The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1932
Page 3
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W ___ /.• JBLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK OOCRIER NKWS CO, PUBUBHHJS C. K, BABCOCK. Editor '• ' , H. W. HAIHES, Advertising •pte N»tlon»l AaveriBUiB R«pre««ntt.:ives: L&uutt Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, >trolt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kunsas city, LIHIU flock. Published Every Arte/noon Except Sunday. u tectna class waiter it tlic post oSlce *t Blyllw»ille, Arkansas, under act ot Oontress October •. 1817. 8«nre$ By trie United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In fhe city of Blythcvllle, 15c per week or $650 per'year In advance, By .mail nidiin a radius ot 50 miles, S3.00 per jcar, 11.50 lor six months, 85c tor three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive', f<;.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 ,per year, payable ia advance. Politics-And the Police It is never pleasant to k-avii that a capable, intelligent, forward-looking official has ceased to bo a public servant; and the resignation of General Pelham R. Glassford as siiperiiilumUuil of the Washington policu comes, consequently, as bad news. The feature of his resignation which most duscrvos attention, however, is lii.^ f we well statement, In it he declared: "I find myself in the equivocal position of so many other police chiefs in the United Stales', namely, holding a position of great responsibility, but deprived of the essential authority (o discharge it without fear or favor." Right there General Glassford has put his finger on the biggest reason for failure of our police organizations. He can't get out from under the politician's thumb. The average chief would be do|ightccl to maintain an honest, efficient and alert police force—if only he. were permitted to. Not on the Doctor's Bill We do a Jot of talking about the self- sacrificing work that the doctor docs. But' we don't often realize that this self-sacrifice isn't just a matter of mi.s- sing.a night's sleep now and then or letting a poor man's bill go unpaid. Very frequently the doctor actually has .to risk his own life. This is made clear by the ilhfcss of Dr. Walter Blair Stewart, Jr., clil'ldren's specialist of Atlantic City, N. J. Dr. Stewart has been in charge of infantile paralysis cases at an Atlantic City municipal hospital. For weeks he has been working day and night in an effort to bring his child patients through the disease without the crippling after-effects so common amoiig sufferers from that malady; , Overwork and physical weariness weakened his resistance, at last- and .now Dr. Stewart himself has been stricken with infantile paralysis, mid his own two children have contracted it. * * * We laymen always take care to give a very wide berth to any case of ., contagious disease. We have (o The diseases against which we can be protected by a serum are, unfortunately, few in number. Some of (he deadliest of them can bo avoided only bv steering clear of people who sull'er from them. Quarantine law.s and oilier health regulations help us in that regard. Hut we usually forget thai the doctor can't avail himself ofDial protection. We can slay at home and dodge germs; the doctor has to go right to the spot where; ihu dinners of infection are gieah'sl, and d;> it over and over again. I| c h;ih i» give the nuwl mjilignmit organism:; in t '.xi.