The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1937
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__ <niE "OMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AotrAwo.o' .v,., „«. *^~*^ * " ^-^ VOL. XXXIII—NO. 201 lilylhcvlllp Courier mylhevllle Herald _™^™*NT_N^ M18sotmi Um'HKVILLK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAV, KI5BKUAUY 21), 1907" Dally News SINGLE COPIES FIVK CENTS SIT-DOWN HALTS WORK ON SUBMARINES urrkni/.n^*«iM«i».~l i - ~~'— ' — ^^^^ ^^^^ 300 Reported Executed i Rlond Dkrnvrl b, W. , "^-i^™ Lilllc River Farmers Assured of i'rotcction for llns Year Assurance that water from bleaks In Drainage District ITS levee system will not interfere with this year's farm operations In Ihe Little River basin was aiven today with the announcement by J. w. Meyer, engineer for the district, that work was •'-tiutfd Iht.s" morning: on closing grips in the levee al the slate line, cast of the head of Bis Lake. • • •. . If favorable weather continues "Ihe breaks at the stall' line will He closed with a- temporary sand- bay levee wilhin two weeks, Mr. Ihoritalivc source estimated today Ihal SCO persons had been pxmit-. ed at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as! the result or (he bombing Friday in which Marsha! Kodolfo Graziani, Ihe viceroy, Gen. Aurello Liotln, head of Ihe East African air force, and the Abuna Cyril, head of the Coptic Christian church of Ethiopia, were wounded. Official dispatches from Addis Ababa, said Ihal of 2.000 persons arrested srtcr the bomb throw- Ing, all who had arms on their i persons or in their huts were exe-j cuied. H was estimated that 100 of the 2,000 nrrestal were re leased and that 1,000 still being questioned. Meyer .said. As soon as this job . i:.. completed two breaks in the Jloodwuy Jrvc'e, southeast of Caraway, nil! be closed. Drag- line equipment «•!!] be put on Hie jobs later to make the repair work peunanenl. About 55 WPA workers were on the Job at the morniii/. They state haib Tennessee Anti-Saloon ; Campaigner Loses Job! • Icr Drunkenness. NAFHVILLE. Ten,!.. Feb. 23 (U P)—The Ifev. Robert-Tinnon. sup- . t> — mi- i.L'v. nomi !'"£,_'!!? ermtendent. ot U, e sufficient sandbars for several and U .S. army engineers have MrriKl to furnish -an additional 40.000 bugs, 'sufficient fov (he job 'One Loop Is .Vece.'isary The How of water through the stale .line breaks ha.s slowed down to such an extent that it- will be no obstacle to the work, Mr. Meyer said. There or.- two breaks at the stale line, totaling about 350 tcet. At the smaller of them i.'ie bcrm is virtually intact and (lie levee ciui be rebuilt oH ! flie rt will be reinforced At the other break •-.. ,-eld., tec ,, .w|th piling; , ,„,„... „,„,. .there Is a. ;:-blue, hole,".'Mo;- feet , t.'lepp. *nha'it .will be necessary :id ljulld a 500-fuf,t loop. Tlie levee lins been baiily damaged at other nphii.s .'and .will require extensive further; repair. work. ' .The. slate, line levee'breaks are teinif closed lirst, Mr. Meyer said, because walcf from them affecis between. 60.000 and 70.000 'acres' of KOfld farm land, compared to 'only 3,000 to 5.000 "in the path of ..,.,«. water from the breaks ' in ihej not knott . - - — -- ••'* Tennessee Anti-Saloon' League, said today he hail .'removed the Rev. W. G". Gnston as field secretary cf the Jenfiie rol!ov.'ln£ his arrest 'at Union' City; Tenn., yesterday onU charge of ••- clrunkcnness. : " ' Dismissal :: of the Rev. 