The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1934 BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER. NEWS Associate Editor*i MISS LOUISE DJXON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HAKHI2 MRS. EDNA X. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERCUSON M O D E R N-H O M E-INlEWS Conducted (or lliii new«p«p«r in th« inttrtit of its women rc*d«r* by reco*niz«d «utho 'ti»*'^n •* i ^™T * » ^^^ PAGE TIJK'RR Miss Edna Ferguson Gives Recipes Suitable f o r Cold Weather Dear ftlnids in I'.l.vtlievillc: With colder days here mid real winter rmt far away, we must think of (he dully menus in terms of more nourishing and sustaining dishes. Once a day, at least, nic.-u 5C1I ought to be Ec-rvcd, and for din-i hoi, oven For the big family dinner party why not baked ham, with plenty trimming's chopped. Cover filling with bacon strips feathered at the sides. The ends of ihs bones should be trimmed very carefully. See that they are not too long. Wrap each bone In « Hiin sl ''i.u of bacon, or a small potato inn> be placed ui each bone end to prevent tt from burning. Soar for twenty minutes in 450 dciii'.'c-; !n a hot oven, itetuice heut to 33j degress in a moderate oven. Hoa:;t for two hours. Serve on :i chop plale. famished with sauted pineapple slices, radish enfls, candid sweet potatoes and broiled slicos of bacon. Chuclc Wipe roast with damp cltnh, weigh, noting weight. lUtb with salt and pepper, allowing three fourths tciisiKion salt nnd one eighth •teaspoon pepper lo the pound. nredfic with Hour, place in dripping pan or roaster, anil sear, for thirty mininrs in 11 ver' When Your Thanksgiving Turkey Bears Fruit Uluni, »». MANCY ROVE MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY It. LAUTZ MKSJ.VATSONSHOCmv MKS. FRANCES NOKTHCKOSS , left overs for croquettes and- n mousse in following (jays? ' This is the recipe 1 like to use: Naked Ham Twelve pound ham; one ten- spoon muslnrd; one' half cup brown sugar; one half teaspoon paprika; one half cup .six red apples; whole vinegar; cloves. and cook covered, allowing thin. 1 minutes In ihc pound for well I done. The last thirty mlmncs increase ihc temperature to 3SO ,de°reps for final browning. Sluircil Shoulder of Veal Remove the bone -from the shoulder of venl without cutting through the outer .skin. Fill l!u cavity wllh n rich stuffing, sew up and .truss into shape. f>rcdg« with floiir and roast, basting with melted butter or bacon , drippings nnd hot water. Roasts Wash and dry the ham. Place in roaster, fat side up, cover bottom of pan with hot water, about, one iniart,. Cover roaster and gravy with (lour browned in fat and serve Immediately. The breast tiiiae: ccofclnB. basting frequently. About three quarters of an hour before serving sprinkle fat surface thickly with brown sugar, dot with whole cloves: Place the washed and cored apples around of veal may be used Insltjd. liakert Stuffed Sparcribs Either a. bread or mushed po- [ tato stuffing may be used. Foi Unions, prepared for serving; u-I(H each portion of meat, are the garnish ( wl |] | lu rtiUumt with turKCys ,m many Tlmnksirlvlnr \ i . tables this yt'ar. • g-mt FiV MAItV K. Ni:A Service Stun' Writer and continue baking uncovered iviibonl basting. Serves sixteen eighteen. Herat Fresh Ham Wipe Ihe ham with a damp!a covered (his dish, use nra Sets of spare-! Thanksgiving weather—mid the ribs thai are either sev.' .... . iskewered together; then the early in the week la relieve your the bird when it Is placed before grocer from loo (heavy deliveries "-- ' ' at the last minute. Wednesday is t --> m^Lijti, uien int. i>: tril-l '"[or potato stuffing is slipped into (in opening before the sewing or of spare-i J«a«xsgiving weatnci — ana tne ,11 tup lasi minute. Wednesday is sawed or clan's already gathering. The kit-jsure to he a.busy day for you, loa, the