-;lenco a chance lo attack him, and trust to his own physical .slnr.linc:-. and such meager prophylactic measure a.s may lie available that lie will noi be harmed. Usually ho gets auay with it. Jinl |i<it always. (Jr. SU-wart, contracting infantile paralysis bt'Cnu.-c nf his devoted efforts to ,;avc a group of suffering children, shows what c-an happen to a doctor whose hid; i.s out, And that risk, by the way, is one ilem that never appear* ,,n your doc- toi'.s bill. —linici: Cattim, Thai "Lame Duc(>" Problem Oddest of.all thu c-ainpai^n rinnors is the one ^vhich has it thai lltu present julininisti'.-ilioj), if deleaterl in.(he election, will re-ign in a body on Jan. J nnd permit the incoming administration lo dike things oix>r (wo mondi.; ahead of time. Such a rumor j s hardly worth dis- eussiiiK serion.siy. jj u! j f . , (OL ,. S p(1] , form one good service; it dues u-mph;.- si/c the great value of the "hunu dutli" iimwidmwtt to the Oinstitution, now pending before the .several flat™. Under this amendment a presidential term would begin early in January following tiie election. We would ,, 0 l have the dreary four-months wait between election and inaugural ton. If a new president were i-hosen, h e would not have to. wait until the election was almost forgotten before going to work. This wild campaign rumor ,-it Jeast calls ihat fact to our aUenlion, ami re- »»'»tls us that valilicalion of this amendment must not fail. i Forester Explains >iur explains ^ -—" — Colors_of_FalI Leaves ,_~ THIS CURIOUS WORLD ~ r ^^~'-~rr^rr— HARRISHURO. p a . iui>)-ja;!: | j ~^\ 't-l;,tf- "'''.""•" i I-'roM's only paint is while. John! j 1 *t \ ' _iT . //]-, ,' Wnllr.H ,. r . (, ^ f ,j .. t ., . ... ,! i Keller nt (] )e slate jX'p:u".ment cf i I-'crc-sts -said in explain:]!..; lliu tiin!, | r.ct frost, [jives forc-Et !t-.ivc-j t::-i:- : antiinin colors. rlp'.-1-.ln:; of k-.ivc-s i.-: the i cause of tlis change in c'j'.or of ; the forest folia;;? and not i!in a-I li;>» of the Iros'.. said Kule;- in a popular belief. JHi nf tiirniii-; kav[--> 'uroi'iiT in i side ilu leaves of thiir ciia-.u-?* for coloration." fi.-avy frcsts brin-js I In lii:,-. : ; .-. col'jr.s. v.-iilb clH-mwul cluiiKfs in (he tnbslnncss tiiL> minute le:,f c-i-l's i of '. accerdin:; ;o Keller. | ' ! -•••<•-: Mil fr.-a ;.,-,-, ,;,.-:ii : ,7 , l.:i-y ars "wcm our 1 am; 1m-• lj-.-:n ; drained of nil tlie ,-iulii that was, -V<-;ed in (he i»-j g , tb e forestry '•Kin-it said. ••'>:'• Mouse Sends Negro to Jail. n. l:, a i ilo , ;rD , b ,,,,.,, . f cr hi. S ; i: ,,;i Pi ,,,:, nlu . ( , '"City court v.-itliin a «cVk on an Faulty Sitting Posture Is Rule Rather Than Exception For perfect success at a disarmament conference, the fust ? ,,onli,, i, tn , .. d|sMmcd mind. -Dr. Mary E. Wooley, president of Mount Jlolyokc College nntl a member of the Disnrm- tuncnl Conference delegation. * * t 1 believe that, if a great leader dkl come to America, he would rmrt a sincere follow-in. For yon need at this moment in ycuv American life the magnetic Influence of a sainl.