'Gnstoii. 55-year-old minhte'i a former/iirfsidin-! elder! o. ,., q Methcdist.'Episcopal Chureli South was announced bv Tinnon aftei he had gone to Union Cilj ses- lerday. afternoon and bailed out the.-I accused Anll-Saloo'ii tary. 1 ; .^.' •- :Dcsiilte Gaslon's denial- that he was drunk, and his asserticij- that officers' ."plmled'- liquor:-.'bn--me.t Tinnon announced Government Rests Case Against Dr. Townsend WASHINGTON. I-MJ. 23 (up)— The government, i-c.sted ll.s case osalnsl Dr. fennels 10. Townsend today after presenting witnesses (o show that the elderly hciid of 1 llie $200-a-monlh old njjc pension oi-Gniilxniloii placed himself - - .I" contcmut of (he house by Prison Reform Bill Ap- ZX M trc°! " ll ^W"* proved; Sales Tax Recalled for'. Amendment. l.l'ITLE ROCK, Feb. 23 (Ul'> — | The house of representatives, dur- hig the morning session today, passed,' Iwo administration measures and defeated the efforts of dry leaders to bring ihc Vesey liillior repeal measure back on llii) door so (hat the emergency clause could be voted on. A bill to reorganize the state's labor department lo comply wllh -the federal unemployment cotn- jpnisntlon act was passed by n vote cf 77 to 0. The new bill REPORT! COURT BILL Scnalc Commit tee Ac Is us Mouse Lenders Discuss Judiciary Plan. j ^ WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 (UP) — chairman of n scnale Jud Iclary sub-committee, today rc- liorled favorably to the senate the -supreme court's full pay rcthe- blll, already passed by the Prosecuting Witness Nol .,.„„, on Maud in Court This lmat Morning. | WASHINGTON, pcb: 23 (UP)- S|:caker Willliim 11. Dankhcad eX- COOTEH, Mo.-Prellminary „- Jnmination of four youths of (he "' "- 1 III.- ijyiV UMI 1 - ."ill J IJllLlL.t Ul lilt according lo administration It-ad- Co ° (ic|1 ' community mid nearby d'S, provides the department, with Icsal authority to urbllra'c in later dlsimles. U was reported that Ed 1. McKlnley. prcs- rnt labor coinmlwloner, will cou- ,llnuc as head of the new dcixut- ment. SIOO.OOO For I'rlsons second administration lii,.. „ s(n(e |)fl _ son co of three persons who bill will I •••- l«-loun:» W1IU Will .be commissioned lo make Im'urDvc- mc-nls on the presenl penal sys- I tern, was passed by a vote of 77 The measure carried with it an appropriation of $100,000 whicli wlil be matched ty „ simihll . nmounl from the federal government for prison improvements. During Ihe morning hour the house voted to recall the North- cult two ptr cent sales tax bill from the senate for the purpose ° r The 'amendment I ~. ..-..L-nujiiciii.. me amendment proposed was offered by Rep. \v H. Toland of. Hoiynrd county ... .. urishborhoods. to have . ae nartlclpaled in brutal attacks on Mrs. Clara Pyle, :i8-ycar-old llly- I dam; ^-.u.. vull.l^- . Ulllt of the state Anti-Saloon', League. Sunday night he jirciichcd at the First, Christian church at Union City. iage suit against Violinist Tllc (il 'ys in the house led by „ r...v= . .. j Rep. William Thompson, .flj'Batcs- ..,, _,., , ll:1 UMIJ , llal . jyllle lost"their Yiaiit to-limit dc- nage occurred when, Hubinolt tate on-bills during the-:'mornin« Jilted her after a persistent °" r f01 ' ttlc remainder ••' ••- courlship. Born Pauline Tay- sc - wio » to five minutes. Ihevlllc, Ark., widow" nl a farm hri'fc nc.ii- here Insl Thiirsdny night, wns rontinued unlil 'i-ucs- da.v. I' ' Barber cms mornhi|>. K.vamlnation of Ihe youths wa;- 'o bnve been i-ondiiclcd'thls morning bill the stnlc asked for •• •ontinuancc on the gi-ound of 111- nr-fs o[ Prescciitliiff Altorney Itob- crt W. Hawkins and it wa' grouted. Uncxplnlned. however, was Ihc absence !