bread chen's the most important room in ! with Its extra marketing and prep- liucd into the house just now and will con-tarailons for'Thursday. skewering? completed 1 , cfiicj roaster or )th sides ir Th:n add casserole, .. , the house just now and will con- tarailons for . tinue lo be until the great day J Wednesday afternoon, stulf nnd oven a cup -••!._ v.,i_ .din, viim ,( uiuny i >t tuvtM Ltl clmh, and leave the rind on. IThe! sear . on bo .'mm wiir cook more quickly and 450 degrees. TUSH add a cup of i Boay-iisually Mother, ot course rim" i\ CSS ^ hcn , thc rln<1 is »ot stock or tomato juice. Reduce the She loves It, too, but there's no us; removed). Sprinkle the surface temperature to 350 dcerees imirt : '-'~ " ' ' " ' Miici rub with flour. iMace the ham. crate pvsn. Have the roller cr rmtl side up, on a rack in an open cancroie covered and let Die mc-it roaMmg pan without water. Put in cook slowly for one ana one hill tt hOl (IVPIl IFifVl rIr>lfVrtIVL-l nviri m,i,-I tinni-c- a hot oven 1500 degrees) and sear!hours, for nbmit twenty minutes. Then reduce Ihe oven temperature rap- 1 idly to very moderate heat CiOO degrees) and continue cookinj, al- comes nncl Lhf. dining room steps into its own. It's fun, but it's work for some- ly—usually Mother, ot course. in making it any harder than-it reed be. with a little careiul , truss your turkey. Cook and the giblets, loo, so that they will be ready to add to Ihc? gravy when you want ihc-tn. You can even cook some of the vegetables on Wednesday! ]f you plan creamed onions, for instance, planning she'll have time to enjoy jcook the onions and then on Thurs- hcrssll along with everybody else. | day you will need only to make the , lowing twenty-five to thirty minutes per pound. Do not add water and do^not cover.the meat (luring the roasting' ' • ' When the ham is done, remove it from the Oven and carefully lake off the rind. To remove the rind easily, break through it on Ihe .fleshy side at the hock, thei -t.uni; \viui (jvcijuuuy tjj.-ji:. uuy juu will IH.IHI Ulliy LU Illilj-.e tnc i Limj experience has taught me | cream sauce and reheat the whole. l-ol Roast of Beef with Spaghetti i that it is better to plan the whole (If you have baked squash, bnkc it to five pounds round of|dinner at least several days ahead [and take out of the shell on Wcd- one pound spaghetti; Iv.-o of tim?. Order the turkey then, to >----•-•• ~ -• •-•-- • one half be delivered the day before Thanks- cups canned tomatoes: .one two slides leaves; • Six cup chopped beef suet; on= large large green popper; bacon; three bay cloves; one clove <if garlic; one cup liot water; grated cheese; salt and pepper Chop suet and bacon,' and fry. Add onion, garlic, and gre°n pepper finely chopped, and irhcu (Jiev turn the ham over, and lift the begin io brown, acid the meat nnd off ,„ one piece. With a sharp Brown it on both sides "ml hen knife score the fat covering in.add water, tomatoes ant eason- -squares. Stick long stemmed cloves into the intersections ant; sprinkle brown sugar over the fat surface. Return to a moderately hot oven (375 degrees! lo brown over the top. Serve hot or cold. ig. allowing three fourths ,..-„spoon suit and one. eighth tea- spcon pepper for each pound of meat. Simmer gently three hours Cook the spaghetti, drain and ann to the meat mixture. Let cook ten . . . -• ~v.-., -- «.>i, 'iiLiiir iiii.iLLiic. L.OL COOk tf-n A twelvs pound fresh ham will minutes. Serve Hie mea on ° nhl serve eighteen to twenty. Serve! ter with the sauce e ilher in Vsen cabbage baked apples and green arate dish or amind t i m»iV vCECtablpc \i-iii ihio rf n i, ,.