-Cancn tnicst Diiiniet, priest and author. * * * Our goal is not •.nmamenl to (he standard oi our neighbors, but disarmament Ilirou^lioiit Europe and the wcrltl. equal right an:l "equal seenrlty. -Ciianceilor Franz voii rapen or Ocrmaiiy. * * * Mr.ney l-.ns l :C cn frightfully cvcrratcd Love h what counl;; moil, xiien health. Then a Job -Fnt/. Kreisli-r. viulini.M nnd composer. The -lcr;::!itni man- K i Vl , s ,, n i,- o u, )Ic i k . dors all tin- uork nnd cairics all Uir- bui-H-n; of sneiely. -Rev. Juhn Hajucs Koimc-; X:-4 Voric cilv OUT OUR WAY By Williams '-JEARS fV?OM MoVvJ i -V/ARMED O A VE.UEP? \\NOOUOK4T BE TO RESIST SUCH HO-T. GOOD BPEf\D, VMOHI «!Y DR. MORRIS FtSljr.MN Eciilur, Journal of Ihe American Medical Attociaticn, ;ui,i O r Hy- sehi, the Health Magazine Few people thoroughly understand how to sit for tfv> proper benefit of their body construction Manufacturers of furniture have tried all sorts of stunts in (he development of chairs lo force p'jo- Dlc lo sit prnjYjrly. Unforlunatcly, no chair has been developed, that »-ill make iwoplc sit .correctly If they do noi wish to do so. It is ncssib'o to slid? down in any of them and to throw (he v.-ciphl ou t-;o shoulders. It is possible lo hold the legs hi almost any position and to tilt the hctui either forvard or backward. In tho correct sitting position, the up'Vir part of (he body re- innins in Ihe same relative posi- titm as when standing. In tins liosltlon the head Ls poised 00 ,._ rectly on the neck: without tilt- iiiE forward or back, the chest is forward, ll-o chin In. "and Ilia ab- doiniiicil muscles fairly light. On (he contrary, when one sit"; incorrectly the back is round, the ohest flat, thc nbcloi.'jen p.-oinurr- ant and Ihe head held in a til|,?d position to balance thc distortion of the resl of thc upper half of Hie body, • • • A survey wns made at Harvard University ami it was found that X-ss, than 10 per cent of the men had Roo.1 posture. About th c same number had fairly good posture nnd the remainder had poor posture. An examination of 10,000 people taken al random by 0110 of Ihe great mcdiral groups indicati-d Hint, nt least -14 per cent of people have bad posture. Probably tiv most important factor in bringing about a bad position whib silting is what hus b:en chaiaclerizcd as a snt;3in; mental altitude. The person sim • l>ly does not care and slouches intr> a position in which he thinks he is soinc lo be cojiifortnbh*. There is nu <lu-.r u ;. that clothiiv; . Ihat is toi> li-jin in thr wrnti» ; places nr thai presses uncomfort- i ably 0:1 certain ixmons of tin-' body when a person sits may also be lospomibb for bad posture. The first step in corrc;tiiv;' faulty iiosilion in either Mandiu; or sittins is ID develop a cor.M-i- UT.S an-eslyd, p!r-.:l.-:i m; . .-I";! r-_' uhiL- i;-.e c-ita too,: the case uu:le:- atln^m-it A •ov'ns»n '"'"p^ ^ C= """ , h ^n^ Th"° l ' £C was i v.! arul - The nrsro r KhlsnM. t0 u,,rtj d fro X ; „, iiuo die anm of []»• b«-. is esriMAreo THAT ". THOUSAND WHIT£-TAILEO DEER | _ VR6 KILUO Ar-,'NU,«.UY WITMN ooo msa OP NEW YORK ^ciry/ ! _ 25 POUND IW THE YEAR. I034, V/HENTH5. „ ALUMINUM CAP WAS PWCEO OM THE WrlALE SKIN TAXES THE P-AC£ OF GUM/ The Wliite-taiM Ueer is the 0 ,, c deer that seem, w 1-ave b^en .Ic ID adapt usolf ta civilization. In regions v.-'iere ctta «w .-^ has uiven way before ihe deairLctivenes, cf man the v! t'-' -ad not only remains, but :s steadily increasing ij ' is , '1,'" ture of the voocis raid knows all Ihc tricks o' clucSitir r, f c » " \u*« ca owes mud, ,o the ra-.ten, white-tail, for i- v, M "this R 'nm" a'ni- mr.l Umt rau-d many early Ee ttler S starvation in pioneering. cusiies'S of error. Tills means that H l-.