>lso of Mrs. Pyjc, the oroscculing wlincss. who failed tr ajipciir in the magistrate 1 courl- room. AtteiuIIno ofTIt-r-rs said the<had not seen her this morning. So far us they knew she hud not been Informed thai her prcs: wculrt not be necessary ni the preliminary hearing' nnd was not, aware of the continuance. in uj. -rjuiviiKi county and ^*rs. Pylc told olficoVs here ^miiu.-excmpt .cotlpn nnd 'cottoi^V" 1 '". 1 - ?- lle w ? s -.hruln'lly brulen' and seed from Ihe lax. - -'I forced lo submit, to'four'men nl " Suifer Scl-bark " '"~"' ' pressed hope (oday, after,.'» coii- ference or Prcsldcnl .'-lioosevelt and house leaders; Ihn'l.'.-crinm-cs- slonal conslcleratlon' of the prcsl- Meets Father After Attending His Funeral NORMAN. Okla.. Feb. J3 (U I 1 )—). E, Wilson of Oklnhoinii City, who three days ago siiiv what hr. believed was the burial of Iiiii father, tndny shook hands with his parent, Snm II. Wllsoji. and lotd him thnt he was looking well. The- cliler Wilson, unnwa,re that his son hud believed him (lead, replied: "Voii nln'i looking so (jerl yn.Hiclf., ..Maybe you need a nip or spring tonic,' 1 Wilson fald iiu planned to tnkc It, . . . ' COyRTPliFOES THEllHil STRIKE I By C. II i-uu:., toiisuierauon or the prcsi-1 Tr. A , l <A c. c\ dents jitdlclary prosram .w'wild be i3 Uut °! ™ olillcS OllOW expedited- wllh the senale m-ii !\jl \ r\ ~ i aWy taking first action. IVlaionlv O.n,^c,,,l ,„ .\lr. liooscvelt nml his house .. wns rontinued unlil Tucs- ' cll<lcrs 'Hscussed Iho slnilcey lo March 2. by Maeislratc Max followed In placlnir the Judicl- er this mornlni!. !U ' 3 ' I'roBfani before congress, iininoiir,,, .,r ii.„ —,. Hankhend said ihe present plan was lo allow ihe «cnnie to the program first, house following later. act wllli Ihc . He •Indicated, however, thai if substantial delay was encountered be sHfM llUC ll!C Sll ''" tl8s ' " llgllt "We hope," Dankhcad said "lo on the sciVite— tude.5s takes too Ions." JJankhcnd Indicated-..'thai, while Ihe admlnlslratlon desired prompt congressional action, nresenl ". tactics were beln^ Boverned by the luntlOM In the senate.' : • ' Tho senate ;/mliciaiy committee has voted, lo slnrL public'- henr- 'L 8 !,. 0 ' 1 " le J'««!«'«l-p«WriMn March 0. »s- ^ s r-s,rs a of the loiyer floodway levee. He is confident,, however, that the gaps in the latter • can , be closed In time lo .afford protection for this year's . farm .operations. The job there i:; of about the. same proportion; as at'the state line nnd may be somewhat more difficult because of. a stiller current. A 'blue, hole at. .one of .the breaks will necessitate li loop, while at the other the levee cnn be rebuilt where it-.