Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas on July 4, 1976 · Page 42
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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas · Page 42

Denton, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 42
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T H E DEMTON R C C O R D - C H R O N I C L E Simply 4 an act to incorporate 9 It was called, simply, "An Act to incorporate the town of Denton, in Denton County." It was approved by the Texas Legislature on Sept. 26, 1866, exactly 100 yean ago Monday. MUCH OF THE history of the day can be gleaned from the Act of in* corporation. The constable was the «x-officio tax collector, which made it handy. The mayor had the power to "call out the citizens" to put down riots and the first election ever in the City of Denton was held the first Monday in December, 1866. CITY RESIDENTS had one advantage -- they were exempt from work on the county roads, a responsibility of citizenship in early-day Texas. However, they did have to work on city roads. James M. Day, director of the state archives, has provided a copy of the statue and it is reproduced here, in full (It is Chapter 25, Laws Of The State of Texas): '"AN ACT TO incorporate the town of Denton, in Denton County. "Section l. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas that the citizens of the town of Denton, in Denton County ; be, and they are hereby declared a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of the Corporation of the town of .Denton, and by the name ahall have power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded and to hold and dishold of property real and personal; provided, such real property is situated within the limits of said corporation. "Section 2. That it shall be the duty of the citizens of said corporation, to elect a mayor, five aldermen and a constable, who shall also be ex-officio assessor and collector of taxes; and a treasurer and secretary shall be selected by said aldermen from their own body; the treasurer and assessor and collector of taxes shall be required to give bond with security, to be approved by the presiding officer, for the faithful performance of their duties, and to make reports when required by the mayor or board of aldermen; and the mayor shall have power, when necessary to suppress riots and disturbances, to call out the citizens of said corporation, for the purpose of restoring order. "Section 3. that the first election shall be held under the orders of the county judge of Denton County after he shall have given 10 days notice thereof, on the first Mondav in December, 1866, and annually thereafter, under the direction of the mayor, giving at least 10 days notice before his term of office shall expire. In case of vacancy, a special election shall be held to fill such vacancy or vacancies, under the direction of the mayor, but if there be no mayor, then such election shall be held by order of the board of aldermen. "Section 4. That no person shall be eligible to any office under the provisions of this charter, who is not a citizen of this state, and shall have been a resident within the limits , of said corporation at least four months prior to his election; nor shall any person have a right to vote for officers, who has not been a citizen and resident within said corporate limits at least four months next preceding the day of said election. "Section 5. That the mayor and board of aldermen of said corporation shall have power to pass such rules and regulations and ordinances as may be necessary for the regulation of the police and the preservation of order within the corporate limits to levy taxes, for the removal of nuisances and keeping the streets in good order, for building a market house and for any and all other purposes: to improve and ornament public property within said corporate limits; and they shall have power to prescribe penalties for the violation of the ordinances of the corporation; provided, no tax shall ever be levied exceeding one-half the state tax allowed by law; and provided further that they shall in no case prescribe penalises to exceed $100 or imprisonment for more than 24 hours. "Section 6. That the limits of said corporation shall extend one-half mile in every direction form the center of the public square, in said town of Denton. The City of Denton was granted its first charter by the Legislature in September of 1886, nine years after the lots were sold. The town was defined as a square, one mile on each side, with the courthouse square in the center. The charter provided for a mayor and five aldermen to be elected. About two months later another act of the Legislature peraccordlng to C. A. Bridges' typescript history of Denton. This would Mem to imply that all conditions had been met by that date, IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, vj/utta^ mfflfp /^ ^^v^m^^y^,^^ U^^*~-^^-f^^ /£ £~» */JUj^ -tff, tfotASftrftfifan. + A»J **£**- fA^eiu,^»"***«* W*" **"}' 4***^^^**U^,^rf^^«^ t fatf, 4wtHfMt*t'/*f- c , at d4r*'»sAi' -M*r"~ tf/Aw£uv; **/£**«**, *w^«^#^^4^^ /«**/yntrt ,/n, /·fyiftfMf 4*tM ttutnft At***y *** 4t*v+j£**tt f* $^e*fc»^^ , Ab^ t v . ' *Ja* kfitjfaia'jj?t,u6* t Aj'cfitHa* ~--jkt a*e£*£*A Mt jbt /y*6t* t^fnpA **,* ^^MtyM^ttftg'JyvtM**, **£n* #* JH, £*·* M*vt***rH/, adt,J^'*fiiF''Jl**4*» ^ M v^ *?*· "* wyte aHS^tttyu****?^ **£*£*«* me*a,^t J*£ J*A^* * fvHrt* , ,, Jvt^L^f a**y nn4?£*t* f aA^Jttf M wJi«i**tt £«*, ***£ amuw ^ndtonwj^ Mt-,£iw f'"" 1 'fawMtnA" -- t£t upi***f i^^ *lj***££4*, art*/jXatTM** mM^Ji«4^«/lx4*4 k£fi*t fa * /* off *u*t s,-sL6*u«i .-. iifrptunftilkcn. evtA,tt4 . £%·- £avt ^j^flMfci//^m^^^4wmv£*iav a^ftu j.]j.Jr- J . ' J~ / /^ /· . " *£ * . *. ' H''f ·s . . , . f , --^*"--~f£~ r . Jtfafa^ ^^/.J^jfa:. ^ f f^' J -^^_.^ r / r . T j rf -,--.-*r_ --y^.x.^ .--,:* f /A*~. fytfcj, ^0uA^»i^?u^ A v l vtf eM , tyfafiftifrj, «*. vHmt^vesfytttij^e^ ScnmtdSfct* *«Je»i+ijL*mA*t*' ^£f ~A+^A*«,^*f6 Lw*- //**£+ **4j ^"^^·^^^^, J^f^S^^*»yfy,*^ $U»*i*4~/fS^ *^M~ ^*4. ^^^^"NrSrik .* iC-^,^... jrf .s* j. . . ^l-*^*-- * *J r *r t * £ ^jfr** * * St / A '' * * * * i * * * * j *jt **** ** Ffc HbAjh*^^ AATTW M. _ ^ r JJf ...__,_ ^C^^^^. ^S £f' . ,,, ^ ;f_ *,* *? * f , * '· ,* * # If * ** / ,9 / fi f f* J *M We, the undersigned, repledge our belief in the Declaration of Independence by signing this copy- published Sunday, July 4,1976.

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