-«.» . =.,..1 » .... «'«uiiu me meat. with this rich roast. Crown Roast of Lamb Select parts from loin of lamb i scrape flesh from bone between ribs as far as lean meat, and trim olf. Shape each piece in a semi-circle, having ribs outside, sew or tie the pieces together tci form crown. Wrap stri|>s of bacon around the lower part of the crown. Fill- center of crown with hamburg steak mixed with Iamb over the Sprinkle the cheese fiance. Scrv« six. -• —Edna M. Ferguson. APPETIZING «ATLIFFS _ <OtO MEDAU &'S DiER! II A T L I F F V S GOLD MEDAL I HIM I'ltOIH < is Crramc.1 Celery ami Carrots rnrce-fourths cup carrels, peeled anil cut in die- three fourths cup colery, sliced; on 2 anrt mK hnlf cups while sauce; sail aii:l p:pper. Look o,e carrots and celery ssp- arawiy jn M)al] q 11( ,,,, Hy O j boj ,_ '= water. Drain and combine with »« sauce. Season to taste. Serves >cgolal)lc Casserole with Kicc rir ,1 C " PS b0 "'" 0 ."; o»c half cup ,,,' cc carr °ls; two onions- hrec potatoes; two tabltsptxins fcjit- " r ; one bay leaf; one clove- sill M IKpper. ' ' i«nrnl "^' , 3 ," Cl pltl '" baUom of isserole. A<Ui carrots and onion and cut in slices. Add bay leaf all( | cl0v( , (0 um , n . ion, season with sail and pipp:r *"J(J poitr ovor ric n TIK! ur-cni HI "nc !Mi(| oi]c JmlE hours in niodsratc oven (3so degress), slicing potatoes on to,, a ft cr one hour giving, preferably drawn and clean- Two or three days before you will 1)3 needing l.'icm, polish the silver, bring out and palish the turkey platter, choose the tablecloth and be sure thai all china, glassware and accessories are ready. Order the floivers, too, or decide upon another centerpiece. Get Staples Enrly It's a «ood idea to replenish all such staples as salt and sugar Season a"d reheat when ready to serve. The pics should be ready for linking early Thurday morning before the oven is needed for the turkey, stew the pumpkin nnd run it through colander on Wednesday. You can mix Ihe pie erns't, wrap it in waxed paper and pin it in the refrigerator until Thursday morning, too. . ' Trussing Turkey Is Important Trussing your turkey Is impor- the host. Truss-ing (s done after stufllnB. To truss, first draw the thlglis close to the body and hold them by Inserting a long skewer under the middle Joint, running a ihru the boily aim out.through the other side, cross ends of drumsticks and fasten securely ivlth a stout cord. Fasten cord to tall, second, place wings close to body with tips pushed over first joint, making triangles on the sides of the turkey. Mold them n-ilh a sscond skewer forced through wings and body. Draw the n:ck skin under the back and sew with a soft cord. Next, take the cord holding the drumsticks to the (ail, cross It and draw It back and forth around each end of the upper skewer. Tie siring securely in n knot am) cut olf end.. tcr. Sprinkle with salt and pepper when lurkey has liccn In oven thirty minutes. Allow 1-2 teaspoon salt lo each pound o( fowl. -When ready to servo, remove the skewers, ciil the cords ami place turkey breast side up on a large hot platter. Baked orange.? .make, n dcllcloii' accompaniment for roast turkey The oranges arc boiled for thirty minutes before baking. Tills makes the skin soil and tender and prevents too strong flavor. Cool and cut oil slice from blossom end. Remove_ center pith and crowd into each orange 1 len spoon butter and 1 teaspoon sugar. Bake In a closely covered baking dish In a moderate oven until very tender but not broken, n will lake about 1 hours, fruit. wafer to half cover •Clear 25 Sllnulcs^'fr round Allow four hours' for roasting a ten-pound turkey, nboiil- 25 mill-, utcs to the pound. .ROast in a Roast Turkey moderate oven—315 degrees P. lllnner Menu tomato and olnur broth Pickles . . Place breast down on Hie rack of the roaster. Even with a coveretl roasler it's a good plnn to baste ol cooking. Keep moist by adding more .bouillon If necessary. Curried Vegetables Cook one cup each potntors. carrots and one half cup turnips cut in fancy shapes, in small quantity of boiling water until soft. Drain, taut, by