>vn.s be/ore. - • Waler Goes Dnwn : Water in the area east of Bis Lake and Little' River, flooded b" tho breaks at the state line, has already receded to a considerable extent, and with the now shul off most of the area should bo dry enough for farm work within' a few weeks. . Residents of the nrra have suffered substantial loss through damage to buildings nnd equipment, Ihe expense involved in moving livestock and olher property, and the loss in some Instances, of reed supplies and stock. The Red Crass, however, Jins promised assistance to (hose who need It to resume operalions, and It is believed that nearly normal conditions will be restored. ,«r ro . tcctlon n B ai "st future floods n problem for the area rer since 1927 has been I to suffer from Ihis vear wcr City. An hour-inter Ni*ht M,, . raura "'P- Bo™ Pauline Tay- w «'°» "> live minutes, shal D B Phillips renorlPrt lil ^ £he ^ dopted the "a™ In °»'l*™>. "i speaking for Ibe saw the- minS ^vho, he dd Garcia lr <™ <>. "Ear bani ™f°"- ^"cnrt members that not know-.™, Al MnrtE M : ?,™^^? y , c ?" sc °f ."'= V«ey Jordcn, ky.. Al Martin, 26. police ; character together on the street. Phillips said he followed the tv.'o men from one restaurant •to another and that lie saw Oaston drink three bottles of beer, "Hr- was absolutely drunk, although some said he was doped " the marshal explained. . . One of the two officers assisting Phillips took a half pinl bot- !le of whisky, about two-thirds full, from Gaston, Phillips said. Timioii secured the minister's re- 'case upon paying a $10 forfeit. In Borneo, n wife will wear, day and night, one of her husband's swords while he is on head-hunting expeditions. t ' -Little River levee was Even if you have to be a -little judge Denies Former Na- ,.. 0 ^..,^.j tii»i.->i; ui uiu VCSUV I liquor repeal bill would have to te voted on again in ihe house am! Hint such a move would be made before Ihc end of the session. Thompson's motion to limit debate during the morning hour WHS not brought (o a vole. • Kull Time Evamiiici-s In Ihc senate, six bilk were passed nnd other measures received^ favorable consideration, tn- n bills and crcti- I m- r, • - , ""'oraoic considcratk Val UniCCl' Pei'missi'on CI " C|I "S ttt 'o prison • reform tO Change Pica. ^"'"loyment insurance am WASHINGTON. Feb. 23 (UP>. . (P— District Federal Court Juslic" James M. proctor today denied the request of John S. Parnswortl, that he be allowed to plead not guilty ami stand trial on charge- of conspiring United Stntes Japan. Judge Proctor ruled Ihat Farns- wortli must stand on his plea of "nolo contendcrc." in which hr in effect admitted guilt and threw himself on the nifrcy or Ih" court wi!"n ' ' age charges was held ago. Farnsworth nppenred before ihc com-i, in ;;,';; nn to plead for the light to change his plea. He contended that he had been sub- to communicate naval secrets to his tiial on espionl week tion of full examiners. lime county school County examiners be employed to direct Ihe free textbook distribution with salaries ranging from 51,500 lo i2.JOO per year. The prison reform bills provide for creation of a pardon and Parole board and require institutions to make purchases through a centralized linard. The unemployment insurance bill is modeled after the federal sl.i- icontinued on Pnee i?lve) e-ist[ bil blimL nt tilm>s .:.:.! end It's a whole jected fore ngrcf cor.lenrifix 1 jjlca to stand ri:nl. Judge >i-< ."tor "heavy pressure" t 0 m!>kc t])c be- now desired announced (hat Osceola Will Slay In Northeast Arkansas Loop — • — "IIHL-, wzio sees PAnAGOULn, Ark.. Feb. 23 (U I aldermanic past. P>—Tlie Osceola baseballclubnotl- ncd league officials- they again will be represented in the North- ,„ •.-.