The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1948
Page 15
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_THT.mSPAY, 'AFRIT, 1, 1948 Meal-Planning Is Aid to Thrift Ploet to Begin ^ Is in Kitchen With ^ Day'i First Meal ft sound* too uioit t 0 h, tn but If* . pul-ll-rlght-to-work fact ^ your;thrift book (Hat the fir" meal can be the moriey-savcr for the day! 'A breakfast based on a P at ' c ™ <•/ "W. cereal, milk, bread r ld ,., butter "mushes from one- fourth to one-third of the day's food requirement, at the first meal „{ ii -? y ""d—here's the hurrah ot the situation-costs but 15c per ner. «onl What bliss for the meal-planner that a good breakfast can coin- old* with economy. Plan the meal according to nutritional precepts *"d you plan thrift right Into your looil budget. He*d, Too, Bonus Asprcts Of A Nutritious Breakfast Not only do you reap startling savings by serving a well-planned , first meal, but you build for dav- long savings, too. It costs more than twice « much to get almost the same nutritional values at lunch rather than breakfast, anil remember, lunch is the meal that has TO naake up for a poor breakfast. So .jm. ve a good breakfast every single Any. Don't miss thrift by planning the meal by old hlt-or-mlss standards. It's easy lo understand how a breakfast of fruit, cereal, milk, bread and butter can be so economical when you realize that Its main dish, a serving of cereal wilh milk, costs hilt 4c per person. And there'll be no drab doings at breakfast with this kind of economy because the cereals come in almost two dozen different kinds lo make the morning meal as appelizingly varied as tt Is cents-saving. Beam your budget- toward breakfasts like these for good nutrition and good savings: Cooked Pruned Corn Flukes Milk | Hot Bi&cults Honey BeveragB Orange Juice Granular wheat Cereal Milk Raisin Toast Butter Beverage Bakett Apple Crisp Rice Cereal Milk Bran Muffins Butter Cocoa * • « Half Grapefruit Fried Farina Date Slices Molasses ur Honej- Toasterl Split Rolls Butler Milk Coffe* CookcU Figs with Lemon Slice Wh«it Finite* Milk Hot Corn Muffin) Apple Ruder Cnffw Tomato Juice Ontmral Brown SuRar, Milk Hot Butiered Toast Beverage Applesauc* Shrritdrtt Wheat Milk Honey Kuchen* Butter Coffee *Honey Kuclicn Topping: 1-4 cup brown sugar 1-2 (ea.spoon cinnamon 1-4 teasp. nutmeg 2 tfeps, melted butter or mnrgarin'; 1-2 cup bran flnkes or wheat flakes i Mix together brown sugar, spices, ' melted butter, and flakes. Set aside for use on top of batter. Kuchen: 3-4 cup sifted all-purpose flour 2 1-2 t«asps. baking powder 1-4 teasp. .sail 1 1-2 cups bran flakes or wheat flakes Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Combine millc, honey, \vell-be^len «gg,?and add to flour. mixture, Add fat, mixing only enough ! to combine. Fold In flakes. JPut into greased pan, 8x8x2 inches. Sprinkle topping over batter. Bake In moderately hot oven (400F.) 2,1 minutes or until done. YIELD; 1 square. ( » • • Grapefruit and Prune Juie* Farina Brown Siijur Milk Whole Wheat Twin! Butler , Sliced Bannnas fttop Crisp Oat Cereal Milk Battered Cfnnxraon Beveraffl Rhubarb Is Sure Sign of Spring _BT/i J t-hETiL,L18 (ARK.)' COUHIEB NKWt By Oaynor Muddot NBA SU« Writer Scarcely ' before the last snow melts, long, pinkish stalks of rhu- ndd ?.r>.st to a spring dinner. As spring advances Into summer. Hie /lavor ol rhubnrb c-li.ingps. Your family may lie pleasantly surpris- ed If during early-rhubarb time you add high-flavored preserves j from j-oiir Jam anrt Jelly shelf, or tr.v using grated orange rind In rhubarb recipes. Grilled orange rind ^ Is particularly Rood sprinkled over j the lop of an open Intlicc-top rim- barb pie. Toward summer, fresh strawberries can ue combined with your rhubarb. By summer.• then, i jour family will welcome the nat- lural lart flavoi- of the rlmbnrb It- self. Rhuh.rV rarfilt One-half pound fresh rhtiburb (weighed without leaves), 3 cups hot water, z tablespoon* minute tuplo- ca, 'A cup granulated sugar, 3 tablespoons strawberry premve« (optional) or prated find of one onnge (optional), 1 egg white (or K to V, cup whipped creum), soft custard sauce. Remove the leaves from the rhubarb before weighing it. Wash and cut the rhubarb Into inch-long pieces; »dd It to the water. Bring to boiling point, then lower heat and slnimor until soft (about 5 mln- ulcs). (Ij rhubarb has thickened, add 2 or ? tablespoons of hot water.) Add the tapioca; stir over low heal until the tapioca Is clear. Arid suenr. then taste Hie rhubarb. Early in Hie season, rhubarb may require the additional flavor o( more sugar or strawberry preserves or grated orange rind, If desired. Dl- Piet Make Antidote for Show en * x """>' t)l« l« dispel Ui« gloom rasl by April shower, Is si] B gc- 5 t e ,t by