the way, because It adds every half hour with 1-2 cup bill- so much (o the final appearance of I tcr melted in 1-2 cup boiling wa- apples; one half ciip sugar; one cup | crumbs nnd fry in deep hot fat at bouillon; one tablespoon of, butter; """ ' one teaspoon salt. Peel potatoes, slice across and boil. core, peel and slice apples. Grease baking dish and fill with alternate layers of potatoes and np- add one half cup cooked peas and j pies. Put butter, sugar, salt over toy, pour on the bouillon and bake one hour in moderate oven (350 pour ov,ir the following sauce: Conk two tablespoons butter with two slices onion five minutes. Remove onion, add two tablespc-Dns flour, one fourth teaspoon salt; one degrees.! Parsnips Halls -~ ---~ *mi.Ln n.nojy^^.1 O.IIL, uui; 'l'wo..cups masbed hot -parsnips; scntit hnlf teaspoon of curry pow- j two tablespoons butter, melted; one der, one fourth teaspoon pepper i fourth cup bread crumbs; one beat- few grains of cetery salt. Pour onicn egg; sill and psppcr; one or gradually one cup bouillon, bring '""" '" U1 ' * — to boiling and boil five minutes. Sprinkle w j(h chopped parsley and serve. Serves six. Escalloprd Sweet I'ot.ilnos mill Apples Iwo tablespoons beet brovh. Cook the parsnips, until tender, take out lough center and mflsli until there are no lumps. Bent in the remaining Ingredients and seasoning. Let cool—roll into balls, .-..]..!.., .,^u-,,,,,ii^. !.,-„. tuvll IWIt 111147 UlllIX ^Jnrcc large polatoes; three large!dip in Ilnur, beaten egg, then broad Guaranteed Purify- Every drop of milk delivered by us is scientifically pasteurized and handled in a .sanitarv manner . . . Your assurance of Ptiritv and Wliolcsomciicss. Start Today Using Green's PASTEURIZED MILK Phone 1515-F2 for Daily Deliveries GREEN'S DAIRY Personality H's ;i definite v \\\$ ( 0 any \vo- miin's personality (n | )e wc!l groomed . . . ll>! easy lo lu'rp well groomed ^villi Hudson service. Cl.EANKRS' HATTEKS TAILORS IIHKSS FINISHERS Our Roiilc Men Will Call If You Will P/lOri«i 53 HUDSON Cleaner - Tailor - Clothier 390 degrees. Serves six. Creole Egg I'lanl One medium slued egg plant; one and one half cups lomaln sauce; two tablespoons chopped green peppers. Peel the egg plant and cut Into large dice. Saute the green pepper in the butter with tlu onion when making the toinnto sauce. Put the egg plant into a baking dish, cover with sauce and bake thirty to forty minutes in a moderately hot oven (4M degrees). Serves Kix. Read Courier News \Vunt Afls olives Oyster Stuffing Mashed Potutocs Cilblei oravy Creamed onions - naked Squash Grape Fruit and Endive Salart Pumpkin Pie Nuts Milk Mince Pic Frul I CoJTce Ficfion Writer Shot in Demonstrating Own Plot TOLEDO (UP)—Using a BUII to demonstrate the feasibility of n situation in lib latest novel, Ralpl Goll, 33, writer of iletecllvc slorles nnd a former Toledo and Dclroil newspaper reporter, was wounded in the chest and arms. Goll had decided lo prove Ihe gunplay situation In n novel he was working on at the home of his brother, J. D. Goll, l»i Swanton, near here. Goll left, ne\vs- paiier work several years ago to write fiction. million. htckcncd und freed of n tares; U p o'' onion, grated; one- tc sprinkle of cayenne; oi celery,, 'finely cut , niend mnyonnalse nnd 'remain- lug ingredients Have very cold Serve on crisp lettuce. Garnish. with sliced sniffed olives. Serves cldlil, ' . ' Alilicll/cr Mayonnaise '1'wo thirds cup French dressing; ouu third cup miiyoimalsc . Rub howl In which dressing Is to be- mixed with cul-sMs of clove of garlic, slowly add French dress- Inn to mayonnaise, beating constantly. Makes one cup mayonnaise. Ancliovy KKK Salad Four hard-cooked eggs; foiir tcn- spoons- anchovy paste; one halt teaspoon Worcestershire, sauce, one hall recipe Tonmlo Mayonnaise. Cut eggs In half, lengthwise, and remove yolks. lilcnil yolks, anchovy pnstc, und Worcestershire sauce until smooth. Refill whites and chill. Plncc two halve.s of eggs in b:d of crisp letdice for each salad. Serve- eight. . Tomato Mayonnaise. Servc.i Suggestions For The Salad Course These are year-round salads and dressings, which many hostesses )>nve tried with suece-ify Properly Prepared They TIU-CO <&$£?