-iwn who wishes (o correct Ins l-ad iwslliou nnm make cer- Imn that iho spine is not curved and that thc head Is properly held. The correct curve of til" ; spine will be brought about if the chost is held forward, nnd n correct position of the head will ('•-vein;) if it is held properly pa: S Jd on (lie neck with the chili in. In order to develop Ihe [--op-'- posilirai. W. w. Gniegrr rocoml "'ri; 1:s ihat l!ie person should j in-'-, sit on a suitable chair | thai is, one with a haid seat "a-i'l a fairly straight back. He tivn draws the thin in and back \vhi-h serves (3 raise tho chest. He tlieu j pulls in die muscles of the nb- ; doincn v.-hile ronlracling ihe miis- I clos nf Ip bullneks. Thorcaftei- lie I rcleiue.s Ihc muscles of the ab- i doincn and then again contracts them. D ::» m:itrr ron.iY «,H;.<>. UN,]:,-, lilnn. ,:l li:nli, K ,„',„ 16111 .U,,, .-illrnii.i lr> i-lu-i'h |||, 01, j AiiMni; :i rlir,.|c. llrl.. f.-ll. l,l,i, I," I nlll ..-C niTr.l.,,:lll.< ll.!,l llr ,1-;.. i 1 l " T - I I lo.'ivlnu llrli, 1 ^ .iitii-r CHURCH EXCUSES BY GEORGE W. BARITAM j a;: en. El:? says that it against the law for : cliare>i hos had (he greatest number of prcs- with Mother a.s: n ot so miicli r. W//Ei!Ba/r^W#^ : n« 'to"attend: Mclher')^"^ jnSr^'nemb'c'"''^ "uchTllIc; lr l! :Lr ! J hc '• chsoll !!'>^- outSdo of the ^r, close re, . - - - Jcr--]mi;ch : Svice that calls to every one's mind i or so I ultli Ihirci. C,I L ,» tilil, III-E n, rlirt-v IIIVfT> t,i urC (in milllT II. ^IM- ll|l lilx nllil il::lit ,iiil, ii;iii, i),,,n r . liavr ;n.,liii>iii.|i lirh. aim -i.,tl,',,i, ,i liavr :.r.,l,,:,n,.|l II,-I,, :,,,,! «,,,,i,,i r ,| iltlli-l'lillli ':i',l.l" K ,.ri,h,' ,11 l:ilfir •"-•I Clvr G. MOTGOMERY for anotlicr Halt nllc. She 'j wiiijtieii. She wmili] lie sure to meet EOKICOIIC on so well msrlif.-l « road. Will] a siiiWcii feollTij! Hint she IV.TS alKiin id cgnie iiiiuii !tmi;ii< : : rider she pullul out of Hie irail anil limit in Hie linilier. Tills ni.ide the Bolus slower. Slie came in the eilse of the clearina she sciiuln. gnldeil 10 tin- spot by llic ruai ul n iriiul; moUir. I'lie tlniher had tiecoiiie so heavy ihm il wr.a Impossible to see any j trail marks or inmh:inrl;3 beliinil her. Dunn lliauiu'il licr luc!i Uiai [she had alv.-ajs bail a keen sense I of direction. .-|- UKSK;NS Oa Oct. ai. inin. Ornrnl I.-.i- dcndcrff. fir>t quarlM-maMcr K'':i- i-:al ^f llu 1 German a'.my. iv- .••igiird ,if!cr Iho Uoii'hstaif adn;::- rrt a bill irtacin^ the tmllUrv ccin- nunri iijiilfj- n-.,. CDiilrol of thr' livil uov:imurnt. Cirneral CrroeiK-: n:crrnli'(l Uidendorlf, The crown round', ami diinmnrii.s of the ni- . live tisiiiiiv rnnfi-rrrd. and llriii^li force-. rrr.N :d the Piave in a nrw ilnvi tna-aru the ISPM?;^ ciptuiin" social tu-.vns. 0000 A-.tsti !.«!!. ar.d o'. ?I;IK. The French advunrcd on a 15- mile finni bclwrrn Die Disc arc! Scrrr, mininij fivv miles al -TI-' . Germany ans-.vcrcd I'rc-sidrnt Wilion's as::crlins tlia'. ilu- rt'ce iH-otiallon.; wti - beiiv- c-.n- riucttb liy a Prop-.e\ go.vrnm.-ir ' and that Germany v as -awaiiin- nopc-.-ils for an anuiv.tce. Thirty i'rcsis ; n B , r ;.., .,, , n ,._ sd Blsanrcfc, and f.ver.ty-six w,:- ll:fi-il In Hull .-.Ii.-r iiitriu]!;;.,.. in <I < l:lii> Ilr inlii-s l, r r |7. n -•::>.- Mirruln ,K.,•„.,,, il,,. ,. llr liMli- l!:ill I, ,,n ( »jJ 1 . :, :,,,!,,,,., IIJI-M -i.-jrl r,, I.IH-I, n.-,| ( I;,,, n,, li;1 ~ic-:i- lii ii».i ,.,,,. i,i,,, , (r f-.i,,. 1 . lirr iiilli l,,in hul i, ,, i,,., i..,,,. .,,,'.r In ,!,:,- f,, r..