-'iLiiu \u iui[| lllcll i lonelv farm house nboul i mile and a half from Cooter last Thiirsdny. '-nlghl -She-)|ntl -mcl O. D. Bonds, 'our of the youths at a Blythevlllc cafe, nlong will- his friend, Richard Young. Aflc: she had stated herself in ihelr "ai- they forced her lo accpinpany them lo Ihe Missouri farm house where the attacks are 'alleged to have occurred, she said. Young nnd Bonds were arrested imniedlAMy and Charley Geor»e Brasher nnd' H. Uwhorn, youths of the Number Eight community, have since been apprehended All are in jail at Cariithersvlllc await- mj examination Mayor's Race Is Only City Contest Thus Far The SlOO-a-month job of mayor of BlythevilJe provides the only contest in the April municipal election so far with W. vv. Holli- Peler, long a prominent resident and former county official, and Marlon Williams, first ward alder- mtin and insurance agent the opposing candidates. Other candidates arc: J L . Guard, seeking a first full terni as first, ward alderman, now serving out the unoxpired term of R. D. Hughes, who gave up his council seal when he moved to the second ward: Estcs Lunsford, oldest member or the city's official family in years of service, who asks another term as third ward aldeniian, and Floyd White, who seeks the second ward ue It ' . ced ,„„,. lie will pasr sentence on Farns- to worth, foimer there *><T~; .— *"»»:' levee was; , -— "HK.-I LUI - —• -- «M liffif W! "- er " foot above co ™ 11rl Sl't o«t ami lell a per-! ccnunande.r. when court l> rcVM »>'s record. But' 8011 llie lrllUl lha » to slall "cmI Fy ' cla >'- sasl Arkansas Class D lea» wns learned loday. ° j It was announced, followin? a stockholders m c ct | l)g , ast nf ,, lt that nnancial arrangements had been completed. Including srd. c«rlaln( y ,| U( "f water could be n , not bring an n. You'd really ther person a fa' Kve both of you a I've (rot a not? be doiir the or and you'd lot ot time, uncle—m to me Hink, who kept lieutenant . 6 ., convenes '"6 aereement with the St Browns. President J '•a»ti Price Is OUslaclc • wantcti mc «<> P>>1 in this The United Stntes coiurr<.« i l! WIX! , r ' t ° f comsc ' ] (lidn ' 1 «'••>»' pprovrt co,«,n,ction ' rB f-™. -° - hl '. r . t -. his -- fcclinss *""* I Congress Mourns Death of Rep, James Buchanan WASHINGTON. Feb. 23 (UP)— House leaders, mourning Ihc loss of Rep. James P. Buchanan, veteran chairman of the appropriations committee, today discussed plans for a possible state funeral j"i>na iui it pu^iuiu stale Joe Beriij said today i for tllc lc[ln - wlr y Texan, who an answer from the| tl!c ' 1 lrist "'S' 11 <l"ring his thir- A. T. and T .., poetry that i American Waterworks iiHpruvcn coa? ruction nf -, -->•- - •"» iccnusi, u^cause I system of levees wihT *. "f, w ! k " ew that PWt " " re awfllll >' scn- cnlarged floortway. vrflich army en- off * ^ ^ Sta " iU ' hinl gineers say would make the Lilllc basin .secure against * " . s anv Possible future flood. • f ™* obstacle is (hat local Interests nr required to furnish the ri-ht ° , righl oul and asked me txmit blank, what I thought of his poetry, f didn't want to lell him Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen. Electric Gen Motors 175 1-4 25 5-8 63 1-8 91 3-4 125 3-4 138 59 1-4 65 . directors (o determine tecnth whether another club must' be ad- I" congress. *,n(u iiiiist ix: .tti- • — Ihe recent cnlryj NciO OflcfUK CottOlU Contracts Let Majority Opposed [ 0 Reorganization UV WIlJj.s •rilOIIKTO.V NUA Service Sl.ill C'oiri-s]inmlcnt (Copyright, 1937. NBA Service, Inc.) More lhan a quarter'of u 'mil', lion people have declared llicii iiilllmlc