Reba Slaggs, prominent home economist, Make It „ «)mrkllni{ lemon merlnpue or lemon chiffon pie, and watch the grumbles disappear, she says. The cnisl will make or break your pie. Miss Staggs adds, no n«y particular ultcmlon to the Ingredient* and method you use in mak- vlde your mixture In two parts; use cue part to till parfait or sherbet glasses. l-V)Ut Into the other part elllier stiffly beaten egg white or whipped cream and spnon this lightly on top of this luuIiiU.i Chill. Just before serving, you may want to adit a tablespoon of sod custard sauce lo each sewing. Ing tt. A r«elp» for flaky , . especially suited to Die 8-liiclj tite uopulur In ninny minUle* moke* tills xn »»sy und woHomlcal pie to make, 8/sct//Ys cooler**, eotn and pattrks, loo) are WHEN BAKED WITH -mr WHEN BAKED V ^Jnayrose K RE RD A whole series or tough, serviceable new paints from lastic acid has been developed. MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN Orange Biscuits : 12 I wo. inch bl.cuill cup Jfayrose Pure Lard 2 cups sifted flour 3 teaspoons double-acting baking powtler 2 teaspoon salt cup milk 3 tablespoons sugar - ''• 1 tablespoon orange juic< 2 tablespoons grated orange rind Silt Dour, baking powder and salt togctbcr. Cut in the lard until the mixture is the consistency Male a well in the center of the mixture and add milt. Stir just until mixture sticks together. Turn onto a lightly floured board. Knead sir times. Roll or pat to thickness. Cnc with biscuit-cutter and place on a baking sheet- Place J-4 teaspoon sugar, tf teaspoon orange juke and spoon orange rind on each bi*- tuir. Babeinhotavea (450°F.X for 15 minutel. THESE WINESAPS CRACKLE TO YOUR BITE And Thf J "<" Tastes Re « l Tangy Th« F*mou« Wlne*«p Apple* Of Washington StaU Ar« Plentiful And Low Priced At Your Groc»r'« Now Thil It th« sttion for one of rht grandest fruit* of »tl —crisp «ntt juicy Wincsap apples. And ihi» yenr th« Winejjpi from Washington ire u fint «s e\-«r ^rown. Y« they're idling right now «t tht lowest price* in ye»r». A standout value in food, if you «ver s»w onel Plump ami Crimson At your grocer'i, you'll recogniz* Wulilngton Winesips by their "plump" look — and by their glossy skin Hut shines with deepest crimson. In coloring, a* in fkvor, Nature seems to. favor tlic \Vinesap variety. RCA| beauties, you'll say I H'o adtrful To Eat Winesarts ats prized for their "lively" flavor... for their crad'lin^ crisp mjar . . . their Mnr;y, wine-lik« juice. Yes, everybody likes Wincsapsl So Hock up your icebox--let ill th« family «niov frwh Washington NVinesans es-err da». ashington Winesaps e\-ery day. Onw« 1 curt slfttd enriched Hour \. teaspoon salt. 4 lo » tnblei|KH>ns Inirl 4 to 5 lablespoons cold wnttr Add suit to Hour, cut lurd Into flour until crumb* nre about the size- of until pen;. Add colt) water, a. little nt > lime, inlxlnc quickly and evenly through flour with «. fork until dough Jlisl holds a ball. Use ss little water H« posslljlc. Roll lo nbout ',> inch In thickness. Uukc accordltiK lo dlrecllons In recipe. «l*tl FRISN OAlir IN OJII KirCNllfS COAST TO COAST Miuuifactur* of « pulr ot modem shews Involves 615 separalo s separao n ml distinct slops and as mnny as 201 separate Hems. f Wonder, Taystee or Admiration "Cup-Teited" COFFEE Bright Wesr HART'S BREAD - 2 - 25c 49c 33c 27c Grated TUNAFISH-No.2i-38c PEARS--- No.2S- Exrra Standard — No. 2 Can TOMATOES-•--21« Home Dressed Fryers and Hens ot Lowest Prices 85° 56 m Fresh, Extra Select OYSTERS Pinl Sliced Rimlless ">• DAvvN Hcil Britnti. Ih .. Good Gfatle Club STEAK lh 59 C WHITING WEINERS or FRANKS lb 42 C Nice, Mealy NECK BONES ,17 Box COTTAGE CHEESE 26 King Cotton SAUSAGE .' 57' »est. Grade SALT MEAT Ib 34 C Fryers & Hens Home Dressed KRAUT No. X cun HOMINY No> 2 C an—3 for MIIK mikn o| me Brand—per c»n SPRY SHORTENING Starr APPLESAUCE N02 Mil K miLll Pet_3t»ll or 8 »m»ll Delmo^i* FRUIT COCKTAIL Joan i>t Arc KIDNEY BEANS J)erby , • CORNED BEEF .„«.„ aUUHn l)omin«>—10-lb [*x . Strong Hearl DOC FOOD ,„.„ 3 Ih can r 27' VS r 27" 42 : No. 2V, can rfo. Seu 4T LUX FLAKES largt box .. 3i 14 LUA dUAl r, a (h size bar .'.'..' .. LIFE BUOY SOAP „„..... ROYAL DESSERT ,„„„„«,„... » TOMATOJUICE « M ,_ W ORANGE JUICE Ad ™_ 4 ,_. 2* GRAPEFRUIT JUICE .,,„„, 17J' LARD ,.„,„„„ ;... & s-lb pail ... Pinto or Great Northern BEANS 2-1b box 34 FRESH STRAWBERRIES-MARKET PRICE! ENGLISHPEAS „ 20 HEW POTATOES Ita ... 15 C LC, I I Uvt crispy Iceberg head I" vCLfcRT Florida Pascal ..... l" TOMATOES ,d r i ,, h 25 00 *W . 3 ripe, lb .... Seeriless GRAPEFRUIT 708lzeifor 19 ORANGES 81hbflB BANANAS Blue Tag SEED POTATOES 1Mlbb . f , GREEN ONIONS M .. 7i' Garden Fresh RADISHES 159 ft '»»! bunch Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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