig fho btal of Japanese shir« lijt by United slates subs lo 005 of which 544 have been sunk ftorly five of the ship., sunk were combatant vessels, « , , iHt|ctl to submarine actions and murto ;io mention of 'the tv,o day al' 0 " ^'irok >roportii b radio roportpii by radio Truk Again Attacked Japanese broadcaster-! snld that an^iAinftrican;, naval •"tfisk-*.force lieadeo 1 by more than 10 aircraft ft). , B /.:.# t , ac !! (! '? ;Tn ! k "A'?<>ll and . an he Mordook Islands In the Carp- lines on Saturday and Monday. Livestock ST. LOUIS, May 22 (UP)-Hogs: salable 17,000; holdovers top 13,70; 200-270 pounds 19,000; 17,000; 13.70; 140-160 Ibs..' 10,50-U.6oTsows 11-11.10. • Cattle: 3,100; salable 3,000; calves 1,600; all salable; slaughter steers 10-16,50; slaughter heifers 9.75-16:, niixed yearlings and heifers l<f 14.75; stacker and feeder steers 9.75-H; camicrs an dcutlcrs 7-0; cows 8,60-11.50. carler-bascd planes both days. And the Morlloclc; islands were shelled by American warships. The Japanese nrttlcd that the task force was ninilng at a chance* for invasion" However, there has been' no Al- Hed confirmation of the Japanese vcport, . > In India, the British are holding their o«n In Hip fighting ground Imphal An Allied communique reports that British and Indian hoops icpulsen a strong Japanese attack south of that supply center and sharp fighting Is continuing' Chinese Gain in Burma In Northern Burma, the Chinese continue to push down Ihe Mo- gnunff Valley, and have LapUrul anothci Japanese strong point In the Honan province of China, the Japiiliese are up against stiffening Chinese resistance At'HuIao Pass, the Japs are rushing fortifications In expectation of a coun- ter-ntlncK oy the Chinese The Chinese also have surround- C JJ "'ofn taken by the Japanese 30 miles southwest of Changhslen, - tho rail junction. In Dutch New Guinea, American troops continue to reduce isolated enemy hill positions around Hollandia. Nearly 700 Japanese dead have been counted In the Hollandla area since the Americans Invaded 10 days ago. Two Substitute Clerks Promoted At Ppstoffice T""> promotions in the personnel of the-^postofflce were announced today by Postmaster Ross D. Stevens' . • Earl McGregor and Qimtcy Alexander, both of whom, were classified substitute clerks, have been made regular clerks. Mr. McGregor, who served as substitute clerk for four years, will bo at the stamp window Earl Buckley, former stamp window clerk, will be in charge of the mall order window, a position held by the late Miss Lela Blythei Thc position of general delivery clerk, held by the late J. J. Jaggers, has been taken .by Mr. Alexander, who served for the!past two years as substitute .clerk. Mr. Stevens announced that no permanent help will be added to the postofflc6 for the duration. Only temporary help will be employed to fill In as substitutes, he said. Baptist Church Names ~- fc/ucotionol Secretary Miss Sarah Francis Rowland of Warren, student at Central College, Conway, hns" been elected Educa- Jonal secretary of the First Baptist Church here. Miss ItoRland, former secretary of the First Baptist Church at Warren, will assume her new duties Jun« J. , •

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