loivnrd President Roosevelt's proposed reorganization of the U. s, Supreme Court throu"h the NBA firrvlcc-cmu-lcr News nn- llounl poll. The iota's today stand: • 80,820 for nnd 101,012 against the mo- (josal, - ...... voles stales. grand tolnj of 251,33? cast in 104 cities In '« Soon After March 10 If Money Is On-Hand. nEi'S^I'^- "° iias agreed to eslnbllsh a cotton tarnient, factory in Qtytlicville will be opened March 10, It was announced following R meeting last night, of the BlythEvlllc industrial Association, inc.. al which A much wider covcrage'cr the rounlry limn even the iolal of lfi-l ( cllles Indicates is rcn'lly In- cluilctl in these returns, us mnny of Hie participating' papers' 1 ' covci more , thnn oner city, •'sonic " J as utniiy ns.20 m--30.cluV s nnd itowns 'Hie -Arlzonii' RpiniiWH? 't(l~ 'Pfi'dSlilx fnr -example, reports ba lie is from nil ovcr^lhc state. : J ' , g consistency.": the . . .-,..„- In favor of Ihc proposal- continues) nt 3-1. ivllh BO per tent opposing.! This pcrcfntagf vchtlonslii) liaji not changed' 2 ptr cenlMirthe lust five labula- llons..,-11111011.611,; In Ihat lime the mimljDj',- of (jniicrs polling: ha* dmiblcd, nnd the geographical territory- covered has likewise doubled, -i- ' Twonty-nve stairs were giving Use majority a! their votes n . to In the court proposal approval 0 ... for the structure. plans, which specifications were given ago , .,_ final npnroral several weeks ago nnd the specifications arc In the hands of Julius Bofhnicr of at Louis, chier engineer for the Ricc- Stix company, who met with the Imttislrlal A.ssociation last night He Is mailing copies of them to contractors who desire to bid on the building. Bids must be in of B. A. Lynch, presl tion. the Industrial March 10. Associa- plan. still ird , Ijallols tabulated for, and 32.427 against the Big Ohio Publishing Plant Also Affected by Union Action Today. CinOTON. conn , Feb.' 23 (UP) -The planl of the Elcclilc Bnnt company, engaged In constructhu' iiibinnilncs iiHdei u. S navy con,' """'- -uni, dl.sorganl/ed lodity by In Btilkc oideied by Iho Maiine and Ship liulldliig Woik- .cii of America, an alllllnte of Urn ^- I. O. ' The plant employs 1,200 men on the day shift nnd between COO nml 700 OH the night shift Estimate.! of those ^spending ?,i i ^"V" vailed. Woikcra, walked about In gioiipj, In Iho I'mil mid on company giotiuds. Iheic wcic no disorder. RcenfoicemenU weio colled to Hie .slnte police bnrincks here Demand Vote l»" Eraplo> M ' Now undci cojistriicllon me font lubruailnes for the navy dcimt- Cnnulen, N j, and Hnny Bow- mnii, prcslrtenl of New I^ndon Lo-' t" 1 N ° "}. who piewnteti demands to Plant Managei O. Pomeioy Rolilnson todny that n cilschaigM noiker be iclnstatcd and llmt n *otc be taken In u, c p \ nni lp choose „ collective bargaining Agency on HID tcims of the c I O, which eliminated all office >nd di-nfthis loom woikeis from ballo ing These cmplojes aie memucis ot the Electitc Bout Company Employes AssbcttUloh: " Strike" n't Cro»cll riant ' n < — union prcssnioa at Hie Cio«cli Publishing company nlnnfc ' day. b *.um|Jiuijf JJJ.UIt •started „ s/t-dowii/,sliij, e to- , The union demnnclerl rccbfinltio'ii " y the company and an adjust, mcnt of wages nml houis. In the face of national returns , rioors ttllh thlee ' which continued lo regisler , l? 8n " lzcrs ; > no "> **'«" most lu-n in n,, n n ,..i...i ,;._ . Hclals said tliev \\anlrl nnf Homer Seeks Settlement I SPRINGFIELD, III, peb 23 (U P)-Qov Henry Homer and Stale Utmi Dlicctoi Mnrlln !