|i:,;. Mir rrruri-, II i:::-l ^ n'-,: I, r nml Mii.!!,-. r ( ,ii.,xi, ml--.-. II,,,,;, „ ,.,,,, ir |, r ,,', | illlrc... i,. ,u;.rri Nhn llmll,., | O , f"7"»-i!i : "i '•"""* """ -'"• <•;"!•" l>'.n:i Ililnl.^ !!:,;! i,,, |,.|, .,.,, II||,,.|.J li-i,l. 111.- ,.,,:,!, II,,,,:, ,;i,. I;:,i,.. t.l,.im v|,,. rt r ,.],i r , ,,, r |, lc im-r clir ii,-,, ,i r ,j MIU (.n n\ \\ 11 n i tn-- sunn <•!! M'ii:u xxxnn i lu.\.\ \v.(« ^|(: c; : iiy (!:i\va tn l!:t' ruri^li! l:u[,-irc tlie rc_-l n: .inulirrr In M-:!'.l -;. l:«::r, ,"iil:!l : . ( | •}>f rii.-in iicrji-l!. She .-i.-tllsiced lip ;he Rloi e Inward r^^s Crick. Sl:e Ilie sunrise nr- r-!:e tend out al tlio in;: o; rnss Crceli ilhlile The- w.irtil l::low her on e.-.r-li Fii:o v-.::s t;l<!,kr, In ,1 II:(M.\ N"riN'<; she hid tlie rnnn i i-* : ra a dciiEe ijrmvili ot brush r.nel .iicrry t:n?l:ts. UCT lie?.; sttp WDS (o fiusli fnrvvaiil In tl:o dirccllaii ol Hie iriir-!;. -1'iic Job ol forelns her way i|iio-,'.-.-|] the l;rnsh vv.ic a .-iilliniK one Hir n sieniicr till, nut HiiiiR vins ile'.crinincd to ECC what S!ic- came In n:< npenlng In the trees .-mil |:r irt .ii out. U'hal she- sn.v niKilc licr lipi lijjlucn. The .cli-arii.u hnil o-"re been piled lilcli will; cut i-.:mi]cr anil Poles. Sio con hi f^c t!;.j (irons oml the (ilanks lliey h.iil l:i,n |,|i = ,i upon. Sever;]] |lliiu; I, a oi lumber s'.tlt re- •i::aiiii-il. Vv. u i,i s iniclis were • lc:!il:n^ (mm tho rcinnlnius siai-ki. | l>;>::ci'f eje-s s;-nel;led willi ani;er as i-bc v.::n!-.r,i the men .it work |A heavy mice IK-MOIVK! an oniti jShe] n,ni voicc-Swergln !v.-ns 'jrnnlliiH ihe work. Il fliiin (!i.:i [h| s timber was being jsnn 01:: v.HliiHit cheeking. It li | wr.s r.o' l>, lug iieijberatejy stolen | was well .up toward tbo top ol Ilie (»fi abend she c:n across and lo eaten tbe imlr.vny. Itiiliiig swlflly she in|i|icil ihe piss and tiallen. The lilcw noisily ,-ind pawed to be un hlF w;iy. inn |)[|, n qni;,| CI i n | m wilb ,n pat on tbe neck, for she was suddenly interested ia tlie track I mil. A stone rattled below and o branch snaiinetl. Dona luriieil the i win r.;:il sliil rruiti sight over the pass. Koincohe w;is rldinp n;i fiani bciou and ii iiil^l:! iw Sv.-erein. 'jMIE Irotltil along eagerly "•hilc Uoua wr.tclied betihnl licr. ,\ slonc came rniiliiig dou-n Inio U-.o irnil from above and she Signed! un ihc billi-iiie. She caiiglii a llc-ili nt a black horse ai;d tlie wiilc Stetson lint ol a rider. Her hc.irl ini'Kied v,-|!dly ntnl Elralmil her eye5. Inn (he hnd vanisliEil ahovc licr. fiona iirrcil the ronn a fnstcr ami :iFic:ici| foi sujiuils fruin above. She i-nil i!;e ndrnni.-ife In race If she clicce lo lei tier Imrtc renl. she riilei little country conlii rate -sept ms fee--. al sucli a j^ca aq a rocky trail. They shut oin i-io another llnle mr-'.ilow and Liona glanccil over lie-r shoulclet. The litock was siill 03 lier right, bin was losing gronna. Dona duckcil loiv and iistd her spurs. Tbe cowlioy on Hie horse wns pulling a rille. from under tbe llap of his saildle. Afler Ihnt the rare was Uona forccil llic lo his I'.ice and lit-ltl to what cover 6!ie could pick wllliuiii leaving ihe trail. Her pursuer hail ceriieii 10 try Mending her oft otul was follow- ihg aloiiR Hie henlen p:itb. Ills horse, with solid fouling, censed (o lose ground. Sirlvc KS tlie ruau would, he could LCI tct The camp nru so far ana;' .-iud ili.-it ni.-ide Da«;i feel liu|vfiil jot cscaiilns. There w:is one ininu jcicariiij; lo cross and she c.