**n?L.._, May Be As Delicious As tw ° ^ 1|>s - ca '"'' a ""^ Original Roast Willie Hie first cost of n of meat may seem lo use up more than il.s shore of the uooil budget, Ihe clever housekeeper mny mnko such a serve two or morn menls. Th u leftovers of a roust mny be its delicious ns the original dlsli. lluve you tried Ibis one; Sllml Kvel In Mustard Sauce iVo bouillon cubes dissolved tn wo cups boiling wilier; three la- ilespoons butter; two medium .slzoil •"Ions; three tablespoons O f flour; «e tablespoon parsley, minced; vo teaspoons prepared mustard; .HI find |iL'pix;r; nlmiiL twelve thin•• cut slices roasl beef. Chop Ihe onions fine nnd cook i melted butter'until yellow. Add he flour und the parsley/then DID Stir constantly until and seiisoii with salt, 'eppci- nnd prepared mustard. Drop 'i the beef and took Just lone iiough to heat throiish DIB meat, ibmil ion minutes. Serves six Veal Itanirklns " Three cups bouillon, canned or I o , . rom cubes; one cup rice- one half ° c '! p l ° mni ° soup: one clll> JOiinU (liccd conked veal- one to ri 1 '" 010 " 1 '' ° ; ™ e llnlf to;H l xlon of lound cooked tongue ' (or Irnln); worceslcl ' sllir <: ^^ me lublesjxion chopped parsley' :lght imishrooms, cool-.ed nnd chop- led; four tablespoons white/ sauce- two eggs; salt and pspwr to taste'. Cook the rice In the bouillon until lender, then dmln. Mix together the veal, the tongue cut In strips the pnrsley, while, sauce, mush rooms. Add Ihe egg yo ik s and whites well beaten. Line small but- lered ramekins with the rice, nil 141 with th e meat mixture and stenm for twenty minutes. Serve hot wllh tomnto sauce. Serves six. Meat Me One and-one halt cups bouillon; two tablespoons butler; f m , r | au ie- SPMHS flour; one half cup slrahi- ed tomalo Juice; two cups left over beef, veal or -laml), cut In pieces. Melt [lie butler, add UK, nour, hen the bouillon and the lamnto Juice,'and stir until smooth. Add the meat «-Hh one onion, one sliced carrot, smoll piece dr bay leaf, one tablespoon chopped parsley. Simmer gently, i wcn ty m | n . ute. S-nson well, put in baking dish and cover with btailt, crust Bake twenty minutes in hot oven M25'degrees). Serves six. American Chop Suey .Three clips bouillon; two In'bl-- SPOOJIS fat; two onions, sliced- on« green pepper, shredded- one' half pound cooked pork; ojie half cup c-ooked miLslnwmis; one cup celery- one fourth cup rice; one teaspoon stilt. Pry out iii c pork f m wl)lch hns shtrc sauce Inlo inayonnalsi; until Ihoroiiiilily blended. Makes two cups mayonnaise. been cut In small Fttt salt pork may be used, enough lo make two taWcs|>oons of melted fat. in " 's brown the onions slightly -I the shredded pepper, pork] sliced mushrooms and diced celery Put In Ihe rice, salt and bouillon and cook slowly nbout fortv minutes. Serves six. BRIGHTEN Your Home with NEW BEAUTY and BETTER LIGHT 'PHE soft clear-shining light * ol tlie New Coleman Lamp is just the light you heed in your home. You can relax in your favorite chair and read or sew without eyestrain by its up to, 300 candlepower of eye-saving brilliance. Easy to keep going. Aod th« new Colenua lamp U a lamp jou'll b* proud to own...with in decorated pirchncnt •hade Mil cot- — oilulilaztd =? p«ttery bait. Jc will briai krlcbtdMiiul four Visit out •core COM CQleman $ e ,£Vv READING LAMPS llubbard •'Hai-flwarc Co. for ECONOMY and SATISFACTION use T)ouble Tested!'Double Action! |f^ BAKING •VV POWDER. 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