> Uurkln stiuck lui'd today for immediate settlement of the .week-old Fansteel HfUnllurglcnr^ fcoi poi o,l)oir" sit-down stilkc in separate con-' Terences with the opuSJig, foice.s/ Hoinc-i, pulling a 1 Slgl black! cigar, met with the corpo\alioirs preside,!!, R. j Ailclllson, and ttto aides In hh oflice at ii:OI A M while Durkin conrerrcd behind' closed doors wtlh thiee C. I ^ nt--* ----- --• ." i*.£i.-*ii:i til- most (wo to one against the court 'reorganization proposal, several cities malntnined a consistent nm- Jorlly or two and three to one In favor. Nolabtc among these are Los Angeles, Call!.; Lynn, Mass • St. Louis, Mo.; Oklahoma City Okla., anil Seattle — ' , THE VOTE BV STATES' Slate Alabama . Arizona Arkansas California Colorado • ay, provided all , He fund for its erection are pa, In by that time, u win be im I , Ols possible, they emphasized. To "t \™ lm * conlrncts until the money U on a hand. Finns and Individuals who ' •«••'. .KVI.tlLIU.lU1 WHO have not as yet paid their pledges to Ibe S70.COO lima subscribed for the building arc urged lo do so at once so Hint the building may be completed and the factory put in Ofcrailon as soon as po.«ible. F.ight Granted Divorces by Chancellor Gautney Eight divorce decrees were Kentucky Maine Massachusetts Michigan ..... Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Jersey ., New Mexico .. New York .... North Carolina North Dakota Ohio 813 BC7 3-14 5,042 248 202 542 4,215 991 4,502 ..... 1.208 CG5 1,543 ..'... C.4 231 5,053 ......, 360 3.771 ..'... 9.772 ISO l73 ' 172 162 For Against 1,038 4,415 GIG 3,372 1.80,1 , - ;ieel olT-i said they «ould not meet , 1 Theic wat, no Indicalion whelh-i «i Governor Horncr would, be- able to combine the two coife fcrenccs or whcthoi he would liy" lo <lo so since Ailchlson has Insisted since the strike began last Wednesday that he would not 'deal with outside - professional agitators.' No Strikers Appear Horncr had invited the company to send three represMilft- llves and the union to send "three a joint peace con- 4,202 660 10,900 3,056 3,470 7,953 170 3.853 13,094 2,940 3,784 3,81G 1,633 26 1,690 156 Thurlow Lewis, all of John L. Lewis' committee for Industrial Organization. ' * No strikers came from the two Fanstcei plants they have held since last Wednesday In defiance of a court Injunction and an order Cor their -arrest on contempt of court charges. Presiding Elder Will Conduct Meeting Here -. ... .„„ Plans arc being made for nil -.6,817 32,4271evangelistic meeting to be held , ,^n ---at the First -Methodist church \JCI1 1M.ULUI S . . (*C Finally the other day, he comes Int. Harvester ,„, , , EnL out, nntl njtft^rl »««. „_-.1 »*-T»- _^. ^-..1.1.. ••••-. iu& j-^ "*c ic^umjti 10 airinsn IMP riv^t *i « . »\ , , ltjl mniiisuw iu of way and Drainage D strict 17 r h.rtn''' | S °H ,-"'' tOW llim lhal Pacti!ucl docs nnt hn>.. «,., ~.».. .. ll l ha(t " L '""I time to ri-nrt •«„, phiniiK McKejfon-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central 60 3-4 44 1-4 not have the money 0 ,,, '(, " a(llu , >: tlw required land at cu re,tnrics'bST I ,« t is offering $70 ,>cr " ' . a T-" t'<-i in, ie lor improved land and has obtained ..._ to sell at Uiat 'price from many land owners ," chI « >k « l ind he says lo read 'em, was a little cculd make- it me klndo funny PO you lliiiik I'd poetry, -••• «. mi, ^fU^J&ca HOOuWAy If r COIIM I- li ••--.