-iit-icn ; it lyina (Lit f? thc man's neck anil nrr/ins him lo *:is hest spccil. lie- hind her iho bl.icli sbol out into the open na IIP gave chase. r ' c ' cr n " f > Pursuing her rose t:i his slirruris nml raised bc-M,,se Eh , wa! on ,, :e lrn ,, I "' 3 rifl °- , * "'":«'«« '"« •"« out ami (he man oliove was in Hie rmii:l. timber. Til-; rnltling of sloncs from .ilinvc htenme veiy distinct as be: keep fil.rcnst ol her. lijiin'a eyes snildea.'y lijhlcd up. If tl;al wns Hall b!;e would show him In conbl un overtake her. She hated bow be hmi looker! ns be prcmlscel lo stay c-;it of t.'ic coin-'ry. Uor.a sl,i|ipei) tlio roan smnrdy witli her quirt. Ke Icapsil down tbe tr:vi rinil ihc race was on. Thes wllli the Kolf* 1 --!! -^I'lcjuhfr of :hc' sun ! limy snt n:i her l.nsc nml : looliul ilnwn Into Hie v:ilicy she • was nhctii t.i <.-:;tcr. bi,o w;is sure s'lvciunic lierl,n;icil lo IHT. s:irc she nnuhi .,:,,;, i, nuW (l , 0 ?.-cret D! nil the tn.-iilile in ihc Tlir.-j IliVLrs cmiiilry. Tbe :r,-,'l tv.i? nniKii 311,1 ionised (or a h.ilt nilie. i;...-n Ecvc-ral (ralis inlm-d n. ujipnrmiiji (,.i : ,ii^ (1-11:11 In;! fr.ini rilfftrfiii atii-.uj. uail it n.came a Ucnteu p:itli way iliat shaved ictenl heavy use "'"i.i Inyiii: IQ uni!cr:-t.-\inl UiiuRS ii.orn cliaiiy tiKiu uclorc. H'Jt she L'oiiin 1101 nuke up her mind. Slit- iin:tl riils in ilm i see Her l.-.ther. Si:e v.oi;li] liavo a stralglnfor\vari] la!;; v.jiii him. If Swersin was sitr.llng f rcm (], c company he wouitl meet uuh a lot ol uoubir. S':c worked her way Iwck to ln-r !-orse ,-iini mounted. Her return was tieiMiii more carefully ll-.ati her approach. She realized (hit It 6be »;is c.iiitlit iiie liilght ('C dealt wltli fo:ifihly. Swcrgin would nut Refl- lale 10 keep I.or prisoner until be had fiatihed hla Job. .,,v\. u .->» tl. l-I.Jfc QLtlUI (("••'lo- Dunn e.inslit siphl ol lici ; l>!i:.--.i't breaking Jrom ihe tiir.ber jhrlni:,.| ;, r ,,| | 0 h ,. { r i s | 1( . (i,, wa5 j "IB n on. The lil.ick liotEe' ("yini: s:«:i^ with an easy stride ! i::ai!o Uo;,,-, sure jj^u lv;13 pur . !--uii:s lic-r; '"i" (iic timber tlio roan plunged '""" Ike black came clatterliiB i'ona sinlleil as she realized her hor so w;is ctinaj to t | ie filler. lilack if cot a Illtle faster. Slie fcnit feirwnrd auel urged ilia big follow en. let lair) his ears back and i close to the ronu's heels. lips drew ligiil and slic slrairicil forwar<l as thoush to Left. l,c-r horse, /\tiot!n": tniilct cm ihu iin^t ihcm. but she lid not ?tcp. Tbe third shot diil noi loosen i spurt ol dust •inil Don,-, fcli c 1= loan falter. Her heart heat vvH'lly jind anger tiiiuilcil her as her l.iirso lurc'-ied (o one sli'e_ The man he- bind her had wounded (ho ronn. The big lioisc pounded on hut bis stride was broken anil rough rmtl he was Ii.ivliiR trouble In lirc.iihing. llona cascil i;p in t;er sadille nnel prepared fiir ati nuack. II wns ccr- tain ll;al l-.or p'.irsiur would overtake her raw. Another sl'Ol rnii 1 .; out. close he- hind this (line. Oii:ia did not kick hack but sbo Snow her hnrfc hail hec» tilt again. He broke am) stagRcrc-'l. Ihcn. before slie cnnlii clear Herself, be plunged fonvsro nnd fell. Dona swung ono leg Ina^c i.-ut could not (ree (lie. other. Tin; ruun bit the ground and rolled over. A screaming pain shot llirousli tiei right side, then a swirling t,:ac»/ ness swept over ber acei all via/

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