<,. tfvi:iij t w. «. <->'U<;tua:^ ... r,\ nil who would therefore .bone- fcom-rini i iSn S, wcv/rltcr?" U. 5. Steel ...'"" ,,„ , (Continued on page five) ' Oop5Ti8hl ' IDn7 - Esquire' Features, Warner Bros • ,''" Illc; .) Zonllc .'...;...,'.'.] 7 Phillips Pclro. ..." Radio Corp ..... . . ] . St. Louis-San Fran. Simmons Beds Standard of N, J. ._, SludcbakcT ____ i. .'.'.'. Texas Corp. . ,-. .;.,;" U. B. Smelting " U. S. Steel New York Cotton I | NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 23 (OP>| Cotton closed steady. NEW YORK. Feb. 23 Collcn closed slendv. lUPi — Marcli May July Oct open high low close 1260 I2T2 1260 1208 1247 1251 1215 1240 1232 1238 1231 1231 1188 1195 UBS 1190 It 1-2 . 4 50 3-8 72 1-1i 18 1-3; 52 1-2 , 01 110 3-4 Jan 1188 1190 USB 1190 llfii UBS 1185 118.) Spots closed sleady at 13C8. up [ thirteen. Spot Average Is 12.81 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 12 «!, according to the Hlylhcvflle Hoard of Trade.. March May July Oct Dec Jan open high low close 1260 1214 1230 llSCb 1252 1244 1228 1184 1192 1192 1201 1247 1234 1190 1252 1243 1228 1184 seven. 1195 1192 1190b 1192 1192 1190b closed steady at 1285, up Chicago Wheat sio,, or-.-is-ft^V" 8 ^^!"Trr 1 ?. • chancery court. So " lh c 'ii"o!mn divorce action was withdrawn by a man from Michigan wh Tiled suit here several months ng under Arkansas' statute. Soulh Dakola . Decrees were granted as follows: Jane Wright from Warren Wright, indignities; Louise Davis from Emmilt Davis, adultery and Indignities; Jewel Jackson from Milbeni Jackson, desertion; Butler Cope from Inez Cope, indignities; open hich low close! J - Wn "cr Tidwcll fr«»m Lillian May 132 3-4 133 130 3r8 130 i-2|TidweU, adultery; Leonard A. -Wcrlfch from Etta D. Werlich indignities; J. jr. Parker from Hat- evcral months Ig'o ^"'f, ' 5 ' 843 4 ' 891 ^ C mcc ,"" g >' 90-div dlvni-ro ?tnla 72S 271 U)C makl "S JU day duoice Washington 3.SS2 1471 and prayer !ra,,led as follows: ^ V . ir S inla _°? 5 3 .^ ''• — '... U63 .... Ill .... 1.720 ... 7,980 ... 2^675 ... 37G ... 1,934 ... 5.843 725 960 at the First -Methodist church G3 tilth the Rev. E. W. Potter of 6,996 Jcnesboro. presiding elder of. Ihc 5.727 Jonesboro district, in charge. Ho 13,802 Wi" be assisted by a singer, whose 1,727 Ila n'« nil! be announced lalcr. ' 1,228 The pastor, Ihe Rev. H. Lynn 1,131 Wade, is makinj preparations for 4.891 th e meeting by personal work and the making up oi Ihe prospect Jill IIS 1--I 115 5-8 113 7-8 114 I Chicarto Corn open hlsh low closa ... t ^wi^mun oi u it \raylCC5-S1071-8105ir81tk53-8hgalnst Hallle Slade'was Jul 102 3-4 102 7-8 100 5-8 Ifii 'drawn bv the plaintiff Wisconsin Wyomin Total 7,459 163 , 11,691; 1,817 WEATHER 86,620 104,612 Texas Senate Rejects ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to- nisht nnc^ >Wednesday. Slightly^ warmer In extreme south portion •••••• Somewhat colder Wed- Child Labor Amendment MC m P h ls and v,cinty-P,rtiy cloudy tonight and Wednesday. AUSTTN, Tex., Feb. 23 (UP) — ~~ refused amend-.-to the federal constitution, vote wns ten ayes to nine- noes, and a pair. . Not much change in ttmperix- lurc, lowest tonight, 40 to 44. The maximum lempcratmc hcr^ jesferday was 54, minimum 30. deai, according lo Samuel P. Nor- offlrhl tve.itlier observer.

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